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[12:00] i get a msg saying fsck.ext3: bad magic number in superblock while trying to reopen / [12:00] then an e2fsck: iomanager magic bad! === Urthmover [n=Urthmov3@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [12:00] well i've tried 2 cds so far, i'll try another 1 ...or few [12:00] uh _jason wanna go to ur channel so i can paste to u what happened [12:00] Siph0n: that's not good [12:01] rynofly: verify the cd so you can be sure it is not the media [12:01] <_jason> Comrade_Vladimir, paste in #flood [12:01] -f install gave me the same error i got in package manager, i'll try sudo apt-get update and the other suggestion. [12:01] LjL: k, ne ideas how to fix? [12:01] how do i verify? [12:01] from the cd [12:02] Siph0n: no, i think you have a bad problem with your filesystem, and i'm not competent enough to try a solution. [12:02] i got a directory on my desktop, it's locked, says i don't have permission to delete it.. it got there during a crapy installation of java [12:02] anyone help? === troglodyt [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:02] _ go there then plaese [12:02] xxvii : try sudo rm -R [12:02] ? [12:02] _jason [12:03] Siph0n, what's the -R ? [12:03] <_jason> Comrade_Vladimir, i am in #flood [12:03] xxvii: i think it does directorys or sometin [12:03] im a newbie, but i remember usin that before i think :) [12:03] Siph0n, nah, rmdir is for directories [12:03] it deletes files recursively === shadeofgrey [n=] has joined #ubuntu === raingrove [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:03] well did u even try my idea xxvii? [12:03] ubuntu_noob: we'll get you fixed up [12:03] it's not -R, it's -r [12:04] i'll try [12:04] xxvii: do try what he said; if it doesn't work, i think you just don't have the right permissions [12:04] Agrajag: it's both, "man rm" [12:04] oh, I guess it doesn't matter [12:04] anyone know how to fix filesystems? or is it most likely i gotta reformar? [12:04] nalioth: heh. thanks. watches archives dl === Bicchi [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:05] LjL, Siph0n, thank you guys! it worked.. i been stumped all day because of that damn directory [12:05] Siph0n: umount /mountpoint && fsck /mountpoint === jfletcher [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Pugh [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:05] thanks guys [12:05] Agrajag: i don't know if either syntax is deprecated, other commands like "grep" or "cp" also have both -R and -r as synonyms [12:05] Siph0n: it's the root filesystem, boot up with a live cd [12:06] hey i want to install something that depends on QT 3 what do i need to install? [12:06] nalioth: I've booted to the live CD. I don't see 'qtparted', but then again, I'm not running KDE. It's a ubuntu disk, not a kubuntu disk. Will 'parted' work? [12:06] so i first boot up with a live cd, then just type in 'umount /mountpoint' and 'fsck /mountpoint' ? [12:06] ok I installed w32codecs but when I try streaming video with mplayer they still wont play, I have to open mplayer and load the file from my tmp directory [12:06] im a little new :) === anatole [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:06] dooglus: use synaptic to install it [12:06] nalioth: can synaptic install stuff when on the live cd? [12:07] LjL: it can, yes [12:07] any clue on how to get my mozilla plugin to work right [12:07] nalioth: won't that need to install megs of QT and KDE stuff? [12:07] nalioth: cool, on a ram disk i assume? [12:07] Siph0n, why do you think that the filesystems are "broken"? [12:07] LjL: it can. but it's very slow for me, so I use apt-get instead === agnul [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:07] how to install a .tra.bz2 file? [12:07] .tar.bz2 sorry === slide [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:08] xxvii: a tar.bz2 is just an archive, like a .zip file [12:08] extract the file, install [12:08] ompaul: thats what someone just told me? [12:08] xxvii: "tar xf " [12:08] ok, thanks [12:08] xxvii: tar jxf file.tar.bz2 [12:08] LjL: you don't need the 'j' bit [12:08] <3 Ubuntu [12:08] dooglus: it will not [12:08] LjL: correct, on the ramdisk [12:08] ompaul: when i boot up it fails to mount the filesystem it says, and when i shutdown it also says umount filesystem [12:08] no one else having any probs with mozilla-plugin? [12:08] nalioth: what's the package called, and what repo. is it in? [12:09] dooglus: it's called "qtparted" [12:09] universe [12:09] and it should be immediately available in synaptic or apt-get [12:09] "public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 49A120FD1135D466 [12:09] " <-- What should I do/ [12:09] LjL: really? [12:09] my bad [12:09] nalioth: in universe? [12:09] nalioth: yep [12:09] ubuntu_noob: tell Stormx2 about gpgerr [12:09] oops that wasn't meant to linebreak >.> [12:09] nalioth: that'll be why I can'tfind it then. [12:09] nalioth: parted itself is in main of course [12:10] dooglus: enable universe and multiverse, reload your apt-get and get qtparted [12:10] is qtparted a KDE app? [12:10] nalioth: gparted is also in main [12:10] dooglus: yes [12:10] Any suggestions for a music tagger? [12:10] can someone please tell me how to enable repositories? [12:10] !tell skapple about repos [12:10] dooglus: well actually, no [12:10] is there anyreason to prefer qtparted to parted or gparted? [12:11] dooglus: it's just a QT app, it has a KDE dependency but it's "fake" [12:11] dooglus: qt is a widget library that kde uses, like gtk is a widget library that gnome uses [12:11] nalioth: What do I replace release with in /var/lib/apt/lists/Release [12:11] dooglus: parted is a little hard to use, being a command line tool... qtparted and gparted are both frontends [12:11] Stormx2: read what ubotu instructed pleaee [12:11] LjL: i see. so gparted would be the more 'ubuntu' way to do it? [12:11] nalioth: I just did. [12:11] hmm. well, i did the sudo apt-get -f install and sudo apt-get update and sudo aptitude dist-upgrade and those broke on the same file. they always break on wvdial. is there a good way to just remove and reinstall that one package? [12:12] dooglus: no. gparted doesnt use ntfsprogs, but qtparted does === looksaus [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:12] nalioth: It said to do "sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/Release", but what do I replace Release with? [12:12] I want to scale a pdf or ps with two a4 pages to one a3 ps with the same two a4 pages on it [12:12] nalioth: Wait... lol [12:12] dooglus: as opposed to the "kubuntu" way, yeah, suppose so. never used gparted though, and rarely used qtparted. if nalioth is familiar with qtparted, i suggest you just use that one, right now. [12:12] I've been fiddling with pdfnup, psresize, psnup,... but the result just isn't right === skapple [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:12] whats a good prog to use for dvd watching if totem isnt an option? [12:12] can someone tell me how to enable repositories? [12:12] any suggestions? [12:12] shadeofgrey: VLC? [12:12] LjL: it's installing. slowly... [12:12] Stormx2: just copy and paste what it told you === Elsan [n=geno@] has joined #ubuntu [12:12] storm: the interface sucks tho [12:13] is there a way to tell apt-get to download the unmet dependencies? I tried apt-get install apache2, and I get the following unmet dependencies: apache2-mpm-worker, apache2-mpm-prefork and apache2-mpm-prechild. Fine, but now I found that apache2-mpm-prefork has other unmet dependencies. Is there a way apt-get would just get all the dependencies automatically? [12:13] !tell skapple about repos [12:13] "Setting up libqt3-mt..." (has been for a minute or two) [12:13] amonroy: i don't think there is a way === Sanne [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:13] okay if totem-xine doesnt want to work and libdvdcss2 dorsnt want to work, what are my options? [12:13] gstreamer? [12:13] HELP!! Firefox won't start since I installed mozilla-plugin-vlc and Sun Java: INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End: Could not get the plugin manager [12:13] System error?:: Succs [12:14] amonroy: but it's not right that apache2 is giving you unmet deps, anyway [12:14] amonroy: it definitely shouldn't [12:14] nalioth: It didn't fix the error..... [12:14] LjL, weird, I just installed the OS from scratch [12:14] Stormx2: do it again and go have a coffee or watch some tv [12:14] How would i start a 'second X server' ? Im trying to play quake3 and first off, if i quit quake my resolution doesnt change back to what i had, so i searched google and somone suggested running it in a second X like this 'X :1 -ac & ( DISPLAY=:1 quake3 )' which sounds great, but just running that doesnt work [12:14] Stormx2: iow, give it a at least 10 minutes [12:14] well, before that I got the repository list form [12:14] to all :) -im trying my 3rd cd the first prompt i typed "expert" and i am checking the integrity of the disk. the disks have no scratches on them so it hink it will be ok..but i have a feeling that its still not going to work [12:15] do i need to sudo that? [12:15] do you think that's where I screw it LjL? [12:15] amonroy: it's working without any deps problems for me. try "sudo apt-get -f install", then "sudo apt-get update", then "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" === trkorecky [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:15] what is the latest version of ubuntu? [12:15] nalioth: But, it did it in about 5 seconds? [12:15] 5.10 [12:15] amonroy: stop where you are . [12:15] skapple: (breezy) [12:15] is it better that hoary? [12:15] ok, stopping nalioth :) [12:15] ubotu: tell amonroy about sources [12:15] it wont download again [12:16] nalioth: the whole apache2 stuff is in main, as far as i can see === kreatine [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:16] you guys like gdm or kdm [12:16] nalioth: qtparted is running. what do I do? [12:16] skapple: Yes. [12:16] amonroy: get rid of the sources.list you got from ubuntuguide and use the one for your system (and hope you haven't botched up anything important) [12:16] dooglus: resize what yo uwant to resize [12:16] nalioth: oh, i see [12:16] how can i get apt-get to give me a list of say packages with a [12:16] ? [12:16] ok, thanks for pointing that out nalioth, wil do now [12:16] ubotu: tell amonroy about ubuntuguide [12:16] kreatine: of installed packages or available packages? and you mean packages starting with "a", anyway? [12:17] available [12:17] kreatine: apt-cache search a | grep "^a" [12:17] Stormx2: How much better is 5.10? I'm running 5.04 on my old computer, and it seems to run decent. 50,000x better than RH9 or FC4. [12:17] oki, thanks [12:17] trkorecky: Never used 5.04 [12:17] trkorecky: You can just run updates, mind ;-) [12:17] guys, what do you prefer, gdm or kdm [12:17] trkorecky: if you are happy with hoary, stay with it [12:18] blanky: gdm is fine [12:18] blanky: gdm, even though i'm using kdm as i'm using kde [12:18] nalioth and LjL: thanks [12:18] Stormx2: Will the update change everything? I just ran it not too long ago (45 minutes max) and it didn't have a new kernel listed... [12:18] should I reinstall from scrach nalioth? after getting the source list from ubuntuguide I tied apt-get upgrade [12:18] I just got back from school, left this pc on since yesterday night and it's not laggy at all, I just gotta love linux [12:18] did I screw my system? [12:18] well, did you use a condom? [12:19] :) [12:19] amonroy: what did you upgrade from? === AnonymousHive is now known as Anon|Away [12:19] I just did sudo apt-get update [12:19] can someone tell me how to get rid of the thing at the bottom of Evolution that displays the message just when you click on it? === looksaus [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Looksaus] [12:20] I put my Ubuntu (5.04) computer into "Hibernate" mode, but it didn't wake up. I had to do a hard shutdown. How can I fix this? [12:20] do a hard bootup :) [12:20] trkorecky: you can't. it's a bug [12:20] trkorecky: hibernation is tricky, works randormly for me (sometimes does, sometimes doesn't) [12:20] should i remove ubuntu-desktop completely and then try to reinstall it with apt? [12:20] LgL: i used the check the integrity of cd option on the install menue of the cd and it says that something callec pcutils (bunch of numbers) failed the md5 checksum thiner [12:21] what do i need to play DVD's in gzine? [12:21] ubuntu_noob: in a console, " [12:21] Im checking my other cds [12:21] gxine rather [12:21] ubuntu_noob: in a console, "apt-get -f dist-upgrade" [12:21] nalioth: qtparted gave me an amusing error message. [12:21] nalioth, why is checkinstall a good thing to do? === Absenth [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Red-Sox_homework is now known as Red-Sox_away [12:21] nalioth: I did apt-get update and also apt-get upgrade, but I think both failed === misfit_toy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:21] nalioth: "Filesystem check failed! Totally 1 cluster accounting mismatches." [12:22] nalioth: was it written by a surfer dude? [12:22] nalioth: aye, i did that, i'll try again though, just to make sure, and come back with the results. :) [12:22] dooglus: the next thing to do is "man ntfsresize" and see how to go about it === Pupeno [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:22] varsendagger: cause it lets you uninstall things as well [12:22] ubuntu_noob: did you use the -f when you dist-upgraded? [12:22] varsendagger: and, more generally, the APT system will know about your self-compiled