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I have been trying to get Blackberry Entreprise Server 5.0 running on my Windows 2008 VM. It seems to work, I can now add users and find them into Active Directory.

The next step for me would be to assign a device to a user, this device do not have any data plan. However, according to the Administration Guide, it is apparently possible to activate it over an entreprise Wi-Fi network.

To do this, an SMTP service need to be configured, and will be use by the Blackberry Router.

I never had to deal with SMTP server and I am really not familiar with the concepts.

As I said, BES is installed on a VM under Windows 2008R2. I have an Exchange Server with AD on a server under Windows 2008R2. This server is on the same domain than the VM.

On the BES's VM, I installed an SMTP Server with IIS6, then I tried to send a message manually via telnet. The message is added to the queue but is never received in the mailbox of the receiver... On the event viewer of the VM I have an error message: "SMTP was unable to connect to an LDAP server".

I have tried every single configuration for the SMTP Server, I enabled the LDAP routing and gave him the parameters of the Exchange Server. I checked with nslookup if I can resolve it, it works...

I did not find any thread anywhere with somebody who has down this before...

If anybody could help me with this I would be very grateful.

P.S.: Sorry if my English is not perfect, I am working on it.