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^ 1^ 0^.' ICT' 0L:1?I'' ACROSTIC DICTIONARY, ACROSTIC DICTIONARY CONTAINING MORE THAN THIRTY THOUSAND WORDS WITH THEIR INITIALS AXI) FINALS ALPHABETICALLY ARRANGED Mrs. a. CYRIL PI'ARiON LONDON GEORGE ROUTLEDGE AND SONS BROADWAY, LUDGATE HILL NEW YORK : 9 LAFAYETTi: "LACE 1SS4 STANDARD WORKS OF REFERENCE. rrici^ 3^. ()d. each, cloth. CRADB'S ENGLIS:i SYNONYMS. WALKER'S RHYMING DICTIONARY. RARTLETT'S FAMILIAR QUOTATIONS. LEMPRIERE'S CLASSICAL DICTIONARY. Price 2.S. (id., do I It. NUTTALL'S PRONOUNCING DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Including many Thousand Modern Words connected with Science, Literature, anJ Art. r R E F A C E. All who liavc attempted to solve tliose double Acrostics which are now so much in fashion know, to their cost, that much time and trouble must be expended in a search for words to which the initial and final letters are often a chief part of the clue. Much personal experience of this sort has led me to believe that an Acrostic Dictionary, in which the first and last letters of all words are arranged in Alphabetical order, will be a welcome and valuable addition to the solver's library. Acting upon this belief, I have gathered from authentic sources all such words as seem suited for Acrostic purposes, and have so arranged them that the eye can easily run down the lists of those which begin and end with any two letters. A composer has thus a full choice of st;ch words as he may require, and a solver can rapidly select those which seem likely to answer the conditions of a " light." Inflections have been omitted in most instances, although some few, such as paiticiples Avhich are used as adjectives, have been retained. Compound words in common use are given, and some foreign words which have been incorporated with our language are included in the list, as well as words lateiy coined, 6 FEE FACE. wliicli are well suited for Acrostic purposes from the fact that they are Bot found in modern dictionaries. The task of compilation has heen necessarily long and tedious, but the result will doubtless be of con- siderable benefit to all who take pleasure in these verbal puzilles, which not only afford amusement combined with mental exercise, but also are an indirect means of acquiring much information of very varied character. If this effort meets with success I shall be encour- aged to prepare further lists of people and places, constructed upon a similar plan. PniLLrrpA M. Pearson. Drayton Pakslow Rectorv, 1884. OlAC\. ACllOSTIC DICTIONARY. A— A Abba Abracadabra Abscissa Acacia Acantha Aceldama Accra Acroniania Adversaria Ag-a Agora Aba Alba Alga Algebra Alpaca Alpha Arubrosia Ammonia Amphora Ampulla Anaconda Ansemia Anaesthesia Anaphora Anathema Angina Anotta A. Antenna Aorta Apocrypha Aporema Appoggiatura Aqua-regia Aqua-toliana Aquila Area Arena Aria Arietta Armada Armadilla Aroma Assafoctida Asteria Asthma Astra}a Aurelia Aureola Auricula Aurora Axilla Azalea A—B Abb Absorb Accumb Acerb Adverb All) Arab Ash-tub A—0 Academic Acatalectic Acataleptic Aceric Acetic Achromatic Acoustic Acroamatio Acrostic Adamic Aeronautic Aerostatic -Esthetic Agaric Agnatic Agonistic Agi^estic Alcaic Alcoholic Aldermanic Alembic A—C] [A—L Algebraic Arithmetic Accomplished Allopathic Aristocratic Accord Allegoric Arsenic Accredited Almanac Artistic Accursed Alphabetic Ascetic Acetated Ammoniac Asphaltic Acid Amphibolic Aspic Acknowledged Amuletic Asthmatic Acquainted Anachronic Athletic Acquired Anacreontic Atmospheric Acrid Antesthetic Atomic Adapted Anaglyptic Atonic Add Anamnestic Attic Addicted Anapestic Aulic Addled Angelic Auric Addle-pated Antagonistic Authentic Admired Antalgic Autochthonic Adopted Antarctic Autocratic Adorned Antic Autographic Advanced Antipathic Automatic Afeard Antiphrastic Autopsic Affected Anti-rhenmatic Axiomatic Afflicted Anti-septic Azoic Afford Anti-thetic Azotic Afield Apathetic A T\ Afore-hand Aphlogistic A — D Afore- said Aphoristic Abandoned Afraid Apocalyptic - Abased After-guard Apologetic Abed After-^Yard Apoplectic Aboard Aged Apostolic Abound Aggravated Aquatic Above-board Aggrieved Arabic Above-said Agreed Arc Abraid Aground Archaic Abridged Agued Arctic Abroad Ahead Arch-angelic Abscond Aid Arch-bishopric Abstracted Air-bed Arch-critic Accend Air-thread Arch -here tic Accented Aisled Architectonic Accelerated Alcaid Argonantic Accommodated Algid (jyt. A—D] 9 [A-E Aliped Auld Absolve Alkaloid Aurited Absorbable Allied Authorized Absorptive Almond Avid Absterge Almsdeed Avoid Abstinence Aloud Avowed Abstractive Amend Award Abstruse Amid Awkward Abundance Anchored Abuse And Abusive Android A—E Accede An-end Abase Accelerate Animated Abatable Accentuate Anointed Abate Acceptable Ant-acid Abbe Acceptance Ant-acrid Abbreviate Accessible Anti-acid Abbreviature Accidence Antiquated Abdicate Acciptrine An tiered Abdicative Acclimatize Applaud Abele Accolade Apprehend Aberrance Accommodate Arachnoid Abeyance Accomplice Arch-druid Abhorrence Accomplishable Arched Abnegate Accordance Arid Abode Accountable Armed Abominable Accoutre Ai'ound Abominate Accretive Arrow-head Above Accrue Articulated Abrade Accumulate Ascend Abridge Accurate Ashamed Abrogate Accurse Aspirated Abidance Accusable Assembled Abide Accusative Assessed Aljjudicate Accuse Associated Abjure Ace Assured Ablative Acerate Asteroid Ablaze Acerbate Astound Able Acervate Attached Abrogable Acetose Attainted Absence Ache Attend Absentee Achievable Attired Absolute Achieve A—Ej 10 [A-E Acidtilate Acknowledge Acme Aconite Acquaintance Acquiesce Acquiescence Acquire Acquisitive Acquittance Acre Actionable Active Actualize Actuate Aculeate Acuminate Acute Adage Adamantine Adipose Adjective Adjudge Adjudicate Adjunctive Adjure Adjutage Admeasui^e Administrate Administrative Admirable Admire Admissible Admittance Admixture Admonitive Adnate Adolescence Adoptive Adorable Adore Adulate Adulterate Adumbrate Advance Advantage Adventure Adversable Adversative Adverse Advertence Advertise Advice Advisable Advise Advocate Advowee Adze Aerate Aerie Affable Affectionate Affective Affiance Affiliate Affinasfe Affirmative Affistui'e Afflictive Affluence Affranchise Affuse Afire Afore After-course After-game After-love After-piece Agapae Agape Agapliite Agate Agave Agaze Age Agglomci'ate Aggrandize Aggravate Aggregate Aggressive Aggrievance Aggrieve Agile Agiotage Agitable Agitative Agnate Agnominate Agone Agonize Agree Agreeable Agriculture Ague Ague-tree Aigre Aigrette Aiguille Air-flue Air-pipe Aisle Ajutage Albite Alcade Alchemize Alcoholize Alcove Alcyone Aldine Ale Ale-house Alee Alepidote Alexandrine Alexandrite Alidade A—E] 11 [A—E Alienate Alike Alkaline Allegiance Allege Allegorize Allemande Alleviate Alliance Alligate Alliterative Allocate Allonge Allowance All-spice Allude Allure Allusive All-wise Almandine Almond- tree Almug-tvee Aloe Alone Alpine Alterable Alteiative Altercate Alternate Alternative Altitude Amadine Amadogade Amalgamate Amaranthine Amaze Amble Ambulance Ambulate Ambuscade Ameliorate Amende Amerce Amiable Amicable Amice Ammonite Amphitheatre Am^ile Amplitude Amputate Amuse Anagoge Analogue Analyze Anastrophe Anchorage Andante Anecdote Anemone Anfractuosc Angle Anglicize Anile Animalcule Ajiimate Anise Ankle Anlace Annalize Annihilate Annotate Announce Annoyance Annulate Annunciate Anodyne Anserine Antecedence Antelope Ante-mundane Antenna? Antestature Anthropylite Anticipate Anti-convulsive Antidote Anti-pope Antiquate Antique Antistrophe Anti-type Anywhere Anywise Apace Apagoge Ape Apiece Aplustre Apocalypse Apocope Apogee Apologize Apologue Apostate Apostle Apostrophe Apostrophize Appanage Appearance Appeasable Appease Appellate Appellative Appendage Appetite Applause Apple Appliance Applicable Apposite Appraise Appreciable Appreciate Apprehensive Apprentice A—E] 12 A—F Apprize Article Atone Approbate Articulate Attainture Appropriate Artifice Attendance Approve Artiste Attentive Approximate Ascendable Attenuate Appurtenance Ascensive Attire Aptitude Ascribe Attitude Aquatile Ash -hole Attractive Aqua-vitge Ashore Attribute Aquiline Aside Attrite Arabesque Asinine Attune Arable Askance Audible Arbitrate Aslope Audience Arboriculture Asperse Aureate Arborize Asphalte Auspice Arbute Aspirate Austere Arcade Aspire Authenticate Arcli-apostle Assassinate Authorize Arcli-duke Assemblage Available Arcbetype Assemble Avalanche Arcliiepiscopate Assentive Avarice Arcliiraandrite Assertive Ave Arcbitecture Assignee Avenge Architrave Assimilate Avenue Archive Assistance Average Arcuate Assize Averruncate Arenose Associate Averse Argentine Assonance Avoidance Argue Assuetude Avowee Argumentative Assume AAvake Arise Assurance Aware Armature Assure Awhile Armistice Asterite Axe Aromalite Astride Axle Aromatize Astringe Aye Arouse Astrolabe Azote Arquebuso Astrolog'ize Azure Arrange Astroscope Arrive Astute Arrogance Asymptote A—F Arrogate Athlete Alehoof Artichoke Atmosphere Aloof h - i A-G] 13 [A—L A-G A— I Aboding Ai Accommodating Alibi According Alkali Achin;^ Amphiscii Affecting Anti Afore-going Antax'ii Aggravating Argali Agog A—K Along Among Aback Assuming Alack Awakening Aleak Amuck Arack A— II Ark Acrolitli Ask Admonish Asterisk Afresh Attack After-math Attask Aguish Auk Ah Alembroth A—L Allah Abigail Allelujah Abnormal Almeh Aboriginal Although Abysmal Amaranth Accidental Ambush Acquittal Anaglyph Acronycal Anguish Admiral Apish Adverbial Apograph Aerial Arm's-length Aerological Ash Agi-estical Astonish Agricultural Attach Ahull Autograph Ail Avouch Air-cell Azimuth Alarm-bell Azoth Alcohol Alkool All Allegorical All-hail Allodial Alluvial Aludel Ambrosial Amzcl Analo'_i'';il Ancestral Aneipit:il Angel Anneal Annual Annul Antcal Ante-chapel Ante- mural Ant-hill Anti-metrical Anti-social Antiphonal Antithetical Anvil Apocryphal Apodal GJ,00'^^' ^ Apostil Appal Apparel Appeal Appraisal Appi'oval Archa'logical Archaiiirfl Arcliducal Arcliil Architectural Armful Arrival Arsenal Artful A—M] U [A—N Artificial Anagrim Absorption Aspliodel Analogism Abstain Assail Anarchism Abstention Assoil Anglicism Abstraction Astral Animism Academician Atmospherical Anomalism Accelei'ation Augural Antagonism Accentuation Austral Anthem Acceptation Autumnal Aphorism Accession Avail Apothegm Acclamation Avowal Aquarium Acclimatization Awful Aquiform Accommodation Awl Ai-boretism Accordion Arcanum Accretion A — ill Archaism Accumulation Abolitionism Arm Accusation Absenteeism Arum Acidification Absolutism Asteism Acorn Abysm Asylum Acquisition Acclaim Atheism Action Accustom Atticism AciTmen Addeem Axiom Adaptation Addendum Addition Ad-libitum A—N Adjoin Adytum Abandon Adjourn Aeriform Abbreviation Adjuration Affirm Abdication Administration Agonism Abdomen Admiration Agrarianism Abduction Admission Aim Abecedarian Admonition Alarm Aberration Adnoun Alarum Abjection Adorn Album Abjuration Adulation Algorithm Ablution Adulteration Allium Abnegation Adustion Alluvium Abolition Advocation Alum Abomination Advowson Aluminium Abortion Aerostation Am Abrasion Affection Amalgam Abrogation Affiliation Americanism Abruption Affirmation Anachi'onism Absolution Affliction A—N} 15 [A-0 Affusion Afternoon Again Agglomeration Aggrandization Aggravation Aggression Agnomen Agnomination Agrarian Air-gun Alarm- G"un Albin ^ Albumen Alderman Aldern Alien Allegation Alleviation Allign Alliteration Allocation Allocution Allusion Alplionsin Alteration Altercation Alternation Altin Amain Amazon Ambition Ambustion Amelioration Amen Ametabolian Ammunition Amplification Anathemization Andiron Animadversion Animation Annexation Annihilation Annotation Annumeration Anon Antediluvian Antemeridian Antibasilican Anticipation Antinomian Antipbon Antiquarian Antistropbon Antitbeton Aphelion Aphidian Apodon Apolljon Appellation Application Apportion Apposition Apprehension Approbation Appropriation Approximation Appulsion Apron Arbitration Archimedean Archon Arcuation Arefaction Arenation Areolation Arian Ariolation Arraign Arrentation Arson Artesian Articulation Artilleryman Artisan Ascension Ascertain Ashen Aspersion Aspiration Assassination Assertion Assign Assignation Assumption Astriction Asyndeton Ataghan Athanasian Atrabilarian Attain Attestation Attention Attraction Attribution Auburn Auction Augean Augmentation Aularian Aui'elian Auscultation Authorization Automaton Autumn Avernian Aversion Avocation Avolation Avulsion Awaken Awn A—0 Aco Adaofio A-F] 16 \_A—E Adelantado Asp Admirer Ado Atrip Admonisher Agio Attrap Admonitor Agitato Authorship Adopter Ago Adorer Akimbo A — a Adulator Albino Abater Adventurer Alcedo Abbreviator Advertiser Alco Abetter Adviser Allegretto Abjurer Aerometer Allegro Abolisher Afar Alsegno Abridger Affair Also Absolver Affecter Altissimo Abstracter Afflicter Alto Acarnar Affronter Alto-octavo Acater After Alto-relievo Accelerator Agger Ambo Accentor Aggrandizer Andantino Acceptor Aggregator Annette Accipenser Aggressor Arango Accipiter Agitator Archipelago Accommodator Aider Argo Accorder Aimer Arioso Accuser Air-bladder Armadillo Acer Ajar Arnotto Acetimeter Alabaster Arpeggio Achor Alar Artindo Acicular Alder Asio Acidifier Aleconner Atamasco Acipenser Alegar A tempo Acoumeter Algor Avocado Acquirer Alienator A—P Acquisitor Alligator Actinometer Alliterator After-clap Actor Almacanter After-crop Adder Alma Mater Aide-de-camp Addresser Almoner Air-pump Adherer Alnager Alp Adjurer Altar Apprentice -sliip Adjuster Alter Archbishop Administer Altimeter Asleep Administrator Altogether A—I^] 17 [AS Alveolar Amateur Ambassador Amber Ambidexter Ambler Ameer Amour Ampliim.acer Amplifier Anangular Ancestor Anclior Anemometer Anger Angler Angor Angular Animal cular Animator Annotator Annular Another Answer Ant-bear Antecessor Ante-cliamber Antecursor Anterior Anther Antiar Anticor Antimeter Antler Apiaster Apparitor Appealer Appellor Appropriator Approver Arator Arbalister Arbiter Arbitrator Arbor Arbour Archer Archiater Ai'chigrapher Archtraitor Ardour Areolar Areometer Arithmometer Armchair Armiger Armour Armourer Arquebusicr Arrear Articular Ash-colour Ashlar Asper Assassinator Assentator Asser Assessor Assever Assignor Assister Associator Aster Astir Astrologer Astronomer Asunder Atelier Atoncr Atrabiliar Attacker Attainder Attar Attemper Attender Attestor Attirer Attractor Auctioneer Auditor Auger Augmenter Augur Auscultator Author Autobiographcr Autometer Auxiliar Avatar Avenger Aver Averter Avoider Awakener Awarder A—S Abacus Abatis Abbess Ableness Abominableness Aborigines Abruptness Abscess Absciss Absoluteness Abstemious Abstractness Abyss Acanthus Acanus Acaulous Access Acetarious Acetous AS 18 [A—S Aclilys Acidness Ambages Ambassadress Arms Aromatics Acinaceous Acopis Acorus Ambergris Anthocepbalous Antithesis Aromatous Airas Arris Actress Anthus Arsis Aculeous Antibilious Artless Adajs Address Adenos Antiphrasis Antipodes Antiquities Arts As Asbestos Adiapliorus Antistes Ascians Adonis Anxious Ashes Adroitness Apellous Asomatous Advantageous Adventitious Adventurous Apetalous Aphyllous Apis Aspalathus Asparagus Assess ^gis Aeriferous Apotheosis Apothesis Assets Assidious Aerostatics Apparatus Assizes Afflatus After-ages Afterwards Apropos Apsis Aptness listerias Asteroids Astomous Aggress Aimless Apus Aquarius Atagas Atlantes Airiness Aqueous Atlantides Airless Araneous Atlas Alas Arbi tress Atrabilarious Albatross Arboreous Atrocious Albigenses Arch-duchess Atrous Alertness Archives Attriteness Algous Archness Audacious Alias Arcturus Auditress Alimentiveness Arduous Auriferous All-hallows Arenaceous Auspicious Allies Areopagus Authoress Alms Argentiferous Authorless Alumniis Argillaceous Autogenous Alveolus Argus Avaricious Always Aridness Avengeress Amanuensis Aries Avoirdupois Amass Armings Awless Amaurosis Armless Axiferous ; A—T^ 19 [A—T A.xis Accrescent Aerostat A.zjgous Accumbent Affect Azjmoiis Accusant Affidavit Acephalist Affirmant A—T Acbievemcnt Afflict Acknowledgment Affluent Abaft Acolotbist Afforest Abasement Acquaint Affreight Abatement Acquiescent Affright Abbot Acquit Affront Abclicant Acrobat Afloat Abducent Act Afoot Abduct Adamant Aft Aberrant Adapt After-pai't Abet Addict After-thought Abhorrent Adept Against Abject Adherent Agent Abluent Adit Aggrandizement Abolitionist Adjacent Aghast About Adject Agistment Abreast Adjournment Aglet Abrupt Adjunct Agonist Absent Adjust Agreement Absolutist Adjutant Agriculturist Absorbent Admit Aigret Abstinent Admonishment Aigulet Abstract Adnascent Ailment Abundant Adolescent Air-tight Abut Adopt Ait Abutment Adornment Alarmist Acaderaist Adrift Alarm-post Accent Adroit Albeit Accept Adscript Alchemist Accident Adult Alert Accompaniment Adulterant Alet Accompanist Adust Ale-vat AccomplisliQient Advancement Aliment Accordant Advent Aliquant Accost Advert Aliquot Account Advertisement Alkahest Accountant Aerologist Allegorist Accredit Aeronaut Allignment C 2 A-T] 20 [A—U Allot Anti- Christ Asquint Allotment Apart Assailant Almagist Apartment Assault Almost A 2)othegmatist Assent Aloft Apparent Assert Alt Appellant Assignat Alterant Appendant Assignment ' Altivolant Applicant Assist A mazement Appoint Assistant -Ambient Appointment Assonant Ambit Apricot Assort Ambulant Apt Assumpsit Amendment Aqueduct Astonishment Amethyst Arbalist Astrict Amidst Arbitrament A stringent Amnicolist Arborescent At Amongst Arboret Atheist Amount Arches-court Athirst Amulet Architect Athwart Anabaptist Archivault Atomist Analyst Arch -priest Atonement Anapest Ardent Attainment Auarcbist Argument Attaint Anatomist Aright Attempt Ancboret Aristocrat Attendant Ancient Armament Attest Armlet Attract Anent Armorist Atwist Angelot Aim-pit Audit Animadvert Aroynt August Annalist Arraignment Aurulent Announcement Arrant Autocrat Annnalist Arrest Avast Annuitant Arrogant A vaunt Annulet Arrow-root Aversant Anoint Art Avert Ant Artist Await Antagonist Ascendant Antarcbist Ascent A—U Ante-act Aslant Acajou Antecedent Aspect Adieu Anthropologist Aspirant Ambigu ^— Tr] 21 [J— Y Aik-raw Allow Anew Anyhow Arow Arrow Askew Avow A—X Abatvoix Adclax Adjutrix Administratrix Admix Affix Annex Anthrax Anti-climax Apex Appendix Apteryx Arbitratrix Aruspex A—Y Abbacy Ability Ably Abnormity Absolutely Absolutory Absorbability Absurdity Academy Acceptability Acclamatory Acclivity Accompany Accumbency Acerbity Acetify Acidity Acrimony Acrostically Activity Actuality Acutely Adaptability Adhortatory Adjacently Adjutancy Admirability Adolescency Adversary Adversity Aerify Aerography Aeromancy Affability Affinity Affray Agility Agony Agronomy Ahoy Airily Airy Alacrity Alchemy Alcctryomaeliy Alimentary Alimony Allay Allegoiy Alley Allopathy Alloy Allusory Ally Almady Almighty Almonrv Already Alterity Amatory Ambry Ambulatory Amenity Amenty Amiability Amity Amnesty Amplify Amply Analogy Anatomy Ancestry Anchovy Anemograph y Angry Angularity Anility Animosity Anniversary Annoy Annuity Anomaly Anopsy Anorexy Anthology Anthropology Anthrojiophagy Antimony Antipathy Antiphony Antiquary Antiquity Anxiety Any Apanthrophy Apathy Aphony Apiary Apology A-Y] 9.2 [U—D Apoplexy Apostasy Apothecary Applicability Apply Approximate! v Aptly Arbitrary Arcli-ducliy Arch-enemy Archly Archway Arefy Argosy Aristarchy Aristocracy Armillary Armoury Army Array Artery Artillery Aruspicy Ascendancy Ascension- day Asperity Assegay Assembly A stray Astrology Astronomy Atimy Atrabiliary Atrocity Atrophy Attorney Audacity Auditory Augury Autarchy Authenticity Authority Autobiography Autocrasy Autography Autonomy Autopsy Auxiliary Aviary Avidity Away Awry Axillary Ayry B. B—A Baa Babyrousa Banana Bandana Bank si a Barilla Battalia Begonia Bibliomania Bibliophobia Boa Bohea Brahma Bravura Britannia Brumalia Buccina Buddha B—B Basilic Barb Bedaub Beelzebub Beatific Bibliographic Bishopric Benumb Blab Bib Bivouac Bombastic Britannic Bob Bucolic Bomb Bulb B—B B0 Babyhood Baccated Bacchic Backboard Baldric Backed Ballistic Back-ground Balsamic Back-handed Barbaric Backsword Bardic Backward Basaltic Bad i?-x>] 23 [U—U Bailbond Bald Baldhead Ballad Band Bandy-legged Bard Bare-faced Bare-headed Bare-legged i Barmaid Bastard Bayard Bead Bean-cod Beard Becloud Bed Bedstead Beetle-browed Before-hand Befriend Befurred Beggar-maid Beghard Behead Beheld Behind Behold Belated Beloved Bend Beneaped Benighted Berried Besotted Betrothed Beyond Bid Bifid Bifold Bifronted Bigoted Bilobed Bimaculated Bind Bindweed Biped Bipennated Bird Bivalved Blackbird Black-board Black-rod Blancard Blanchard Bland Bleed Blend Blessed Blighted Blind Bloated Block-head Blond Blood Blood-hound Bloodshed Bluebird Blnnderhead Board Bookland Body-guard Bogland Bold Bolthead Bombard Bond Bondmaid Boned Bonneted Bord Bored Bottled Boulevard Bound Bowhand Bowlegged Boyhood Brad Braid Braird Brand Bread Breed Bridesmaid Brigand Brindled Bristled Broad Broadsword Broid Brood Bud Build Bustard Butt- end Buzzard Babble Babe Bacchante Backbite Backbone Backslide Badge Badinage Baffle Bagatelle Baggage Bagpipe Bailee Bailie Baize Bajadere I?— J?] 24 IB—H Bake Bay-tree Bernadine Balance Be Bernouse Baldpate Beadle Besayle Bale Beagle Beside Balefire Beatitude Besiege Baliage Beau-monde Bestride Balsamine Because Betake Balustrade Bechance Betide Bamboozle Become Beverage Banale Bedazzle Bewai'e Bandage Bedlamite Bible Bandoline Bedraggle Bibliopole Bandore Bee Bice Bane Beehive Bide Bangle Beetle Bijugate Banque Before Bile Banshee Befringe Bilge Baptize Begone Billingsgate Barbarize Begrudge Binate Barbecue Beguile Bine Barcarolle Behave Binnacle Bare Behove Binocle Barege Belace Bipartite Barge Belate Bird-like Barnacle Belie Bird's-eye Baronage Believe Bireme Barque Belike Birthplace Barouche Belle Bisserate Barricade Bellicose Bissextile Barytone Belluine Bistre Base Belvedere Bite Baste Bene Bituminate Bastile Benedictine Bivalve Bastinade Benefice Bizantine Bate Beneficence Bizarre Bathe Benevolence Blade Battle Bengalese Bladebone Battle-axe Benshie Blame Battledore Benzine Blank-verse Battue Bex'e Blare Baubee Bereave Blaspheme Bauble Bergmote Blaze S-I]] 25 [B—G Blithe Brigade Bye Blithesome Brigantine By-lane Blockade Brilliance By-the-bye Blonde Brimstone Byzantine Bloodstone Brine Blowpipe Bristle JB—F Blue Brittle Bag-reef Blue-bottlo Brize Bailiff Bode Broadside Bas-relief Bodice Broadwise Bay-leaf Bodle Brocade Beef Boggle Brochure Behalf Bogle Brogue Behoof Bole Broke Belief Bona fide Brokerage Blindmaii's-buffi Bondage Bronze Blufi: Bondslave Broose Brief Bone Brose BufE Boneace Brownie Bonze Bruise B—G Bootee Brume Babbling Borage Brunette Back-painting Bore Brute Backsliding Borecole Bubble Bag- Boree Buckle Baiting Bovine Budge Balaghong Botanize Bugle Balancing Bottle Bulge Ballasting Bounce Bull ace Bandog Brace Bull's-eye Bang Brae Bnlse Banking Brake Bumble-bee Banqueting Bramble Bundle Bantling Bravo Bunghole Bardling Breathe Bungle Barking Breese Burdensome Basting- Breeze Burghmote Baying Breve Burke Beading Bribe Burlesque' Bride Burnoose Becoming- Bridge Burrstono Bedding Bridle Bustle Befog B—G] 2G IH-H Beg Borrowing Beetradish Being Bottling Behemoth Belong Bowing- Bekah Bemoaning Bowling Bench Berg Bowstring- Beneath Betting Boxing Berth BcAvitching Brag Beseech Big Bramhling Betroth Billing Branching Bewitch Binding Branding Bilsah Bing Braying Birch Birth-song Breaking- Birth Biting Breeching Bismuth Blacking Breeding Bitterish Blackleg Brewing- Blacksmith Blancliing Brig Blanch Blasting- Bronzing Blandish Blattering Brooding Bleach Blazing Browsing Blemish Blazoning Brushing Blench Bleaching Bubbling- Blotch Blending Budding Bluish Blessing Buffeting Blush Blighting Building ^ ^ Bogrush Blinding Bulging Bookish Blinking Bulldog Booth Blocking Bung Borough Blooming Bunting Bosh Blotting Burning Botch S^^ ^4 Bough-"- Blue-stocking Blushing B—H Bramble-finch Boarding Babyish Branch Boatleg Babylonish Brandish Bobwig Balderdash Breach Boding Banish Breadth Bog Batch Breast-high Bolstering Beach Breast-plough Bolting Bearish Breath Boneing Bedash Breech Boomerang- Bedrench Brinish Bordering Beech British Boring Bee-moth Broach B—n'\ 27 IBL Broadcloth Blank Bawl Broocli Bleak Beadroll Broth Blessbok Beau-ideal Brownish Blink Beautiful Brush Block Befall Bullfinch Bhiebook Befool Bulrush Boathook Befoul Burnish Book Belial Bush Bookwork Bell By-path Bootjack Beneficial Brack Bengal B—I Break Beryl Banditti Breakneck Betel Bilimbi Breastwork Bethel Bisi Brick Betrayal Boiobi Brickwork Betrothal Bouilli Brink Bevel Broccoli Brisk Bewail ^^^¥-K Brock Bezel Brook Biennial Back Buck Biggel Balk Bulk Bilateral Bank Bnllock Bilingual Bannock Bulwark Bill Bark Bunk Biographical Barrack Burdock Bipedal Basilisk Burrock Blackball Bask Busk Blackmail Bassock Blissful Baulk B—L Bluebell Bawdrick Baal Bobtail Beak Babel Boil Beck Bail Bon Beefsteak Ball Bomb-shell Bespeak Baneful Bonnibel Bethink Barbel Bookstall Beylick Baronial Boreal Billhook Barrel Botel Bisk Bashful Bountiful Black Basil Bowl Black-book Bass-viol Boxhaul Blackcock Battel Bradawl B—L] 23 [B-N Brawl Besom Barn Brazil Bethlehem Baron Bridal Bibliopolism Barracon Bridewell Biform Barren Brill Bloom Barton Brimful Blossom Basilican Broad-seal Bora Basin Brocatel Bookworm Bassoon Broil Boom Bastion Broncliial Bosom Baton Brownbill Bottom Battalion Brumal Brahminism Bawsin Brutal Bream Beacon BuLl Bridegroom Bean Bulbul Brim Bear-garden Bull Broom Beam Burial Brougham Bearskin Burrel Brownism Beatification Bushel Buckram Beckon Buddhism Bedizen B—II Burkism Bedridden Backroom Buxom Began Bairam Beo'in Ballium B—N o Beguin Ball-room Baboon Beholden Balm Babylonian B3llcrophon Balneum Bacchanalian Bellon Balsam Backgammon Bemoan Bantam Backwood's-man Benediction Baptism Bacon Ben Barbarism Baconian Benefaction Barm Bairn Benign Bathroom Baleen Benison Bdellium Balloon Benjamin Beam Balneation Berlin Becalm Ban Between Bedlam Banian Biffin Bed 1^0 om Barbarian Billion Begum Barbican Bin Beldam Barbiton Birchen Bertram Bai'gain Bison Beseem Barleycorn Bit tern DN] 29 [B—B Bitumen Broaden Budgero Blacken Brogan Buffalo Black-martin Broken Blackthorn Brown B—P Blazon Bruin Backstep Bludgeon Brun. Bishop Boatman Buckskin Blackcap Boatswain Buckthorn Blacksheep Bobbin Buffoon Bluecap Bodkin Bulletin Bopeep Bodleian Bullion Bump Boetian Bumpkin Bursarship Bohemian Bun Buttercup Boon Burden B—B Bootikin Burgeon Born Burn Babbler Boson Burthen Bachelor Botheration Bushman Backbiter Bouillon Buskin Backdoor Bourn Button Backer Boustrophcdon Backslider Bowman L—O Backwater Box-iron Baboo Badger Brachman Bajoccho Baffler Bracken Bamboo Bahir Brahmin Banco Bailor Brain Banjo Baker Brain-pun Basso- relievo Balister Bran Bastinado Balker Branlin Basto Baluster Brawn Becafico Banister Brazen Bergamo Banker Break man Bilbo Banner Breastpin Bizarro Banter Brehon Bo Banteror Brethren Bobbcro Bar Briarian Bocardo Barber Brickkiln Bolero Barley-sugar Bridesman Botargo Barley-water Bridoon Braggadocio Barometer Brighten Bravado Barrier Britoy Bravo Barrister B—BI 30 [B—li Barter Bath-cLair Bather Battellor Batter Bawlci" Bazaar Beaker Bear Bearer Beater Beaver Beefeater Beer Beggar Beginner Beguilcr Beliaviour Beholder Belabour Beleaguer Believer Bell-flower Be] lower Bellringer Bell-wether Bencher Benefactor Beniter Beplaster Beqneather Bergmaster Beseecher Besieger Besmear Bespatter Bestir Betrayer Bettor Bever Bewilder Bez antler Bibber Bicker Bidder Bier Bilander Binder Binocular Biographer Bipolar Biter Bitter Bivascular Blabber Blackamoor Blackfi'iar Bladder Blasphemer Blatter Bleacher Blear Blister Bloater Blower Blubler Blucher Blunder Blur Bluster Boa-constrictcr Boar Boarder Boaster Boggier Bog-trotter Boiler BoLster Bolter Bombardier Bookbinder Bookkee[)L'r Bookmaker Bookseller Boor Border Borderer Borrower Bother Boudoir Bouncer Bounder Bower Bowlder Bowler Boxer Boyar Bracer Brachygrapher Brasier Brawler Breaker Breakwater Breather Brevier Brewer Briar Briber Bricklayer Brigadier Brimmer Broiler Broker Brother Bi'ow-antler Browser Bruiser Brushweir Buccaneer Buccinator Bucentaur Buckler Buffer Bugbear Builder Bumper B—S] 31 [B- -T Bungler Bifarious Bottomless Bunker Biflorous Boundless Bur Bilious Bounteous Burgher Billiards Bourgeois Burglar Bimanous Bowless Burgomaster Bis Braces Burner Bisulcous Brainless Burnislier Bits Branchless Burr Bitterness Brass Bursar Bitters Breathless Butcher Bitts Breezeless Butler Bivious Brewis Butter Blacks Bridgings Bujer Blades Bridgeless U—S Blameless Briefless Blandness Brightless Bacchanals Blasphemous Brightness Bacchius Bless Bronchitis Backs Blindness Brownless Backstairs Blinks Bubbles Badness Bliss Bucellas Baldness Bloodless Bucephalus Banns Bloomless Bulbiferous Barbarous Blue-devils Bulbous Barberess Blunderbuss Burgess Baroness Boanerges Bus Barytes Bogus Buss Baseness Boisterous Buttress Basis Boldness Butts Bass Bolis Bjssus Bathos Bolus Beaconleps Bombilious B—T Beardler-s Bonbons Bacchant Beauteoas Boneless Backrent Beeves Bones Bagnet Bellows Bonus Bait Benefactress Bootes Bakemeats Bias Bootless Ballast Bibacious Boots Ballet Biblus Boreas Balloonist Bibulous Bosphorus Ballot Biceps Boss Bandit 5— T] [B—T Bandlet Benevolent Boat Banisliment Benignant Bombast Bankpost Bent Bonmot Bankrupt Beqnest Bonnet Banneret Bereavement Boot Banqiiet Bereft Botanist Baphomet Bergamot Bouquet Baptist Beset Bout Barbet Besot Bowshot Barefoot Best Bowsprit Baret Bet Bracelet Baronet Bettermost Bracket Barrulet Betwixt _ Bract Barskot Bewilderment Braggart Basalt Bewitckment Brait Bascinet Bident Branchlet Basement Bigamist Brant Basket Bigkt Brat Bassinet Bigot Bread-fruit Bast BilboqiTct Breakfast Bat Billet Breast Batkpost Billot Breastknofc Batlet Bi parti ent Brevet Batt Birdsnest Brickbat Battlement Biscuit Bright Bayonet Bisect Brilliant Baysalt Bisegment Brisket Beast Bit ' Britt Beat Blandiskment Brocket Beaufet Blanket Brooklet Becligkt Blast Browbeat Bedpost Blatant Brownist Beechmast Bleat Bruit' Beet Bligkt Brunt Beget Bloat Bucket Begirt Blot Buckmast Behest Bluecat Buckwheat Belligerent Blnebreast Buddhist Belt^ Blue-throat Budget Benedict Blunt Bude-light Beneficient Blurt Buff-coat Benefit Boast Buffet B- 33 [B—Y Bullet Beeswax Bigamy Bullfight Bomhax Bigotry Bunt Borax Bilberry Buoyant Box Billy-boy Burgamot Brant-fox Biography Burst Biology Bust B—Y Birthday But Bitterly Butment Baby Blackberry Butshaft Baculometry Blackey Butt Bakery Black-Monday Balcony Blameworthy B—TJ Balmy Blankly Bandeau Bandy Blainey Bayou Bankruptcy Blasphemy Beau Barbarity Blay Bijou Barberry Bleakly Bureau Barley Bloodguilty 7^ TT7" Baronetcy Bloodthirsty B — W Barry Blowfly Barrow Basely Blowsy Bashaw Battery Blueberry Bay-window Battology Bobcherry Bedew Bay Bobstay Bellow Beachy Body Below Beamy Boggy Beshrew Beatify Bonny Bestow Beautify Bony Bestrew Beauty Booloy Billow Beggary Boosy Blow Beggarly Booty Borrow Belay Botany Bow Belfry Botfly Bow-how Benignity Boundary Brandnew Berry Bounty Brew Betray Boy Brow Betty Bramlily Bungalow Bevy Brandy Burrow Bewray Bravery B—X Bey Bibliography Brawny Bray Bandbox Bibliolatry Breezy B—Y] 34 [C—C Breviary Bulky Busy Brevity Bully Busybody Bribery Buoy Butchery Briery Bureaiicracy Buttery Brightly Burglary Buy Broody Burly By Brown-study Bursary By-way Bryony Bury Budgy Bushy £—Z Bulary Busky Buzz c. C—A Coma Coomb Cabala Comma Corb Cabeca Concertina Coxcomb Cadeiiza Concordia Crab Cadmia Conistra Crib Caesura Cornucopia Crumb Camera Corolla Cub Cantata Corona Curb Cantilena Cosmorama Cnrry-comb Capella Cremona C—G Caravella Crustacea Carnivora Cupola Cabalistic Cassava Curacoa Cadillac Cassia Curia Calippic Cassiopeia Cycloptedia Calligraphic Cavatiua Czarina Caloric Cedilla Cambric Cetacea C—B Capric Chimera Cab Carac China Cabob Carbonic Chinchilla Cantab Cardiac Chroma Catacomb Catadioptric Cima Cherub Catalectic Cinchona Chub Catechetic Clcpsammia Climb Categorematic Cobra Club Catholic Cocoa Cob Caumatic Columella Comb Caustic Colza Confab Celtic ^' C—G^ 35 [G—B Centric Ceplialic Ceramic Chaotic Characteristic Chic Choleric Choragic Choriambic Choric Chromatic Chronic Cimbric Cii'c Citric Civic Classic Clei'ic Climacteric Clinic Cliosophic Cognac Comic Commatic Commetic Concentric -Congeneric Conic Coptic Coiybantic Cosmetic Cretic Critic Cubic Cul-de-sac Cyanic Cyclopic Cynic Cyriologic G—D Caboshed Cad Calceated Calidad Callid Camelopai'd Camisatcd Canaliculated Candid Candied Caparisoned Capivard Card Carotid Castled Catchland Catchword Caudated Cavallard Celebrated Cemented Centiped Cephaloid Chad Charmed Chat wood Checkered Chessboard Chesterfield Chickweed Child Childhood Chiliad Chiropod Chloritoid Chord Churchyard Cid Ciliated Clad Clarichord Clavichord Clean-limbed Clear-sighted Clear-toned Clod Cloistered Clotted Cloud Clubbed Club-footed Coached Coal-field Coast-guard Cocket-bread Cod Co-expand Co-extend Cold Collared Coloured Columned Command Commend Compend Compound Compounded Comprehend Concerted Conchoid Concord Cond Condescend Confirmed Confiscated Confound Confounded Congealed Conoid Consolidated Contend Contented Contested Contraband Convicted D 2 C—B] 36 [C— i? Cool-headed /"/ 771 Campanile Copsewood 6 — 111 Canaille Copy-hold Cabbage Cancrine Coracoid Cable Candescence Cord Caboose Candidate Cornered Cabotage Candite Cornfield Cabriole Candle Correspond Cabure Cane Costard Cache Canine Cotland Cachunde Cannonade Cotswold Cacique Canoe Could Cackle Canonize Countermand Caddice Cantabile Countrified Cade Cantante Court-bred Cadence Cantatrice Courtyard Cadene Canticle Coward Cadge Canzone Cowed Cadmite Capable Cow-herd Cafe Cap-a-pie Cow-weed Caffre Cape Crabbed Cage Capitate Cracked Cajole Capitulate Crammed Cake Capote Creed Calite Caprice Crinkled Calcarate Caprifole Crooked Calcine Capriole Cross-bred Calcitral e Capsize Cross grained Calculate Capsule Cross-road Calculose Captivate Crowd Caleche Captive Cuboid Calenture Capture Cud Calf-love Carabine Cultivated Caliope Caracole Cultrated Calipee Caraffe Cupboard Caliphate Garage Cupid Calotte Carapace Curd Calotype Carbine Curved Calumuiate Carbonate Custard Camboose Carbonize