program, which is good [12:22] ubotu: tell varsendagger about checkinstall === J4t [n=] has joined #ubuntu === _smd_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:23] nalioth: I think qtparted is telling me there's an error on the NTFS partition. Should I perhaps use Windows to fix that first? [12:24] does anyone know offhand what was the location for the samba config file? [12:24] can someone tell me how to get rid of the thing at the bottom of Evolution that displays the message just when you click on it? [12:24] nalioth: yep yep. typed it in just like you did. it breaks on unpacking wvdial... it doesn't seem to be downloading a new version, or removing the old one. [12:24] dooglus: try to cfdisk and re-write the table [12:24] dooglus: yes, run ckdisk or scandisk or whatever it's called nowadays [12:24] Stormx2: "cfdisk"? is that a Windows or Linux command? [12:25] ubuntu_noob: can you use a terminal well? [12:25] linux [12:25] even after getting the official source list, I do apt-get install apache2 and I still get the same unmet dependencies: apache2-mpm-worker, apache2-mpm-prefork and apache2-mpm-prechild. Weird. === RockyBurt [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:25] nalioth: i think i can. grin === se7en [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:26] Is there a default password for root? I don't remember inputting one when I installed Ubuntu about an hour ago...? [12:26] can someone help me with nicotine? i cannot getit to connect. [12:26] I notice that I have 8Mb of unallocated space on this disk. Can I use it for a Linux partition? It's annoying setting up ndiswrapper, wpasupplicant, WPA key, etc, etc each time I boot! [12:26] dooglus: run cfdisk /dev/hd Once in, do nothing but the "write" command [12:26] ubuntu_noob: if you type "sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop" you may get what you seek, but you may also lose your gnome while it's working [12:27] amonroy: type "sudo apt-get -f install" [12:27] dooglus: You can resize the partitions in parted === foomanchew [n=] has joined #ubuntu === shlabster [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:27] ubotu tell trkorecky about root [12:27] anyone use Cacti here [12:27] nalioth: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. [12:27] Stormx2: not an ntfs partition === fdr [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:27] I guess that's good nalioth :) [12:28] nalioth: ah. i see. but, uh, we can get that pretty gui back right? hopeful smile [12:28] amonroy: ubuntu_noob yes, when the process is finished === jabbahut [n=] has joined #ubuntu === dreaddolo [i=] has joined #ubuntu [12:28] hi [12:28] amonroy: are you any good with a terminal only? [12:28] hi... I need to write a LaTeX document and I'd like to find a text editor for gnome that is a bit more powerful than gedit... have you got any suggestions please? [12:28] heh. cool. breaks stuff [12:28] can someone tell me how to get rid of the thing at the bottom of Evolution that displays the message just when you click on it? [12:29] nalioth: Good point. [12:29] i need help to install ubuntu [12:29] nalioth: I think I could be better, but I like the terminal only [12:29] dreaddolo whats the problem? === x_or [n=cdawson@] has joined #ubuntu [12:30] purplefeltangel: View -> Message Preview ??? [12:30] amonroy: good. try "sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop" using your new sources.list (you may lose gnome during this, which is why i asked about your terminal skills) [12:30] So hibernation is a hit-and-miss situation? [12:30] bimberi: ah! thanks :D [12:30] Can anyone help me troubleshoot and figure out why firefox is not working, but on the same machine konqueror works fine? I cannot see anything in /etc/resolv.conf that looks weird. I don't have a proxy set. [12:30] trkorecky: yes it is [12:30] purplefeltangel: yw :) [12:30] purplefeltangel... query? === regeya [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:31] nalioth: Do they plan to fix this anytime soon? [12:31] nalioth: I go this: Reinstallation of ubuntu-desktop is not possible, it cannot be downloaded. === netjoined: -> === TongMaster [n=] has joined #ubuntu === procrastinator [n=procrast@] has joined #ubuntu === quail_linux [n=quail@unaffiliated/quaillinux/x-000001] has joined #ubuntu === zenwhen [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Renski [n=darren@] has joined #ubuntu === UrbanFox [n=] has joined #ubuntu === runge [n=] has joined #ubuntu === StrikeForce [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:31] is totem unable to play streaming audio? (even after adding the various codecs and non-free format stuff) [12:31] Absenth: [12:31] Oops [12:31] :( [12:32] nalioth: all I want is to run apache, php, and drupal :-/ [12:32] trkorecky: my hibernation and suspend work well in breezy [12:32] Absenth: Plays it for me. I just use "Open Location" [12:32] I guess it was a big mistake to follow ubuntuguide instructions [12:32] amonroy: as long as you have those non ubuntu packages installed, you will have lots of problems === shlabster [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [12:32] It won't open it by clicking on the URL, but if you copy the URL and paste it in the "Open Location" dialogue in the gui, it works for me [12:32] Anon|Away, I'm attempting to listen to a local radio station via the web. I'm not sure I know what the address I need to connect to is. [12:32] Oh. [12:32] i have problem with hd sata [12:32] nalioth: would you say it's easier to install again? (I can do that if needed and if it's faster() [12:33] amonroy: if you have no data to lose, go ahead. just dont visit the ubuntuguide this time, come here instead === ctd [n=ctd@unaffiliated/ctd] has joined #ubuntu [12:33] I learned my lesson now nalioth :-) [12:34] Stormx2: "cfdisk" looks like it fixed partition tables. The error I saw was that the filesystem was corrupted, not the partition table. Are you sure I want to run "cfdisk"? [12:34] ufff === Anon|Away is now known as AnonymousHive [12:35] Stormx2: here's the error: [12:35] i don't speak good english... someone can help me in pvt? [12:35] command for uptime and system load and whatnot? [12:35] dreaddolo: what you speak? spanish? [12:36] dooglus [12:36] italian === xTina [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:36] !it [12:36] Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese, Grazie... [12:36] argh [12:36] thanks! [12:36] ^_^ [12:36] :) === Dethread [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:38] ufff [12:38] how do i enable rhythymbox to play mp3s? [12:38] on #ubuntu-it [12:38] all the users [12:39] are sleeping [12:39] -.-' [12:39] ubotu tell se7en about mp3 [12:39] yes, I noticed that. [12:39] so what's the problem? [12:39] damn [12:39] nalioth: well, i tried the command (sudo apt-get [...etc ] ) and i got the same result. the archive was bad, and apt seemed to break just reading it for removal. shrug i did fix it, but what i did was manually copy the broken package from the cd again. that did the trick, it seems. thanks for your help though. === MagicFab [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:40] what is the best way to upgrade from an ati to a nvidia gfx card? will X hang when I try to boot with my new card in and I run the naitive drivers or will it fall back to mesa? === xxvii [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:40] dooglus... i try to install ubuntu 5.04 [12:40] hey, anyone familiar with bittorrent? i can't seem to get my downloads to start [12:41] LasseL: You can try using the generic vesa driver in-between [12:41] ubuntu_noob: we must do what we must do === andril [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:41] dreaddolo: why 5.04? 5.04 is 7 months old. 5.10 is new. [12:41] hello all - again [12:41] LasseL: d'u know how to change it in the xorg.conf file ? [12:41] but i can't because the install don't see my sata....... [12:41] ...hd [12:41] MagicFab, just change driver from ati to vesa? [12:41] does anyone know how to check the local ip of my Ubuntu PC? [12:41] andril: ifconfig [12:42] dreaddolo: ok [12:42] andril: in a terminal type ifconfig [12:42] LasseL: yes. Reboot, check it's OK. Turn off, swithc cards, check it's ok. Only then install the nvidia stuff [12:42] aughhh hahah im back!!! [12:42] dooglus: thanks [12:42] ubuntu_noob: thanks === Pablo [n=Pablo@] has joined #ubuntu === CookedGryphon [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:43] LasseL: always backup your original /etc/X11/xorg.conf , eh :) [12:43] can someone please tell me what to use as a tftp server in ubuntu [12:43] O_o [12:43] MagicFab, yeah, I think I'll just slap in the card and see if it does the fallback, if not I still have vi and a prompt === lfittl [n=] has left #ubuntu ["...] [12:44] Pablo: check synaptic, there's a very simple/generic one [12:44] LasseL: CTRL-ALT-F1 is your friend [12:44] ok [12:44] dooglus...can you help me? [12:44] indeed [12:44] dooglus: which sould i use for static ip? [12:44] MagicFab, thanks [12:45] np [12:45] help, when connecting to a network drive, how do i set the domain? [12:45] !backports [12:45] Add "deb breezy-backports main universe multiverse restricted" to /etc/apt/sources.list. More info @ [12:45] Pablo: the package is... tftpd ! [12:45] ubuntu_noob: which is the Subnet & Gateway? === mac0sxus3r12 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === BradZ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Astxist [n=] has joined #Ubuntu === SbCl3 [n=] has left #ubuntu ["quit"] [12:46] CookedGryphon: which version ? 5.10 ? if so, in the menu Places > Connect to server > Windows Share you should have a field for the domaine [12:46] (domain) [12:47] guys could someone tell what's up with my synaptic? [12:47] andril: hmm. there's another way to look at your information, graphically. [12:47] MagicFab I do that and then when i restart the field is reset, when i set it it works for that session, but its a bit of a faff [12:47] andril: if you want to try that way [12:47] when I try to install something it says that it needs to remove the rest of my apps! :) [12:47] MagicFab: is there any way to set it from the command prompt so i can automount it at boot? === DRF [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:47] andril: system>admin>networking [12:48] when the domain is set i can mount the drive from the command line === raphink [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation] [12:48] CookedGryphon: search synaptic for "smb"... let me see [12:48] oh [12:49] MagicFab: i have smbfs n everything installed, i can mount the drive, i just need to set the domain, but it resets to a blank field every time i restart the computer so i have to set it again, then it works === Comrade_Vladimir [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:49] CookedGryphon: there's a CLI for samba, smbclient is the package [12:49] Magicfab, i use that, just can't set the domain [12:49] CookedGryphon: can't help much more [12:50] actually i use smbmount, but its the same thing int it? [12:50] andril: use the system->admin->network program to ask for a static ip. [12:50] ubuntu_noob: thanks much [12:50] dreaddolo: I don't understand. 5.04 doesn't like your SATA hd? maybe 5.10 will like it. [12:50] I'm rebooting to Windows... back soon. === swim [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:50] anyone know if there is anything I can use to extract swf files? [12:51] dooglus...i don't try with 5.10 [12:51] anyone good with synaptic? [12:51] O_o [12:51] my english is very bad [12:51] sorry [12:52] mac0sxus3r12: what r u trying to install ? [12:52] when I try to install vlc it says that it needs to remove the rest of my apps! [12:52] I wonder why? === se7en [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [12:52] CookedGryphon: check Google for ubuntu+samba+automount [12:53] MagicFab: any ideas? [12:53] mac0sxus3r12: are you using ONLY official ubuntu repositories and pkgs? [12:53] mac0sxus3r12: what is "the rest of my apps" ? how many ? [12:53] MagicFab: alot! apt, gcc, gcc-base, etc.. [12:54] MagicFab: I am using only official repos. [12:54] mac0sxus3r12: that's usually because you're installing a version whose dependencies conflict with the ones from an "official" version. [12:54] can you paste your /etc/apt/sources.lst to pastebin ? [12:54] mac0sxus3r12: how are you trying to install it? [12:55] nalioth: i searched for it in synaptic [12:55] nalioth: and then checked it to be installed === Red-Sox_away is now known as Red-Sox_homework [12:55] fellas.... I changed my sources.list from HOARY to BREEZY... did update then upgrade... I know this dosen't change me to BREEZY... but does it upgrade my apps to BREEZY level? [12:55] MagicFab: sorry I am not in ubuntu now === mustard5 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === navarone [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:56] I'll be back. thanks for help nalioth, MagicFab: [12:57] jabbahut: did u follow ? === epistax [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:59] MagicFab: I'm not trying to upgrade to BREEZY... Just trying to get apps upgrade... === nthwaver [n=] has joined #ubuntu === xxiii [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:59] Hey there, after installing GCC and libc through the synaptic package manager, gcc cannot find any header files (stdio, etc). What gives? === Marlun [n=Marlun@unaffiliated/marlun] has joined #ubuntu [12:59] hey i need help with synaptic === mxpxpod [n=bryan@unaffiliated/mxpxpod] has joined #ubuntu [01:00] If I want for example the latest version of xchat, theres no