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The M+M M10-762 rifle for this review was provided by the Kentucky Gun Company. Thanks to Century Arms and their crappy-ass 2005-2008 era WASRs, conventional wisdom is that Romania generally takes the prize for making the worst AKs in the history of the world...
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The American Society of Appraisers is the oldest appraisal society in the United States. ASA has been training professional appraisers since its precursor, the American Society of Technical Appraisers, began in 1936. Today, ASA is still the country’s only multidisciplinary appraisal society, providing its...
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# This is a local copy of the IANA port-numbers file. # # Wireshark uses it to resolve port numbers into human readable # service names, e.g. TCP port 80 -> http. # # It is subject to copyright and being used with IANA's permission: # # # The original file can be found at: # # PORT NUMBERS (last updated 2009-06-08) The port numbers are divided into three ranges: the Well Known Ports, the Registered Ports, and the Dynamic and/or Private Ports. The Well Known Ports are those from 0 through 1023. DCCP Well Known ports SHOULD NOT be used without IANA registration. The registration procedure is defined in [RFC4340], Section 19.9. The Registered Ports are those from 1024 through 49151 DCCP Registered ports SHOULD NOT be used without IANA registration. The registration procedure is defined in [RFC4340], Section 19.9. The Dynamic and/or Private Ports are those from 49152 through 65535 A value of 0 in the port numbers registry below indicates that no port has been allocated. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: IESG STATEMENT TO THE IANA THE IESG BELIEVES THAT IANA MAY ALLOCATE AN ADDITIONAL PORT IN THE 'USER PORT' RANGE TO PROTOCOLS WHOSE CURRENT PORT ALLOCATION REQUIRES ACCESS TO A PRIVILEGED PORT. THIS ALLOCATION SHOULD NOT BE AUTOMATIC, BUT MAY OCCUR UPON APPLICATION BY AN INTERESTED PARTY WHOSE APPLICATION WOULD OTHERWISE FIT IANA'S POLICIES. 1. UNASSIGNED PORT NUMBERS SHOULD NOT BE USED. THE IANA WILL ASSIGN THE NUMBER FOR THE PORT AFTER YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN APPROVED. 2. ASSIGNMENT OF A PORT NUMBER DOES NOT IN ANY WAY IMPLY AN ENDORSEMENT OF AN APPLICATION OR PRODUCT, AND THE FACT THAT NETWORK TRAFFIC IS FLOWING TO OR FROM A REGISTERED PORT DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT IS "GOOD" TRAFFIC. FIREWALL AND SYSTEM ADMINISTRATORS SHOULD CHOOSE HOW TO CONFIGURE THEIR SYSTEMS BASED ON THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRAFFIC IN QUESTION, NOT WHETHER THERE IS A PORT NUMBER REGISTERED OR NOT. WELL KNOWN PORT NUMBERS The Well Known Ports are assigned by the IANA and on most systems can only be used by system (or root) processes or by programs executed by privileged users. Ports are used in the TCP [RFC793] to name the ends of logical connections which carry long term conversations. For the purpose of providing services to unknown callers, a service contact port is defined. This list specifies the port used by the server process as its contact port. The contact port is sometimes called the "well-known port". To the extent possible, these same port assignments are used with the UDP [RFC768]. The range for assigned ports managed by the IANA is 0-1023. Port Assignments: Keyword Decimal Description References ------- ------- ----------- ---------- 0/tcp Reserved 0/udp Reserved # Jon Postel #spr-itunes 0/tcp Shirt Pocket netTunes #spl-itunes 0/tcp Shirt Pocket launchTunes # David Nanian 28 September 2007 tcpmux 1/tcp TCP Port Service Multiplexer tcpmux 1/udp TCP Port Service Multiplexer # Mark Lottor compressnet 2/tcp Management Utility compressnet 2/udp Management Utility compressnet 3/tcp Compression Process compressnet 3/udp Compression Process # Bernie Volz # 4/tcp Unassigned # 4/udp Unassigned rje 5/tcp Remote Job Entry rje 5/udp Remote Job Entry # Jon Postel # 6/tcp Unassigned # 6/udp Unassigned echo 7/tcp Echo echo 7/udp Echo # Jon Postel # 8/tcp Unassigned # 8/udp Unassigned discard 9/tcp Discard discard 9/udp Discard # Jon Postel discard 9/sctp Discard # IETF TSVWG # Randall Stewart # [RFC4960] discard 9/dccp Discard SC:DISC # IETF dccp WG, Eddie Kohler , [RFC4340] # 10/tcp Unassigned # 10/udp Unassigned systat 11/tcp Active Users systat 11/udp Active Users # Jon Postel # 12/tcp Unassigned # 12/udp Unassigned daytime 13/tcp Daytime (RFC 867) daytime 13/udp Daytime (RFC 867) # Jon Postel # 14/tcp Unassigned # 14/udp Unassigned # 15/tcp Unassigned [was netstat] # 15/udp Unassigned # 16/tcp Unassigned # 16/udp Unassigned qotd 17/tcp Quote of the Day qotd 17/udp Quote of the Day # Jon Postel msp 18/tcp Message Send Protocol msp 18/udp Message Send Protocol # Rina Nethaniel <---none---> chargen 19/tcp Character Generator chargen 19/udp Character Generator ftp-data 20/tcp File Transfer [Default Data] ftp-data 20/udp File Transfer [Default Data] # Jon Postel ftp-data 20/sctp FTP # IETF TSVWG # Randall Stewart # [RFC4960] ftp 21/tcp File Transfer [Control] ftp 21/udp File Transfer [Control] # Jon Postel ftp 21/sctp FTP # IETF TSVWG # Randall Stewart # [RFC4960] ssh 22/tcp The Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol ssh 22/udp The Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol # [RFC4251] ssh 22/sctp SSH # IETF TSVWG # Randall Stewart # [RFC4960] telnet 23/tcp Telnet telnet 23/udp Telnet # Jon Postel 24/tcp any private mail system 24/udp any private mail system # Rick Adams smtp 25/tcp Simple Mail Transfer smtp 25/udp Simple Mail Transfer # Jon Postel # 26/tcp Unassigned # 26/udp Unassigned nsw-fe 27/tcp NSW User System FE nsw-fe 27/udp NSW User System FE # Robert Thomas # 28/tcp Unassigned # 28/udp Unassigned msg-icp 29/tcp MSG ICP msg-icp 29/udp MSG ICP # Robert Thomas # 30/tcp Unassigned # 30/udp Unassigned msg-auth 31/tcp MSG Authentication msg-auth 31/udp MSG Authentication # Robert Thomas # 32/tcp Unassigned # 32/udp Unassigned dsp 33/tcp Display Support Protocol dsp 33/udp Display Support Protocol # Ed Cain # 34/tcp Unassigned # 34/udp Unassigned 35/tcp any private printer server 35/udp any private printer server # Jon Postel # 36/tcp Unassigned # 36/udp Unassigned time 37/tcp Time time 37/udp Time # Jon Postel rap 38/tcp Route Access Protocol rap 38/udp Route Access Protocol # Robert Ullmann rlp 39/tcp Resource Location Protocol rlp 39/udp Resource Location Protocol # Mike Accetta # 40/tcp Unassigned # 40/udp Unassigned graphics 41/tcp Graphics graphics 41/udp Graphics name 42/tcp Host Name Server name 42/udp Host Name Server nameserver 42/tcp Host Name Server nameserver 42/udp Host Name Server nicname 43/tcp Who Is nicname 43/udp Who Is mpm-flags 44/tcp MPM FLAGS Protocol mpm-flags 44/udp MPM FLAGS Protocol mpm 45/tcp Message Processing Module [recv] mpm 45/udp Message Processing Module [recv] mpm-snd 46/tcp MPM [default send] mpm-snd 46/udp MPM [default send] # Jon Postel ni-ftp 47/tcp NI FTP ni-ftp 47/udp NI FTP # Steve Kille auditd 48/tcp Digital Audit Daemon auditd 48/udp Digital Audit Daemon # Larry Scott tacacs 49/tcp Login Host Protocol (TACACS) tacacs 49/udp Login Host Protocol (TACACS) # Pieter Ditmars re-mail-ck 50/tcp Remote Mail Checking Protocol re-mail-ck 50/udp Remote Mail Checking Protocol # Steve Dorner la-maint 51/tcp IMP Logical Address Maintenance la-maint 51/udp IMP Logical Address Maintenance # Andy Malis xns-time 52/tcp XNS Time Protocol xns-time 52/udp XNS Time Protocol # Susie Armstrong domain 53/tcp Domain Name Server domain 53/udp Domain Name Server # Paul Mockapetris xns-ch 54/tcp XNS Clearinghouse xns-ch 54/udp XNS Clearinghouse # Susie Armstrong isi-gl 55/tcp ISI Graphics Language isi-gl 55/udp ISI Graphics Language xns-auth 56/tcp XNS Authentication xns-auth 56/udp XNS Authentication # Susie Armstrong 57/tcp any private terminal access 57/udp any private terminal access # Jon Postel xns-mail 58/tcp XNS Mail xns-mail 58/udp XNS Mail # Susie Armstrong 59/tcp any private file service 59/udp any private file service # Jon Postel 60/tcp Unassigned 60/udp Unassigned ni-mail 61/tcp NI MAIL ni-mail 61/udp NI MAIL # Steve Kille acas 62/tcp ACA Services acas 62/udp ACA Services # E. Wald whois++ 63/tcp whois++ whois++ 63/udp whois++ # Rickard Schoultz covia 64/tcp Communications Integrator (CI) covia 64/udp Communications Integrator (CI) # Dan Smith tacacs-ds 65/tcp TACACS-Database Service tacacs-ds 65/udp TACACS-Database Service # Kathy Huber sqlnet 66/tcp Oracle SQLNET sqlnet 66/udp Oracle SQLNET # Jack Haverty bootps 67/tcp Bootstrap Protocol Server bootps 67/udp Bootstrap Protocol Server bootpc 68/tcp Bootstrap Protocol Client bootpc 68/udp Bootstrap Protocol Client # Bill Croft tftp 69/tcp Trivial File Transfer tftp 69/udp Trivial File Transfer # David Clark gopher 70/tcp Gopher gopher 70/udp Gopher # Mark McCahill netrjs-1 71/tcp Remote Job Service netrjs-1 71/udp Remote Job Service netrjs-2 72/tcp Remote Job Service netrjs-2 72/udp Remote Job Service netrjs-3 73/tcp Remote Job Service netrjs-3 73/udp Remote Job Service netrjs-4 74/tcp Remote Job Service netrjs-4 74/udp Remote Job Service # Bob Braden 75/tcp any private dial out service 75/udp any private dial out service # Jon Postel deos 76/tcp Distributed External Object Store deos 76/udp Distributed External Object Store # Robert Ullmann 77/tcp any private RJE service 77/udp any private RJE service # Jon Postel vettcp 78/tcp vettcp vettcp 78/udp vettcp # Christopher Leong finger 79/tcp Finger finger 79/udp Finger # David Zimmerman # Unauthorized use by some mail users (see [RFC4146] for details) http 80/tcp World Wide Web HTTP http 80/udp World Wide Web HTTP www 80/tcp World Wide Web HTTP www 80/udp World Wide Web HTTP www-http 80/tcp World Wide Web HTTP www-http 80/udp World Wide Web HTTP # Tim Berners-Lee http 80/sctp HTTP # IETF TSVWG # Randall Stewart # [RFC4960] # 81 Unassigned (Removed on 2007-09-06) xfer 82/tcp XFER Utility xfer 82/udp XFER Utility # Thomas M. Smith mit-ml-dev 83/tcp MIT ML Device mit-ml-dev 83/udp MIT ML Device # David Reed <--none---> ctf 84/tcp Common Trace Facility ctf 84/udp Common Trace Facility # Hugh Thomas mit-ml-dev 85/tcp MIT ML Device mit-ml-dev 85/udp MIT ML Device # David Reed <--none---> mfcobol 86/tcp Micro Focus Cobol mfcobol 86/udp Micro Focus Cobol # Simon Edwards <--none---> 87/tcp any private terminal link 87/udp any private terminal link # Jon Postel kerberos 88/tcp Kerberos kerberos 88/udp Kerberos # B. Clifford Neuman su-mit-tg 89/tcp SU/MIT Telnet Gateway su-mit-tg 89/udp SU/MIT Telnet Gateway # Mark Crispin ########### PORT 90 also being used unofficially by Pointcast ######### dnsix 90/tcp DNSIX Securit Attribute Token Map dnsix 90/udp DNSIX Securit Attribute Token Map # Charles Watt mit-dov 91/tcp MIT Dover Spooler mit-dov 91/udp MIT Dover Spooler # Eliot Moss npp 92/tcp Network Printing Protocol npp 92/udp Network Printing Protocol # Louis Mamakos dcp 93/tcp Device Control Protocol dcp 93/udp Device Control Protocol # Daniel Tappan objcall 94/tcp Tivoli Object Dispatcher objcall 94/udp Tivoli Object Dispatcher # Tom Bereiter <--none---> supdup 95/tcp SUPDUP supdup 95/udp SUPDUP # Mark Crispin dixie 96/tcp DIXIE Protocol Specification dixie 96/udp DIXIE Protocol Specification # Tim Howes swift-rvf 97/tcp Swift Remote Virtural File Protocol swift-rvf 97/udp Swift Remote Virtural File Protocol # Maurice R. Turcotte # tacnews 98/tcp TAC News tacnews 98/udp TAC News # Jon Postel metagram 99/tcp Metagram Relay metagram 99/udp Metagram Relay # Geoff Goodfellow newacct 100/tcp [unauthorized use] hostname 101/tcp NIC Host Name Server hostname 101/udp NIC Host Name Server # Jon Postel iso-tsap 102/tcp ISO-TSAP Class 0 iso-tsap 102/udp ISO-TSAP Class 0 # Marshall Rose gppitnp 103/tcp Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net gppitnp 103/udp Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net acr-nema 104/tcp ACR-NEMA Digital Imag. & Comm. 300 acr-nema 104/udp ACR-NEMA Digital Imag. & Comm. 300 # Patrick McNamee <--none---> cso 105/tcp CCSO name server protocol cso 105/udp CCSO name server protocol # Martin Hamilton csnet-ns 105/tcp Mailbox Name Nameserver csnet-ns 105/udp Mailbox Name Nameserver # Marvin Solomon 3com-tsmux 106/tcp 3COM-TSMUX 3com-tsmux 106/udp 3COM-TSMUX # Jeremy Siegel ########## 106 Unauthorized use by insecure poppassd protocol rtelnet 107/tcp Remote Telnet Service rtelnet 107/udp Remote Telnet Service # Jon Postel snagas 108/tcp SNA Gateway Access Server snagas 108/udp SNA Gateway Access Server # Kevin Murphy pop2 109/tcp Post Office Protocol - Version 2 pop2 109/udp Post Office Protocol - Version 2 # Joyce K. Reynolds pop3 110/tcp Post Office Protocol - Version 3 pop3 110/udp Post Office Protocol - Version 3 # Marshall Rose sunrpc 111/tcp SUN Remote Procedure Call sunrpc 111/udp SUN Remote Procedure Call # Chuck McManis mcidas 112/tcp McIDAS Data Transmission Protocol mcidas 112/udp McIDAS Data Transmission Protocol # Glenn Davis ident 113/tcp auth 113/tcp Authentication Service auth 113/udp Authentication Service # Mike St. Johns # 114 Deprecated June 2004 sftp 115/tcp Simple File Transfer Protocol sftp 115/udp Simple File Transfer Protocol # Mark Lottor ansanotify 116/tcp ANSA REX Notify ansanotify 116/udp ANSA REX Notify # Nicola J. Howarth uucp-path 117/tcp UUCP Path Service uucp-path 117/udp UUCP Path Service sqlserv 118/tcp SQL Services sqlserv 118/udp SQL Services # Larry Barnes nntp 119/tcp Network News Transfer Protocol nntp 119/udp Network News Transfer Protocol # Phil Lapsley cfdptkt 120/tcp CFDPTKT cfdptkt 120/udp CFDPTKT # John Ioannidis erpc 121/tcp Encore Expedited Remote Pro.Call erpc 121/udp Encore Expedited Remote Pro.Call # Jack O'Neil <---none---> smakynet 122/tcp SMAKYNET smakynet 122/udp SMAKYNET # Pierre Arnaud ntp 123/tcp Network Time Protocol ntp 123/udp Network Time Protocol # Dave Mills ansatrader 124/tcp ANSA REX Trader ansatrader 124/udp ANSA REX Trader # Nicola J. Howarth locus-map 125/tcp Locus PC-Interface Net Map Ser locus-map 125/udp Locus PC-Interface Net Map Ser # Eric Peterson nxedit 126/tcp NXEdit nxedit 126/udp NXEdit # Don Payette ###########Port 126 Previously assigned to application below####### #unitary 126/tcp Unisys Unitary Login #unitary 126/udp Unisys Unitary Login # ###########Port 126 Previously assigned to application above####### locus-con 127/tcp Locus PC-Interface Conn Server locus-con 127/udp Locus PC-Interface Conn Server # Eric Peterson gss-xlicen 128/tcp GSS X License Verification gss-xlicen 128/udp GSS X License Verification # John Light pwdgen 129/tcp Password Generator Protocol pwdgen 129/udp Password Generator Protocol # Frank J. Wacho cisco-fna 130/tcp cisco FNATIVE cisco-fna 130/udp cisco FNATIVE cisco-tna 131/tcp cisco TNATIVE cisco-tna 131/udp cisco TNATIVE cisco-sys 132/tcp cisco SYSMAINT cisco-sys 132/udp cisco SYSMAINT statsrv 133/tcp Statistics Service statsrv 133/udp Statistics Service # Dave Mills ingres-net 134/tcp INGRES-NET Service ingres-net 134/udp INGRES-NET Service # Mike Berrow <---none---> epmap 135/tcp DCE endpoint resolution epmap 135/udp DCE endpoint resolution # Joe Pato profile 136/tcp PROFILE Naming System profile 136/udp PROFILE Naming System # Larry Peterson netbios-ns 137/tcp NETBIOS Name Service netbios-ns 137/udp NETBIOS Name Service netbios-dgm 138/tcp NETBIOS Datagram Service netbios-dgm 138/udp NETBIOS Datagram Service netbios-ssn 139/tcp NETBIOS Session Service netbios-ssn 139/udp