Cycloid Came Carbuncle Cylindroid Camerate Carcase Camomile Care C-E'\ sr [C-E Caricature Cede Chaumontelle Cariole Ceinture Checkmate Carle Celatui-e Cheese Carmelite Celebrate Cheesecake Carmine Celibate Chef-d'oeuvre Carnage Cellule Chenille Caroclie Carouse Censure Centigrade Cheque Chersonese Carriage Centime Chesible Carronade Centre Chicane Carse Centrine Chide Carte Centumvirate Chief-justice Cai-te-blanche Centuple Chiffoniere Cartilage Cerate Childe Cartridge Ceraunite Childlike Carucate Cei'e Chime Carve Cerebrose C him ere Cascade Certificate Chiminage Case Caseine Certitude Cervine Chimpanzee Chine Cashmere Cesure Chinese Cash-note Chafe Chlorate Casque Chaise Chlorine Caste Chalice Choanite Castigate Challenge Chocolate Castle Catadupe Catalogue Catastrophe Chalybeate Chamade Champagne Chance Choice Choke Choose Chose Catechize Change Chouse Catenulate Changeable Christianize Cat's -eye Chansonnette Chromate Cattle Caudle Chape Characterize Chrome Chromule Cause Charge Chronicle Cauterize Chargeable Chronoscope Cavalcade Charitable Chuckle Cave Chartreuse Chute Caviare Chase Cicatrize Cayenne Cazique Cease Chaste Chastise Chasxible Cicerone Cigarette Cincture C—B'] 38 [C—-E Cingalese Codille Commemorate Cingle Coerce Commemorative Cinque Coffee Commence Cii^cle Goggle Commensurable Circulate Cogitate Commensurate Circumference Cognate Commerce Circumstance Cognizance Commingle Cisalpine Cognoscente Commiserate Cite Cogue Commissionaire Citole Cohesive Committee Civilize Coiffure Commode Clairvoyance Coigne Commodore Clandestine Coinage Commiine Clarence Coincidence Communicate Clause Co-inheritance Communicative Clave Coke Commute Clavicle Colbertine Companionable Claymore Cole Comparable Cleanse Colemouse Comparative Clearance Collapse Compare Cleave Collate Compassionate Cleclie Colleague Compatible Climate Collective Compensate Clique College Compete Close Collegiate Competence Closure Collide Competitive Clothe Collie Compile Clovate Collude Complaisance Clove Cologne Complete Coacervate Colonize Complexure Coagulate Colonnade Compliance Coalesce Coloratinc Compline Coarse Coloiirable Compose Coatee Columbine Composite Cobble Colure Composure Coble Comate Compote Cocagne Comatose Comprehensive Cockade Combative Compressible Cockatrice Combine Comprise Cockle Combustible Compromise Coddle Come Compute Code Comfortable Comrade I C— E] S9 [C—E Con amore Concatenate Concave Concede Conceive Concentrato Concierge Conciliate Concise Conclave Conclude Conclusive Concordance Concourse Concrete Concurrence Condense Condite Condole Condolence Condone Conducive Cone Confederate Conference Confidante Confide Confidence Configurate Confine Confiscate Confluence Conformable Confuse Confute Conge Conge d'elirn Conglomerate CongTatulate Congregate Congreve Conjecture Conjugate Conjunctive Conjure Connate Connivance Connive Conscience Consecrate Consecutive Consequence Conservative Conserve Considerate Consignee Console Consolidate Consonance Conspire Constable Constitute Construe Consulate Consume Consummate Consumptive Contaminate Contemplate Contemptible Contestable Continuance Contrate Contravene Contre-basse Contre-danse Contribute Contrite Contrivance Contrive Convalescence Convene Convenience Conventicle Converge Conversazione Converse Convertible Conveyance Convince Convoke Convulse Convulsive Co-operate Co-operative Cope Copper-plate Coppice Copse Coquette Coracle Coralline Corallite Cordage Core Corn age Corn-crake Corner-stone Cornerwise Cornice Corporate Corpse Corpulence Corrective Correspondence Corroborative Cori'ode Corruptible Corsage Corse Cortege Corve Corvette Corvine Cosenage Cosmolabe C—E] '10 [C—G Costume Cristate Cyclone Coterie Criticize Cyme Cottage Critique Cynosure Countenance Crocodile Counterbalance Crome G—F Counterforce Crone Caitiff Counter-fugue Crore Calf Cauf Countermine Crucible Counterpane Crude Cerf Country-dance Cruise Chaff Coupee Crumble Cherif Couple Criimple Chief Courage Crusade Clef Course Cruse Cliff Cove Crystalline Coif Cowardice Cube Colstaff Cowbane Cuculate Corf Cuff Cowhide Cuddle Cradle Culdee Crake Culminate C—G Crane Culpable Cackling Crape Cultivate Cagniag Crate Culture Caking Crave Cumbersome Calembourg Craze Cupule Calling Crease Curate Camping Create Curbstone Canvassing Creature Curdle Carding Credence Cure Carving Crenaturo Curricle Casting Creole Curse Cavilling Creosote Curule Caving Crepuscle Curvature Ceasing Crevasse Curve Chaffering Crevice Cusine ChaflBng Cribbage Cusnee Chafing Crime Cute Changeling Criminate Cuticle Chanting Cringe Cutpurse Charing Crinkle Cuttle Charming Crinoline Cutty-pine Chasing Cripple Cycle Cheating C-G] 41 [O-I Cheering Conning Chattah Cherishing Conspiring Cherish Chickling Contaminating Childish Chiding Continuing Chiliarch Chilling Cooing Chirograph Chipping Cooking Chough Chirping Coping Church Choking Copying Churlish. Chuckling Cosening Clash Ciphering Couching Clench Clacking Coursing Click Clang Covering Clinch Clapping Crag Cloth Clearing Craig C lough Cleaving Cramming Clutch Cleg_ Cribbing Coach Clicking Crimping Cockroach Climbing Crowing Coldfinch Cling Crying Commonwealth Cloaking Cunning Conch Clog Curbing Coquettish Clothing Curling Couch Cloying Ciu-rying Cough Ckibbing Cursing Countermarch Clucking Clung C—U Crash Craunch Clustering Calash Crawfish Coasting Calipash Cromlech. Coating Caliph Crotch Cobbing Callipash Crouch Cobourg Capouch Crunch Cog Cartouch Crush Cogging Cash Crutch Coinina: Catagraph Cruth Coling Catarrh Colouring Catch C—I Combing Cavendish Cabiri Coming Cecogra]-»h Cadi Complaining Cenotaph Cagui Composing Ceterach Casus-belli Condescending Chaffinch Centumviri Congealing Chainstitcli Charivari C-K] 42 IC—L Cognati Creek Caudal Contorniati Crick Causal Croak Cavil " C—K Crock Ceil Calk Crook Celestial Canal-lock Cusk Cell Candlestick Censorial Can dock C—L Centennial Cai-k Cahal Centesimal Cask Call Central Cassock Calomel Centrifugal Cauk Camail Centripetal Caulk Cambrel Centurial Chalk Camel Ceorl Charlock Canal Cereal Cheap-jack Cancel Cerebral Check Cannibal Ceremonial Cheek Cantel Chancel Chettik Capital Channel Chick Capitol Chapel Chink Caracal Charcoal Chock Caracol Charnel Chop-stick Caramel Chattel Chuck Caravel Cheerful Chunk Cardinal Cheveril Clack Careful Chill Clank Carnal Chimerical Clerk Carnival Chisel Click Carol Chloral Clink Caromel Chrjsoberjl Cloak Caroteel Churl Clock Carousal Cimbal Cluck Carrel Cinquefoil Cock Cartel Circumstantial Cook Castor-oil Citadel Copeck Casual Civil Copy-book Catadioptrical Classical Cork Cat-call Clerical Cossack Categorical Coal Crack Caterwaul Cob-wall Crank Cathedral Cochineal Creak Catherine-wheel Cockerel f tolh L C— L] 43 [C— ill Cocklesliell Codicil Codliver-oil Coequal Coeterual Coeval Cog-wLeel Coil Collateral Colloquial Colonel Colonial Colossal Comical Commensal Commercial Committal Communal Compel Comptrol Conceal Conditional Confessional Confidential Congeal Congenial Conjectural Conjugal " Consequential Constitutional Consul Continual Control Controversial Contubernal Conventional Conversational Convivial Cool Copal Coral Corbeil Corbel Cairngorm Cordial Calciform Corn-mill Calcium Coronal Calm Corporal Calvinism Corporeal Cam Cotidal Carapaniform Council Cancriform Counsel Candelabrum Coup-d'oeil Cannibalism Court-martial Capriform Co^'l Capsicum Cracknel Caseum Crapnel Cataclysm Crawl Cataplasm Creel Catechism Crewel Catliolioism Criminal Catilinism Critical Celticism Cropful Cerebrum Crossbill Charm Croton-oil Chartism Crowquill Chasm Crucial Cherubim Cruel Chiliasm Crystal Chrism Cubital Chrisom Cudgel Christendom Cull Chronogram Cultel Chry santhem urn Cupel Chum Cupful Claim Curl Clam Curtail Clem Curtal Club-room Custrel Cockneyism Cylindrical Colchicum Cymbal Coldcream Coliseum C— Jf Colluni Cabal ism Conietarium Cadmium Commend am C-N] 44 [G—N Compendium Calyon Cassation Compliivium Cambrian Castalian Confirm Cameleon Castellan Conform Camion Castellation Conservatism Campaign Castigation Conundrum Campion Cast-iron Cram Can Catamaran Cranium Canadian Catamountain Cream Cannon Catechumen Cretinism Canon Catholicon Cretism Canonization Catkin Criticism Cantabrigian Catodon Crossbeam Canteen Catonian Cruciform Canton Cauterization Crum Caparison Caution Culm Capitulation Cavern Cuneiform Caplin Cayman Curriculum Capon Centenarian Cui'viform Capricorn Centurion Custom Captain Cerberean Cymbiform Caption Certain Cynicism Captivation Cerulean Cyphonism Capuchin Cessation Carafon Cession C—N Carbon Cestrian Cabin Careen Chacoon Cacliinnation Careworn Chain Cacodemon Caribbean Chairman Cadmean Carillon Chaldean Caftan Carlovingian Chaldron Caiman Carman Chamberlain Cairn Carmen Chameleon Calabrian Carnation Champaign Calcedon Carnelian Champan Calcination Carolin Champion Calculation Caroon Chanson Caldron Carrion Chaperon Caledonian Cartesian Chapfallen Calefaction Carthaginian Chaplain Caligation Carthusian Charlatan Calkin Cartoon Charon Calorification Casern Cliarwoman C-N] 45 [C-N Chasten Chatelain Cheapen Chelidon Cherubin Chess-man Chevron Chicken Chieftain Chilblain Chiliagon Chiliahedron Chilian Chilonian Chiltern Chin Chiragon Chirurgeon Chretien Christen Christian Churchman Churn Ciceronian Cimmerian Cinnamon Circassian Circean Circensian Circulation Circumflection Circumgyration Circumscription Circumvention Cistei-cian Cistern Citation Cithern Citizen Citron Cittern Civilian Civilization Clan Clan's-man Clarion Classification Classman Clean Clergyman Cloven Clown Coachman Coaction Coagulation Coalition Cobs wan Cockswain Cocoon Codlin Coercion Coffin Cogitation Cognomen Cohesion Coin Colarin Colin Collation Collection Collimation Colliquation Collision Collocation Collodion Collusion Colon Colonization Colophon Columbian Column Combination Combustion Comedian Commemoration Commendation Commensuratiou Commination Comminution Commiseration Commission Common Commotion Communication Communiou Commutation Companion Comparison Compassion Compensation Competition Complain Completion ' Complexion Complication Complutensian Composition Comprehension Compression ComjDulsion Compunction Computation Con Concatenation Concentration Conception Concern Concession Conciliation Conclusion Concoction Concretion Concussion Condemnation Condensation Condescension G—N\ 46 [C—0 CoBdig'n Condition Confabulation Confection Confederation Confession Configuration Confirmation Confiscation Conflagration Conformation Confusion Confutation Congestion Conglomeration Congratulation Congregation Conjugation Conjunction Connexion Conscription Consideration Consign Consolation Consolidation Constellation Consternation Constitution Constrain Constriction Construction Consultation Consummation Consumption Contagion Contain Contamination Contemn Contemplation Contention Continuation Contortion Contraction Contradiction Contradistinction Contravention Conttdbution Contrition Contumulation Contusion Convention Conversation Convolution Convulsion Copeimican Corban Cordon Cordovan Cordwain Cor in Corinthian Corn Cornbin Coronation Corporation Correction Corroboration Corrosion Con'uption Cosmopolitan Cotillon Cotton Council-man Counteraction Countersign Countryman Cou^nty-town Coup-de-main Coupon Cousin Cowman Cozen Craftsman Cran Craven Crayon Creation Credential Cremation Crestfallen Crimination Crimson Crispin Criterion Cross- question Crown Crucifixion Crustacean Crystallization Cullion Culmination Cultivation Culverin Cumulation Curb-chain Curmudgeon Curtain Curtation Cushion Custodian Cyclamen Cytherean G—0 Cacao Calando Calico Calypso Cameo Camisado Campanino Canto Capriccio Capriccioso Cargo Cashoo C'-P] 47 [0—B Casino Choke-damp Candor Cassino Chop Canister Cavalcro Clamp Canker Cazio Clanship Cannoneer Cento Clap C annular Chandoo Claptrap Canter Charneco Clasp Caper Cliiar-oscuro Clerkship Caperer Cicisbeo Clip Capitular Clarino Clomp Car Clio Clump Carabineer Cobra-di-capello Cockahoop Carder Cockatoo Collop Card-maker Compo Comradeship Career Concerto Coop Carpenter Congo Courtship Carper Conto Cowslip Carrier Coutra-l'.asso Cramp Carter Contralto Creep Cartographer Coo Crimp Carver Corindo Crisp Cashier Corno Crop Caster Crambo Croup Castor Crotalo Cup Catcher Crusado Cusp Cater Cuckoo Caterer Cui bono C—B Caterpillar Curioso Caballer Cauliflower Cackler Cavalier C—P Cadger Caviller Calp Cajoler Cedar Caltrop Calabar Cellar Camp Calef actor Cellarer Cantrap Calendar Cellular Cap Calender Censer Carp Caliver Censor Champ Caller Censurer Chap Calumniator Centaur Cheap Camber Centimeter Chip Camphor Cessor Chirp Canaster Chaffer Chirrup Cancel' Chair c—h] [c-u Challenger Chamber Chamfer Champer Chancellor Chandelier Chandler Changer Chanter Chanticleer Chapter Char Character Charioteer Charmer Charter Charterer Chaser Chasseur Chastiser Chatter Chatterer Cheater Chedder Cheer Cheerer Cheqiier Cherish er Chevalier Chipper Choir Choke-pear Choker Choler Chomer Chooser Chopper Chorister Chowder Chronicler Chronologer Chronometer Cider Cigar Cimeter Cinder Cipher Circular Circumnavigator Citer Clamber Clamour Clangor Clapper Clasper Clatter Clavier Claviger Cleanser Clear Clearer Cleaver Clever Climber Clincher Clinker Clipper Clodhopper Cloister Clothier Clover Cluster Coadjutor Coaster Coaxer Cobbler Cockchafer Codger Coffer Cognizor Co-heir Coiner Co-juror Cold-shoulder Collar Collector Collier Colmar Colombicr Colour Colter Comber Combiner Comer Comforter Commander Commendator Commentator Commenter Commissioner Commoner Compeer Compeller Competitor Compiler Composer Compositor Comptoir Comptroll Computer Concealer Concur Condenser Condor Conductor Confectioner Confer Confessor Confirmer Conger Conjurer Conjuror Connoisseur Conquer Conquerer Consider ILr C-B] 49 [C-S Consoler Cower Caddis Conspirator Cozener Caduceus Constrictor Cracker Caducous Constructed.' Crater Ctestus Consular Crawler Calais Contender Creator Calamitous Contour Creditor Calamus Contractor Creeper Calcareous Contradictor Crepuscular Calends Contributor Cricketer Caligenous Controller Crier Calipers Conveyancer Croaker Calisthenics Cooler Cropper Callous Cooper Crosier Cambayes Co-operator Cross-bar Cam erali sties Copier Croupor Camus Copper Croupier Candlemas Cordelier Cruiser Cankerous Coriander Crupper Canonicals Corner Crusader Canopus Cornfluur Cucumber Canorous Coroner Cudgx'ller Cantadours Corrector Cullender Cantaiikerous Corridor Culver Canthus Corsair Cumber Canvas Coster Cup-bearer Canvass Coster-monger Cur Capacious Costumier Curer Capias Cottao-er Currier Capitularies Cotter Cursitor Capricious Coucher Cursor Captious Coulter Customer Carditis Councillor Cutler Careless Counsellor Cutter Caress Counter Cyder Carnivorous Counter-jumper Cylinder Carrows Courier Cymar Cams Courser Cyplier Caryatides Courtier Czar Casters Court- plaster C-8 Catachresis Covenanter Catacoustics Cover Cadaverous Catandromoua CS] ;o [c—^ Catasfcasis Cateress Catliolics Cat-o-nine-tail.'! Catoptrics Caucus Cauliferous Causeless CaiTSus Cautious Cavernous Ceaseless Cecils Censorious Census Ceplialites CepLalous Ceplieus Cepbus Cerastes Ceratopteris Cerberus Ceremonious Cereopsis Certes Cess Cestus CliaUis Chamois Cliangele?s Chantre^s Chaos Chaps Charms Chats Cheapness Checkei-s Checks Cheerinops Chemicals Chess Chcval-slass Childless Chimes ChivalroLis Chlamys Chloris Chore us Chorus Chrematistics Christmas Chronicles Chi'jsalis Chrysophrasus Cippus Circinus Circuitous Circus Cirrus Cistus Clamourous Class Classics Classis Clays Cleanliness Clearness Clees Clematis Cleoptcrous Clives Cloisteress Closeness Clothes Cloudiness Cloudless Club-moss Clutches Coaming's Cochlcous Cocks Cocoa-nibs Coins Colares Colluvics Colobus Colossians Colossus Colourless Colours Comeliness Comfortless Commandress Commetics Commodious Common-Pleas Commons Compass Compasses Compendious Complateness Compunctious Conchus Concuss Confess Congeries Congius Congress Congruous Conies Conops Conqucress Conscientious Conscious Consols Consonous Conspectus Contagious Contemporaneous ^ Contemptuous Contentious Contents Conterminous Contiguous Continuous I C— S] 51 C—T] Contraries C—T Catapbract Contrariness Catapult Contre-temps Cabalist Cataract Contumacious Cabaret Catecbist Convolvulus Cabinet Catgut Coolness Cablet Caught Copious Cabriolet Caulet Corps Cachalot Caveat Corpus Cachet Cellaret Cortes Cadet Celt Corves Calamist Cement Corvus Calligraphist Cent Coss Calumet Centre-bit Costless Calvinist Cerement Costliness Cambist Cest Countless Camelot Chain-shot Courageous Camlet Chalet Courses Candiot Chant i Court-dress Candy- tiift Chaplet i Courteous Canescent Chariot Covetous Cannot Chart Cowbells Canon-bit Chartist Crass Cant Chastisement Credulous Canzonet Chat Cress Capitalist Chatelet Cretaceous Capot Cheat Crisis Caput Cheese-vat ^Crocus Carat Chemist Croquettes Carburet Cheroot Cross Carcanet Chest Crotalus Caret Chestnut Crustaceous Carpet Chiliasb Ci'yopliorus Carrot Chirographist Cuartas Cart Chiroplast Cuirass Cartwrigbt Chiropodist Cumbrous Carvist Chirosophist Curious Casement Chit Custos Casket Chitchat Cutaneous Cast Chorist Cut-glass Castanet Christ Cutlass Castlet Circlet Cypress Casuist Circuit E 2 C—Tl [C—T Circumspect Combatant Conduit Circumvent Combust Confect Cit Comet Confidant Claimant Comfit Confident Clap-net Comfort Conflict Claret Commandant Conformist Clarinet Commandment Confront Cleat Commencement Congest Cleft Comment Conjoint Client Commissariat Connect Closet Commit Conquest Cloud- capt Comorant Conscript Cloudlet Communist Consent Clot Compact Consequent Clout Compartment Consignment Condjutant Compatriot Consist Coalescent Competent Consistent Coal-pit Complacent Consonant Coast Complainant Consort Coat Complaint Constant Cobalt Complacent Constat Cobnut Complement Constituent Cockboat Compliant Constraint Cocket Compliment Constrict Cockpit Complot Construct Cocoa-nut Component Consult Co-exist Comport Contact Cogent Comportment Contempt Cognizant Compost Content Cognovit Comprint Contentment Coherent Compt Contest Cohort Concealment Context Coincident Conceit Continent Colewort Concent Contingent Collect Concernment Contort Collaret Concert Contract Colleret Concoct Contradict Collet Concomitant Contrapuntist Colonist Concordant Contrast Colt Concordat Controversialist Coltsfoot Condiment Controvert Combat Conduct Convalescent C—T] [C—X I Convenient Convent Conversant Convert Convict Convivialist Coot Copt Copyright Coquet Co-regent Cormorant Cornet Cornist Coronet Corposant Corpulent Correct Correspondent Corroborant Corrupt Corselet Corset Corvorant Cosset Cost Cot. Couclaant Count Counteract Counterfeit Counterpart Counter-plot Counter-point County- court Coup d'etat Couplet Courant Court Covenant Coverlet Covert Covet Craft Cravat Creaglit Credent Credit Crescent Cresset Crest C revet Cricket Crocliet Crocket Croft Croquet Crosslet Crotchet Crowsfoot Cruet Crumpet Cruset Crust Ci'ypt Cubit Cuckoo-pint Culprit Culvert Current Curt Curvet Cushat Cut Cutlet Cutthroat Cygnet Cyst C—U Caribou Casleu Chapeau Chateau Chiru Chisleu C—W Caddow Catspaw Caw Chaw Chew Claw Clew Club-law Common-law Corkscrew Cow Craw Crew Ci'ossbow Crow Curfew Curlew G—X Calyx Carnifex Caudox Cervix Chatterbox Cicatrix Circumflex Climax Coadjutrix Coax Codex Commix Compass-box Complex Conflux Convex Cow pox Crenaux Crucifix Crux 0— Y] 54 [C—Y C—Y Cacology Cacophony Caddy Cajolery Calamity Calefy Calligi'apliy Calumny Campanology Canary Canbuoy Candy Canny Canonry Canopy Cantatory Canterbury Capability Capacity Capillary Captivity Caravansary Caraway Carchedony Cardialgy Carny Cartulary Cassiowary Castaway Casualty Casuistry Catalepsy Catcbfly Catchpenny Catego'ry Causality Causticity Cautery Cavalry Cavity Cavy Cecity Celebrity Celerity Celery Celibacy Celidography Cemetery Cenatory Centinary Century Cephalalgy Ceremony Certainty Certify Chaffy Chaledony Chalcography Champerty Chancery Chap el ry Chaplaincy Chappy Charily Charity Chary Chastity Chatty Cheery Chemistry Cherry Chicanery Chicory Chiefly Chifty Chiklermasday Chilly Chimney Chirology Chiromancy Chivalry Clioultry C ho wry Chromatology Chronography Chronology Chronometry Chrysology Chubby Chuffy Chymistry Ciliary Cinerary City _ Civility Clammy Clarify Clarity Clary Classify Claviary Clay Cleanly Clemency Clere-story Clergy Clerkly Cleromancy Cloddy Cloggy Closely Cloudily Cloy Clumsy Cockney Colliery Colloquy Colly Colony Columbary Comedy Comfrey Commandery Commissary Commodity C— Y] 55 [B-B Commonalty Contumely Craniology Commonly Conversely Cranky Commnnity Convexity Cranny Company Convey Crazy Complementary Convoy Crispy Complexity Cony Crockery Compi'icity Cookery Crony Complimentary Coolly Crotchety Comply Copy Crucify Compulsory Corby Cruelty Concavity Cordiality Crusty Conchology Corduroy Cryptology Coney Cornetcy Cuddy Confederacy Corollary Culinary Confraternity Cosey Cupidity Congruity Cosmography Curacy Conny Cosmology Curiosity Consanguinity Costly Curly Conservatory Cosy Currency Consistory Country Curry Conspiracy County Cursory Constabulary Courtesy Curtsy Constituency Covey Custody Contemporary Cowry Customary Continuity Coy Cutlery Contradictory Cozey c-z Contrariety Crabby Contrary Crafty Chintz Controversy Craggy Coz Contumacy Cranberry Czarowitz D—A Dilemma Drama Dahlia Diorama Duenna Daphnia Data Datura Delta Deutzia Diphtheria Diploma Dipsoitiauia Diptera Dista Dulia Dysthymia B—B Dab Diaschisma Dogma Daub Digamma Donna Doueb J)— 0] [D—E Dicb Declared, Disregard Disentonib Dedicated Dissatisfied Disturb Deed Dissevered Urab Deer-liound Dissipated Drib Defend Distend Drub Defined Distracted Dub Deformed Dividend Dumb Defraud Divorced r—c Deltoid Dock-yard Demand Dogged Dacijlic Demigod Dotard Daric Dendioid Dottard Delph'c Dentated Dotted Demiurgic Dented Downward Despotic Dentroid Drained Diacaustic Deodand Draped Diaglypliic Depend Dread Diastaltic Descend Dried Diatonic Despond Druid Dicliromatic Determined Drunkard Didactic Devoid Dryad Dietetic Devoted Diiad Diplomatic Diamond Dubbed Disc Dicbord Duckweed Domestic Did Dud Doric Dignified B—B Dracontic Dioband Dramatic Discard Dabble Discord Dace B—B Diseased Daddle Dad Disengaged Dale Damaged Disgraced Dalliance Danegeld Disheartened Damage Dappled Dished Damascene Dark -eyed Dishevelled Damask-rose Dastard Disenterested Dame Dated Disinterred Dance Daubed Disjointed Dancette Dead Dismayed Dandle Deeacliord Dismissed Dane Decayed Disordered Dangle Decided Dispersed Daphne I D—E] [D-E Dapple Decree Dense Dare Deduce Dentifrice Dariole Deface Denude Darksome Defame Deodorize Date Defeasance Departure Dative Defeasible Depeudanco Davyne Defective Depicture Dawdle Defence Deplorable Daytime Defensible Deplore Daze Defensive Depone Dazzle Deference Depose Dean rate Defiance Deprave Debacle Defile Depreciate Debase Definable Depredate Debatable Define Deprive Debate Definite Depute Debenture Deflagrate Derange Debilitate Degenerate Deride Deboucliure Degrade Derisive Decade Degree Derivative Decadence Delegate Derive Decalitre Deliberate Derogate Decalog'ue Delicate Describe Decametre Delineate Desecrate Decapitate Deliverance Deserve Decastyle Delpliine Desliabille Decease Delude Desiderate Deceive Deluge Desiderative Decemvirate Delusive Designate Deceptive Delve Desiii'native Decide Demagogue Desirable Decile Demesne Desire Decimate Demise Desolate Decipherable Demonize Desperate Decisive DemonFtrate Despicable Declare Demonstrative Despise Decline Demoralize Despite Decollate Demple Despondence Decompose Demure Destinate Decorate Denominate Destine Decorative Denote Destitute Decrease Denounce Desti'uctible D—E] 58 [D-E Destructive Dine Disfigure Detective Dingle Disgorge Deteriorate Dingle-dangle Disgrace Deterrence Diocese Disguise Dethrone Diplomate Dishonourable Deuce Diptote Disincline Devastate Dire Disincorporate Deviate Dirge Disintegrate Device Disable Disjunctive Devise Disabuse Dislike Devote Disacknowledge Dislocate Devotee Disadvantage Dislodge Diaconato Disagree Dismantle Diallage Disagreeable Disobedience Dialogue Disappearance Disoblige Diapente Disappropriate Disorganise Diastole Disapprove Disparage Diastyle Disarrange Dispense Diatribe Disbelieve Disperse Dibble Disburse Displace Dibstone Discernible Displeasure Dice Discharge Dispose Dictate Disciple Dispraise Diddle Discipline D isproportionate Die Disclose Disprove Difference Disclosui^e Disputable Diffidence Discompose Dispute Diffuse Disconsolate Disreputable Diffusive Discontinue Disrepute Digestible Discountenance Dissemble Digestive Discourse Disseminate Digitate Discreditable Dissertate Digressi>'e Discrete Dissipate Dike Discretive Dissoluble Dilapidate Discriminate Dissolve Dilate Disculpate Dissuade Dilettante Discursive Dissuasive Diligence Disease Dissyllable Dilute Disenfranchise Distance Dime Disengage Distaste Diminutive Disentangle Distinctive Dimple Disenthrone Distinguishable (I m\[ D—E] 59 [D—G Distribute Dovelike D—G Disturbance Dowse Dag- Distyle Dracontine Damaskeening Disunite Draggle Dancing- Disuse Drainage Dapperling Ditone Drake Daring- Dive Dramatize Darling Diverge Drape Dasliing Divergence Drawbridge Dawning Diverse Dredge Dealing Divine DriblDle Dearling Divisible Drinkable Decaying- Divorce Drive Declaring Divulge Dinzzle Deer-stalking Docile Drone Degrading- Doctrine Drop-scene Depending Dodecasyllablc Drove Deploring Dodge Drowse Derring Doe Drudge Designing Doge Dubbe Destroying Dog-rose Dubiate Dig Dolce Ductile Dilling Dole Due Ding ' DODIC Duke Ding-dong Domesticate Dunce Diplitbong Domicile Dunnage Discerning Dominate Duodecuple Discbarging Domine Dupe D iscriminatiiig Dominie Duplicate Disdain ing Donative Durable Disgu sting- Done Dui'ance Dishing Doodle Dwindle Dissembling Doree Dye Dissenting- jDormitivc Dyke D' stilling j Dormouse Dynamite Distracting Dose Distressing Dotage I)—F Ditcbing Dote Daff Diverting Double Deaf Dividing- Douclie Distai'f Diving Douse Doff Doctoring Dove Dwarf Doing D-Jf] GO \_I)—L Dog- Demolish Doomsday-book Doting Depth Dorrock Doubling Despatch Drank Doubting Detach Drawback Drag- Diglyph. Drink Draining Digraph Drumstick Dram-drinking Diminish Drunk Drawing Disestablish Duck DraAYling Dish Dunnock Dressing Distich Dusk Dribbling- Distinguish Drifting Ditch B—L Drinking Dog-tooth Dactyl Dripping- Doth Daffodil Drivelling Dough Damosel Driving Drench Damsel Droning Drouth Deal Dropping Dubash Decadal Drubbing Dutch Decahedral Drug Deceitful Dubbing B—I Decem pedal Ducking Dali Decennial Duckling Deblai Decennoval Duelling- Decemviri Decimal Dug Demi Decretal Dugong D—K Deferential Dukeling Delightful Dumpling Dad dock Dell Dunning Daglock Demesnial Duinng Damask Denial Dwelling- Dank Denominational Dyeing Dark Dental Dying Dauk Dentil Dawk Dermal B—II Daybreak Despisal Danish Deck Despiteful Dash Desk Despoil Dearth Disembark Detail Death Disk Devil Debauch Disrank Devotional Debouch Dobchick Dextral Decastich Dock Dextrorsal D— L] 61 [D—N Diabaterial Diabolical Diaconal Diagonal Dial Dictatorial Diclactyl Diennial Differential Digital Dihedral Dill Diluvial Direful Disannul Disapparel Disdainful Disenthral Disgraceful Dishe\cl Disinthrall Dismal Dismissal Dispel Dis[;osal Disrespectfi Distasteful Distil Distrustful Diurnal Divisional Doctrinal Doggerel Doleful Doll Domal Domanial Dominical Dorsal Dorsel Dotal Dotterel Doubtful Dowel Down-haul Drawl Dreadful Drift-sail Drill Drivel Droll Dropsical Dual Ducal Duckbill Ducking-stool Duel Dull Duodecennial Duodecimal Dutiful DuuniAaral Dwell D—M Dactylium Dam Dandyism Datum Dawm Daybeam Daydream Decagram Decharni Declaim Decorum Deem Defluvium Deform Deiform Deism Delirium Dentalium Dentifonu Derm Desideratum Despotism Diadem Diadrom D iagram Dialogism Diaphragm Diastem Dictum Di- drachm Difform Digitiform Diluvium Dim Diinorpliism Dining-room Dior ism Disaccustom Disaffirm Disarm. Disciform Disclaim Disencharm Ditheism Diversiform Dogmatism Dom Doniuin Doom Draclim Dram Diawing-room Dream Drum Dualism Dukedom Duodenum Dajon Da-;swaiu D—N] 62 \_D-n Daker-hen Declination Dentition Damaskeen Decoction Denudation Damaskin Decollation Deodorization Damn Damnation Decomposition Decoration Depilation Depletion Damon Decrown Deportation Damson Dan Dandelion Decnrion Dedentition Dedication Deposition Depravation Deprecation Dandy-licn Deduction Depreciation Darken Defalcation Depredation Darn Defection Depression Dauphin Dawn Deacon Definition Defluxion Defoliation Deprivation Deputation Dereliction Deaden Degradation Derision Deafen Degustation Derivation Dealbation Deign Derogation Dean Dejection Descension Dearn Delectation Description Deathtoken Delegation Desertion Debarkation Deletion Desiccation Debellation Deliberation Design Debilitation Delineation Designation D ebullition Delphian Desman Decagon Delusion Desolation Decagynian Demain Desperation Decahedron Demarcation Despoliation Decameron Demean Destination Decandrian Dementation Destitution Decantation Demi-bastion Destruction Decapitatioa Demiculverin Detain Deception Decern Demi-john Demolition Detection Detention Decerption Demon Determination Decertation Demonian Detestation Decession Demoralization Detraction Decimation Den Devotion Decision Denizen Diacatholicon Declamation Denomination Diachylon Declaration Dentation Dialectician Declension Denticulation Diapason D—K] G3 [D-P Diatessarou Disputation Dragon Dictation Disqualification Dragoon Diction Disquisition Drain Diflnction Dissatisfaction Draughtsman Diffraction Dissection Drawn Diffusion Dissemination Drawing-room Digestion Dissension Drayman Digression Dissertation Dredgeman Dilation Dissimulation Drinking-horn Dilation Dissipation Drown Dimension Dissolution Drunken Diminution Dissuasion Duan Din Distention Dubitation Dinunieration Distillation Ducatoon Diocesan Distortion Dudgeon Diodon Distraction Dun Dipteron Distrain Dungeon Direction Distribution Duplication Direption Disunion D uration Dirupticn Divan Durden Disaffection Diversification Dustman Disapprobation Diversion Dynastidan Disburden Divination Dzeren Discern Division D—0 Disciplinarian Divulsion Disclamation Dodecagon Ditto Discretion Dodecahedron Divertimento Discrimination Doeskin Do Discrown Dog-latin Dodo Discursion Dogskin Doloroso Discussion Dolphin Domino Disdain Domain Dorado Dishearten Dominican Draco Disinclination Dominion Duo Disinfection Don Duodecimo Disjoin Donation Disjunction Donjon D-P Dislocation Dorn Donskip DisQ-wn Doubloon Drip Dispensation Doudon Droop Disposition Down Drop Disproportion Dozen Dump B—U] CI ID—U D—B Dabbler Dabster Dagger Damper Danger Dangler Dapifer Dapper Dar Darter Dauber Daughter Dawdler Dear Debar Debaser Debater Debonair Debtor Decanter December Decemlocular Decemvir Decider Decimator Deckei- Declaimer Declarer Declinator Declinometer Decorator Decreer D eerier Dedicator Deemster Deer Defacer Defaulter Defer Deferrer Defier Detinitor Deflagrator Dejeuner Delayer Delineator Deliver Deliverer Demander Demeanour Demi-quaver Demi-semi-quaver Demonstrator Dempster Demur Demurrer Dernier Denominator Denunciator Deodar Deodorizer Depressor Dernier Deserter Designer Despair Despiser Detaindor Deter Determinator Detour Detractor Devastator Devisor Devoir Devour Dexter Diameter Diaper Dibber Dicker Dictator Differ Digester Dilator Dilater Dimeter Dinner Dipper Director Disappear Disaster Disceptator Disclaimer Discolour Discover Discoverer Discriminator Disencumber Disfavour Disb-cover Dishonour Disinter Dismember Disorder Dispenser Dissector Disseminator Dissenter Dissertator Dissever Dissimilar Distiller Distrainer Distributor Disturber Ditcher Diver Diverter Divinator Diviner Divisor Doctor Dodder D—B] 65 [D-8 Dodger Dumb-waiter Destructiveness Doer Dunder Detritus Doffer Dun- diver Devious Dogger Dunner Dewiness Dogs-car Dura Mater Dexterous Dollar Dui'bar Diacoustics Dolor Duster Diagraphics Dominator Dyer Dialectics Domineer Dynaiaieicr Dialysis Donor Dianthus Door D—S Diaphonics Dor Dais Dicholophus Dormer Damas Dickens Dorr Dangerless Dictamnus Doter Dangerous Didactics Douanier Darkness Didymous Douceur Dateless Diegesis Doucker Daughterless Dietetics Dowager Deadness Digitalis Dower Dearness Digonous Drab-colour Deathless Digress Drabler Debris Dimness Drainer Decaphyllous Dimorphous Draper Deciduous Dinnerless Draw-bar Decorous Diopsis Drawer Dedalous Dioptrics Dreamer Deedlcss Dipctalous.Drear Deesis Diphylous Dredger Defenceless Diplinthius Dresser Deleterious Diplomatics Drier Delicious Dipsas Drinker Delirium tremens Dipterous Driver Demoness Dis Droger Denarius Disadvantageous Drosometer Dendrophis Disastrous Drover Depilous Discourteous Drum-major Depress Discuss Drummer Depth le<s Disembarrass Drjs alter Dervis Disingenuous Ducker Desertless Dismiss Daifer Designless Dispossess Dulcimer Desirous Distinctness DT] GG [D—T Distress Dart Delict Dithyrambiis Daunt Delight Divers Day-net Delinquent Dizziness Dead-lift Dement Doctoress Dealt Demitint Doctors'Commons Death-warrant Democrat Does Debasement Demulcent Dog-days Debit Dennet Dogmatics Debt Denouement Dogs Debut Dent Dolorous Debutant Dentist Dorainus Decadist Depart Doris Decampment Department Doss Decant Dependant Double-bass Deceit Dependent Donbleness Decent Deperdit Doiibtless Declarant Depict Dowerless Decoct Deponent Dowlas Decreet Deport Draughts Decrepit Deportment Drawers Decrescent Deposit Dregs Decumbent Depot Dress Deduct Derangement Drops Deep-cut Derelict Dross Defacement Descant Druidess Default Descendant Dryness Defeat Descendent Dry OS Defect Descent Dubious Defendant Desert Ducbess Deferrent Desiccant Dulness Defiant Desipient Dumps Deficient Desist Duodecimals Deficit Despondent Duress DefJement Despot Duteous Deflect Dessert Dynamics Deforciant Destructionist Deft Detachment D—T Defunct Detainment Daft Deipnosopbist Detect Dalt Deist Detent Dandiprat Deject Detergent Dane wort Delft Determent Z>-T] 67 IB—T Determinant Detest Detort Detract Detriment Deuterog-amist Devest Deronport Devout Dialect Dialist Diarist Didst Diet Dietetist Different Difficult Diffident Diffract Digest Digit Diligent Dilutent Dint Diplomatist