way to get it through package manager? === DjKritical [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:00] O experienced ones, does Apache need root access to run? I'm trying to learn to install it, but keep getting "permission denied" errors [01:00] how can I make it so when I double click a song to open it in xmms, it enqueues it instead of deleting my playlist? :( [01:00] nthwaver: at least for setup and initial config, I'd say yes === locomorto is now known as stoptheangish === sethmahoney [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:01] ok, thanks. I worried I lost the root password until I found it's disabled by default [01:01] I will go and set that up. much appreciation. === j3di` [n=no@] has joined #ubuntu === j3di` [n=no@] has left #ubuntu [] === sig [n=sig@unaffiliated/sig] has joined #ubuntu [01:02] ispiked: change the command being run from "xmms" to "xmms -e" [01:03] epl: it just lists the programs, not the commands. [01:03] epl: I worship u [01:03] ispiked: wait a min, i'll try to describe it a bit better :) [01:03] epl: I know I can add a new command and all... [01:04] epl: isn't there a place (file) I could edit to make it just use "xmms -e"? === nthwaver [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [01:04] because I want to do it for all music files. === j3di` [n=no@] has joined #ubuntu [01:04] Where are the C headers normally kept? [01:04] does remote desktop run on a specific port? can i set this? === MachineScrew [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:05] epistax: what r u trying to do ? [01:05] j3di`: 5900 is the default and yes you can set it to whatever you like === redxninja [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [01:05] magicFab: compile a basic hello world. I have the gcc and libc packages installed but it cannot find the headers. I don't know if there's a 3rd package I need for the basic headers. === Llewxam [n=Llewxam@] has joined #ubuntu [01:06] j3di`: the port is 5900 I believe [01:06] epistax: install "build-essential" === stoptheangish is now known as stoptheangish^2 [01:06] i need some help with ndiswrapper [01:07] wtf, when i run quake3 and connect to a ra3 server i get this, Version mismatch C-999.-999-999/S1.76 [01:07] bimberi: thanks [01:07] epistax: np :) [01:07] can i customize how remote desktop works [01:07] out of the blue it stopped recognizing the wireless card [01:07] i want it to NOT pipe the background to the remote desktop client [01:08] ispiked: well, I'm not so good with nautilus but when you are in the properties dialog for a mp3 file, you can click on add in the "open with" tab. in the dialog window that opens you can open "use a custom command" and just type in any command you want, ie "xmms -e". that should change it for all .mp3 files [01:08] j3di`: somewhere in this thread they mention a way to change the default port: [01:08] ispiked: you will have to do the same for all other media filetypes that you want opened in xmms i guess [01:08] epl: yeah, I was thinking if I could edit the file... [01:09] Does anyone know what the executable path to eggdrop is by default when installed by repository? === paxton [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:09] ispiked: I guess you could, I have no idea where though [01:09] DjKritical: use "which eggdrop" from command line [01:09] bimberi: erm that didn't seem to work, I still get such insightful messages as "stdio: No such file or directory" [01:10] MagicFab, Thanks! [01:10] what remote desktop server is running? [01:10] by default === Hobbsee [n=] has joined #ubuntu === RockyBurt is now known as RockyBurt|Zzz [01:12] epistax: hm, is libc6-dev installed? === brownie17 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:13] bimberi: yep [01:13] can anyone tell my what the use of the "login photo" option is in System --> Preferences? === toblerp [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:13] DjKritical > if I cannot find a executable after instaling I load synaptic click the status button on bottom left and click installed...this will list all installed progs...find the one you want and look at properties and "files installed". Should point you in the right place === StrikeForce [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:13] bimberi: /usr/include seems just fine.. [01:14] i thought the next version of ubuntu was going to be called grazing guppy or something, not dapper drake!? [01:14] epistax: ...and has stdio.h ? [01:14] guppies graze? [01:14] bimberi: yep [01:14] Does anyone know a good web based email that doesnt rely on javascript? [01:14] one that works on the links text based browser? [01:15] epistax: then i'm struggling to know what the problem is :/ [01:15] n0dl: have u tried squirrel ? just hinting. [01:16] MagicFab: Is squirrel a web based email or a browser? [01:16] navarone, thankyou, that's some good advice =) [01:16] bimberi: uhg ok I just figure it out. It's what I just happened to test. and . is wrong because apparently I need the extension. Thought they did away with that. [01:16] bimberi: and iostream.h just doesn't exist :P [01:17] desperate times call for desperate measures Dj...that and whatever wotrks [01:17] can I install/uninstall packages using apt-get just like using Synaptic? [01:17] n0dl: webbased email [01:17] amonroy: yes [01:17] I am trying to figure out if I can live without GUI [01:18] amonroy: oh oh, yes you can... :) [01:18] MagicFab: it says here that you have to download sometrhing? or are you takling about the virtual log in thingie? [01:18] what is the difference between python2.4-subversion and python2.4-svn ? [01:19] MagicFab: sorry to ask but how exactily do i use this? === nthwaver [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:19] cool MagicFab [01:19] epistax: aha, a contents search on might help you install missing includes :) [01:20] Magic: the website and its documentation is kinda all over the palce [01:20] <_jason> amonroy, do you use lynx? [01:20] back again. I'm still confused about apache - does the version in Synaptic have a GUI? Would I need to download one seperately if I want one? [01:20] _jason: yes, but actually the ubuntu machine will be used mostly as a drupal site [01:20] navarone, i wasn't sure about the grazing part. but do badgers breeze? === StrikeForce [n=] has joined #ubuntu === holycow [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:21] n0dl: you can always use "man" from command line to see info on any command [01:21] n0dl: I found this on google about apt-get : === bluefox83 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:21] <_jason> amonroy, maybe you can help me... I am a newbie with lynx. When I go to I get a "malformed request" error. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? [01:21] _jason, neither === Niomi [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:21] I wanted to share this free online magazine I found about - very easy read, although not very "pro-free" [01:21] [01:22] <_jason> sethk, so it happens to everyone and there is nothing I can do? [01:22] try wget and see if you get the same === pld3 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:22] hey [01:22] It's 100% electronic [01:22] brownie17>possibly after eating baked beans [01:22] ispiked: look in $HOME/.local/share/applications/ [01:22] how do i burn isos in k3b? === Toma- [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:22] wait squirrel mail comes with ubuntU? [01:22] !wireless [01:22] extra, extra, read all about it, wireless is [01:22] pld3: Tools menu [01:22] how can you tell what ubuntu version you have? [01:23] j3di`: cat /etc/issue [01:23] <_jason> amonroy, downloads fine with wget [01:23] n0dl: yes, there's a package === fmasi [n=] has joined #ubuntu === concept10 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Pupeno [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Steil [n=] has joined #Ubuntu [01:23] j3di`: lsb_release -a [01:23] <_jason> amonroy, it goes to the page but it displays that error (it's like a 404 but not a 404 I think) [01:23] anyone prefer opera over firefox? [01:23] ah, yes. default.list is what I want, I think. === nullman [n=] has joined #ubuntu === blanky [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:23] concept10, i doubt it ;p [01:24] concept10: yes [01:24] enlightenment is weird [01:24] hi i use MPlayer under ubuntu but wen i put a dvd in the computer after the menu it keeps restarting the mouvi what should i do to fix it ? Whith Toten its ok [01:24] _jason: interesting, it might be something you need to configure in lynx [01:24] concept10: I can't bring myself to use firefox any of these days, knowing that opera and konqueror are out there :) [01:24] <_jason> amonroy, so for you it works fine? [01:24] I think Opera is good, but I am used to the extensions. Im kind tired of CPU spikes in firefox 1.5 rc3 [01:24] every search i do on gnutella comes back with porn or other file with my searrch term tacked onto the file name...very annoying [01:24] <_jason> amonroy, 400 is the error, I just saw it [01:24] i haven't tried, i am actually reinstalling ubuntu right now [01:25] <_jason> amonroy, ah ok thanks [01:25] <_jason> can anyone who uses lynx tell me if they can access without any problems? [01:25] apokryphos, I like the web developer plugin in firefox, its realy helpfull === nulltank [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:26] jason > i don't know about lynx but elinks works fine === logomen [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:27] nead help whith DVD playback in MPLAYER pleas help [01:27] hi pll [01:27] any body can help my [01:27] ? [01:28] ive got an adsl router that issues DHCP. ive got a wireless access point connected to that and another PC. i can connect to the WAP with my Nintendo DS and my other linux PC, however i cant get get a ping out of the WAP ip range. anyone got any clues? [01:28] try [01:28] i want to change resolutions [01:28] maybe the / at the end makes a difference? [01:28] <_jason> amonroy, just tried same thing [01:28] weird [01:28] logomen: try pressing ctl-alt-+ or - [01:29] oki.. i think that is impossibel because, i need to reconfigure the xserver [01:29] but im trying now [01:29] ok then... find a wiki on xorg.conf [01:30] eny one uses MPlayer to play dvds ??? [01:30] sweet i';m still rocking the warty warthog [01:30] on the some times i can change but.. it's not good image [01:30] i cant view nothing on screen === nullman [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:32] <_jason> amonroy, that's probably the same problem I'm having [01:33] wow, seems more complex than I thought === mode/#ubuntu [+o apokryphos] by ChanServ === mode/#ubuntu [-r] by apokryphos [01:34] does anyone know where can I find a short explanation of what universe, multiverse and aptitude are? the assumes you know what they are === new2linux [n=] has joined #ubuntu === nthwaver [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === blanky [n=] has joined #ubuntu === apokryphos [n=apokryph@] has joined #ubuntu === Tharsis [n=] has joined #ubuntu === svu [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:35] sudo is a program right? like, debian must do apt-get install sudo to have it? === pickett_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === corporal [n=] has joined #ubuntu === svu [n=] has joined #ubuntu === stoptheangish^2 is now known as locomorto [01:36] is sudo native to the kernel? or is it a program [01:36] nalioth: argh, how can that happen [01:36] Hi every one...I just installed ubuntu on my system unfortunately I forgot the passwd for root. could any one please tell me if there is any way on changing the passwd for root without having to reinstall the hole system from scratch.? [01:36] blanky, man sudo, see what it tell syou [01:36] tells you === jesseman_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:37] new2linux: i think you just use sudo to do anything requiring root privaleges [01:37] er, all I'd like to know is if it's a program that you download (i know its already in ubuntu) === Silencer [n=Silencer@] has joined #ubuntu === Nakkel [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:37] <_jason> amonroy, mutliverse and universe are extra repos with more programs, aptitude is a program to manage packages (like synaptic but cli) [01:37] blanky, try apt-cache search sudo and find out, if it's in apt then it's a program :) === mauropm is now known as m-afk === Hentai^NT [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:38] blanky: yes it is === r0bby [n=wakawaka@guifications/user/r0bby] has joined #ubuntu === jcape [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ruspu [n=] has joined #ubuntu === jcape [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:40] ubuntu_noob: I tried sudo, but asked me for a passwd, which I do not remember...any other help please? === LMX [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:40] sudo asks for your own password [01:40] new2linux: did you try your password when you did sudo? [01:41] how do i burn isos in k3b? === bobski [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:41] pld3: I already told you -- use the Tools menu [01:41] pld3: Tools -> Burn CD Image or whatever [01:41] burn dvd image is what I see [01:41] is that what I need? [01:41] its ubuntu's iso [01:41] pld3: did you get the CD or the DVD iso? === PauloEE [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:42] anyone have experience installing ubuntu on laptops? === scotte_botanist [i=] has joined #ubuntu === RadSurfer [i=] has joined #ubuntu [01:42] hi, does anybody know how to change the default