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Spotmau Password Key Finder (free) - Download latest

Ever lost or forgot your password for your email account or favorite social networking site? How about software product keys for programs and applications installed on your PC? If you’re like me (and I’m sure you are), then you’re a registered member on quite a number of social networking sites online, not to mention having two or three email accounts, to say the least. And all this means one thing: passwords. A ton of it. Memorizing all them? Unless you’ve got photographic memory, good luck.

Remembering all these passwords can be a painstaking task in and of itself. Not anymore with Spotmau Password & Key Finder. This extremely useful software can help you recover lost passwords for your email accounts, social networking sites, online shopping accounts, dial-up connection password, even your Windows auto login password. The software is only around 5MB in size, lightweight and easy to install. I tested this software and it performed exactly as expected. The interface is process flow oriented so you won’t make a mistake.

Of course, I still recommend memorizing your passwords, and not just writing them down anywhere. That’s still one of the most secure ways to make sure your accounts, both online and offline, remain secure. However, in the event that you forget them, there’s Spotmau Password & Key Finder. Recover your passwords with this personally recommended download.


  • Software is lightweight and easy to install
  • Recovers not only passwords but also login information and product keys as well
  • Can recover online passwords as well as software installed on the PC


  • Some functions are restricted on the trial version
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