Direct Dirt Disacquaint Disaffect Disafforest Disagreement Disappoint Disarmament Discernment Discomfort Discomfit Disconcert Disconnect Discontent Discordant Discount Discredit Discreet Disenchant D i sengagement Disert D isf rancliisera eut Disgust Dishonest Disinfect Disinfectant Disinherit Disinterment Disjoint Disjunct Dismast Dismount Dispirit Displant Displat Disport Disputant Disqniet Disrespect Disrupt Dissect Dissent Dissolvent Distant Distinct Distort Distract Distraint Distraught Distinct Distrust Dit Divert Divest Divestment Divorcement Doat Docket Document Doddart Dogcart Dog's-meat Doit Dolphinet Dolt Dominant Donatist Dormant Dost Dot Doublet Doubt Dove-cot Dovelet Downcast Downright Dragnet Dramatist Draught Draught-net Dreadnaught Dreamt Drest Driblet Drift Drill-sergeant Drinking-bout Droit Droplet Dropt Drought Drugget Druggist Dryfoot Dry-rot Ducat Duct Duellist Duet Dulcet Durst D-W] 68 [J>— Y Dust Dusty-foot Dwelt Djnast D—W Dew Dewclaw Disallow Disavow Dogdraw Dow Draw Drew Drill-harrow Durab-sliow Duncow B—X Decomplex Dcndroplex Devex Directrix Disannex Dog'-fox Don ax Dredge-box Drill-box DY Dactylology Dactylonomy Daily Dainty Dairy Daisy Dally Dandify Dandy Dap pie-bay Dapple-gray Dastardly Dastardy Datary Daubery Day Day-fly Deacoury Deadly Deafly Deanery Dearly Deary Deathly Debauchery Debility Decay Decency Decennary Deceptory Decisory Declamatory Declaratory Declivity Decoy Decry Decu^ssatively Dedicatory Defamatory Deformity Defray Defy Degeneracy Deify Deity Delay Deletory Delicacy Delinquency Delivery Delusory Demency Democracy Denionology Demy Denary Dendrology Density Dentiloquy Dentistry Denunciatory Deny Dependency Deploy Depositary Depository Depravity Depulsory Deputy Deridingly Dermatology Derogatory Descry Destiny Destroy Desultory Deuterogamy Deuteronomy Devihy Dewberry Dexterity Diaphaneity Diary Dichotomy Dicky Dictionary Dietary Difficulty Difformity Dignify Dignitary Dignity Dilatory Dilly ■ i D-T] GO [E-A Dillr-dally Dissyllabify Dreary Dimensity Ditly Druggy Dimissory Diversity Dromedaiy Dimity Divinity Dropsy Dimly Dizzy Drosky Dinarchy Doeberry Drowsy Dingy Doily Dry Diplomacy Dolly Dryly Directory Domesday Duality Dirty Domiciliary Duarchy Disability Donary Duchy Disarray Donkey Ductility Discourtesy Dooly Dulocracy Discovery Doomsday Duly Discriminancy Dormitory Dummy Disembody Dory Dumpy Dishonesty Doubly Duplicity Disloyalty Doughty Durability Dismoy Dowdy Dursley Disobey Dowery Dusky Disorderly DoTvny Dusty Dispai'ity Dosology Dutchy Dispensary Dozy Duty Dispensatory Dragon-fly Dynasty Display Drapery Dysopsy Disqualify Dray Dysphony Dissatisfy Dreamy EA Echeandria Echidna Edda Edentata Egeria Encenia Encephalgia Encycloptedia Endecandria Endopteru Enigma E. Enneahedi'ia Entomostomata Epha Ephemera Epigfpa Epiphonema Era Eremia Erica Eriochasma Eriphea Errata Errythima Ervtha^a Ethusa Eugenia Eunomia Euplexoptera Europa Euthanasia Excubitoria Extra Extravaganza Ezra U-B] 70 [E-H E—n Ebb Entomb E—C Eccentric Ecclesiastic Ecliptic Ecstatic Egotistic Elastic Electric Elegiac Elliptic Elydoric Emblematic Emetic Emphatic Empiric Encaustic Encephalic Enclitic Endemic Energetic Enthusiastic Eolic Epenetic Epenthetic Epic Epidemic Epidietic Epileptic Epipastic EpithiTraetxO Epodic Erotic Erratic Escharotic Esoteric Estatic Etc Ethic Enharmonic Euphonic Evangelic Exoteric Exotic E—B Earthbound Earthward Eastward Egad Egg-shaped Eightfold Eisteddfod Eland Eld Elliptoid Embattled Embed Embouud Embrued Emerald E merited Emptied Enarmed Encysted End Enforced Enlard Ennead Enshield Enshroud Ephod Epicycloid Errand Espringold Even-handed Exceed Expand Exjiend Experienced Expound Expressed Extend Eyed Eyelid E—E Eagle Earache Earhole Earthenware Earthquake Ease Eatage Eau-de-Cologne Eau-de-Luce Ebrillade Ecaudate Ecbole Echeanco Echinate Echinite Eclipse Economize Ectype E curie Edge Edgewise Edible Edifice Educate Educe Edulcorate Efface Effective Effeminate Effervesce Effete Efflate Efflorescence Effranchise Effulgence Effuse I i E^E] 71 [E—E Effusive Embattle Enervate Eglantine Embezzle En-famille Eglonierate Emblaze Enfeeble Eiglitscore Embottle Enfilade Eigne Embouchure Enforce Ejaculate Embrace Enfranchise Ejure Embrasure Engage Eke Embrocate Engine Elaborate Embronze Engorge Elance Emerge Engrave Elapse ■ Emeute Enhance Elate Emigrate Enkindle Elder-wine Eminence Enlace Elective Empale Enlarge Electorate Emphasize Enmanche Electre Empire En-masse Electrode Employe Ennoble Electro-plate Empurple Enounce Electro-type Emulate Eiaquire Elegance Emulsive Enrage Elephantine Enable Enrapture Elevate Enallage Enrobe Eleve Enate En-route Elide Encage Ensample Eligible Encase Ensanguine Eliminate Encaustic-tile Ensate Elite Enceinte Enschedule Elke Enchafe Enscone Ellipse Encircle Ensemble Eloge Enclose Enshrine Eloigne Encore Ensilage Elongate Encourage Enslave Elope Encradle Ensnare Eloquence Encrinite Ensue Else Encumbrance Ensure Elsewhere Endite Entablature Elucidate Endive Entangle Elude Endorse Entente Elute Endue Enterprise E maciate Endurable Entersole Emancipate Endurance Enthrone Emarginate Endure Entice E—E] 72 [E—E Entire Entitle Entrance Entree Entnne Entwine Enumerate Enunciate Enure Envelope Enviable En wreathe Eocene Eostre Epagogue Epanle Epergne Epicede Epicene Epicerie Epicnre Epicycle Epidote Epigene Epilogue Epiphyte Episcopate Episode Epistle Epistyle Epitome Epitomize Epitrite Epitrope Epode Eprouvette Equable Equate Equidistance Equimultiple Equine Equipage Equipoise Equiponderance Equisonance Equitable Equivocate Equivoke Eradiate Eradicate Erase Erasure Ere Erectile Eremite Ere- while Ermine Erne Erode Erose Erse Ei'st while Erubescence Erudite Escalade Escapade Escape Escargatoire Escartelee Escheatage Escouade Escritoire Escuage Espagnolette Espionage Espiotte Esplanade Espouse Esquire Essence Essonite Estafette Estate Estimable Estimate Estivage Estrade Estrange Estuate E tag ere Etiolate Etiquette Etrapade Etymologise Euclase Eulogize Euphrosyne Eustyle E uterpe Evacuate Evade Evanescence Evangelize Evaporate Evasive Eve Eventide Eventuate Evermore Everywhere Evidence Evince Evincible Evitable Evoke Evolve Ewe Ewe-chesse Exacerbate Exaggerate Examine Example Exarchate Exasperate Ex-calceate Excandescence E-E] \_E-a Excavate Excellence Exceptionable Excerebrose Excessive Exchange Excliacgeable Excitable Excite Exclude Exclusive Excogitate Excommunicate Excoriate Excrescence Excrete Excruciate Exculpate Excuse Execrable Execute Executive Exercise Exergue Exfoliate Exhale Exhaustible Exheridate Exhilarate Exiccate Exigence Exile Existence Exode Exonerate Exorable Exorcise Exortive Expanse Expatiate Expatriate Expectorate Expedidate Expedite Expense Expensive Experience Expiate Expire Expiscato Expletive Explicable Explode Explore Explosive Expose Expostulate Exposure Expressive Expulse Expunge Exquisite Exsiccate Extemporize Extensive Extenuate Exterminate Extirpate Extra-mundane Extravagance Extravagate Extreme Extricate Extrude Extuberance Extuberate Exuberance Exude Eye Ej'elet-hole Eyne Eyre Eysele E—F Elf Enfeoff Engulf Esquif E—G Eanling Earing Earning Ear-ring Earthling Earwig Easterling Edging Edifying Eking Eifervescing Earsfnos: Eking Electioneering- Embalming Emboguing Embossing Enamelling Enchanting Encouraging Ending Ensrae'insr Engineering Eno-ravino;' Enlarging Enravishing Enterprising Entertaining Envying Erelong Erring Etching Evening Evensong u—n] 74 [E-M Everlasting Exceeding Esciting Existing E—H Each Earth Eavescatch Ecclesiarch Eddish Eh Eidograph Eigh^ Eighteenth Eighth Eightieth Elench Eleventh Elfish Elvish Embellish Emperor-moth Empoverish Encroach Enfamish English Enough Enravish E parch Epigraph Epoch Estahlish Estrich Etch Ethuai'ch E—I Edhilingi Effendi Ennui E—K Earlock Eider-duck Elf-lock Elk Elve-lock Embank Embark E—L Earl Earl-marshal Easel Ecumenical Eel Effectual Egg-shell Elemental Ell Elul Embowel Embroil Emeril EmjDanel Empyreal Enamel Enchorial Encyclical End-all Engel Engrail Enneacontahedral Enroll Enseal Entail Enthral Entrammel Entresol Ephemeral Ei)idermal Epimeral Ej^iscopal Equal Equatorial Equicrural Equilateral Equinoctial Equiradical Equirotal Equivocal Escroal Especial Espial Espinel Espousal Essential Estival Eternal Ethel Ethereal Etymological Even-keel Eventful ■Evil Excel Exchequer-bill Expel Experimental Exscriptural External Extol Extrajudicial Eyeball E—M Eardrum Earldom Echinoderm Effluvium Egotism Eidam Elasmotherium Elm Elohim i E-M'] 75 [E—N Elysium Eastern Emersion Em Ebon Emication Embalm Ebullition Emission Emblem Eburnean Emollition Embloom Echelon Emotion Embolism Echinidan Empoison Empiricism Eden Emption Encomium Edcntation Emulsion Endocardium Edification En Ensiform Edition Enalation Enthusiasm Education Encardian Entliymcm Eduction Enchain Envenom E'en Enchasten Epigram Eifectiou Enchiridion Epilogism Effusion Endon Episenium Egi'ession Endogen Epithalamium Eider-down Endorsation Epsom Eighteen Energumen Equiform Ejuration Engine-man Equilibrium Elation Engrain Erbium Election Enhearten Eremitism Eleusinian Enjoin Ergotism Elevation Enlighten Erratum Eleven Enliven Erjtlironium Elfin Enneagon Essenism Elgin Enodation Esteem Elision Ensign Etlinicism Elizabethan Entertain Eudeemonism Elmen Enumeration Eupbemisra Elocution Enunciation Eupbonism Elongation Environ Euphuism Elusion Eolian Exclaim Elvan Ephemeran Exorcism Eljsian Ephesian Exordium Emanation Epinicion Exoticism Emancipation Epulation Ezam Embarkation Equation Emblazon Equestrian E—N Embolden Equitation Earn Embryon Equivocation Eartbbona Emendation Erection Earthen Emerald-green Exception E-N] 76 [E—B Erin Excision Extradition Ermeliu Exclusion Extravasation Erosion Excommunication Extraversion Erudition Excoriation Extrication Eruption Excretion Exudation Escalin Excursion Exulceration Escutcheon Execration Exultation Espaclon Execution Exundation Ession Exemption Exuviation Estimation Exertion Eyen Estivation Exhalation Estuation Exhaustion E—0 Etern Exhibition Echo Etesian Exhilaration Embargo Ethiopian Exhortation Embrocado Etruscan Exogen Embryo Etymon Expansion Endo Euphonon Expectation Erato Eupyi'ion Expectoration Ergo Eurasian Expedition Espato Eurocljdon Expiation Estro European Expiration Expressive Evacuation Explain Evaporation Explanation E—P Evasion Explication Eavesdrop Evection Explorat ion Egg-flip Eviction Explosion Encamp Evolation Exportation Envelop Evolution Expostulatioji Equip Exacerbation Expression Escalop Exacervation Expromission Escarp Exao'geration Expugn E—U Exaltation Expugnation Examen Expulsion Eager Examination Expurgation Ear Exanimation Exsudation Easter Exasperation Extension Edder Excalefaction Extenuation Eddy-water Excantation Extern Editor Exception Extinction Eger Excerebration Extortion Either Exciseman Extraction Elater I % E—R] 77 [E—S Elder Exampler Effects Electioneer Excavator Efficacious Elector Excelsior Eftsoons Electrometer Exchanger Egilops Elevator Exchequer Egis Elisor Executioner Egregious Elixir Executor Egress Elucidator Exemplar Electress Elver Exequatur Ellipses Elzevir Exhibitioner Elops E mbar Exhibitor Elves Embassador Expenditor Embarrass Ember Explicator Embasis Embitter Explorator Embers Embower Expositor Emblements Embroider Expurgator Emboss Emir Exterior Emphasis Emperor Exterminator Em])hvteusis Empower Extinguisher Empress Enamour Extractor Empsychosis Encloister Extructor Emptiness Encounter Empyrosis Encumber E—S Emulous Endanger Earless Enaliosaurians Endear Earthiness Enantiosis Endeavour Ear-witness Encephalitis Engender Easiness Enchantress Engineer Eaves Encompass Engraver Ecbasis Encrinus Ensear Ecclesiastes Endentalous Enter Ecclesiastic us Endirons Enterpriser Echinus Endless Entrepreneur Echoless Endosmosis Eplior Economics Endways Equator Ecphonesis Engross Err Ecrhythmus Enneagynous Error Ecthlipsis Enneapetalous Espalier Edacious Enneaphillous Etat-major Edgeless Enneaspermous Ether Editio-Princeps Enormous Ever Editress Ens Ewer Effectless Entasis E-S] 78 [E—T Enteritis Ethics Eft Entomopliagoiis Eucalyptus Egoist Entrails Eudynaniis Egret Entrelacs Euripus Eight Entremets Eurus Eject Enubilous Evectics Ejectment Envious Evenness Element Environs E volvulus Elephant Epantlious Exceptions Elicit Epcnthesis Excess Eloquent Epexegcsis Exegesis Emanant Ephemeris Exequies Embalmment Epliialtes Exitus Embonpoint EpigfEOUS Exodus Embossment Epigeous Exomologesis Embranchment Epiglottis Exosseous Embroilment Epigraphies Exoterics Emigrant Epiornis Expeditious Eminent Epipbyllous Express Emit Epiphysis Extemporaneou s Emittant Epiplerosis Externals Emniet Epispastics Extrageneous Emollient Epistaxis Extraneous Emolument Epitasis Extraordinaries Empalement Epizeuxis Eye-glass Employment Epos Eye-witness Emulgent Eqnes Enact Equites E — T Enchant Eranthis Eaglet Enchantment Erebus Earnest Encomiast Ericthus Ear-trumpet Encouragement Eridanus Easement Encroachment Erroneous East Encyclopedist Ers Eclaircissement Endearment Erysipelas Eclat Endmost Erythros Economist Endowment Esoterics Edict Engagement Esplees Edit Engirt Espousals Educt Engrossment Esprit-cle- corps Effect Enjoyment Essenes Efficient Enlargement Esthetics Effort Enlist 1 E—T] 79 [U—Y Enlistment Evict Eyelet Ennoblement Evident Eyesight Enouncement Exact Eyot En-passant Exalt E—W Enroot Excellent Entanglement Except Elbow Embow Entertainment Excerpt Enthusiast Excitement Em mew Entreat Exeat Endow Entrepot Exempt Enow Entwist Exert Ere'now Envault Exhaust Eschew Envelopment Exhibit Epact Exhort E—X Epaulet Exilement Efflux Epbemerist Exist Equinox Eriothrix Epistolet Existent Epitapbist Exit Erix Epithet Equinumerant Exorbitant Exorcist Esquimaux Ex Equipment Expect Exlex Equivalent Expectant Erect Expectorant E—Y Ergot Expedient Errant Experiment Early Erst Experimentalist Earnest-money Escapement Expert Earthly Escarpment Explicit Easily Escheat Exploit Easterly Escort Exponent Easy Esculent Export Ebony Esement Extant Ebriety Establishment Extent Eccentricity Estaminet Extinct Echometry Estrangement Extort Economy Estreat Extract Ecstasy Estrepement Extravagant Eddy Esurient Extremist Edify Eulogist Exuberant Effeminacy Evangelist Exult Efficacy Event Eyas-musket Effigy Evert Eyebright Effrontery E—Y] 80 [F-A Eighty _ Elasticity Elderly Electricity Electrify Electro-cliemistry Electi'ology Electuary Eleemosynary Elegy Elogy Elusory Embassy Emlaay Embody Embracery Embroidery Emery Emissary Employ Empty Enantiopatliy Enemy Energy Enjoy Enmity Enomoty Enormity Ensigncy F—A Fa Fancga Fantasia Farina Fascia Fata-morgana Fauna Febricula Fecula Enteradenology Entirety Entity Entomatograpby Entomology Entreaty Entry Envoy Envy Eparchy Epilepsy Epiphany Episcopacy Epistolary Epizooty Epulary Equality Equanimity Equerry Equiponderancy Equity Erpetology Errantry Eschatology Escotery Espy Essay Estuary Eternity P. Felucca Fenestella Feronia Ferrara Festuca Fibula Fictilia Fimbria Fistula Flabellaria Ethnography Ethnology Etymology Euchology Eucrasy Eulogy Eunomy Eupathy Eupepsy Euphony Eurythmy Eventuality Every Everybody Ewry Excellency Exclamatory Exemplary Exemplify Exiguity Exotery Expiatory Expletory Expressly Expui'gatory Extasy Extraordinary Extremity Flagella Flea Flora Floretta Flcta Flotilla Formula Fortuna Fragaria Fx'ingilla I P-B] 81 [F—n Frustulia ruchsia Ftigatfi Fnlgora Fulica Fun aria Fiing'ia Fyrderinga Fib Fob Fub F—J3 F—G Fanatic Fantastic Fatidic Fisc Fistic Fluoric Forensic Formic Franc Frantic Frenetic Frolic Frontinac Fustic F—D Fabled Faced Faceguard Facund Fad Fag-end Faint-beartened Fairyland Falsehood Famed Fard Fold Far-famed Fold-yard Far-fetched Folkland Fatherland Fond Favoured Food Feathered Fool's-errand Featured Footboard Fecund Foothold Fed Footpad Feed Forbid Feigned Forced Fend Ford Fenland Fore-end Feod Fore-ground Fervid Forehand Feud Forehead Field Foreland Fielded Foresaid Fiend Foretold Filigreed Foreward Find Forkhead Fine-grained Forward Finger-board Foulard Fiord Found Firebrand Fourfold Fire-guard Foxed Firewood Fox-hound Firwood Frank-hearted Fishpond Fraud Five-barred Freehold Fivefold Fretted Fixed Fried Flaccid Friend Flat-footed Frigid Fled Frond Flock-bed Fronted Flood Frosted Floriated Froward Florid Fumed Fluid Fund Flur-bed Funded Flurried Furred FE] [F—E F—E Favosite Fibre Fable Favourable Fibrine Fabricate Favourite Fickle Fabrile Fe Fiddle Fa9acle Feasible Fiddle-faddle Face Feature Fie Facile Feaze Fieldfare Facilitate Febrifuge Field-mouse Facsimile Febrile Field-piece Fad die Federate Fierce Fade Fee Fife Fadge Feeble Figurante Faggot-vote Fee-estate Figurate Faience Fee-simple Figurative Failure Felicitate Figure Fairy-stone Feline Filatixre Fake Felo-de-se File Falcade Feltre Filiate Falconino Female Filigree Faldage Femicide Filoselle Fallible Feminine Filtrate False Fence Fimbriate Falsette Fencible Finale Famble Fenestrate Finance Fanae Fen- goose Fine Familiarize Feoffe Finesse Famine Ferine Fingie-fangle Fancy-free Feringee Finite Fane Ferriage Finlike Fanfare Ferrule Finscale Fangle Fertile Fire Farce Fertilize Firebrake Fare Fescennine Fire-engine Farthing- dale Fescue Fire-escape Fartliing-gale Fesse Fireplace Fascinate Festive Fireside Fashionable Fete Firestone Fate Fettle Firme Fatigable Feudboto First-rate Fatigue Feu-de-joie Fir-tree Fauvette Feuille Fisanelle Favose Fiacro Fish-kettlo F—E] 83 [F—E Fishlike Fishtackle Fish-wife Fissile Fissure Fithwite Five Flackie Flagellate Flagrance Flagstone Flake Flame Flammable Flange Flare Flaslie Flative Flatwise Flea-bite Fleclie Fledge Flee Fleece Fleet-dyke Flense Flexible Flexile Flexure Flicker-nionse Flitter-mouse Floatage Floccose Floe Floodgate Florence Florentine Florescence Floriculture Flounce Flucerine Fluctuate Flue Fluke Flume Flute Fluxible Focile Foe Foelike Foible Foliage Foliate Folklore Fondle Foot-race Footrule Fop-doodle Forage Forbade Forbearance Force Forcible Fordible Fore Forecastle Fore-close Foredone Fore-judge Fore-knowledge Fore-see Foresliore Fore stage Foretaste Forfeiture Forgave Forge Forgive Forlorn-liope Formative Formicate Formidable Forsake Forsterite Fortalice Forte Fortitude Fortunate Fortune Fossage Fosse Fourscore Four-square Fourtlirate Foxglove Fracture Fragrance Fraise Frame Franchise Frangipanc Frangible Frankincense Fraternize Fratricide Freckle Free Free-grace Free-socage Freestone Free-trade Freeze Freightage Frequence Fresh-force Fribble Fricassee Frieze Frigate Fringe Frisure Frizzle Frolicsome Frondesce Frontage Frontispiece G 2 F—F] 84 IF—G Frost-bite Fluff Fishing Frounce Forestall Fitting Fructescencc Fuff Fizgig Frustrate Flag Fuddle Fudge Fugile Fugitive Fugue Fulcrate Fulminate Fulsome F—O Facing Fading Fag Fagg Fagging Failing Fainting Flagging Flaming Flapping Flashing Fleaking Fledgling Fleeting Flickering Fumage Fumarole Fairing- Falling Fling Flitting Fumble Fume Fumigate Fungible Faltering Fang Fanning Farcing Floating Flocking Flog Flooding Funicle Farming Flooring Furnace Fartliing Flouring Furniture Fasting Floweinng Furthermore Fatling Flowing Furtive Faubourg Flung Furze Fawning Flushing Fusarolo Feasting Fog_ Fuse Feathering Foiling Fusee Feeding Folding Fusible Feeling Fondling Fusome Feigning Fooling Futile Felting Footing Future Fuze Fencing Fiddling Fopling Foraging Fig Forbearing F—F Fighting Forbidding Far-off Fillibeg Forcing FeoS Fief Filling Finding Forgiving Forthcoming Field-staff Fingering Fostering Figleaf Fingerling Fosterling Fiveleaf Fining Founding Flarrstall Firing Foundling Fly-leaf Fish-fag Fowling F—n] 85 [F—L Framirig Flush Flesh-hook Franking Foh Fletmilk Fraying Foolish Flock Friezing Footpath Flockraik Frog Foppish Flocdmark Frosting Fore -teach Flook Frying Forsooth Floss-silk Fulling Forth Foo'-bank Fuming Forthwith Folk Funding Fortieth Footmark Furlong Fourteenth Footstick Fusing Fourth Forcdcck French Foi'elock F—H Fresh Fork Facli Frith Forsook Faitli Froth Framework Fallow-finch Frush Frank Famish Fugh Freak Far-forth Fuiler's-earth Fretwork Fash Furbish Frisk Faugh Furlough Frock Fetch Furnish Funk Feverish Fifth F—I F—L Filch Fanqui Facial Filth Fantoccini Fail Finch Fratelli Faithful Fin-fish Fundi Faldstool Finish Fungi Fall_ Fish Fanciful Fish-garth F—K Fancy-ball Fitch Fenduck Fannel Flanch Fetlock Fantail Flash Field-book Farcical Flatfish Firebrick Fardel Flattish Firelock Farding-deal Flemish Firework Farewell Flesh Fish-hook Fatal Flinch Flank Fauteuil Flitch Flask Fearful Floorcloth Fleak Federal Flourish Fleck Feel F-L] 86 [F—N Fee-tail Fore-stall Fleam Fell Foretell Flimflam Femoral Forgetful Floriform Fenestra! Formal Flotsam Fenfowl Fortune-tell Foam Fennel Fossil Foredom Feral Foul Form Ferial Fowl Formalism Fern-owl Foxtail Forum Festal Fractional Fream Festival Frail Freedom Feudal Fraternal Fretum Fibril Freewill From Fidicinal Fretful Frustum Field-marslial Frill Fulcrum Figural Fiontal Fulham Fignrial Frugal Fungiform Fil Fruitful Filial Fuel Fill Fulfil F—N Final Full Fabian Finestill Fundamental Fabrication Finger-bowl Funeral Faburden Finical Funnel Faction Fiukel Furl Fagin Fireball Fusil Fain Fiscal Fuzzball Falcbion Fisb-meal Falcon Fishroyal F—M Falerian Fitful Factotum Fallen Flail Fan am Fan Flannel Fanaticism Fanfaron Fluvial Farm Fanion Foal Fatalism Fascination Fog- signal Fatbom Fashion Foil Favouritism Fasten Fool Feculum Fatten Football Fee-farm Faun Footfall Feudalism Fawn Footstall Film Feign Footstool Firm Felon Foresail Flam Fen 1 1 F—N] 87 [F-r Fen- born Fennian Fermentation Fern Festoon Feuillcton Fiction Field gun Fifteen Figuration Fin Fine-spun Finikin Finnikin Fireman Firepan Firescreen Firkin Firman Fisherman FlabeUation Flacon Flagon Flamen Flapdragou Flatten " Flaxen Flexion -Flirtation Floccillation Florin Floroon Flown Fluctuation Flugel-man Fluxion Foeman Foin Foliation Fomentation Footman For]>idden Foreign Foreman Forenoon Foreordain Forerun Foreshorten Foretoken Forewarn Forlorn Formation Fortification Foundation Fountain Fourteen Fraction Franciscan Franklin Freeborn Freedman Freemason Free-warren Freshen Freshman Friation Frigatoon Frighten Frondation Fronton Frown Frozen Fructification Fruition Frumentation Fugleman Fulguratiun Fuhnination Fun Function Fuscation Fusion Fustian Futurition F—0 Fagotto Falsetto Fandango Faro Farrago Ferrugo Fiasco Fico Fidalgo Flamingo Focoso Folio Foo Forego Fortissimo Forzando Fresco Fricando Fro Fuero Fumado Furibondo Fiu'ioso F—F Fellowship Fillip Fii'e-damp Fire-ship Fitting-up Flag- ship Flap Flip Flipflap Flop Flute-stop Foolscap Footstep Fop Force-pump F—BI 88 [F—S Foresliip Filibuster Footwarmcr Foretop Fillister For Poxtrap Filter Forager Trap Financier Forbear FriencTsliip Finger Forcer Frump Finisher Foreigner Finlander Forester F—B Fir For-ever Facer Fire-eater Former Factor Fire -masher Forswear Fadger Fire-worshipper Fort-major Fair Fisher Foster Fakir Fishmonger Fostei-er Falconer Fishweir Fother Falling-star Fitter Founder Fallowdeer Flag-officer Four Falter Flapper Four-poster Familiar Flasher Fowler Fancier Flatter Freebooter Fanner Flavour Fi^eethinker Far Fleer Freshwater Farceur Flesher Friar Farmer Flibustier Fripper Farrier Flicher Fritter Fatter Flier Frontier Farther Flipper Fruiterer Favour Flitter Fulgor Fawner Floater Fuller Fear Floating-pier Fulmar Feather Floor Fur Feeder Floramour Furor Feeler Flounder Furrier Fencer Flour Further Fender Flower Furtherer Fervour Finder Fusileer Fester Fhiorspar Fusser Fetter F lusher Fever Fluster F—S Fictor Flutter Fabulous Field-officer Fodder Faceless Fig-cater Folier Facetious Fig-pecker Foot-soldier Factious 1 I F-S^ 89 [F—T Factitious Fadeless Faintlcss Faithless Fallacious Fallals Fameless Famous Fancy-goods Farinaceous Farraginous Fasces Fasciculus Fastidious Fastness Fates Fatliei'-longlegs Fatiferous Fats Faultless Faux-pas Fearless Featureless Feckless Feeless Feetless Felicitous Fellahs Fellness Felonious Feracious Ferocious Ferreous E^erriferous B'errugineous Fictitious Ficus Fides Filaceous Pollings Findings Fineness Finis Finless Finos Firearms Firecross Fire-irons Firmness First fruits Fisticuffs Fitness Fittings Fives Flagellants Flagitious Flammiferous Flamniivomous Flankards Flanquers Flatness Flatus Flavicomous Fleetness Fleshiness Fleshless Fleur-de-lis Flies Flinders Floats Flocks Floss Flowerless Fluctivagous Fluminous Flyers Focus Folious Fondus Footguards Foots Forceps Formidinous Formless Fortress Fortuitous. Forwardness Forwards Fossores Foundress Fracas Fractious Frankness Fraxinus Freeness Frescades Freshes Friendless Frivolous Frons Frontless Fructiferous Fi'ugivorous Fruitless Frumentaccous Fucivorous Fucus Fuliginous Fulmineous Fulness Fumiferous Fungivorous Fungus Furacious Furious Fuscous Fuss Fustiness F—T Fabric ant Fabulist Facet Fact Fagot Fahrenheit jp— T] 90 [F—T Faint Fist Forespent Fakement Fit Forest Falconet Fitt Forethought Familist Fitting-out Foretopmast Famulist Flageolet Forfeit Fanlight Flamboyant Forget Farthest Flasket Forget-me-not Fascet Flat Forgot Fast Flaunt Formalist Fatiloqnist Flautist Fort Faucet Fleet Fortlet Fault Fleshmcnt Fortnight Faunist Fleshpot Fought Feast Flight Foumart Feat Flint Fount Fecit Flippant Foxhunt Federalist Flirt Fragment Feint Flit Fragrant Felt Float Fraudulent Felt-liat Flocculent Fraught Fenboat Floret Freight Fender-bolt Florist Frequent Feofment Flotant Freshet Ferment Flout Fret Ferret Floweret Fright Fervent Fluctuant Friolet Feudist Fluent Frisket Fiat Foist Frit Fidget Fold-net Frock-coat Field sport Foliot Front Fight Fomahaut Frontlet Figment Foment Frost Figwort Font Fruit Filbert Foot Fulfilment Filet Footlight Fulminant Fillet Footprint Fumigant Finfoot Forcemeat Funambulist Fingerpost Forcing-pit Fundament Firecrest Forefoot Fimest Firlot Foremast Furthermost Firmament Foremost Furthest First Foresight Fust I F—U'\ 91 IF-Y F—U Fair- way Firmary Flambeau Falconry Fish-day Francatu Fallacy Fishery Fricandeau Falsely Fishfly F—W Falsify Fishy Familiarly Fixity Fallow Family Flabby Farrow Fancy Flaky Fatlier-in-law Fantasy Flashy Fellow Farantly Flattery Feverfew Farry Flay Few Fatality Fleecy Fine draw Fatherly Fleshy Fitchew Fatty Fleury Flaw Fatuity Flexibility Flew Faulty Flighty Flow Fawney Flimsy Follow Fay Flinty Foreknow Fealty Flippancy Foreshadow Feathery Flooky Foreshow February Flowery Furbelow Felicity Fluency Furrow Felly Fluffy F—X Felony Flummery Fix Fenberry Flunky Flax Fenny Flurry Flex Feretory Fly Flux Fernery Fogey Forfex Ferocity Foo-gy Fornax Ferry Folly Fornix Fertility Foolery Fox Fervency Foolhardy Frutex Festivity Footboy T7T "XT Fidelity Foot-company F — Y Fidgety Footway Facility Fiduciary Foppery Factory Fiery Forestry Faculty Fifty Forgery- Faery Filmy Formality Fairy Filthy Formulary Fairly Finery Forray Fair-play Fire-fly Fortify F—Y^ 92 [G-G Forty Frivolity Funoarally Fossilogy Froggy Funky Foxy Frosty Funny Foy Frothy Furiosity Frailty Frowsy Furiously Fraternity Fructify Fury Fray Frugality Furzy Freebooty Fruity Fusibility Freemasonry Frumenty Fussify Frenchify Frustatory Fussy Frenzy Fry Fusty Fi'iary Fiibby Futility Friday Fuffy Futurity Friendly Fulgency Fuzzy Frigeratory Fulgury Frigidity Fully F—Z Fringy Fulminatory Fitz Frippery Fumitory Fizz Frisky Fumy Fletz Fritilary Functionary Frizz Fritinancy Fundamentally G. Fuzz G—A Gei^cnda Garb Gala Glama Gib Galactoposia Galea Gloriosa Glossalgia Glib Grab Galetta Glycyrrhiza Grub Galliniatia Glyptotheca G—G Gamma Gmclina Gaelic Ganza Gondola Gallic Gardenia Granadilla Galvanic Gavotta Grislea Garlic Gehenna Grossnlaria Gastric Gemara Guana Generic Gena Guerilla Genethliac Genera Guinea Genetic Geneva Gutta Geocentric Genista Gymnura Georgic Geometira G—B Geoselenio Gcorama Gab Gestic G—C] 93 IG-E Gigantic Gowd Galoche Glj'conic Grand Galvanize Gnatlionic Grandchild Gamarrh elite Gnomic Grated Gambade Gnostic Graveyard Gamble Gothic Graybeard Gamboge Grallic Great-hundred Game Grajiliic Greed Gamesome Guelpliic Green-eyed Gammarolite Gumlac Green-hand Gangrene Greensward Ganymede G—D Greenwood Gape Gad Greyhound Garble Gadoid Grimfaced Gargle Gangboard Grind Gargoyle Gangliated Ground Garniture Garland Guard Garpike Gaud Guarded Garrote Geld Guiltstained Gasconade Gelid Guimbard Gascrome Gerard Guiniad Gate Gerund Gurnard Gauge Gid Gauze Gild G—E Gave Gizzard Gabarage Gaze Glad Gabardine Gazelle Gland Gabble Gazette Globard Gable Gee Goad Gad-beo Geese Goatherd Gaffle Gelatinate Goat's-heard Gage Gelatine God Gaggle Geminate Godchild Galantine Gemmate Godsend Gale Gemmule Godspeed Galeate Gemote Gold Galerite Gendarme Good Galette Generale Good-speed Galilee Generate Gord Galley-slave Genette Goulard Gallinule Geneva-bible Gourd Gallopade Genevrette Gourmand Gallsome Genitive G-i:] 94 {G—I^ Genovine Gleesome Grakle Gentile Glide Gr ample Gentilesse Glimpse Grandee Gentle Globate Grandgarde Genuine Globe Grandi loquence Geode Globule Grandiose George Glomei-ate Grange George-noble Glove Granite Germinate Gloze Granulate Gestienlate Glue Grape Gesture Glume Grape-stone Ghee Glycerine Graphite Gliibelline Gnome Grapholite Ghote Gobble Grapple Gibble-gabble Godlike Grate Gibbose Goggle Gratitude Gibe Goggle- eye Gratulate Giereagle Goitre Grave Gieseckite Goldlace Gravestone Giggle Goldwire Gravitate Gilbertine Golette Gray-mare GiUlale Gomarite Graystone Gillie Gome Graze Gilse Gone Grease Gingle Good-bye Greave Gin-liorso Good-nature Grebe Giraffe Good-wife Greek-fire Girandole Goose Greek-rose Girdle Gore Greengage Gismondine Gorge Greenhouse Give Gorse Grenade Glade Gote Griddle Gladiole Gouge Grievance Gladsome Gourmandize Grieve Glance Governa-nte Grillage Glare Gowrie Grilse Glasshouse Grabble Grimace Glave Grace Grime Glaymoro Grace-note Grindstone Glaze Grade Gripe Glebe Graduate Gripplo Glee Grainago Grise O-E] 95 [G—S Grisette Gold-leaf Gong Gristle Golf Gong-gong Grizzle Graff Good-for-nothing Groove Grand -relief Good-morning Grope Grief Goring Grossalinc Gruff Gosling Grotesque Gulf Gouging GroTindage G—G Grafting Grouse Grating- Grove Gag_ Graving Grudge Galling Grayling Grumble Gambolling Gi^azing- Guarantee Game-leg Greening Guelder-rose Gaming Greylag- Guerite Gammoning Grig Guestrope Gancliing Griping Guidance Gang Groaning Guide Garbling Grog Guile Gargling Ground-angling Guillotine Gathering Groundling Guipure Gauffering Grouping- Guise Gauging Grubbing Gullible Gearing Grudging Gully-bole Gemel-ring. Gruntling Gunnage Geniting Guttering Gunstone Gig_ Gybing Gunwale Gurge Gilding Ginging G—n Gurgle Ginseng Gairish Guzzle Giving Garish. Gyronite Glancing Garnish. Gymnote Glazing Garth Gypse Glimmering Gash Gyrate Glittering Genearcli Gyre Gloaming- Gerah Gyroscope Glowing Gibberish Gyve Gnashing Girth Gnatling Globe-fisli Q—¥ Goatfig Glyph Gaff Goffering Glyphograpli Gliff Going Gnash Goff Golding Goldfinch G—ii:\ 9G IGM GoldfisTi G—L Ground-swell GoldsraitTi Grovel Goth Gadwell Growl Graitli Gafol Gruel Greencloth Gainful Guildhall Grecnfiucli Gair-fowl Gull Greenish Gal an gal Gumboil Groiind-ash Gall Gunnel Growth Gambol Guttural Gunsmith Gambrel Gjral Gnrrah Gaol Gush Gavel G—M Gymnasiarch Gavial Gallicism Gemel Galvanism G—I General Gem Gain Genial Geranium Gemini Genteel Germ Genii Gentil Gei'manism Ghoul Gib-boom G—K Ghyll Gingham Game-cock Gill Gisarm Gang-week Gingal Gleam Gawk Giri^ Glim Gazingsi ock Glacial Gloom Gentlefolk Glassful Glow-worm Gim crack Goal Glum Glace-silk Good-will Gram Glass work Goose- quill Gran dam Good-lack Goral Graniform Gorcock Gospel Grecism Goshawk Gradual Greenroom Gowk Grail Grim Gravel-walk Grammatical Grimm Gravino'-dock O Grapnel Groom Greek Grateful Grum Greenshank Gravel Guaiacum Grosbeak Greatseal Guard-room Grossbcak Greenstall Gum Ground-oak Gressorial Gun-room Ground- work Grill Gymnasium Guesswork Gristmill Gjnecium Gun stock Groundsel Gypsum G—N] 07 [G—P G—N Godson Gumption Godwin Gun Gabion Golden Gunter's- chain Gain Gonfalon Gynecian Galleon Goodman Gyrfalcon Gallon Goon Gyron Galloon Gordian Gammon Gorger-in G—0 Garden Gorgonian Gallego Garrison Gotten Gallinago GaiTon Govern Gambado Gean Gown Geho Gemmation Gradation Gekho Gen Graduation Generalissimo Generation Grain Genio Gentian Grammarian Gen too Gentleman Grampian Giusto Gentlewoman Granitification Go Genuflexion Gratification Gobio Gerfalcon Graven Gooroo German Gravitation Graddo Gherkin Great-born Gran gusto Gibbon Greaten Grazioso Gin Grecian Grotto Gittern Green Gruppo Given Greenhorn Guacharo Gladden Gregorian Guanaco Gladwin Greymalkin Guano Glean Gridiron Gulo Gleemau Griffin Gumbo Glen Grimalkin Gusto Glisten Grin Gustoso Gluten Griskin Glutton Grison G—P Glyptodon Groan Galliwasp Gnomon Groin Gallop Goatskin Grosclien Gap Goatshorn Guardian Gasp Gobelin Gudgeon Generalship Go-between Guerdon Gimp Goblin Guidon Gip Go- down Gullion Gold-cup H G—P] 98 [0—8 Goose-cap Gilder Grand-jnror Gossip Gilhooter Grandmother ; Grace-cup Gillyflower Grand- seignior 1 Grasp Ginger Grand- vicar,1 Grip Gingerbeer Grand-vizier ^ Grogshop Gingiber Granger Group Girder Granter i Guard sliip Giver Granular Gulp Glacier Graphometer Gump Gladiator Grass-cutter Gyp Glair Grasshopper Glamour Grater, G—E Glandular Gravedigger Gabbler Glass-blower Gravel-car Gadder Glazier Graver Gaffer Glimmer Gravimeter Gaiter Glister Grazier Galactometer Glitter Greengrocer Gallinipper Globular Greenlander Gallivanter Glower Grenadier Galloper Gnatstrainer Grinder Galvanoraeter Goatsucker Grisamber Gamekeeper Godfather Grocer Gamester Godmother Grossular 1 Gammer Goer Ground-floor J Gander Gogar Grubber | Ganger Goldbeater Grunter 1 Garner Goldhammer Guider Garter Gommer Guilder Gasalier Gondolier Guitar Gaselier Gonfalonier Gumwater Gasometer Goodhumour Gunner Gather Goosander Gunpowder Gauffer Gopher Gutter Ganger Gossamer Guzzler Gazetteer Governor G 8 Gear Gradiator Gender Graduator Gablocks Gen it or Grammar Gadus Giaour Granddaughter Gainings Gibber Grandeur Gainless Giber Grandfather 1 Galactophagous i G-S] 99 IG-T Galatians Galeas Galeopithecus Galeopsis Galligaskins Gallinaceous Gallows Galls Gamaslies Gamopetalous Ganoidians Gaons Garde-bras Garrulous Gas Gaseous Gemmiferous Gemmincss