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Posted Image
The forest moon of eWOCS (Equipment Work Order Control System) 2009.0.1 Full and free Crack Endor: the site of the turning point in the war between the Rebellion and the Empire. The bunker which housed the shield generator for the second Death Star was destroyed, and the Rebellion triumphed. So how does that battle translate into LEGO? Is it an accurate reproduction, or a eWOCS (Equipment Work Order Control System) 2009.0.1 Full and free Crack shoddy copy? That's up to you.
Name: The Battle of Endor
Set Number: 8038
Theme: Star Wars
Year: 2009 (summer)
Pieces: 890
Minifigures: 12
Price: USD 99.99, GBP 73.39, EUR 99.99

I'm quite happy with this set: 12 figures, 6 of whom are exclusive, two speederbikes, an AT-ST, an Ewok glider, and a partially-exploding bunker? Sounds fun. But is it? That, of course, is your decision.
The Box
Posted Image
This box is huge. At 38x58x9 cm, it dwarfs the other boxes on the shelves and can only be fit 4 deep on standard LEGO store shelves, which makes it quite an attention-grabber- it was the first thing I saw when I walked in.
The Back
Posted Image
The back of the box showcases the same features that are to be found in the back of the second instruction booklet: the AT-ST, the catapult, and the various bunker details.
The Logo
Posted Image
The old LEGO Star Wars logo makes a comeback here, in rather impressive size and detail.
The Instructions
Posted Image
The instructions harbor the same image as the box. There are two equal-sized booklets to be found.
Random Instruction Page
Posted Image
Colors are easy to tell apart and piece callouts are present throughout both books. The only oddity (that I found) is that a plant moves position between one step to the next.
The Parts Manifest
Posted ImagePosted Image
An impressive array of parts is contained within this set, in quite a few colors.
The Minifigure List
Posted Image
A list of minifigures is present in the back of the instruction booklet, along with...
The Ad
Posted Image
...some sort of peculiar Clone Wars sets' ad.
The Sticker Sheet
There is no sticker sheet, actually. Let the dancing in the streets begin!
The Parts
There are three different distributions of parts in this set: bags one (the catapult, minifigures, glider, and speederbikes), bags two (the AT-ST), and bags three (the bunker). I doubt you really want to look at a bunch of polybags, so let's just proceed to the parts, shall we?
Bag One
Posted Image
Interesting and fun bits are the new minifig torsos, the new Ewok head, the dark green plates, the rebel commando helmets, and of course the clear things. These are actually my first long clear pieces. I am filled with shame at my own shortcomings as an AFOL.
Bag Two
Posted Image
The AT-ST parts; not many interesting bits here except for the plates without studs on the outer edges.
Bag Three
Posted Image
The bunker parts, where it gets fun. Lots of dark green and dark gray, a hint of orange, and just the sheer variety of pieces make this a delightful set. Those three pieces down at the bottom of the picture were actually outside any bags, loose in the box. There weren't any holes in the bags, either, but the parts were used. Perhaps some sort of sorting defect?
The Build
The build actually took me quite a while, perhaps four hours. I must be getting slower in my old age. It was quite fun, though, and certainly taught me a few things. A most entertaining experience.
The Minifigures
Twelve minifigures are present in this set, with six exclusive: the three Ewoks (Chief Chirpa, Paploo, and Wicket), the Endor Leia, and the two Rebel Commandos.
Ewoks, Fronts
Posted Image
As one may see, each Ewok's hood has a different something printed on it: Wicket's (orange) has some sort of string, Paploo's (tan) has some leaves and a string, and Chief Chirpa's (gray) has a tooth and a drawstring.
Ewoks, Back
Posted Image
And all of the Ewoks are (of course) back-detailed.
The Hero Group, Front
Posted Image
Han is the same as always, and Chewbacca as well; however, the last three Chewbaccas I received had no eye-printing- that's the results of a marker, there. Leia is entirely new, with the Castle Queen hair and a new torso.
The Hero Group, Back
Posted Image
Leia is back-printed, as well.
Rebel Commandos, Front
Posted Image
I believe that the torsos are exclusive to this set, and I haven't seen the head of the guy on the left anywhere, so I assume that it's new. The head on the right is apparently from the Rogue Shadow.
Rebel Commandos, Back
Posted Image
Both should have the 'backpacks', but I removed one to show that nice back printing.
Rebel Commando Helmet
Posted Image
A closeup of the helmet, in all of its glory. I'd like to see an Endor Luke with one of those..