NETBIOS Session Service # Jon Postel emfis-data 140/tcp EMFIS Data Service emfis-data 140/udp EMFIS Data Service emfis-cntl 141/tcp EMFIS Control Service emfis-cntl 141/udp EMFIS Control Service # Gerd Beling bl-idm 142/tcp Britton-Lee IDM bl-idm 142/udp Britton-Lee IDM # Susie Snitzer <---none---> imap 143/tcp Internet Message Access Protocol imap 143/udp Internet Message Access Protocol # Mark Crispin uma 144/tcp Universal Management Architecture uma 144/udp Universal Management Architecture # Jay Whitney uaac 145/tcp UAAC Protocol uaac 145/udp UAAC Protocol # David A. Gomberg iso-tp0 146/tcp ISO-IP0 iso-tp0 146/udp ISO-IP0 iso-ip 147/tcp ISO-IP iso-ip 147/udp ISO-IP # Marshall Rose jargon 148/tcp Jargon jargon 148/udp Jargon # Bill Weinman aed-512 149/tcp AED 512 Emulation Service aed-512 149/udp AED 512 Emulation Service # Albert G. Broscius sql-net 150/tcp SQL-NET sql-net 150/udp SQL-NET # Martin Picard <<---none---> hems 151/tcp HEMS hems 151/udp HEMS bftp 152/tcp Background File Transfer Program bftp 152/udp Background File Transfer Program # Annette DeSchon sgmp 153/tcp SGMP sgmp 153/udp SGMP # Marty Schoffstahl netsc-prod 154/tcp NETSC netsc-prod 154/udp NETSC netsc-dev 155/tcp NETSC netsc-dev 155/udp NETSC # Sergio Heker sqlsrv 156/tcp SQL Service sqlsrv 156/udp SQL Service # Craig Rogers knet-cmp 157/tcp KNET/VM Command/Message Protocol knet-cmp 157/udp KNET/VM Command/Message Protocol # Gary S. Malkin pcmail-srv 158/tcp PCMail Server pcmail-srv 158/udp PCMail Server # Mark L. Lambert nss-routing 159/tcp NSS-Routing nss-routing 159/udp NSS-Routing # Yakov Rekhter sgmp-traps 160/tcp SGMP-TRAPS sgmp-traps 160/udp SGMP-TRAPS # Marty Schoffstahl snmp 161/tcp SNMP snmp 161/udp SNMP snmptrap 162/tcp SNMPTRAP snmptrap 162/udp SNMPTRAP # Marshall Rose cmip-man 163/tcp CMIP/TCP Manager cmip-man 163/udp CMIP/TCP Manager cmip-agent 164/tcp CMIP/TCP Agent cmip-agent 164/udp CMIP/TCP Agent # Amatzia Ben-Artzi <---none---> xns-courier 165/tcp Xerox xns-courier 165/udp Xerox # Susie Armstrong s-net 166/tcp Sirius Systems s-net 166/udp Sirius Systems # Brian Lloyd namp 167/tcp NAMP namp 167/udp NAMP # Marty Schoffstahl rsvd 168/tcp RSVD rsvd 168/udp RSVD # Previous contact: Neil Todd # Current contact: Alan Sandell 01 May 2008 send 169/tcp SEND send 169/udp SEND # William D. Wisner print-srv 170/tcp Network PostScript print-srv 170/udp Network PostScript # Brian Reid multiplex 171/tcp Network Innovations Multiplex multiplex 171/udp Network Innovations Multiplex cl/1 172/tcp Network Innovations CL/1 cl/1 172/udp Network Innovations CL/1 # Kevin DeVault <<---none---> xyplex-mux 173/tcp Xyplex xyplex-mux 173/udp Xyplex # Bob Stewart mailq 174/tcp MAILQ mailq 174/udp MAILQ # Rayan Zachariassen vmnet 175/tcp VMNET vmnet 175/udp VMNET # Christopher Tengi genrad-mux 176/tcp GENRAD-MUX genrad-mux 176/udp GENRAD-MUX # Ron Thornton xdmcp 177/tcp X Display Manager Control Protocol xdmcp 177/udp X Display Manager Control Protocol # Robert W. Scheifler nextstep 178/tcp NextStep Window Server nextstep 178/udp NextStep Window Server # Leo Hourvitz bgp 179/tcp Border Gateway Protocol bgp 179/udp Border Gateway Protocol # Kirk Lougheed bgp 179/sctp BGP # IETF TSVWG # Randall Stewart # [RFC4960] ris 180/tcp Intergraph ris 180/udp Intergraph # Dave Buehmann unify 181/tcp Unify unify 181/udp Unify # Mark Ainsley audit 182/tcp Unisys Audit SITP audit 182/udp Unisys Audit SITP # Gil Greenbaum ocbinder 183/tcp OCBinder ocbinder 183/udp OCBinder ocserver 184/tcp OCServer ocserver 184/udp OCServer # Jerrilynn Okamura <--none---> remote-kis 185/tcp Remote-KIS remote-kis 185/udp Remote-KIS kis 186/tcp KIS Protocol kis 186/udp KIS Protocol # Ralph Droms aci 187/tcp Application Communication Interface aci 187/udp Application Communication Interface # Rick Carlos mumps 188/tcp Plus Five's MUMPS mumps 188/udp Plus Five's MUMPS # Hokey Stenn qft 189/tcp Queued File Transport qft 189/udp Queued File Transport # Wayne Schroeder gacp 190/tcp Gateway Access Control Protocol gacp 190/udp Gateway Access Control Protocol # C. Philip Wood prospero 191/tcp Prospero Directory Service prospero 191/udp Prospero Directory Service # B. Clifford Neuman osu-nms 192/tcp OSU Network Monitoring System osu-nms 192/udp OSU Network Monitoring System # Doug Karl srmp 193/tcp Spider Remote Monitoring Protocol srmp 193/udp Spider Remote Monitoring Protocol # Ted J. Socolofsky irc 194/tcp Internet Relay Chat Protocol irc 194/udp Internet Relay Chat Protocol # Jarkko Oikarinen dn6-nlm-aud 195/tcp DNSIX Network Level Module Audit dn6-nlm-aud 195/udp DNSIX Network Level Module Audit dn6-smm-red 196/tcp DNSIX Session Mgt Module Audit Redir dn6-smm-red 196/udp DNSIX Session Mgt Module Audit Redir # Lawrence Lebahn dls 197/tcp Directory Location Service dls 197/udp Directory Location Service dls-mon 198/tcp Directory Location Service Monitor dls-mon 198/udp Directory Location Service Monitor # Scott Bellew smux 199/tcp SMUX smux 199/udp SMUX # Marshall Rose src 200/tcp IBM System Resource Controller src 200/udp IBM System Resource Controller # Gerald McBrearty <---none---> at-rtmp 201/tcp AppleTalk Routing Maintenance at-rtmp 201/udp AppleTalk Routing Maintenance at-nbp 202/tcp AppleTalk Name Binding at-nbp 202/udp AppleTalk Name Binding at-3 203/tcp AppleTalk Unused at-3 203/udp AppleTalk Unused at-echo 204/tcp AppleTalk Echo at-echo 204/udp AppleTalk Echo at-5 205/tcp AppleTalk Unused at-5 205/udp AppleTalk Unused at-zis 206/tcp AppleTalk Zone Information at-zis 206/udp AppleTalk Zone Information at-7 207/tcp AppleTalk Unused at-7 207/udp AppleTalk Unused at-8 208/tcp AppleTalk Unused at-8 208/udp AppleTalk Unused # Rob Chandhok qmtp 209/tcp The Quick Mail Transfer Protocol qmtp 209/udp The Quick Mail Transfer Protocol # Dan Bernstein z39.50 210/tcp ANSI Z39.50 z39.50 210/udp ANSI Z39.50 # Mark H. Needleman 914c/g 211/tcp Texas Instruments 914C/G Terminal 914c/g 211/udp Texas Instruments 914C/G Terminal # Bill Harrell <---none---> anet 212/tcp ATEXSSTR anet 212/udp ATEXSSTR # Jim Taylor ipx 213/tcp IPX ipx 213/udp IPX # Don Provan vmpwscs 214/tcp VM PWSCS vmpwscs 214/udp VM PWSCS # Dan Shia softpc 215/tcp Insignia Solutions softpc 215/udp Insignia Solutions # Martyn Thomas <---none---> CAIlic 216/tcp Computer Associates Int'l License Server CAIlic 216/udp Computer Associates Int'l License Server # Chuck Spitz dbase 217/tcp dBASE Unix dbase 217/udp dBASE Unix # Don Gibson # mpp 218/tcp Netix Message Posting Protocol mpp 218/udp Netix Message Posting Protocol # Shannon Yeh uarps 219/tcp Unisys ARPs uarps 219/udp Unisys ARPs # Ashok Marwaha <---none---> imap3 220/tcp Interactive Mail Access Protocol v3 imap3 220/udp Interactive Mail Access Protocol v3 # James Rice fln-spx 221/tcp Berkeley rlogind with SPX auth fln-spx 221/udp Berkeley rlogind with SPX auth rsh-spx 222/tcp Berkeley rshd with SPX auth rsh-spx 222/udp Berkeley rshd with SPX auth cdc 223/tcp Certificate Distribution Center cdc 223/udp Certificate Distribution Center # Kannan Alagappan ########### Possible Conflict of Port 222 with "Masqdialer"############## ### Contact for Masqdialer is Charles Wright ### masqdialer 224/tcp masqdialer masqdialer 224/udp masqdialer # Charles Wright # 225-241 Reserved # Jon Postel direct 242/tcp Direct direct 242/udp Direct # Herb Sutter sur-meas 243/tcp Survey Measurement sur-meas 243/udp Survey Measurement # Dave Clark inbusiness 244/tcp inbusiness inbusiness 244/udp inbusiness # Derrick Hisatake link 245/tcp LINK link 245/udp LINK dsp3270 246/tcp Display Systems Protocol dsp3270 246/udp Display Systems Protocol # Weldon J. Showalter subntbcst_tftp 247/tcp SUBNTBCST_TFTP subntbcst_tftp 247/udp SUBNTBCST_TFTP # John Fake bhfhs 248/tcp bhfhs bhfhs 248/udp bhfhs # John Kelly # 249-255 Reserved # Jon Postel rap 256/tcp RAP rap 256/udp RAP # J.S. Greenfield set 257/tcp Secure Electronic Transaction set 257/udp Secure Electronic Transaction # Donald Eastlake # 258 Unassigned (Removed 2006-09-13) esro-gen 259/tcp Efficient Short Remote Operations esro-gen 259/udp Efficient Short Remote Operations # Mohsen Banan openport 260/tcp Openport openport 260/udp Openport # John Marland nsiiops 261/tcp IIOP Name Service over TLS/SSL nsiiops 261/udp IIOP Name Service over TLS/SSL # Jeff Stewart arcisdms 262/tcp Arcisdms arcisdms 262/udp Arcisdms # Russell Crook (rmc&> hdap 263/tcp HDAP hdap 263/udp HDAP # Troy Gau bgmp 264/tcp BGMP bgmp 264/udp BGMP # Dave Thaler x-bone-ctl 265/tcp X-Bone CTL x-bone-ctl 265/udp X-Bone CTL # Joe Touch sst 266/tcp SCSI on ST sst 266/udp SCSI on ST # Donald D. Woelz td-service 267/tcp Tobit David Service Layer td-service 267/udp Tobit David Service Layer td-replica 268/tcp Tobit David Replica td-replica 268/udp Tobit David Replica # Franz-Josef Leuders manet 269/tcp MANET Protocols manet 269/udp MANET Protocols # [RFC5498] # 270-279 Unassigned http-mgmt 280/tcp http-mgmt http-mgmt 280/udp http-mgmt # Adrian Pell # personal-link 281/tcp Personal Link personal-link 281/udp Personal Link # Dan Cummings cableport-ax 282/tcp Cable Port A/X cableport-ax 282/udp Cable Port A/X # Craig Langfahl rescap 283/tcp rescap rescap 283/udp rescap # Paul Hoffman corerjd 284/tcp corerjd corerjd 284/udp corerjd # Chris Thornhill # 285 Unassigned fxp 286/tcp FXP Communication fxp 286/udp FXP Communication # James Darnall k-block 287/tcp K-BLOCK k-block 287/udp K-BLOCK # Simon P Jackson # 288-307 Unassigned novastorbakcup 308/tcp Novastor Backup novastorbakcup 308/udp Novastor Backup # Brian Dickman entrusttime 309/tcp EntrustTime entrusttime 309/udp EntrustTime # Peter Whittaker bhmds 310/tcp bhmds bhmds 310/udp bhmds # John Kelly asip-webadmin 311/tcp AppleShare IP WebAdmin asip-webadmin 311/udp AppleShare IP WebAdmin # Ann Huang vslmp 312/tcp VSLMP vslmp 312/udp VSLMP # Gerben Wierda magenta-logic 313/tcp Magenta Logic magenta-logic 313/udp Magenta Logic # Karl Rousseau opalis-robot 314/tcp Opalis Robot opalis-robot 314/udp Opalis Robot # Laurent Domenech, Opalis dpsi 315/tcp DPSI dpsi 315/udp DPSI # Tony Scamurra decauth 316/tcp decAuth decauth 316/udp decAuth # Michael Agishtein zannet 317/tcp Zannet zannet 317/udp Zannet # Zan Oliphant pkix-timestamp 318/tcp PKIX TimeStamp pkix-timestamp 318/udp PKIX TimeStamp # Robert Zuccherato ptp-event 319/tcp PTP Event ptp-event 319/udp PTP Event ptp-general 320/tcp PTP General ptp-general 320/udp PTP General # John Eidson pip 321/tcp PIP pip 321/udp PIP # Gordon Mohr rtsps 322/tcp RTSPS rtsps 322/udp RTSPS # Anders Klemets # 323-332 Unassigned texar 333/tcp Texar Security Port texar 333/udp Texar Security Port # Eugen Bacic # 334-343 Unassigned pdap 344/tcp Prospero Data Access Protocol pdap 344/udp Prospero Data Access Protocol # B. Clifford Neuman pawserv 345/tcp Perf Analysis Workbench pawserv 345/udp Perf Analysis Workbench zserv 346/tcp Zebra server zserv 346/udp Zebra server fatserv 347/tcp Fatmen Server fatserv 347/udp Fatmen Server csi-sgwp 348/tcp Cabletron Management Protocol csi-sgwp 348/udp Cabletron Management Protocol mftp 349/tcp mftp mftp 349/udp mftp # Dave Feinleib matip-type-a 350/tcp MATIP Type A matip-type-a 350/udp MATIP Type A # Alain Robert # [RFC2351] matip-type-b 351/tcp MATIP Type B matip-type-b 351/udp MATIP Type B # Alain Robert # [RFC2351] # The following entry records an unassigned but widespread use bhoetty 351/tcp bhoetty (added 5/21/97) bhoetty 351/udp bhoetty # John Kelly dtag-ste-sb 352/tcp DTAG (assigned long ago) dtag-ste-sb 352/udp DTAG # Ruediger Wald # The following entry records an unassigned but widespread use bhoedap4 352/tcp bhoedap4 (added 5/21/97) bhoedap4 352/udp bhoedap4 # John Kelly ndsauth 353/tcp NDSAUTH ndsauth 353/udp NDSAUTH # Jayakumar Ramalingam bh611 354/tcp bh611 bh611 354/udp bh611 # John Kelly datex-asn 355/tcp DATEX-ASN datex-asn 355/udp DATEX-ASN # Kenneth Vaughn cloanto-net-1 356/tcp Cloanto Net 1 cloanto-net-1 356/udp Cloanto Net 1 # Michael Battilana bhevent 357/tcp bhevent bhevent 357/udp bhevent # John Kelly shrinkwrap 358/tcp Shrinkwrap shrinkwrap 358/udp Shrinkwrap # Bill Simpson nsrmp 359/tcp Network Security Risk Management Protocol nsrmp 359/udp Network Security Risk Management Protocol # Eric Jacksch scoi2odialog 360/tcp scoi2odialog scoi2odialog 360/udp scoi2odialog # Keith Petley semantix 361/tcp Semantix semantix 361/udp Semantix # Semantix srssend 362/tcp SRS Send srssend 362/udp SRS Send # Curt Mayer rsvp_tunnel 363/tcp RSVP Tunnel rsvp_tunnel 363/udp RSVP Tunnel # Andreas Terzis aurora-cmgr 364/tcp Aurora CMGR aurora-cmgr 364/udp Aurora CMGR # Philip Budne dtk 365/tcp DTK dtk 365/udp DTK # Fred Cohen odmr 366/tcp ODMR odmr 366/udp ODMR # Randall Gellens mortgageware 367/tcp MortgageWare mortgageware 367/udp MortgageWare # Ole Hellevik qbikgdp 368/tcp QbikGDP qbikgdp 368/udp QbikGDP # Adrien de Croy rpc2portmap 369/tcp rpc2portmap rpc2portmap 369/udp rpc2portmap codaauth2 370/tcp codaauth2 codaauth2 370/udp codaauth2 # Robert Watson clearcase 371/tcp Clearcase clearcase 371/udp Clearcase # Dave LeBlang ulistproc 372/tcp ListProcessor ulistproc 372/udp ListProcessor # Anastasios Kotsikonas legent-1 373/tcp Legent Corporation legent-1 373/udp Legent Corporation legent-2 374/tcp Legent Corporation legent-2 374/udp Legent Corporation # Keith Boyce <---none---> hassle 375/tcp Hassle hassle 375/udp Hassle # Reinhard Doelz nip 376/tcp Amiga Envoy Network Inquiry Proto nip 376/udp Amiga Envoy Network Inquiry Proto # Heinz Wrobel tnETOS 377/tcp NEC Corporation tnETOS 377/udp NEC Corporation dsETOS 378/tcp NEC Corporation dsETOS 378/udp NEC Corporation # Tomoo Fujita is99c 379/tcp TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem client is99c 379/udp TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem client is99s 380/tcp TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem server is99s 380/udp TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem server # Frank Quick hp-collector 381/tcp hp performance data collector hp-collector 381/udp hp performance data collector hp-managed-node 382/tcp hp performance data managed node hp-managed-node 382/udp hp performance data managed node hp-alarm-mgr 383/tcp hp performance data alarm manager hp-alarm-mgr 383/udp hp performance data alarm manager # Frank Blakely arns 384/tcp A Remote Network Server System arns 384/udp A Remote Network Server System # David Hornsby ibm-app 385/tcp IBM Application ibm-app 385/udp IBM Application # Lisa Tomita <---none---> asa 386/tcp ASA Message Router Object Def. asa 386/udp ASA Message Router Object Def. # Steve Laitinen aurp 387/tcp Appletalk Update-Based Routing Pro. aurp 387/udp Appletalk Update-Based Routing Pro. # Chris Ranch unidata-ldm 388/tcp Unidata LDM unidata-ldm 388/udp Unidata LDM # Glenn Davis ldap 389/tcp Lightweight Directory Access Protocol ldap 389/udp Lightweight Directory Access Protocol # Tim Howes uis 390/tcp UIS uis 390/udp UIS # Ed Barron <---none---> synotics-relay 391/tcp SynOptics SNMP Relay Port synotics-relay 391/udp SynOptics SNMP Relay Port synotics-broker 392/tcp SynOptics Port Broker Port synotics-broker 392/udp SynOptics Port Broker Port # Illan Raab meta5 393/tcp Meta5 meta5 393/udp Meta5 # Jim Kanzler embl-ndt 394/tcp EMBL Nucleic Data Transfer embl-ndt 394/udp EMBL Nucleic Data Transfer # Peter Gad netcp 395/tcp NETscout Control Protocol netcp 395/udp NETscout Control Protocol # Anil Singhal <---none---> netware-ip 396/tcp Novell Netware over IP netware-ip 396/udp Novell Netware over IP mptn 397/tcp Multi Protocol Trans. Net. mptn 397/udp Multi Protocol Trans. Net. # Soumitra Sarkar kryptolan 398/tcp Kryptolan