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Hi, guys. Nice work with the Mods. I kind of wanted to mention that I seem to have a slight problem with The Superfile Mod V 2.2, by Chorizosss. Thought I could ask him, but I don't know if he checks back here anymore...
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  • UQ Life

    UQ Life

    Custom presentation design

  • Pubget PaperSmarts

    Pubget PaperSmarts

    Animated video with narration

  • Copyright Clearance Center: Content Solutions

    Copyright Clearance Center: Content Solutions

    Animated marketing presentation

  • Cornell University animated loop

    Cornell University animated loop

    Animated image loop

  • PowerPlex 2013

    PowerPlex 2013

    Custom designed presentation

  • Makeover: Prime Therapeutics

    Makeover: Prime Therapeutics

    Before and After makeover examples

  • Makeover: Active Listening

    Makeover: Active Listening

    Before and After makeover examples

  • Makeover: USAA Navigating the Financial Crisis

    Makeover: USAA Navigating the Financial Crisis

    Before and After makeover examples

  • PPT165 Project

    PPT165 Project

    design slides for Microsoft

  • Goldwell: Industrial Soul

    Goldwell: Industrial Soul

    Textural animation loop

  • Goldwell: Nomadic Freedom

    Goldwell: Nomadic Freedom

    Textural animation loop

  • Pharmakon


    Marketing presentation

  • Animated Countdown

    Animated Countdown


  • Makeover: Peregrine Pharmaceuticals

    Makeover: Peregrine Pharmaceuticals

    Before and After examples

  • MICRO Mold Remediation Training

    MICRO Mold Remediation Training

    Online training course

  • Camelot Learning Interactive CD

    Camelot Learning Interactive CD

    Animated tutorial