Gemmiparous Generous Genesis Genetliliacs Genius Gens Gentleness Genus Geoponics Georgics Georgium Sidus Geysers Gibes Giblets Gibs Glanders Glass Glasses Glaucopis Glaueus Glocliis Glorious Gloss Glossitis Glottis Grisons Glutinous Groats Glyptics Gross Gneis Grossness Goddess Groundless Gods Grounds Goldficlds Groundways Goldylocks Goloshes Grudges Guebres Goodness Goods Guelphs Guess Goi'geous Guileless Gorgons Guiltless Goss Gules Governess Gummiferous Graceless Gustativeness Graces Guttulous Gracious Gymnastics Gradus Grains Gymnops Gymnotus Grail atores Gypogeranus Graminifolious G—T Graminivorous Grammarlcss Gablet Grampus Gadabout Granivorous Gaiement Grappling-irons Graptolithus Gait Galenist Grass Galiot Grassless Galipot Gratis Gallant Gratuitous Gallipot Grave-clothes Gallivant Graveness Gall-nut Greatness Gambet Greenness Gambettist Greens Gambist Gregarious Gambit Gres Gamut Grias Gannet Grievous Gantlet Gris Garment 11 2 G-T] 100 [G—Y Garnet Gold-dust Gymnosophist Garni slim en t Goodnight Gypsoplast Garret Gorget Gasket Got G—U Gaslight Gourmet Gnu Gastronomist Gout G—W Gaunt Gofit Gewgaw- Gauntlet Government Glow Gavot Gowt Gnaw Genet Gradient Goodmorrow Gent Graft Gorcrow Geologist Grammatist Grew Gerant Grant Groundtow Gerent Grapeshot Grow Germinant Gravel-pit Gest Great G—X Get Greatcoat Ghaut Greet Giambcux Ghost Grin diet Gonoplax Giant Grist Gibbet Grit G—Y Gift Groat Gaby Gigot Grot Gadfly Gilt Ground-bait Gaiety Gimlet Ground-plot Gaily Ginnet Ground-rent Gainsay Girondist Grout Gala-day Girt Grubstrect Galaxy Gist Grunt Gallantry Glenlivct Guardant Gallery Glent Guest Galley Gloat Guidepost Galloway Glout Guillemot Gangway Glut Guilt Garagay Gnat Gullet Garganey Goat Gunport Garrulity Goblet Gunshot Gastronomy Go-cai't Gusset Gateway God -wit Gust Gaudery Goget Gut Gaudy Goglut Gutwort Gawky Goldcoast Gymnait Gay i G-Y] 101 [H—a Geloscopy Glorify Grapery Geramy Glory Grassy Genealogy Glossary Gratify Generality Glossography Gratuity Generally Glossology Gravity Generosity Glossy Gravy Geuesiology Gluttony Gray Gentility Goby Greasy Gentry Go-by Greedy Geography Godly Grey Geology Goldfinny Grimy Geomancy Goniometry Grisly Geometry Good- day Gristly Geoscopy Good Friday Grocery Ghastly Goodly Groggy _ Ghostly Goody Ground-ivy Gibingly Goorgoony Grumpy Giddy Gooseberry Gry Giffy Goosery, Guildry Gigantology Gory Guilty Gingerly Gradatory Gully Gipsy Gramary Gunnery Glary Gramercy Guy Glastonbury Granary Gynarchy Glengarry Grand- jury Gypsy Gloomy Granny Gyromancy H. n—A Herma Hesperia Hexandria Hyena Hygeia Hyperbola Hyperdulia Hub Eubbub H—G Hexapla Hypotheca Harmonic High- sea Hysteria Havoc Hoa Holloa II— B Hebraic Hectic Hosanna Hecatomb Hedonic Huzza Herb Heliocentric Hydra Hob Hellenic Hydrangea Hobnob Heretic Hydrophobia Honeycomb Heroic n-c] 102 [II— D Heroi-comic Hiberno-coltic Hippocratic Historic Histrionic Homeric Honorific Hiidibrastic Hyperljatic Hypercatalectic Hypercritic Hypnotic Hypocliondriac Hypozoic II— D Had Haggard Halberd Half-blood Half-bred Half-breed Half-liearted Half-biindrcd Haloid Hamadryad Hamated Hand Hand-in-laand Hanging-guard Hansard Haphazard Hard Hard-earned Harp-faced Hard-fisted Hard-lianded Hard head Hard-hearted Hardihood Hardmonthed Harebrained Harchonnd Harpsichord Harried Harrowed Hashed Hastated Hatband Hatred Hatted Hawk-eyed Hay band Hayfield Hazard Head Headband Headboard Headland Headwind Heard Heavenward Hedgcbird Heed Held Helicoid Holm wind Heptachord Herald Herd Hexachord Hexaped Hexapod Hid Highbred High-handed Highminded Highprincipled Highland High-road Hind Hipped Hoard Hod Hogherd Hogshead Hold Holland Hollow-eyed Hollow-hearted Holy-rood Homeboiind Homebred Homestead Homeward Honeyed Hood Hoodman-blind Hoof-shaped Hook-nosed Hopground Horehound Horrid Horseload Horsepond Hotbed Hotbrained Hotheaded Hotspirited Hound Honsehold Housemaid Hud Hu.lched Humankind Humbird Humid Humming-bird Hundred Hundi"ed-fold Hungered Hungred Hurried Husband Hybrid B— D] 103 [HE HydriacT Hare Heelpiece Hydruid Harmonite Helioscope H—E Harmonize Heliotrope Harplute Hellebore Haberdine Hart's-tongue Hellite Habilitate Haruspice Helpmate Habitable Harvest-home Helve Habitude Haste Helxine Hackle Hastive Hemachate Hadjee Hatchet-face Hemicycle jHaffle Hate Hemisphere Haggle Hattle Hemitone Hailstone Haiistellate Hemorrhage Hairlace Have Henbane Hake Hawse Hence Hale Hawse-hole Hendecasyllable Half-joe Hay-bote Heptade Half-measTire Haze Heptree Half-note Hazaree Herbage Half-pence He Here Half-price Headache Hereticide Hallage Headlace Heritage Halse Head-line Hermitage Halve Headpence Heroine Halymote Headpiece Herse Hamble Headstone Hesitate Ham-pie Headtire Hoteroclite Ham-shackle Hearse Heteropode 'Hand-grenade Heart-ache Hewholc Handgripe Heart-sore Hexado Handle Hearthstone Hexastyle Handline Heart's-ease Hibernate Handsome Heath-game Hiccatee Handspike Heave Hidago Hand stroke Hebe Hide Handvice Hebetude Hiding-place Hankie Hectare Hie Hanse Hectolite Higgle HarangiTO Hectometre High-constablo Hardbake Hederose High-place Hardroe Hedge High-pressure Hardware Hedge-rhyme High- time H—E] 104 [II-O Hill-side Hop-pole Hypallage Hindostanee Horde Hyperbole HiBdrance Hornblende Hypocrite Hinge Hornpipe Hypostasize Hinniate Hornstone Hypostyle Hippocrene Horologe Hypothecate Bippodame Horoscope Hypothenuse Hippodrome Horrible Hiptree Horse H—F Hircine Horseshoe Haaf Hire Horticulture Half Hirsute Hose Half-and-half Historiette Hospice Handcuff Hithe Hospitable Handkerchief Hive Hostage Handstaff Hoarse Hostile Handycuff Hobble Hotlike Ha tti- sheriff Hobby-horse Hound's-tongue Herself Hoblike House High-proof Hobson's-cboice Housewife Himself Hockle Hove Hind-calf Hocktide Huddle Hippogriff Hodge-podge Hue Hiproof Hoe Huge Hoof Hoecake Huke Huff Hole Humane Hungbeef Hollow-square Humanize H—G Homage Humble Homelike Humble-bee Hacking Homemade Humiliate Hag Homicide Hurdle Halting Homologate Hiirricane Hammering Homologue Hurtle Hamstring Homophone Hussite Hamstrung Homotype Hustle Handwriting Hone Hydrate Hang Honeysuckle Hydrocarbonate Hangdog Honourable Hydrophite Hanging Hook-nose Hydroscope Hardworking Hope Hyke Harehunting Hoplite Hylobate Harfang Hopple HymenEee Harping H—G] 105 [E—K Harvesting Housekeeping High Hasty-pudding Housing High, church Hatching House-warming Hilsah Having Howling Hippish Haymaking Hug Hitch Heading Humbling Hoidenish Headlong Humbug Holder-forth Headstrong Humming Holograph Healing Hunting Homograph Healfang Husbanding Hookah Health-giving Hurrying Hooping-cough Heart-breaking E-E Hopscotch Heart-burning Horsecloth Heart-rending Hackney-coach Horseflesh Heartstring Hag- fish Horselaugh Heave-offering Hairbreadth Horseleech Heaving Hairbrush Horsepath Heckling Hallelujah Hotchpotch Hedgehog Hammercloth Houdah Hedgepig Hammer-fish Hough Heeling Harsh Huffish Helping Hash Hunch Henting Hatbrush Hixndredth Herling Hatch Hurrah Herring Haugh Hush Hiding Haunch Hushmush Highstrung Hawfinch Hutch Hireling Hawkmoth Hy drometrograph Hissing Headborough Hitching Health E—I Hog Hearth Homi Holding Hearthbrush Houri Holing Heath Honey-bag Heathenish E—K Hong Hell -broth Hack Hooting Hellish Haddock Hopping Hemistich Halfcock Horning Hemstitch Hallmark Horse-racing Heresiarch Hammock Horse-stealing Hexastich Handbook Housebreaking Hierarch Handiwoi'k Housedog Hieroglyph Hank E-K] 106 [E-M Hank-for-hank Half-impeinal Hodiernal Hark Half-royal Hoggerel Harlock Hall Holohedral Hassock Halosel Homicidal Hattock Hammel Hopeful Hauberk Handful Horal Haversack Handmill Horizontal Hawk Handrail Hornowl Haycock Handsail Hospital Hayfork Handsel Hostel Hayrick Hangnail Hotel Haystack Harebell Hovel Heaclwork Harmful Howl Heartsick Hartall Hull Heathcock Hart-royal Hummel Heck Hatcbel Hurl Hemlock Hateful Hurtful Hide-and-seek Haul Hydromel Hillock Hawksbill Hymeneal Hink Hazel Hypogeal Hisk Headstall Hock Heal H—M Hollyhock Hebdomadal Hakem Homesick Hedgebill Halm Hoodwink Hedgescbool Ham Hook Heedful Hamiform Hornbeak Heel Handloom Hornbook Helical Harem Hornwork Hell Hai'm Horseback Helpful Harmonium Hnck Heptabexahedral Harum-s c arum Huckaback Herbal Haum Hulk Hernhill Heathendom Hummock Heron's-bill Hebraism Humpback Herscbel Hectogram Huncliback Heterocliticai Hectorism Husk Hexabedral Heirlooixi Hibernal Hellenism H—L Hickwall Helm Habitual Hill Hem Hfemal Histrionical Heroism Hail Hobnail Hesperidium I E—M] 107 [H-N Hibernianism Harpoon Hierograui Him Harpsicon Harridan Hindooism Hartshorn Hispanicism Hobbism Hashreen Hasten Holidora Haven Holm Hawthorn Homonym Honorarium Headmain Headman Hornbeam Horologium Headpan Headsman Horse whim Hearken Honseroom Heart-broken Hiilotheism Heartburn Hum Hearten Hnmdrnm Heathen Humlium Heaven Hnmsti"nm Heaven-born Hjdrarpyrum Hebberman Hylozoism Hebridian Hypogeum H—N Hecatompedon Hecatonstylon Hedgeborn Habergeon Heighten Habitation Helicon Hacqneton Hagman Heliconian Helmsman Hairpin Haketin Helvin Hen Half-crown Henchman Hallowe'en Hendecagon Hallucination Heptagon Halogen Handgun Heptahedron Herborisation Handweapon Herculean Hangman Herdsman Happen Harden Hermitan Herodian Hard won Heron Harlequin Harmattan Herpeton Hesitation Hesperian Hessian Hestern Heteroscian Hetman Hexagon Hexagyn Hexahedron Hexahemeron Hexoctahedron Hiation Hidden High-born High-commi ssion High-flown High-treason Highwayman Hin Historian Hobgoblin Hodman Hoiden Hollen Holpen Homeborn Home- driven Homelyn Homespun Honeymoon Honiton Horizon Horn Hornspoon Horror-stricken Horseman Horsewoman Hortation Hortulan Human Humanitarian Hungarian Huntsman n-N] 108 [n-E Husbandman Heap Hammer Hutcliinsonian Heeltap Hamper Huttonian Heeltip Hanaper HybliTsan Heirship Handfetter Hydrocai'bon Help Handgear Hydrogen Hemp Hanger Hygeian Hencoop Hanker Hymen Hep Harbinger Hymn Hiccup Harbour Hyperbaton Hightop Harrier Hyperborean Hilltop Haster Hyphen Hip Hatcher Hyson Hip-hop Hatter II-O Hippocamp Hatuteur Holp Haver Halloo Hoop Havildar Halo Horsewhip Hawker Heiglio Honp Hawser Hero Hummingtop Haycutter Hidalgo Hump Header Hindoo Hyp Headgear Hirnndo Hyssop Headmaster Ho Hear Hollo- H—B Heater Homo Haberdasher Heather Hoohoo Habit-maker Heaver Hoopoo Hack-slaver Hector Hoppo Hackster Hedger How-so Hadder Hedge-writer Hubbubboo Hagtajjer Heeler Hnso Hair Heer Hypo Hairdresser Heifer Hairpowder Heir H—P Halberdier Heliolater Hagship Half-brother Heliometer Handgallop Halfer Helmet-flower Handicap Half-seas-over Helter-skelter Hap Half-sister Hen-harrier Hardship Hallier Heptangular Harelip Hallow-fair Her Harp Halser Hei"itor Hasp Halter Hesper I E—Bl 109 lE—8 Hexameter Hugger-mugger Hastings Hexang'ular Huisher Hazardous Hexaplar Humour Headdress High-flier Hundreder Headless High- water Hunger Headlines Hinder Hussar Headquarters Hippoccntaiir Hydrometer Heartiness Hither Hyetometer Heartless Hoar Hyper Heatherbells Hobiler Hypermeter Heathgrass Holder H—S Heavers Holometer Heaviness Holster Habeas Corpus Hebrevs-ess Homer Hackles Heddles Honey-flower Hacks Hedgeless Honour Hades Hedge-scissors Hooker Hfemoptysis Heedless Hooper Haggis Heinous Hopper Haix'less Heiress Hop-picker Halieutios Heirless Horner Halimas Helianthus Horometer Halitus Helmless Horror Halliards Helpless Horsebreaker Hallowmas Hendiadys Horsedcaler Halves Heptamerous Horsedoctor Hames Herbaceous Horsefair Hamous Hermeneutics Horsehair Handiness Hermes Horsekeeper Handless Hermitess Horsepower Hands Herring-buss Hosier Hanging-sleeves Hers Hospitaller Hapales Heterogeneous Hospodar Hapless Heteromorphous Hotspur Harass Heteronymous Hour Hardiness Heterophyllous Housebreaker Hardness Heteroptics Housekeeper Harmless Hexadactylous Hover Harmonics Hexaphyllous However Harness Hiatu-S Howker Harpings Hiccius Doctius Howsoever Harquebuss Hideous Huckster Has Hieroglyphics E—8'\ 110 [H-T Higli-mass Hustings Hang-net Highness Hyades Haquebut- Hippocampus Hydraulics Hardf ought Hippocras Hydrodynamics Hardgot Hippopotaraus Hydrophides Harefoot Hippuris Hydrostatics Hare wort His Hydrous Haricot Hiss Hydru-S Harmonist Hocus Hyems Hart Hocus-pocus Hyltesaurus Hart-root Hogg-ers Hypochondriasis Harvest Holiness Hypoglottis Hast Hollands Hypogynous Hat Holoplianerous Hypophyllous | Hatchet Homeless Hypostasis Hatchment Homogeneous Hypothesis Haunt Homomorpbous Hysterics Hayloft Homonymous Hazelnut Homooiisious E—T Headfast Homotonous Habsr-jcct Headfirst Ho mun cuius Habiliment Headknot Honeylcss Habit Headmost Honourless Habitant Heart Hoofless Habitat Heartfelt Hopeless Habit-sliirfc Heartlet Plopples Haft Heat Hornlcf-s Haguebut Heathpout Horrisonous Hailshot Hebraist Horscgnards Hairsliirfc Hedgepriest Hostess Halbert Heft Hot-cockles Hal feast Height Hotprcss Half- pint Heliostat Households Half- shift Hellcat Hueless Half-tint Hellenist Hulans Half-wit Helmet Humerus Halibut Helot Humourless Halt Hemerobaptist Hamourous Hamlet Henroost Hunks Hamracr-y>^ort Heptaglot Huns Handfast Herbescent Huntress Handicraft Heriot Hurters Hang-nest Hermit E—T] 111 [E—Y Heroologist Hallow Hesperist Handsaw Hest Handscrew Hierophant Harrow High-priest Haw Hilt Haw-haw Hint Hebrew Hist Hedgerow Hit Hedgesparrow Hoarfrost Hernshaw Hobit Hew Hogget Hollow Hoist Honey-dew Holdfast Hotisesparrow Holocaust How Home-lot Homilist E—X Honest Harpax Hoot Hatbox Hornblast Helix Hornet Hetei'odox Horrent Hoax Horse-chestnut Hystrix Host Hot E—Y Hottentot Habitancy House-cricket Hackberry Houserent Hackery Howbeit Hackney Huguenot Hagiocracy Humect Hagiography Humectant Hagioiogy Humou.rist Haily Hundred- court Hairy Hunt Half-holiday Hurst Half-pay Hurt Halfpenny Hut Halfway Hydrant Haliography TT" TTr Handy II — Ik Handy-dandy Hail-f'illow Haply Happy Hardily Hardly Harmony Harpy Harry Hasty Hatchway Hatchy Haughty Hautboy Hawkey Hay Hazy Headmoney Headway Heady Hearsay Hearthmoney Hearty Heathery Heathy Heavenly Heavy Hebdoniadary Hedgeparsley Hegemony Heliacally Heliocromy Heliography Heliolatry Helminthology Helotry Hematology Hemiplegy Heptarchy Heraldry Hereditary Heresy Hermetically Heronry Herpetology ii-y;\ 112 [I—G Heterarcliy Holiday Hulky Heterodoxy Holly Humanity Heteropathy Holy Humefy Hexapody Homely Humility Hey Homily Hungry Heyday Hominy Hurdy-gurdy Hickory Homoeopathy Hurly-burly Hierarchy Homology Hurry Hierocracy Homophony Hurry-scurry Hierography Honesty Hurtleberry Hierolatry Honey Husbandry Hierology Honorary Hushaby Hieromancy Hooky Hushmoney Higgledypiggledy Horny Husky High-and-dry Horography Hussy :' Highway Horometry Hydro-chemistry Hilarity Horrify Hydrography Hilary Horseboy Hydrology Hilly Horsefly Hydromancy Hippopliagy Horseplay Hydrometry Histography Horseway Hydropathy History Hortatory Hydropsy Hoary Hosiery Hygrometry Hobbledehoy Hospitality Hymnology j Hypocrisy ■ Hypsometry c Hobby Hostelry Hockey Hostility Hoddy Hostry Hoddy-doddy Hoy E—Z Hogsty Huckleberry Huzz Hoity-toity Huffy Huzz-buzz I— A I. Infra Irlanda Idea Infula Isca Iguana Infusoria I—B Improvista Insectivora Intomb m Inca Insignia I-G % Inermia Insomnia Inertia Inula Iambic §i Infanta Iota Ichthyic Influenza Ipecacuanha Imparasyllabic i I-C] 113 [I-JEJ Impolitic Inorganized Ignorance Inorganic Inroad Ignore Inter- oceanic Insconced Illapse Intrinsic Insculpturcd Illaqueate Ionic Insipid Illegible Isobarometric Instead Illegitimate Isochromatic Intend Illimitable Isodynaniic Intended Illiterate Isogenic Interested Ill-nature Isomeric Intei'fused Illude Isotonic Interlaid Illume Italic Interlard ^ Illuminate Interplead Illumine I—D Interscind Illusive Icebird Inti'epid Illustrate Icebound Invalid Illustrative I'd Invalued Image Iliad Inverted Imaginable Imbed Invexed Imagine Impend Inward Imbecile Imjolead Ironbound Imbibe Implied Ironclad Imbricate Impound Ironed Imbrue Inboard Ironmould Imbrute Inbred Iron-wood Imbue Incased Island Imitable Incastellated Isopod Imitate Incaved Ivied Immaculate Incend Izzard Immanence Inclied Immature Inclined I—E Immeasurable Incompacted Ice Immediate Indebted Icefloe Immense Indeed Ice-bouse Immensurate Indented Icbnolite Imraerge Inflamed Iclithyolite Immerse Infold Icicle Immigrate Infumed Idealize Imminence Initiated Idle Immobile Inkstand Idolize Immoderate Inlaid Ignite Immolate Inland Ignoblo Immortalize I—E\ 114 [I-E Immovable Impregnate Incarnate Immure Impressive Incase Immutable Im^Drobable Incense Immute Impropriate Incensurable Impacable Improve Incentive Impale Improvidence Incei'titude Impalpable Im]n'0visare Inchoate Imparlance Improvisate Incidence Imparsonce Improvisatore Incise Impassable Improvise Incisure Impassible Imprudence Incite Impassive Impudence Incline Impatience Impulse Inclose Impeccable Impulsive Inclosure Impede Impure Include Impenetrable Imputative Inclusive Impenitence Impute Incogitance Impennate Inaccessible Incognoscible Impeople Inaccurate Incoherence Imperative Inactive Incombustible. Imperceivable Inadecjuate Income Imperceptible Inadmissible Incommensurable Imperishable Inadvertence Incommensurate Impermeable Inalienable Incommode Impersonate In aline Incomparable Impertinence Inane Incompatible Imperturbable Inanimate Incompetence Implacable Inapplicable Incomplete Implicate Inapposite Incomprehensible Implore Inappreciable Inconceivable Impolite Inappropriate Inconclusive Importance Inaptitude Incondite Iinportunate Inarable Incongruence Importune Inarticulate Inconsiderable Imposable Inau.dible Inconsideiance Impose Inaugurate Inconsidei^te Impossible In cage Inconsistence Imposture Incalculable Inconsolable Impotence Incandescence Inconsonance Impracticable Incapable Incontestable Impreciito Incapacitate Incontrollablo Impregnable Incarcerate Inconvenienco I I i I-E] 115 II— E Inconvertible Indisputable Infeasible Incorpoi'ate Indissoluble Inference Incorrigible Indissolvable Inferrible Incorruptible Indistinguisliable Infinite Increase Indite Infinitive Incredible Indivisible Infinituple Incriminate Indoctrinate Inflame Incubate Indolence Inflammable Inculcate Indomitable Inflate! Inculpable Indorse Inflexible Inculpate Indubitable Inflorescence Incurable Induce Influence Incursive Inductile Infoliate Incurve Indulge Infranchise Incuse Indulgence Infrangible Indecipherable Inebriate Infrequence Indecisive Ineffable Infringe Indeclinable Ineffaceable Infuriate Indefatigable Ineligible Infuscate Indefeasible Inequitable Infuse Indefective In esse Infusible Indefensible Inestimable Ingeminate Indefinable Inevitable Ingenerate Indefinite Inexcusable Ingerminato Indelible Inexhaustible Ingorge Indelicate Inexistence Ingrate Indenture Inexorable Ingratiate Independence Inexpedience Ingratitude Indescribable Inexpensive Inhabitable Indestructible Inexperience luhabitanco Indeterminate Inexpiable Inhale Indicate Inexplicable Inhere Indicative Inexpi'cssible luliei-itance Indifference Inexpressive Inhospitable Indigence Inextinguishable Inhiime Indigestible Inextirpable Inimitable Indigitate Inextricable Initiate Indiscernible Ineye Initiative Indiscrete Infallible Injure Indiscriminate Infanticide Injustice Indispensable Infantile Inkbottle Indispose Infatuate Inking-table I-E] 116 [I-E Inkle Inspire Interlope Ink-stone Inspissate Interlude Inlace Instable Intermeddle Inmate Instance Intermede Innate Instate Intermediate Innerve Innocence Innovate Innumerable Inobtrusive Inoculate Inoffensive Inoperative Inopportune Inordinpote In posse Inquietude Inquire Inquisitive Insane Insatiable Insatiate Inscribe Inscrutable Insecable Insecure Inseminate Insensate Insensible Inseparable Inseparato Inseverable Inslieatlie Inshore Inslirine Inside Insincere Insinuate Insnare Insolence Insoluble Insolvable Instigate Instinctive Institute Instructive Insubordinate Insufferable Insuflicience Insulate Insuperable Insupportable Insuppressible InsuK'.nce Insure Insurmountable Insusceptible Intangible Intangle Integrate Intelligence Intelligible Intemperance Intemperate Intenable Intenerate Intense Intercalate Intercede Interchange Interchangeable Interclose Intercommunicate Intercourse Interfere Interlace Interlapse Interleave Interline Interminable Intermingle Intermundane Interpolate Interpose Interpretative Interrogate Interscribe Interseminate Interspace Intersperse Interstate Interstice Intertangle Intertexture Intertie Intertwine Intervale Intervene Intervolve Interweave Intestate Intestine Inthrone Intimate Intimidate In tine Intolerable Intonate Intone Intorse Intoxicate Intractable Intraniundane Intransmutable Intricate Intrinsecate 1 J> I-J?] 117 [I-II Introduce Intnmiilate Intwine Inumbrate Inundate Inurbane Inure Invade Invalescenco Invalidate Invaluable Invariable Invective Inveigle Inverse Invertebrate Investigate Investiture Inveterate Invigorate Invincible Inviolable Inviolate Invisible Invite Invocate Invoice Invoke Involve Invulnerable Inweave Inwreatlie Iodide Iodine lolite Irascible Irate Ire Irene Iridescence Iriscope Irksome Irradiance Irradiate Irreclaimable Irreconcilable Irreconcile Irrecoverable Irrecusable Irredeemable Irrefragable Irrefutable Irrelative Irremediable Irremissible Irremovable Irreparable Irrepealable IrrejDrebensible Irrepressible Irreproacbable Irresistible Irresolute Irrespective Irresponsible Irresponsive Irretrievable Ii-reverence Irreversible Irrevokable Irrigate Irrisible Irritable Irritate Irruptive Isle Isolate Isothere Israelite Issue Italianize Iterate Itinerate I—F If Incbstuff Infeoff Ingulf Intei'leaf Itself I—G Iceberg Illuminating Imposing Inclining Incog Ingathering Inkling Inlaying Inning Insinuating Insulting- Interesting Interlining Intermitting Inviting Ironing i—n I'faith Impeach. Impish Impoverish In ah Inarch Inasmuch Inch Insomuch. Interdash. Intrench Inveigli Irish Itch I-I] lis [I-iY I— I Illuminati Indocti Intermezzi I-K Ilk Ill-luck Imbank Ink Interlock Irk Iron-work Ispriik Ivory-black I—L latrical Ideal Identical Idiotical Idol Idyl 111 Illegal Illiberal Illogical Ill-will Immaniiel Immaterial Immemorial Immoral Immortal Impanel Impartial Impel Imperial Imperil Impersonal Inaugural Inclimeal Incidental Incivil Inconsequential Incorporal Incorporeal Individual Industrial Indwell Ineffectual Inequal Infernal Infidel Infinitesimal Influential Informal Inimical Initial Injudicial Inroll Inscroll Install Instil Instrumental Integral Intellectual Intentional Intercolonial Intercostal Interfacial Intermural Internal International Intertropical Interval Inthral Intramargiual Inwall Ireful Irenical Ironical Irrational Irremoval Irrubrical Isabel Isagogical Isochimal Isogeothermal Isotberal Isothermal I—M Ibidem Ice-cream Iconoclasm Idealism Idem Idiom Idiotism llluminism I'm Im Imam Incendiarism Incertum Incivism Indecorum Indumentum Infirm Inform Inseam Interim Interregnum Irisbism Islam Islamism Isocbronism Italicism Item I—N Icarian Icbneumon Icon I-N] 119 [J— lY Icosaliedron Incliipin Injunction Identification Incli pin Inkhorn Idioticon Incircumspection Inn Ignition Incision Innervation Illation Inclination Innovation Illision Inclusion Inoccupation Ill-turn Incompreliension Inoculation Illumination Incorporation Inosculation Illusion Incursion Inquisition Illustration Incussion Inscription Imagination Indecision Insection Iman Indemnification Insiccation Imitation Indentation Insinuation Immanatiou Indiaman Insition Immersion Indian Inspiration Immoderation Indication Installation Immutation Indiction Instellon Impartation Indigestion Institution Impassion Indignation Instruction Imperception Indiscretion Insubjection Imperfection Indisposition Insubmission Imperforation Indo-Briton Insurrection Importation Induction Intention Imposition Induration Interaction Imprecation Inebriation Interamnian Impression Inertion Intercession Imprison Infection Intercommon Impropriation Infeodation Intercommunion Impugn Infeudation - Interjection Imputation Inflammation Interjunction In Inflection Interlineation Inaction Infliction Interlocution In-and-in Information Intermission Inanition Infraction Internecion Inarticulation Infralapsarian Interpellation Inattention Infusion Interpolation Inauguration Ino-rain Interpunction Inborn Inhibition Interrogation Incameration Inhuman Interruption Incantation Inhumation Intersection Incarnation Inion Intervention Incaution Injection Intimation l-0'\ 120 [1-8 Intoleration Intro Inslielter Introduction lo Inspector Introgression I—F Instanter Intromission Iniage-worsliip Imp Instep Instop Inwrap Institutor Intrusion Insular Intuition Inurn Invasion Invention Integer Inter Intercalar Intercessor Inversion I—U Interior Investigation Intei^locutor Invitation Icelander Interlunar Invocation Iclior Interrogator Involution Iconolater Intriguer Ion Idolater Inventor Iron Illuminator Ir Irradiation Imbitter Ironer Irreligion Imborder Ironmonger Irrision Imitator Irregular Irritation Impair Issuer Irruption Impostor Isagon Imprimador 1—8 Isoclironon Imprimatur Ibis Isodonion Improper Iceland-moss Isolation Incensor Ichthyosaurus Italian Incisor Iciness Ixionian Inclinometer Ides Incomer Igneous I—O Incubator Ignigenous Imago Incur Ignis-fatuus Imbrocado Indiarubber Ignivomous Imbroglio Indicator Ignominious Inamorato Indoor Ignoramus Incognito Inductometer Iguarias Indigo Infer Illness In extenso Inferior Illustrious Infancino Informer Imageless Infinite Infundibular Immovables Innuendo Inking-roller Impages Intaglio Inner Imperious Internuncio Innkeeper Impervious Into Inquisitor Impetuous I IS] 121 [I—T Impetus Impious Impress Imprimis Inauspicious Incautious Incomings Incommodious Incongruous Incredulous Incubus Incurious Incus Indeciduous Indecorous Indigenous Indistinctness Indus Industrious Inefficacious Infamous Infectious Infelicitous Ingenious Ingenuous Inglorious Ingress Ingross Inharmonious Iniquitous Injudicious Injurious Innings Inniskillens Innocuous Innoxious Inodorous Inofficious Insalubrious Insessores Insessus In sides Insidious Impart Insomnious Impatient Instantaneous Impeachment Insulous Impediment Inter axis Impenitent Intersr.mnious Imperfect Intrados Impertinent Invalorous Implant Invidious Implement Inwards Implicit lodous Important Ips Impost Iris Impotent Irons Imprint Irreligious Improvement Irreptitious Improvident Is Imprudent Isatis Impudent Isinglass Inadvertent Isis Inapt Isosceles Incessant Issueless Incident Issues Incipient Istlinms Incitant Inclement I—T Incogitant Ice-boat Incoherent Ice-float Incompetent Ice-plant Inconsequent Iconoclast Inconsistent Idiot Inconstant Ignesceut Inconvenient Ignicolist Incorrect Ignorant Incorrupt Illicit Increment Immanent Incrust Immersion ist Incumbent Immigrant Indecent Imminent Indent Immit Independent Immodest Indict Impact Indifferent I—T] 122 Il-X Indigent Indignant Indirect Indiscreet Indistinct Indolent Indorsement Indi'anght Inducement Induct Indulgent Indult Inebriant Inefficient Inelegant Inept Inert Inexact Inexpedient Inexpert Inexplicit Inextinct Infant Infect Infest Inflect Inflict Influent Infract Infrequent Ingest Ingot Ingraft Ingredient Inhabit Inhabitant Inherent Inherit Inhibit Inject Inkpot Inlet Inlistment Interscendant Inmost Intersect Innermost Intersert Innocent I ntertwist Inquest Intolerant Insect Intort Insentient Intransient Insert Intrenchment Insight Introit Insignificant Introspect Insist Intrust Insolent Intwist Insolvent Inundant Inspect Invent Inspii'it Invert Instalment Invest Instant Inwrouglit Instinct Ironist Instruct Ironwort Instrument Irrelevant Insult Irritant Insiu-gent Islet Intact Issuant Integument It Intellect Iterant Intelligent Itinerant Intendant Intendment I—TJ Intent Impromptu Interact I. 0. u. Interagent Intercept I—W Interdict Inlaw Interest Interview Interfluent IX Interject Interknit Ibex Interment Ilex Intermit Index Intermittent Infix Interpret Inflex Interrupt Influx I-Yl 123 [7-Y Intermix Impurity Inky Intertex Inability Inlay Ii'pex Inaccuracy Inly Inadequacy Innocency I—Y Inanity Inquiry Incapacity Insanity Ichneumon-fly Incendiary Insectology Ichnology Incensory Insensibility Iclitliyology Incidency Insincerity Ichtbyopliagy Incivility Insobriety Iconology Inclemency Insolvency Icy Incoberency Insufficiency Ideality Incomity Integrity Identify Incongruity Intendancy Identity Inconsistency Intensify IdeogTapliy Inconstancy Intensity Idiocrasy Inconveniency Intercessory Idiocy Incredulity Interlay Idiosyncrasy Incumbency Intermarry Idolatry Indemnity Intermediary Ignominy Indignity Intimacy Illegitimacy Industry Intrepidity Imagery Inebriety Intricacy Imaginary Inequality Inutility Imbecility Infallibility Inventory Immanity Infamy Invirility Immaturity Infancy Involuntary Immensity Infantry Inwardly Immorality Inferiority Irony Immortality Infidelity Irregularity Immunity Infinity Irrelevancy Impartiality Infirmary Ischnophony Impecuniosity Infirmity Ischophony Impetuosity Inflammatory Isography Impiety Infusory Isonomy Imply _^ Ingenuity Isoperimetry Impossibility Inhumanity Itinerary Impropriety Iniquity Ivory Impunity Injury Ivy J— A] J— A Jar-a-raca Jerboa Jiboya Juba Junta Juvia V2i [_J-0 J—B Jabb Jamb Jib Job Jab Judaic J—G J—B Jackwood Jail-bird Jaspoid Jawed Jeopard Jcreed Jeremiad Jocund Joltbead J—E Jaca-tree Jackknife Jack sauce Jack slave Jack snipe Jacobite Jaculate Jade Jas'liire J. Jane Jumble Jangle Juncate Jape Juncture Jargonelle June Jasmine Jungle Jaundice Jupe Jawbone Jurisprudence Jejune Justice Jenite Justiciable Jeopardize Jute Jessamine Juvenescence Jesse Juvenile Jettee Jew-stone J—F Jiggle Jacob 's-staff Jing'le o Jocose J—G Joe Jackflag Joggle Jackpudding Jolin-apple Jag Jonito Japanning Jolinnj-cakc Jarring Jointure Jawing Joke Jenneting Jonquille Jentling Jostle Jerquing Jubilate Jesting Jubilee Jewelling Judaize Jig Judas-tree Jigging Judge Jigjog Judicature Jingling Jugged-liare Jobbing Juggle Jog _ Jugulate Joining Jtiice Joking Jujube Jolting Juke.Totting Julienne Jug ^ J—E] 125 [J—R Juggling Jowl Juryman Jumbling Joyful Justification Jutting Judicial Justinian J—H Juridical Juxtaposition Juvenal Jacinth J—0 Jack-ketcli /—ill Jingo Jah Jam Jippo Jehovali Jansenism Juno Jewish Jetsam Junto Joseph J— I Johnsonianism Jorum Judaism J—P Jalap Jew's-harp Jimp Jussi J—N J—K Joup Jack Jabirn Judgeship Jannock Jack-a- lantern Julep Jashawk Jacobin Jump Jerk Jactation Jesuit's-bark Jactitation J—R Jetblack Jagging-iron Jabber Joint-stock Jambon Jacob's-ladder Joss-stick Japan Jaculator Journey-work Jargon Jaghirdar Judcock Javelin Jaguar Junk Jean Jailer Jurema-bark Jerkin Jail-fever Jetton Jamadar J—L Jibboon James's-powder Jackal Jig-pin Janitor Jack-towel Jobation Jar Jail John Jasper Javel Join Jaunting-car Jazol Jollification Jaw-lever Jesuitical Journeyman Jeer Jewel Jovian Jeerer Jezebel Jubilation Jemidar Jill Judean Jester Jin gal Julian Jib-door Jell Junction Jigger Journal Juppon Jobber Jovial Jurisdiction Jocular J-si 126 [J-r Johannisberger Jug] an s J—TJ Joiner Juiceless Jantu Jointer Julus Japu Joint-lieir Juncous Jet d'eau Jowler Justicies Juggler Jugular Justness J—W July-flower T m Jackdaw Jumper J^T Jackstraw Junior Jacconet Jaw Juniper Jacent Jew Jupiter Jacket J—X Juror Jaunt Jack-in-the-box Justificator Jazerant Jambeux J—S Jegget Jennet Jacclius Jessant J—Y Jackanapes Jest Jack-a-dandy Jackass Jesuit Jagghcrry Jack-at-all-trades Jet Janizary Jackboots Jeu d 'esprit January Jacks Jigot Jasey Jackstays Jilt Jaunty Jacobus Jogtrot Jay Jalousies John's- wort Jealousy Jaws Joint Jelly Jealous Joist Jemmy Jeers Jolly-boat Jenny Jemmies Jolt Jeopardy Jenny-ass Jot Jersey Jess Journalist Jetty Jeturus Joust Jewellery Jewess Jubilant Jewry Job's-tears Judgment Jiffy Johannes Juggernaut Jimmy Jolm-a-nokes Junket Jockey Jointress Jurat John- dory, Jongleurs Jurist Jointly Joyless Jury-mast Jolly Joyous Just Journey Judges Justicoat Joviality Judicious Jut Joy ii ^ K—A'\ 127 [K—E Judicatory Juicy July Juratory Jury _ Justiciary Justify Justly Jutty K. K—A Keycold Kalmia Keyed Kava Kid Kerana Kiln-dricd Kibitka Kind Kingia Kindred o Kitliara Kingbird Kleptomania Kingwood 1 Koala Knockkneed Koba Knarled Krama Knead Krishna Kneed Kruka Knighthood Kyabooca Knotted Kobald K—B Kurd Karob Kemb K—U Kerb Kale Kericlietib Kalcidophone Knab Kaleidoscope Knob Kalsomine Kob Kanastere Kokob Kaoline Keckle KG Kedge Keelage Keltic Kufic Keelrope Keepsake K—D Keeve • Kale -yard Kentle Katydid Kerasite Keen -eyed Keratone Keenwitted Kerbstone Key-board Kerolite Kerosene Kerseymere Kerseyncttc Kettle Keyage Key-bugle Keyhole Keynote Keystone Kibble Kickshoe Kiddle Killdee Killenite Kilolitre Kilometre Kindle Kine Kinglike King's-stone Kinkle Ivipe Kirtle Kirwanite Kite Kittiwake Kive Knabble Knave Knee Knee-tribute Knife Knight-service Knittle Knowable K—F] 128 [K-N Knowledge Knuckle Kollyi"ite Koupholite Kreosote Kiirkee Kyanito K—F Kercliief Kerf Koff K—G Keckling Keeling Keeping Keg Kesting Kidling King Kino-lino: Kitling Knag- Kneading Knitting Knocking Knowing Know-notliing Kraug K—H Ketcli Kliotbah Kinsli Kith Knack Isli Knavisli Kneading-trough Knee-high Koh Kadi Kali Kamichi Kohl-rabi K—K Kabook Kalmuck Kedlack Kink Kinsfolk Kiosk Kirk Khck Knack Knapsack Kneck Knick-knack Knock Kopeck K—L Kachel Keel Keelhaul Kelkcl Kell Kennel Kernel Kestrel Kevel Kil Kill Kitcat-roll Knarl Kneel Knell Knight-marshal Knoll Know all Knurl Kobil Koul Kraal Kjriological K—M Kalium Kam Keeping-room Keranim Kettle-drum Kilogram Kingdom K—N Kallifthorgon Kamsin Kan Kantian Karagan Kawn Keelman Keen Ken Kern Khamsin Khan Kidney-1 e:'.ii Kilderkin Kiln Kin Kinsman Kipskin Kitchen Kitten Kneepan Knoppern Known Koran Kraken I K-0] 129 [Jv-r Kremlin Knar Ket Krooman Knight-bachelor Khanat Krumliorn Knocker Kilt Knur Kingcraft K—0 Koster Kissing-crust Kist Kangaroo Kit Kimbo K—8 Kitcat Koodoo Kapas Knelt Konsso Karmarthians Knight Kungo Kas Knight -baronet Kavass Knight-errant K—F Keeners Knit Keep Kennets Knot Kelp Keratiasis Knout Ketcliiip Keratonyxis Kidnap Kermes K — TJ Kingcup Kernel-letters Kingsliip Kiblings Kabassou Knap Kids Kinkajou Knee-deep Killas Kop Kindness K—W K—n Kaffer Kinetics Kings Kips Kellow Keyscrew Kickshaw Kalendar Kiss Kiddow Kathetometer Knawts Killow Kedger Kneedgrass Knaw Keeler Knives Knew Keeper Knotgrass Know Keever Knotless Keir Knubs Kelter Kos K—X Kenper