kryptolan 398/udp Kryptolan # Peter de Laval iso-tsap-c2 399/tcp ISO Transport Class 2 Non-Control over TCP iso-tsap-c2 399/udp ISO Transport Class 2 Non-Control over UDP # Yanick Pouffary osb-sd 400/tcp Oracle Secure Backup osb-sd 400/udp Oracle Secure Backup # Formerly was Workstation Solutions # Previous Contact: Jim Ward # Current Contact: Joseph Dziedzic 06 June 2008 ups 401/tcp Uninterruptible Power Supply ups 401/udp Uninterruptible Power Supply # Previous Contact: Charles Bennett # Current Contact: Charles Bennett 29 August 2008 genie 402/tcp Genie Protocol genie 402/udp Genie Protocol # Mark Hankin <---none---> decap 403/tcp decap decap 403/udp decap nced 404/tcp nced nced 404/udp nced ncld 405/tcp ncld ncld 405/udp ncld # Richard Jones <---none---> imsp 406/tcp Interactive Mail Support Protocol imsp 406/udp Interactive Mail Support Protocol # John Myers timbuktu 407/tcp Timbuktu timbuktu 407/udp Timbuktu # Marc Epard prm-sm 408/tcp Prospero Resource Manager Sys. Man. prm-sm 408/udp Prospero Resource Manager Sys. Man. prm-nm 409/tcp Prospero Resource Manager Node Man. prm-nm 409/udp Prospero Resource Manager Node Man. # B. Clifford Neuman decladebug 410/tcp DECLadebug Remote Debug Protocol decladebug 410/udp DECLadebug Remote Debug Protocol # Anthony Berent rmt 411/tcp Remote MT Protocol rmt 411/udp Remote MT Protocol # Peter Eriksson synoptics-trap 412/tcp Trap Convention Port synoptics-trap 412/udp Trap Convention Port # Illan Raab smsp 413/tcp Storage Management Services Protocol smsp 413/udp Storage Management Services Protocol # Murthy Srinivas infoseek 414/tcp InfoSeek infoseek 414/udp InfoSeek # Steve Kirsch bnet 415/tcp BNet bnet 415/udp BNet # Jim Mertz silverplatter 416/tcp Silverplatter silverplatter 416/udp Silverplatter # Peter Ciuffetti onmux 417/tcp Onmux onmux 417/udp Onmux # Stephen Hanna hyper-g 418/tcp Hyper-G hyper-g 418/udp Hyper-G # Frank Kappe ariel1 419/tcp Ariel 1 ariel1 419/udp Ariel 1 # Joel Karafin smpte 420/tcp SMPTE smpte 420/udp SMPTE # Si Becker <71362.22&CompuServe.COM> ariel2 421/tcp Ariel 2 ariel2 421/udp Ariel 2 ariel3 422/tcp Ariel 3 ariel3 422/udp Ariel 3 # Joel Karafin opc-job-start 423/tcp IBM Operations Planning and Control Start opc-job-start 423/udp IBM Operations Planning and Control Start opc-job-track 424/tcp IBM Operations Planning and Control Track opc-job-track 424/udp IBM Operations Planning and Control Track # Conny Larsson icad-el 425/tcp ICAD icad-el 425/udp ICAD # Larry Stone smartsdp 426/tcp smartsdp smartsdp 426/udp smartsdp # Marie-Pierre Belanger svrloc 427/tcp Server Location svrloc 427/udp Server Location # ocs_cmu 428/tcp OCS_CMU ocs_cmu 428/udp OCS_CMU ocs_amu 429/tcp OCS_AMU ocs_amu 429/udp OCS_AMU # Florence Wyman utmpsd 430/tcp UTMPSD utmpsd 430/udp UTMPSD utmpcd 431/tcp UTMPCD utmpcd 431/udp UTMPCD iasd 432/tcp IASD iasd 432/udp IASD # Nir Baroz nnsp 433/tcp NNSP nnsp 433/udp NNSP # Rob Robertson mobileip-agent 434/tcp MobileIP-Agent mobileip-agent 434/udp MobileIP-Agent mobilip-mn 435/tcp MobilIP-MN mobilip-mn 435/udp MobilIP-MN # Kannan Alagappan dna-cml 436/tcp DNA-CML dna-cml 436/udp DNA-CML # Dan Flowers comscm 437/tcp comscm comscm 437/udp comscm # Jim Teague dsfgw 438/tcp dsfgw dsfgw 438/udp dsfgw # Andy McKeen dasp 439/tcp dasp Thomas Obermair dasp 439/udp dasp tommy& # Thomas Obermair sgcp 440/tcp sgcp sgcp 440/udp sgcp # Marshall Rose decvms-sysmgt 441/tcp decvms-sysmgt decvms-sysmgt 441/udp decvms-sysmgt # Lee Barton cvc_hostd 442/tcp cvc_hostd cvc_hostd 442/udp cvc_hostd # Bill Davidson https 443/tcp http protocol over TLS/SSL https 443/udp http protocol over TLS/SSL # Kipp E.B. Hickman https 443/sctp HTTPS # IETF TSVWG # Randall Stewart # [RFC4960] snpp 444/tcp Simple Network Paging Protocol snpp 444/udp Simple Network Paging Protocol # [RFC1568] microsoft-ds 445/tcp Microsoft-DS microsoft-ds 445/udp Microsoft-DS # Pradeep Bahl ddm-rdb 446/tcp DDM-Remote Relational Database Access ddm-rdb 446/udp DDM-Remote Relational Database Access ddm-dfm 447/tcp DDM-Distributed File Management ddm-dfm 447/udp DDM-Distributed File Management # Steven Ritland ddm-ssl 448/tcp DDM-Remote DB Access Using Secure Sockets ddm-ssl 448/udp DDM-Remote DB Access Using Secure Sockets # Steven Ritland as-servermap 449/tcp AS Server Mapper as-servermap 449/udp AS Server Mapper # Barbara Foss tserver 450/tcp Computer Supported Telecomunication Applications tserver 450/udp Computer Supported Telecomunication Applications # Harvey S. Schultz sfs-smp-net 451/tcp Cray Network Semaphore server sfs-smp-net 451/udp Cray Network Semaphore server sfs-config 452/tcp Cray SFS config server sfs-config 452/udp Cray SFS config server # Walter Poxon creativeserver 453/tcp CreativeServer creativeserver 453/udp CreativeServer contentserver 454/tcp ContentServer contentserver 454/udp ContentServer creativepartnr 455/tcp CreativePartnr creativepartnr 455/udp CreativePartnr # Jesus Ortiz macon-tcp 456/tcp macon-tcp macon-udp 456/udp macon-udp # Yoshinobu Inoue # scohelp 457/tcp scohelp scohelp 457/udp scohelp # Faith Zack appleqtc 458/tcp apple quick time appleqtc 458/udp apple quick time # Murali Ranganathan # ampr-rcmd 459/tcp ampr-rcmd ampr-rcmd 459/udp ampr-rcmd # Rob Janssen skronk 460/tcp skronk skronk 460/udp skronk # Henry Strickland datasurfsrv 461/tcp DataRampSrv datasurfsrv 461/udp DataRampSrv datasurfsrvsec 462/tcp DataRampSrvSec datasurfsrvsec 462/udp DataRampSrvSec # Diane Downie alpes 463/tcp alpes alpes 463/udp alpes # Alain Durand kpasswd 464/tcp kpasswd kpasswd 464/udp kpasswd # Theodore Ts'o urd 465/tcp URL Rendesvous Directory for SSM igmpv3lite 465/udp IGMP over UDP for SSM # Toerless Eckert digital-vrc 466/tcp digital-vrc digital-vrc 466/udp digital-vrc # Peter Higginson mylex-mapd 467/tcp mylex-mapd mylex-mapd 467/udp mylex-mapd # Gary Lewis photuris 468/tcp proturis photuris 468/udp proturis # Bill Simpson rcp 469/tcp Radio Control Protocol rcp 469/udp Radio Control Protocol # Jim Jennings +1-708-538-7241 scx-proxy 470/tcp scx-proxy scx-proxy 470/udp scx-proxy # Scott Narveson mondex 471/tcp Mondex mondex 471/udp Mondex # Bill Reding ljk-login 472/tcp ljk-login ljk-login 472/udp ljk-login # LJK Software, Cambridge, Massachusetts # hybrid-pop 473/tcp hybrid-pop hybrid-pop 473/udp hybrid-pop # Rami Rubin tn-tl-w1 474/tcp tn-tl-w1 tn-tl-w2 474/udp tn-tl-w2 # Ed Kress tcpnethaspsrv 475/tcp tcpnethaspsrv tcpnethaspsrv 475/udp tcpnethaspsrv # Charlie Hava tn-tl-fd1 476/tcp tn-tl-fd1 tn-tl-fd1 476/udp tn-tl-fd1 # Ed Kress ss7ns 477/tcp ss7ns ss7ns 477/udp ss7ns # Jean-Michel URSCH spsc 478/tcp spsc spsc 478/udp spsc # Mike Rieker iafserver 479/tcp iafserver iafserver 479/udp iafserver iafdbase 480/tcp iafdbase iafdbase 480/udp iafdbase # ricky& ph 481/tcp Ph service ph 481/udp Ph service # Roland Hedberg bgs-nsi 482/tcp bgs-nsi bgs-nsi 482/udp bgs-nsi # Jon Saperia ulpnet 483/tcp ulpnet ulpnet 483/udp ulpnet # Kevin Mooney integra-sme 484/tcp Integra Software Management Environment integra-sme 484/udp Integra Software Management Environment # Randall Dow powerburst 485/tcp Air Soft Power Burst powerburst 485/udp Air Soft Power Burst # avian 486/tcp avian avian 486/udp avian # Robert Ullmann # saft 487/tcp saft Simple Asynchronous File Transfer saft 487/udp saft Simple Asynchronous File Transfer # Ulli Horlacher gss-http 488/tcp gss-http gss-http 488/udp gss-http # Doug Rosenthal nest-protocol 489/tcp nest-protocol nest-protocol 489/udp nest-protocol # Gilles Gameiro micom-pfs 490/tcp micom-pfs micom-pfs 490/udp micom-pfs # David Misunas go-login 491/tcp go-login go-login 491/udp go-login # Troy Morrison ticf-1 492/tcp Transport Independent Convergence for FNA ticf-1 492/udp Transport Independent Convergence for FNA ticf-2 493/tcp Transport Independent Convergence for FNA ticf-2 493/udp Transport Independent Convergence for FNA # Mamoru Ito pov-ray 494/tcp POV-Ray pov-ray 494/udp POV-Ray # POV-Team Co-ordinator # intecourier 495/tcp intecourier intecourier 495/udp intecourier # Steve Favor pim-rp-disc 496/tcp PIM-RP-DISC pim-rp-disc 496/udp PIM-RP-DISC # Dino Farinacci dantz 497/tcp dantz dantz 497/udp dantz # Richard Zulch siam 498/tcp siam siam 498/udp siam # Philippe Gilbert iso-ill 499/tcp ISO ILL Protocol iso-ill 499/udp ISO ILL Protocol # Mark H. Needleman isakmp 500/tcp isakmp isakmp 500/udp isakmp # Mark Schertler stmf 501/tcp STMF stmf 501/udp STMF # Alan Ungar asa-appl-proto 502/tcp asa-appl-proto asa-appl-proto 502/udp asa-appl-proto # Dennis Dube intrinsa 503/tcp Intrinsa intrinsa 503/udp Intrinsa # Robert Ford citadel 504/tcp citadel citadel 504/udp citadel # Art Cancro mailbox-lm 505/tcp mailbox-lm mailbox-lm 505/udp mailbox-lm # Beverly Moody ohimsrv 506/tcp ohimsrv ohimsrv 506/udp ohimsrv # Scott Powell crs 507/tcp crs crs 507/udp crs # Brad Wright xvttp 508/tcp xvttp xvttp 508/udp xvttp # Keith J. Alphonso snare 509/tcp snare snare 509/udp snare # Dennis Batchelder fcp 510/tcp FirstClass Protocol fcp 510/udp FirstClass Protocol # Mike Marshburn passgo 511/tcp PassGo passgo 511/udp PassGo # John Rainford exec 512/tcp remote process execution; # authentication performed using # passwords and UNIX login names comsat 512/udp biff 512/udp used by mail system to notify users # of new mail received; currently # receives messages only from # processes on the same machine login 513/tcp remote login a la telnet; # automatic authentication performed # based on priviledged port numbers # and distributed data bases which # identify "authentication domains" who 513/udp maintains data bases showing who's # logged in to machines on a local # net and the load average of the # machine shell 514/tcp cmd # like exec, but automatic authentication # is performed as for login server syslog 514/udp printer 515/tcp spooler printer 515/udp spooler videotex 516/tcp videotex videotex 516/udp videotex # Daniel Mavrakis talk 517/tcp like tenex link, but across # machine - unfortunately, doesn't # use link protocol (this is actually # just a rendezvous port from which a # tcp connection is established) talk 517/udp like tenex link, but across # machine - unfortunately, doesn't # use link protocol (this is actually # just a rendezvous port from which a # tcp connection is established) ntalk 518/tcp ntalk 518/udp utime 519/tcp unixtime utime 519/udp unixtime efs 520/tcp extended file name server router 520/udp local routing process (on site); # uses variant of Xerox NS routing # information protocol - RIP ripng 521/tcp ripng ripng 521/udp ripng # Robert E. Minnear ulp 522/tcp ULP ulp 522/udp ULP # Max Morris ibm-db2 523/tcp IBM-DB2 ibm-db2 523/udp IBM-DB2 # Juliana Hsu ncp 524/tcp NCP ncp 524/udp NCP # Don Provan timed 525/tcp timeserver timed 525/udp timeserver tempo 526/tcp newdate tempo 526/udp newdate # Unknown stx 527/tcp Stock IXChange stx 527/udp Stock IXChange custix 528/tcp Customer IXChange custix 528/udp Customer IXChange # Ferdi Ladeira irc-serv 529/tcp IRC-SERV irc-serv 529/udp IRC-SERV # Brian Tackett courier 530/tcp rpc courier 530/udp rpc conference 531/tcp chat conference 531/udp chat netnews 532/tcp readnews netnews 532/udp readnews netwall 533/tcp for emergency broadcasts netwall 533/udp for emergency broadcasts # Andreas Heidemann windream 534/tcp windream Admin windream 534/udp windream Admin # Uwe Honermann iiop 535/tcp iiop iiop 535/udp iiop # Jeff M.Michaud opalis-rdv 536/tcp opalis-rdv opalis-rdv 536/udp opalis-rdv # Laurent Domenech nmsp 537/tcp Networked Media Streaming Protocol nmsp 537/udp Networked Media Streaming Protocol # Paul Santinelli Jr. gdomap 538/tcp gdomap gdomap 538/udp gdomap # Richard Frith-Macdonald apertus-ldp 539/tcp Apertus Technologies Load Determination apertus-ldp 539/udp Apertus Technologies Load Determination uucp 540/tcp uucpd uucp 540/udp uucpd uucp-rlogin 541/tcp uucp-rlogin uucp-rlogin 541/udp uucp-rlogin # Stuart Lynne commerce 542/tcp commerce commerce 542/udp commerce # Randy Epstein klogin 543/tcp klogin 543/udp kshell 544/tcp krcmd kshell 544/udp krcmd appleqtcsrvr 545/tcp appleqtcsrvr appleqtcsrvr 545/udp appleqtcsrvr # Murali Ranganathan # dhcpv6-client 546/tcp DHCPv6 Client dhcpv6-client 546/udp DHCPv6 Client dhcpv6-server 547/tcp DHCPv6 Server dhcpv6-server 547/udp DHCPv6 Server # Jim Bound afpovertcp 548/tcp AFP over TCP afpovertcp 548/udp AFP over TCP # Leland Wallace idfp 549/tcp IDFP idfp 549/udp IDFP # Ramana Kovi new-rwho 550/tcp new-who new-rwho 550/udp new-who cybercash 551/tcp cybercash cybercash 551/udp cybercash # Donald E. Eastlake 3rd devshr-nts 552/tcp DeviceShare devshr-nts 552/udp DeviceShare # Benjamin Rosenberg pirp 553/tcp pirp pirp 553/udp pirp # D. J. Bernstein rtsp 554/tcp Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) rtsp 554/udp Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) # Rob Lanphier dsf 555/tcp dsf 555/udp remotefs 556/tcp rfs server remotefs 556/udp rfs server openvms-sysipc 557/tcp openvms-sysipc openvms-sysipc 557/udp openvms-sysipc # Alan Potter sdnskmp 558/tcp SDNSKMP sdnskmp 558/udp SDNSKMP teedtap 559/tcp TEEDTAP teedtap 559/udp TEEDTAP # Charlie Limoges rmonitor 560/tcp rmonitord rmonitor 560/udp rmonitord monitor 561/tcp monitor 561/udp chshell 562/tcp chcmd chshell 562/udp chcmd nntps 563/tcp nntp protocol over TLS/SSL (was snntp) nntps 563/udp nntp protocol over TLS/SSL (was snntp) # Kipp E.B. Hickman 9pfs 564/tcp plan 9 file service 9pfs 564/udp plan 9 file service whoami 565/tcp whoami whoami 565/udp whoami streettalk 566/tcp streettalk streettalk 566/udp streettalk banyan-rpc 567/tcp banyan-rpc banyan-rpc 567/udp banyan-rpc # Tom Lemaire ms-shuttle 568/tcp microsoft shuttle ms-shuttle 568/udp microsoft shuttle # Rudolph Balaz ms-rome 569/tcp microsoft rome ms-rome 569/udp microsoft rome # Rudolph Balaz meter 570/tcp demon meter 570/udp demon meter 571/tcp udemon meter 571/udp udemon sonar 572/tcp sonar sonar 572/udp sonar # Keith Moore banyan-vip 573/tcp banyan-vip banyan-vip 573/udp banyan-vip # Denis Leclerc ftp-agent 574/tcp FTP Software Agent System ftp-agent 574/udp FTP Software Agent System # Michael S. Greenberg vemmi 575/tcp VEMMI vemmi 575/udp VEMMI # Daniel Mavrakis ipcd 576/tcp ipcd ipcd 576/udp ipcd vnas 577/tcp vnas vnas 577/udp vnas ipdd 578/tcp ipdd ipdd 578/udp ipdd # Jay Farhat decbsrv 579/tcp decbsrv decbsrv 579/udp decbsrv # Rudi Martin sntp-heartbeat 580/tcp SNTP HEARTBEAT sntp-heartbeat 580/udp SNTP HEARTBEAT # Louis Mamakos bdp 581/tcp Bundle Discovery Protocol bdp 581/udp Bundle Discovery Protocol # Gary Malkin scc-security 582/tcp SCC Security scc-security 582/udp SCC Security # Prashant Dholakia philips-vc 583/tcp Philips Video-Conferencing philips-vc 583/udp Philips Video-Conferencing # Janna Chang keyserver 584/tcp Key Server keyserver 584/udp Key Server # Gary Howland # 585 De-registered (25 April 2006) # Use of 585 is not recommended, use 993 instead password-chg 586/tcp Password Change password-chg 586/udp Password Change submission 587/tcp Submission submission 587/udp Submission # [RFC4409] cal 588/tcp CAL cal 588/udp CAL # Myron Hattig eyelink 589/tcp EyeLink eyelink 589/udp EyeLink # Dave Stampe tns-cml 590/tcp TNS CML tns-cml 590/udp TNS CML # Jerome Albin http-alt 591/tcp FileMaker, Inc. - HTTP Alternate (see Port 80) http-alt 591/udp FileMaker, Inc. - HTTP Alternate (see Port 80) # Clay Maeckel eudora-set 592/tcp Eudora Set eudora-set 592/udp Eudora Set # Randall Gellens http-rpc-epmap 593/tcp HTTP RPC Ep Map http-rpc-epmap 593/udp HTTP RPC Ep Map # Edward Reus tpip 594/tcp TPIP tpip 594/udp TPIP # Brad Spear cab-protocol 595/tcp CAB Protocol cab-protocol 595/udp