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Netop Vision: Classroom Management Software

The world’s most popular classroom management software

When you talk classroom management software, you're talking Vision. Teachers across the globe rely on it, and why? Because Vision offers tools for teaching that are easy to use, even for a first-time user. Classroom management has been proven to improve student achievement and it makes integrating technology in the classroom more intuitive - with a clean, simple toolbar that puts a rich variety of powerful tools in your hands.

NEW: Netop Vision version 9 with Mac OS X and Windows 10 support. Learn More

Check out Vision Pro, Netop’s premium classroom management solution that includes a web-based student assessment system to support blended learning. Learn More

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Classroom Management Software

Vision is your own personal classroom monitor. Keep an eye on everyone's work. Notice when someone's off task. Get everyone to the same place at the same time, so you can start the lesson. These are the tasks that good teaching depends on, but they take a lot of time and energy - and class time is limited. That's where Vision comes in.

Vision classroom computer management software lets you make the most of your time when integrating technology in the classroom. It gives you the tools you need to control sources of distraction, monitor student computers, get started without lost transition time and notice as soon as someone needs your help.

How does Vision help you use technology in your school?

Ignite interest Communicate directly with your students, screen to screen. Whether you're sharing what's on your screen with the class, demonstrating a new skill from your PC to student smart devices, or working with someone one-on-one, the Vision classroom management software solution gives you a variety of ways to bridge the gap between your screen and theirs, while integrating relevant technology into everyday instruction.

Focus attention Today, integrating school classroom management presents a challenge: how to focus your students' attention and keep them on task? Computer lab management and classroom management with Vision helps you do just that, letting your students access certain websites and applications while restricting others. You also have the ability to monitor student computers effortlessly, just to be sure.

Improve grades According to an independent study, Vision classroom management software makes a significant, measurable difference in student achievement when teaching with technology: it actually improved student grades by a full letter step. What other software for schools can boast this? Try it free today.

Want to see the results of classroom management software in a real-world setting?

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It’s one thing to have technology in the room; it’s a whole other thing to incorporate it seamlessly into the curriculum so that students benefit. Vision is the single most important piece of software I have in my room.

Jaret Tomlinson, Business: Orrick High School, Missouri

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