save mode in gedit from utf-8 to iso-8859-1? === scotte_botanist [i=] has left #ubuntu [] [01:43] bobski: i just did an install on a laptop, though that would hardly qualify me as experienced. :) [01:43] i have tried several times on my ibm thinkpad - keeps locking up entering gnome [01:43] Hi, I'm with a problem. gcc 4.0 is installed in my system but for some reason gcc is not in the path, that is, when I type gcc I get an error telling me that the command is not found. [01:43] boots to gdm ok [01:43] then just locks up [01:43] Oh hi, does Ubuntu have ipbs? === luisito [n=] has joined #ubuntu === |mp| [n=mp@] has joined #ubuntu === MagicFab [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === Aegir [n=richard@] has joined #ubuntu [01:44] bobski: hmm. that's probably beyond me. ;/ i bet someone in here can help though. (they seem to know everything!) [01:44] ubuntu_noob: thank you that seems we have a lot to learn about this program , it is my first time to use....thanks a lot;) [01:44] new2linux: you and i both [01:44] new2linux: :) [01:45] ubuntu_noob: cheers mate :) [01:45] apokryphos, I got the cd ISO [01:45] pld3: then burn a CD image === DreamEater [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:45] DreamEater: you eat dreams ?! [01:46] can anybody tell about gedit? === synackuator [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Toma-- [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Toma-- is now known as Toma- === ogami1972 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:47] hell all [01:47] hello that is [01:47] why does my "runlevel" show as N 2, when in theory i should be running at 5 since X is up [01:47] ? === Isi [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:47] no. Ubuntu doesn't play runlevel games. [01:47] 2-5 are identical. [01:47] no? [01:48] so i can't set a custom default runlevel without screwing w/ my init stuff? [01:48] i installed a new soundcard, but i am told the "device is busy"- any advice? [01:48] such as not having X come up when I boot? === Silencer [n=Silencer@] has joined #ubuntu [01:48] synackuator: don't mess with runlevels at all in Debian-based systems. It's simply not the way we do things. [01:49] synackuator: there are a variety of ways to not start gdm on boot. Search the wiki and/or the bot. [01:49] hmm...what do i install for serpentine and gnomebaker to burn mp3s? [01:50] navarone: gstreamer0.8-mad === MagicFab [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:50] that's it? === OlGent [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:50] Hello - Anyone know of other pacakges similar to Istanbul - and vnc2swf ? === martix [n=mgarcia@] has joined #ubuntu === grizzli [n=clin@] has joined #ubuntu === toblerp [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:51] i dont have the option to burn cd image === MagicFab BRB === toblerp [n=] has joined #ubuntu === mike__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:52] hello everyone === toblerp [n=] has joined #ubuntu === mustard5 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === mdz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:52] nomed: /dev/input/mice is created by mousedev [01:53] mdz thanks === mmHg [n=] has joined #ubuntu === toblerp [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:53] simple? question: is there a way to configure sound output so that more than one sound can be output simultaneously? (ie. system-sound while listening to mp3s) [01:54] pld3: you don't need k3b, right-click on the iso file in nautils and select 'write to disc' === zryder94 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === toblerp [n=] has joined #ubuntu === kaiji [n=] has joined #ubuntu === melvztechie [n=Ununtu@] has joined #ubuntu === simonvallore [n=] has joined #ubuntu === toblerp [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Jared [n=chatzill@] has joined #ubuntu [01:55] Hello how do i get purftpd for ubuntu === zoexii [n=] has joined #ubuntu === MrFarts [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:55] crimsun> ty...working now === MrFarts [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === stupid_comp [n=] has joined #ubuntu === unique311 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:56] simonvallore: apt-cache show pure-ftpd === ulunto17 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Xorlev [n=xorlev@unaffiliated/xorlev] has joined #ubuntu === Kebekwas [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:57] has anyone ever installed a new soundcard? [01:57] in a current sys? [01:57] anybody can give me some help with getting xine to work? [01:57] Will i be godo with ubuntu...i'm good with windows but this will be my first linux ....except for SLAX === mdz [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Client] === APACHE^_^ [n=APACHE^_@] has joined #ubuntu [01:58] Jared: could be, if you're willing to learn :P [01:58] have a prob with my mozilla-mplayer plugin,it d/ls the stream but wont play it,i have to open mplayer and load the file from my tmp to play it, any clue why? [01:58] There were no decoders found to handle the stream, you might need to install the corresponding plugins ? what I do ? [01:58] There were no decoders found to handle the stream, you might need to install the corresponding plugins, What I do please help me ? [01:58] yes i am willing to learn...okay so i will be prepared...what is a good ISO burning program. free for ubuntu? === ubuntu [n=ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu [01:58] Mp3 not play [01:59] Jared: k3b or....there's a gnome one, forgotten the name === corporal [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ubuntu_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:59] ubotu tell APACHE^_^ about mp3 === UrbanFox [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ubuntu_ is now known as arawn [02:00] hi, can anybody tell me how to go to I don't know xchat and gaim well enough. === blunted [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:00] yo [02:00] i cant get my sound 2 work === arawn is now known as arawn12345 [02:00] okay...kewl i am eleven years old and i love computers....lots of experience with windows which got its tail wooped by ubuntu when i got to my dads house tommorow i'm staying up all night to install ubuntu...and i have 5 of the ubuntu cds coming my the way does it cost for shipping on those cds === nullman [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:00] i have a sound blaster live! 24 bit [02:00] navarone: np [02:00] i can't get my gcc work :-( [02:01] blunted: in a Terminal, lsmod|grep ^snd_ca0106 === Angelfish [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:01] PauloEE: have you installed the 'build-essential' package? === felipe_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === mojo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:01] what did that do? === marrajo [n=papa@] has joined #ubuntu [02:01] blunted: I need to know the output === Toma- [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:01] there wasn't one === Kasatka [n=Kasatka@] has joined #ubuntu [02:01] hey all, whats a good way to benchmark my fps, and are there any rpms to install for the ati open gl support? === toblerp [n=] has joined #ubuntu === sexcopter8000m [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:02] Does anyone know if it costs for shipping on the cds from ubuntu the ones off the site? [02:02] go to [02:02] blunted@blunted:$ lsmod|grep ^snd_ca0106 [02:02] blunted@blunted:$ [02:02] corporal: somewhere in xchat's File menu is a server list .. in that, look for 'gimpnet'. follow the dialog and connect, then once it's stopped scrolling 'stuff', type '/join #gedit' where you're typing right now [02:02] ^ thats what it did [02:02] Jared: no [02:02] Jared: The shipping is free [02:03] okay...good so no money required....THANKYOU [02:03] thanks smo === marrajo [n=papa@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"] [02:03] blunted: sudo modprobe snd_ca0106 === oWosUooui [n=iuoekuk@] has joined #ubuntu === oWosUooui [n=iuoekuk@] has left #ubuntu [] === corporal [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === martix [n=mgarcia@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [02:03] i was supprised to find completely free cds on there...thanks [02:03] crimsun, yes, it is installed. [02:03] PauloEE: what's the error? Use [02:03] Jared: tell the world about ubuntu :)) [02:03] FATAL: Module snd_ca0106 not found. [02:03] FATAL: Error running install command for snd_ca0106 === tb77 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:03] blunted: must not be using a standard Ubuntu kernel. === sori [n=] has joined #ubuntu === toblerp [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Mr_Milenko is now known as Milenko === GhostFreeman [i=ghostfre@] has joined #ubuntu [02:04] dude i so just installed it === Milenko is now known as Mr_Milenko [02:04] blunted> did you disable onboard sound if it is present on mainboard? [02:04] crismsun: when I type gcc i get command not found. [02:04] i didnt disable anything [02:04] blunted: but which did you install, Warty or Hoary? [02:04] i pressed enter to install the default installiation [02:04] erm [02:04] i already am planning to give my friend a copy and my dad is gonna dual boot his computer with it and i iplan to give lots of other ppl some live cds === Tharsis [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:04] hoary === a8514 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:04] Anyone: I was trying to install ubuntu, but i failed to get the iso to burn right. so i have the directory but when i attempt to use 'loadlin vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img' it can't find the image. Any ideas? [02:04] they come with live cds right? [02:04] has anyone ever installed a new soundcard on an existing sys? === toblerp [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:05] blunted: Hoary doesn't have it by default. You need to compile the driver. I'm sending you instructions to generate the "ca0106" driver. [02:05] !tell blunted about alsa-source === euijqeeO [n=iuoekuk@] has joined #ubuntu === aatim [n=aatim@] has joined #ubuntu === euijqeeO is now known as ouZhiLoYQk === ouZhiLoYQk [n=iuoekuk@] has left #ubuntu [] [02:05] PauloEE: sudo apt-get --reinstall install build-essential [02:05] bimberi, I don"t reproducer mp3 in my machine Ubuntu SO [02:05] help me [02:05] i'm using sb live as well and it works breezy anyway [02:06] There were no decoders found to handle the stream, you might need to install the corresponding plugins ? === ubuntu_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ulunto17 [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"] [02:06] decoders ? [02:06] download from ? [02:06] navarone: the sb live is a very different beast from the sb live 24-bit/7.1 [02:06] APACHE^_^: enable the universe repository, then install the 'gstreamer0.8-mad' package === benplaut [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:06] I have sb live 24bit 7.1 [02:06] crimsun, thanks. it worked, quite strange. === new2linux [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [02:06] navarone: you're also using Breezy. [02:07] lol [02:07] that is true === toblerp [n=] has joined #ubuntu === pavelich [n=michael@] has joined #ubuntu [02:07] Anyone: I was trying to install ubuntu, but i failed to get the iso to burn right. so i have the directory but when i attempt to use 'loadlin vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img' it can't find the image. Any ideas? === toblerp [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:08] crabstic, yes breezy [02:08] jeronimo@ubuntu:$ gstreamer0.8-mad [02:08] bash: gstreamer0.8-mad: command not found [02:08] jeronimo@ubuntu:$ [02:08] Kasatka: verify your iso image before you burn it, and burn it sloooooowly [02:08] APACHE^_^: please read the /topic. pasting is strongly discouraged in here [02:08] APACHE^_^: no, install it using Synaptic === toblerp [n=] has joined #ubuntu === libervisco [n=] has joined #ubuntu === libervisco [n=] has left #ubuntu ["] [02:09] nalioth: Firstly, How do i check the iso? and second, my computer i'm trying to install it on so it might just be that the bios won't boot from cd [02:09] it sure is doing alot of stuff [02:09] i hope it works [02:09] prolly wont tho [02:09] i have shitty luck === Jimbob_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:09] !winmacfstab [02:09] blunted: I haven't a clue [02:09] ubuntu_: tell Kasatka about verify [02:10] blah [02:10] it feels good to have everything up and running after the power break. But it has been 4 hard hours of work (and an hour and a half relaxing) [02:10] 'soir [02:11] <_jason> !fr [02:11] Va a #ubuntu-fr et #kubuntu-fr pour aide et discussion en francais [02:11] ok [02:11] thx === tb77 [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === nick_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:11] but i don't specialy need help i'm just testing the dapper [02:12] ;) [02:12] !fstab [02:12] fstab is, like, /etc/fstab is a real pain for new users. The fstab file lists all drives and partitions but can be easily configured automatically with the winmac_fstab file found here See . [02:12] Jimbob_: yes, a live cd and an install cd [02:12] anyone here make/know anything about gtk themes? [02:13] cough === Jimbob_ is now known as Jimbob [02:14] benplaut, I know you can download awsome themes for gkt at [02:14] how do i browse for my windows boxes? i have done it before but now it doenst seem to work. === Kasatka [n=Kasatka@] has left #ubuntu [] === catalinux [n=] has joined #ubuntu === redondos [i=redondos@] has joined #ubuntu === pickett [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:15] in the nautilus it shows "windows netwrok" but when i click on it to open it is empty. but both boxs are on [02:15] network === Nepws [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:16] hi i have a directory of .vob files. can someone help point me in the dirrection to create the other needed files for a dvd? [02:16] Nepws: get 'dvdauthor' [02:17] nalioth, got that but not real sure what to do from that point.. it keeps expecting a ifo === ubuntu_ is now known as Karch === Karch [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [02:17] !tell kaiji about mount [02:17] Nepws: it's all i know in the repos, perhaps searching or [02:17] ok- new question- can i run one soundcard for linux and another for my windows partition? [02:18] will do === odie5533 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:18] thats a cool thing! i didnt know you could use that "!tell" command [02:18] ogami1972, uh..yeah O.o [02:19] Hello, anyone knows of other "desktop session recorders" like Istanbul or vnc2swf ? === toblerp [n=] has joined #ubuntu === XRange [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:19] i have since found that ubuntu doesn't paly nice with m-audio cards...after being told m-audio cards worked great with linux [02:19] but i need it for windows! === Kasatka [n=Kasatka@] has joined #ubuntu [02:20] ogami1972, try a soundblaster soundcard, works great in linux and windows [02:20] that's what i just pulled out === bobski [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:20] hi again :) [02:20] sb does not support true multi tracking, which i need in windows [02:21] wtf is multitracking? === Kasatka [n=Kasatka@] has left #ubuntu [] [02:21] anyone know of an issue with ubuntu and ubm thinkpads or laptops in general? [02:21] i don't want to leave ubuntu, but i love linux, and other distros allegedly work [02:21] multi-track recording === DjKritical [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:21] whatelse do i need to do besides install the fglrx package? [02:21] my install of ubuntu locks up when entering gnome everytime :( [02:21] not sure i get what you are talking about ogami1972 === Swedish_Chef [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:22] ogami1972, which other distros? [02:22] i produce audio in windows, use linux for the daily tasks [02:22] bobsk: it's installed here on R32 [02:22] you might try debian ^_^ === Orandic [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:22] audigy is an ok card, but no good for recording [02:22] XRange: any tricks you had to use? [02:23] no [02:23] Hobbsee, thanks but im looking for network mounts trough samba. i had printing and everything set up and a few days passed with out me do anyting to the network and now i cant see the window boxes [02:23] ogami1972, you a dj? [02:23] i say allegedly- the forums believe it is an alsa bug pertaining to the ice1712 chipset [02:23] hmmmm [02:23] no, more noise than dance [02:23] this is an old t20 [02:23] heavy metal ? === tenshiKur [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:23] alsamixer sees the device, but apps say the device is busy [02:23] probably buggy bios causing it === SumoJim_ [n=SumoJim@] has joined #ubuntu [02:24] no, think brian eno in a REALLY bad mood [02:24] ogami1972, try shutting down the audio server and restarting it [02:24] pardon my ignorance, but how? === trkorecky_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:24] kill the pid === Nepws [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === Term[Away] is now known as Terminus === walde [n=] has joined #ubuntu === nuxlee [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:25] use ps x === swistak [i=] has joined #ubuntu [02:25] find the audio server in the list, and kill -9 it's pid [02:25] code? [02:25] Is fragmentation a problem in Linux? [02:25] not if you use ext2 [02:25] or 3 [02:25] trkorecky, not really [02:26] So that's just a Windows problem then, eh? [02:26] if you mean, does it slow linux does to a crawl until it dies a horrible death like it does windows..rejoice..the answer is no [02:26] down [02:26] trkorecky, yes it is a problem if u dont have enough freespace [02:26] /msg nickserv link [02:26] hmmm quick question, on standard installation, is it possible to turn on writing on ntfs ? [02:26] trkorecky, and be careful, reiserfs cannot be defragmented [02:27] raingrove: I'm using ext3 === MagicFab [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [02:27] trkorecky_: it is not a problem at all with linux filesystems [02:27] or do i have to recompile kernel ? [02:27] swistak, yes, modprobe NTFS === didymo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:27] er, modprobe btfs [02:27] aerpihuq rfglagh [02:27] trkorecky, files will be not fragmented as long as u have freespace [02:27] my typing is killing me tonight [02:27] swistak: only if you want to have a former-ntfs sized empty partition [02:27] modprobe ntfs === Swedish_Chef [n=] has joined #ubuntu === luisito [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:28] raingrove: I've got the standard Ubuntu installation (5.04) that's currently upgrading to 5.10 via Synaptic Package Manager. It's installed on a 4GB drive === me [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:28] swistak, if the ubuntu kernel is anything like the debian kernel binaries, all you should have to do is modprobe ntfs [02:28] trkorecky, dont worry friend. i never had to defragment my drive [02:28] bluefox83: writing to ntfs can cause partition destruction [02:28] how do i switch to using the ATI FGLRX driver from using the mesa driver? [02:28] bluefox83: i did that, still it says it's read-only [02:29] swistak: writing to ntfs can cause ntfs partition destruction [02:29] raingrove: I'm a hardcore Linux-beginner. How does one find out how much space is left on a drive? [02:29] swistak, check access permissions [02:29] hello hello === Jimbob_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:29] trkorecky, df [02:29] nalioth: thnx, i know that [02:29] trkorecky: df -h [02:29] nalioth, not really, the latest ntfs module includes decent write functionality [02:29] is there a command to know cpuid? [02:29] i guess i'll have to convert one partition to fat32 [02:30] bluefox83: is the latest ntfs module in hoary? [02:30] raingrove, bimberi: Thanks [02:30] or software? === hab [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:30] nalioth, as i am a debian user, and not a ubuntu user..i can only's in the latest 2.6 kernels [02:30] hi ! [02:30] well, i killed esd, but i still get told the device is busy [02:30] bluefox83: ah. ok. [02:30] what is the equivalent of deamon tool on linux ? [02:31] hab/mount === thechitowncubs [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:31] there's a package (mono-utils) missing a functionality, so I'd like to report a bug - where should I enter the bug report, into some bugtracking system (and which?), mail to ubuntu-users (as said in Bugs: field in package description) or mail to package maintainers? the package is imported from debian, it seems [02:31] bluefox83: the chance of destruction is still too high to recomend for general use [02:31] hab, you can mounbt iso's directly in special tools needed [02:31] nalioth, i never recommended it.. [02:32] oh nvm, it looks like i should report it in malone [02:32] hey my sound doesn't work [02:32] still === swistak yawns [02:33] okey it's 3 AM [02:33] after crimsun told me to type some long stuff [02:33] blunted, what do you want us to do about it? [02:33] i guess i pass for today [02:33] help me pls [02:33] sya guys [02:33] i dont know how to fix it. i have a creative soundblaster live 24bit [02:33] blunted, are all the oppropriate plugs put into all the oppropriate holes? [02:33] yes [02:33] ok tank [02:33] its hooked up [02:33] blunted> this may seem likea stupid suggestion...but did you check if the mixer volumes were muted...? === paulinho [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:34] heh, you'd be suprised how many times that really is the only problem ^_^ [02:34] blunted@blunted:/usr/src/modules/alsa-driver$ alsamixer [02:34] alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory [02:34] blunted@blunted:/usr/src/modules/alsa-driver$ === ruspu [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [02:35] My printer won't work === bipolar [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Pablo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:35] 0000:01:0b.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Audigy LS [02:35] thats from lspci [02:36] blunted, install alsamixer? [02:37] I never realized how bad this computer is until the screensaver popped up. Definately can't run most of them over 5 FPS... [02:37] its installed [02:38] blunted: Have you tried running alsaconf as root? === maud_dib [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:38] blunted: As in sudo alsaconf? === patti_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:38] heh, for some reason sudo seems so damned silly.. [02:38] sudo: alsaconf: command not found [02:39] O.O === ubuntu [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:39] blunted, you might want to make sure all your alsa bits and bobs are correctly downloaded... === ashaf [i=] has joined #ubuntu [02:39] blunted> or who may be trying to help...look at this thread and see if it applies [02:40] In gnome-terminal, is there a way to have multiple tabs, named different things and have the tabs NOT change titles when ssh'ing to a host? === Ep|phany [n=epiphany@] has joined #ubuntu [02:40] i added repositories but i still cant see unrar-nonfree in synaptic is there any other way i can get it? [02:41] !info unrar-nonfree [02:41] unrar-nonfree: (Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version)), section multiverse/utils, is optional. Version: 3.4.3-1build1 (breezy), Packaged size: 83 kB, Installed size: 216 kB [02:41] Ep|phany: make sure you got the multiverse repository [02:41] k hold on [02:41] alsaconf [02:41] for ubuntu users who loves icon and art. please vote here [02:42] for ubuntu users who loves icon and art. please vote here [02:42] yea i have it [02:42] multiverse repisitory its checked in repositories [02:43] last time i had to edit some .conf [02:43] but i dont remember which one and what to add [02:43] what is the benefit of a vanilla or nitro kernel? [02:44] Ep|phany: After enabling the multiverse repository, did you reload the lists? [02:44] yes [02:44] maybe im adding it wrong [02:44] anyone familiar with amaroK and getting it to play mp3s? [02:44] ubuntu_noob: install gstreamer0.8-mad === [cyb3rM4N] [n=] has joined #ubuntu === maud_dib [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [02:44] does not work [02:44] i added it by going into settings repisotories settings clicked a few things then went back to repositories and then clicked multiverse [02:45] still === Inconnu [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:45] crimsun: kk, i'll giver a try. [02:45] last time i had to use aptget [02:45] but i dont remember how to use aptget === bluefox83 does [02:45] blunted: alsaconf found and wrote something for your soundcard? [02:45] epihany I added multi verse by selectin the Blackdown java package and it ask if you want to add the repo where it resides. === seth_k [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:46] egon_spengler, ? [02:46] In gnome-terminal, is there a way to have multiple tabs, named different things and have the tabs NOT change titles when ssh'ing to a host? [02:46] what is it you're getting? [02:46] k whered you download blackdown java? [02:46] alsaconf dont work === cleber [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:46] blunted: we don't ship alsaconf. [02:46] epiphany...just s ec [02:46] blackdown java? [02:46] blunted: The result of alsaconf was a screen that said something about probing for cards and then writing info for them? [02:46] yes [02:46] alot of writing of info [02:46] im trrying to figre out how to get unrar-nonfree [02:47] Ep|phany: enable multiverse [02:47] i did [02:47] still not showing [02:47] uhm..i think you'll need to google for it..there is an unofficial debian site that has it someplace i think [02:47] do i have to edit my .conf [02:47] Ep|phany: did you update? [02:47] yes === Travis [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:47] blunted: I thought I sent you directions to get the ca0106 driver installed [02:47] anyone willing to help me with a kernel problem? [02:47] [02:47] yes [02:47] and i did that [02:47] and it still doesn't do anything [02:48] blunted: so you installed the alsa-modules...deb that it created? [02:48] i dunno [02:48] blunted: "dunno"? [02:48] if it was in the message i got from ubotu then i did [02:48] dpkg -l alsa-modules\|grep ^ii === trkorecky [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:49] anyone know how i can get unrar-nonfree with apt-get? [02:49] blunted@blunted:/usr/src/modules/alsa-driver$ dpkg -l alsa-modules\|grep ^ii [02:49] ii alsa-modules-2 1.0.8-4ubuntu4 ALSA driver modules [02:49] blunted@blunted:/usr/src/modules/alsa-driver$ [02:49] Ep|phany: grep multiverse /etc/apt/sources.list === Siph0n [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:49] blunted: lsmod|grep ^snd_ca0106 === SysFail [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Jimb0b [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:49] blunted@blunted:/usr/src/modules/alsa-driver$ lsmod|grep ^snd_ca0106 [02:49] blunted@blunted:/usr/src/modules/alsa-driver$ [02:49] what do i add to it [02:49] blunted: sudo modprobe snd-ca0106 === kinkoblast [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:50] Ep|phany: give me the output from the command I just gave you === max [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:50] epiphany...i went thru Add Applications in the System/ Administration menu and it's in the Internet/More programs section [02:50] Help! How do I make an iso from a cd? [02:50] reinstalled ubuntu :( computer wouldnt even reboot after the filesystem was messed up.. [02:50] blunted@blunted:/usr/src/modules/alsa-driver$ sudo modprobe snd-ca0106 [02:50] blunted@blunted:/usr/src/modules/alsa-driver$ [02:50] is the thing to make your gtk apps use the default kde fonts etc in apt-get ???? [02:50] crimsun : should i paste it to pastebin [02:50] blunted: now use a mixer to unmute and adjust the volumes [02:50] <_jason> anyone know of a program that can emulate mouse buttons? (analog of xvkbd for mouse buttons?) [02:50] Epihany> the java package...not the unrar [02:50] === opo [n=] has joined #ubuntu === opo [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [02:51] Travis: did you compile any modules yourself? [02:51] whats the url for paste bin [02:51] nvm [02:51] <_jason> !pastebin [02:51] hmm... pastebin is a site where you can post large texts and screenshots so you don't flood the channel. You can find it at [02:51] crimsun nope [02:51] Help! How do I make an iso from a cd? [02:52] crimsun: here === JayLv99 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:52] Ep|phany: well that's the reason. You don't have the proper multiverse archive enabled. [02:53] Ep|phany: you need to enable the multiverse archive for breezy, not breezy-backports [02:53] so how do i do thagt === chang-xi [n=] has joined #ubuntu === darkmatter [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:54] kinkoblast: if your cdrom device is /dev/cdrom, do: dd if=/dev/cdrom of=cdimage.iso [02:54] Ep|phany: System> Administration> Synaptic Package Manager> Settings> Repositories> Add> Non-free (Multiverse) === darkmatter [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [02:54] it still aint playing [02:54] blunted: muted or hangs? [02:54] i guess muted [02:55] but i turned all the things all the way up [02:55] blunted: paste the output from ''amixer'' onto [02:55] am so glad i opted for the cheap soundblaster card and not the higher-up one >.> [02:55] the "higher-up one" is actually very crippled [02:55] it worked [02:55] and I do mean -crippled- [02:55] thanks crimmsun [02:55] Ep|phany: np === Agrajag [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:56] Help what ftp should i use for ubuntu pure doesnt wanna work === [cyb3rM4N] [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Fui] === gnomefreak [n=] has joined #ubuntu === robotgeek [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:57] The default screensavers that come with Ubuntu, do they have steep system requirements? I can't seem to get them to run at more than 5 FPS, but my computer does suck, so I'm not sure what to think. [02:58] === johnny [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:59] they lock my comp up lol [02:59] hi [02:59] my friends ubuntu box is severly broken.. bad dist-upgrade [02:59] anybody else seen that? [02:59] whats a good fps for linux [03:00] Upgrading from hoary to breezy? [03:00] yeah [03:00] simonvallore, unreal, quake4, americas army, etc.. === J_P [n=juliano@] has joined #ubuntu [03:00] hi all [03:00] Its happened. If you burn a breezy disc and just do a clean install, things should look better [03:00] i only have ssh access to it [03:00] i tried using apt-get to install gstreamer0.8-mad, and having no luck. i take it that's not the way to get it, or it goes by a new name? [03:00] the keyboard i have doesnt' work [03:01] johnny, any others ? aa has shitty linux graphics === D1 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:01] crimsun, === Darth_Greig [n=] has joined #ubuntu === hybrid [n=] has joined #ubuntu === bluefox83 [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [03:01] i don't know [03:01] i don't play games [03:01] except warcraft 3 === jsubl2 [n=jsubl2@] has joined #ubuntu [03:01] which i play in wine [03:01] do i need a special divx codec i dont get any sound on divxs atm? [03:01] Ep|phany: got w32codecs onboard? [03:01] is the GIJ in breezy installed by defualt? === itrebal [n=itrebal@unaffiliated/itrebal] has joined #ubuntu [03:01] hybrid: it is not [03:02] on the live-cd how can i go root? [03:02] johnny: got wc3 to work on wine eh? [03:02] hybrid: why are you in here causing trouble? [03:02] itrebal: use "sudo" [03:02] is the package name gij? [03:02] yeah.. in gentoo [03:02] nalioth: i can't [03:02] blunted: you need to mute 'SPDIF Out' [03:02] i use gentoo for my desktop [03:02] nalioth: me damn girlfriend need damn java [03:02] but i install ubuntu for friends [03:02] if i could get root it would be a lot beter [03:02] itrebal: "sudo -i" [03:03] I noticed that after actually installing drivers for my video card, I can run screensavers [03:03] is there a bandwith monitor i can dl to see how fast im dling? [03:03] hybrid: Why don't you just install java with automatix? [03:03] johnny: nod sounds cool. know if there's any hope for some of the silly mmorpgs out there? [03:03] hybrid - get a new girlfriend who doesn't care about java [03:03] Ep|phany: You could always go to and use the online tests [03:03] k [03:03] sethmahoney: what us automatix [03:04] because im dling with usenet using klibido and it doesnt show my dl speed === pickett [n=] has joined #ubuntu === UrbanFox is now known as urbanfox|away [03:04] i heard wold of warcraft works.. but not sure if that requires cedega or not === watnu [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:04] i wanna play doom3 and quake 4 , what nvidia videocard should i go for? [03:04] crimsun, i did that [03:04] fredforfaen, the newest and most expensive one you can afford [03:04] hybrid: dont do it. [03:05] How do i install the java runtimes on my linux === psusi [n=] has joined #ubuntu === cralost [n=le@] has joined #ubuntu [03:05] heh johnny [03:05] hi guys [03:05] lo [03:05] i have a misterious problem [03:05] almost all of them work in linux [03:05] johnny: writes down cedega and gentoo i'd like to run eq2. prolly just a pipe dream. [03:05] with my soundcard === hybrid [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [03:05] blunted: ...and? [03:05] anyone know why after I use the "play" command it makes a scratch noise at the end of every file? === SysFail [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === paxmaster [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:06] i can play sounds but i cant record nothing [03:06] dontwork.c jre-1_5_0_05-linux-i586.bin how do i install this === ThePredator [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:06] it still dont work [03:06] how do I open a 'run' file? [03:06] jre-1_5_0_05-linux-i586.bin how do i install this [03:06] simonvallore, there are debs either in multiverse [03:06] crimsun: you mentioned earlier getting gstreamer0.8-mad, i tried doing that with apt-get and failed, can you tell me how i should go about it? [03:06] or on another apt repo [03:06] '17 [03:06] ThePredator, make it executable and run it [03:06] johnny what do i need to look for [03:06] argh.. too many dependencies === chang-xi [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [03:07] t.hat makes sense, thanks [03:07] Simon: [03:07] there is a bot here [03:07] chmod +x jre ; ./jre [03:07] that tells people [03:07] where certain things are.. i just don't know how to query it === dducko [n=] has joined #ubuntu === kreatine [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:07] hmm..i really would like to not have to do a full install === thewayofzen [n=zen@bb4win/style/ninja] has joined #ubuntu [03:08] again [03:08] has anyone had a problem where you get a message hda time out...? [03:08] Is anyone aware of a way to split AVI files in Ubuntu [03:08] i left the system on its own for a while i come back no go, a message about a time out hda not ready... [03:08] i'm trying to work out the deps.. but some of them seem circular === germancito [n=german@] has joined #ubuntu [03:08] not sure how to resolve that without breaking anything [03:09] wtf, when i run quake3 and connect to a ra3 server i get this, Version mismatch C-999.-999-999/S1.76 anyone got any ideas? [03:09] slide, this might be the wrong room for help with that specific of a problem === amorph_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:09] ubuntu_noob: enable the universe repository and install it [03:10] blunted: start by muting everything === pupil [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:10] Yea, i thought id try here, all other specific chans are dead heh === hybrid [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:10] crimsun: ok, i'll try there. [03:10] !javadebs [03:10] javadebs is, like, at Sun Java debs packaged for breezy are at Sun Java debs packaged for breezy are at === Jimbob_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === itrebal [n=itrebal@unaffiliated/itrebal] has left #ubuntu [] [03:11] blunted: the ones you'll want to unmute are 'AC97 in', 'SRC out', and 'i2s mixer out' [03:11] how do i setup pure-ftpd once installed === hybrid [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [03:11] I need direct X to play some games I have with wine, anyone know which direct X I use,. and do I also need to install graphics drivers etc? [03:11] has anyone in here setup a printer share under samba, i'm wondering how the windows machines will see and acquire a driver for it [03:12] /join #kubuntu-offtopic === Derreck [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:12] kreatine, there are tons of howtos [03:13] pupil, you need either wine or cedega [03:13] kreatine: === gnomefreak [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:13] where could I download win32 codec [03:14] pax: [03:14] !w32codecs [03:14] rumour has it, w32codecs is binary only codecs that some call evil., and they're available from [03:14] bimberi the recepie for success :) thanks [03:14] kreatine: np :) [03:14] !tell paxmaster about w32codecs === tammy_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:15] thx [03:15] where are u getting those names from? === durt [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:15] 'AC97 in', 'SRC out', and 'i2s mixer out' ??/ [03:15] what causes ls to show a directory on a green background? [03:15] blunted: from your amixer output, of course [03:16] johnny, I have wine,. but I need to use direct X for my games,. umm,. do I simply install direct x,. and do I need a paticular version,. cause theres win98 2k, and xp [03:16] how do i make it show those [03:16] er [03:16] change those [03:16] johnny, so which one? [03:16] blunted: amixer sset 'AC97 in' on [03:16] blunted: (for instance) [03:16] i have to ask why it call evil [03:17] HOW CAN I RUN PURE ADMIN AS ROOT [03:17] hoary box: "svnlook: error: environment variable LANG is en_GB.UTF-8" - anyone got a clue how I fix that? [03:17] with all caps [03:17] ubotu: tell simonvallore about root [03:17] bad idea [03:18] simonvallore: read what ubotu just sent you please (and save the caps for blind people) [03:18] a very bad idea [03:18] heh [03:18] well if i write noromal id never get answered [03:18] if i write in caps they say wiki [03:19] simonvallore: what is your password? ;) [03:19] pushaw. [03:19] pht3d [03:19] simonvallore: sure you would. all the caps do is say "i'm lame and want to be noticed by ops" [03:19] that is my sound configuration: [03:19] how do i run pure ftpd as root [03:19] I don't think the ops take too kindly to all caps. [03:20] Ill set up your root account all hunky dory ;) [03:20] cralost: amixer sset 'External Amplifier' off === wizatcomputer [i=] has joined #ubuntu [03:20] crimsun, dude its still not working [03:21] wine and cedega both include their own directx support [03:21] crimsun, ok [03:21] you don't have to install anything [03:21] this darn printer iznt supported :( [03:21] if it doesn't work.. try cedega [03:21] kreatine, sometimes printers aren't supported with their own drivers.. [03:21] but work with gimp-print [03:21] how do i run pure ftpd as root === ecobuntu [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:22] blunted: ok, unmute everything that doesn't have SPDIF in its label [03:22] how do i run pure ftpd amin i mean as root [03:22] hi === wickedpuppy [n=] has joined #ubuntu === CAiRO [i=] has joined #ubuntu [03:22] blunted: otherwise you'll need to install a newer ALSA driver version. [03:22] simonvallore: it shoudl be in the pure ftpd docs === jimmy3719 [n=opera@] has joined #ubuntu === trevor [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:22] crimsun, how i changue the value un alsamixer? === lJlolel [n=] has joined #ubuntu === RobNyc [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:23] how do i write on pdfs? [03:23] cralost: press 'm' [03:23] cralost: or just type what I gave you into a Terminal [03:23] is there a way to see deb file === fyrmedic [n=brad@] has joined #ubuntu [03:23] paxmaster: clarify, please? [03:23] can I open a deb to it content, \ === intelikey [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:24] without installing it === xxvii [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:24] lJlolel: basically, you don't - pdf's are not meant to be edited [03:24] uggh .. x-window-system-core: Depends: libgl1-mesa but it is not installed [03:24] !w32codecs [03:24] w32codecs is, like, binary only codecs that some call evil., and they're available from [03:24] adobe acrobat can !?, i'll gimp it [03:24] well either way i'm screwed (for the multi-function devices, this package [03:24] supports only the printer function). [03:24] crimsun, the problem persist [03:25] yeah.. that's definitely a problem [03:25] paxmaster: dpkg -c file.deb [03:25] pdf2html ? [03:25] i only get a silence [03:25] cralost: is this a fresh Breezy install or a dist-upgrade from {Warty,Hoary}? === aaronf0 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:25] thx bimberi will try that [03:25] is a fresh breezy install [03:25] how do you mount a drive user-readable [03:25] cralost: has sound ever worked? [03:25] aaronf0: NTFS? [03:25] i'm having some internet related problems. 