CAB Protocol # Winston Hetherington smsd 596/tcp SMSD smsd 596/udp SMSD # Wayne Barlow ptcnameservice 597/tcp PTC Name Service ptcnameservice 597/udp PTC Name Service # Yuri Machkasov sco-websrvrmg3 598/tcp SCO Web Server Manager 3 sco-websrvrmg3 598/udp SCO Web Server Manager 3 # Simon Baldwin acp 599/tcp Aeolon Core Protocol acp 599/udp Aeolon Core Protocol # Michael Alyn Miller ipcserver 600/tcp Sun IPC server ipcserver 600/udp Sun IPC server # Bill Schiefelbein syslog-conn 601/tcp Reliable Syslog Service syslog-conn 601/udp Reliable Syslog Service # RFC 3195 xmlrpc-beep 602/tcp XML-RPC over BEEP xmlrpc-beep 602/udp XML-RPC over BEEP # RFC3529 March 2003 idxp 603/tcp IDXP idxp 603/udp IDXP # RFC4767 tunnel 604/tcp TUNNEL tunnel 604/udp TUNNEL # RFC3620 soap-beep 605/tcp SOAP over BEEP soap-beep 605/udp SOAP over BEEP # RFC4227 April 2002 urm 606/tcp Cray Unified Resource Manager urm 606/udp Cray Unified Resource Manager nqs 607/tcp nqs nqs 607/udp nqs # Bill Schiefelbein sift-uft 608/tcp Sender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer sift-uft 608/udp Sender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer # Rick Troth npmp-trap 609/tcp npmp-trap npmp-trap 609/udp npmp-trap npmp-local 610/tcp npmp-local npmp-local 610/udp npmp-local npmp-gui 611/tcp npmp-gui npmp-gui 611/udp npmp-gui # John Barnes hmmp-ind 612/tcp HMMP Indication hmmp-ind 612/udp HMMP Indication hmmp-op 613/tcp HMMP Operation hmmp-op 613/udp HMMP Operation # Andrew Sinclair sshell 614/tcp SSLshell sshell 614/udp SSLshell # Simon J. Gerraty sco-inetmgr 615/tcp Internet Configuration Manager sco-inetmgr 615/udp Internet Configuration Manager sco-sysmgr 616/tcp SCO System Administration Server sco-sysmgr 616/udp SCO System Administration Server sco-dtmgr 617/tcp SCO Desktop Administration Server sco-dtmgr 617/udp SCO Desktop Administration Server # Christopher Durham dei-icda 618/tcp DEI-ICDA dei-icda 618/udp DEI-ICDA # David Turner compaq-evm 619/tcp Compaq EVM compaq-evm 619/udp Compaq EVM # Jem Treadwell sco-websrvrmgr 620/tcp SCO WebServer Manager sco-websrvrmgr 620/udp SCO WebServer Manager # Christopher Durham escp-ip 621/tcp ESCP escp-ip 621/udp ESCP # Lai Zit Seng collaborator 622/tcp Collaborator collaborator 622/udp Collaborator # Johnson Davis oob-ws-http 623/tcp DMTF out-of-band web services management protocol # Jim Davis June 2007 asf-rmcp 623/udp ASF Remote Management and Control Protocol # Carl First cryptoadmin 624/tcp Crypto Admin cryptoadmin 624/udp Crypto Admin # Tony Walker dec_dlm 625/tcp DEC DLM dec_dlm 625/udp DEC DLM # Rudi Martin asia 626/tcp ASIA asia 626/udp ASIA # Michael Dasenbrock passgo-tivoli 627/tcp PassGo Tivoli passgo-tivoli 627/udp PassGo Tivoli # John Rainford qmqp 628/tcp QMQP qmqp 628/udp QMQP # Dan Bernstein 3com-amp3 629/tcp 3Com AMP3 3com-amp3 629/udp 3Com AMP3 # Prakash Banthia rda 630/tcp RDA rda 630/udp RDA # John Hadjioannou ipp 631/tcp IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) ipp 631/udp IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) # Carl-Uno Manros bmpp 632/tcp bmpp bmpp 632/udp bmpp # Troy Rollo servstat 633/tcp Service Status update (Sterling Software) servstat 633/udp Service Status update (Sterling Software) # Greg Rose ginad 634/tcp ginad ginad 634/udp ginad # Mark Crother rlzdbase 635/tcp RLZ DBase rlzdbase 635/udp RLZ DBase # Michael Ginn ldaps 636/tcp ldap protocol over TLS/SSL (was sldap) ldaps 636/udp ldap protocol over TLS/SSL (was sldap) # Pat Richard lanserver 637/tcp lanserver lanserver 637/udp lanserver # Chris Larsson mcns-sec 638/tcp mcns-sec mcns-sec 638/udp mcns-sec # Kaz Ozawa msdp 639/tcp MSDP msdp 639/udp MSDP # Dino Farinacci entrust-sps 640/tcp entrust-sps entrust-sps 640/udp entrust-sps # Marek Buchler repcmd 641/tcp repcmd repcmd 641/udp repcmd # Scott Dale esro-emsdp 642/tcp ESRO-EMSDP V1.3 esro-emsdp 642/udp ESRO-EMSDP V1.3 # Mohsen Banan sanity 643/tcp SANity sanity 643/udp SANity # Peter Viscarola dwr 644/tcp dwr dwr 644/udp dwr # Bill Fenner pssc 645/tcp PSSC pssc 645/udp PSSC # Egon Meier-Engelen ldp 646/tcp LDP ldp 646/udp LDP # Bob Thomas dhcp-failover 647/tcp DHCP Failover dhcp-failover 647/udp DHCP Failover # Bernard Volz rrp 648/tcp Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP) rrp 648/udp Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP) # Scott Hollenbeck cadview-3d 649/tcp Cadview-3d - streaming 3d models over the internet cadview-3d 649/udp Cadview-3d - streaming 3d models over the internet # David Cooper obex 650/tcp OBEX obex 650/udp OBEX # Jeff Garbers ieee-mms 651/tcp IEEE MMS ieee-mms 651/udp IEEE MMS # Curtis Anderson hello-port 652/tcp HELLO_PORT hello-port 652/udp HELLO_PORT # Patrick Cipiere repscmd 653/tcp RepCmd repscmd 653/udp RepCmd # Scott Dale aodv 654/tcp AODV aodv 654/udp AODV # Charles Perkins tinc 655/tcp TINC tinc 655/udp TINC # Ivo Timmermans spmp 656/tcp SPMP spmp 656/udp SPMP # Jakob Kaivo rmc 657/tcp RMC rmc 657/udp RMC # Michael Schmidt tenfold 658/tcp TenFold tenfold 658/udp TenFold # Louis Olszyk # 659 Removed (2001-06-06) mac-srvr-admin 660/tcp MacOS Server Admin mac-srvr-admin 660/udp MacOS Server Admin # Forest Hill hap 661/tcp HAP hap 661/udp HAP # Igor Plotnikov pftp 662/tcp PFTP pftp 662/udp PFTP # Ben Schluricke purenoise 663/tcp PureNoise purenoise 663/udp PureNoise # Sam Osa oob-ws-https 664/tcp DMTF out-of-band secure web services management protocol # Jim Davis June 2007 asf-secure-rmcp 664/udp ASF Secure Remote Management and Control Protocol # Carl First sun-dr 665/tcp Sun DR sun-dr 665/udp Sun DR # Harinder Bhasin mdqs 666/tcp mdqs 666/udp doom 666/tcp doom Id Software doom 666/udp doom Id Software # disclose 667/tcp campaign contribution disclosures - SDR Technologies disclose 667/udp campaign contribution disclosures - SDR Technologies # Jim Dixon mecomm 668/tcp MeComm mecomm 668/udp MeComm meregister 669/tcp MeRegister meregister 669/udp MeRegister # Armin Sawusch vacdsm-sws 670/tcp VACDSM-SWS vacdsm-sws 670/udp VACDSM-SWS vacdsm-app 671/tcp VACDSM-APP vacdsm-app 671/udp VACDSM-APP vpps-qua 672/tcp VPPS-QUA vpps-qua 672/udp VPPS-QUA cimplex 673/tcp CIMPLEX cimplex 673/udp CIMPLEX # Ulysses G. Smith Jr. acap 674/tcp ACAP acap 674/udp ACAP # Chris Newman dctp 675/tcp DCTP dctp 675/udp DCTP # Andre Kramer vpps-via 676/tcp VPPS Via vpps-via 676/udp VPPS Via # Ulysses G. Smith Jr. vpp 677/tcp Virtual Presence Protocol vpp 677/udp Virtual Presence Protocol # Klaus Wolf ggf-ncp 678/tcp GNU Generation Foundation NCP ggf-ncp 678/udp GNU Generation Foundation NCP # Noah Paul mrm 679/tcp MRM mrm 679/udp MRM # Liming Wei entrust-aaas 680/tcp entrust-aaas entrust-aaas 680/udp entrust-aaas entrust-aams 681/tcp entrust-aams entrust-aams 681/udp entrust-aams # Adrian Mancini xfr 682/tcp XFR xfr 682/udp XFR # Noah Paul corba-iiop 683/tcp CORBA IIOP corba-iiop 683/udp CORBA IIOP corba-iiop-ssl 684/tcp CORBA IIOP SSL corba-iiop-ssl 684/udp CORBA IIOP SSL # Andrew Watson mdc-portmapper 685/tcp MDC Port Mapper mdc-portmapper 685/udp MDC Port Mapper # Noah Paul hcp-wismar 686/tcp Hardware Control Protocol Wismar hcp-wismar 686/udp Hardware Control Protocol Wismar # David Merchant asipregistry 687/tcp asipregistry asipregistry 687/udp asipregistry # Erik Sea realm-rusd 688/tcp ApplianceWare managment protocol realm-rusd 688/udp ApplianceWare managment protocol # Stacy Kenworthy nmap 689/tcp NMAP nmap 689/udp NMAP # Peter Dennis Bartok vatp 690/tcp Velazquez Application Transfer Protocol vatp 690/udp Velazquez Application Transfer Protocol # Velneo msexch-routing 691/tcp MS Exchange Routing msexch-routing 691/udp MS Exchange Routing # David Lemson hyperwave-isp 692/tcp Hyperwave-ISP hyperwave-isp 692/udp Hyperwave-ISP # Gerald Mesaric connendp 693/tcp almanid Connection Endpoint connendp 693/udp almanid Connection Endpoint # Ronny Bremer ha-cluster 694/tcp ha-cluster ha-cluster 694/udp ha-cluster # Alan Robertson ieee-mms-ssl 695/tcp IEEE-MMS-SSL ieee-mms-ssl 695/udp IEEE-MMS-SSL # Curtis Anderson rushd 696/tcp RUSHD rushd 696/udp RUSHD # Greg Ercolano uuidgen 697/tcp UUIDGEN uuidgen 697/udp UUIDGEN # James Falkner olsr 698/tcp OLSR olsr 698/udp OLSR # Thomas Clausen accessnetwork 699/tcp Access Network accessnetwork 699/udp Access Network # Yingchun Xu epp 700/tcp Extensible Provisioning Protocol epp 700/udp Extensible Provisioning Protocol # [RFC4934] lmp 701/tcp Link Management Protocol (LMP) lmp 701/udp Link Management Protocol (LMP) # [RFC4204] iris-beep 702/tcp IRIS over BEEP iris-beep 702/udp IRIS over BEEP # [RFC3983] # 703 Unassigned elcsd 704/tcp errlog copy/server daemon elcsd 704/udp errlog copy/server daemon agentx 705/tcp AgentX agentx 705/udp AgentX # Bob Natale silc 706/tcp SILC silc 706/udp SILC # Pekka Riikonen borland-dsj 707/tcp Borland DSJ borland-dsj 707/udp Borland DSJ # Gerg Cole # 708 Unassigned entrust-kmsh 709/tcp Entrust Key Management Service Handler entrust-kmsh 709/udp Entrust Key Management Service Handler entrust-ash 710/tcp Entrust Administration Service Handler entrust-ash 710/udp Entrust Administration Service Handler # Peter Whittaker cisco-tdp 711/tcp Cisco TDP cisco-tdp 711/udp Cisco TDP # Bruce Davie tbrpf 712/tcp TBRPF tbrpf 712/udp TBRPF # RFC3684 iris-xpc 713/tcp IRIS over XPC iris-xpc 713/udp IRIS over XPC iris-xpcs 714/tcp IRIS over XPCS iris-xpcs 714/udp IRIS over XPCS # [RFC4992] iris-lwz 715/tcp IRIS-LWZ iris-lwz 715/udp IRIS-LWZ # [RFC4993] pana 716/udp PANA Messages # [RFC5191] # 717-728 Unassigned netviewdm1 729/tcp IBM NetView DM/6000 Server/Client netviewdm1 729/udp IBM NetView DM/6000 Server/Client netviewdm2 730/tcp IBM NetView DM/6000 send/tcp netviewdm2 730/udp IBM NetView DM/6000 send/tcp netviewdm3 731/tcp IBM NetView DM/6000 receive/tcp netviewdm3 731/udp IBM NetView DM/6000 receive/tcp # Philippe Binet (phbinet&vnet.IBM.COM) # 732-740 Unassigned netgw 741/tcp netGW netgw 741/udp netGW # Oliver Korfmacher (okorf& netrcs 742/tcp Network based Rev. Cont. Sys. netrcs 742/udp Network based Rev. Cont. Sys. # Gordon C. Galligher # 743 Unassigned flexlm 744/tcp Flexible License Manager flexlm 744/udp Flexible License Manager # Matt Christiano # # 745-746 Unassigned fujitsu-dev 747/tcp Fujitsu Device Control fujitsu-dev 747/udp Fujitsu Device Control ris-cm 748/tcp Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager ris-cm 748/udp Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager kerberos-adm 749/tcp kerberos administration kerberos-adm 749/udp kerberos administration rfile 750/tcp loadav 750/udp kerberos-iv 750/udp kerberos version iv # Martin Hamilton pump 751/tcp pump 751/udp qrh 752/tcp qrh 752/udp rrh 753/tcp rrh 753/udp tell 754/tcp send tell 754/udp send # Josyula R. Rao # 755-756 Unassigned nlogin 758/tcp nlogin 758/udp con 759/tcp con 759/udp ns 760/tcp ns 760/udp rxe 761/tcp rxe 761/udp quotad 762/tcp quotad 762/udp cycleserv 763/tcp cycleserv 763/udp omserv 764/tcp omserv 764/udp webster 765/tcp webster 765/udp # Josyula R. Rao # 766 Unassigned phonebook 767/tcp phone phonebook 767/udp phone # Josyula R. Rao # 768 Unassigned vid 769/tcp vid 769/udp cadlock 770/tcp cadlock 770/udp rtip 771/tcp rtip 771/udp cycleserv2 772/tcp cycleserv2 772/udp submit 773/tcp notify 773/udp rpasswd 774/tcp acmaint_dbd 774/udp entomb 775/tcp acmaint_transd 775/udp wpages 776/tcp wpages 776/udp # Josyula R. Rao multiling-http 777/tcp Multiling HTTP multiling-http 777/udp Multiling HTTP # Alejandro Bonet # 778-779 Unassigned wpgs 780/tcp wpgs 780/udp # Josyula R. Rao # 781-785 Unassigned # 786 Unassigned (Removed 2002-05-08) # 787 Unassigned (Removed 2002-10-08) # 788-799 Unassigned mdbs_daemon 800/tcp mdbs_daemon 800/udp device 801/tcp device 801/udp # 802-809 Unassigned fcp-udp 810/tcp FCP fcp-udp 810/udp FCP Datagram # Paul Whittemore # 811-827 Unassigned itm-mcell-s 828/tcp itm-mcell-s itm-mcell-s 828/udp itm-mcell-s # Portnoy Boxman pkix-3-ca-ra 829/tcp PKIX-3 CA/RA pkix-3-ca-ra 829/udp PKIX-3 CA/RA # Carlisle Adams netconf-ssh 830/tcp NETCONF over SSH netconf-ssh 830/udp NETCONF over SSH # [RFC4742] netconf-beep 831/tcp NETCONF over BEEP netconf-beep 831/udp NETCONF over BEEP # [RFC4744] netconfsoaphttp 832/tcp NETCONF for SOAP over HTTPS netconfsoaphttp 832/udp NETCONF for SOAP over HTTPS # [RFC4743] netconfsoapbeep 833/tcp NETCONF for SOAP over BEEP netconfsoapbeep 833/udp NETCONF for SOAP over BEEP # [RFC4743] # 834-846 Unassigned dhcp-failover2 847/tcp dhcp-failover 2 dhcp-failover2 847/udp dhcp-failover 2 # Bernard Volz gdoi 848/tcp GDOI gdoi 848/udp GDOI # [RFC3547] # 849-859 Unassigned iscsi 860/tcp iSCSI iscsi 860/udp iSCSI # RFC3720 owamp-control 861/tcp OWAMP-Control owamp-control 861/udp OWAMP-Control # [RFC4656] twamp-control 862/tcp Two-way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) Control twamp-control 862/udp Two-way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) Control # [RFC5357] # 863-872 Unassigned rsync 873/tcp rsync rsync 873/udp rsync # Andrew Tridgell # 874-885 Unassigned iclcnet-locate 886/tcp ICL coNETion locate server iclcnet-locate 886/udp ICL coNETion locate server # Bob Lyon iclcnet_svinfo 887/tcp ICL coNETion server info iclcnet_svinfo 887/udp ICL coNETion server info # Bob Lyon accessbuilder 888/tcp AccessBuilder accessbuilder 888/udp AccessBuilder # Steve Sweeney # The following entry records an unassigned but widespread use cddbp 888/tcp CD Database Protocol # Steve Scherf # # 889-899 Unassigned omginitialrefs 900/tcp OMG Initial Refs omginitialrefs 900/udp OMG Initial Refs # Christian Callsen smpnameres 901/tcp SMPNAMERES smpnameres 901/udp SMPNAMERES # Leif Ekblad ideafarm-door 902/tcp self documenting Telnet Door ideafarm-door 902/udp self documenting Door: send 0x00 for info ideafarm-panic 903/tcp self documenting Telnet Panic Door ideafarm-panic 903/udp self documenting Panic Door: send 0x00 for info # Wo'o Ideafarm # 904-909 Unassigned kink 910/tcp Kerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys (KINK) kink 910/udp Kerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys (KINK) # [RFC4430] xact-backup 911/tcp xact-backup xact-backup 911/udp xact-backup # Bill Carroll apex-mesh 912/tcp APEX relay-relay service apex-mesh 912/udp APEX relay-relay service apex-edge 913/tcp APEX endpoint-relay service apex-edge 913/udp APEX endpoint-relay service # [RFC3340] # 914-988 Unassigned ftps-data 989/tcp ftp protocol, data, over TLS/SSL ftps-data 989/udp ftp protocol, data, over TLS/SSL ftps 990/tcp ftp protocol, control, over TLS/SSL ftps 990/udp ftp protocol, control, over TLS/SSL # Christopher Allen nas 991/tcp Netnews Administration System nas 991/udp Netnews Administration System # Vera Heinau # Heiko Schlichting telnets 992/tcp telnet protocol over TLS/SSL telnets 992/udp telnet protocol over TLS/SSL imaps 993/tcp imap4 protocol over TLS/SSL imaps 993/udp imap4 protocol over TLS/SSL ircs 994/tcp irc protocol over TLS/SSL ircs 994/udp irc protocol over TLS/SSL # Christopher Allen pop3s 995/tcp pop3 protocol over TLS/SSL (was spop3) pop3s 995/udp pop3 protocol over TLS/SSL (was spop3) # Gordon Mangione vsinet 996/tcp vsinet vsinet 996/udp vsinet # Rob Juergens maitrd 997/tcp maitrd 997/udp busboy 998/tcp puparp 998/udp garcon 999/tcp applix 999/udp Applix ac puprouter 999/tcp puprouter 999/udp cadlock2 1000/tcp cadlock2 1000/udp # 1001-1009 Unassigned # 1008/udp Possibly used by Sun Solaris???? surf 1010/tcp surf surf 1010/udp surf # Joseph Geer # 1011-1020 Reserved exp1 1021/tcp RFC3692-style Experiment 1 () [RFC4727] exp1 1021/udp RFC3692-style Experiment 1 () [RFC4727] exp2 1022/tcp RFC3692-style Experiment 