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Encrypt4all Home Edition product crack

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Encrypt4all Software is a company which  specializes in cryptography and data encryption software solutions . Now you can get two of their products for free –  Encrypt4all Professional Edition and File Off Standard Edition .

Encrypt4all is a powerful encryption software used to store your private documents into a single encrypted archive and it  implements a real bit-per-bit data encryption.  it integrates nicely with Windows Explorer .

Encrypt4all Professional Edition Features:

– Many ways to protect your private documents
– Ability to encrypt any type of file (text, sounds, videos, etc…)
– Ability to put all of your important files in one encrypted archive
– Ability to set password for encrypted archive
– Ability to encrypt files larger than 4 gigabyte
– Ability to lock folders and set password
– Ability to use multi-level protection for locked folders
– Ability to create global protected folder in every drive that you can copy/move your private documents to it.
– Any type of physical media may be used to store and access the data on encrypted archives
– It integrates nicely with Windows Explorer

Download page Encrypt4all Professional Edition
(size 1.55 MB )

Direct link  32 bit
Direct link  64 bit

Encrypt4all Professional Edition Activation Code :

For the next 15 days , use the below code


When the above Activation Code expires , visit the Encrypt4all Professional Edition Activation page for a new code every 15 days ……!

The reason for this type of strange Activation System is that their website needs more traffic …!

File Off  Features:

– File Off encrypts your letters for secure transfer across the net
–  File Off hide your encrypted messages in pictures or videos files
–  File Off features military grade encryption.

Download page File Off Standard Edition
Direct links

File Off – 32bit:
File Off – 64bit:

File Off Standard Edition Activation Code:

For the next 15 days , use the below code


When the above Activation Code expires , visit the File Off Standard Edition Activation page for a new code every 15 days ……!


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Download Encrypt4all Software: Encrypt4all Home Edition