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We already know about the flex fields; KFFs and DFFs, and also the related setup instructions. However let’s see the role of the flex fields in Core-HR implementation. KFFs Let’s pick KFFs first. As we have discussed already, there are around ten KFFs in...
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Troubleshooting Common Problems with the XmlSerializerCode Inside Blog XML deserialize to abstract class, interface orA Deep XmlSerializer, Supporting Complex Classes, Enumerations I'm looking for a way with C# which I can serialize a class into XML and add a namespace, but define the prefix which...
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Description Oxygen XML Editor – a cross-platform application for editing XML, running the operating system Windows. With this program, users can extract data from XML files, OpenDocument and other documents, using the mechanism of archiving ZIP data compression (OOXML, ODF, JAR). Has the advanced capabilities to transform the format that allows you to edit documents XSLT and XSL-FO, and save documents in any format (HTML, PS or PDF) at the touch of a button. The software also permits the use of transformations XSLT 1.0, XSLT 2.0 and XQuery files placed inside the ZIP-file and allows users to engage in comparison and fusion of archived files. In addition, the program provides access to a variety of XML and related databases, including MarkLogic, Oracle, Tamino, IBM DB2, eXist.

Program features:
• Editing XML Files
• The visual WYSIWYG editing, based on the W3C CSS style sheets
• The close integration with the DITA Open Toolkit for generating DITA vyzodnyh data
• Runs as a stand-alone program with Java Web Start or as an Eclipse plug-in
• Support for XML, XML Schema, Relax NG, Schematron, DTD, NRL schemas, NVDL schemas, XSLT, XSL: FO, WSDL, XQuery, HTML, CSS
• Checking the validity of XML Schema schemas, Relax NG schemas, DTDs, Schematron schemas, NRL schemas, NVDL schemas, WSDL, XQuery, HTML and CSS
• Many built engines for checking the validity, as well as the use of third-party engines
• Supports the latest versions of DocBook and TEI
• Ready to use with support for FOP to generate PDF or PS documents
• Support for editing remote files via FTP, SFTP, HTTP / WebDAV and HTTPS / WebDAV
• The visual schema editor with full and logical model overview
• Support for XML catalogs
• Import data from a database, Excel, HTML or text file
• Batch verification of the validity of the selected files in the project
• Support for editing files directly from ZIP archives
• All the usual editing (cut, paste, copy, search, etc.)
• Visual editor DITA maps
• Compare and merge files and directories
• Syntax highlighting for XML, DTD, Relax NG compact syntax, Java, C ++, C, PHP, Perl, etc.
• Unicode
• Support the use of bookmarks
• Supports Drag-and-Drop
• Print documents on a printer
• Multilingual interface (Russian language is not)
• And many other possibilities

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