2 () [RFC4727] exp2 1022/udp RFC3692-style Experiment 2 () [RFC4727] 1023/tcp Reserved 1023/udp Reserved # IANA () It is only appropriate to use these values in explicitly- configured experiments; they MUST NOT be shipped as defaults in implementations. See RFC 3692 for details. REGISTERED PORT NUMBERS The Registered Ports are listed by the IANA and on most systems can be used by ordinary user processes or programs executed by ordinary users. Ports are used in the TCP [RFC793] to name the ends of logical connections which carry long term conversations. For the purpose of providing services to unknown callers, a service contact port is defined. This list specifies the port used by the server process as its contact port. The IANA registers uses of these ports as a convenience to the community. To the extent possible, these same port assignments are used with the UDP [RFC768]. The Registered Ports are in the range 1024-49151. Port Assignments: Keyword Decimal Description References ------- ------- ----------- ---------- 1024/tcp Reserved 1024/udp Reserved # IANA blackjack 1025/tcp network blackjack blackjack 1025/udp network blackjack # Unknown contact cap 1026/tcp Calendar Access Protocol cap 1026/udp Calendar Access Protocol # Doug Royer June 2002 # 1027/tcp Unassigned (Removed on 2005-09-16) # 1028 Deprecated February 2004 solid-mux 1029/tcp Solid Mux Server solid-mux 1029/udp Solid Mux Server # Anders Borg November 2004 iad1 1030/tcp BBN IAD iad1 1030/udp BBN IAD iad2 1031/tcp BBN IAD iad2 1031/udp BBN IAD iad3 1032/tcp BBN IAD iad3 1032/udp BBN IAD # Andy Malis netinfo-local 1033/tcp local netinfo port netinfo-local 1033/udp local netinfo port # Marc Majka August 2002 activesync 1034/tcp ActiveSync Notifications activesync 1034/udp ActiveSync Notifications # Sandra Vargas March 2003 mxxrlogin 1035/tcp MX-XR RPC mxxrlogin 1035/udp MX-XR RPC # Arnold E. Mauer April 2003 nsstp 1036/tcp Nebula Secure Segment Transfer Protocol nsstp 1036/udp Nebula Secure Segment Transfer Protocol # Steve Ravida ams 1037/tcp AMS ams 1037/udp AMS # Ronald R. Ohmer October 2003 / February 2004 mtqp 1038/tcp Message Tracking Query Protocol mtqp 1038/udp Message Tracking Query Protocol # [RFC3887] sbl 1039/tcp Streamlined Blackhole sbl 1039/udp Streamlined Blackhole # Jonathan A. Zdziaraski November 2004 netarx 1040/tcp Netarx Netcare netarx 1040/udp Netarx Netcare # Previous Contact: Fredrick Paul Eisele # Current Contact: Sandy Kronenberg 03 April 2008 danf-ak2 1041/tcp AK2 Product danf-ak2 1041/udp AK2 Product # Karl Palsson November 2004 afrog 1042/tcp Subnet Roaming afrog 1042/udp Subnet Roaming # Michael Chapman November 2004 boinc-client 1043/tcp BOINC Client Control boinc-client 1043/udp BOINC Client Control # David Anderson November 2004 dcutility 1044/tcp Dev Consortium Utility dcutility 1044/udp Dev Consortium Utility # Chris Ryland November 2004 fpitp 1045/tcp Fingerprint Image Transfer Protocol fpitp 1045/udp Fingerprint Image Transfer Protocol # Steven Fields February 2002 wfremotertm 1046/tcp WebFilter Remote Monitor wfremotertm 1046/udp WebFilter Remote Monitor # Tim Morgan November 2004 neod1 1047/tcp Sun's NEO Object Request Broker neod1 1047/udp Sun's NEO Object Request Broker neod2 1048/tcp Sun's NEO Object Request Broker neod2 1048/udp Sun's NEO Object Request Broker # Rohit Garg td-postman 1049/tcp Tobit David Postman VPMN td-postman 1049/udp Tobit David Postman VPMN # Franz-Josef Leuders cma 1050/tcp CORBA Management Agent cma 1050/udp CORBA Management Agent # Ramy Zaarour optima-vnet 1051/tcp Optima VNET optima-vnet 1051/udp Optima VNET # Ralf Doewich ddt 1052/tcp Dynamic DNS Tools ddt 1052/udp Dynamic DNS Tools # Remi Lefebvre remote-as 1053/tcp Remote Assistant (RA) remote-as 1053/udp Remote Assistant (RA) # Roman Kriis brvread 1054/tcp BRVREAD brvread 1054/udp BRVREAD # A. Boninn ansyslmd 1055/tcp ANSYS - License Manager ansyslmd 1055/udp ANSYS - License Manager # Suzanne Lorrin vfo 1056/tcp VFO vfo 1056/udp VFO # Anthony Gonzalez startron 1057/tcp STARTRON startron 1057/udp STARTRON # Markus Sabadello nim 1058/tcp nim nim 1058/udp nim nimreg 1059/tcp nimreg nimreg 1059/udp nimreg # Robert Gordon polestar 1060/tcp POLESTAR polestar 1060/udp POLESTAR # Masakuni Okada kiosk 1061/tcp KIOSK kiosk 1061/udp KIOSK # Ken Ksiazek veracity 1062/tcp Veracity veracity 1062/udp Veracity # Ross Williams kyoceranetdev 1063/tcp KyoceraNetDev kyoceranetdev 1063/udp KyoceraNetDev # Shigenaka Kanemitsu # jstel 1064/tcp JSTEL jstel 1064/udp JSTEL # Duane Kiser syscomlan 1065/tcp SYSCOMLAN syscomlan 1065/udp SYSCOMLAN # Previous contact: Urs Ryf # Current contact: Alexandre Lechenne 10 December 2008 fpo-fns 1066/tcp FPO-FNS fpo-fns 1066/udp FPO-FNS # Jens Klose instl_boots 1067/tcp Installation Bootstrap Proto. Serv. instl_boots 1067/udp Installation Bootstrap Proto. Serv. instl_bootc 1068/tcp Installation Bootstrap Proto. Cli. instl_bootc 1068/udp Installation Bootstrap Proto. Cli. # David Arko cognex-insight 1069/tcp COGNEX-INSIGHT cognex-insight 1069/udp COGNEX-INSIGHT # Steve Olson gmrupdateserv 1070/tcp GMRUpdateSERV gmrupdateserv 1070/udp GMRUpdateSERV # Steve Kellogg bsquare-voip 1071/tcp BSQUARE-VOIP bsquare-voip 1071/udp BSQUARE-VOIP # Yen Lee cardax 1072/tcp CARDAX cardax 1072/udp CARDAX # Charles Oram bridgecontrol 1073/tcp Bridge Control bridgecontrol 1073/udp Bridge Control # Andy Heron warmspotMgmt 1074/tcp Warmspot Management Protocol warmspotMgmt 1074/udp Warmspot Management Protocol # Robert C. Henningsgard rdrmshc 1075/tcp RDRMSHC rdrmshc 1075/udp RDRMSHC # Ericko Shimada dab-sti-c 1076/tcp DAB STI-C dab-sti-c 1076/udp DAB STI-C # World DAB imgames 1077/tcp IMGames imgames 1077/udp IMGames # Jean A. Ames avocent-proxy 1078/tcp Avocent Proxy Protocol avocent-proxy 1078/udp Avocent Proxy Protocol # Steven W. Clark asprovatalk 1079/tcp ASPROVATalk asprovatalk 1079/udp ASPROVATalk # Chiew Farn Chung socks 1080/tcp Socks socks 1080/udp Socks # Ying-Da Lee Peter.Lipp&> amt-esd-prot 1082/tcp AMT-ESD-PROT amt-esd-prot 1082/udp AMT-ESD-PROT # AMTEC S.p.A ansoft-lm-1 1083/tcp Anasoft License Manager ansoft-lm-1 1083/udp Anasoft License Manager ansoft-lm-2 1084/tcp Anasoft License Manager ansoft-lm-2 1084/udp Anasoft License Manager webobjects 1085/tcp Web Objects webobjects 1085/udp Web Objects # Andy Belk cplscrambler-lg 1086/tcp CPL Scrambler Logging cplscrambler-lg 1086/udp CPL Scrambler Logging cplscrambler-in 1087/tcp CPL Scrambler Internal cplscrambler-in 1087/udp CPL Scrambler Internal cplscrambler-al 1088/tcp CPL Scrambler Alarm Log cplscrambler-al 1088/udp CPL Scrambler Alarm Log # Richard Corn ff-annunc 1089/tcp FF Annunciation ff-annunc 1089/udp FF Annunciation ff-fms 1090/tcp FF Fieldbus Message Specification ff-fms 1090/udp FF Fieldbus Message Specification ff-sm 1091/tcp FF System Management ff-sm 1091/udp FF System Management # Fieldbus Foundation obrpd 1092/tcp Open Business Reporting Protocol obrpd 1092/udp Open Business Reporting Protocol # William Randolph Royere III # proofd 1093/tcp PROOFD proofd 1093/udp PROOFD rootd 1094/tcp ROOTD rootd 1094/udp ROOTD # Fons Rademakers nicelink 1095/tcp NICELink nicelink 1095/udp NICELink # Jordi Lisbona cnrprotocol 1096/tcp Common Name Resolution Protocol cnrprotocol 1096/udp Common Name Resolution Protocol # Michael Mealling sunclustermgr 1097/tcp Sun Cluster Manager sunclustermgr 1097/udp Sun Cluster Manager # Ashit Patel rmiactivation 1098/tcp RMI Activation rmiactivation 1098/udp RMI Activation rmiregistry 1099/tcp RMI Registry rmiregistry 1099/udp RMI Registry # Mark Hodapp mctp 1100/tcp MCTP mctp 1100/udp MCTP # Vitaly Revsin pt2-discover 1101/tcp PT2-DISCOVER pt2-discover 1101/udp PT2-DISCOVER # Ralph Kammerlander # adobeserver-1 1102/tcp ADOBE SERVER 1 adobeserver-1 1102/udp ADOBE SERVER 1 adobeserver-2 1103/tcp ADOBE SERVER 2 adobeserver-2 1103/udp ADOBE SERVER 2 # Frank Soetebeer xrl 1104/tcp XRL xrl 1104/udp XRL # Patrick Robinson ftranhc 1105/tcp FTRANHC ftranhc 1105/udp FTRANHC # Eriko Shimada isoipsigport-1 1106/tcp ISOIPSIGPORT-1 isoipsigport-1 1106/udp ISOIPSIGPORT-1 isoipsigport-2 1107/tcp ISOIPSIGPORT-2 isoipsigport-2 1107/udp ISOIPSIGPORT-2 # Peter Egli ratio-adp 1108/tcp ratio-adp ratio-adp 1108/udp ratio-adp # Oliver Thulke # 1109 Reserved - IANA webadmstart 1110/tcp Start web admin server nfsd-keepalive 1110/udp Client status info # Beth Crespo lmsocialserver 1111/tcp LM Social Server lmsocialserver 1111/udp LM Social Server # Ron Lussier icp 1112/tcp Intelligent Communication Protocol icp 1112/udp Intelligent Communication Protocol # Mark H. David ltp-deepspace 1113/tcp Licklider Transmission Protocol ltp-deepspace 1113/udp Licklider Transmission Protocol # [RFC5326] mini-sql 1114/tcp Mini SQL mini-sql 1114/udp Mini SQL # David Hughes ardus-trns 1115/tcp ARDUS Transfer ardus-trns 1115/udp ARDUS Transfer ardus-cntl 1116/tcp ARDUS Control ardus-cntl 1116/udp ARDUS Control ardus-mtrns 1117/tcp ARDUS Multicast Transfer ardus-mtrns 1117/udp ARDUS Multicast Transfer # Shinya Abe sacred 1118/tcp SACRED sacred 1118/udp SACRED # RFC3767 bnetgame 1119/tcp Chat/Game Protocol bnetgame 1119/udp Chat/Game Protocol bnetfile 1120/tcp File Transfer Protocol bnetfile 1120/udp File Transfer Protocol # Domain Tech April 2005 rmpp 1121/tcp Datalode RMPP rmpp 1121/udp Datalode RMPP # Dave Ruedger November 2003 availant-mgr 1122/tcp availant-mgr availant-mgr 1122/udp availant-mgr # Steven Pelletier murray 1123/tcp Murray murray 1123/udp Murray # Stu Mark hpvmmcontrol 1124/tcp HP VMM Control hpvmmcontrol 1124/udp HP VMM Control hpvmmagent 1125/tcp HP VMM Agent hpvmmagent 1125/udp HP VMM Agent hpvmmdata 1126/tcp HP VMM Agent hpvmmdata 1126/udp HP VMM Agent # John Morton November 2004 kwdb-commn 1127/tcp KWDB Remote Communication kwdb-commn 1127/udp KWDB Remote Communication # Lal Samuel Varghese August 2005 saphostctrl 1128/tcp SAPHostControl over SOAP/HTTP saphostctrl 1128/udp SAPHostControl over SOAP/HTTP saphostctrls 1129/tcp SAPHostControl over SOAP/HTTPS saphostctrls 1129/udp SAPHostControl over SOAP/HTTPS # Muscarella Fabrizio April 2006 casp 1130/tcp CAC App Service Protocol casp 1130/udp CAC App Service Protocol caspssl 1131/tcp CAC App Service Protocol Encripted caspssl 1131/udp CAC App Service Protocol Encripted # Enrique Corujo February 2006 kvm-via-ip 1132/tcp KVM-via-IP Management Service kvm-via-ip 1132/udp KVM-via-IP Management Service # Ian Miller March 2006 dfn 1133/tcp Data Flow Network dfn 1133/udp Data Flow Network # Dmitry Obuvalin February 2006 aplx 1134/tcp MicroAPL APLX aplx 1134/udp MicroAPL APLX # Richard Nabavi February 2006 omnivision 1135/tcp OmniVision Communication Service omnivision 1135/udp OmniVision Communication Service # Serge Vacquier February 2006 hhb-gateway 1136/tcp HHB Gateway Control hhb-gateway 1136/udp HHB Gateway Control # Richard Harwell February 2006 trim 1137/tcp TRIM Workgroup Service trim 1137/udp TRIM Workgroup Service # Siva Poobalasingam March 2006 encrypted_admin 1138/tcp encrypted admin requests encrypted_admin 1138/udp encrypted admin requests # Michael Elizarov January 2007 evm 1139/tcp Enterprise Virtual Manager evm 1139/udp Enterprise Virtual Manager # Thomas Hennessy 04 October 2007 autonoc 1140/tcp AutoNOC Network Operations Protocol autonoc 1140/udp AutoNOC Network Operations Protocol # Kyle Lussier December 2005 mxomss 1141/tcp User Message Service mxomss 1141/udp User Message Service # Chaoyi Lang January 2006 edtools 1142/tcp User Discovery Service edtools 1142/udp User Discovery Service # Dolson, Lee January 2006 imyx 1143/tcp Infomatryx Exchange imyx 1143/udp Infomatryx Exchange # David Walling March 2006 fuscript 1144/tcp Fusion Script fuscript 1144/udp Fusion Script # Peter Loveday January 2006 x9-icue 1145/tcp X9 iCue Show Control x9-icue 1145/udp X9 iCue Show Control # Brandon Potter January 2006 audit-transfer 1146/tcp audit transfer audit-transfer 1146/udp audit transfer # Mark Wahl November 2005 capioverlan 1147/tcp CAPIoverLAN capioverlan 1147/udp CAPIoverLAN # Diego Friedel November 2005 elfiq-repl 1148/tcp Elfiq Replication Service elfiq-repl 1148/udp Elfiq Replication Service # Frederick Parent November 2005 bvtsonar 1149/tcp BVT Sonar Service bvtsonar 1149/udp BVT Sonar Service # Justin Huff November 2005 blaze 1150/tcp Blaze File Server blaze 1150/udp Blaze File Server # Curt Schimmel November 2005 unizensus 1151/tcp Unizensus Login Server unizensus 1151/udp Unizensus Login Server # Dirk Materlik November 2005 winpoplanmess 1152/tcp Winpopup LAN Messenger winpoplanmess 1152/udp Winpopup LAN Messenger # Vitali Fomine November 2005 c1222-acse 1153/tcp ANSI C12.22 Port c1222-acse 1153/udp ANSI C12.22 Port # Avygdor Moise November 2005 resacommunity 1154/tcp Community Service resacommunity 1154/udp Community Service # StÈphane MONS September 2005 nfa 1155/tcp Network File Access nfa 1155/udp Network File Access # James Powell iascontrol-oms 1156/tcp iasControl OMS iascontrol-oms 1156/udp iasControl OMS # Todd Guay November 2004 iascontrol 1157/tcp Oracle iASControl iascontrol 1157/udp Oracle iASControl # Todd Guay November 2004 dbcontrol-oms 1158/tcp dbControl OMS dbcontrol-oms 1158/udp dbControl OMS # Todd Guay November 2004 oracle-oms 1159/tcp Oracle OMS oracle-oms 1159/udp Oracle OMS # Todd Guay November 2004 olsv 1160/tcp DB Lite Mult-User Server olsv 1160/udp DB Lite Mult-User Server # Philip Stephenson August 2005 health-polling 1161/tcp Health Polling health-polling 1161/udp Health Polling health-trap 1162/tcp Health Trap health-trap 1162/udp Health Trap sddp 1163/tcp SmartDialer Data Protocol sddp 1163/udp SmartDialer Data Protocol # Lee Griffiths November 2004 qsm-proxy 1164/tcp QSM Proxy Service qsm-proxy 1164/udp QSM Proxy Service # Norm Lunde November 2004 qsm-gui 1165/tcp QSM GUI Service qsm-gui 1165/udp QSM GUI Service # Norm Lunde November 2004 qsm-remote 1166/tcp QSM RemoteExec qsm-remote 1166/udp QSM RemoteExec # Norm Lunde November 2004 cisco-ipsla 1167/tcp Cisco IP SLAs Control Protocol cisco-ipsla 1167/udp Cisco IP SLAs Control Protocol cisco-ipsla 1167/sctp Cisco IP SLAs Control Protocol # Emmanuel Tychon March 2006 vchat 1168/tcp VChat Conference Service vchat 1168/udp VChat Conference Service # Andreas Wetzel September 2002 tripwire 1169/tcp TRIPWIRE tripwire 1169/udp TRIPWIRE # Ed Metcalf # Albert Holt atc-lm 1170/tcp AT+C License Manager atc-lm 1170/udp AT+C License Manager # Peter Sch‰fer February 2004 atc-appserver 1171/tcp AT+C FmiApplicationServer atc-appserver 1171/udp AT+C FmiApplicationServer # Peter Sch‰fer February 2004 dnap 1172/tcp DNA Protocol dnap 1172/udp DNA Protocol # David McLaughlin November 2004 d-cinema-rrp 1173/tcp D-Cinema Request-Response d-cinema-rrp 1173/udp D-Cinema Request-Response # Robert Baldwin November 2004 fnet-remote-ui 1174/tcp FlashNet Remote Admin fnet-remote-ui 1174/udp FlashNet Remote Admin # Terry Smyth November 2004 dossier 1175/tcp Dossier Server dossier 1175/udp Dossier Server # Rob Minerick November 2004 indigo-server 1176/tcp Indigo Home Server indigo-server 1176/udp Indigo Home Server # Matt Bendiksen November 2004 dkmessenger 1177/tcp DKMessenger Protocol dkmessenger 1177/udp DKMessenger Protocol # Douglas Kadlecek November 2004 sgi-storman 1178/tcp SGI Storage Manager sgi-storman 1178/udp SGI Storage Manager # Greg Banks November 2004 b2n 1179/tcp Backup To Neighbor b2n 1179/udp Backup To Neighbor # Thomas Fok November 2004 mc-client 1180/tcp Millicent Client Proxy mc-client 1180/udp Millicent Client Proxy # Steve Glassman 3comnetman 1181/tcp 3Com Net Management 3comnetman 