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Excel Convert Files From English To Thai

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Quickly convert PDF files to Excel in XLSX or XLS format

With Aiseesoft PDF to Excel Converter, it is very easy to quickly convert your PDF file to an editable Microsoft Excel file that you can save in XLSX or XLS format and preserve table formatting so your data is easy to work with.

With optical character recognition (OCR) technology, this PDF to Excel conversion tool features accuracy and unmatched ability to convert scanned PDF documents to editable Excel files maintaining the original layout and formatting. Also selecting the output language as consistent as possible with the original file can improve the accuracy of the converted file.

  • Convert PDF document to an editable Excel file
  • Turn scanned text into editable data with OCR technology
  • Export only the PDF data you want into Excel spreadsheets for easy analysis and reporting
  • Support multi-language PDF files to be converted

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