Kumiss Kex Kidder Kyloes Kine-pox Kidderminster Killadar Kilter K—T K—Y Kingfislier Keelboat Kacksy Kipper Kelt Kelpy Klinometer Kent Kern-baby Knacker Kept Kersey L-A^ 130 [L—D Key Kidney Kindly Kinesipatliy Kingly Knaggy Knightly Knobby Knotty L—A La Lacerta Lactnca Lacuna Lfetitia Lagunaria Lama Lametta Lamia Lamina Lappa Lai'va Latvia Lava Lavolta Lea Leda Legatnra Lcpidoptera Leptopliina Lerista Lencoma Leucothoa Libellula Libra Linden: a Lingua franca Linseed-tea Lirella Lithia Litliocolla Llama Lobelia Locusta L. Lorclia Lorica Lunula Lntetia Lyencepliala Lyra Lyssa L—B Lab Lamb Land crab Limb Lob L-C Lac Laconic Laic Lethargic Lencoethiopic Lexipharmac Lilac Limhec Lithic Lithophosphoric Logic Lnmbric Lnnatic_ Lyric LD Lad Lady-bird Laggard Laid Laird Lancehead Lanceolated Lancewood Land Landlord Landward Languid Lanyard Lapsed Larboard Lard Laud Laurelled Lay-land Lead Leafbud Leafed Learned Leasehold Led Leeward Loft-hand Legend Legged Lend Leopard Lepidoid Lifeblood Lifeguard Light-fingered Light-headed Light-hearted a L-D] 131 [L—U Liglit-miBdecT L—E Larve Ligiilated Lase Likeminded Labiate Lash free Lilied LabrosG Lassie Limbed Lacdye Lassitude Lime-houud Lace Lastage Limited Laced-coffec Late Limpid Lacerate Latere Linseed Lachrymose Latewake Lionhearted Lacinate Lathe Lipped Lacklove Latibulize Liquid Lacklustre Laticlavc Lithographed Lactoscope Latinize Livid Lad-a-vee Latitude Livelihood Lade Latrate Lizard Ladle Lattice Load Ladi'one Laureate Lobated Lady-love Lauristine Logwood Lake Lave Lombard Lamantine Lawn- sleeve Long-handed Lamblike Laxative Long-headed Lamentable Layfigure Long-hundred Lance Lazarhouse Long-leaved Land-breeze Laze Long-lived Land-estate Leafage Lopsided Land-farce League Lord Landgrave Leakage Loud Landpike Leasable Lovebird Landreevc Lease Loved Landscape Leave Low-bred Lane Lecture Lowland Langate Ledge Low-minded Langrage Ledger-line Low-spirited Langsettle Led-horse £ s.d. Lang-syno Lee Lucid Languentc Leechee Lurid Laniate Lee- shore Lusiad Lapmudc Legate Lymphated Lappice Legatee Ly rated Lapse Legatine Lyre-bird Lapstono Legible Lyrichord Large Legislate K 2 L—E] 132 [L—E Legislatui-e Lignine Logotype Legitimate Lignite London-pride Legumine Lignum- vitfB Lone Leisure Lignrite Lonesome Lemanite Like Longe Lemniscate Likewise Longipennate Lemonade Lilalite Longitude Lengtliwise Lime Long-measure Lenzinite Limestone Long-sufferance Leonine Limonite Loomgale Lepadite Line Loonghie Leperinc Lineage Loophole Lessee Lionize Loopline Lethe Lionlike Loose Lettuce Lipsalve Loo-table Leucite Liquidate Lore Leucopyrite Liquorice Lorgnette Levantine Literate Loriane Levee Literature Lose Leverage Litharge Lote Levigate Lithe Lounge Levite Lithophyte Louvre Liable Lithostrole Lovable Liberate Lithotome Lovage Liberticide Litigate Love Libertine Litre Lubricate Libethenite Little Lucarne Librate Live Luce Lice Livre Lucrative License Loadstone Lucre Licensee Loathe Lucubrate Liclinite Loathsome Lucullite Lie Lobate Luggage Liege Lobe Lune Liie Lobscouse Liinette Life-estate Locale Lunge Life-line LocaliEc Lunistice Lifetime Locomotive Lupine Ligature Lode Lui'e Liglitborse Lodge Lustre Lightliouse Logline Lute Lightsome Logothete Lutose L—F^ 133 [_L-I Luxuriance Lyclinobite Lyclinoscope Lye Lymnite Lyre Lythrode L—F Leaf Left-off Lief Loaf Loof Luff L—G Lacing Lacquering Lading Lag Lakhirag Landing Lapdog Lapwing Larking Lashing Lasting Lathing Laughing Lawing Laying Leading Leafing Leaking Leap-frog Learning Leave-taking Leering Leg _ Lesfging Lemming Lettering Letting Levelling Licking Lifegiving Lifelong Lightening Lighting- Liking Lime-twig Limping Ling Lingering Lining Lion- dog Lisping Listing Livelong Living Loafing Loathing Lobling Lodging Log Long Longing Looming Looping Lopping Lordling Losing Lovesong Loving Lowering- Lug Lulling Lumbering Lung Lurking Lutestring- Lying L—E Labyrinth Landfish Languish Larch Larkfinch Lash Latch Lath Lattermath Laugh Launch Lavish Leach Leash Leech Length Linch Lithoglyph Lithograph Loath Loch Locksmith Longcloth Lootah Loth Lough Low-church Lumpish Lunch Lurch Lymph Lynch L—I Labipalpi Lapilli Latrunculi Lazzaroni Lazuli Lemon-kaii L-K] 134 IL—M Li Lacteal Loyal Liclii Lacustral Lozel Litclii Lambdoidal Lucernal Literati Lamb'swool Lugsail Litliodomi Lamellirostral Lull Litliophagi Landfall Lupercal Longipalpi Landrail Lustral Lanifical Lyrical L—K Lapel Lacebark Lapful L—M Lack Lateral Lameduck Laurel Labadism Lampblack Lawful Labarum Landmark Leal Labium Lank Lectual Laburnum Lark Legal Laciniform Lathwork Legbail Laconicism Laughingstock Lentil Laconism Layclerk Leptodactyl Laism Leak Lethal Lambdacism Leek Level Landsturm Lcger-book Levitical Lanthanum Leg-lock Leyden-pliial Larum Lentisk Libel Latinism Lick Liberal Laudanum Liftlock Licbowl Lavipedium Link Liftwall Learn Linstock Lineal Legalism Livestock Lingel Lepiphyllum Lock Lingual Levelism Logbook Lintel Liberalism Lok Lioncel Light-room Look Lionel Linsfuiform O Lovesick Literal Lionism Lovetrick Littoral LijDOgram Luck Local Lissom Lugmark Loll Literatim Lurk Longirostral Lithium Longitudinal Loam L—L Longspeil Lobworm Labial Longtail Localism hauberk Parental Control 1.0 Cracked Version Lackadaisical Lool Logarithm L—N] 135 [L—N Loliiim Londonism Long torn. Loom Luciform Lukewarm Lumber-room Lustrum Lyceum. Lyricism L—N Lacewoman Laceration Ladkin Lagan Lagoon Lain Lallation Lambkin Lambskin Lamentation Lampoon Landsman Land-urcliin Laniation Lantern Laocoon Laodicean Lapidification Lardon Larin Lateran Latin Lation Latitation Latitudinarian Latten Laudation Laureation Lawn Layman Leaden Leadsman Lean Learn Leatliern Leaven Lection Lectuini Legation Legliorn Legion Legumen Lemnian Lemon Lengtlien Lenten Leontodon Lepidodendron Lessen Lesson Leven Leviathan Leviration Levitation Lexicon Liaison Libation Librarian Liclien Licitation Licnon Lien Lighten Lighterman Lignification Liliputian Liman Limekiln Limitation Limn Lin Linchpin Lincoln-green Linden Lineation Linen Lin Linncean Lion Liquefaction Lisbon Listen Lithostrotion Littern Liveryman Livraison Loan Location Locomotion Logan Logician Loin Longan Long-dozen Longrun Longshoremen Longspun Long-vacation Loon Loosen Lorn Lotion Love-ribbon Love-token Low-born Lubrification Lucern Luciferian Luctation Lucubration Ludification Lunarian Lunation L-0] 13G [L-Ii Lnnclieon Leucotbiop Laser Lurdan Limp Lather Lutheran Lip Latruncnlator Lutliern Lipp Latter Luxuriation Lisp Lauder Lycodon Litliocarp Laughter Lydian Lodesliip Lannderer Logheap Lavender Lollipop Laver L—0 Lollop Lawgiver Labeo Lomp Lawmaker Lachrymoso Loop Lawmonger Larghetto Lop Law-officer Largo LordsLip Lawyer Lasso Lump Lay-elder Lazaretto Layer Lean-to L—B Lazar Legato Leader Leno Labour Leaguer Lentando Labonrer Leamer Lento Lacemaker Leaper Leo Lacker Leap-year Leto Lacquer Learner Libretto Lactometer Leather Limbo Ladder Lecturer Lingo Lagger Ledger Litbo Lair Leer Lo Laiter Legator Loco Lammer-geyer Leger Loco-foco Lancer Legislator Loligo Lander Lemur Loo Landholder Lentor Lumbago Landlubber Leper Landowner Lesser Land-webr Lessor L—P Languor Letter Lamp Lapper Levanter Landslip Laquer Leveller Lap Larder Lever Larrup Larkspur Leviner Leap Larmier Lexicographer Lectures!. ip Lascar Liar I L—E] 137 [L—8 Liber Low-water Laundress Licenser Lubber Lawless Lictor Lucifer Laydays Lieger Lucimeter Laziness Lier Luffer Leads Life-preserver Lugger Leafless Ligger Lumber Leanness Lighter Lumper Leaves Limber Lunar Leavings Limmer Lunisolar Lees Limner Lunular Leggers Linear Lurcher Legless Linendrapcr L emu res Liner Lengthways Linger L—8 Lens Linter Lenses Lion's-ear Laborious Lepas Liqiienr Lacertus Lepidopterous Liquor Lachesis Lepidosis Literator Laconics Leptocephalidans Litbographer Ladies Lepus Litrameter Lagopus Less Litter Lameness Letterless Liver Lammas Leuciscus Loadstar Lampless Leviticus Loafer Landless Lias Lobster Laniferous Libs Locker Lapfuls Licentious Locular Lapis Lifeless Logometer Lares Lightbobs Loiter Largeness Lightdues Londoner Largess Lightness Longiroster Largifluous Lights Long-primer Larks Ligniferous Lopper Larus Ligniperdous Lord's-supper Laryngitis Likeness Lorimer Lass Liliaceous Louis d'or Latches Lilies Lour Lateness Limaceous Louver Lateritious Limbers Lover Latifolious Limbless Lower Latirostrous Linibus L— /S] 138 [L— r Limosis Luminous Left Linctus Lumps Legerement Lines Lungs Legget _ Linguistics Lupous Legitimist Linigcrous Luscious Lenient Lioncelles Lustrous Lent Lioness Lutarious Lentement,' Lipai'is Luxui-ious Lest ' Lipless Lychnis Let Listless Lycodontes Levant ] Lists Lyrics Leveret Lithocliromics Lys Libellant Litigious Licit Litmus Lieutenant Litotes L—T Lifeboat Lives Lakelet Life-interest Llanos Lambent Lift Lloyds Lament Ligament Loaves Lamplight Light Lockless. Lancet Lightfoot Locomotiveness Landaulet Lilt Locus Lanneret Limit Loggats Lanquet Limpet Loggerlieads Lansquenet Lineament Logglass Lapidescent Linget Longevous Lapidist Linguist Longimanous Lappet Liniment Longlegs Largiloquent Linnet Longways Lariat Lint Loobs Lasliing-out Lion-ant Looking-glass Last Lion-cat Loopers Latchet Lion's-foot ■ Loquacious Latent Liplet Loss Latitat List Lotus Lavaret Lit Low-wines Lawsuit Lithotint Luciferous Lazai-ist Litigant Ludicrous Leadwort Liturgist Lues Leaflet Locket Lugs Least Locust Lugubrious Leat Loft Luminiferous Leet Log-hut L-TJ] 139 {L—Y Longboat Lex Leze-majesty Longest Liniax Liberality Look-out Lynx Liberty Loot Library Lorist L—Y Lichenography Lot Lieutenancy Lout Laboratory Life-buoy Lovesliaft Lachrymatory Light-inl'antry Lowest Lack- a- day Lightly Loyalist Lackey Likely Lubricant Lactary Lily Lucet Lady Linkboy Lunet Lady-day Linsey Lungwort Laity Liquefy Lnnt Lanary Litany Lust Landlady Literary Lutanist Lanky Lithogenesy Lutenist Lapidary Lithography Lutist Larceny Lithology Lymplieduct Larry Lithophotography Lyrist Latchkey Liturgy Laundry Lively Lavatory Livery L—U Laxity Lobby Landau Lay Loblolly Lieu Lazy Loblolly-boy Leathery Locality L—W Lectionary Locutory Law Lockjaw Longbow Low Leeway Lofty Legacy Legendary Legionary Logography Logomachy Loimology Lengthy Lonely L—X Leniency Longanimity Lenity Longevity Labrax Leprosy Longimetry Lagotlirix Lethargy Loolay Land-tax Levity Loquacity Larynx Lexicography Lory Latex Lexicology Lottery Lax Lexigraphy Lovely Leiotlirix Ley Lowly M—A] 140 [MG Loy Lucky Lunary Loyalty Liillaby Lusty Lubberly Luminary Luxury Lubricity Lunacy M. Lycanthropy M—A Marsella M—B Dilarsupialia Mah Maasba Massilia Miller's-tliumb Macula Materia-medica Mob Madeira Maxilla Madonna Maximiliana M—G Masnura Media Mac Magna-cliarta Medusa Macaronic Magnesia Megaloptera Macrobiotic Magnolia Melastoma Magellanic Mahabrata Melata Magic Maia Mella-rosa Majestic Malaga MelopcBia Malefic Malaria Memorabilia ]\Ianiac Malpigliia Miasma ]\Iargaric Malvada Mica Mastic IMamnia Mid- sea Mecbanic Mammalia Militia Medallic Mandibulata Millrea Medic Mangifera Mimosa Medoc Manglesia Misclma Melancliolic Mania Mitella Melic Manicaria Mollusca Mellific Manilla Monandria Mesozoic Manna Monomania Metamorpbic.Mauta Mova Metic Mantilla Morbidezza Metonic Mantissa Morpliia Miltonic Mantua Morrhua Mimic Maracauba Moxa Mock-beroic Maranatlia Moya Monastic Maranta Mucivora ]\Ionomaniac JMarcella Myalgia Monostropbio Marginalia Mycantha Montanic Marsala Myriorama Morbific 1 1l M—D'\ 141 IM—B Morganatic Middle-sized Mould Mosaic ]\Iidwald Mound Mucic Miffed Mounted Mundic Mild Mucid Muntjac Milkmaid Mad Muriatic Milled Multifold Music Milleped Multipled Mustac ^lill-hand Multiplicand Mystic Milliard Musard Millpond Muscoid M—B Milord Musmid Mad Mind Mustard Madbrained Miniard Myriad Maid Minuend Myriapod Mainland Mirrored Maledicted Misaimed IT— ^ Mallard Misallied Macadamize Mand Misapprehend Mace Maned Miscalled Macerate Manliein-gold Miscomprehend Machinate Manhood Miscreated Machine Manichord Misdeed Made Manifold Misdread Mademoiselle IMankind Misled Madhouse Manned Missel-bird Madrepore Maraud Misspend Magazine Marcid Misunderstand Maggiore Marigold Misunderstood Magistrate Marybud Mocking-bird Magnate Masthead Modified Magnetize Matted Monad Magnificence Maud Moneyed Magniloquence Maund Monkshood Magnitude Mazard Monochord Magpie Mead Mood Main-chanco Mealy-mouthed Moor-buzzard Mainprise Meed Moorland Maintenance Mend Morbid Maize Mermaid Moribund Majuscule Messiad Motherhood Make Method Motherland Malachite Mid Motled Male M-E] 142 [ilf— i? Malefice Maleficence Maleficiate Malengine Malevolence Malfeasance Malice Malleable Malliate ]\Ialpractice Manacle ]\Ianage Manageable Manatee Manche Mancipatc Manciple Mandate Mandible Mandore Mandrake Manducablo Mane Manege Manganese Mange Mangle Mango ose Mangrove Manbole Manicheo Manijile Manipulate Manoeuvre Manse Mantle Manufacture Manure Maple Marble Marcasite Marclipane Mare Margarite Margrave Margravine Maritime Marline Marmalade Marmite Marmose Marone Marque Marquee ]\Iarriage Marriageable Martingale Mascle Masculine Masorite Masqne Masquerade Massacre Massive Masticate Matadore Mate Matrice Matricide Matriculate Matronage Mature Maugre Mauresquo Maybe Maypole Mazarine Maze Me Meagre Meal-time Meantime Meanwhile Mease Measure Meddle Mediate Medicate Medicine Mediocre ]\Ieditate Megametro Megascope Melange Melanite Melapliyre Melee ]\Ielilite Meliorate Mellite Melodrame Melpomene Melrose Melusine Membrane Memorable Memorialize Menace Menage IMenagerie Menilite Menoj)ome Mensurable Menticulturo Mercantile Mcrcliandise Mere Merge Merle Mesmerize Mesne Mesquito Message Messmate Messuage Mestee M—E] 143 [M—E Metamorphize Mctamorpliosc Mete Metcorito Meteorolite Meteoroscope Metope Metre Metronome Mettle Mettlesome Mezzanine Mezza voce ]\Iica slate Mice Mickle Microphone Microscope Middle Mido-e Midlife Mignonette Migrate Mile Mileage Milestone Militate Millepore Milleporite Mill-horse Mill-lionsc Millilitre Millimetre Millionnairc Millree Millstone Milvine Mime Mince Mincepie Mine Mingle Miniature ]\IinistratiTe Minuscule IMinute Miocene ]\Iirable Miracle Mirage Mirbane Mire JMisadvcnture Misadvice Misalliance Misanthrope ]\Iisappropriatc Misarrange Misbecome Misbehave Misbelieve Miscalculate Miscarriage Mischance Mischarge Misconceive Misconjecture Misconstrue Misdate Mise-en-scene Miserable Misfesance Misfortune Misgive Misguide Misjudge Misle Miseltoe Mislike Mismanage Misname Misplace Mispractice ]\Iispronounco Misquote Misrclate Misrule Misshape Missile Missive Misstate Mistake Mistime ]\Iistranslate Misuse Miswrite Mite MithriJate Mitigate ]\Iitre Mixture Mizzle Mnemosyne Mobile Mobilize Mocha -coffee Mode Moderate Modernize Modulate Module Moidorc Moire Moisture Mole Molecule Memo Monochrome Monocle Monocule Monodrame Monologue Monome Monophysite Monopolize Monopolylogue li— jyj ]# [ill— G^ Monoptote Mule Mooncalf Monorhymo Mulette Mu^^t-proof Monosyllable Mulse MonotoBO Multidentate Myself Monticle Multiple Moonshine Multiplicate M—G Moonstone Multiprescnce Making Moorage Multisyllable Mangling Moose Multitude Mantling Mope Multungulate Mapping Moqnette Mumble Marauding Moraine Mum-chance Marbling Moralize Mundane Marketing More Munificence Marking Moresque Munite Marshalling Morgue Muriate Matting Moron e Murine Maying Morose Murrhine Meaning Morphine Muscadine Meeting Morris-dance Muscle Mending Morris-pike Muscovite Merling Morse Muse Metalling Mortgage Musette Middling Mortgagee Musk-rose Milling Mortise Muslin-de-laine Mincing Moselle Mutable Mining Mosque Mute Ministering Mossrose Mutilate ]\Iisbefitting Mote Mutule Misbeseeming Mother-tongue Muzzle Missing Motive Myrialitre Mocking Mourne ]\[yriametre Moneybag Mouse Myrtle Monopthong Moustache Mystagogue Monthling Mouthpiece Mooring Movable M—F Mooting Move Maceproof Morling Muckle Mastiii Morning Muddle Miff Mothering Mudstone JMisbelief Moulding Mue Mischief Moulting Muffle Moff Mounting M—G] 145 IM—L Mourn iug Monopstich Moonstruck Mouthing Monoglyph Moorcock Moving Monteth Mountebank Mowing Month Mousehawk Mug Moorish Muck Mumming Mopish Murk Mixstang Moh Muscovy-duck M—E Moth Musk Mountain- ash Musterbook Macintosh Mouth Maharajah Much M—L Mail-coacli Mud-fish Machinal Mammoth Mulch Mackerel Mango-fish Mulish Madrigal Mannish Munch Magisterial March Mush Magnifical Marsh Musquash Mail Mash Myriarch Mainsail Massorah Myrrh Major-general Match Myteriarch Mai Math ]\fammal Maunch M—I Manchineel Mawkish Macaroni Mandrill Meath Magi Manful Mesh Malleoli Mangel-wurzel Messiah Mufti Manorial Milch Mantel Millionth M—K Manual Minish Mark ]\Iareschal Mirth Mask Mare's-tail Misgrowth Matchlock Marital Mishmash Matlock Maritimal Modish Maulstick Marshal Mollah Meek Martial Moloch Mete-stick Marvel Monarch Milk Masterful Money's-worth Mistook Mastful Monish Mock Material Monkish Mohawk Materiel Monodelph Mole-track Maternal Monograph Molusk Matrimonial Monolith Monk Matutinal u M—L] 146 [M—M Maul Mecliauical Medal Mediceval Medical Medicinal Mell Memorial Menial Mensal Mental Merciful Mercurial Mesial Metal Metrical Mewl Milfoil Milkpail Mill Millesimal Mindful Mineral Ministerial Mirthful Mis-call Mis-fall Missal Misspell Mistrustfal Modal Mode Model Mogul Moil MoleWll Monaclial Mongol Mongrel Monomial Monopersonal Moondial Moorfowl Mootliall Moral Morel Morsel Mortal Mournful Mouthful Mudwall Mull Multifoil Multilateral Multilineal Multinomial Municipal Mural Muscadel Muscatel Musical Musrol Mussel Mutual Mythical Mythological M—M Macrocosm Madam Magnesiunr Magnetism Magnum-1 lonum Mahometanism Maim ]\Iam Mannerism ]\Iarjoram Martyrdom Materialism Mausoleum Maxim Maximum Mechanism.Medium Meerschaum Megacosm Megatherium Megrim Memorandum Mesmerism Mesologarithm Metachronism Metachism Metagrammatism Metamorphism Metaplasm Miasm Microcosm Mid-stream Mill-dam Millegram Millennium Minim Minimum Miniuixi Miredrum Misclaim Misesteem Misinform. Modernism Modicum Momentum Monachism Monarchism Monasticism ]\Ionoliform Monogram Monotheism Montem Moonbeam INIoslem Multum ]\fum Mumm Municipalism Museum iV— J/] 147 [J/-iY Mushroom Mysticism Mythoplasm if— iY Macaroon Maccabean Macliiavellian Macron ran Mactation Madden Madman Magdalen Magian Magician Magic-lantern Mabomedan Maiden Maid-Marian Main Maintain [tion Mal-administra Malediction Malefaction Malformation Malign Malison Maltbnsian.Malversation Mammon Man Manakin Mandarin Mandilion Mandolin Mangosteen Manicbean Manicon Manifestation Manikin Mansion Manumission Maracan ]\Iargin Marian Marksman Maroon Marron Martagon Marten Martin Mason Mastodon ]\Iatin Matron Maudlin Llaukin Mean Mecblin Medallion Median Mediation Meditation Mediterranean Melicotoon Mellon Melodeon Melon Melton Menbaden Mention Mercbant-man Meridian Merlin Merman Meropidan Mersion Merulidan ]\reslin Metabolian Mete-corn Metbeglin Metropolitan Middleman Midshipman Mien Milkman Milkpan Million Minikin Minion Ministration Mintman Misapplication Misapprebension Misbegotten Misborn Misconstruction Misdivision Misfasbion Misgovern Mi skin Mislen Misperception Misprision Misproportion jMisreckon Mi srepresentation Mission Mistaken Mistion Mitten Mizzen Moan Moccason Moderation Modern ]\Iodifi cation Modillion Moellon Moisten Moleskin Molten Monasticon Monition Monocarpon 1.2 M—N"] 148 [M—B Monodon Mango Merchantship MonooTisian Manicristo Mestoup Monoptcron Manifesto Midship Monoxylon Manilio Milksop Monsoon Man to Mint-julep Moon Maraschino Mishap Moorhen Martello Mobcap Mootman Memento Mop Moreen Mendo ]\[ousetrap Morillon Merino Mump Morion Mestizo Morkin Mesto M—B Morn Mezzo Macehearer Moron Mico Madder Mortification Mis-do Magister Mortmain Moco Main or Mother Carey's Moderato Major chicken Molto ]\raker Motion Montefiasco Malefactor Moiiflon Montero Maligner Mountain Moo Malinger Miiffin Morello Maltster Mufflon Morendo Manager Mnggletonian Morisco Mandator Mullion Mormo Man-eater Multiplication Morocco Manger Mundation Mosquito Man hater Munition Motto Mankiller Muntin Mucchei'o Manner Murrain Mucro Man-of-war Musician Mulatto Manor Musketoon Muscovado Manslaughter Muslin Mustachio Manstealer Mussulman Mantiger Mutation il/— P Manuductor Mutton Madcap JManumotor Myrmidon Maintop Mar Myrobalan Make-up Marbler Map Mariner 3/—0 MastershijD Martyr Maestoso Mayhap Master Major-domo Meglip Matcher M—B] 149 [M-S Matcli-maker Matter Maunder Major Meander Mediator Medicaster Medlar Meer Member Memoir Meniver Mentor Mercer Merganser Messenger Metaphor Meteor Meter Mhorr Micrometer Mid-air Mid-winter Midsummer Miller Milliner Milter Mimicker Mimograplier Miner Minever Miniver Minor Minotaur Mintmaster Mirador Mirror Misbehaviour Misdemeanour Miser Misnomer Misorder Mixer Mixtilinear Mocker Moderator Mohair Mohr Molar Molecular ]\[oney changer Moneylender Money matter Moneyspinnor Monger Monitor Monoraeter Monsieur Monster Montoir Moor Moreover Mortar Mortgager Mosstrooper Mother Motor Moulder Mountaineer Mourner Mouse-colour Mouser Muckender Mucker Mucor Mudsucker Muffineer Muffler Muleteer Multangular Multocular Mummer Murder Murderer Murenger Murmur Muscular Music-master Muskdeer Musketeer Muskpear Mutineer Mutter Mynheer Mythographer M—S Macacus Maccabees Machairodus Machetes Machicoulis Macropus Madarosis Madecass Madness Magnanimous Magnates Magus Mails Maladroitness Mal-a-propos Malicious Mamelukes Mandamus Manes Mangonus Manillas Manks Manliness Manners Marasmus Marches Marchioness Margaritiferous MS'] 150 [MS Mariets Marionettes Marquess Marquis Mars Martinmas Mass Masterlcss Matchless Matbcinatics Matins Mattress Mavis Meanness Means Measles Meclianics Medusidans Megacerous Megalosaurus Meiosis Melliferous Mellifluous Melodious Mendacious Mepliitis Merciless Mercurials Mei'ctricious Meriones Meritorious Merits Meros Merry-quilts Meseems Mesoleucos Mess Messieui^s Metabasis Metacarpus Metalepsis Metaaioruhosis Metaplirasis Metaphysics Metatarsus Metathesis Metempsychosis Metemptosis Methinks Metropolis Mews Michaelmas Midas Middlings Milvus Mimesis Mimulus Minnesingers Minus Miraculous Mirthless Mis Miscellaneous Mischievous Miss Mistress Mittimus Mitts Mnemonics Modus Moggans Molaris Molasses Molothrus Momentous Moneyless Money-matters Moni tress Monoceros Monoculous Monodactylous Monohemerotis Monopetalous Monopliyllous Monstrous Monteurs Monticulous Montigeuous Montross Mopus Morals Morass Mordacious Morris Moi'tress Morus Mososaurus Moss Moths Motherless Mottoes Mouldiness Mountainous Moustaches ]\Iouths Mouthfals Movables Muchness Mucous Mulligrubs Multifarious Multiflorus Multigenei'ous Multisonous Multitudinous Multivagous Multivious Mumps Murderess Murderous Murmurous Mus Muscites Muscles Muses Mutinous i 3/-/S] 151 \_M—T Mycetes Myopotamtis Myops Myosis Mysterious M—T Maggot Magnet Magnificat Magnificent Mainmast Majorat Makeshift Malapert Malcontent Maledicent Malignant Mallet Malt Maltreat Maltreatment Mammet Management Manchet Manifest Manservant Mannalist Manumit Manuscript Marabout Mare's-nest Market Marmoset Marmot Marplot Marrot Marrow-fat Mart Martinet Martlet Mast ]\rat ]\Iaterialist Matter-of-fact Meant Meat Medallist Mediant Medicament Meet Melicet Melilot j\Ielodist Melt Mendicant Mendment Merchant Mercyseat ]\Ierit Meritot Meri'iment jMerry-thouglit Met Metallist Metaphrast Methodist Methought Mezzotint Midmost Midnight Midst Might ]\Ii grant Militant Millet Milt Mincemeat Mint MiniTct Misanthropist Misconduct Misconstruct Miscount Miscreant Misinstruct Misinterpret Misprint Misrepresent Misti'ust Mitigant Moat Modest Modist Moist Molebat Molest Mollient Moment Monarchist Moniment IMonocrat JMonodist Monogamist Montant Monument Moonet Moonlight Moonwort Moot Moppet Moralist Morcellement ]\Iordant Mort Morvant Mot ]Mother-wit Mothwort Motmot jSIoult Mountain- cat Mountlet Movement Mulct Mullet M—T] 152 [M—Y Mult Mnltiversant Munclificant Muniment Muscat Musk-cat Musket Musk-rat Muslinet Must Myropolist Mythologist M—U Maccubau Manteau Masdeu Miscu M—W Macaw Mallow Marrow Marsh-mallow Maw Meadow Mellow Merry Andrew Mew Mildew Minnow Morrow Mother-in-law Mow ill— X Manx Matchbox Mediatrix Minx Mitre-box Mix Moderatrix Money-box Musk-ox Myrtle- wax M—Y Machinery Macrology Madly Magistracy Magnanimity Magnify Mahogany Maidenly Majesty Majority Make-ready Malady Maledicency Malignancy Malignity Malmsey Mandatory Manly Mannerly Manufactory Many Margay Mariolatry Marquetry Marry Martyrology Masonry Masterly Mateology Matrimony Matronly Maturity Maundy- Thurs- day May May-day May-fly Mazology Mazy Meadowy Mealy Meanly Medallurgy Mediocrity Medley Medullary Meetly Melancholy Melody Memory Mendacity Mendicity Menology Mercenary Mercury Mercy Merry Metallography Metallurgy Meteorology Meteoromancy Meteoroscopy Metonymy Metoposcopy Metrify Metrology Metronomy Micrology Microphony Microscopy Mid-day Mid-way Mighty Military Milky Milky-way Millenary Milliary If— Y] 153 [N-B Minatory Moly Mostly Mineralogy IMonientary IMotherly ]\Iinistry Momentarily j\Iothy Minority Monarchy Motley ]\Iinstrelsy Monastery Mouldy Minutely Monday Muddy Miry Monetary Muggy Misanthropy Money Mulberry Misapply Monkey Mule-jenny Miscarry Monody Mullagatawny Miscellany INIonogamy Multeity Misery ]\Ionography Multiplicity Mislay Mononiachy Multiply Misly Monopathy Mummery Misogamy Monopody Mummy Misogyny Monopoly Munify Misrnly ]\Ionotony Munity Missay Monstrosity Murrey ]\Iissionary Monstrously Musicography Missy Monthly Musketry Mistily Moody Musty Misy Moony Mutiny Mobby IMopsey My Mobility ]\Iorality Mycology Mockery Mordacity Mynchery Modesty ]\Iorgay Myology Modify Mortality Mystery Moiety Mortify Mystify MoUify Mortuary Mythology ^ N. N—A Neuroptera Nyctiardia Napttlia Nica Nysa Nausea Nocthora Nebula Norma N—B Neniausa Nostalgia Nab Nenia Notacantha Nabob Neomenia Notalgia Naib Neorama Notonecta Nawab Nerita Nuba Neb Neuralgia Nyctia Nib K-^B] 154. [N—E Nob Nummulated Neologize Numb Nurse-maid Neophyte N—G N—E Nepenthe Nepheline Narcotic Nabee Neptune Necroscopic Nacre Nerve Neoteric Naive Nervine Neurotic Naivete Nervose Nitric Name Nescience Noetic Namesake Nestle Nomadic Nape Nettle Non-electric Naphthaline Neutralize Numismatic Napolite Newfangle Narcotine Nibble N — D NaiTate Nice Naiad Narrative Nicene Nail-head Nathmore Niche Naked Native Nickname Nard Naturalize Nictitate Narrow-min ded Nature Nide Navy-board Naufrage Nidificate Neaped Naulage Nidulate Neatherd Nave Niece Necked Navicelle Niggle Neckland Navigable Nightingale Need Navigate Nightmare Neighbourhood Nazarene Nightshade Nereid IN azarite Nimble Newfangled Naze Nine Niggard Ne Ninescore Night-bird Neat-cattle Niobe Nitid Neckatce Nitre Nod Necklace Nivette Nodated Neckpiece Noble Noucommii-sioned Necktie Noblesse Northwai'd Neckverse Noctule Northwind Nectarine Noddle Nosed Needle Node Notchboard Negative Nodose Notochord Neglige Nodule Nould Negligence Noise Nucleated Negotiate 1 Noisome N—E] 155 [N—L Nome Nunciate Nigh Nomenclature Nuncupate Nineteenth Nominate Nudinate Ninetieth NominatiTO Nurse Noctograph Nominee Nurture Nonesuch Nomotheto Nustle North Nonage Nutpine Notch Nonappearance Nuti'itive Nourish Nonattendance Nuzzle Nullah Nonce Nye Nuthatch Nonchalance N—F Nymph Noncompliance Naff N^I None Neaf Nonfeasance Neckercbief Neroli Nonobservance Nuclei Nonperformance N-G N—K Nonresistance Nag Nonsane Nap-taking Nainsook Nonsense Neighbouring Natterjack Noodle Nestling Neck Noontide Netting Network Noose Newing Nick Norse Nibbling Nicknack Nortlipole Niding Nook Nose Nipping Notebook Nosepicce Nog Notable Nogging N—N Note Noncomplying Nail Notice Northing Nappal Noursle Noseing Nargil Novice Nothing Narwhal Novitiate Notwithstanding- Nasal Nowhere Nursing Natal Nowise Nursling National Nozzle Nutmeg- Natural Nnbble Nutting Nautical Nnbile Naval Nubile se N-E Navel Nude Nash Neal Nudge Neckcloth Needleful Nuisance Neigh Neel Numerate Nesh Neglectful N—L] 156 [N—J Nemoral Nim Nonsolution Geological [Nizam Noon Neutral Nomadism Norman Newel Nosocomiiim Northern Nickel Nostrum Northman Nil! N-N Norwegian Nival Notation Noctidial Nankeen Nothingarian Noctiiriial Napkin Notion Noll Napoleon Noun Nomial Natation Novation Nominal Nation Nudation Nonagesimal Navigation Nudification Nonpareil Necessitarian Nullification Normal Necrophagan Nullifidian Nostril Needle-gun Numeration Novel N eedle-wonian Nun Novennial Negation Nutation Novercal Negotiation Nutbrown Nowl Neologian Nutrition Nul Neologization Nymphean Null Neonomian N—O Numeral New-fashion Numskull Newtonian Negro Nundinal Nicotian Negundo Nuptial Nicotin Niello Nutgall Night-season No Nutoil Nigrification Numero Nutshell Nineteen Nipperkin Nuncio N—M Nisan N—F NaHum Nobleman Nap Napiform Nocturn Neap Nasiform Noggin Nep Nasturtium Nolition Nettrap Nationalism Nomination Nightcap Naturalism Non Nincompoop Neologism Nonadmission Nip Neonism Nonagenarian N—R Nepotism Nonagon Nadir Nethinim Nonillion Nagor Nihilism Nonproduction Narrator 1 N—E] 157 [N—T Navicular Narcissus Nitrous Navigator Narcosis Niveous Near Nares Nobleness Nebular Narrows Noiseless Nectar Narrowness Nomades Neddcr Nasalis Nones Ne'er Nasicornous Nonplus Negotiator Nastiness Noses Neither Natals Notorious Nenuphar Natldess Notus Nether Naturals Nous Neuter Nauseous Nowadays Never Nautilus Noways Newcomer Nearness Noxious Newsmonger Nebulous Nubiferous Newspaper Necessaries Nucleolus Newswriter Necessitous Nucleus New-year Necrophagous Numbers Nicker Necropolis Numbless Nidor Nectariferous Numerous Nilometer Nectarus Nuptials Nimmer Necturous Nyctalops Nitrometer Needless N—T Nitter Needs Nodular Nefarious Nabit Nomenclator Negress Nacarat Nominator Negus Nascent Nonconductor Nervous Natant Nonjuror Ness Naturalist Nor Neuritis Naught Northerner Neurosis Naut Northstar Neurotics Neat November Nevertheless Neglect Novilunar News Negligent Number Nias Negociant Numei'ator Nidus Negrophilist Nuphar Night-dress Neogamist Nutcracker Nimbiferous Nepotist Nimbus Neptunist K—S Nineholes Nest Napless Nippers Net Napua Nitrogencous Netw eight N—Tj 158 [N—Y Neurospast Newt Next Niclget Nidulant Niglit Nihilist Nocent Noctivagant Nominalist Nouconformist Noncontent Nondescript Nonelect Nonfulfilment Noninbabitant Nonpayment Nonsuit Nortb-east Nortb-west Not Nougat Nougbt Novelist Nciggefc Numismatist Nut Nutant Nutriment N—U Nandu Nayau Nylgbau N—W' Narrow Navew Nephew New Now Neurypnology Nutscrew Nicety Nightly N—X Nihility Natrix Ninety Negotiatrix Ninny ^ Nobiliary N—Y Nobby Nobility Naggy Nobody Naively Noctuary Namby-pamby Noddy Namely Noisy Napery Nomography Nappy Nonconformity Narrowly Nonentity Nasally None-so-pretty Nasty Noonday Natchony Norroy Nationality Northerly Nativity Nosegay Natty Nosology Naturally Notary Naughty Noteworthy Naumachy Notify Nauscopy Notoriety Navarchy Novelty Navvy Novenary Navy Noy Nay Nudity Nearly Nugacity Necessary Nugatory Necessity Nullify Necrology Nullity Necromancy Numerary Necrophoby Numerically Necrotomy Numismatology Nectary Nummaiy Needy Nunbuoy Neighbourly Nuncupatory Neography Nunnery Neology Nursery 0-A] 159 [0—E 0—A Octandria Octapla Ogygia Olearia Olla-poclrida Omega Ondati'a Oneirodynia Onera Onomatoioocia Opera Ophthalmia Ora Orchestra Originalia Orthopnea Orthoptera Oscillatoria Osmund a Osservanza Ostealgia Otalgia Otaria Ova Over-sea 0-B Orb Oriflamb Outclimb 0—G Oceanic Oleic Olympic Omnilic Omphaloptic Oneirocritic o. Ophthalmic Opodeldoc Optic O-B Obtend Ocellated Octachord Octofid Octopod Octoradiated Odd Owed Offend Off-hand Old Olympiad Onstead Onward Openhanded Openhearted Openmouthed pinioned Orchard Oread Orotund Osmund Ousted Out-of-hand Outbid Outboard Outguard Outherod Outspi'ead Outward Outwind Ovate d Ovex^board Overlaid Overpaid Overspread Overhand Overhead Ovoid Oxbird Oxeyed 0—E Obambulate Obdurate Obedience Obeisance Obese Obfuscate Objective Objurgate Oblate Oblectate Obligate Oblige Oblique Obliterate Oboe Obole Obovate Obscene Obscure Observance Observe Obsolete Obstacle Obstinate Obstructive Obtrude Obtruncate Obtrusive Obtuse Obumbrate Obverse Obviate 0—E] IGO [0-] Occasive Opinionative Occurrence Ople-tree Oclire Opportune Octave Oppose Octostyle Opposite Octosyllable Oppx-essive Octuple Optime Ode Opulence Offence Oracle Offensive Orange Office Orangeade Officiate Orbate Ogee Orbicle O^ive Orbiculate Ogle Orbitude Ogre Orblike Oilcake Ordinance Oilet-hole Ordinate Oilstone Ordnance Oldwife Ordonance Olive Ore Ollite Organize Ombre Orifice Omnipresence Originate Omniscience Oriole Omnispective Ornate Once Ornitholite One Orphanage Onerate Orsedue Oolite Or five Ooze Oscillate Opalesce Osculate Opaque Osmazome Ope Ossifrage Operate Ostensible Operative Ostensive Opetide Ostracize Ophicleide Otherwise Opiane Otoe ran e Opiate Ounce Opilate Outface Opine Outhouse Outlie Outline Outlive Outmanoeuvre Outpace Outrage Outre Outride Outshine Outside Outstride Outvie Outvote Ovate Over- and-above Overawe Over-balan-^e Over-borne Overcame Overcharge Overdone Over-dose Over-drive Overdue Over-estimate Over-persuade Over- rate Over-ride Over-rule Over-state Overtake Over-value Over-wise Overture Ovine Owe Oxeye Oxhide Oxide Ox tongue Oxytone Ozone 0—E] 161 [0-M 0-F Ostrich Opal Oaf Ostrogoth Oral Of Ouch Orange-peel OfE Outreach Oratorical 0—G Outstretch Orbitual Outweigh Orchil Oakling Out andish Ordeal Oblong- Over-lavisli Ordel Offing Over-matcli Ordinal Offspring Over-much Orgal Ogling Over-reach Oriel Oilbag Over-watch Oriental Oil painting Owlish Original Opening Orval Opposing 0—K Osteal Orang-outang Oak Ousel Osnaburg Obelisk Outgeneral Outbuilding Ork Outsell Outlying Outwalk Outwall Outstanding Outbreak Ouzel Overflowing Outlook Oval Overliang Outwork Overhaul Overhung Overdrink Owl Overpowering Overlook Oxstall Over-reacliing Over-weening Overstock Oxymel Overtask Owing Overtook 0—M Owning Oakum Oxgang 0—L Oculiform Obeliscal Odeum on Occasional Odium Oath Occipital Off scum Obeali Octahedral Olibanum Octateucb Octennial Omniform Odontograpb Octodecimal Omnium Oh Octodrical Omnium-gatho- Oil-cloth Oecumenical rura Oligarch OlTal Operciilum Olive branch Official Opium Oopach Officinal Opobalsam Opah Oil Opossum Orichalch Omnicorporal Opprobrium. 