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FS Pro 2013 and License keys

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Where can I find my FS Pro license key? Information Mapping Error: the license file was tampered with Information Mapping Help I don t see the FS Pro 2013 menu Information Mapping Help Center


Warning: The old FS Pro 4.x products are no longer sold or supported. Do not use the procedure here unless you currently have one of the 4.x products and have not yet upgraded to a newer/supported product such as FS Pro 2013.

The procedure below applies to

  • FS Pro 4.0
  • FS Pro 4.1
  • FS Pro 4.2, and
  • FS Pro 4.3

Tip: These 4 versions of FS Pro are collectively referred to as FS Pro 4.x.


Proceed as follows to install and activate FS Pro 4.x:




Double‐click FSPro4x.exe. (From the downloaded/extracted .zip file.)

Result: The FS Pro Setup Wizard appears.


Click the Next button.

Result: The License Agreement screen appears.


Read the IMI Software License Terms, and select the radio button I accept the agreement. Click the Next button.

Result: The screen How would you like to use FS Pro? appears.


Select the radio button Activate FS Pro now and click the Next button.

Result: the User Information screen appears.


Enter your name, organization and FS Pro license key.

Result: The screen Ready to Install appears.


Click the Install button.

Result: FS Pro 4.x is being installed and the screen Completing the FS Pro Setup Wizard appears.


Click the Finish button.

Result: FS Pro 4.x is properly installed and ready for use.

Warning - starting FS Pro: it is highly recommended to start FS Pro from the desktop icon the first time you run the software. That way, you can make sure that FS Pro is properly attached to Word.

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