1181/udp 3Com Net Management # Peter White November 2004 accelenet 1182/tcp AcceleNet Control accelenet 1182/udp AcceleNet Control # Peter Lepeska November 2004 llsurfup-http 1183/tcp LL Surfup HTTP llsurfup-http 1183/udp LL Surfup HTTP llsurfup-https 1184/tcp LL Surfup HTTPS llsurfup-https 1184/udp LL Surfup HTTPS # Katy Lynn McCullough catchpole 1185/tcp Catchpole port catchpole 1185/udp Catchpole port # Christian Catchpole March 2002 mysql-cluster 1186/tcp MySQL Cluster Manager mysql-cluster 1186/udp MySQL Cluster Manager # Arjen Lentz November 2004 alias 1187/tcp Alias Service alias 1187/udp Alias Service # Paul Tokarchuk November 2004 hp-webadmin 1188/tcp HP Web Admin hp-webadmin 1188/udp HP Web Admin # Lance Kind unet 1189/tcp Unet Connection unet 1189/udp Unet Connection # Anthony Stahler November 2004 commlinx-avl 1190/tcp CommLinx GPS / AVL System commlinx-avl 1190/udp CommLinx GPS / AVL System # Peter Johnson November 2004 gpfs 1191/tcp General Parallel File System gpfs 1191/udp General Parallel File System # Dave Craft November 2004 caids-sensor 1192/tcp caids sensors channel caids-sensor 1192/udp caids sensors channel # Gregory Hostettler November 2004 fiveacross 1193/tcp Five Across Server fiveacross 1193/udp Five Across Server # Glenn Reid November 2004 openvpn 1194/tcp OpenVPN openvpn 1194/udp OpenVPN # James Yonan November 2004 rsf-1 1195/tcp RSF-1 clustering rsf-1 1195/udp RSF-1 clustering # Dave Hines November 2004 netmagic 1196/tcp Network Magic netmagic 1196/udp Network Magic # Nick Holt August 2005 carrius-rshell 1197/tcp Carrius Remote Access carrius-rshell 1197/udp Carrius Remote Access # Gerry Dubois August 2005 cajo-discovery 1198/tcp cajo reference discovery cajo-discovery 1198/udp cajo reference discovery # John Catherino August 2005 dmidi 1199/tcp DMIDI dmidi 1199/udp DMIDI # Phil Kerr February 2002 scol 1200/tcp SCOL scol 1200/udp SCOL # Cryo-Networks nucleus-sand 1201/tcp Nucleus Sand Database Server nucleus-sand 1201/udp Nucleus Sand Database Server # James Marsh caiccipc 1202/tcp caiccipc caiccipc 1202/udp caiccipc # Vince Re ssslic-mgr 1203/tcp License Validation ssslic-mgr 1203/udp License Validation ssslog-mgr 1204/tcp Log Request Listener ssslog-mgr 1204/udp Log Request Listener # Eric Bruno accord-mgc 1205/tcp Accord-MGC accord-mgc 1205/udp Accord-MGC # Roni Even anthony-data 1206/tcp Anthony Data anthony-data 1206/udp Anthony Data # Paul Dollemore metasage 1207/tcp MetaSage metasage 1207/udp MetaSage # Peter Anvelt seagull-ais 1208/tcp SEAGULL AIS seagull-ais 1208/udp SEAGULL AIS # Lee Breisacher ipcd3 1209/tcp IPCD3 ipcd3 1209/udp IPCD3 # Mark Ciskey eoss 1210/tcp EOSS eoss 1210/udp EOSS # Robert Armes groove-dpp 1211/tcp Groove DPP groove-dpp 1211/udp Groove DPP # Ken Moore lupa 1212/tcp lupa lupa 1212/udp lupa # Barney Wolff mpc-lifenet 1213/tcp MPC LIFENET mpc-lifenet 1213/udp MPC LIFENET # Ward Silver kazaa 1214/tcp KAZAA kazaa 1214/udp KAZAA # Ahti Heinla scanstat-1 1215/tcp scanSTAT 1.0 scanstat-1 1215/udp scanSTAT 1.0 # William Scheding etebac5 1216/tcp ETEBAC 5 etebac5 1216/udp ETEBAC 5 # Jean-Louis Barbut hpss-ndapi 1217/tcp HPSS NonDCE Gateway hpss-ndapi 1217/udp HPSS NonDCE Gateway # Michael Gleicher aeroflight-ads 1218/tcp AeroFlight-ADs aeroflight-ads 1218/udp AeroFlight-ADs aeroflight-ret 1219/tcp AeroFlight-Ret aeroflight-ret 1219/udp AeroFlight-Ret # Eric Johnson qt-serveradmin 1220/tcp QT SERVER ADMIN qt-serveradmin 1220/udp QT SERVER ADMIN # Chris LeCroy sweetware-apps 1221/tcp SweetWARE Apps sweetware-apps 1221/udp SweetWARE Apps # David Dunetz nerv 1222/tcp SNI R&D network nerv 1222/udp SNI R&D network # Martin Freiss tgp 1223/tcp TrulyGlobal Protocol tgp 1223/udp TrulyGlobal Protocol # Previous contact: Gur Kimchi # Current contact: Gur Kimchi 20 May 2008 vpnz 1224/tcp VPNz vpnz 1224/udp VPNz # Tom Strack slinkysearch 1225/tcp SLINKYSEARCH slinkysearch 1225/udp SLINKYSEARCH # Desmond Chan stgxfws 1226/tcp STGXFWS stgxfws 1226/udp STGXFWS # Tetsuya Shioda dns2go 1227/tcp DNS2Go dns2go 1227/udp DNS2Go # Mike Courterier florence 1228/tcp FLORENCE florence 1228/udp FLORENCE # Brian Trammell zented 1229/tcp ZENworks Tiered Electronic Distribution zented 1229/udp ZENworks Tiered Electronic Distribution # Ty Ellis periscope 1230/tcp Periscope periscope 1230/udp Periscope # Kevin Madden menandmice-lpm 1231/tcp menandmice-lpm menandmice-lpm 1231/udp menandmice-lpm # Sigfus Magnusson ##### Microsoft (unoffically) using 1232 ##### univ-appserver 1233/tcp Universal App Server univ-appserver 1233/udp Universal App Server # Tim Sent search-agent 1234/tcp Infoseek Search Agent search-agent 1234/udp Infoseek Search Agent # Jackie Wu mosaicsyssvc1 1235/tcp mosaicsyssvc1 mosaicsyssvc1 1235/udp mosaicsyssvc1 # Brian Matthews bvcontrol 1236/tcp bvcontrol bvcontrol 1236/udp bvcontrol # Daniel J Walsh tsdos390 1237/tcp tsdos390 tsdos390 1237/udp tsdos390 # Ben Pracht hacl-qs 1238/tcp hacl-qs hacl-qs 1238/udp hacl-qs # Farid Faez nmsd 1239/tcp NMSD nmsd 1239/udp NMSD # Yuri Machkasov instantia 1240/tcp Instantia instantia 1240/udp Instantia # Ruth Slater nessus 1241/tcp nessus nessus 1241/udp nessus # Jordan Hrycaj nmasoverip 1242/tcp NMAS over IP nmasoverip 1242/udp NMAS over IP # Hal Henderson serialgateway 1243/tcp SerialGateway serialgateway 1243/udp SerialGateway # Stephen LaValley isbconference1 1244/tcp isbconference1 isbconference1 1244/udp isbconference1 isbconference2 1245/tcp isbconference2 isbconference2 1245/udp isbconference2 # Arnold Dittmann payrouter 1246/tcp payrouter payrouter 1246/udp payrouter # David Wilson visionpyramid 1247/tcp VisionPyramid visionpyramid 1247/udp VisionPyramid # Gavin Hutchinson hermes 1248/tcp hermes hermes 1248/udp hermes # Not known mesavistaco 1249/tcp Mesa Vista Co mesavistaco 1249/udp Mesa Vista Co # Rick LaBanca swldy-sias 1250/tcp swldy-sias swldy-sias 1250/udp swldy-sias # Peter E Williams servergraph 1251/tcp servergraph servergraph 1251/udp servergraph # Lindsay Morris bspne-pcc 1252/tcp bspne-pcc bspne-pcc 1252/udp bspne-pcc q55-pcc 1253/tcp q55-pcc q55-pcc 1253/udp q55-pcc # Prem Tirilok de-noc 1254/tcp de-noc de-noc 1254/udp de-noc de-cache-query 1255/tcp de-cache-query de-cache-query 1255/udp de-cache-query de-server 1256/tcp de-server de-server 1256/udp de-server # Jeff Burdette shockwave2 1257/tcp Shockwave 2 shockwave2 1257/udp Shockwave 2 # Dave Simmons opennl 1258/tcp Open Network Library opennl 1258/udp Open Network Library opennl-voice 1259/tcp Open Network Library Voice opennl-voice 1259/udp Open Network Library Voice # Phil Frisbie ibm-ssd 1260/tcp ibm-ssd ibm-ssd 1260/udp ibm-ssd # Barry Whyte mpshrsv 1261/tcp mpshrsv mpshrsv 1261/udp mpshrsv # Makoto Ikeyama qnts-orb 1262/tcp QNTS-ORB qnts-orb 1262/udp QNTS-ORB # Raghurama Bhat dka 1263/tcp dka dka 1263/udp dka # Chris Griffin prat 1264/tcp PRAT prat 1264/udp PRAT # Keith Wood dssiapi 1265/tcp DSSIAPI dssiapi 1265/udp DSSIAPI # Jim Turner dellpwrappks 1266/tcp DELLPWRAPPKS dellpwrappks 1266/udp DELLPWRAPPKS # David Troeger epc 1267/tcp eTrust Policy Compliance epc 1267/udp eTrust Policy Compliance # Aaron Stein propel-msgsys 1268/tcp PROPEL-MSGSYS propel-msgsys 1268/udp PROPEL-MSGSYS # Bert Van der Linden watilapp 1269/tcp WATiLaPP watilapp 1269/udp WATiLaPP # Frederic Weymann opsmgr 1270/tcp Microsoft Operations Manager opsmgr 1270/udp Microsoft Operations Manager # Ashvin Sanghvi excw 1271/tcp eXcW excw 1271/udp eXcW # Norm Freedman cspmlockmgr 1272/tcp CSPMLockMgr cspmlockmgr 1272/udp CSPMLockMgr # Ibtsam Mahfouz emc-gateway 1273/tcp EMC-Gateway emc-gateway 1273/udp EMC-Gateway # Rene Fontaine t1distproc 1274/tcp t1distproc t1distproc 1274/udp t1distproc # Julian Biddle ivcollector 1275/tcp ivcollector ivcollector 1275/udp ivcollector ivmanager 1276/tcp ivmanager ivmanager 1276/udp ivmanager # Xavier Roques miva-mqs 1277/tcp mqs miva-mqs 1277/udp mqs # Miva Corporation dellwebadmin-1 1278/tcp Dell Web Admin 1 dellwebadmin-1 1278/udp Dell Web Admin 1 dellwebadmin-2 1279/tcp Dell Web Admin 2 dellwebadmin-2 1279/udp Dell Web Admin 2 # Bridget Navoda pictrography 1280/tcp Pictrography pictrography 1280/udp Pictrography # Takashi Hoshino healthd 1281/tcp healthd healthd 1281/udp healthd # James E. Housley emperion 1282/tcp Emperion emperion 1282/udp Emperion # Claus Thor Barth productinfo 1283/tcp ProductInfo productinfo 1283/udp ProductInfo iee-qfx 1284/tcp IEE-QFX iee-qfx 1284/udp IEE-QFX # Kevin D. Quitt neoiface 1285/tcp neoiface neoiface 1285/udp neoiface # Jason McManus netuitive 1286/tcp netuitive netuitive 1286/udp netuitive # JF Huard routematch 1287/tcp RouteMatch Com routematch 1287/udp RouteMatch Com # Jeff Jones November 2005 navbuddy 1288/tcp NavBuddy navbuddy 1288/udp NavBuddy # Eric Hackman jwalkserver 1289/tcp JWalkServer jwalkserver 1289/udp JWalkServer winjaserver 1290/tcp WinJaServer winjaserver 1290/udp WinJaServer seagulllms 1291/tcp SEAGULLLMS seagulllms 1291/udp SEAGULLLMS # Lee Breisacher dsdn 1292/tcp dsdn dsdn 1292/udp dsdn # Stanislaw Skowronek pkt-krb-ipsec 1293/tcp PKT-KRB-IPSec pkt-krb-ipsec 1293/udp PKT-KRB-IPSec # Nancy Davoust cmmdriver 1294/tcp CMMdriver cmmdriver 1294/udp CMMdriver # Lutz Karras ehtp 1295/tcp End-by-Hop Transmission Protocol ehtp 1295/udp End-by-Hop Transmission Protocol # Alexander Bogdanov dproxy 1296/tcp dproxy dproxy 1296/udp dproxy sdproxy 1297/tcp sdproxy sdproxy 1297/udp sdproxy # Raimond Diederik lpcp 1298/tcp lpcp lpcp 1298/udp lpcp # Christian Stredicke hp-sci 1299/tcp hp-sci hp-sci 1299/udp hp-sci # Kim Scott h323hostcallsc 1300/tcp H323 Host Call Secure h323hostcallsc 1300/udp H323 Host Call Secure # Jim Toga ci3-software-1 1301/tcp CI3-Software-1 ci3-software-1 1301/udp CI3-Software-1 ci3-software-2 1302/tcp CI3-Software-2 ci3-software-2 1302/udp CI3-Software-2 # Kelli Watson sftsrv 1303/tcp sftsrv sftsrv 1303/udp sftsrv # Robert Frazier boomerang 1304/tcp Boomerang boomerang 1304/udp Boomerang # Bruce Lueckenhoff pe-mike 1305/tcp pe-mike pe-mike 1305/udp pe-mike # Stephen Hemminger re-conn-proto 1306/tcp RE-Conn-Proto re-conn-proto 1306/udp RE-Conn-Proto # Sandeep Singhal pacmand 1307/tcp Pacmand pacmand 1307/udp Pacmand # Edward T. O'Shea odsi 1308/tcp Optical Domain Service Interconnect (ODSI) odsi 1308/udp Optical Domain Service Interconnect (ODSI) # K. Arvind jtag-server 1309/tcp JTAG server jtag-server 1309/udp JTAG server # Andrew Draper husky 1310/tcp Husky husky 1310/udp Husky # Mark Zang rxmon 1311/tcp RxMon rxmon 1311/udp RxMon # Javier Jiminez sti-envision 1312/tcp STI Envision sti-envision 1312/udp STI Envision # Don Stedman bmc_patroldb 1313/tcp BMC_PATROLDB bmc_patroldb 1313/udp BMC_PATROLDB # Portnoy Boxman pdps 1314/tcp Photoscript Distributed Printing System pdps 1314/udp Photoscript Distributed Printing System # Les Klein els 1315/tcp E.L.S., Event Listener Service els 1315/udp E.L.S., Event Listener Service # Jim Cleppe exbit-escp 1316/tcp Exbit-ESCP exbit-escp 1316/udp Exbit-ESCP # Morten Christensen vrts-ipcserver 1317/tcp vrts-ipcserver vrts-ipcserver 1317/udp vrts-ipcserver # Bruce Hestand krb5gatekeeper 1318/tcp krb5gatekeeper krb5gatekeeper 1318/udp krb5gatekeeper # Patrick Moore amx-icsp 1319/tcp AMX-ICSP amx-icsp 1319/udp AMX-ICSP # Jeff Burch amx-axbnet 1320/tcp AMX-AXBNET amx-axbnet 1320/udp AMX-AXBNET # Jeff Burch pip 1321/tcp PIP pip 1321/udp PIP # Gordon Mohr novation 1322/tcp Novation novation 1322/udp Novation # Alan Dano brcd 1323/tcp brcd brcd 1323/udp brcd # Todd Picquelle delta-mcp 1324/tcp delta-mcp delta-mcp 1324/udp delta-mcp # Quinton Tormanen dx-instrument 1325/tcp DX-Instrument dx-instrument 1325/udp DX-Instrument # Walt Modic wimsic 1326/tcp WIMSIC wimsic 1326/udp WIMSIC # James Brown ultrex 1327/tcp Ultrex ultrex 1327/udp Ultrex # Tim Walsh ewall 1328/tcp EWALL ewall 1328/udp EWALL # Jeff Busma netdb-export 1329/tcp netdb-export netdb-export 1329/udp netdb-export # Konstantinos Kostis streetperfect 1330/tcp StreetPerfect streetperfect 1330/udp StreetPerfect # Michael R. Young intersan 1331/tcp intersan intersan 1331/udp intersan # Barry H. Feild pcia-rxp-b 1332/tcp PCIA RXP-B pcia-rxp-b 1332/udp PCIA RXP-B # James Dabbs passwrd-policy 1333/tcp Password Policy passwrd-policy 1333/udp Password Policy # Tonio Pirotta writesrv 1334/tcp writesrv writesrv 1334/udp writesrv # Marvin Toungate digital-notary 1335/tcp Digital Notary Protocol digital-notary 1335/udp Digital Notary Protocol # Wes Doonan ischat 1336/tcp Instant Service Chat ischat 1336/udp Instant Service Chat # Mike Clise menandmice-dns 1337/tcp menandmice DNS menandmice-dns 1337/udp menandmice DNS # Sigfus Magnusson wmc-log-svc 1338/tcp WMC-log-svr wmc-log-svc 1338/udp WMC-log-svr # Scott Anderson kjtsiteserver 1339/tcp kjtsiteserver kjtsiteserver 1339/udp kjtsiteserver # Jason Aubain naap 1340/tcp NAAP naap 1340/udp NAAP # Henry Haverinen qubes 1341/tcp QuBES qubes 1341/udp QuBES # Eric Grange esbroker 1342/tcp ESBroker esbroker 1342/udp ESBroker # Alexander Medvinsky re101 1343/tcp re101 re101 1343/udp re101 # Doriano Blengino icap 1344/tcp ICAP icap 1344/udp ICAP # Jeremy Elson vpjp 1345/tcp VPJP vpjp 1345/udp VPJP # Michael Collins alta-ana-lm 1346/tcp Alta Analytics License Manager alta-ana-lm 1346/udp Alta Analytics License Manager bbn-mmc 1347/tcp multi media conferencing bbn-mmc 1347/udp multi media conferencing bbn-mmx 1348/tcp multi media conferencing bbn-mmx 1348/udp multi media conferencing sbook 1349/tcp Registration Network Protocol sbook 1349/udp Registration Network Protocol editbench 1350/tcp Registration Network Protocol editbench 1350/udp Registration Network Protocol # Simson L. Garfinkel equationbuilder 1351/tcp Digital Tool Works (MIT) equationbuilder 1351/udp Digital Tool Works (MIT) # Terrence J. Talbot lotusnote 1352/tcp Lotus Note lotusnote 1352/udp Lotus Note # Greg Pflaum (July 1992) relief 1353/tcp Relief Consulting relief 1353/udp Relief Consulting # John Feiler XSIP-network 1354/tcp Five Across XSIP Network XSIP-network 1354/udp Five Across XSIP Network # Glenn Reid intuitive-edge 1355/tcp Intuitive Edge intuitive-edge 1355/udp Intuitive Edge # Montgomery Zukowski # cuillamartin 1356/tcp CuillaMartin Company cuillamartin 1356/udp CuillaMartin Company pegboard 1357/tcp Electronic PegBoard pegboard 1357/udp Electronic PegBoard # Chris Cuilla # connlcli 1358/tcp CONNLCLI connlcli 1358/udp CONNLCLI ftsrv 1359/tcp FTSRV ftsrv 1359/udp FTSRV # Ines Homem de Melo mimer 1360/tcp MIMER mimer 1360/udp MIMER # Per Schroeder linx 1361/tcp LinX linx 1361/udp LinX # Steffen Schilke <---none---> timeflies 1362/tcp TimeFlies timeflies 1362/udp TimeFlies # Doug Kent ndm-requester 1363/tcp Network DataMover Requester ndm-requester 1363/udp Network DataMover Requester ndm-server 1364/tcp Network DataMover Server ndm-server 1364/udp Network DataMover Server # Toshio Watanabe # adapt-sna 1365/tcp Network Software Associates adapt-sna 1365/udp Network Software Associates # Jeffery Chiao <714-768-401> netware-csp 1366/tcp Novell NetWare Comm Service Platform netware-csp 1366/udp Novell NetWare Comm Service Platform # Laurie Lindsey dcs 1367/tcp DCS dcs 1367/udp DCS # Stefan Siebert screencast 1368/tcp ScreenCast screencast 1368/udp ScreenCast # Bill Tschumy gv-us 1369/tcp GlobalView to Unix Shell gv-us 1369/udp GlobalView to Unix Shell us-gv 1370/tcp Unix Shell to GlobalView us-gv 1370/udp Unix Shell to GlobalView # Makoto Mita fc-cli 1371/tcp Fujitsu Config Protocol fc-cli 1371/udp Fujitsu Config Protocol fc-ser 1372/tcp Fujitsu Config Protocol fc-ser 1372/udp Fujitsu Config Protocol # Ryuichi Horie chromagrafx 1373/tcp Chromagrafx