1. i can't play internet radio (streaming audio).. 2. i can't connect to any peers or seeds on any torrent client.. can anyone help me or have any suggestions? [03:25] 0222 === BROKEN_LADDER [n=] has joined #UBUNTU [03:26] should do the trick :) === vbgunz [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [03:26] aaronf0 fs type ? [03:26] aaronf0: if NTFS, pass umask=022 to mount and/or put it in /etc/fstab [03:26] anybody know about the deps of the base system? [03:26] ahh, thanks === Orborde [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:26] johnny: ''apt-cache depends ubuntu-base''? [03:26] crimsun, when i installed my breezy the sound record work fine [03:26] crimsun: and where do i put that? [03:26] the options area> [03:26] well. not just that.. [03:26] aaronf0: yes [03:27] i have a conflict between gl implementations === intelikey notes that it is sad when one can assume all fs questions to be 'ntfs' ..... === robotgeek is now known as robotgeek_away [03:27] cralost: ok, then this should be simple. In a Terminal, sudo invoke-rc.d alsa force-unload && sudo rm -f /var/lib/alsa/asound.state && sudo modprobe snd-intel8x0 [03:27] cralost: (presuming you use the snd-intel8x0 module) [03:28] when trying to start up wolfenstein:et what does "Received signal 11, exiting..." mean? [03:28] Does anyone here know how to use squirrel mail? [03:28] anyone please? [03:29] ok regular ftp or VERY SECURE ftp? :) [03:29] i'm having some internet related problems. 1. i can't play internet radio (streaming audio).. 2. i can't connect to any peers or seeds on any torrent client.. can anyone help me or have any suggestions? [03:29] xxvii: Possibility of firewall? [03:29] 2. def sounds like firewall issues === Xcerca_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Jimb0b [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:30] egon_spengler, i havent installed a firewall.. does 5.10 automatically have a firewall? [03:30] iuh [03:30] nice [03:30] xxvii: Router firewall? [03:30] crimsun, ls: /dev/dsp: No existe el fichero o el directorio [03:30] cralost: not a problem. Did you do as I asked? [03:31] libmesa-gl: Conflicts: libgl1 [03:31] egon_spengler, no.. i didnt have this problem on windows, and i havent switched routers [03:31] crimsun, yup === surfdue [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:31] bimberi: that what was looking for thx man [03:31] is there a better movie player than totem ? [03:31] what do you guys use ? [03:31] xine [03:31] <_jason> Xcerca_, try mplayer === aaronf0 [n=] has left #ubuntu ["fucking] [03:31] should i remoe libmesa-gl ? [03:31] remove [03:31] <_jason> Xcerca_, or totem-xine [03:31] Xcerca_, i like VLC more than xine [03:31] gxine or mplayer === evoen [n=] has joined #ubuntu === benkong2 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:32] cralost: cat /proc/asound/modules [03:32] do they come with codecs for avi/wmv/mpg and the like ? [03:32] is there something [03:32] !wireless [03:32] I guess wireless is [03:32] i can install windows media player with [03:32] so i can view video online through ubuntu? [03:32] crimsun, 0 snd_intel8x0 [03:32] also is there a to down a deb file by apt-get === tammy_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:33] download [03:33] craslost: alsaconf? [03:33] cralost: ok, and did you unmute Master and PCM? [03:33] ubotu tell pld3 about enter [03:33] not to install it [03:33] sorry :x [03:33] ecobuntu: (we don't ship alsaconf) [03:33] Xcerca_: try gmplayer (mplayer), kaffeine (xine, gstreamer), gxine (xine), xfmedia (xine). overall I prefer mplayer. [03:33] okay, i want to be able to play media files but its saying im missing a plugin.. is there anything i can install to fix this? [03:33] !torrent [03:33] xxvii: No idea [03:33] crimsun: really? how do you ship alsa without alsaconf? [03:33] Xcerca_: see the wiki for installing w32 codecs [03:33] !bittorrent [03:33] well, bittorrent is at The BitTorrent FAQ is available at: === jimmy3719 [n=opera@] has joined #ubuntu [03:33] ubuntu at ircnet sucks heavily; dont join there [03:34] ecobuntu: simple. We just don't put it in the generated alsa-utils deb. [03:34] crimsun, yes [03:34] crimsun: is there a program similar to alsaconf? [03:34] cralost: does aplay work? [03:34] !java [03:34] To install Java/Sun Java see Java on and also see !javadebs [03:34] ecobuntu: not yet. [03:34] is there a url that lists new sources for package management? Im getting errors that Synaptic cant connect to certian ftp servers [03:34] !w32codecs [03:34] w32codecs is probably binary only codecs that some call evil., and they're available from === aaronf0 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:34] crimsun, no === beef_sprocket [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:34] if you install mplayer can you watch wmvs? [03:34] ecobuntu: in many cases udev+hotplug handle it [03:34] w32 codecs ? ok, thanks [03:34] out of box [03:34] crimsun: are you running dapper? i've enjoyed playing with gdebi [03:34] yeah [03:34] crimsun: it does for me [03:35] how could I apt-get a file just to download (not to install) [03:35] <_jason> aaronf0, you need w32codecs as well [03:35] ecobuntu: yes, I use Dapper. === psychocat [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:35] how do you pretend install something? [03:35] there is not /dev/dsp [03:35] crimsun: flight 1 isn't too different from breezy yet, eh? [03:35] the equivelant of an emerge -pv mplayer? [03:35] intelikey, may I shoot you a private msg pls? [03:35] ecobuntu: not really. [03:35] paxmaster: -d [03:35] redondos where can i get mplayer ? [03:35] yawnz [03:35] yes [03:35] I dont think you understand what I need [03:35] aaronf0: apt-get -s install [...] [03:35] ok [03:35] thanks bud. [03:36] crimsun: what is mplayer called on ubuntu? === MarcN [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ghostdog [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:36] Xcerca_: universe repository, I believe. [03:36] !repositories [03:36] well, repositories is How to add repositories: See !sources for example sources.list [03:36] thx redondos will try that [03:36] next time i will voncer my friends to irc before linux... :-( === neoplasticity [i=] has joined #ubuntu [03:36] aaronf0: mplayer is mplayer. [03:36] convert [03:36] crimsun, there is not the /dev/dsp file and i cant play [03:37] hrm, he says its getting not founds [03:37] paxmaster: np. [03:37] aaronf0: mplayer-$arch [03:37] anyone here installed ubuntu on an old imac? [03:37] !audacity [03:37] Wish i knew, watnu [03:37] hehe [03:37] !info mplayer-k7 [03:37] mplayer-k7: (transitional dummy package which can be safely removed), section multiverse/graphics, is extra. Version: 1:1.0-pre6-0.3ubuntu7 (breezy), Packaged size: 54 kB, Installed size: 96 kB [03:37] do you need to update the mirror thing after a new install? === omaru [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:37] apd-get update? [03:37] generally, no [03:37] apt-get [03:37] intelikey, i messaged you, no reply though [03:37] guess not.... [03:37] you need to update if you add or remove repositories, though [03:37] aaronf0: you do after adding a repository. and you probably will do that after an install. [03:38] if I plug in my linksys wpc54G card and then do an lspci it shows in the output. does that mean it will work for wireless? [03:38] redondos: i meant after a fresh install on harddrive [03:38] crimsun: thanks for your help again. i know i asked you ages ago about gestreamer, but i just got it all working now. thanks. [03:38] benkong2: no it doesn't. [03:38] benkong2: generally, yes. [03:38] pld3 "hey" is not much to reply to. [03:38] ubuntu_noob: np [03:38] haha sorry crimsun [03:38] whoa!!! talk about conflicting views [03:38] but it doesn't mean it'll work... [03:38] crimsun, i must reboot the machine? [03:38] do you NEED backports ? [03:38] heh [03:38] or is that really just an options.... [03:38] aaronf0: well, you probably will update the database anyway, so it's not a bad idea. [03:38] does anyone know any email that is text-only browser frinedly? [03:39] Xcerca_: it's best to avoid backports, but they're certainly an option. [03:39] crimsun; redondos; where can I go for info? === nerdy2 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:39] thx [03:39] n0dl: like mutt? [03:39] i mean web-based email that doesnt use java? [03:39] benkong2: google. [03:39] mutt? [03:39] k [03:39] benkong2: exactly. [03:39] pine? [03:39] cralost: no [03:39] n0dl you always ask some weird freakin questions.... :) [03:39] ok [03:39] benkong2: you can probably run it using ndiswrapper, but maybe there's a native driver for your chipset. [03:39] crimsun: is there a website where the projected dapper releases are listed [03:39] cralost: tail -2 /proc/asound/oss/sndstat [03:40] ecobuntu: come again? [03:40] benkong2: find out what chipset it uses (!google cardname+chipset) then google for chipset+linux [03:40] yawnz [03:40] crimsun, 0: SigmaTel STAC9750,51 [03:40] n0dl: no, mutt is a console mail client. [03:40] okay [03:40] cralost: sec. [03:40] crimsun: is there a website that shows a 'roadmap' for the dapper releases (i.e. flight 1 flight 2 flight 3...RC1 RC2....Official Dapper release) [03:40] for example can someone go to: [03:40] !mutt [03:40] watnu: What? [03:41] im getting an error when trying to watch a video on line (windows media player) [03:41] what do I install to fix that? [03:41] ok [03:41] n0dl: (/me is guessing that when you said java you meant javascript) web-based e-mail services without AJAX? hrm..., they suck, but no javascript there. === foampeac1 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:41] pld3: w32codecs [03:41] !info mutt [03:41] mutt: (Text-based mailreader supporting MIME, GPG, PGP and threading), section mail, is optional. Version: 1.5.9-2ubuntu1 (breezy), Packaged size: 663 kB, Installed size: 3764 kB === watnu [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [03:42] what will make windows users depart completely from microsoft [03:42] w32codecs? [03:42] do I just install that or something? [03:42] foampeac1: god. [03:42] pld3: pay attention to this: [03:42] !w32codecs [03:42] from memory, w32codecs is binary only codecs that some call evil., and they're available from [03:42] redondos: will pray [03:42] is there a way to install from apt-get? [03:42] i have a very intersting question, please hear me out, is there a way to see split file [03:42] pld3: No, but you can use automatix [03:43] pld3: apt-get install w32codecs [03:43] the content [03:43] paxmaster: what? [03:43] Package w32codecs is not available === mrverbose [i=] has joined #ubuntu [03:43] linux could have so much more. people shoudl just pour it all into ubuntu [03:43] ecobuntu: [03:43] cralost: I'm checking something. [03:43] redondos, that doesnt work.... [03:44] pld3: === cycom [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:44] How do i play these games i instyall like 3d chess there isnt a icon for it [03:44] see i did a tar backup but the file was too big to firt in a dvd so i split the file in to 4200000000, soi want to extract the spilt file [03:44] money goes here > ubuntu [03:44] pld3 what see ubotu said === jonathan_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:44] i got an easy one: what's the keyboard command to terminal? === nerve [n=] has joined #ubuntu === isaio [i=] has joined #ubuntu [03:45] insert coin > ubuntu [03:45] crimsun, ok, (thnx) [03:45] hey guys, how would i install gnome if i had just done a base install? [03:45] cralost: is this a laptop? if so, what make & model? [03:45] i have tried apt-get install ubuntu-desktop [03:45] where is the file typo associations settings program in ubunt?! [03:45] foampeac1: hehe yeah, but there are other distributions as well, you know? [03:45] How do I tell ubuntu live (ppc edition) what resolution to boot at? [03:45] but i don't have that much room on my drive (temporary linux install) === egi [n=egi@] has joined #ubuntu [03:45] <_jason> BROKEN_LADDER, you can right click on a file and go to properties [03:45] redondos: ya but people need to focus on one for a while for the take over...then all other will follow [03:45] paxmaster: how did you split it? [03:45] paxmaster i ya yia you may have to put it back togather before you can extratc it. [03:46] foampeac1: I don't agree, but ok. [03:46] How do I tell ubuntu live (ppc edition) what resolution to boot at? [03:46] redondos: then what is the answer [03:46] ok.. got torrent working.. can anyone help me with getting internet radio to work? [03:46] sethmahoney, may I msg you? [03:46] answer to what foampeac1? [03:46] foampeac1: I don't know. There are discrepancies here. It is a well-discussed subject that you can read about on many, many articles/mailing lists. [03:46] xxvii: just use amaroK. [03:47] crimsun, it's