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Update your virus definitions using Intelligent Updater

  1. Go to the Intelligent Updater downloads page.

  2. Depending on your version of Windows, do one of the following:

    • For Windows (64-bit): On the 64-bit Platforms tab, under File Name, click the first file link in the list.

      The file name starts with the year and ends with v5i64.exe. e.g. 20131211-008-v5i64.exe

    • For Windows (32-bit): On the 32-bit Platforms tab, under File Name, click the first file link in the list.

      The file name starts with the year and ends with v5i32.exe. e.g. 20131211-008-v5i32.exe

  3. Save the file to the Windows desktop.

  4. On the desktop, double-click the file that you downloaded.

  5. In the Symantec Intelligent Updater window, click Yes to continue.

  6. When Intelligent Updater finishes updating the definitions, click OK.

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    • How to run LiveUpdate in your Norton product

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