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Sample ASCII Images ASCII Art Pictures Method 1 Bunny 1 Start with the ears. (\__/) 2 Add eyes and whiskers. (\_///_/) (='.'=) 3 Add feet. (\__/) (='.'=) (")_(") Method 2 Sleeping Bunny 1 Start with the ears. (\(\ 2 Add the sleeping face. (\(\...
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Stamp Colour Key by Stanley Gibbons View larger or alternative image 200 colour swatches, showing a vast range of colours, shades and named colours. Helps easily compare and accurately catalogue your stamp collection. Price: £14.95 W: 198mm H: 25mm D: Brand: Stanley Gibbons myCollectors...
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Taskix 2.1 Eusing Free Registry Cleaner 3.9 Fresh UI 8.85 Taskix is a shareware utility destined for those who keep many open windows at the same time. It allows you to reorder taskbar tabs with drag-and-drop, scroll through tabs with the mouse wheel, close...
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