0-M] 162 [0—B Optimism Operation Oviposition Organism Opliidion Own Ostracism Opinion Oxen Otium Oppidan Oxonian Ovemvliolm Opposition Oxygen Oviform Optician Oxygon Ovum Option Oraison Oxymoron 0—N Orangeman 0—0 Oarsman Oi'ation Obligato Oaten Ordain Octavo Obdormition Ordination Octodecimo Oberon Organ Odonto Objection Origen Olio Objuration Origin On-to Oblation OriUon Oratorio Obligation Orion Otto Oblivion Orison Out-do Observation Orphan Out-go Obstruction Orphean Over-do Obtain Ortalan Ovolo Obtrusion Orthogon Occasion Ortolan 0—P Occecation Orvietan Organ-stop Occultation Ostentation Orlop Occupation Ostmen Outstrip Ocean Ostracion Oversleep Octagon Otacousticon Overstep Octahedron Ottoman Overtop Octillon Ouphen Overtrip Octogenariiin Outrun Oxlip Often Outblown Ogygian Outworn 0—B Oilman Ovalbumcn Oar Olden Ovation Obtuse-angular Oligodon Oven Occur Omen Overburden Octangular Omission Overgrown October On Over-ran Ocular Onion Over-reckon Odometer Onomasticon Overturn Odour Open Ovidian O'er O—B] 163 [OS Offer OS Operous Officer Oasis Ophidians Oil-colour Oleander Oleaster Oats Obelus Oblivious Ophiomorphous Ophiopliagous Oi^hisaurus Ombrometer Obnoxiou s Oppress Omphalopter Onager Operator Opiniastcr Obolus Obsequies Obsequious Obstreperous Opprobrious Optics Optimates Oratress Opsiometer Obvious Orchidaceous Optometer Or Ocblesis Octanus Orchids Orchis Oracular Octogynous Orders Orator Orbicular Order Orthograplicr Octopetalous Octopus Octospermous Odds Orfrays Orgies Orgillous Orgues Osier Odious Originals Ostler Odoriferous Ornithorhynchus Other Odorous Orris Ottar Officious Orthodromics Otter Oldness Orthopterous Outer Oleaginous Os Outlaauler Oleous Osseous Outlier Oleraceous Ossifragous Outnumber Ombros Ossivorous Out-of-door Ominous Ostentatious Outpour Omnibus Ours Outrider Omnifarious Outdoors Outrigger Omniferous Outrageous Outwear Omnigenous Outwards Over Overbear Omniparous Omnivorous Overalls Over-anxious Overhear Oneness Over-cautious Overlander Onerous Over-dress Overpower Onliness Over- plus Overseer Onus Over-press Overtower Onwards Over- zealous Owler Opacous Ovibos Oyer Oyster Openness Opera-glass Oviferous Oviparous M 2 OS] Oxalis Oyes 0—T Obduct Obedient Obit Object Objectist Observant Obsolescent Obstruct Obtest Obvert Occident Occiput Occult Occupant Ocelot Octant Oculist Odorant Offset Offshoot Oilnut Oint Ointment Olivet Omelet Omit Omnipotent Omnipresent Omnivagant Ondit Onset Onslaugbt Operant Opponent Oppositionist Oppugnant Opulent Orbit 164 Ordinant Organist Orgeat Orient Orientalist Ornament Orpiment Osculant Ostent Oubat Ouglit Oust Out Outburst Outcast Outfit Outlet Out-patient Outpost Outright Outset Outskii't Outwit Over- against Overbuilt Ovei'cast Overcoat Over-night Overset Oversight Overt Owlet Owl-light 0—U Ormolu 0-W Outgrow Outlaw Overdraw Overflow [0—Y Overgrow Overshadow Overthrow 0— X Onyx Orthodox Ox 0—Y Obduracy Obeisancy Obey Obituary Obligatory Obloquy Obscenity Obscurity Observancy Obstinacy Occupy Ochlocracy Octogenary Octonary Oddity Odontalgy Odyssey Offertory Oily Olfactory Oligarchy Olitory Omniparity Omnisciency Omography Oneirology Onerary Only Onology Onomancy Onomatology Ontology Oology 0-Y] 165 [P—A Opacity Organography Ossuary Openly Orismology Osteography Operancy Ornithology Osteology Ophiolatry Orography Osthexy Ophiology Orphanotrophy Ostiary Oplitlialmology Orrery Otalgy Ophtlialmy Orthodoxy Otography Opisthography Orthodromy Ouranography Opponency Orthoepy Outcry Opportunity Orthography Outlawry Opsimatliy Orthology Outlay Optimacy Orthometry Outsentry Orangery Oscillancy Outzany Oratory Oscitancy Overlay Oreliesograpliy Osculatory Overpay Orderly' Osprey Oxy Ordinary Ossify Oxyphony P—A Paca Pacha Pachydermata Padra Pagoda Palea. Palestra Palo-di-vacca Panacea Pancha-tantra Pandora Panorama Panstereorama Papa Para Parabola Paraphernalia Paraphonia Parma Paronomasia Parrhesia P. Passiflora Patella Patera Pathopoeia Patina Pea Pekea Pelta Peninsula Penumbi"a Phantasmagoria Pharmacopeia Philomela Phoca Photophobia Piazza Pica Pimenta Pimpinella Pirimela Placita Platina Plea Plethora Pneumonia Poa Podagra Polacca Polka Polyandria Polyhymnia Polynesia Poly Oram a Polypiaria Pomona Postea Pozzuo^.ana Praecognita Prima-donna Principia Prinia Proa Propaganda Protozoa T-A-] 1G6 [F—D Prunella Pic-nic Pard Pseuclo-stella Pietistic Parried Psycliropliobia Pindaric Partheniad Pteropoda Plastic Password Puma Plumbic Pasteboard Purana Polemic Pectinated Politic Pellucid F—B Polytechnic Peninsulated Perturb Pontac _ Penned Plumb Pontic Pentachord Proverb Pragmatic Per-carburctted Pseudo-bulb Pratic Period Pre- historic Petard F—G Prenostic Piebald Pachalic Prismatic Pied Pacific Probleniatic Pig-headed Paleozoic Prognostic Pilchard Pandemic Prolific Pilot-bird Paneg}Tic Prophetic Pineclad Panic Prosaic Pinfold Pannic Protozoic Pinhold Paracentric Prussic Pink- eyed Paracrostic Prutenic Placard Pai-alytic Pteriplegistic Placid Paregoric Ptolemaic Plaid Patlietic Public Plated Patronymic Punic Platypod Pelagic Pyi'otechnic Plead Pentacrostic Pyrotic Plod Peripatetic Pp-rhic Plumipcd Perispheric F—B Pod Pharisaic Polished Philanthropic Paced Pollard Philharmonic Packthread Pond Phillippic Pad Poniard Philosophic Paid Pood Philotechnic Paled Portend Phlegmatic Pallid Postpaid Phonetic Palmiped Potsherd Phrenetic Palsied Pound Phthisic Paraboloid Poybird Physic Parallelopiped Pi-ebend P— JD] 167 [P-E Pre-doomed Prejudiced Pretend Priced Priestliood Proceed Prod Profound Pronged Propound Proud Pterygoid Puffbird Pugnosed Purblind Purse-proud Putrid Pyi^aniid F—B Pace Package Packhorse Packsaddle Paddle Page Paigle Paillasse Palace Palate Palatine Pale Palette Palindrome Palinode Palisade Palliate Palpable Palpitate Palsgrave Pampre Pancake Pancarte Pandore Pane Pannadc Pannage Pantomime Papier-maelie Papillote Parable Parachute Paraclete Parade Paradise Paradrome ParaiEno Parage Paragoge Paralyze Parantliino Paraplii'asc Paraselene Parasite Pardonable Pare Parentage Parenticide Parlance Parnellite Parole Parricide Parse Parsee Parsonage Partage Partake Parterre Parthenope Participate Participle Particularize Partitive Partride'c Parvise Pasquinade Passade Passage Passerine Passible Passing-note Passionate Passive Paste Pastille Pastime Pastorale Pasture Pate Patentee Patience Patricide Patronage Patronize Pattee Pauperize Pause Pave Pavonine Peace Peaceable Pease Pebble Peccable Peculate Pedagogue Peddle Pedigree Pedimcle Peep-hole Peerage Peetsee Pekoe Pelage Pelei-ine Pelisse P—E] IGS [P-E Penance Perpetrate Pie Penatee Perpetuate Piece Pence Perquisite Pierce Pendicle Persade Pigeon-hole Penetrable Persecute Pike Penetrale Perseverance Pile Penetrate Persevere Pileate Penitence Persiflage Pilgrimage Penknife Persistence Pillage Pennate Personable Pimple Pensile Perspective Pinafore Pensive Perspire Pine Pentile Persuade Pine-apple People Persuasive Pinhole Pepsins Peruke Pinnace Per acute Peruse Pinnate Peraclventure Pervade Pintle Perambulate Perverse Pipe Perceive Pestilence Piperidge Percentage Pestle Piperine Perceptible Peter-j)ence Pique Percbance Petiole Pirate Perclilorate Petre Pirogue Percolate Petunse Pirouette Peregrinate Pbalerope Piscine Peregrine Pharisee Piste Perforate Phase Pistolade Perforce Philistine Pistole Performance Phlorizine Pitch-pipe Perfume Phosphate Pitiable Perfuse Phosphorate Pittance Periclr-ome Phosj^horcscence Placable Perigee Phrase Place Peripbrase Piacle Plagiarize Peristyle Pianoforte Plague Periwinkle Piccage Plaice Perjure Pice Plaintive Permanence Pickaxe Plane Permeate Pickettee Planetree Permissible Pickle Planisphere Permittee Picture Plano-concave Permute Picturesque Plantigrade P—E] 169 [F—E Plantule Ponghee Posture Platane Pontage Potable Plate Pontee Potance Platonize Pontificate Potentate Platjrhine Pontifice Pothouse Plausible Pontine Pottage Playmate Poodle Pottle Please Pope Poule Pleasure Pope'seye Poultice Plebianize Populace Pounce Pledge Populate Poundage Plenitude Porcine Pour-pressure Plexure Porcupine Practicable Pliable Pore Practice Pliocene Porpoise Practise Ploughshare Porridge Pra3 Plumage Portable Praii'ie Plumbline Porte Praise Plume PortefeiTille Prance Plunge Portfire Prasilite Podge Portglave Prate Poet-laureate Portgrave Pratique Poise Porthole Prattle Poke Portmote Pre Polarize Portraiture Preadainitc Pole Portreeve Preamble Pole-axe Pose Preambulate Police Positive Prease Polite Posse Precede Pollute Possessive Precedence Polonaise Possible Precipice Polonese Postage Precipitance Polype Postchaise Precipitate Polypode Postdate Precise Polystyle Post-haste Preclude Polysyllable Post-horse Preclusive Pomade Post-house Preconceive Pome Postillate Preconize Pomegranate Post-note Precursive Pomme Post-oflice Predestinate Ponderance Postpone Predeter)!iine Pongee Postulate Predicable P—E] 170 [P—U Predicate Predispose Predominance Pi-edominate Pre-eminence Pre-engage Pre-examine Pre-existence Preface Prefecture Preferable Preference Pilifigure Pregnable Prejudge Prejudieate Prejudice Prelate Prelude Premature Premeditate Premise Prenominate Prentice Preparative Prepare Prepense Preponderance Preponderate Prepositive Preremote Prerogative Presage Prescience Prescribe Prescriptive Presence Presentee Preservative Preserve preside Pressure Prestige Presume Pre- suppose Pretence Preterite Prevaricate Preventative Price Prickle Pride Primate Prime Priming-tube Primitive Primogenitive Primrose Primum-Mobile Prince Principle Prisage Prison-base Prison-bouse Pristine Prithee Prittle-prattle Private Privative Privilege Prize Probable Probate Probative Probe Problematize Procedure Procrastinate Procreate Procurable Procure Produce Producible Productive Profane Proficience Profile Profitable Profligate Profuse Prognosticate ProgTamme Progressive Projectile Prolapse Prolate Prpletaire Prologue Promenade Prominence Promise Promote Promptitude Promulgate Promulge Prone Pronounce Propagate Propine Propitiate Proportionate Propose Prorogue Proscribe Prose Prosecute Proselyte Proserpine Prospective Prostate Prostitute Prostrate Protectorate Protege Protopope Prototype P—E] 171 [r—G Protuberance Pustule Prove Putative Provide Puzzle Providence Pyi-e Province Pjrope Provocative Pyrosome Provoke Pyrrhotine Proximate Pruce JP — F Prude Packstaff Prudence Pelf Prud'liommc Pikestaff Prune Plaintiff Pseudonyme Pontiff Pseudoscope Proof Psyclie Puff Ptyaline Put-off Public-liouse Puce P—G Puddle Packfong- Puerile Padding Puissance Painstaking Pule Painting Pullicate Paling- Pulsate Palling Pulse Pang Pulverize Parasang Pumice Paring Punctuate Parting Puncture Pascli-egg Purchase Passing Pure Peace-offering Purfile Peaking Purge Peeling Purple Peg Purpose Pelting Purpurine Pending Purse Penning Purse-pride Peppering Pursuance Periwig Pursue Pfenning Purtenance Philibeg Picking Pig Pilfering Piling- Piping Pitch- far thing- Pitching Plain- dealing- Plating Platting Plaything Pleading Pleasing Plug Plumbing Plumming Plying Poachiug- Pointing Poking PolliAvig Pooping Posing Posting Potting Pouchong Pouting Pranking Prating Prayer-meeting Preceding Pressgang Pressing Presuming Prevailiaig- Pricking Pricksong Prig _ Priming Princeling Printing Probang P—H] 17: [P-K Proceeding Philomath Paddock Prog- Phonograph Padlock Prolong Photograph Pagack Prong Pibroch Park Prosing Pig'gish Partook Pruning Pilch Passbook Pudding Pinch Patchwork Puddling Pish Pawk Puffing Pitch Peacock Png Pith Peak Puling Planch Peck Punning Plinth Perk Purling Plough Phrase-book Plush Pick P — H Poach Picklock Packcloth Poh Piecework Padishah Polish Pinchbeck Pah Polygraph Pink Pallah Pooh Pinnock Pantamorph Popish Plain-work Pantograph Porch Planet-struck Paragraph Potash Plank Paranjniph Potch Playbook Paraph Pouch Pluck Parch Preach Pock Pariah Pre- admonish Point-blank Parish Px'emonish Pollack Parroi-fish Priggish Pollock Pasch Prudish Pond-duck Patch Publish Pork Path Pugh Postmark Patriarch Punch Pothook Paunch Punish Potluck Peach Push Prank Peevish F—I Prayer-book Pentagi'aph Peri Pi^esswork Pentastich Perioeci Prick Pentateuch Peri soil Prongbuck Perch Pi Puck Perigraph Plani Purrock Perish F—K Putchock Pettisli Pack Puttock P-X] 173 \_F-L P—L Penal Plentiful Pacal Pencil Plural Pachy dactyl Penitential Pluvial Paginal Pentadactyl Poitrel Pail Pentagonal Political Pailful Pentahexadral Poll Painful Perdifoil Polyhedral Palatal Peregal Polytechnical Palatial Perennial Polyzonal Pall Perihesahedral Pommel Pallial Peril Pontifical Pall-mall Perioctabedral Pool Panel Periodical Port-admiral Pannel Pcripolygonal Portal Papal Perpetual Postal Parallel Personal Postil Parasol Personnel Post-prandial Paravail Perusal Potential Parboil Pestilential Powerful Parcel Petal Practical Parental Peterel Prebendal Parisyllabical Petrel Predial Parochial Peti'onel Prejudicial Partial Phial Preternatural Paschal Philomel Prevail Passing-bell Physical Prill Pastel Piccadil Primeval Pastoral Pickerel Primogenial Paternal Pictorial Principal Patristical Picul Principial Patrol Piecemeal Processional Peaceful Pigtail Proconsul Peal Pill Prodigal Pearl Pimpernel Pronominal Pectoral Pistil Propel Pecul Pistol Proportional Pedagogical Pitfall Proposal Pedal Pitiful Prosenneahedial Pedestal Plagal Prosimetrical Peel Plateful Protocol Pell-mell Playbill Provencial Pelt-wool Playful Proverbial r—M] 174 [P—N Providential Provincial Provisional Prowl Prudentinl Pterodactyl Puff-ball Pull Pulvil Pummel Pumpet-ball Punch-bov.l Punctual Pupil Purgatorial Purl Purseful P—M Pabulum Paganism Painini Paleotberium Palladium Pallium Palm Palpiform Pam Pancratium Pandemonium Panduriform Pantheism Parabolisni Pai'achronism Paradigm Paragram Parallelogram Paralogism Parapegm Parasceiiinm Paroxysm Passim Patelliform Peanism Pedobaptism Pelargonium Pendulum Penniform Percentum Perform Pericardium Pericranium Perigeum Perihelium Peritrocbium Petroleunr Pbantasm Pbantom Phlegm Pilgrim Pilum Pinniform Plagiarism Planetai-ium Platform Platinum Pleonasm Plum Pluralism Podium Poem Polygram Poiy theism Pomatum Porism Potassium Praam Premium Prim Primordium Princedom Prism Problem Prochronism Proclaim Proem Program Propagandum Proscenium Proselytism Prosyllogism Protoplasm Provincialism Psalm Pugilism Puppyism Purim Purism Puseyism Pyrrhonism Pythonism P—N Pacation Pacification Packman Peean Pagan Pagination Pagurian Pain Paladin Palanquin Palification Pan Pandiculation Pan god in Panopticon Panpharmac c u Pantaloon Pantechicou Pantheon Paphian Paragon Parhelion P—N] 175 [P—N Parisian Perihelion Pipkin Parliamentarian Perkin Pippin Parmesan Permission Pirn Parnassian Permutation Piston Parson Pernoctation Pitman Parthenon Peroration Placeman Participation Perquisition Plain Partisan Perron Plainspoken Partition Perscrutation Plan Partymau Persian Plantain Pasquin Person Plantation Passion Persjoiration Plastron Pastern Persuasion Platen Patacoon Pertain Platoon Paten Perturbation Plebeian Patrician Peruvian Plungeon Patten Perversion Poison Patron Peterman Politician Pattern Petition Pollen Pavilion Petrifaction Pollicitation Pawn Phaeton Pollution Pecan Phalansterian Poltroon Pecnlation Phalecian Polygon Pedalian Phantagin Polyhedron Pedestrian Phenomenon Polyphonian Pekan Pheon Polysynditon Pelican Phocacean Polyzoon Pemmican Phonation Pontoon Pen Physician Pope-joan Penetration Pibcorn Popgun Penguin Picaroon Poplin Penman Pickei'oon Population Pennon Pierian Porcelain Pension Pigeon Port- crayon Pentagon Piggin Portion Pentahedron Pig-iron Portman Peon Pigwidgcon Position Perception Pikeman Possession Percussion Pillion Post-captain Perdition Pin Postdiluvian Pererration Pinemartcn Postern Perfection Pinion Postilion F-N] 176 [P—0 Postman Privation Puccoon Postmeridian Probation Puffin Post-town Procession Pulsation Potation Proclamation Pun Potin Procrustean Puncheon Potion Procuration Punctuation Potman Production Purgation Poupetion Profanation Purification Prawn Profession Puritan Precaution Profusion Purloin Precession Progression Putrefaction Precipitation Prohibition Pyrenean Precision Projection Pyrotechnian Preclusion Prolaption Pythagorean Precondemn Prolation Pythian Predacean Prolongation Python Predestination Promethean Prediction Promotion P — Predilection Pronghorn Palmetto Preen Pronoun Pampero Prelibation Pronunciation Pan ado Premonition Propitiation Papilio Prenomen Proportion Paramo Pre-ordain Proposition Passado Pre-ordination Propylon Pasticcio Preparation Prorogation Patarero Preposition Proscription Pavo Presbyterian Prosecution Peccadillo Prescription Prostration Pederero Pr-esentation Protean Peperino Preservation Protection Peso Pressman Protestation Piano Prestation Protraction Pianissimo Presumption Protrusion Pico Pretension Proven Piffero Preterhuman Provision Pintado Pretorian Provocation Pistachio Prevention Prussian Pizzicato Priest-riddtn Ptarmigan Placebo Prillion Ptisan Piano Prionodon Publican Plumbago Prison Publication Poco P-0] 177 [P-R Pomposo - P—B Paviour Poncho Pawnbroker Pongo Pacificator Pawner Portfolio Packer Paymaster Portico Painter Peacebrcakcr Potargo Pair Peace-officer Potato Palaver Pear Potto Palendar Pearl-diver Pottoroo Pall-bearer Peculiar Presto Pallor Pedometer Primero Palmar Peeler Pro Palmer Peer Procedendo Palter Pelter Proto Pamper Pensioner Proviso Pamphleteer Pentacapsular Proximo Pander Pentameter Prunello Pannier Pepper Pseudo Panter Per Psendo-volcano Panther Perambulator Pulvillo Pantler [meter Percher Punchinello Panto- chrono- Perpendicular Punctilio Pantometer Perruquicr Puncto Paper Pester Punto Par Pettifogger Pjro Parameter Pewter P—P Paramour Philosopher Palp Parcener Philter Pap Parer Phosphor Parsnip Parishioner Piacular Partnership Park-keeper Pia Mater Peep Parlour Piaster Penmanship Parr Picador Pip Partaker Piecer Plump Particular Pier Pomp Partner Pilaster Poop Pasque-flower Pilfer Pop Passenger Pillar Prop Passover Pinner Protectorship Pastor Pioneer Pulp Paternoster Pitcher Pump Patter Planter Pup Pauper Plaster N P-B] 178 [P-S Platter Preceptor Protector Player Precursor Protomartyr Playgoer Predecessor Protractor Playwriter Predictor Provender Plover Prefer Provider Plumber Premier Psalter Plumper Premonitor Pseudo-martyr Plunder Prepositor Pucker Plunger Presbyter Puffer Pluaher Presenter Puncher Pluviametcr Pressiroster Punster Poetaster Pretender Purr Pointer Preter Purser Poker Pretor Pursuer Polar Prevaricator Purveyor Polder Pricker Putter Polestar Prier Puzzler Politicastcr Primer Pyrometer Poller Primogenitor Ponder Princes-feather P—S Poor Printer Paces Poplar Printseller Pains Popular Prior Palacious Porer Prisoner Palankas Porker Privateer Paleness Porringer Prize-fighter Paleosaurus Porter Proctor Pallas Poster Procurator Palmapcdes Posterior Professor Palmiferous Postmaster Proffer Palpigerous Pot-hanger Projector Pampas Pother Prolocutor Pancreas Potter Promoter Pandean-pipes Pounder Pronunciator Panegyris Pour Propeller Panivorous Pouter Proper Pantalets Powder Propitiator Pantaloons Power Propra3tor Papilionaceous Practitioner Proprietor Papyrus Prank er Prorector Paralepsis Prayer Prosecutor Parallels Precentor Prosper Paralysis P—S] 179 [P—S Paraplirenitis Perspicuous Poisonous Parasites Pertinacious Polemics Parasynexis Pervicacious Politics Parentliesis Pervious Pollenarious Parentless Pestiferous Polyacoustics Pares Petasus Polyanthus Paris Petaurus Polygenous Parlous Pettiness Polythalanious Paronymous Petty- chaps Pomiferous Parsimonious Pharmaceutics Pompous Parts Pharos Ponderous Pas Phoebus Populous Pass Phonetics Porous Passionless Phonics Portass Pathless Phosphorus Portcullis Pathos Physics Portentous Patness Piligerou.s Portress Patois Pilous Poss Patroness Pincers Possess Patronless Pious Posthumous Peat-moss Pisces Powerless Pedals Piscivorous Praxis Pedestrious Piteous Pray erl ess Peeress Pitiless Precarious Peerless Plainness Precautious Pegasus Plateglass Precious Pells Platypus Precipitous Pendulous Pleadings Precocious Penniless Pledgeless Predaceous Pentapetalous Pleiades Premiss Pentacostals Plenteous Prepossess Penurious Plesiosaurus Preposterous Peoples Pliers Press Perfidious Plumeless Presumptuous Perhaps Plumigerous Previous Peribolous Plumpness Priapus Pericarditis Plus Priestless Perilous Pneumatics Primness Periphrasis Pneumouics Princess Periplus Poetess Printworks Pernicious Poetics Proboscis Perspicacious Pointless Proceeds N 2 P-T] 180 [P—T Process Pandit Pent Prodigious Pant Pentecost Profess Pantophagist Peppermint Prolepsis Papist Perfect Promiscuous Paracelsist Perficient Pronaos Paramount Periapt Propitious Parapet Permanent Prosiness Paraphrast Permit Prospectus Paraquet Persist Prosperous Parchment Pert Prosthesis Parent Pertinent Protasis Parget Pervert Proteus Parliament Pessimist Protopterus Paroquet Pest Prowess Parrakeet Pet Prunifcrous Parrot Petticoat Pseudonymous Part Petulant Psittaceous Participant Pewit Pugnacious Party-spirit Pheasant Punctilious Passant Philologist Puiiiness Passport Physiognomist Pusillanimous Past Pianet Puss Pat Pianist Pyretics Patent Piarist Pyrogenous Patient Picket Pyrophorus Patriot Pickpocket Pyrosis Pavement Pict Pyrus Payment Piet Pythoness Pea-jacket Pietist Peanut Pikelet P—T Peasant Pilot Peat Piment Packet Peccant Pinnet Pact Pedant Pint Pageant Pellet Piquant Paint Pelt Piquet Palet Penchant Pit Palimpsest Pendant Pit-a-pat Pallet Pendent Pivot Parliament Penetrant Placit Pamphlet Penitent Plaquet PandecL Pennant Plaint P—T] 181 [P—V Plait Precept Prophet Plancliet Precinct Prescript Planet Precipitant Prospect Plano-ent Preconcert P]-otect Plant Predicament Protest Plantagenet Predict Protestant Plat Pre-elect Protocolist Platanist Px'e-eminent Protoplast Platonist Pre-exist Protract Plaudit Prefect Provident Pleasant Preferment Provost Plenist Pregnant Prudent Pliant Pre-instruct Psalmist Pliglit Prelatist Pschutt Plot Prelect Psilanthropist Plummet Prepayment Pucha-pat Pluperfect Prescript Puet Pocket Present Pullet Poet Presentient Pulpit Poignant Presentiment Pundit Point Presentment Pungent Polecat President Punishment Polt Prest Punnet Polyglot Preter-imperfect Punt Polyloquent Preteinst Puppet Pompet Preter-perfect Purport Ponent Preter-pluperfcct Pursuant Port Pretext Pursuit Portent Prevalent Pursuivant Portionist Prevent Put Portrait Pricket Pythonist Posset Priest Post Priestcraft Post-obit Print P — u Postcript Privet Parvenu Postulant Product Perdu Pot Proficient Pillau Pot-valiant Profit Piu Poult Prohibit Plateau Pout Project Portmanteau Preachment Prominent Pulu Precedent Prompt Purlieu P— TF] 182 [F—Y P—W Papaw Pasliaw Paw Pew Plaew Pillow Pitsaw Playfellow Poor-law Pow Powwow Prow Psliaw Purview P—X Paddle-box Paradox Parallex Pax Perplex Phalanx Pharynx Phlox Phoenix Pix Poll-tax Pollnx Poor-box Post-fix Poiincet-box Pox Prefix Princox Prolix Pyx p— r Pacify Paddy Padnasoy TsGony Palteoz oology Paleography Paleology Paleontology Palfrey Palilogy Palmistry Palmy Palsy Paltry Paly Panoply Pansophy Pansy Pantology Pantry Pantnrgy Papacy Pappy Pap3'rocrasy Parisology Parity Parley Parody Parquetry Parry Parsimony Parsley Partiality Partly Party Party-jury PasigTaphy Passer-by Pastry Pasty Patavinity Patchy Paternity Pathogeny Pathognomy Pathology Pathway Patibulaiy Patrimony Patty Pauciloquy Paucity Pay Pay-day Pearly Peasantry Pectoriloquy Peculiarity Pecuniary Pedantry Peltry Penalty Penitentiary Penny Penology Pentarchy Penury Peony Peppery Percursory Perdy Peremptory Perfidy Perfumery Perfunctory Periergy Periphery Peripneumony Periptery Perissology Perjury Pernancy Perpetuity Perplexity Perry Personality Personify Perspicacity P-Y] 1£3 [P—Y Perspicuity Piquancy Polymorphy Pertinacity Piracy Polyphony Perversity Piscary Polypody Petrify Piscatory Pomeroy Petrology Pity Pomology Petty Pixy Pony Phalanstery Plaguy Poorly Phantasmato- Plainly Popery graphy Planetary Popinjay Phantasy Planimity Poppy Pharmacology Plantocracy Porphyry Pharmacy Plashy Portly Pheasantry Plastography Portray Philanthropy Play Posology Philology Playday Possibility Philomathy Pleasantry Postboy Philosophy Plenarty Post day Phlebography Plenary Posterity Phonography Plenipotentiary Posy Phonotopy Plenty Potamology Photogeny Pleurisy Potency Photography Plumbery Pottery Photometry Plurality Poultry Phraseology Plutocracy Poverty Phrenology Ply Poy_ Phi'ensy Podology Prasliography Phylactery Poesy Praiseworthy Phylarchy Poetry Pravity Phyllotaxy Poignancy Pray Physiognomy Polary Prebendary Physiography Policy Precautionary Physiology Polity Preceptory Piccadilly Politely Precocity Pickery Polly Precursory Picksy Poly Predatory Piety Polyarchy Predecatory Pigeonry Polyautography Prefatory Piggery Polychromy Prelacy Pillory Polygamy Preliminary Pinery Polygarchy Preoccupancy Pinmoney Polygraphy Preoccupy Pipeclay Polymathy Preparatory P-Y] 184 IQ-I> Prepay Promontory Pyschomancy Presbytery Propensity Puberty Presently Properly Publicity Presidency Property Puerility Prestimony Prophecy Puffy Prest-monoy Prophesy Pulley Pretty Propinquity Pulmonary Prey Proprietary Punctuality Prickly Propriety Pnny Priestly Prosody Pupillary Primacy Prosopography Puppy Primary Prosopolepsy Purgatory Princely Prosperity Purify Principality Prosy Purity Priority Prothonotai-y Pursy Priory Provisory Purvey Privacy Proximity Pussy Probability Proxy Putrefy Probatory Prudery Putty Probity Pry Pygmy Proclivity Psalmistry Pyretology Prodigy Psalmody Pyrolatry Profligacy Psaltery Pyrology Profundity Pseudography Pyromancy Progeny Pseudology Pyrometry Promissory Pyschomachy Pyrotechny Q- Q—A Q—B Quadra Quab Quadragesima Quib Quadriga Q—G Quadrumana Quadratic Quagga Quixotic Quassia Quinia Q—D Quinquagcsima Quadrified Quinquina Quadrifurcatcd Quota Quadrilobcd Quadruped Qualified Quartered Quavered Queengold Quickened Quicksand Quicksighted Quickwitted Quid Quinquefid QE] 181 [Q-N Quinque-foliated Quivered Q-E Quadragene Quadrangle Quadrate Quadrature Quadrifoliate Quadrille Quadrilobate Quadripartite Quadripennate Quadrireme Quadrisulcate Quadrisyllable Quadri valve Quadrumane Quadruple Quadruplicate Quagmire Quake Quarantine Quarrelsome Quartile Quartridge Quartzite Quassine Quaternate Quatorze Quave Queenlike Quenelle Querquedule Questionable Quibble Quicklime Quiddle Quiesce Quietude Quince Quincite Quinine Quinquereme Quinquesjllable Quintessence Quintile Quintuple Quire Quite Quittance Qui-vive Quoiffure Quote Q—F Quaff Quai'terstaff Quoif Q-G Quaffing Quag_ Quailing Quaking-bog Quartering Quavering Queening Quilling Quilting Quivering Q—n Quasli Quench Quoth Q-K Quack Quarter-deck Querk Quick Quirk Q-L Quadragesimal Quadrel Quadrennial Quadridecimal Quadriennial Quadrifoil Q uadrigeminal Quadrilateral Quadriliteral Quadrimembral Quadrinomial Quadrinomical Quadrivial Quail Qu aqua ver sal Quarrel Quell Quernal Quill Quinqueliteral Quinquennial Quintal Quittal Quizzical Q-M Qualm Quantum Quietism Quinquennium Quitam Quixotism Quondam Quorum Q-N Quadricorn Quadrillion Quadrisection Qualification Quartan Q-0] 186 [F-A Quartation Questor Quartant Quartern Quicksilver Quartet Quarteron Quilldriver Queenpost Quarternion Quinquangular Queest Quatrain Q uin quarti cul ar Querist Queen Quinquelociilar Quest Quercitron Quilter Quickset Quern Quiver Quiddit Question Q-S Quiescent Questman Quiet Quicken Quadragcsimals Quillet Quindecagon Quadrans Quilt Quintain Quadricornous Quint Quintan Quadrifarious Quit Quintillian Quadrigenarious Quitrent Quintroon Quadripliyllous Quoit Quoin Quadrivalves Quotient Quotation Quaking-grass Quotidian Quarter-cousins Q—X Q-0 Quarter-sessions Quadratrix Querulous Quincunx Quacliilto Qnickgrass Q-Y Quarto Quickness Querpo Quietness Quackery Quintette Quietus Qiialify Q-F Quip Q—F Quill-nibs Quandary Quitcli grass Quantity Quits Quarry Quizzing-glass Quarter-day Quadrilocular Quoits Quarl erly Quaker Q-T Quaternary Quarter Quay Q uarter-m aster Quadrant Queacliy Quaver Quadrat Query Quaverer Quaint Quickly Queer Quant Quiddity Questmongcr Quart Quinsy E—A Raca Radiata R. Ram ay an a Ratafia Redo-vva Regalia Regatta Remora n—B] 187 [R-E Reptilia Rapid Resound Retina Rattle-brained Respond Rhea Rattle-headed Resupinated Rhizoma Rawboned Retard Rliizopliora Rawhead Retund Rota Read Reverend Rotunda Ready-witted Reward Rubeola Rear-guard Reynard Riisma Rearward Rhomboid Ruta-baga Rebound Ribald Rytina Rebuild Ribband Recommend Ribbed E—B Record Rickyard Rab Red Rid Recumb Redbacked Right-angled Rhomb Redbird Righthand Rhubarb Redbud Right-minded Rib Redemand Rigid Rob Red-lead Rind Rub Redound Road R—C Reed Roadstead Rebec Reedy-toned Rod Relic Reefband Roed Republic Reformed Rood Rhetoric Refound Rooted Roc Refund Rose-bud Romaic Regard Rosehued Roman Catholic Remand Rosewood Romanic Remind Rotund Romantic Renard Roughshod Ropalic Rend Round Rubric Renewed Roundhead Runic Repaid Rowland Rustic Repetend Rubicund Replead Rud E — D Reprehend Rugged Rabid Reprimand Ruined Ragged Rescind Rumbud Raid Resigned n TT Railroad Resoldercd Fi — U Ramrod Resolved Rabble Rancid Resolvend Race n—E] 188 [R-E Rackchase Reanimate Redpole Raddle Rear-mouse Reduce Radiate Reasonable Reduplicate Radicate Reassemble Ree Raffle Reassure Reedmace Rage Rebaptize Reedpipe Raingauge Rebate Reef-line Raise Rebuke Reef-tackle Rake Recalcitrate Re-enforce Rakee Recapitulate Re-engage Ramble Recapture Reermouse Ramberge Recede Reeve Ramboose Receive Re-examine Ramline Receptacle Referee Ramose Receptible Reference Rane Rechabite Refine Range Recharge Reflective Ranine Recipe Refragable Rankle Reciprocate Refrangible Rantipole Recitative Refrigerate Rape Recite Refuge Rapine Recline Refugee Rapparee Recluse Refuse Rappee Recognizable Refute Rapture Recognizance Regale Rare Recognize Regenerate Rase Recommence Regicide Rate Recompense Regime Ratiocinate Reconcile Regrate Rationale Recondite Regressive Rat'sbane Reconnoitre Regulate Rattle Recourse Rehabilitate Rattle- snake Recreate Rehearse Ravage Recriminate Reigle Rave Rectangle Reimburse Ravine Rectitude Reinecke Rawbone Recuperate Reinforce Raze Recurve Reinstate Razee Recuse Reinsure Re Rede Reinudate Ready-made Redouble Reinvolvo Realize Redoubtable Reissue E—E] 189 [R^E Reiterate Rejoice Rejuvenate Rejuvenize Rekindle Relapse Relate Relative Release Reliable Reliance Relieve Relique Reluctance Remarkable Remediable Remembrance Reminiscence Remittance Remonstrance Remonstrate Remorse Remote Removable Remove Remunerate Remunerative Renegade Renounce Renovate Renumerate Reorganize Reotrope Reparable Repartee Repasture Repentance Repeople Repine Replace Replete Replicate Repose Repreliensible Representative Reprieve Reprobate Reproduce Repromulgatc Reprove Reptile Repudiate Repugnance Repulse Repulsive Reputable Repute Require Requisite Requite Rescue Rescusee Resemblance Resemble Reserve Reside Residence Residue Resistable Resistance Resoluble Resolute Resolve Resource Respectable Respire Respite Response Responsible Resting-place Restive Restorative Restore Resume Resuscitate Retake Retaliate Retentive Reticence Reticulate Reticule Retinue Retire Retrace Retributive Retrieve Retrocedo Retrograde Retrospective Reunite Reveille Revenge Revenue Reverberate Revere Reverence Reverie Reverse Revile Revise Revive Revocable Revoke Revolutionize Revolve Rhapsodize Rheine Rliimc Rhyme Ribble-rabblo Rice Riddance Riddle Ride Ridge Ridicule B—E] 190 [B-G Rife Roulette Restiff Rifle Rounce Riffraff Rigmarole Roundtrade Roof Rime Rouse Ruff Rimple Route Rindle Routine B—G Ring-dove Rove Rag Ring-fence Rowan-tree Ragg Rinse Rubble Raging Ripe Rubble-stone Railing Ripple Ruble Raising Rise Rub-stone Raking Risible Ruddle Rang Rite Rude Rankling Rive Rudenturo Rating River-liorse Rue Ratting Roan-tree Ruffle Ratling Robe Rugate Raving Rode Rule Reading Rodge Rumble Rearing Rodomontade Ruminate Reckoning Roe Rummage Reeling Rogue Rumple Reflecting Roller-skate Runagate Rendering Roman-candle Rundle Respecting Romance Rune Retaining Romanesque Running-fire Reviving Roman-type Rupee Revolting Roodsteeple Rupture Riddling Rope Ruse Riding Roquelaure Rusticate Rig Rose Rustle Riggmg Roseate Rutilate Ring Rose-noble Rye Ringing Rosette Rinking Rosmarine B—F Rippling Rotate Raff Rising Rote Rebuff Roaring- Rouanne Reef Rocking Rouble Relief Reckling- Roue Reproof Rolling Rouge Rere-fief Rug B—n] 191 [B-L Rung- Radii Rasorial Running Reis-effendi Rational Rushing Rattail Russeting B—K Ravel Rack Razor-bill E—n Rank Real Rackpunch Radish Ransack Razor-back Rear-admiral Rebel Rajah Reaping-hook Recall Rakish Rear- rank Reciprocal Rash Reck Recital Ravish Red-book Recoil Rayah Reach Redshank Reebok Rectilineal Reel Red-ash Reedbuck Refusal Re-establish Reek Regal Refresh Re-embark Regel Relinquish Reitbok Rehearsal 1 Relish Remark Reinstall Replenish Rick Remodel 1 Reproach Risk Remorsefu Republish Research Rock Removal Roebuck Renewal Retouch Rollick Rental Retrench Rook Rent-roll Rhenish Roostcock Repeal Rich Rope-walk Repel Rickcloth Rowlock Reprisal Roach Ruck Reproacbful Roguish Ruddock Reproval Roniansch Rump-steak Requital Romish Rusk Resentful Rosebush B—L Respectful Rosefish Restful Rough Rubbish Rabbinical Retail Radial Retrieval Rush Radical Reveal Ruth Rail Revel Ryth B—I Ramal Rappel Revengeful Revival Raptorial Rial Rabbi Rascal Rigol E—M] 192 [B—N Rill Rheumatism Reckon Ringmail Rliytbm Reclusion Ringouzel Rim Recognition Ringtail Roam Recollection Ritual Romanism Recommendation Rival Roodbeam Reconciliation Roil Room Recreation Roll Rostrum Recrimination Romal Rum Rectification Rondel Redan Roral E—N Redden Rorqual Rossel Raccoon Redemption Reduction Rossignol Racemation Reed-organ Rostral Radiation Refashion Rounceval Raftsman Reflection Roundel RagainufFin Reformation Rowel Ragman Refraction Royal Rubrical Rain Raisin Refrain Refusion Runnel Ramadan Refutation Rural Ramekin Regain E—M Radiciform Ran Rappen Rarefaction Regeneialion Regimen Region Ram Rascallion Registration Random Ratan Regulation Ransom Ratiocination Reign Rantism Ration Re-imprison Rationalism Ratoon Rein Realism Rattan Re-introduction Realm Ratteen Reiteration Ream Ravelin Rejection Reclaim Raven Rejoin Redeem Reaction Relation Reem Realization