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MagicPlot Pro 2.5.1 Cracked Version

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MagicPlot - Graphing and Nonlinear Fitting Tool


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Version 2.5.1
What's new in 2.5.1?
Release history
MagicPlot Student MagicPlot Pro
Limited functionality

Personal and educational
use only

What is disabled here?
- Vector image export
- Custom fit equations
- Data processing
- Multiple axes
- Drawing
- Figure templates
- Batch processing
View full list of features

Full-featured version

Commercial: 8
Price per computer,
volume discounts
are available

Ordering page

Download and try
30 days for free!

Without registration


2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32/64 bit)
MagicPlotStudent.exe 1.8 MB MagicPlotPro.exe 1.9 MB

Mac OS X

10.5.8 or higher, Java 8 required 2.0 MB

Or legacy Java 6 compatible: 2.0 MB

Or legacy Java 6 compatible:


Cross-platform Jar-file 1.5 MB 1.6 MB

Printable manual

In PDF format
MagicPlotHelp.pdf 3.2 MB
Compiled from online manual on July 11, 2013

Java 6+ is required

32/64-bit Java is supported
Get Java!

Sample project

Plotting and fitting example
Gallery.mppz 14 kB

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