chromagrafx 1373/udp Chromagrafx # Mike Barthelemy molly 1374/tcp EPI Software Systems molly 1374/udp EPI Software Systems # Jim Vlcek bytex 1375/tcp Bytex bytex 1375/udp Bytex # Mary Ann Burt ibm-pps 1376/tcp IBM Person to Person Software ibm-pps 1376/udp IBM Person to Person Software # Simon Phipps cichlid 1377/tcp Cichlid License Manager cichlid 1377/udp Cichlid License Manager # Andy Burgess elan 1378/tcp Elan License Manager elan 1378/udp Elan License Manager # Ken Greer dbreporter 1379/tcp Integrity Solutions dbreporter 1379/udp Integrity Solutions # Tim Dawson telesis-licman 1380/tcp Telesis Network License Manager telesis-licman 1380/udp Telesis Network License Manager # Karl Schendel, Jr. apple-licman 1381/tcp Apple Network License Manager apple-licman 1381/udp Apple Network License Manager # Earl Wallace udt_os 1382/tcp udt_os udt_os 1382/udp udt_os gwha 1383/tcp GW Hannaway Network License Manager gwha 1383/udp GW Hannaway Network License Manager # J. Gabriel Foster os-licman 1384/tcp Objective Solutions License Manager os-licman 1384/udp Objective Solutions License Manager # Donald Cornwell atex_elmd 1385/tcp Atex Publishing License Manager atex_elmd 1385/udp Atex Publishing License Manager # Brett Sorenson checksum 1386/tcp CheckSum License Manager checksum 1386/udp CheckSum License Manager # Andreas Glocker cadsi-lm 1387/tcp Computer Aided Design Software Inc LM cadsi-lm 1387/udp Computer Aided Design Software Inc LM # Sulistio Muljadi objective-dbc 1388/tcp Objective Solutions DataBase Cache objective-dbc 1388/udp Objective Solutions DataBase Cache # Donald Cornwell iclpv-dm 1389/tcp Document Manager iclpv-dm 1389/udp Document Manager iclpv-sc 1390/tcp Storage Controller iclpv-sc 1390/udp Storage Controller iclpv-sas 1391/tcp Storage Access Server iclpv-sas 1391/udp Storage Access Server iclpv-pm 1392/tcp Print Manager iclpv-pm 1392/udp Print Manager iclpv-nls 1393/tcp Network Log Server iclpv-nls 1393/udp Network Log Server iclpv-nlc 1394/tcp Network Log Client iclpv-nlc 1394/udp Network Log Client iclpv-wsm 1395/tcp PC Workstation Manager software iclpv-wsm 1395/udp PC Workstation Manager software # A.P. Hobson dvl-activemail 1396/tcp DVL Active Mail dvl-activemail 1396/udp DVL Active Mail audio-activmail 1397/tcp Audio Active Mail audio-activmail 1397/udp Audio Active Mail video-activmail 1398/tcp Video Active Mail video-activmail 1398/udp Video Active Mail # Avshalom Houri cadkey-licman 1399/tcp Cadkey License Manager cadkey-licman 1399/udp Cadkey License Manager cadkey-tablet 1400/tcp Cadkey Tablet Daemon cadkey-tablet 1400/udp Cadkey Tablet Daemon # Joe McCollough goldleaf-licman 1401/tcp Goldleaf License Manager goldleaf-licman 1401/udp Goldleaf License Manager # John Fox <---none---> prm-sm-np 1402/tcp Prospero Resource Manager prm-sm-np 1402/udp Prospero Resource Manager prm-nm-np 1403/tcp Prospero Resource Manager prm-nm-np 1403/udp Prospero Resource Manager # B. Clifford Neuman igi-lm 1404/tcp Infinite Graphics License Manager igi-lm 1404/udp Infinite Graphics License Manager ibm-res 1405/tcp IBM Remote Execution Starter ibm-res 1405/udp IBM Remote Execution Starter netlabs-lm 1406/tcp NetLabs License Manager netlabs-lm 1406/udp NetLabs License Manager dbsa-lm 1407/tcp DBSA License Manager dbsa-lm 1407/udp DBSA License Manager # Scott Shattuck sophia-lm 1408/tcp Sophia License Manager sophia-lm 1408/udp Sophia License Manager # Eric Brown here-lm 1409/tcp Here License Manager here-lm 1409/udp Here License Manager # David Ison hiq 1410/tcp HiQ License Manager hiq 1410/udp HiQ License Manager # Rick Pugh af 1411/tcp AudioFile af 1411/udp AudioFile # Jim Gettys innosys 1412/tcp InnoSys innosys 1412/udp InnoSys innosys-acl 1413/tcp Innosys-ACL innosys-acl 1413/udp Innosys-ACL # Eric Welch <--none---> ibm-mqseries 1414/tcp IBM MQSeries ibm-mqseries 1414/udp IBM MQSeries # Roger Meli dbstar 1415/tcp DBStar dbstar 1415/udp DBStar # Jeffrey Millman novell-lu6.2 1416/tcp Novell LU6.2 novell-lu6.2 1416/udp Novell LU6.2 # Peter Liu <--none---> timbuktu-srv1 1417/tcp Timbuktu Service 1 Port timbuktu-srv1 1417/udp Timbuktu Service 1 Port timbuktu-srv2 1418/tcp Timbuktu Service 2 Port timbuktu-srv2 1418/udp Timbuktu Service 2 Port timbuktu-srv3 1419/tcp Timbuktu Service 3 Port timbuktu-srv3 1419/udp Timbuktu Service 3 Port timbuktu-srv4 1420/tcp Timbuktu Service 4 Port timbuktu-srv4 1420/udp Timbuktu Service 4 Port # Marc Epard gandalf-lm 1421/tcp Gandalf License Manager gandalf-lm 1421/udp Gandalf License Manager # gilmer& autodesk-lm 1422/tcp Autodesk License Manager autodesk-lm 1422/udp Autodesk License Manager # David Ko essbase 1423/tcp Essbase Arbor Software essbase 1423/udp Essbase Arbor Software hybrid 1424/tcp Hybrid Encryption Protocol hybrid 1424/udp Hybrid Encryption Protocol # Howard Hart zion-lm 1425/tcp Zion Software License Manager zion-lm 1425/udp Zion Software License Manager # David Ferrero sais 1426/tcp Satellite-data Acquisition System 1 sais 1426/udp Satellite-data Acquisition System 1 # Bill Taylor mloadd 1427/tcp mloadd monitoring tool mloadd 1427/udp mloadd monitoring tool # Bob Braden informatik-lm 1428/tcp Informatik License Manager informatik-lm 1428/udp Informatik License Manager # Harald Schlangmann # nms 1429/tcp Hypercom NMS nms 1429/udp Hypercom NMS tpdu 1430/tcp Hypercom TPDU tpdu 1430/udp Hypercom TPDU # Noor Chowdhury rgtp 1431/tcp Reverse Gossip Transport rgtp 1431/udp Reverse Gossip Transport # Ian Jackson blueberry-lm 1432/tcp Blueberry Software License Manager blueberry-lm 1432/udp Blueberry Software License Manager # Steve Beigel ms-sql-s 1433/tcp Microsoft-SQL-Server ms-sql-s 1433/udp Microsoft-SQL-Server ms-sql-m 1434/tcp Microsoft-SQL-Monitor ms-sql-m 1434/udp Microsoft-SQL-Monitor # Peter Hussey ibm-cics 1435/tcp IBM CICS ibm-cics 1435/udp IBM CICS # Geoff Meacock saism 1436/tcp Satellite-data Acquisition System 2 saism 1436/udp Satellite-data Acquisition System 2 # Bill Taylor tabula 1437/tcp Tabula tabula 1437/udp Tabula # Marcelo Einhorn # eicon-server 1438/tcp Eicon Security Agent/Server eicon-server 1438/udp Eicon Security Agent/Server eicon-x25 1439/tcp Eicon X25/SNA Gateway eicon-x25 1439/udp Eicon X25/SNA Gateway eicon-slp 1440/tcp Eicon Service Location Protocol eicon-slp 1440/udp Eicon Service Location Protocol # Pat Calhoun cadis-1 1441/tcp Cadis License Management cadis-1 1441/udp Cadis License Management cadis-2 1442/tcp Cadis License Management cadis-2 1442/udp Cadis License Management # Todd Wichers ies-lm 1443/tcp Integrated Engineering Software ies-lm 1443/udp Integrated Engineering Software # David Tong marcam-lm 1444/tcp Marcam License Management marcam-lm 1444/udp Marcam License Management # Therese Hunt proxima-lm 1445/tcp Proxima License Manager proxima-lm 1445/udp Proxima License Manager ora-lm 1446/tcp Optical Research Associates License Manager ora-lm 1446/udp Optical Research Associates License Manager apri-lm 1447/tcp Applied Parallel Research LM apri-lm 1447/udp Applied Parallel Research LM # Jim Dillon oc-lm 1448/tcp OpenConnect License Manager oc-lm 1448/udp OpenConnect License Manager # Sue Barnhill peport 1449/tcp PEport peport 1449/udp PEport # Qentin Neill dwf 1450/tcp Tandem Distributed Workbench Facility dwf 1450/udp Tandem Distributed Workbench Facility # Mike Bert infoman 1451/tcp IBM Information Management infoman 1451/udp IBM Information Management # Karen Burns <---none---> gtegsc-lm 1452/tcp GTE Government Systems License Man gtegsc-lm 1452/udp GTE Government Systems License Man # Mike Gregory genie-lm 1453/tcp Genie License Manager genie-lm 1453/udp Genie License Manager # Paul Applegate interhdl_elmd 1454/tcp interHDL License Manager interhdl_elmd 1454/udp interHDL License Manager # Eli Sternheim eli& esl-lm 1455/tcp ESL License Manager esl-lm 1455/udp ESL License Manager # Abel Chou dca 1456/tcp DCA dca 1456/udp DCA # Jeff Garbers valisys-lm 1457/tcp Valisys License Manager valisys-lm 1457/udp Valisys License Manager # Leslie Lincoln nrcabq-lm 1458/tcp Nichols Research Corp. nrcabq-lm 1458/udp Nichols Research Corp. # Howard Cole proshare1 1459/tcp Proshare Notebook Application proshare1 1459/udp Proshare Notebook Application proshare2 1460/tcp Proshare Notebook Application proshare2 1460/udp Proshare Notebook Application # Robin Kar ibm_wrless_lan 1461/tcp IBM Wireless LAN ibm_wrless_lan 1461/udp IBM Wireless LAN # world-lm 1462/tcp World License Manager world-lm 1462/udp World License Manager # Michael S Amirault nucleus 1463/tcp Nucleus nucleus 1463/udp Nucleus # Venky Nagar msl_lmd 1464/tcp MSL License Manager msl_lmd 1464/udp MSL License Manager # Matt Timmermans pipes 1465/tcp Pipes Platform pipes 1465/udp Pipes Platform mfarlin& # Mark Farlin oceansoft-lm 1466/tcp Ocean Software License Manager oceansoft-lm 1466/udp Ocean Software License Manager # Randy Leonard csdmbase 1467/tcp CSDMBASE csdmbase 1467/udp CSDMBASE csdm 1468/tcp CSDM csdm 1468/udp CSDM # Robert Stabl aal-lm 1469/tcp Active Analysis Limited License Manager aal-lm 1469/udp Active Analysis Limited License Manager # David Snocken +44 (71)437-7009 uaiact 1470/tcp Universal Analytics uaiact 1470/udp Universal Analytics # Mark R. Ludwig csdmbase 1471/tcp csdmbase csdmbase 1471/udp csdmbase csdm 1472/tcp csdm csdm 1472/udp csdm # Robert Stabl openmath 1473/tcp OpenMath openmath 1473/udp OpenMath # Garth Mayville telefinder 1474/tcp Telefinder telefinder 1474/udp Telefinder # Jim White taligent-lm 1475/tcp Taligent License Manager taligent-lm 1475/udp Taligent License Manager # Mark Sapsford clvm-cfg 1476/tcp clvm-cfg clvm-cfg 1476/udp clvm-cfg # Eric Soderberg ms-sna-server 1477/tcp ms-sna-server ms-sna-server 1477/udp ms-sna-server ms-sna-base 1478/tcp ms-sna-base ms-sna-base 1478/udp ms-sna-base # Gordon Mangione dberegister 1479/tcp dberegister dberegister 1479/udp dberegister # Brian Griswold pacerforum 1480/tcp PacerForum pacerforum 1480/udp PacerForum # Peter Caswell airs 1481/tcp AIRS airs 1481/udp AIRS # Bruce Wilson, 905-771-6161 miteksys-lm 1482/tcp Miteksys License Manager miteksys-lm 1482/udp Miteksys License Manager # Shane McRoberts afs 1483/tcp AFS License Manager afs 1483/udp AFS License Manager # Michael R. Pizolato confluent 1484/tcp Confluent License Manager confluent 1484/udp Confluent License Manager # James Greenfiel lansource 1485/tcp LANSource lansource 1485/udp LANSource # Christopher Wells nms_topo_serv 1486/tcp nms_topo_serv nms_topo_serv 1486/udp nms_topo_serv # Sylvia Siu localinfosrvr 1487/tcp LocalInfoSrvr localinfosrvr 1487/udp LocalInfoSrvr # Brian Matthews docstor 1488/tcp DocStor docstor 1488/udp DocStor # Brian Spears dmdocbroker 1489/tcp dmdocbroker dmdocbroker 1489/udp dmdocbroker # Razmik Abnous insitu-conf 1490/tcp insitu-conf insitu-conf 1490/udp insitu-conf # Paul Blacknell anynetgateway 1491/tcp anynetgateway anynetgateway 1491/udp anynetgateway # Dan Poirier stone-design-1 1492/tcp stone-design-1 stone-design-1 1492/udp stone-design-1 # Andrew Stone netmap_lm 1493/tcp netmap_lm netmap_lm 1493/udp netmap_lm # Phillip Magson ica 1494/tcp ica ica 1494/udp ica # John Richardson, Citrix Systems cvc 1495/tcp cvc cvc 1495/udp cvc # Bill Davidson liberty-lm 1496/tcp liberty-lm liberty-lm 1496/udp liberty-lm # Jim Rogers rfx-lm 1497/tcp rfx-lm rfx-lm 1497/udp rfx-lm # Bill Bishop sybase-sqlany 1498/tcp Sybase SQL Any sybase-sqlany 1498/udp Sybase SQL Any # Dave Neudoerffer fhc 1499/tcp Federico Heinz Consultora fhc 1499/udp Federico Heinz Consultora # Federico Heinz vlsi-lm 1500/tcp VLSI License Manager vlsi-lm 1500/udp VLSI License Manager # Shue-Lin Kuo saiscm 1501/tcp Satellite-data Acquisition System 3 saiscm 1501/udp Satellite-data Acquisition System 3 # Bill Taylor shivadiscovery 1502/tcp Shiva shivadiscovery 1502/udp Shiva # Jonathan Wenocur imtc-mcs 1503/tcp Databeam imtc-mcs 1503/udp Databeam # Jim Johnston evb-elm 1504/tcp EVB Software Engineering License Manager evb-elm 1504/udp EVB Software Engineering License Manager # B.G. Mahesh < mahesh&> funkproxy 1505/tcp Funk Software, Inc. funkproxy 1505/udp Funk Software, Inc. # Robert D. Vincent utcd 1506/tcp Universal Time daemon (utcd) utcd 1506/udp Universal Time daemon (utcd) # Walter Poxon symplex 1507/tcp symplex symplex 1507/udp symplex # Mike Turley diagmond 1508/tcp diagmond diagmond 1508/udp diagmond # Pete Moscatelli robcad-lm 1509/tcp Robcad, Ltd. License Manager robcad-lm 1509/udp Robcad, Ltd. License Manager # Hindin Joseph mvx-lm 1510/tcp Midland Valley Exploration Ltd. Lic. Man. mvx-lm 1510/udp Midland Valley Exploration Ltd. Lic. Man. # Neil Salter Laszlo 3l-l1 1511/tcp 3l-l1 3l-l1 1511/udp 3l-l1 # Ian A. Young wins 1512/tcp Microsoft's Windows Internet Name Service wins 1512/udp Microsoft's Windows Internet Name Service # Pradeep Bahl fujitsu-dtc 1513/tcp Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc fujitsu-dtc 1513/udp Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc fujitsu-dtcns 1514/tcp Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc fujitsu-dtcns 1514/udp Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc # Charles A. Higgins <75730.2257&> ifor-protocol 1515/tcp ifor-protocol ifor-protocol 1515/udp ifor-protocol # Dr. R.P. Alston vpad 1516/tcp Virtual Places Audio data vpad 1516/udp Virtual Places Audio data vpac 1517/tcp Virtual Places Audio control vpac 1517/udp Virtual Places Audio control vpvd 1518/tcp Virtual Places Video data vpvd 1518/udp Virtual Places Video data vpvc 1519/tcp Virtual Places Video control vpvc 1519/udp Virtual Places Video control # Avshalom Houri atm-zip-office 1520/tcp atm zip office atm-zip-office 1520/udp atm zip office # Wilson Kwan ncube-lm 1521/tcp nCube License Manager ncube-lm 1521/udp nCube License Manager # Maxine Yuen ricardo-lm 1522/tcp Ricardo North America License Manager ricardo-lm 1522/udp Ricardo North America License Manager # Mike Flemming cichild-lm 1523/tcp cichild cichild-lm 1523/udp cichild # Andy Burgess ingreslock 1524/tcp ingres ingreslock 1524/udp ingres orasrv 1525/tcp oracle orasrv 1525/udp oracle prospero-np 1525/tcp Prospero Directory Service non-priv prospero-np 1525/udp Prospero Directory Service non-priv pdap-np 1526/tcp Prospero Data Access Prot non-priv pdap-np 1526/udp Prospero Data Access Prot non-priv # B. Clifford Neuman tlisrv 1527/tcp oracle tlisrv 1527/udp oracle # Unknown Contact # 1528 Unassigned (Returned 2007-10-04) coauthor 1529/tcp oracle coauthor 1529/udp oracle rap-service 1530/tcp rap-service rap-service 1530/udp rap-service rap-listen 1531/tcp rap-listen rap-listen 1531/udp rap-listen # Phil Servita miroconnect 1532/tcp miroconnect miroconnect 1532/udp miroconnect # Michael Fischer +49 531 21 13 0 virtual-places 1533/tcp Virtual Places Software virtual-places 1533/udp Virtual Places Software # Avshalom Houri micromuse-lm 1534/tcp micromuse-lm micromuse-lm 1534/udp micromuse-lm # Adam Kerrison ampr-info 1535/tcp ampr-info ampr-info 1535/udp ampr-info ampr-inter 1536/tcp ampr-inter ampr-inter 1536/udp ampr-inter # Rob Janssen sdsc-lm 1537/tcp isi-lm sdsc-lm 1537/udp isi-lm # Len Wanger 3ds-lm 1538/tcp 3ds-lm 3ds-lm 1538/udp 3ds-lm # Keith Trummel intellistor-lm 1539/tcp Intellistor License Manager intellistor-lm 1539/udp Intellistor License Manager # Ron Vaughn rds 1540/tcp rds rds 1540/udp rds rds2 1541/tcp rds2 rds2 1541/udp rds2 # Sudhakar Rajamannar gridgen-elmd 1542/tcp gridgen-elmd gridgen-elmd 1542/udp gridgen-elmd # John R. Chawner +1 817 354-1004 simba-cs 1543/tcp simba-cs simba-cs 1543/udp simba-cs # Betsy Alexander +1 604-681-4549 aspeclmd 1544/tcp aspeclmd aspeclmd 1544/udp aspeclmd # V. Balaji vistium-share 1545/tcp vistium-share vistium-share 1545/udp vistium-share # Allison Carleton # abbaccuray 1546/tcp abbaccuray abbaccuray 1546/udp abbaccuray # John Wendt 614-261-2000 laplink 1547/tcp laplink laplink 1547/udp laplink # Michael Crawford axon-lm 1548/tcp Axon License Manager axon-lm 1548/udp Axon License Manager # Mark Pearce <<Mark_A.._Pearce/AXON_Networks_Inc..