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File and application storage made easy

Focus on your business, not your file storage

HPE StoreEasy Storage is the #1 NAS product family under K USD in units.1 Whether your business is starting out, building momentum, or expanding, HPE StoreEasy simply addresses file and application storage challenges and will help propel your organization and its data further. A powerful breed of optimized, efficient, secure, and highly available storage systems, HPE StoreEasy integrates easily into new and existing environments – including SAN environments – offering your storage administrators and IT generalists a straightforward and simplified management experience.

What’s new?

HPE StoreEasy 1650 Expanded – an unmatched, uniquely dense model, suited for bulk file data storage and secondary workloads with up to 224TB via 28 LFF drives in a single, capacity-optimized 2U enclosure.

HPE StoreEasy data sheet

What you gain with the fifth-generation HPE StoreEasy family


more capacity2


lower cost/GB3

Up to

faster RAID rebuilds4

What are you looking for?

Simple file storageA cluster-capable file gateway for use with SANs of any size
storeeasy1650 | 220x160

Looking for a storage appliance to vastly simplify the deployment and management normally associated with file and application storage? You just found it.

Our solution:

HPE StoreEasy 1000 Storage

Industry-standard components with heterogeneous file protocols supporting diverse storage workloads.

Do you need a way to provide file services from your SAN? Meet a powerful breed of optimized, efficient, secure and highly available file storage gateways.

Our solution:

HPE StoreEasy 3000 Gateway Storage

Cluster configs save time, money, and support thousands of users accessing SAN-based file storage.

Why choose HPE StoreEasy Storage?

  • Optimized—implement file storage with preconfigured hardware/OS, installation wizards and provisioning tool

  • Efficient—save time and money as you file sync and share from anywhere, plus non-intrusive sub-file deduplication

  • Secure—keep data protected with built-in encryption, sophisticated access controls, and onboard antivirus and backup software

  • Highly available—prevent business and user disruption with continuous health monitoring, online self-healing and maintenance

Companion Products

Key StoreEasy Solutions

Solution Description
Enterprise File Sync and Share

Gain control over your employees’ data. HPE StoreEasy with included Microsoft® Work Folders and optional Citrix ShareFile enables users to securely access their data stored on-premise under IT control from anywhere at anytime.

Deploying Work Folders in HPE StoreEasy 1000 and 3000 (PDF, 884 KB)

User File Sharing

Facilitate user collaboration behind your firewall. HPE StoreEasy delivers simple yet sophisticated multi-protocol file access over SMB and NFS, so users can share files regardless of their computer’s operating system.

Heterogeneous file sharing on HPE StoreEasy Storage White Paper (PDF, 694 KB)

Home Directory Consolidation

Empower users while increasing security and control by consolidating home directories. With rich features including folder redirection, offline files, and roaming user profiles, HPE StoreEasy makes storing user data in a centralized location rather than on user controlled devices an easy decision and a secure, simple to deploy solution.

Data Consolidation Best Practices White Paper (PDF, 397 KB)

Compliant Archiving

Preserve your data with iTernity Compliant Archive Software (iCAS). Sitting between over 80 different business applications and HPE StoreEasy, iCAS prevents your data from being manipulated or deleted.

Your key to legally compliant data archiving (PDF, 590 KB)

Microsoft Hyper-V

Get the storage reliability and performance you need for your virtualized environment with Microsoft Hyper-V and HPE StoreEasy Storage. Using an optimized and integrated combination of software capabilities, this solution lets you adapt to your rapidly changing needs by harnessing StoreEasy for Hyper-V data storage.

Virtualization best practices using Hyper-V and HPE StoreEasy Storage (PDF, 153 KB)

Microsoft SQL Server

Improve the performance and reliability of SQL Server with HPE StoreEasy Storage. With your SQL Server database stored on an SMB 3.0 file share on StoreEasy, you benefit from the combined throughput of all network adapters and can transparently fall back to the remaining network adapters should one component fail.

HPE StoreEasy Storage Performance Best Practice Guidelines for SQL (PDF, 159 KB)


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1 IDC Worldwide Quarterly Disk Storage Tracker 2014Q4, product brand in units for price bands 1 to 3 combined for calendar year 2014
2 HPE Internal Analysis – internal capacity comparison between the previous generation 1640 vs. the new 1650
3 Based on HPE internal testing—25 x faster RAID rebuilds for write operations and 9 x faster RAID rebuilds for read operations. For more information, see the HPE Smart Storage for HPE ProLiant Gen9 servers—Technical white paper

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