Relaxation Reform Reason Reliction Reinform Rebellion Religion Remiform Recantation Remain Requiem Residuum Recapitulation Reception Remission Rendition Rlieum Recitation Renown li—N] 193 [n-B Renunciation Revelation Rural- dean Reparation Reversion Russian Repartition Revision B—0 Repetition Revocation Repletion Revolution Rabato Replication Revulsion Ratio 'i- Reprehension Rhetorician Rebato Representation Rhizogen Recitative Repression Rhododendron Recto Reprobation Rhombohedron Re-echo Reptation Ribbon Relieve Republican Ribston-pippin Renegade Republication Ridden Rhino Repugn Rifleman Ridotto Repulsion Rigadoon Ritornello Reputation Riparian Rondo Requin Ripen Rubigo Requisition Riven B—P Rescission River- dragon Reservation Roan Ragshop Resign Robin Ramp Resignation Roboreau Rap Resin Rogation Rasp Resolution Roman Razoi'-strop Respiration Roodscreen Recoup Restitution Rosicrucian Redcap Restoration Rosin Reedstop Restrain Rotation Rip Restriction Rotheln Riprap Resumption Rotten Romp Resurrection Roughen Rose-drop Resuscitation Round-robin Roup Retain Rowen Retaliation Rubican B—B Retention RubriciaJ Racer Retraction Ruderation Radiator Retribution Ruffian Radiometer Retrocession Rugin Rafter RetrodiTction Ruin Raindeer Retrogression Rumination Raiser Return Run Rambour Reunion Runnion Rammer B—B] 194 [B—8 Ramoneiir Reiter Rotator Rancour Rejoinder Rouge-et-noir Ranger Remainder Roughridcr Ranter Remember Rover Rapier Remembrancer Rower Rapper Remitter Rubber Raster Rencounter Rudder Rasper Render Ruler Rate atelier Renter Rummer Rather Repair Rumour Raver Repealer Runner Razor Repeater Russia-leather Reappear Reporter Ruttier Reader Reservoir BS Realgar Respirator Rear Retainer Rabies Rearer Retriever Racemous Recantor Revolver Raciness Receiver Rhetor Rackets Recliner Rhymester Radices Reconsider Rhjthmomcter Radius Recorder Ricider Rainless Recover Rider Rameous Recriminator Rigger R amnions Rectangular Rigour Rancorous Rectifier Rimer Rankness Rector Ringer Ranunculus Recur Ringleader Rapacious Recurvirostcr Rioter Raptorious Redeemer River Rapturous Redemptioncr Rix-dollar Rassores Re-enter Roadster Ratlines Refer Roarer Rattles Refiner Roaster Ravelliugs Reformer Rocker Ravenous Refrigerator Roister Rayless Regather Roisterer Rebellious Register Roller Rebus Registrar Romancer Recess Regular Rosewatcr Reciprocornous Regulator Rosier Reckless Reindeer Roster Rectrices s] 195 [It-T Redness Roughness Recipient Redress Round-tov> ers Recollect Reed-grass Rubus Recount Reedless Ruddiness Recreant Regardless Rufous Recn;iit Regimentals Rugous Recumbent Regius Ruinous Recurrent Regnlus Reinless Rumpus Runes Red -ant Redbreast Reins Rurigenons Redhot Relais Rushymills Redolent Relentless Russ Redoubt Religious Ruthless Redroot Remains Remiges Remis Rjnchops Redstart Redtapist Redundant Remorseless Rabbet Reef knot Rendezvous Rabbit Re-elect Repass Rabinet Re-enact Repress Racket Refinement Rescous Racket-court Refit Resinous Rack-rent Reflect Resistless Radiant Refluent Restless Raft Reformist Rhinoceros Ragout Refract Rhizocarpous Raiment Refrigerant Rliizopliagous Rhombus Raj-poot Rampant Reft Refulgent Riches Richness Rampart Rant Regardant Regent Ridiculous Rapt Regiment Righteous Rat Reglet Righteousness Ratchet Regnant Rigorous Readmit Reinsert Rimous Reappoint Reinstruct Riotous React Reinvest Robbins Readjust Reject Rodents Rebut Rejoint Roriferons Recant Relent Rosaceous Recast Relet Ross Roughings Receipt Recent Relevant Reliant o ^ B—T] 196 [K— r Relict Retract Ruralist Reluctant Retreat Rushlight Reminiscent Retrospect Russet Remit Reverberant Rust Remnant Reverent Rut Remount Revert Ryot Remugient Revolt E—U Renascent Rliapsodist Rennet Rlaymist Rideau Rent Riant Rompu Repast Ribroast Rondeau Repeat Ricocliet Rouleau Repcllant Rift Repent Right B—W Repentant Ringlet Rainbow Replant Riot Raw Replicant Riveret Redsnow Report Rivet Renew Represent Rivulet Review Reprint Roast Robin-good- Repugnant Robert fellow Request Robust Rouffh-hew Rescript Rochet Row Resent Rocket Royston-crow Resentment Rodent Reset Roodloft Pl— X Resident Roost Radix Resist Root Resonant Rose-knot Reflex Resort Rot Reflux Respect Roughdraught Relax Remix Rex Rouleaux Resplendent Roundabout Respondent Rest Rout Rowport Restaurant Royalist Rumex Restraint Rubescent B—Y Restrict Rudiment Restringent Ruminant Rabdology Result Rundlet Rackety Resurrectionist Runlet Racy Retirement Runnct Raggy Retort Runt Raillery B—T] 197 [8— A Railway Reformatory Roadway Rainy Refractory Robbery Rally Regency Rockery Ramify Regeneracy Rocky Ranny Registry Rollyjiooly Ranty Relay Romepenny Rapacity Relevancy Rookery Rajjidity Reliquary Roomy Rarefy Rely Rosary Rarity Remedy Rosebay Rascality Rent- day Rosemary Raspberry Repay Rosy Ratify Repertory Rotary Rationality Reply Rotatory Ray Repository Roundelay Readily Residuary Rowdy Ready Revelry Royalty Ready-money Rhapsody Ruby Reality Rhinoplasty Ruddy Reciprocity Richly Rumney Recovery Rickety Runaway Rectify Rigidity Rushy Rectory Rimy Rusticity Reedy Rivalry Rusty 8-A s. Schisma Sierra Sabella Sciatica Siesta Sadda Scolia Sigma Saga Scoria Silesia Saiga Scotia Siliqua Saliva Scrofula Simia Salvia Sea Sinfonia Sapliena Seisura Siva Sapodilla Semolina Soda Sarsaparilla Senna Sofa Saturnalia Senza Sol-fa Sauria Sepia Sonata Saurothea Septuagesima Sonatina Savanna Serenata Spa Scarlatina Sexagesima Spatula S—B] 198 [S—D SpiraBa Swab Synodic Sqiaaina Syllabub Syntonic Stagma Syriac Stanza S—G Systematic Stapelia Sac Systemic Stela Saic Systolic Stigma Strata Sapphic Sarcastic S—D Strelitzia Sardonic Saci-ed S-trychnia Satii'ic Sad Stufa Scenic Sad-hcaried Styca Sceptic Said Subpceua Schismatic Salad Succula Scholastic Salmonoid Sudra Sciatheric Sand Sultana Scientific Sandal-wood Supra Sclavonic Sang-froid Sylva Sebacic Saraband Syniplionia Semetic Scabbard Synalcjjha Seraphic Scad Synonynia Sethic Scaffold Syringa Sic Scald Shemitic Scaled S—U Shumac School-board Slavonic Scold Scab Soc Scud ScriTb Socratic Sea-leopard Sea-cob Sonorific Sea-maid Shrub Soporific Seared Sib Sothic Seaward Slab Spasmodic Sea-weed Slub Specific Second Snob Spheric Second-hand Snub Splenetic Secretary-bird Sob Stick-lac Seed Squab Stoic Seid Squib Stromatic Self-jjossessed Stab Sulphuric Self-willed Stub Super-tonic Send Suburb Syllabic Serried Succumb Sympathetic Settle-bed Superb Syndic Sevenfold S—D] 109 [S-E Shad Sped Studied Shamefaced Speed Stupid Shard Spellbound Styloid Sharded Spend Subrotund Shed Spheroid Subtend Sheepfold Spiked Succeed Shepherd Spikenard Sun-bird Sherd Spired Sun- clad Shield Spitted Sunward Shoad Splendid Superadd Shock-headed Spotted Superintoud Short-sighted Spread Surd Should Sprod Sure-footed Shred Spud Surround Shrewd Squad Suspend Shroud Squalid Sward Sided Squirehood Sword Siderated Staggard Sword-hand Side-wind Stag-hound Sylphid Sighted Staid Synod Silver-tongued Stall-fed Siphoid Stand 8—E Sixfold Standard Sabine Skald Starboard Sable Skid Starred Sabre Sled Stated Saccade Slipshod Steed Sackage Slothound Steelyard Sacrifice Sluggard Steward Sacrilege Smaragd Stiltbird Saddle Snod Stipend Sadducee Snood Stoled Safe Sod Stolid Sagamore Sofa-bed Stomapod Sage Sold Stone-dead Sake Solid Stood Sale Soliped Storied Saline Sord Straightforward Salmon -pipe Sordid Strait-laced Saltate Sound Strand Saltigrade Sound-board Stroud Salt-mine Southward Stud Saltpetre 8—E] 100 [S—E Salute Sceptre Sedate Salvable Schedule Sedative Salvage Scheme Sedge Salve Science Seduce Same Scintillate See Samestre Sciurine Seethe Samite Scone Segregate Samphire Scope Seine Sample Score Seize Sanative Scot-free Seizure Sandstone Scourge Selenite Sane Scrabble Self-sacrifice Sanguine Scramble Selfsame Sansculotte Scrape Semaphore Sappliire Scribble Semblance Sarabaite Scribe Semibreve Sardine Scriggle Semi-circle Saree Scripture Seminate Satellite Scrubrace Semipalmate Satiate Sci-uple Semiquartile Satire Scrutinize Semitone Satirize Scrutoire Semplice Saturate Scuffle Sempre Saturnine Sculpture Senate Satjridai Scurrile Senile Sauce Scutage Sensate Sausage Scuttle Sense Sauterne Scytale Sensible Savable Scythe Sensitive Savage Sea-anemone Sentence Save Sea- eagle Separable Saxifrage Sea-horse Separate Scalade Seance Septangle Scale Sea-piece Septisyllable Scalene Seasonable Septuple Scamble Secale Sepulchre Scape Secede Sepulture Scapegrace Seclude Sequence Scarce Second-rate Sequestrate Scare Secrete Seraphine Scavage Sectile Sere Scene Secure Serenade 8—E] 201 [S-E Serene Shine Sinecure Serge Shingle Singe Sermonize Shipmate Single Serpentine Shipshape Sinkhole Serve Shire Sinuose Service Shoe Sire Serviceable Shone Sirname Serviette Shore Situate Servile Shortcake Sixpence Servitude Shote Sixscore Sesame Shot-free Size Sesquitone Shove Sizeable Sesterce ShrewmoiTEO Skate Sestine Shrike Skittle Setee Shrine Skive Settee Shrite Skrimmage Settle Shrive Slade Sevenscoro Slmffle Slake Severance Shute Slate Severe Shuttle Slave Sewage Sicca-rupee Sleave Sev^erage Siccate Sledge Sexangle Sice Sleeve Sextile Sickle Slice Sextuple Side Slide Shackle Side-saddle Slime Shade Side-table Sloe Shake Sidle Slope Shamble Siege Slote Shame Sieve Sluice Shape Signalize Sluice-gate Share Signature S mar tie Shave Sike Smile She Silence Smite Sheathe Silhouette Smoke Sheave Simile Smote Sheep's-cye Similitude Smudge Sheldant! Simple Smuggle Sheldrake Simulate Snaffle Sheltie Since Snake Shelve Sincere Snare Shie Sine Sneeze S-U} 202 [S-E Sniffle Spectacle Stalactite Snipe Spectre Stalagmite Snooze Speculate Stale Snore Spere Stalking-horse Snuffle Sphere Stampede Snuggle Spice Stanhope Soapstone Spike Staple f Socage Spile Stare ' Sociable Spinage Startle Socome Spindle State \ Soiree Spine Stative Solace Spinulose Statue Sole Spiracle Statuesque Solemnize Spire Statui'o Solicitude Spite Statute Soliloquize Spit-fire Stave Solitaire Spittle Staylace Solitude Splice Stearine Solstice Spoke Steeple Soluble Spondee Steeple-chase Solve Sponge Steex'age Sombre Sponge-cake Stellulate Some Sportive Steppe Sonnite Spouse Stepping-stone Soothe Spread-eagle Stereoscope Sophisticate Spree Stereotype Sordino Springe Sterile Sore Spi'inkle Stethoscope Sororicide Sprite Stevedore Sortie Spruce Stickle Sotto-voce Spuke Stifle Soubrettc Squabble Stigmatize Source Square Stile Souse Squeeze Stillicide Space Squire Still-life Spake Stable Stimulate Spangle Stade Stimulative Spare Stag-beetle Stipple Sparkle Stage Stipulate Sparse Stagirite Stire Specie Stagnate Stive Speckle Stake Stockade S—E] 203 S—E'] Stock-dove Sub-duplicate Sufferance Stock-exchange Suberose Suffice Stockpurse Sub-indicate Suffocate Stole Subjective Suffrage Stone Subjugate Suffuse Stoppaije Subjunctive Suggestive Store Sublimate Suicide Stove Sublime Suitable Stowage Submarine Suite Straddle Submerge Sulphate Straggle Submerse Sulpliurate Strake Submissive S unlike Strange Submultiplc Sunrise Strangle Suboctave Sunshine Stricture Suboc tuple Sunstroke Stride Subordinate Supcrable Strife Suboxide Superabundance Strike Subquadruplc Supei-annuate Strive Subquintuple Supercharge Strobile Subscribe Supererogaie Stroke Subsemitone Superfine Sti'opho Subseptuple Superlative Strove Subserve Supermundane Structure Subsextuple Superscribe Struggle Subside Supersede Struthionicliu Subsidence Supervene Strj-chuino Svibsidize Supine Stubble Subsistence Supple Stuckle Substance Sui3plicate Studhorse Substantiate Supportable Stultiloquencc Substantive Suppose Stumble Substitute Supreme Stupe Subterfuge Surbase Style Subtile Surcharge Stylite Subtle Surcingle Suasive Subtriple Surcle S lib-committee Subtriplicate S ure Sub-decuple Subvene Surface Sub-delegate Successive Surge Subdivide Succinate Suricate Subdue Suckle Surmise Subduple Sue Surname 8—E] 204 [S—G Surplice Systyle Scrag Surprise Scragging Surrogate Scratching Surveillauce S—F Scrog Survive Scarf Scug Susceptible Sclierif Scumbling Suspense Scoff Sea-dog Suspire Scruff Sea-king Sustenance Sea-calf Sealing Sutile Sea-thief Seasoning Suttee Self Seedling- Suttle Serf Seeing Suture Set-off Seeming Swaddle Sheaf Self-seeking Swale Sherif Serang Swat lie Sheriff Setting Sweepstake Shroff Settling Swerve Skiff Sewing Swindle Sniff Shag Swine Snuff Shambling Swinge Staff Shaveling Swingle Stiff Sheading Swipe Stuff Shearing Sword-cane Sunproof Shearling Swore Surf Sheathing Sybarite Sheeling Sycamore Sheep-shearing Sycee Sheeting Syderolite S—G Shelving Syllable Sacking Shilling Syllogize Sag _ Shimmering Symbolize Salading Shining Sympathize Sanderling Shipping Symplionize Sapling Shocking Synagogue Saving Shooting Syncope Saying Shopping Syncopizc Scanning Short-coming Syndicate Scantling Shrug Synedoche Scarfing Shuffling Synonyme Schooling Sideling Syringe Scorning Sidelong Systoly Scouring Siding i 8—G] 205 [s-n Signet-riDg Silvering Sing Singing Sitting Sizing Skilling Skipping Skirting Skng Skylarking Slambang Slang Slapbang Sleigliinsf Sliding Slighting Sling Slug Slung Smelling Smelting Smug Snag Sneaking- Snug Soiling Something Song Soucliong Sounding Span-fartliing Spanking Sparing Sparkling Sparling Sparring Speaking Spelling- Sporting Spouting Sprag Sprang Sprawling Spreading Sprig Spring Sprung Squinting Stabling Stacking Stag Stang Starling Startling Starveling Steg Sterling Sting Stirring Stocking Stopping Storming Storthing Straining Strapping Striking String Stripling Strong Strung StulTing Stung Suckling Suing Sutling Swag Sweeting Swelling Swerving Swig Swing Swinffinsr s—n Sabaoth Sabbath Sackcloth Sailcloth Sandwich Sash Scaramouch Scath Scorch Scotch Scotograph Scratch Screech Scrunch S'death Search Selah Selfish Seraph Seventeenth Seventh Seventieth Shah Shahnamiih Sheath Shechinah Sheepish Shell-fish Shibboleth Shower-bath Shrewish Sigh Silversmitli Sirrah Sith Sixteenth Sixtieth Sketch Skirmish Skittish S—U) 206 [S-K Skyhigh Stealth Shamrock Slapdash Stench Shank Slash Stich Shark Slavish Stitch Sheephook Sleigh Stomach Sheepshank Slish Stop-watch Sheer hulk Slosh Strath Sheik Sloth Strength Shelduck Slouch Stretch Shipwreck Slough Stylish Shirk Sluggish Subah Shock Slush Such Shook Sluttish Sumach Shrank Smash Swash Shriek Smeath Swath Shrink Smirch Switch Shi"unk Smith Sword-fish Shuttlecock Smooth Sylph Sick Smutch Silk Snappish S—I Sink Snatch Saki Skating-rink Solograph Salmagundi Skink Sooth Sans-souci Skip-jack Soph Semi Skulk Sottish Serai Skunk Songh Sesqui Slack South Si Slapjack Spanish Sofi ^ Sleek Speech Sophi Slick Spinach Spermaceti Slink Splash Slunk Splatter-dash 8—K Smack Squash Sack Smirk Squcamisli Sark Smock Squelch Sarlak Smock-frock Stage-coai-li Scrap-hook Smoke-jack Stalwortli Screak Snack Stanch Seasick Sneak Standish Seek Sneck Starch Shabrack Snick Star finch Shack Snook Staunch Shaddock Soak S-1l] 207 [S—L Sock Sarcel Shrapnell Spank Sassorol Shrieval Spark Satchel Shrill Sparrow-hawk Satirical Shrivel Speak Save -all Sibyl Speck Scalpel Signal Spick Scandal Sill Spink School Sinful Spitclicock Scissel Skeel Springbok Scissor-bill Skilful Squeak Scornful Skill Stack Scoundrel Skirl Stalk Scowl Skull Stank Scrawl Slate-pencil Stark Screech-owl Slothful Steak Scroll Small Stcinbock Scull Smell Stick Sea-gull Snail Stickleback Seal Snarl Stoak Seckel Snivel Stock Seel Social Stook Sell Soil Stopcock Seneschal Sol Stork. Sensual Sorel Streak Sentimental Sori-el S trick Sentinel Sorrowful Struck Septennial Soul Stuck Sepulchral Spancel Stud work Sequel Spaniel Stumbling-block Serial Special Suck Sesquipcdal Speedwell Sudak Several Spell Sulk Sexagesimal Sperm-oil Sunk Sexdecimal Spill Cl T Sexennird Spinal 8 — L Shall Spiral Sacerdotal Shameful Spiritual Sail Shawfowl Spital Sal Shawl Spiteful Salmon-peel Shekel Spoil Samial Shell Spool Sandal Shovel Spoonbill S—Lj 208 [S-M Spoonful Symbol Simoom Sportful Symmetrical Sistrum Spousal Syncbi-onal Skim Sprawl Synclinal Slam Springal Syndactyl Slim Spritsail Synthermal Sloam Spurgall a n r Slowworm Spurroyal S — M Slum Squall Sabaism Socialism Squeal Saccharum Sodium Squill Sachem Solecism Squirrel Seam Somnambulism Stall Salam Sophism Stammel Sandstorm Spasm Standstill Sanhedrim. Spectrum Stannel Sarcasm Speculum States-general Saxonism Sperm Steal Scapliism Spinozism Steel Schematism Spiritualism Stencil Schiedam Squirm Still Schism Stadium Stockstill Sciolism Steam Stonestill Scottism Stelliform Stroll Scream Stem Strull Scrotiform Sternum Subsoil Scum Stillroom Substantial Seaholm Storm Successful Seam Strabism Suicidal Seldom Stramonium Sundial Selenium Stratagem Superficial Self-esteem Stratum Supernal Sensationalism Strontium Supernatural Sensorium Strumstrum Sural Scptennium Stulm Surnoniinal Scptiform Stum Surprisal Sei-aphim Styliform Sweal Seriatim Substractum Swell Serum Succedaneum Swill Sham Sum Swirl Shamanism Sumoom Swivel Shawm Sunbeam Sjmbal Show-room Superstratum I 8—K] 209 IS-N Swam Swarm Swim Sword-arm Syllogism. Symbolism Symposium Symptom Synchronism Syncretism System Sabbatarian Sabian Sadden Saffron Sagan Sainfoin Salesman Sallyluun Salmon Saloon Saltern Salutation Salvation. Samai'itan Samian Sampan Sanation Sanctification Sanction Sandemanian Sand-marten Sanguification Sapgreen Saracen Sarasin Sarmatian Sasin Satan Satin Satisfaction Satui-ation Saturn Saturnian Saucepan Saucisson Saurian Saxon Scan Scandinavian Scarification Scion Scission Sclavonian Scorn Scorpion Screen Scullion Scutcheon Sea-green Sea-lion Session Set-down Seton Seven Seventeen Sextan Sextillion Sexton Shagreen Shakspearian Shalloon Shaman Sharpen Sheen Sheep-run Sheepskin Shin Shoon Shopman Shorten Shotten Shown Shun Siberian Sibilation Sicken ►"Sigi^ _ Signification Silken Silurian Silvan Simpleton Sin Sindon Sinuation Siphon Sirloin Siskin Situation Sixteen Skean Skein Skeleton Skimmington Skin Slacken Slain Slattern Slip-on Slogan Sloven Slubberdegullion SmerliiT Smitten Smoothen Snapdragon Socinian Socman Sodden Soften Sojourn Solemn Solitariau 8—N] 210 [S-N Solemnization Stern Suction Solution Sternutation Sudden Son Soon Stewpan' Stiffen Suffocation Suffragan Sorn Stockman Suffusion Souterrain Stolen Suergestion Southern Stone-marten SuHcn Soutliron Straighten Sultan Sovereign Strain Sumatran Sown Straiten Summon Spadroon Span Strangulation Strengthen Sun Sun-born Spartan Stricken Sunburn Spavin Strokesman Sundown Spawn Stubborn Sunken Spearman Stun S uperannuation Specification Specimen Speculation Spin Spleen Stupefaction Sturgeon Stygian Subaltern Subalternation Superhuman Superstition Supervision Supposition Suppression Spokesman Spoliation Subdeacon Subdean Suppuration Surgeon Sponsion Subdivision Surloin Spontoon Spoon Subjection Subjoin Surreption Surrogation Sportsman Sprain Spring-gun Sublimation Sublition Submission Suspension Suspicion Sustain Spun Subordination Suzei-ain Spurn Suborn Swain Squadron Stain Stallion Subreption Subscription Subsign Swan Swan's-down Swanskin Stamen Substitution S wedenborg ian Stamin Substruction Sweeten Stanchion Subtraction Swollen Statesman Subundation Swoon Station Suburn Swordsman Steekan Subvention Sworn Stein Subversion Syllabification Stellation Succession Sylvan S-0] 211 [S—B Syn Stucco Slop-shop Synonymicon Studio Snap Syphon Subito Snip Syren Supercargo Snip-snap Syrian S—P Soap Soft-soap S-0 Safety- lamp Sop Sago Salop Soup Saltarello Sap Spirit-lamp Salvo Satrap Stamp San-benito Scallop Steep Sclierzando Scalp Step Sciolto Scamp Stirrup Scirocco Scarp Stirrup-cup Scuclo Scholarship Stomach-pump Seraglio Scollop Stoop Setto Scoop Stop Sforzato Scrap Stopgap Shako Scrimp Storeship Shampoo Scrip Stoup Shoo Scullcap Sti-ap Silo Seamanship Strip Singlo Shallop Strop Sirocco Sharp Stump So Sheep Sump Soho Ship Sup Solano Shop Sursharp Solo Shrimp Survivorship Soprano Sip Swamp Sospiro Sirup Swap So-so Skelp Sweep Spadilio Skep Swoop Spiccato Skin-deep Swop Spiritoso Skip Syrup Staccato Skullcap S—B Stiletto Slap top Stingo Slave-ship Saddler Stoccadj Sleep Sagger Strappado Slip Sailer Strascino Slipslop Sailc'r Strepitoso Sloop Sakor Stretto Slop Salamander p 2 S-B-] 212 [8-B Saltcellar Sea-rover Shooting-star Saltier Sea-water Shop-walker Saltwater Seceder Shoulder Salver Sector Shoveller Sampler Secular Shower Sand-paper Sedgewarbler Shudder Sand-piper Seeker Shutter Sapor Seer Sightseer Sapper Seether Signior Satyr Segar Silver Saucer Seignior Simar Saunter Seltzer- water Similar Saviour Semester Simmer Savour Semi-quaver Simper Scambler Sempster Sindar Scamper Senator Singular Scar Senior Sinister Scatter Senocular Sinner Scavenger September Sipper Scholar Septemvir Sir Schooner Septinsular Sir-car Scomber Sequester Sister Scorer Seraskier Sitar Scoter Server Sitter Scour Servitor Sizar Scraper Setter Skeggar Screamer Settler Skewer Screwdriver Sewer Skimmer Screw-propeller Shaker Skipper Screw-steamer Shammer Slabber Scribbler Shai-er Slander Scrivener Sharper Slapper Scrutator Sharpshooter Slaughter Sculptor Shaster Slaver Scummer Shatter Sledge-hammer Scupper Shaver Sleeper Scymitar Shear Sleep-walker Seabar Sheer Slender Sea-farer Sheet-anchor Slipper Sea-letter Shelter Sliver Sear Shimmer Slobber Searcher Shiver Slubber S—B] 213 [S—B Shidg-er Splatter Stir Slumber Splendour Stirrer Slur Splinter Stiver Smatter Splinter-bar Stockbroker Smear S plutter Stockholder Smother Sponsor Stoker Smoulder Springer Stomacher Sneer Spur Stopper Snigger Sputter Stour Soar Squander Strainer Sober Squatter Stranger Soda-water Squeaker Strapper Soder Stadtholder Sti-eamer Soever Staif-ofEcer Stretcher Solar Stager Striker Solder Stagger Stupor Soldier Stair Stutter Solicitor Stake-holder Stylometer Songster Stalker Subahdar Sonneteer Stammer Sub-almoner Sorcerer Stander Sub-brigadier Sorter Stapler Sub-chanter Sour Star-chamber Suber Southerner Starflower Sub- governor Southwester Star-gazer Subject-matter Souvenir Starmonger Sublunar Spanker Starter Subocular Spanner Statemongcr Subofficer Spar State-paper Sub-prior Sparkler State-prisoner Subter Spatter Stater Snccentor Speaker Stationer Successor Spear Stayer Succour Spectacular Steamer Sucker Spectator Steer Suffer Specular Stellar Sugar Speculator Stellular Suitor Spencer Steutor Sulphur Spicular Stickler Summer Spider Stiller Sumpter Spinner Stilt-plover Sunder Spinster Stimulator Sunflower S-H] 214 [S—S Super Sartorious Shortness Supeinor Sassafras Shorts Supervisor Satellitious Sickness Supinator Scabrous Sidcarms Supper Scandalous Sideways Supplier Scatches Sightless Supporter Scissors Silvas Surrender Scots Simultaneous Surrenderor Scrupulous Sinless Surveyor Scurrilous Sinus Susceptor Scyphus Siquis Suspender Seamless Sirens Suspcnsor Seamstress Siriasis Sutler Seaves Sii'ius Swagger Seconds Skimmings Swashbuckler Secretiveness Skinless Swasher Sedentaries Slanderous Swear Seditious Sleepless S wilier Seidlitz-powders Sleeveless Swimmer Sedulous Sliness Swingebuckler Sensuous Slugs Swinger Sententious Slyboots Switzer Septifluous Smallarms Swobber Series Smallclothes Serious Snuffers S—S Serpentaries Soapsuds Saalids Seri-ous Softness Sagacious Sess Solicitous Sagittarius Setaceous Sonorous Sajous Setness Sojioriferous Saliferous Shackles Sorites Salmis Shambles Soss Salons Shameless Soulless Salubrious Shapeless Sous Sanctimonious Shears Spaceless Sand-glass Shells Spacious Sanguifluous Shiftless Species Sanguineous Shipless Specious Sans Ship's-articlcs Spectacles Sarcophagus Shirtless Spectatress Sardius Shoeless Speechless Saros Shoreless Spiciness S-S] 215 [8-T SpilikiBS Struthious Synthesis Spills Studious Syrigmus Spiritless Stupendous Syrtis Spiritous Subaqueous Systasis Spirits Suberous S—T Spontaneous Subgenus Sporades Submiss Sabot Spotless Success Sackbut Spriglitless Suds Sacrament Spurious Sulphureous Saint Staggers Sulphurous Saintologisfc Staminifcrous' Summons Salient Stanliope- press Sumptuous Sallet Stanniferous Sunnites Sally-port Starless Supercilious Salmonet States Superficies Salmon-trout Statics Superfluous Salt Statistics Superstitious Samlet Stays Suppleness Sanscrit Stelliferous Suppress Sapient Stemless Surpass Sarcenet Steneosaurus Surplus Sarment Steplianotis Sui-rcptitious Satinet Stertorous Suspicious Scant Stillatitious Sweepings Scapegoat Stimulus Swipes Scarlet Stirious Swiss Scent Stirless Sword-gTass Schematist Stirrups Swordless Scholiast Stitches Syllabus Scoat Stocks Syllepsis Scot Stomacliless Symphonious Scout Stoniias Symptosis Scut S termless Synceresis Sea-elephant Stramineous Synaxis Sea-plant Strangles Syncbysis Search- wan-ant Strass Syncrisis Sea- salt Stratus Synecphonesis Sea-serpent Strengtliless Synoclius Seat Strenuous Synonymous Secant Stress Synopsis Second-best Stromtus Syntexis Second-sight S-T] 216 [S—T Secret Shut Solvent Sect Sibilant Somersault Sediment Sick-list Sonant Segment Sift Sonnet Select Sight Soot Self-interest Signet Sophist Seminarist Significant Sorbet Se'nniglit Silent Sorbonist Sent Silt Sort Sentient Sit Sot Sentiment Skeet Sought Sept Skillet Sourcrout Septemtrist Skinflint Sourdet Septungint Skirt South-cast Sergeant Skuesight Sparklet vSerjeant Skylight Spat Serpent Skyrocket Specialist Serpet Slant Spelt Servant Sleet Spendthrift Sestett Sleight Spilt Set Slept Spinet Sett Slight Spirit Settlement Slipknot Spirt Sexdigitist Slit Spit Sextant Slot Sport Shaft Slungshot Spot Shallot Slut Spout Slialt Small-craft Sprat Sharp-set Smalt Sprout Sheepcot Smart Spurt Sheet Smelt Squat Shell-jacket Smicket Squirt Sherbet Smift Stagnant Shift Smit Standpoint Shirt Smut Starlight Shoot Snort Starlit Short Snout Start Shortsight Sobriquet Statant Shot Socket Statement Shout Soft Steadfast Sllxift Soi-disant Sterlet Shunt Solicit Sternport S—T] 217 [S-X Sternslieet Summit Sea-Yiew Stet Sunbeat ^3eesaw Stewpot Sun-briglit Sew Stilt Sunlight Shadow Stimulant Sunlit Shallow Stint Sunset Shaw Stirabout Superabundant Show Stout Supereminent Shrew Straight Superexalt Side-view Straint Superexcellent Sinew Strait Superstruct Skew Strait-jacket Supplant Skow Street Supplement Slew Strict Suppliant Slow Stringent Support Smew Strut Surcoat Snow Student Surfeit Son-in-law Stunt Surmount Sorrow Stylet Surmullet Sow Suant Surmulot Sparrow Subagent Surtout Spew Subcontract Suspect Squaw Subdeposit Svpeat Stew Subject Sweet Stow Sublet Sweetheart Straw Sub-lieutenant Sweetmeat Strew Submit Swept Strow Subnascent Swift Swallow Subsequent Sword-knot Sword-law Subservient Sycophant S—X Subsist Synergist Substruct Sardonix Subtangent S'— Z7 Sauce-box Subtract Sou Sex Subvert S—W Shooting-box Succinct Sallow Six Succulent Saw Small-pox Suet Scare-crow Snuffbox Sufficient Scow Spectatrix Suffragist Screw Sphinx Suggest Seamew Stage-box Suit Sea-swallow Storax S—Y] 218 [S-Y Strix Scurry Styrax Scurvy Styx Seamy Suffix Seaworthy Syntax Secondary S—Y Secrecy Secretary Safety Security Sagittavy Sedentary Salary Seemly Sally Seity Saltatory Selenography Sanctity Self-sufficiency Sanctuary Sematology Sanguify Seminary Sanguinary Senary Sanitary Seniority Sanity Sennachy Satiety Sensviality Satisfy Sentry Saturday Sepoy Saucy Serpentry Saveloy Serry Savory Servility Savoy Seventy Sawny Severally Sawtry Severity Say S every Scaly Sexanary Scanty Sextary Scapulary Shabby Scarcely Shadowy Scarify Shaggy Scenery Shaky Scenography Shammy Sciagraphy Shanty Sciomancy Shapely Scraggy Shelfy Scriptory Shelvy Scrubby Sherry Scrutiny Shillaly Scullery Shilly-shally Shindy Shinty Shiny Shoddy Shortly Showy Shrubbery Shy Siderography Signify Silly Silver-grey Silvery Simony Simplicity Simplify Sincerity Singularity Sixpenny Sixty Skeleton-key Skerry Skinny Skrimpy Sky Slate-grey Slavery Slay Sleepy Sley Slily Slimy Slippery Sloppy Sly Smart-money Smithery Smithy Smoky Smutty Sobi-iety Society /S-r] 219 [S-Y Soldieiy Steady Sublimity Solely Stealthy Subsidy Solemnity Steganography Subsolary Solidify S telegraphy Subsultory Solidity Stenography Subtilty Soliloquy Stereocromy Subtlety Solitary Stereography Succory Solvency Stereometry Sulky Soothsay S tereo typography Sully Sooty Stern way Sultry Sophistry Stichometry Summary Sorcery Stiddy Sunday Soi-ry Stillatory Sundry Southerly Stilly Sunny Sovereignty Stiltify Sunshiny Soy _ Stilty Superciliary Specialty Stingy _ Superfluity Specify Stipendiary Supernumerary Speechify Stithy Suppletory Speedy Stomatography Supply Spicy Stony Supremacy Spinny Story S urety Splay Strabotomy Surgery Splenology Straightway Surly Spoony Strategy Survey Spray Strathspey Suzerainty Sprightly Stratify Swardy Springy Stratocracy Swarthy Spry Stratography Sway Spy Stray Sycophancy Spymoney Streaky Syllabary Squally Stringy Symbology Stability Stubby Symmetry Stable-boy Study Sympathy Stage-play Stuffy Symphony Stannary Stultify Synarchy Staphyloraphy Stumpy Syndesmography Starry Stupefy Synepy Stately Stupidity Synomosy Stationary Sty Sj-nonymy Stationery Stylography Sj-ntomy Statuary Suavity Systematology Stay Subfamily ^J^JgJ r--.i] 220 [T—D T- A Tacca Taffeta Tafia Talpa Tapioca Tarantula Tatta Tea Tegmenta Telesia Terebrantia Tcrra-cotta Terra- fivma Terza-rima Testacea Tetrapla Thalia Thca Theta Thrissa Tiara Tippiila Tin-a-lirra Titania Toga Tola Tracbea Trcmella Trichoptera Tri lemma Tuba T—B Tab Throb Tliumb Tomb Tub T. T—G Tacamahae Talc Tamarac Tambac Tannic Tartaric Telestic Telic Telluric Tenrec Terrific Teutonic Thcriac Threnctic Tic Tonic Topic Toreutic Traffic Transatlantic Trigrammic Trochaic Trochilic Tropic Tunic T—B Tabard Tableland Tailboard Taled Talmud Tamarind Tamisbird Tankard Ted Tcind Tempered Tend Tenfold Tented Tepid Tested Tetrachord Tetrad Tetrapod Texthand Thanatoid Thenceforward Thin-skinned Third Thousand Thread Threshold Tid Tiltyard Timbered Timid Tired Title-deed Toad Tod Tolled Tonguepad Torpid Touchwood Toward Tradewind Trained Tramroad Transcend Trapezoid Tread Trend Triad Trichord T—IJ] 2-21 [T—E Trifurcated Tartuffe The Tripod Taste Theatre Triradiatod Tattle Tbebaine Trod Teague Thee Truffled Tease Theftbote Trussed Teazle Theine Tumid Teliee Theme Turbid Telephone Thence Turbinated Telescope There Turgid Telltale Therefore Turkey-red Teletype These Tweed Temperance Thesmothete Twentvfold Temperate Thieve Typhoid Temperature Thimble Temple Thime T—E Temporize Thine Tabernacle Temse Third-rate Tablaturc Tenable Thirlage Table Tenebrose Thistle Table d'liote Tense Thole Tabouriue Tentacle Thoroughfare Tabulate Tentative Those Tace Tenuate Thrave Taeklo Tenure Threadbare Tactile Terebrate Three Tadpole Tergiversate Threepence Tailage Terminate Threescore Tailzie Termite Thrice Take Terrace Thrive Tale Terrene Throe Talkative Terrible Throne Tallage Terse Throstle Tambourine Tertiate Throttle Tame Tesscllate Throve Tameable Tete Thule Tampoe Tete-a-tete Thulite Tangible Tetraptote Thurible Tangle Tetrarchate Thwaite Tantalize Tetrasyllable Thyme Tape Textile Tickle Tardigrade Texture Tide Tare Thane Tie ^—E] 222 [T-E Tierce Tootbaclie Transparence Tike Tile Tillage Toothsome Tope Topple Transj^ire Transpose Transverse Tiller-rope Tore Traverse Timber- mare Torse Trc Time Tortive Treacle Tincture Tortoise Treadle Tine Torture Treasonable Tinge Tote Treasure Tingle Toucb-liole Treasure-trove Tinkle Touchstone Treatise Tin-plate Tipple Toupee Tousle Treble Trcddlc Tiptoe Tirade Towage Tow-line Tree Tremble Tire Townspeople Trialogue Tii^esomo Tissue Toxophilite Trace Triangle Tribe Tithe Trachyte Tribune Titillate Tractable Tribute Title Tractile Trice Titmouse Trade Trickle Tittle Tradepricc Tricuspidate Tittle-tattle Tradespeople Tride Toddle Traditive Trifle Toe Traduce Trifoliate Toilsome Traipse Trine Toise Tramontane Trinervate Tole Trample Trioctile Tolerance Transalpine Tripartite Tolerate Transcribe Tripcnnate Tollage Transference Triple Toll-gate Tome Transfigure Transfugitive Triplicate Triptote Tone Transfuse Trireme Tone-syllable Tongue Transitive Translate Trisyllable Trite Tonnage Transmarine Tritcrnate Tensile Transmigrate Triumvirate Tonsure Transmu table Triune Tontine Transmute Troche T-E^ 0->: [T-H Trochee rroglodyte Trombone Trone Trope Trouble Troublesome Trounce Trouse Truce Truckle Trudge True Truebluo Truffle Truncate Trundle Trustee Tube Tubercle Tuberose Tubule Tulle Tumble Tune Turbinate Turnpike Turnstile Turpentine Turpitude Turquoise Turtle Tussle Tutelage Tutorage Twaddle Twattle Tweague Tweedle Twelve Twelvepence T\Yelvescore Twice Tliankoffering Twiddle Thanksgiving Twine Thatching Twinge Thing Twinkle Thong Twire Throng Twittlc-twattle Thug Twopence Thumping Tyne Tig Type Ting Tyrannize Tingling Tyre Tinning Tithing T — F Titlinc? Tariff Tomrig Thief Tooling Throw-off Thyself Tiff Top-dressing Topping Touching Tipstaff Tracing Title-leaf Trading Tuff Tunhoof Trending Trifling Turf Trio- T—G Trimming Tacking Triphthong Tag Tripling Tagrag Tripping Taking Troutling Tamping Trussing Tang Tug Tanning Tuning Tarpauling Turning Tatting Twang Tattling Twangling Tautog Twig Teething Teg T—H Telling Table-cloth Tenderling Tarbrush Tent-making Tarnish Testing Teach T— IZ"1 224 [T—L Teetli Twelfth Tussock Telegrapli Twelvemonth Tweak Telestich Twitch Tencli T—L Tenth T—I Tael Tetrareh Tambourgi Taffrail Tetrastich Tapeti Tagtail Thatch Tisri Tail Theuceforth Tri Tall Thievish Trimurti Tassel Thigli Tripoli Tasteful Thistle-finch Tutti Tautological Thorough Teal Thoth ^ T—K Teasel Though Tack Technical Thrash Talk Teemful Thresh Tamarisk Teetotal Through Tank Teil Thrush Task Tell Ticklish Teak Temporal Tigerish Text-book Tendril Tilth Thank Tergal Tooth Thick Terminal Toothbrush Think Terrel Top- arch Thunders ti-uck Terrestrial Torch Thwack Territorial Tosh Tick Tertial Touch Tick-tack Testimonial Tough Titlark Tetrahedral Tow-path Tomahawk Tetrahexahedral Trash Took Thankful Trench Toothpick Theatrical Tribrach Torrock Thermal Triglyph Townsfolk Thickskull Trigraph Track Thimbleful Triumph Trademark Thoral Troth ick Thoughtful Trough Trick-track Thrall Truth Truck Thrasonical Tubfish Trunk Thrill Turkish Tuck Thurl Tush Tusk Tidal T— i] 225 [T—N Till Timbrel Tincbel Tindal Tinfoil Tinsel Toadstool Toil Toll Tomfool Tonsil Tonsorial Tool Tootlifiil Topsail Torsel Total Towel Trail Train-oil Trammel Trannel Tranqiiil Transcendental Transversal Travail Travel Trawl Treadmill