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Tom Cruise is hard at work filming the sixth (sixth!) Mission: Impossible movie in Paris right now, and videos from the set show him doing his own stunts—which sadly involve badly damaging a fleet of puke-green E28 5 Series BMWs.

The only thing more distracting that Henry Cavill’s frankly offensive mustache in this movie will be Tom Cruise’s treatment of the glorious E28 5 Series.

One video shows Cruise—actually Tom Cruise and not a stunt driver—fly off a flight of Parisian steps, seemingly breaking the car in the process. You can see Sean Harris, the actor who played the villain Lane in the previous M:I movie, in the passenger seat.

In a second video, we see Cruise taking the E28 through a road of pillars, denting the fender on one pretty horribly and then magically reappearing in another, identical E28:

As excited as I am about another European car chase with a BMW at center stage, this has only piqued my curiosity as to what the BIG stunt of the movie is going to be. You know, the first one was the train fight, the second one was the motorcycle kung fu or whatever, the the third one was Ethan dying or something, the fourth one was the world’s tallest building, and the latest one was the look-at-me-I’m-actually-hanging-on-the-side-of-a-plane.

Love crazy Tom Cruise!