The Imperial Forces
Posted Image
Two scout troopers and an Imperial trooper. No back printing on any of them. This brings me to my major problem with this set; the Imperials are outnumbered three to one, whereas in the film they had a vast advantage over the small band of Rebels. Couldn't LEGO have included two stormtroopers to even it out a little? I took some off of my legions to see how it looked, and the effect was quite nice.
R2-D2, Front
Posted Image
Everyone's favorite astromech, now in gray and white!
R2-D2, Back
Posted Image
I guess you could call that 'back printing'...
Extra Pieces
Posted Image
A few extra pieces, nothing really stunning here, except perhaps those four clips.
And now onto the main part of the review: the actual set.
Vehicles/Odds and Ends
The Catapult
Posted Image
The catapult is surprisingly effective- I made it fire a meter with ease.
The Catapult, Side
Posted Image
A bow (more commonly seen in Castle sets) and a spear adorn two clips on the sides of the catapult.
The Speederbikes
Posted Image
The bikes are identical, and are based off a brown three-wheeler frame; they also have a megaphone blaster on one side, presumably as a nod to the Endor chase scene.
The Speederbikes, Front and Back
Posted Image
The bikes are really quite long- longer than I expected, at least. Unfortunately, I don't have any previous bikes to compare them to.
With a Minifigure
Posted Image
And here one may see how the scout trooper fits on.
The Ewok Glider
Posted Image
The glider actually requires a minifigure to be connecting it to the stand- it seems like they could have found a way to go around that.
The Glider Side
Posted Image
Here one may see how the glider connects to both the minifigure and the stand. those two 1x1 cylinders are extra ammunition for the rock-dropping feature...
The Rock-Drop
Posted ImagePosted Image
...which is detailed above. The droid arm lifts up, which allows (if the glider is at a steep enough angle) the rock to fall out.
The Stand
Posted Image
The stand is two pieces, a long pole-like piece stuck into an upside-down bowl-thing.
The AT-ST Body WIP
Posted Image
A Work In Progress shot of the body. One may glean some of its structure from here.
Posted Image
The AT-ST is fairly well-built and can hold a minifigure...
AT-ST Front
Posted Image
...but its main attraction is the 'walking' feature which is done by turning a knob on the back back and forth. Please see the video for a better explanation than my feeble words. One problem with this feature is that the AT-ST is a little unstable because of this, but it's not too bad.
AT-ST Walking Mechanism
AT-ST Side
Posted Image
And of course, the regulation flick-fire missile can be found here.
AT-ST Back
Posted Image
The tan gear controls the walking mechanism.
AT-ST Hatch
Posted Image
Both the hatch...
Posted Image
...and the top open.
AT-ST Interior
Posted Image
Inside, there's a seat for one, and a handle so that one may pose minifigs with their heads sticking out of the hatch.
And so finally onto what you probably bought the set for- the Endor shield generator bunker.
The Bunker, WIP
Posted Image
The nearly-finished bunker.
The Bunker, Front
Posted Image
The doors open and close independently, unlike the Seperatist Shuttle doors- however, they could be modified to move simultaneously, and I expect to shortly.
The Bunker, Side
Posted Image
Those panels that make up the side are actually just sitting there, but even after transport up and down two flights of stairs twice and to various rooms, they haven't budged. The front-corner ones, however, have the feature of 'blowing off' when the dish on top is pressed. See the video below for how it works:
The Exploding Bunker
The Exploding Bunker Mechanism
Posted Image
As one may see, depressing the dish on top forces out the shock absorber, which pushes out the panels.
The Back of the Bunker (Folded In)
Posted Image
The back of the bunker. When folded it's 32x25 studs....
The Back of the Bunker (Folded Out)
Posted Image
...and when folded out, it's about 52x25 studs. The 'wings' of the bunker attach using a hinge and a clip/bar system.
The Inner Side of the Bunker (Unfolded)
Posted Image
The generator mechanism (the orange cone apparatus) isn't too well-designed- if it's built by following the instructions precisely, the clips at the top of he cones are loose: one must leave a gap in between the saucers for everything to fit properly. The computer is part of the main console, and is in place when the bunker is clipped together. Both sides of the bunker are identical.
The Bunker Console
Posted Image
The whole console, with the sides of the bunker in. I've never seen those particular pieces on the sides of the console before- they're printed.
The Inside of the Bunker
Posted Image
The entire inside of the bunker. The two knobs run the two sides of the sliding bunker doors. Apparently those four guns inside the bunker didn't help the Imperials too much...
The Bunker- Folded In, Top View
Posted Image
One may see the full dimensions of the folded-in bunker here...
The Bunker- Folded Out, Top View
Posted Image
...and folded-out from the top.
Please view my next post for the rest of the review.

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