Trefoil Trendel Trental Tressel Triacontahedral Trial Tribunal Tricennial Tricorporal Tridactyl Tridodecabedi'al Triennial Trihedral Trilateral Trilitei'al Trill Trinal Trinoctial Trinomial Trioctobodi-al Tripascbal Tripedal Tripersonal Trirbomboidal Triumpbal Triverbial Trivial Troll Tropical Trowel Ti'ussel Trustful Trutbful Try-sail Tuefall Tumbrel Tumbril Tuneful Tunnel Turbinal Turmoil Twill Twirl Tymbal Typical Tyrannical T—M Tamtam Tandem Tantalism Tap-room Targum Taui'iform Team To Deum Tedium Teem Teetotalism Teetotum Telegram Telesm Tellurium Tentorium Terapbim Term Terrorism Tetradracbm Theantbropism Tbeism Tbem Theorem Tberm Tbraldom Tbrum Tbummim Thunderstorm Tii'ing-room Tirocinium Tomtom Tram Transform Transom Trapezium Triclinium Triform Trim Tritheism Truism Tympanum T—N Tablespoon Tacbydromiau Taciturn Taction Take-in Q T—N] 226 [T—N Talapoin Thin ' Ti-ansfiguration Talisman Thirteen Transgression Talon Thorn Transition Tamarin Threaten Translation Tan Thriven Transmission Tannin Thurification Transmutation Tarin TifEen Transpiration Tarlatan Tighten Transplantation Tatterdemalion Tinman Transportation Tauromacliian Tironian Transposition Tavern Titan Transubstantia- Taxation Titillation tion Teen Tocsin Trapan Telhirion Token Trapezohedron Temptation Toleration Treason Ten Toll-man Trepan Tendon Tomin Trepidation Tenon Tompion Triangulation Tension Ton Tribulation Terin Topan Triduan Termination Topman Trigon Tern Torn Trigyn Terpsicliorcan Torricellian Trihedron Terrapin Torsion Trillion Tertian Tortion Trinitarian Testitication Toucan Tripartition Testoon Tonrbillion Triple crown Tetracolon Tourn Triplication Tetradiapason Town Trisageon Tetragon Townsman Trisection Tetragrammaton Toxodon Trisoctahedron Tetragynian Tractarian Triton Tetrahedron Traction Trodden Tetrapteran Tradesman Trogon Tetrastoon Tradition Tron Than Traduction Truckman Then Tragedian Truncation Theodosian Train Truncheon Theologian Trajection Trunnion Thespian Tralation Trygon Thicken Ti'alatition Tuffoon Thickskin Transaction Tuition r— 0] 227 [T—B Tumble-down Trillo Taper Tun Trio Tapir Turban Tuisco Tapster Tureen Tupelo Tar Turn Turio Tarsier Tuskan Two Tartar Twain Tyro Tasker Twin T—P Taster Tympan Tap Tatter Typhon Teacup Taverner Typhoon Thump Taxer Tyrian Thunderclap Teacher m /^ Tip Teamster T — Tiptop Tear Taboo Top Teeter Tally-ho Tramp Teller Tardo Transport-ship Temper Taro Trap Templar Tasco Tray-trip Tempter Tattoo Trip Tender Tempo Tromp Tenor Tenuto Troop Tensor Terzetto Trump Tenter Testudo Tulip Tierce-major Theorbo Tump Termer Tho' Turnip Terrier Tiburo Tutorship Terror Timoroso Testator To T—B Tester Tobacco Tabernacular Tether To-do Table-cover Tetrameter Toledo Tabour Thaler Tomato Tabular Thar Too Tailor Their Tornado Talebearer Theologaster Torpedo Tale-teller Thermometer Torso Talookdar Thiller Tradotto Tambour Thither Tremando Tamer Three-decker Tremolo Tamper Thunder Triletto Tanager Tier Trillando Tanner Tiger q2 T— i?] 228 [T-8 righter Trickster Taurus Tiller Tricolour Technics Tilter Trier Tedious Timber Trigger Teens Timesorver Trilinguar Temerarious Timoneer Triluminar Tempestuous Tinder Trimester Temporalities Tinker Trimeter Tenacious Tinner Trimmer Tenderness Tirailleur Trior Tenebrious Titter Triumvir Tennis Titular Trochometer Tenui-folious Tiver Trooper Tenui-rosters Together Trotter Tergeminous Toll-bar Troubadour Terminus Tonsor Trover Termless Tor Trumpeter Terraqueous Tormentor Tubular Terrigenous Torpor Tucker Testiness T'other Tuft-hunter Testudinarious Totter Tumbler Tetanus Tour Tumour Tetradynamous Tower Turnover Tetrapterous Tractor hauberk Parental Control 1.0 Cracked Version Tutor Thallus Trader Twitter Thankless Trainer Tzar Thanks Trainbearer Thaumaturgus Traitor T—S Theatricals Tranquillizer Tabes Theirs Transfer Tablorins Themis Transferrer Tactics Themselves Translator Tailings Theoretics Trapdoor Tailless Thesis Trapper Tailoress Thirdings Traveller Tales Thirds Traverser Talus This Treasurer Tantriims Tholus Tremor Tapis Thornless Trencher Taranis Thrillings Triander T arras Thrustings Triangular Tartareous Thus Tricapsular Tasteless Thyris I. :'—,S'] 229 [T—T Tidings Tripetalous Temperament Tigbts Triphjllous Tempest Tigress Triquetrous Tempest- tost Tilgate beds Trochilus Templet Tilmus Trochings Tempt Timeless Tropics Tenant Timorous Trousers Tendrement 'Tis Trueness Tenement Tmesis Truss Tenet Tombless Trustless Tent ToBgs Truthless Termagant Tongueless Tumultuous Terret Toothless Tumulus Terrorist Topboots Tuneless Terry-velvet Tortious 'Twas Test Tortuous Tweezers Test-act Torulous Twins Testament Toss Typhlops Text Towards Typhus That Townless Thecodont Tracbitis T — T Theft Traitorous Tabaret Theorist Traitress Tabby-cat Thermostat Trans Tablet Thicket Transgi'ess Tabouret Thickset Trappings Tabret Thirst Traps Tacit Tliought Treacherous Tact Threat Treeless Taint Thrift Trellis Talent Throat Tremendous Talmudist Throughout Tremulous Tangent Thrust Trespass Tant Thunderbolt Tress Tantamount Thwart Triadelphons Target Ticket Trias Tart Tidbit Tridactylous Tartlet Tiei"cet Trifarious Taught Tiers etat Trijugous Taunt Tight Trimmings Taut Tilt Trimness Tegument Tint Triones Teint Tipcat T—T] 230 [T—Y Tippet Tirwit Tit Toadlet Tobacconist Toft Toilet Tomelet Tomtit To-night Toot Topcoat Topct Topheb Topknot Topmost Toquet Torment Torrent Tort Tosspot Tost Toiipct Tourist Tournament Tont Towboat To-wit Tract Trait Traject Transact Transcendant Transcript Transept Transient Transit Translucent Transmit Transparent Transplant Transport Trappist Treat Treatment Tremblement Trenchant Tret Trevat Trevet Triblet Trident Trigamist Trinket Triolet Triplet Trippant Trisect Trist Triumphant Treat Trot Trothplight Trou-de-rat Trout Troy weight Truant Truculent Trumpet Trust Tryst Tucket Tuft Tumult Turbit Turbot Turbulent Turgescent Tui'ncoat Turn-out Turnspit Turret Tut Twilio-ht Twist Twit 'Twist Tyrant T—U Tableau Tajacu Thou Topau Trousseau T—W Tallow Taw Tew Thaw Thew Threw Throw To-morrow Tow Trefallow Trif allow Trow T—X Tableaux Tax Thorax Tic-douloureux Tortrix Transfix T—Y Tabby Tabefy Tachydldaxy Tachygraphy Taffety Tally Taminy Tammy T—Y] 231 [r— Y Tantivy Tapestry Tardy Tarry Tauromacliy Tautology Tautophoiiy Tawdry Ta-svny Taxidermy Teclinology Techy Teeny Telegraphy Teleology Temerity Temporary Tenacity Tenancy Tenantry Tendency Tenpenny Tensity Tenuity Tepefy Tercentenary Ternary Terrify Territory Testify Testimony Testy Tetchy Tetralogy Textuary Thanatology Theocracy Theocrasy Theogony Theology Theomachy Theopathy Theophany Theopneusty Theory Thcosophy Theurgy They Thirsty Thirty Thorny Thready Threepenny Threnody Thrifty Throughly Thrum my Thunny Thursday Thy Tidy Tilbury Tilly-valley Timely Timidity Timocrasy Tintinnabulary Tiny Tipsy Tivy Toady To-day Toddy Tody TofEy Toggery Tokay Tombnorry Tomboy Tom-noddy Tony Toparchy Topheavy Topography Topology Topsy-turvy Toreumatology Torrefy Tory Totally Touchy Tourney Toxicology Toxology Toy Tracery Tracheotomy Tractory Traditionary Tragedy Tragi-comedy Tranquillity Transferography Transitory Trashy Traveller's-joy Travesty Tray Treachery Ti-easury Treaty Trey Triarchy Tributaiy Tricentenary Trichotomy Tricksy Tricky Trifoly Trigamy Trigonometry Trilogy Trinity Tripody Tri-weekly Tropliy T—Y] 232 [r— D Tropology Tumultuary Twopenny Truepenny Tunny Typify Truly Turfy Typocosmy Trumpery Turkey Typography Trustworthy Turnkey Typology Trusty Tutelary Tyranny Try Twaddy T—Z Tubby Twankay Tuesday Twelvepenny Thammuz Tumefy Twenty Topaz U—A Ulema Ultra Umbra Umbrella Ungula Urania Urchilla Ursa Utopia Uvea Uvula U-G Umbratic Unauthentic Unheroic Unific Unpatriotic Unromantic Unscholastic Unscientific U—B Unabashed Unabated Unabridged Unabsolv^ed. Unaccented u. Unaccepted Unaccompanied Unaccomplished Unaccustomed Unachieved Unacknowledged Unacquainted Unacquitted Unadapted Unaddressed Unadjusted Unadmonished Unadopted Unadored Unadorned Unadvised Unaffected Unaffirmed Unafflicted Unaided Unalarmed Unallayed Unalleviated Unallied Unalloyed Unaltered Unamused. Unanchored Unannexed Unannounced Unanswered Unappeased Unapplauded Unapprehended Unarmed Unarraigned Unai'ranged Unarrayed Unarrested Unashamed Unasked Unassessed Unassimilated Unassisted Unassorted Unassuaged Unassumed Unassured Unattached Unattained Unattempted Unattended Unattested Unattired Unauthorized Unavenged Una vowed Unawakened U—D] 233 [u—n TJnawarded Uncarved Unconsidered Unbaked Unceded. Unconsolidated Unbalanced Uncelebrated Uuconstructed Unbandaged Uncemented Unconsulted Unbaptized Uucensured Unconsumed Unbedecked Uncertified Uncontaminated Unbefi-iended Unchallenged Uncontemplated UnbeloTed Unchanged Uncontested Unbe moaned Unchartered. Uncontradicted Unbend Unchastised. Uncontrolled Unbeneficed Unchecked Unconverted Unbenefited Uncheckered Unconvicted Unbequeatbcd Uncherished Unconvinced Unbestowed Unchilled Uncooked Unbetrajed Unchronicled Uncorrected Unbetrothed Uncirculated Uncorroborated Unbewailed Unclad Uncounted Unbiassed Unclaimed. Uncountenanced Unbind Uncleared Uncourted Unblamed Un climbed Uncovenanted Unbleached Uncloaked Uncreated Unblemished Unclosed Uncriticized Unblighted Unclothed. Uncropped Unboiled Unclouded Uncalled Unbonneted Uncoined Uncultivated Unbounded Uncollected Uncnred Unbridled Uncolonized Undamaged Unbroached Uu coloured Undaunted Unbruised Uncommemorated Undecayed Unbrushed Uncommended Undecided Unburied Uncoraraiserated Undeciphered Unburned Uncommissioned Undeclared Unburnished. Uncompensated Undecorated Unbuttered Uncomprehended Undedicated Uncaged. Unconcealed Undefeated Uncalled Unconcluded Undefended Uncancelled Uncondemned Undefined Uncanonized Unconducted Undefrayed Uncanvassed Unconfessed Undemanded Uncapped Unconfined Undemolished Uncaptivated Unconfirmed Undenounced Uncaressed Unconnected Undeposed U—D] 234 [U—D Underbred Un dubbed Unformed Undergird Unearned Unfounded UndergTOund Unedified Unfi'anchised Underliand Uneducated Un freighted Undersigned Undated UnfulfiUed Undersized Unemancipated Ungarbled Understand Unembarrassed Ungarnished Understood Unembraced Unglazed Underwood Unemployed Ungoverned Undeserved Unemptied UngTanted Undesired Unended Ungratified Undestroycd Unendowed Ungrounded Un detached Unengaged Ungrudged. Undetected Unen joyed Unguarded Undeterred Unenlightened Unguessod Undeveloped Unenvied Unguided Undid Unequalled Unhackneyed Undigested Unesteemed Unhallowed Undignified Unexaggerated Unhand Undiminished Unesalted Unhanged Undinimed Unexamined Unharmed Undiscevncd Unexcepted Unhealed Undischarged Unexercised Unheard Undisciplined Unexhausted Unheeded Undisclosed Unexpected Unhelped Undiscolonred Unexpelled Unhemmed Un discouraged Unexpired Unhired Undiscussed Unexplained Unhonoured Undisgraced Unexplored Unhoped Undisguised Unexposed Unhusbanded Undismayed Unexpressed Unilluminated Undispersed Unextenuated Unimagined Undisputed Unfaded Unimpaired Undissemhled Unfeared Unimpeached Undissolved Unfeathered Unimpressed Undistilled Unfed Unimproved Undistinguished Unfeigned Uninclosed Undisturbed Unfinished Unincumbered Undivided Unfledged Uninfected Undoubted Unfolded Uninfcsted Undrained Unforetold Uninflamed Undrapcd Unf ore warned Uninfluenced U—D] 235 [U—D Uninformed Uninhabited Uninjured Uninspired Uninstructed Uninterested Uninterpreted Uninterrupted Un i n vestigated Uninvited Uninvokcd Uniped Unkind Unlamented Unlearned Unleavened Unlettered Unlevied Unlicensed Unlieked Unlightcd Unlimited Unload Unloved Unmanned Unmarked Unmarred Unmarried Unmasked Unmastered Unmatched Unmerited Unmissed Unmitigated Unmixed Unmodulated Unmoistened Unmolested Unmortgaged Unmoved Unnamed Unneeded Unnerved Unnoticed Unnumbered Unobserved Unoffered Unopened Unopposed Unordained Unornamentod Unowned Unpaid Unparalleled Unparaphra sed Unpardoned Unparted Unpaved Unpeeled Unpenetrated Unpensioned Unperceived Unperformed Unperfumed Unpersuaded Unperturbed Unperuscd Unpicked Unpillaged Unpillowed Unpiloted Unpinioued Unpinned Unpitied Unplanned Unplanted Unpledged Unploughed Unplucked Unplundered Unpolished Unposted Unpractised Unprecedented Unpreferi'ed Unprejudiced Unpremeditated Unpreserved Unprimed Unprincipled Unprivileged Unproduced Unpronounced Unprotected Unproved Unpruned Unpublished Unpunished Unpurchased Un purified Un pursued Unqualified Unquelled Unransomed Unreached Unread Unrebuked Unreceived Unreckoned Unreclaimed Unrecognized Unrecompensed Unreconciled Unrecorded Unrecovered Unredeemed Unrefined Unrefuted Unregarded Unregenerated Unregretted Unrehearsed Unreined Unrelated Unrelieved Unremarke(^ U—I)'] 236 \JJ—I) Unremedied Unremoved Unrennanerated Unrepaid Unrepealed Unrepented Uureprcsented Unrepressed Unreprieved Unreproved Unrescinded Unreserved Unrcsigned Unresisted Unrespited Unre stored Unrestrained Unrevealed Unrevered Unreversed Unrevoked Unrewarded Unrinsed Unrivalled Unroasted Unrounded Unr eased Unrnled Un rumpled Unsacked Unsaid Unsaluted Unsanctified Unsanctioned Un sated Unsatisfied Unsaturated Unsaved Unsealed Unscared Unscathed Unscliooled Unscorned Unscourged Unscratched Unscreened Unscrutinized Unseared Unseasoned Unseconded Unselected Unsettled Unsevered Unshaded Unshadowed Unshared Unshattered Unshed Unsheltered Unshielded Unshifted Unshod Uushrined Unshrivellcd Unshrouded Unshunned Unsigned Unsilenced Unsinged Unskilled Unskinned Unslaked Unsmoked Unsoftened Unsoiled Unsolaced Unsold Unsolemnized Unsolicited Unsolid Unsolved Unsoothed Unsophisticated Unsorted Unsound Unsounded Unsoured Unspared Unspecified Unspoiled Unspotted Unsprinkled Unsquared Unsqueezed Unstaid Unstained Unstamped Unstarched Unsteadied Unstifl-ed Unstimulated Unstinted Unstored Unstormed Unstrengthened Unstretched Unstripped Unstudied Unsubdued Unsuborned Unsubscribed Unsuccoured Unsuited Unsullied Unsummoned Unsupplied Unsupported Unsuppressed Un surmounted Unsurpassed Unsurrendci'cd Unsurrounded Unsurvejed Unsuspected Un sustained Un swallowed U—L] 237 \JJ—E Unswayed Untainted Untalented Untamed Untai'nished Untasted Untaxed Un tempered Untempted Untenanted Untended Unterrified Untested Untlirashed Untied Untilled Untinged Untired Untitled Untold Untolerated Untouched Untoward Untracked Untrained Untrammelled Untran sf orme d Untranslated Untransported Untravelled Untried Untrimmed Untroubled Uutrumpeted Untrusted Untumbled Unturned Untutored Unused Unvalued Un vanquishe d Unvaried Unvarnished Unventilated Unverified Unversed Unvindicated Unvisited Un vouched Unwafted Un wakened Unwarned Unwarped Unwarranted Unwashed Unwatched Un watered Unwearied Unwedded Unweeded Unweighed Unwelcome d Unwhipped Unwiped Unwished Unwitnessed Unwanted Unwooed Unworshipped Unwound Unwronged Upbraid Upheld Uphold Upland Upperhand Upstand Upward U—E Ukase Ule Ullage Ulmine Ultimate Ulti'amarine Ultramontane Ultramundane Umbrage Umpire Unable Unacceptable Unaccountable Unaggi'essive Unalienable Unalterable Unamiable Unansw^erable Unappeasable Unap proacli able Unappropriate Unassailable Unassignable Unattainable Unattractive Unavailable Unavoidable Unaware Unbearable Unbrace Unbreakable Unbuckle Unbusinesslike Uncape Unchangeable Uncharitable Uncle Uncomfortable Uncommunicative Unconfoi"mable Unconquerable Unconscionable Uncontrollable Uncouple Undeceive Undemonstrative J/-— £•] 238 [U—E Undeniable Unlodge UnsjDOrtsmanlike Underdone Unloose Unstable Undergraduate Unmade Unsubmissive Undermine Unmake Unsuitable Underrate Unmanageable Unsupportable Underscore Unmarketable Unsurmountable Undertake Unmarriageable Unsusceptible Undertone Unmistakeable Untamable Undervalue Unmovable Untangle Underwrite Unmuzzle Untcachablo Undiscernible Unnavigable Untenable Undistingnishable Unnerve Untie Undone Unobjectionable Untoothsome Undrinkablo Unobtrusive Untraceable Undue Unpalatable Untrac table Uneatable Unpardonable Untrue Unextinguishable Unpassable Untunable Unfasbionable Unpeople Untwine Unfathomable Unpicturesque Unutterable Unfavourable Unpliable Uu warlike Unfeminine Unpolite Unwarrantable Unfortunate Unpresentable Unwearable Unfusible Unprocurable Unweave Ungentle Unproductive Unwelcome Unglove Unprofitable Unwholesome Ungovernable Unquenchable Unwise Unbandsome Unquestionable Unworkmanlike Unhinge Unreadable Unyoke Unhive Unreasonable Upborne Unhorse Unreclaimable Upheave Unhouse Unrecognizable Upraise Unimaginable Unregenerate Uprise Unimpregnable Unreliable Uprouse Uninhabitable Unsearchable Upside Unique Unseasonable Urbane Unintelligible Unserviceable Urceolate Unite Unsettle Urge Universe Unshackle Ursine Unjustifiable Unsociable Ursuline Unlace Unsoluble Usage Unladylike Unspeakable Usance Unlike Unspeculative Use U—F] 239 [U—L CTsine Unfading U—II Utile Unfailing Uncouth Utilize Unfaultering Underbrush Utterance Unfeeling Undergrowth Uvate Unflagging O Underneath Uxoricide Unflinching Unearth U—F Unforbearing Unenglish Unheeding Unfurnish Unlaelief Unhesitating Unlash Uncoif Unhung Unselfish Undershcriff Unmeaning Unsmooth Unroof Unmurmuring Untruth U—G Unaspiring Unpitying Unpl easing Unprcsuming Uppish Usquebaugh Unavailing Unpretending U—K Unbecoming Unrefreshing Unbefitting Unrelenting- Uncock Unbeseeming Unremitting Uncork Unblushing Unrepiniug Undertook Uncalculating Unsatisfying- Unfrock Unceasing Unseeing Unhook Unchanging Unsetting Union-jack Unclog Unshrinking Unlock Uncomplaining Unsinking Unmask Uncomplying Unsinning Unpack Uncompromising Unsleeping Unshrunk Unconsoling Unsling Unstruck Underling Unslipping Underlying Un sparing- U—L Undersong Unstrung Udal Understanding Unsung- Umbel Undertaking Unsuspecting Umbrel Undeserving Unswerving Uncanonical Undesigning Unsympathizing Uncelestial Undeviating Unthinking Uncheerful Undoing Unvarying- Uncial Undoubting Unwavering Unci rcumstantial Undying Unwilling Uncivil Unenterprising Unwinking Unclassical Unentertaining Unyielding Unclerical Unerring Upsetting Uncoil U—L'] 240 [U—N tlnconditional Uncongenial Ujiconjugal Unconstitutional Uncurl Undersell Undutiful Unepiscopal Unequal Unessential Uneventful Unfaithful Unfilial Unforg'etful Unfraternal Unfruitful Unfurl Ungraceful Ungrammatical Ungrateful Unhistorical Unhopeful Unifacial Unilateral Uniliteral Unintentional Unipersonal Universal Univocal Unjoyful Unlawful Unmanful Unmerciful Unmindful Unmusical Unnatural Unofficial Unoriginal Unpastoral Unpliilosopliical Unpitiful Unpoetical Unprofessional Unpunctual Unravel Unreal Unregal Unroll Unroyal Unscriptural Unseal Unsliell Unsinful Unskilful Unsocial Un spiritual Unstill Unsubstantial Unsuccessful Unsymmetrical Untasteful Unthankful Untheological Until Untwirl Unusual Unveil Unvocal Unwatchful Unwell Uphill Useful Usual Utensil U—M Ultimatum Ultraism Ultramontism Unarm Unbosom Under-stratum Unguiform Unbclm Uniform Unseam Un seldom Ununiform Uranium Urim Ursiform U—N Ubication Ubiquitarian Ululation Un Unbeaten Unbegotten Unbegun Unbenign Unbespoken Unbidden Unborn Unbroken Unburden Unburthen Unbutton Uncertain Unchain Unchidden Unchosen Unclean Uncloven Uncommon Unconcern Uncrown Unction Undecagon Undern Underpin Undersign Uudrawn Undulation Uneven Unfasten U—N] 241 [U—S TJnforgiven Ustion Unpopular Unforgotten Usttilation Unsecular Unforsaken Usurpation Un sober Unfrozen Utilitarian Unswear Ungotten Utopian Upher Ungown U—0 Upholder Unhe^Yn Upholsterer Unhidden Ullaloo Upper Unicorn Umbo Uprear Union Unco User Unison Undo Usher Unknown Unio Usurer Unlearn Unto Utter Unloosen Urao U-8 Unman Unmown U—P Uberous Unridden Unclasp Ulans Unsectarian Under-lip Umbrageous Unseen Under-prop Unambitious Unshaken Unhap Unanimous Unshapen Unrip Unawares Unshaven Unship Unbias Unshorn Unstop Uncautious Unslain Up Unceremonious Un smitten Usurp Unchivalrous Unspoken U—B Unconscious Unstolen Uncourteous Unsworn Udometer Unctuous Untaken Ulcer Under-regions Unthrown Ulterior Undress Untighten Umber Unduteous Untorn Unbar Ungenerous Untrodden Uncared-for Ungracious Unworn Uncover ■ Ungregaiious Unwritten Under-gardener Unharness Upon Under-s< rapper Unifloi-ous Upside-down Undertaker Unigenous Upturn Unfair Unless Urban Unfamiliar Unmelodious Urchin Unicapsular Unofficious Urn Unlooked-for Unostentatious Urtication Unmoor Unpropitious B U-T] 242 [U—Y Unrighteous Unfrauglit Uproot Unscrupulous Unfrcquent Upset Unsuspicious Ungallant Upshot Upas Ungilt Upstart Upi'igliteous Ungirt Urban ist Uproarious Uugot Urgent Upwards Unguent Usufruct Uranus Unhurt Ut Ursus Unintelligent Utmost Urus Unit Uttermost Us Unjust TJ—V Unau Useless Unkempt Uxorious Unkept Unknit TJ—W TJ—T Unmeet Underjaw Ult Unobservant Unhallow Unapparent Unpleasant Unscrew Unapt Unrepentant Upthrow Unbent Unrest Unbesouglit Unreverent JI—Y Unbit Un right Uberty Unblest Unroot Ubiquity Unbolt Unseat Ugly Unbouglit Unsent Umbrosity Uncanght Unsettlement Unanimity Uncircunispe Unshot Unbrotherly Uncorrupt Unshut Unbusy Under-coat Unsought Uncertainty Under- croft Unspelt Unchary Under-current Unspent Uncleanly Underfoot Unspilt Uncomely Underlet Unsteadfast Uncomplimentary Undei'most Un swept Uncourtly Underplot Untaught Undecenary Under-servant Unthought Under-Secretary Underset Untw'ist Undulatory Under-tenant Unwept Unduly Underwent Upcast Uneasy Unexplicit Uplift Unfatherly Unfelt Upmost Unfriendly Unfit Uppermost Ungainly Unfonglit Upright Ungentlemanly F-^] 243 IV— E Ungodly Unmannerly Unsteady Unliandj Unniilitary Unthrifty Unhappy Unmotherly Untidy Unhealthy Unnecessary Untimely Unheavenly Unneighbourly Untrusty Unholy Unparliamentary Unwary Uniformity Unpriucely Unwcary Unify Unready Unwieldly Unity Unruly UnAvittiug'ly Universality Unsatisfactory Unworldly University Unsavoury Unworthy Unkingly Unsay Upstay Unkniglitly Unscaly Uranology Unlikely Unscholarly Uranoscopy Unlovely Unseaworthy Urgency Unlucky Unseemly Usury Unmaidenly Unsightly Utility Unmanly Unsisterly Utterly V—A Va Vaccina Vagina Valentia Valhalla Vallesneria Valonia Vanilla Variola Veda Veranda Veratria Verbena Verguilla Veronica Vertebra Vesculosa Vesta Vettura Victoria V. Vicunga Villa Viola Virginia Visa Vista Vitrina Vitta Vola Volta Vomica Voya V—B Verb V—C Vehmic Volcanic Vulcanic Vulnilic V—D Vagabond Valid Vanguard Vapid Vend Versed Vertebrated Vested Vexed Vineyard Virid Viscid Vivid Vizard Void Vowed V- Vacate Vaccinate R 2 E VE] 244 [V-E Vaccine Vacillate Vaggle Vague Vaivode Valance Vale Valentine Valiance Valise Valuable Value Valve Valvule Vambrace Vampire Vandyke Vane Van sire Vantage VajDorate Variable Variance Varia-zeone Varicose Variegate Varlesse Vase Vassalage Vaticide Vaticinate Vedette Vegetable Vegetate Vehemence Vehicle Veloce Velocipede Vendee Vendible Vendue Venenate Venerable Venerate Vengeance Venthole Ventilate Ventose Ventricle Ventriculite Venture Venturesome Venue Verberate Verbiage Verbose Verd-antique Verde Verdure Verge Verisimilitude Verjuice Vernate Verre Verrucose Versatile Verse Versicle Versute Verticle Vesicle Vespertine Vestibule Vestige Vestiture Vesture Viable Viatecture Vibrate Vicarage Vicariate Vice Vice-legate Vicinage Vicissitude Victimize Victorine Vie Vigilance Vignette Vile Village Vinaigrette Vincible Vindemiate Vindicate Vindictive Vine Vintage Violate Violence Violone Virgate Virge Virile Virtue Virulence Visage Visible Visite Vistomente Vitelotte Vitiate Vitrescence Vitrif active Vitrolate Vituperate Vivace Vive Vivificate Vocalize Vocative Vociferate Vogue Voice Voidance v—n] 245 [V—N Voiture V—L Vampirism Volatile Vail Vanadium Volatilize ^'andal Variform Volcanizo Varina's-roll Variorum Vole Vassal Vegetarianism Volee Vaudevil Vellum Voluble Veal Venom Volume Vcgeto-animal Ventriloquism Volute Veil Vexillum Vote Venal Viaticum Votive Venatorial Victim Voucbsafo Venial Vinculum Voyage Vent ail Viscum Vulgate Ventriloquial Vitalism Vulnerable Verbal Vivarium Vulncrose Vernal Vowelism Vulpine Verrel Vulgarism Vulpinite Vulture Vertical Vessel V—N Vial Vacation V—G Vicar-general Vaccination Vice-admiral Vain Vacillating Vice-consul Valediction Veneering Vice -regal \'alerian Vetcbing Victual A'aletudinarian Visiting Vidual Valuation Vying Vigesimal Van Vigil Vapulation V—H ViU Variation Vanisb Viol Variegation Vanquish Varnisb Virginal Virtual Vatican Vaticination Vermuth Visual Vegetarian Vetch Vital Vegetation Visigoth Vocal Vein Vouch Vowel Velitation Vellon V—M Velveteen V^I Vaccinium Venation Vermicelli Vacuum Veneration Virtuosi Vade-mecum Venetian Volti Vadium Venison ll F— xT], 246 [V-S Ventilation Vii'tuoso Visor Verification Vivo Vivandier Vermilion Volcano Vizier Vernation Voniito Voider Versification V—P Voltigeur Version Volunteer Vervain Vamp Vouclier Vestiarian V—B Vulgar Vesuvian V—S Veteran Valour Veterinarian Valvular Vacuous Vexation Vamper Vagino-pcunous Viarian Van-courier Vails Vibration Vapour Vainglorious Vigesimation Vascular Valuables Vilification Vavasor Vamps Villain Vector Vantbrass Villein Veer Vaporous Villorin Vehicular Variolous Violin Velocimeter Various Virgin Vendor Vas Vision Veneer Vegetous Visitation Venter Veliferous Vitrification Ventilator VeUs Vituperation Verderer Velours Vivisection Vei'ger Veneficioua Vixen Vernacular Venomous Vocation Vernier Venous Volition Verse-maker Vents Versicolour Venturous V—0 Vesicular Venus Variamento Vesper Veracious Vasto Viameter Verdigris Vergaloo Vicar Vermes Verino Vice-cliancellor Versus Versetto Victor Vertices Vertigo Vigour Vespers Veto Vindicator Vexatious Vetnrino Vinegar Viands Vigoroso Vintner Vicarious Virago "Viper Vicious Virgo Visitci- Victorious i I V-T] 247 [V—Z Victuals Vice-president Venosity Vigorous Videlicet Veracity Villainous Vigilant Verify Vimiueous Violent Verity Vinaccous Violet Versify Vinous Viscount Vcrticity Violaceous Visit Very Virtuous Visitant Vespiary Virus Volant Vestiary Vis Volt Vestry Vis-a-vis Vomic-nut Veterinary Viscous Vomit Vexillary Vitals Vitreous V—U Virtu Viceroy Vicinity Vivacious Vishnu Victory Vociferous Vilify Voluminous V—W Villainy Voluptuous View Villosity Voracious Vow Vinery Voraginous V—X Vinny V—T Vertex Vintry Vex Viny Vacant Vortex Visionary Vacuist Vitality Vagrant V—Y Vitrify Valet Vacancy Vivacity Valiant Vagary Vivify Varlet Vainglory Vocabulary Vast Valetudinary Volary Vat Validity Volley Vault Valiancy Volubility Vaunt Valley Voluntary Vehement Vanity Voluptuary Velvet Variety Vomitory Vent Varletry Voracity Verdict Vary Votary Versant Vauntlay Vulgarity Verst Veiny Vulgarly Vert Velocity Vulnerability Vest Velvety Vulnerary Vestment Venality Viaduct Vcnary V—Z Vice-gerent Veney Viz W—A] 248 [W--E w. W—A Wind Wale W^alkcrai Windward Wall-eye Whoa Wither-band Wamble Withheld Wane W—B Withhold Wapentake Web Withstand Warble W—D Withstood Wardance Wad Wizard Wardmote Wadded W oad Wardrobe Waiting-maid Wold Ware Waived Womanhood Warehouse Wand Womankind Warfare Ward AVonted War-horse Warm-hearted Wood Warlike Waste-land Wood-god War-office Wattle-bird Woolly-head Warrantable Wayward Word Wase ^eald World Waste Wed Worldly-minded Watercourse Weed Wormwood Wattle Weighed AVorsted Wave Weird Would Wayside Weld Wound Waywode Well-behaved Wretched We Well-beloved Wrong-head Wearable Wellbred Wrong-headed Wearisome Well-favoured Wynd Weatherwise Well-mannered Weave Well-read W—JB Wedge Wend Waddle Wee Weregild Waffle Welch-glaive Wesand Wage Welcome Westward Waggle Welfare Whip-cord Waggonette Welldone Whip-hand Wahabe Were Whirlwind Wainable Whale Whitherward Wainrope Whalebone Wicked Waive Whangee Wield Waiwode Wheedle Wild Wake "Wheeze W—E] 249 [TF-0 Whence Woebegone Warbling Where Wolfsbane Warehousing Wherefore Wolverine Warping Whetstone Wood-mote Washing Whiffle Wove W^asting While Workhouse Watching Whine Workmanlike Watering Whistle Worse Wattling White Would-be Wave-offering Whitsuntide Wove Waving Whittle Wrangle Wax-wing Whole Wrasse Wayfaring Wholesale Wreathe "Wearing Wholesome Wreckage Weathering Whose Wrestle Webbing Wicliffite Wriggle Wedding Wide Wrinkle Weeding Wideawake Writhe Weeping Wide-gauge Wrote Wellbeing Wife Wellmeaning Wike W—F Westering Wildfire Waif Whaling Wild-goose-chase Wile Warproof Waterproof AVave-loaf Whang Wliapping Wilsome Wheezing Wimble TV harf Whiffing Wimple Whereof Whiffling Wince Whiff Whig Windpipe Wolf Whigling Windage W—G Whipping Windle Whirligig Wine Wadding Whirling Winsome Wading Whirring Wipe Wafting Whiting Wire Wag Whitling Wise Wainscoting Wig Wiseacre Waiting Willing Witchtree Walking Willowing Witenagemote Wallowing Winding Withe Wandering Wing' Wive Wang Winning Yfoe Wanting AYintering W—E] 250 [W-N Witling Woodcock Withal Wood-engraviug Woodlark Witwal Wooing Work Woful Working Wrack Wonderful Worldling Wreak Wool Wrapping Wreck Worshipfxil Wi-estling Wryneck Wrongful TV^i'ino" Wringing W—L W—3I Writing Wadmal Wampum Wrong Wagel Wardroom Wrung Wagtail Warm Wail Whelm W—H Wakeful Whiggism Wortli Wall Whilom Wrath Wassail Whim Wreath Wasteful Whimwham Wrench Watchful Whom Wretch Waterfall Wigwam Wroth Water-ousel Wisdom Wyth Wawl Witch-elm Weal Witticism W—I Weariful Worm Wourali Weasel Weel W—N W—K Weezel Waggon Wad-hook Well Wain Walk Wheal Wakeman Walking-stick Wheel Waken Warlock hauberk Parental Control 1.0 Cracked Version Wherewithal Wakerobin Watermark Whimbrel Wanton Weak Whimsical Waranan Weathercock Whii5-poor--will Warbeaten Wedlock Whirl Warden ; Week Whirlpool Warming-pan Whack Whitsul Warn Whelk Wilful Warren Whisk Will Warworn Wick Windmill Waveson Wilk Windfall Wave-worn Wink Wistful Wayworn Wither-lock Witch-hazel Weaken TF— xY] 251 IW—li Wealsman Wean Weapon Weather-beaten Weazen Ween Welkin Wellborn Well-drain Wcllknown AVellspoken Wen Wesleyan Western Wheatcn When Wherein Whereon Whereupon Whin Whipper-in Whitsun Widen Widgeon Win Within Wivern Wizen Woden Woman Woman-born Women Won Wood-man Wood-pigeon Woollen Workman Worm-eaten Worn Worsen Woven Wren Written Wvvern W—0 Wauderoo Wappato Who Whoso Woo W—P Wallop Wardship Warp Warwhoop Wasp Weep Whelp Whip Whoop Whop Willwith-a-Avisp Wisp Woop Work- shop Workmanship Worship Wrap W—B Wader Wafer Wager Wair AVaister Waiter Waiver Walker Wallflower Wander Wapper War Warbler Warder Warmrr Warrior Washer Waster Watcher Water Water-colour Waver Wear Wearer Weather Weaver Weeper Weever Weir Welder Well-wisher Welter Whacker Whatever Whatsoever Wheeler Wheresoever Wherever Whether Whichever Whichsoever Whiffler Whimper Whipper Whipper-snapper Whisker Whisper Whistler White-feather Whither Whithersoever Whitleather Whitster Whoever W—8] 252 [W—W Whomsoever Windlass Whaleboat Whopper Windless What Whosoever Window less Whatnot Whur Wineglass Wheat Wicker Wingless Wheelwright Widower Wis Whereat Wilder Withers Whet Winder Witless Whilst Wine-bibber Witness Whinchat Winner Wondrous Whippingpost Winter Wood-moss Whist Wiper Woodless Whit Wisher Worthless Whitebait Wither White-heat Woman-hater W—T Whitethroat Wonder Wadsett Whorlebut Woodpecker Waft AVicket Wooer Wainscot Wight Worker Wainwright Wild-cat Worshipper Waist Wilt Wove paper Wait Wind-instrument Wrang-ler Wall-fruit Windingsheet Wrapper Wallet Wine-merchant Wrecker Walnut Wit Writer Want Without w—s Wapacut Wont Warrantable Woodcut Wages Wart Worn-out Waitress Wast Worst - Waits Wavelet Wort Wah'us Waxlight Wot Wanness Weft Wrest Wares Weight Wright Was Wellmet Wrist Watercress Wellspent Wristlet Waveless Welt Wrought Weather-glass Went Wurst Wellingtons Wept Whereabouts Werst W—W Whereas Wert Wallow Wilderness West Wheelbarrow Wilds Wet Whew IF-a] 253 [X—N Whitlow Way Whortleberry Widow Waylay Why Willow Weakly Willowy Window Wealthy Willy Windrow Weary Wily Winnow Wednesday Windy Wiredraw Weedy Wintry Withdraw Weekday Wishy-washy Weekly Wittingly W—X Weighty Witty Wax Welaway Womanly Wex Westerly Woody W—T Wey Whereby Woolly Wordy War-cry Wherry Worry Ward -penny Whey Worthy Warranty Whiggarchy Wry Wary Whinny Washy Whisky TF— ^ Water-lily Whiteboy Waltz Watery Whit-Snnday Whiz Waxy Wholly Wootz X—A Xanthosoma Xenia Xesta Xiphosura Xylopia X—0 Xanthic Xebec X—B Xiphoid X—E Xanthe Xanthine X. Xanthite Xanthophylite Xanthopicrine Xanthorhamuine Xanthorthite Xantippe Xenolite Xenotine Xylidine Xylite Xylophage X—H Xystarch X—I Xanoti X—L Xanthophyll X— ill Xanthium Xanthoxylum Xeniuni Xeromyrum Xiphidium Xylobalsalum X—N Xantliocon Xylophagan Xylophilan X—0 254 [Yn X—0 x—s X—X Xantlio Xanthous Xylanthrax Xylo Xerotes Xestes Xipliias X—Y X—B Xiplioidcs Xenodochy Xylopkagous Xcrophagy Xyster Xystos y. Xylography Y^A Young Yarn Yea Youngling Yataghan Yttria Yule-log Yawn Yucca Y—H Yean Yearn Y—D Yarrish Yeoman Yacca-wood Yellowish Yestei'n Yard Youth Yin Y-clad Yojan Y'clepod Y—K Yon Yield Yak Youtliliood Year-book Y—0 Y—E Yelk Yerk Yahoo Yankee Yolk Yamboo Yarage Yule-block Y—P Yare Ye Yoke Yore Yule Y 7? Y—L Yap Yawl Yarwhelp Yell Y-level Yaup Yelp Youthful Y—B JL ""X' Yowl You.rself Yager Y—3I Yarr Y—a Yam Year Ya-wninw Yoke- elm Yellow-hammer Yearling Yttrium Yester Yielding Yonder Yorkshire-pr; la- Y—N Youngster ding Y apon Your Y—8] 255 [Z—B Y—S Yest Yew Yaws Yet Yoke-fellow Yellows Y—U Y—X Yergas Yes Y—T You Yu r— TF Yex Yunx Yux Yaclit Yarrow Y—Y Yeast Yaw Yearly Yernufc Yellow Yeomanry z. z- -A Zygomatic Zoll Zabra Zymotic Zooclicmical Zala Zoril Zamia Z—J) Zanonia Zebra-wood Z—IL Zea Zend Z oil ism Zebra Zoned Zoomorpliism Zenda-vesta Zooid Zytlium Zerda Zeta Z—B Z— jV" Zeugma Zapote Zecliin Zivola Zeine Zeuglodon Zizonia Zeolite Zion Zoantlioria Zimome Zircon Zofra Zincke Zoilean Zoiatrea Zonate Zollverein Zoocarpia Zoolite Zoopliagou Zuna Zoophyte Z—0 Zygoma Z—G Zacclio Z- -B Zeituno; Zambo ZelDub Zicfzaor Zero o o Zoo Z- -C Z—K Zoppo Zetetic Zenitli Zufolo Zinc Zodiac Z—L Z—B Zonic Zeal Zaffir Zoonic Zisel Zemindar Zumic Zodiacal Zephyr Z—S] 250 [ZY Zohar Zygodactylous Zedoaiy Zoiiar Zymosis Zeminclary Zoster Zincography Zumomcter Z — T Zoocliomy Z^'mosimctcr Zayat Zoogeny z-s Zealot Zoography Zest Zoolatry Zealous Zibet Zoolitliology Zetetics Zincous Z— Z7 Zoology Zoonomy Zoanthus Zebu Zoopbysiology Zollliatis Zootomy Zoopliagous z—x Zumology Zounds Zax Zymotechny Zozymus Z—Y Zythepsary Zumboo-ruks Zany Woodfall & Kinder, Printers, Milford Lane, Strand, London, W.C. 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