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I sort of stumbled across your post just now, maybe very late, but for all future searches. It is possible to launch your Macro by creating a .vbs file. To do this, open notepad and add the following:

Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

objExcel.Application.Run insert your macro workbook file path, module and macro name here"

objExcel.DisplayAlerts = False objExcel.Application.Save objExcel.Application.Quit Set objExcel = Nothing

save the file as follows ("your filename".vbs)

By double clicking (opening) the saved .vbs file, it will launch your macro without you having to open your excel file at all.

Hope this helps.

Excel Apply Macro To Multiple Files Software - Sobolsoft How to split a workbook to separate Excel files in Excel? - ExtendOffice Command line - Run Excel macros in multiple files and paths - Super