&> shivahose 1549/tcp Shiva Hose shivasound 1549/udp Shiva Sound # Kin Chan 3m-image-lm 1550/tcp Image Storage license manager 3M Company 3m-image-lm 1550/udp Image Storage license manager 3M Company # J. C. Canessa hecmtl-db 1551/tcp HECMTL-DB hecmtl-db 1551/udp HECMTL-DB # Maxime Belanger pciarray 1552/tcp pciarray pciarray 1552/udp pciarray # Ron Folk sna-cs 1553/tcp sna-cs sna-cs 1553/udp sna-cs # Tony Sowter caci-lm 1554/tcp CACI Products Company License Manager caci-lm 1554/udp CACI Products Company License Manager # Erik Blume livelan 1555/tcp livelan livelan 1555/udp livelan # khedayat& veritas_pbx 1556/tcp VERITAS Private Branch Exchange veritas_pbx 1556/udp VERITAS Private Branch Exchange # Stefan Winkel April 2004 arbortext-lm 1557/tcp ArborText License Manager arbortext-lm 1557/udp ArborText License Manager # David J. Wilson xingmpeg 1558/tcp xingmpeg xingmpeg 1558/udp xingmpeg # Howard Gordon web2host 1559/tcp web2host web2host 1559/udp web2host # Stephen Johnson asci-val 1560/tcp ASCI-RemoteSHADOW asci-val 1560/udp ASCI-RemoteSHADOW # Benjamin Rosenberg facilityview 1561/tcp facilityview facilityview 1561/udp facilityview # Ed Green pconnectmgr 1562/tcp pconnectmgr pconnectmgr 1562/udp pconnectmgr # Bob Kaiser cadabra-lm 1563/tcp Cadabra License Manager cadabra-lm 1563/udp Cadabra License Manager # Arthur Castonguay pay-per-view 1564/tcp Pay-Per-View pay-per-view 1564/udp Pay-Per-View # Brian Tung winddlb 1565/tcp WinDD winddlb 1565/udp WinDD # Kelly Sims corelvideo 1566/tcp CORELVIDEO corelvideo 1566/udp CORELVIDEO # Ming Poon jlicelmd 1567/tcp jlicelmd jlicelmd 1567/udp jlicelmd # Christian Schormann <100410.3063&> tsspmap 1568/tcp tsspmap tsspmap 1568/udp tsspmap # Paul W. Nelson ets 1569/tcp ets ets 1569/udp ets # Carstein Seeberg orbixd 1570/tcp orbixd orbixd 1570/udp orbixd # Bridget Walsh rdb-dbs-disp 1571/tcp Oracle Remote Data Base rdb-dbs-disp 1571/udp Oracle Remote Data Base # chip-lm 1572/tcp Chipcom License Manager chip-lm 1572/udp Chipcom License Manager # Jerry Natowitz itscomm-ns 1573/tcp itscomm-ns itscomm-ns 1573/udp itscomm-ns # Rich Thompson mvel-lm 1574/tcp mvel-lm mvel-lm 1574/udp mvel-lm # David Bisset oraclenames 1575/tcp oraclenames oraclenames 1575/udp oraclenames # P.V.Shivkumar moldflow-lm 1576/tcp Moldflow License Manager moldflow-lm 1576/udp Moldflow License Manager # Lech Laskowski hypercube-lm 1577/tcp hypercube-lm hypercube-lm 1577/udp hypercube-lm # Christopher McLendon jacobus-lm 1578/tcp Jacobus License Manager jacobus-lm 1578/udp Jacobus License Manager # Tony Cleveland ioc-sea-lm 1579/tcp ioc-sea-lm ioc-sea-lm 1579/udp ioc-sea-lm # Paul Nelson tn-tl-r1 1580/tcp tn-tl-r1 tn-tl-r2 1580/udp tn-tl-r2 # Ed Kress mil-2045-47001 1581/tcp MIL-2045-47001 mil-2045-47001 1581/udp MIL-2045-47001 # Eric Whitehill msims 1582/tcp MSIMS msims 1582/udp MSIMS # Glenn Olander simbaexpress 1583/tcp simbaexpress simbaexpress 1583/udp simbaexpress # Betsy Alexander +1 604-681-4549 tn-tl-fd2 1584/tcp tn-tl-fd2 tn-tl-fd2 1584/udp tn-tl-fd2 # Ed Kress intv 1585/tcp intv intv 1585/udp intv # Dermot Tynand ibm-abtact 1586/tcp ibm-abtact ibm-abtact 1586/udp ibm-abtact # Sandeep K. Singhal pra_elmd 1587/tcp pra_elmd pra_elmd 1587/udp pra_elmd # Dennis Mastin triquest-lm 1588/tcp triquest-lm triquest-lm 1588/udp triquest-lm # Nand Kumar vqp 1589/tcp VQP vqp 1589/udp VQP # Keith McCloghrie gemini-lm 1590/tcp gemini-lm gemini-lm 1590/udp gemini-lm # Tony Sawyer ncpm-pm 1591/tcp ncpm-pm ncpm-pm 1591/udp ncpm-pm # Ted Power commonspace 1592/tcp commonspace commonspace 1592/udp commonspace # Rob Chandhok mainsoft-lm 1593/tcp mainsoft-lm mainsoft-lm 1593/udp mainsoft-lm # Anand Gangadharan sixtrak 1594/tcp sixtrak sixtrak 1594/udp sixtrak # Bob Rennie radio 1595/tcp radio radio 1595/udp radio radio-sm 1596/tcp radio-sm radio-bc 1596/udp radio-bc # Ken Chapman orbplus-iiop 1597/tcp orbplus-iiop orbplus-iiop 1597/udp orbplus-iiop # Robert A. Kukura picknfs 1598/tcp picknfs picknfs 1598/udp picknfs # John Lombardo simbaservices 1599/tcp simbaservices simbaservices 1599/udp simbaservices # Betsy Alexander +1 604-681-4549 issd 1600/tcp issd issd 1600/udp issd aas 1601/tcp aas aas 1601/udp aas # Bob Beard inspect 1602/tcp inspect inspect 1602/udp inspect # Frank O'Neill picodbc 1603/tcp pickodbc picodbc 1603/udp pickodbc # John Lombardo icabrowser 1604/tcp icabrowser icabrowser 1604/udp icabrowser # Brad Pedersen slp 1605/tcp Salutation Manager (Salutation Protocol) slp 1605/udp Salutation Manager (Salutation Protocol) slm-api 1606/tcp Salutation Manager (SLM-API) slm-api 1606/udp Salutation Manager (SLM-API) # Tohru Mori stt 1607/tcp stt stt 1607/udp stt # Ryan Bolz smart-lm 1608/tcp Smart Corp. License Manager smart-lm 1608/udp Smart Corp. License Manager # Connie Qiu isysg-lm 1609/tcp isysg-lm isysg-lm 1609/udp isysg-lm # Adam Curtin taurus-wh 1610/tcp taurus-wh taurus-wh 1610/udp taurus-wh # Jeff Moffatt ill 1611/tcp Inter Library Loan ill 1611/udp Inter Library Loan # Niall Murphy netbill-trans 1612/tcp NetBill Transaction Server netbill-trans 1612/udp NetBill Transaction Server netbill-keyrep 1613/tcp NetBill Key Repository netbill-keyrep 1613/udp NetBill Key Repository netbill-cred 1614/tcp NetBill Credential Server netbill-cred 1614/udp NetBill Credential Server netbill-auth 1615/tcp NetBill Authorization Server netbill-auth 1615/udp NetBill Authorization Server netbill-prod 1616/tcp NetBill Product Server netbill-prod 1616/udp NetBill Product Server # Marvin Sirbu nimrod-agent 1617/tcp Nimrod Inter-Agent Communication nimrod-agent 1617/udp Nimrod Inter-Agent Communication # Charles Lynn skytelnet 1618/tcp skytelnet skytelnet 1618/udp skytelnet # Byron Jones xs-openstorage 1619/tcp xs-openstorage xs-openstorage 1619/udp xs-openstorage # XuiS Software Ltd. <100322.2376&> faxportwinport 1620/tcp faxportwinport faxportwinport 1620/udp faxportwinport # Chris Wells softdataphone 1621/tcp softdataphone softdataphone 1621/udp softdataphone # Dror Gill ontime 1622/tcp ontime ontime 1622/udp ontime # Keith Rhodes 810-559-5955 jaleosnd 1623/tcp jaleosnd jaleosnd 1623/udp jaleosnd # Christian Schormann <100410.3063&> udp-sr-port 1624/tcp udp-sr-port udp-sr-port 1624/udp udp-sr-port # Herb Jensen svs-omagent 1625/tcp svs-omagent svs-omagent 1625/udp svs-omagent # Alberto Berlen shockwave 1626/tcp Shockwave shockwave 1626/udp Shockwave # Sarah Allen t128-gateway 1627/tcp T.128 Gateway t128-gateway 1627/udp T.128 Gateway # Phil May lontalk-norm 1628/tcp LonTalk normal lontalk-norm 1628/udp LonTalk normal lontalk-urgnt 1629/tcp LonTalk urgent lontalk-urgnt 1629/udp LonTalk urgent # Previous contact: Dan Wing # Current contact: Bob Dolin 10 April 2008 oraclenet8cman 1630/tcp Oracle Net8 Cman oraclenet8cman 1630/udp Oracle Net8 Cman # Tong-Ming Lee visitview 1631/tcp Visit view visitview 1631/udp Visit view # Tom Whittaker pammratc 1632/tcp PAMMRATC pammratc 1632/udp PAMMRATC pammrpc 1633/tcp PAMMRPC pammrpc 1633/udp PAMMRPC # John Britton loaprobe 1634/tcp Log On America Probe loaprobe 1634/udp Log On America Probe # James Tavares, Log On America edb-server1 1635/tcp EDB Server 1 edb-server1 1635/udp EDB Server 1 # Carlos Portela isdc 1636/tcp ISP shared public data control isdc 1636/udp ISP shared public data control islc 1637/tcp ISP shared local data control islc 1637/udp ISP shared local data control ismc 1638/tcp ISP shared management control ismc 1638/udp ISP shared management control # Nick Austin cert-initiator 1639/tcp cert-initiator cert-initiator 1639/udp cert-initiator cert-responder 1640/tcp cert-responder cert-responder 1640/udp cert-responder # Tom Markson invision 1641/tcp InVision invision 1641/udp InVision # Christopher Davey isis-am 1642/tcp isis-am isis-am 1642/udp isis-am isis-ambc 1643/tcp isis-ambc isis-ambc 1643/udp isis-ambc # Ken Chapman saiseh 1644/tcp Satellite-data Acquisition System 4 # Bill Taylor sightline 1645/tcp SightLine sightline 1645/udp SightLine # admin sa-msg-port 1646/tcp sa-msg-port sa-msg-port 1646/udp sa-msg-port # Eric Whitehill rsap 1647/tcp rsap rsap 1647/udp rsap # Holger Reif # concurrent-lm 1648/tcp concurrent-lm concurrent-lm 1648/udp concurrent-lm # Maggie Brinsford kermit 1649/tcp kermit kermit 1649/udp kermit # Frank da Cruz nkd 1650/tcp nkdn nkd 1650/udp nkd shiva_confsrvr 1651/tcp shiva_confsrvr shiva_confsrvr 1651/udp shiva_confsrvr # Mike Horowitz xnmp 1652/tcp xnmp xnmp 1652/udp xnmp # Ali Saleh alphatech-lm 1653/tcp alphatech-lm alphatech-lm 1653/udp alphatech-lm # Joseph Hauk stargatealerts 1654/tcp stargatealerts stargatealerts 1654/udp stargatealerts # Tim Coppernoll # dec-mbadmin 1655/tcp dec-mbadmin dec-mbadmin 1655/udp dec-mbadmin dec-mbadmin-h 1656/tcp dec-mbadmin-h dec-mbadmin-h 1656/udp dec-mbadmin-h # Nick Shipman fujitsu-mmpdc 1657/tcp fujitsu-mmpdc fujitsu-mmpdc 1657/udp fujitsu-mmpdc # Katsumi Oomuro sixnetudr 1658/tcp sixnetudr sixnetudr 1658/udp sixnetudr # Bob Rennie sg-lm 1659/tcp Silicon Grail License Manager sg-lm 1659/udp Silicon Grail License Manager # William R Bishop skip-mc-gikreq 1660/tcp skip-mc-gikreq skip-mc-gikreq 1660/udp skip-mc-gikreq # Tom Markson netview-aix-1 1661/tcp netview-aix-1 netview-aix-1 1661/udp netview-aix-1 netview-aix-2 1662/tcp netview-aix-2 netview-aix-2 1662/udp netview-aix-2 netview-aix-3 1663/tcp netview-aix-3 netview-aix-3 1663/udp netview-aix-3 netview-aix-4 1664/tcp netview-aix-4 netview-aix-4 1664/udp netview-aix-4 netview-aix-5 1665/tcp netview-aix-5 netview-aix-5 1665/udp netview-aix-5 netview-aix-6 1666/tcp netview-aix-6 netview-aix-6 1666/udp netview-aix-6 netview-aix-7 1667/tcp netview-aix-7 netview-aix-7 1667/udp netview-aix-7 netview-aix-8 1668/tcp netview-aix-8 netview-aix-8 1668/udp netview-aix-8 netview-aix-9 1669/tcp netview-aix-9 netview-aix-9 1669/udp netview-aix-9 netview-aix-10 1670/tcp netview-aix-10 netview-aix-10 1670/udp netview-aix-10 netview-aix-11 1671/tcp netview-aix-11 netview-aix-11 1671/udp netview-aix-11 netview-aix-12 1672/tcp netview-aix-12 netview-aix-12 1672/udp netview-aix-12 # Martha Crisson # proshare-mc-1 1673/tcp Intel Proshare Multicast proshare-mc-1 1673/udp Intel Proshare Multicast proshare-mc-2 1674/tcp Intel Proshare Multicast proshare-mc-2 1674/udp Intel Proshare Multicast # Mark Lewis pdp 1675/tcp Pacific Data Products pdp 1675/udp Pacific Data Products # Gary Morton netcomm1 1676/tcp netcomm1 netcomm2 1676/udp netcomm2 # Bulent Kasman groupwise 1677/tcp groupwise groupwise 1677/udp groupwise # Brent Bradshaw prolink 1678/tcp prolink prolink 1678/udp prolink # Brian Abramson darcorp-lm 1679/tcp darcorp-lm darcorp-lm 1679/udp darcorp-lm # microcom-sbp 1680/tcp microcom-sbp microcom-sbp 1680/udp microcom-sbp # Boris B. Maiden sd-elmd 1681/tcp sd-elmd sd-elmd 1681/udp sd-elmd # Bryan Otey lanyon-lantern 1682/tcp lanyon-lantern lanyon-lantern 1682/udp lanyon-lantern # Robin Lewis ncpm-hip 1683/tcp ncpm-hip ncpm-hip 1683/udp ncpm-hip # Ken Hearn snaresecure 1684/tcp SnareSecure snaresecure 1684/udp SnareSecure # Marty Batchelder n2nremote 1685/tcp n2nremote n2nremote 1685/udp n2nremote # Kin Chan cvmon 1686/tcp cvmon cvmon 1686/udp cvmon # Carol Ann Krug nsjtp-ctrl 1687/tcp nsjtp-ctrl nsjtp-ctrl 1687/udp nsjtp-ctrl nsjtp-data 1688/tcp nsjtp-data nsjtp-data 1688/udp nsjtp-data # Orazio Granato firefox 1689/tcp firefox firefox 1689/udp firefox # Mark S. Edwards ng-umds 1690/tcp ng-umds ng-umds 1690/udp ng-umds # Louis E. Simard <76400.3371&> empire-empuma 1691/tcp empire-empuma empire-empuma 1691/udp empire-empuma # Bobby Krupczak sstsys-lm 1692/tcp sstsys-lm sstsys-lm 1692/udp sstsys-lm # Yih-Wu Wang rrirtr 1693/tcp rrirtr rrirtr 1693/udp rrirtr rrimwm 1694/tcp rrimwm rrimwm 1694/udp rrimwm rrilwm 1695/tcp rrilwm rrilwm 1695/udp rrilwm rrifmm 1696/tcp rrifmm rrifmm 1696/udp rrifmm rrisat 1697/tcp rrisat rrisat 1697/udp rrisat # Allen Briggs rsvp-encap-1 1698/tcp RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-1 rsvp-encap-1 1698/udp RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-1 rsvp-encap-2 1699/tcp RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-2 rsvp-encap-2 1699/udp RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-2 # Bob Braden mps-raft 1700/tcp mps-raft mps-raft 1700/udp mps-raft # Jason Leupen l2f 1701/tcp l2f l2f 1701/udp l2f l2tp 1701/tcp l2tp l2tp 1701/udp l2tp # Andy Valencia deskshare 1702/tcp deskshare deskshare 1702/udp deskshare # Sarah Thompson cchou&> bcs-broker 1704/tcp bcs-broker bcs-broker 1704/udp bcs-broker # Andy Warner slingshot 1705/tcp slingshot slingshot 1705/udp slingshot # Paul Groarke jetform 1706/tcp jetform jetform 1706/udp jetform # gdeinsta vdmplay 1707/tcp vdmplay vdmplay 1707/udp vdmplay # David Thielen gat-lmd 1708/tcp gat-lmd gat-lmd 1708/udp gat-lmd # Igor Zaoutine centra 1709/tcp centra centra 1709/udp centra # Drew Wolff impera 1710/tcp impera impera 1710/udp impera # Stepehen Campbell pptconference 1711/tcp pptconference pptconference 1711/udp pptconference # John Tafoya registrar 1712/tcp resource monitoring service registrar 1712/udp resource monitoring service # Ron Lawson conferencetalk 1713/tcp ConferenceTalk conferencetalk 1713/udp ConferenceTalk # George Kajos sesi-lm 1714/tcp sesi-lm sesi-lm 1714/udp sesi-lm houdini-lm 1715/tcp houdini-lm houdini-lm 1715/udp houdini-lm # Paul Breslin xmsg 1716/tcp xmsg xmsg 1716/udp xmsg # Mark E. Fogle fj-hdnet 1717/tcp fj-hdnet fj-hdnet 1717/udp fj-hdnet # Manabu Makino h323gatedisc 1718/tcp h323gatedisc h323gatedisc 1718/udp h323gatedisc h323gatestat 1719/tcp h323gatestat h323gatestat 1719/udp h323gatestat h323hostcall 1720/tcp h323hostcall h323hostcall 1720/udp h323hostcall # Jim Toga caicci 1721/tcp caicci caicci 1721/udp caicci # Sylvia Scheuren hks-lm 1722/tcp HKS License Manager hks-lm 1722/udp HKS License Manager # Michael Wood pptp 1723/tcp pptp pptp 1723/udp pptp # Ken Crocker csbphonemaster 1724/tcp csbphonemaster csbphonemaster 1724/udp csbphonemaster # Hans-Peter Heffels iden-ralp 1725/tcp iden-ralp iden-ralp 1725/udp iden-ralp # Chris Stanaway iberiagames 1726/tcp IBERIAGAMES iberiagames 1726/udp IBERIAGAMES # Jose Luis <73374.313&> winddx 1727/tcp winddx winddx 1727/udp winddx # Bill Andrews telindus 1728/tcp TELINDUS telindus 1728/udp TELINDUS # Paul Pyck citydisc&> roketz 1730/tcp roketz roketz 1730/udp roketz # Ahti Heinla msiccp 1731/tcp MSICCP msiccp 1731/udp MSICCP # Max Morris proxim 1732/tcp proxim proxim 1732/udp proxim # Srinivas N. Mogalapalli siipat 1733/tcp SIMS - SIIPAT Protocol for Alarm Transmission siipat 1733/udp SIMS - SIIPAT Protocol for Alarm Transmission # Steve Ryckman cambertx-lm 1734/tcp Camber Corporation License Management cambertx-lm 1734/udp Camber Corporation License Management # Jeannie Burleson privatechat 1735/tcp PrivateChat privatechat 1735/udp PrivateChat # Louis E. Simard <76400.3371&CompuServe.COM> street-stream 1736/tcp street-stream street-stream 1736/udp street-stream # Glenn Levitt ultimad 1737/tcp ultimad ultimad 1737/udp ultimad # (Michael Lanzetta gamegen1 1738/tcp GameGen1 gamegen1 1738/udp GameGen1 # Glen Pearson webaccess 1739/tcp webaccess webaccess 1739/udp webaccess # Christian Saether encore 1740/tcp encore encore 1740/udp encore # Stuart Button