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Home Loan Interest Manager Pro 7.1.120603 working

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Home Loan Interest Manager Pro - Free download and software

4 stars

"If you have a mortgage, you need this software!"

 |  Version: Home Loan Interest Manager Pro 4.1.061127


I've been using this software to check my mortgage and loans for 2 1/2 years now. I have found 3 errors on my mortgage and 2 on my line of equity so am very grateful that I use it (originally recommended to me by my mortgage broker).

Very well written, very accurate, lots of excellent features, helpful support staff, and all round good software.

It is good there is a fully-functional free trial that lets you test it out with your own loans, so you can start auditing straight away and really see all the features working before you buy the software.

I agree with the last person's comments that the Import Wizard is great as it makes really light work of loading your transactions.

I also noticed that version 4.1 now comes with all the Java files you need, so no longer need to install them separately.


Originally I was hesitant about the price, but having found over 0 of errors on my loans (that I would have never known about unless I regularly checked them) I am now more than happy (and still 15+ years of mortgage term left).

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5 stars

"Good mortgage checker, easy to use and lots of features"

 |  Version: Home Loan Interest Manager Pro 3.1


I have been using this mortgage checker since version 1.1 and it just keeps getting better. I have found two mistakes on my mortgage so far, something I would not have known without it. What I really like is that once you have set up your mortgage, it is so easy to audit your future statements. I use the import wizard and category matching tool each 6 months and it takes me next to no time to see what my bank has been up to. I also like the fact that you have all your mortgage information available to you, and it has extra reports that give you an insight into the cost of your mortgage and how much interest you can save by paying your mortgage off sooner. This was by far the best mortgage checker I found when I was shopping around, and if you have a mortgage then you should think seriously about trying it.


On the whole I have been very happy with this software. It does require Java to use it, which I had to install, but there are good instructions and it was straight forward.

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