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Always BCC for Outlook 2010 (64-bit) 4.1

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October 24, '07 Posted in  |  | 

2010 UPDATE: This is cool and interesting to read, but you should just go get this Free Outlook 2007/2010 No Reply All AddIn to do this work for you.

UPDATE: To be clear. This technique does NOT send macros in your email. It only flips a metadata bit in the message and that metadata is only transmitted within Exchange (within your company). It is not propagated to outside email addresses. It's better than BCC because it doesn't break local Outlook Rules. It's harmless.

I really hate it when I say "please send replies directly to me" and a Reply To All happens. It's not only a bummer for the person who sent it but also for everyone on the distribution list.

Trivia: At Microsoft they/we say "little-r" me when we want a reply directly to us or "Big-R" when we mean Reply To All.

I was thinking it'd be cool to have a button on my Outlook Message Form that prevented folks from Reply'ing to All or Forwarding the message. I poked around a bit trying to write an Outlook Macro and realized that I've completely overwritten all the brain cells that had previously held information about VBA macro programming. Seriously. I worked in VB3-6 for years. I was a ninja. Now I'm just an old fat guy with a Black Belt that used to fit. Anyway.

I asked for help and KC Lemson pointed me to Bill Jacob, both actual ninjas, and he took my Rube Goldberg-ian plan and turned it into two lines of code. Doh.

Here's "How to easily disable Reply To All and Forward in Outlook":

Go Tools|Macro|Macros...


In the next dialog, type something like NoReplyAll and click Create.


At this point, even when running Vista 64, you'll be magically transported back to 1996, completely with owner-draw non-standard gray toolbars and other bits of gray that will leak in from the past.

Add these lines to your new subroutine:

ActiveInspector.CurrentItem.Actions("Reply to All").Enabled = False
ActiveInspector.CurrentItem.Actions("Forward").Enabled = False

Then close this window.


At this point you've got a macro that prevents Replying to All and Forwarding (at least within Outlook world. This won't prevent folks running other mail systems from Replying to All, but we're mostly focused on internal work with this tip.)

Now, open up a new Outlook Message and right click at the VERY top (assuming Outlook 2007).


Click More from this dialog select "Macros" from the dropdown, select your new Macro and click Add>>.


If you like, click on your Macro on the right and select the Modify button and pick a nice icon for it and a Display Name. I used a "halting hand" icon:


Click OK and look at your Quick Access've got a nice little icon there.


Now, CLICK that button then send an email to yourself or a coworker...


Cool, mission accomplished. One less thing to worry about. Thanks Bill!

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