a desktop computer, a celeron 1.7 MB, intel motherboard (i8x0), 512 MB RAM, packard bell (i-media model, a latinoamerican model) (i'm from chile) [03:47] redondos, where can i get that? apt-get? === Orborde [n=] has joined #ubuntu === GodFather [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:47] Is there any way to disconnect, say, an Xfce session and resume it later on another machine, a la screen -r ? [03:47] pld3: sure === CarlFK [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:47] xxvii: yes. it is an audio playing application. [03:47] is there a better way to split it [03:47] isaio did you hit [F1] for help at boot time ? [03:47] is [03:47] i have an AMD 64, and can't install the w32 codecs, do i have any options ? [03:47] redondos, thanks, i'll try it [03:47] np, xxvii [03:47] ok so like every 2 weeks there will be a new cd image released === RadSurfer [i=] has joined #ubuntu [03:48] paxmaster: how did you split it in the first place? [03:48] does anyone in here have an amd64 ? [03:48] Xcerca_: Don't really know crap about ubuntu on k8. [03:48] well first i made a tar file and then the split command [03:48] what's k8? a processor? [03:48] thats ok, i'll check the forums... [03:48] ecobuntu: new line of amd cpus [03:48] ok [03:49] ecobuntu: yes is the amd 64 bits [03:49] crimsun, the support of this sound card is very problematic (just since hoary i can play sound with multiple aplications) [03:49] i want to get an amd after my laptop kicks the bucket [03:49] i hear they're pretty sweet [03:49] _jason how does right-clicking on properties help me to erase all the listings of different programs? [03:49] i'm using ubuntu for amd64 so i think i should find somthing.... [03:49] split 4200000000 file, so it created a xxa xxb ' [03:49] cralost: please paste the output from lspci -nv onto [03:49] [03:49] etc [03:49] _jason ahh..i see === Jimbob_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:50] Xcerca_: No, you cannot install w32codecs directly. === vrub [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:50] <_jason> Xcerca_, [03:50] hi [03:50] how do you edit the grub boot file ? [03:50] thx guys [03:50] in console ? [03:50] paxmaster: concatenate it. [03:51] anyone know ? :( [03:51] Xcerca_: There is a long answer as to why, but I doubt you care that much. In order to use w32codecs, you need to get a 32-bit environment. You can do this by either installing Ubuntu 32bit or searching for "chroot" and setting up a 32bit chroot. [03:51] crimsun, [03:51] vrub: there are many editors out there. [03:51] what is this? [03:51] Could someone help me with my pure ftpd [03:51] i mean what is the name of it redondos like i dont remember the name [03:51] anyone use the stumbleupon firefox extension? [03:51] vrub: sudo gedit /etc/grub/menu.lst ? [03:51] vrub 'sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst ' or something like that. [03:51] ty [03:51] vrub: if you don't feel comfortable using vim/emacs, then use nano. so: sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst [03:51] vrub: Or pico. Or emacs [03:52] paxmaster: did you manage to do it? [03:52] ah hem [03:52] nano [03:52] paxmaster: just `cat file1 file2 > resultingfile' [03:52] crimsun: is the 2.6.15 kernel in dapper repositories? [03:52] cralost: you can try installing build-essential, linux-headers-$(uname -r), and gcc-3.4. Then download alsa-driver 1.0.10 from [03:52] ecobuntu: yes [03:52] the firefox stumbleupon extension ROCKS [03:52] pico is nano or is it nano is pico ??????? [03:52] crimsun: how come i can apt-cache search it [03:52] Orborde: nano is pico's evolution. it's one or the other :) [03:52] crimsun: i ment can't find it [03:53] well one is a symlink to the other [03:53] ecobuntu: ecobuntu apt-cache policy linux-image-2.6.15-3-686 [03:53] Is there any way to disconnect, say, an Xfce session and resume it later on another machine, a la screen -r ? [03:53] crimsun: policy? === sapo is back (gone 49:06:50) [03:53] ecobuntu: yes. [03:53] crimsun: unable to locate [03:53] ok [03:54] i'm gonna test [03:54] thnx [03:54] Orborde are you using ubuntu 64 ? === Phuzion [i=] has joined #ubuntu === kirk [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:54] Xcerca_: Yes [03:54] but I doubt you care that much.... don't prejudge [03:54] can anyone give me a hand ? [03:55] im a ubuntu newb =\ [03:55] <_jason> kirk just ask [03:55] kirk: whats your question [03:55] Xcerca_: ? [03:55] kirk pm me maybe i can help [03:55] does the ubuntu live cd look like this? === MarcN [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [03:55] crimsun: do you see it if you run apt-cache search linux-image [03:55] ecobuntu: yes [03:55] <_jason> foampeac1, when you run it on windows [03:55] crimsun: can you paste your /etc/apt/sources.list === aaronf0 [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [03:56] ecobuntu: it's a standard dapper sources.list [03:56] <_jason> foampeac1, it let's you install some oss for windows [03:56] Xcerca_: Sorry if I sounded like a jerk. The reason you can't use w32codecs in 64bit Ubuntu directly is that you're set up with 64bit libraries, which 32bit programs cannot link into. [03:56] crimsun: well i don't have it in my repositories [03:56] well i just formatted....and installed ubuntu... i plan to install winblows as well for some necessary school apps........ I formatted my 80gb hard drive and made 2 10gb partitions ( win/lin ) .... i want to be able to access the remaining 60gb from both .... but havent the most remote clue how.. [03:56] are ther screenshots of the livecd? [03:56] crimsun: i just see 2.6.12 [03:57] thx, i figured that.... [03:57] kirk: Set it up as a FAT32 filesystem. [03:57] ecobuntu: do you even have dapper in your sources.list? [03:57] if i installed totem-xine from synaptic, how do i creatie a link to it ? [03:57] can i do that while after ubuntu is installed? === we0 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === rubys [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:57] crimsun: yup..i'm running flight 1 on a secondary partition [03:57] n/m [03:57] kirk: create a VFAT (FAT32) partition on it. that way both OSes will be able to read/write to it. [03:57] the command is just xine ... [03:57] <_jason> foampeac1, do you just want to see what ubuntu looks like? [03:57] kirk: how? well, you should use QTParted. [03:57] we have 16/32 bit thunking... I can just see us using 32/64 bit thunking techniques [03:57] ecobuntu: do you have the main archive enabled? [03:57] Xcerca_: I believe it simply overwrites totem with totem-xine. [03:58] RadSurfer: thunking is not the appropriate term === rubys [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [03:58] RadSurfer: we're working on biarch support for Dapper [03:58] ok.... mind if i pm you and get a wee bit of step-by-step ? :P [03:58] crimsun: yeah [03:58] I don't have the time, sorry. [03:58] ecobuntu: then you should see it with ''apt-cache policy linux-image-2.6.15-3-686'' [03:58] crimsun:'s cause i had us.archive...not just archive [03:58] there are docs everywhere. maybe google a bit. === diana [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:58] _jason: no i just wonder if it is much different then the install disc === marco [n=marco@] has joined #ubuntu [03:58] <--- This is my /etc/network/interfaces file... I have my /etc/network/interfaces setup to use eth0 first...then if that fails use ath0...But eth0 takes so long ot realize the cat5e isn't plugged wastes a long time in my boot up process...Is there a way to make interfaces realize that the cable isn't plugged in faster? Can I put like a timer on the amount of time it can try and get eth0 t === God [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:59] Alright, something is up with my machine... [03:59] <_jason> foampeac1, no it looks the same... at least in hoary it did. I'd imagine it's the same story for breezy [03:59] I'm sure we'll be hearing more about adapting 32 to 64 === holycow [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:59] Okay so, I'm trying to install OpenGL [03:59] I try to log into it through PuTTY, and it "unexpectedly closes the connection" [03:59] and it says /bin/csh doesn't exist. It doesn't. Do I need it? If so, how do I get it? [03:59] crimsun: i delete all the of the 'us' from my repositories and now i can see things...and i am getting updates when before i didn't [03:59] kirk as if you didn't get enough ideas the cli option would be to use fdisk/cfdisk /dev/hd? to make a fat32 partition and use mkfs.vfat /dev/hd?# to format it. [04:00] Phuzion: You have openssh set up on the machine, right? === MrFarts [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:00] what's the standard location for exported NFS volumes under linux ? [04:00] Orborde, I've been able to log into it for weeks. [04:01] Phuzion: Well, hmm..that is odd. Changed any configs on the thing lately? === Rotund [n=] has joined #ubuntu === nomasteryoda|w [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:01] Not that I can think of... [04:01] Phuzion: My usual overkill method is to fire up ethereal and watch what's actually going on over the network. [04:01] Phuzion: Can you ping it? [04:01] Phuzion: restart the demon. [04:01] Pings fine. === anatole_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:02] Alright, what's the command for restarting openssh? [04:02] openssh -restart ? [04:02] /etc/init.d/ssh restart [04:02] Alright, thanks. [04:02] np. [04:02] ssh or sshd ? [04:02] why is this system using OpenBSD sshd? darn! [04:02] i wish i had a HP printer [04:02] here, it's just ssh. [04:03] Is anyone going to help God? [04:03] but who knows.. ubuntu is a little weird with the names [04:03] guys, you know how when you right click and do create new file > it says no templates instsalled yet? how can I install a template, so it says something like 'create new Xml file' or osmething [04:03] intelikey ssh works for me. [04:03] Phuzion: sudo killall -HUP sshd might do it, too. [04:03] Hey, would restarting the machine work? [04:03] Because I don't have a monitor hooked to it right now... [04:03] And I don't wanna drag my huge ass CRT upstairs. [04:04] Phuzion, wuss :) [04:04] Phuzion: you could try that... if it's a matter of restarting the daemon, then yeah. [04:04] Alright === dmg|lnx [n=] has joined #ubuntu === durt [n=] has joined #ubuntu === cralost [n=le@] has joined #ubuntu [04:05] !oo.templates [04:05] [04:05] blanky: that's pretty much a GNOME question. Could try #gnome [04:05] they dont answer me :( === amorph [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:05] intelikey: i dont mean OO templates... [04:05] :( [04:05] like, if you right click on your desktop, create new file [04:05] it only has empty file [04:05] I know what you mean. [04:05] I wouldn't use that feature, so no idea. [04:05] i don't use gnome..... [04:06] MrFarts, I don't want to get my CRT out because it's sitting on top of a 6' tall shelf... [04:06] And it's a 19" CRT that weights nearly a ton. [04:06] Phuzion, weaking :) [04:06] Please help me :'( [04:06] weakling :) [04:06] I feel like...incomplete...I feel like cutting myself :'( [04:06] MrFarts: I'm just lazy. [04:06] [04:06] :) [04:06] Phuzion, 19" crt can't weigh more than 75 lbs or so [04:07] MrFarts: It's on top of a 6' shelf. [04:07] so whose installed unreal tournament 2004 on ubuntu? :) [04:07] Phuzion, so get a chair :) === jeff_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:07] Siph0n: I have. [04:07] MrFarts: Plus, If anything, I'd just disconnect the LCD that I'm using right now... [04:07] hey guys, is samba already installed on ubuntu? if so what's the name of the package? [04:07] Phuzion, that'll work too :) [04:08] can you recommend a good, cheap 19" lcd btw [04:08] rendondos: know of a website that gives instructions how to? :) i tryed on my lab computer and it doesnt work now :) [04:08] mostly for text === ditesh|cassini [n=ditesh@] has joined #ubuntu [04:08] i don't do "gaming" [04:08] I dunno. [04:08] ls [04:08] My mom bought this monitor... [04:08] whoops === barosl^win [i=barosl@] has joined #ubuntu [04:09] Oh, and the mahcine works now, thanks for the help. [04:09] redondos: I have 14 split file, it a pain in the butt to undo everythink to restore one single file === otep [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:09] !info samba [04:09] cafuego: are you present? [04:09] samba: (a LanManager-like file and printer server for Unix), section net, is optional. Version: 3.0.14a-6ubuntu1 (breezy), Packaged size: 2332 kB, Installed size: 5928 kB === MachineScrew [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:10] blanky: I don't know if it's by default, but try `sudo apt-get install samba' === polpak [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Toma- [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:10] Siph0n: I just did what the official site said. [04:10] redondos: thanks [04:10] np, blanky [04:10] redondos, awesoem thanx :) [04:10] redondos: this will allow me to connect to my windows network, correct? [04:11] Siph0n: yw. [04:11] Anyone have any experience installing grub onto a CD? I'd like to be able to leave the windows boot loader intact on this computer, but still have a linux install I can boot to from CD. [04:11] blanky: no this will allow your windows network to connect to your ubuntu machine. [04:11] paxmaster: what are you trying to say? [04:11] someone mind walking me through some partition help ? :P [04:11] redondos: ah okay, I thought it was the other way around. [04:11] redondos: that will work for UT2k4 also? cause it says quake 4? [04:11] kirk, what do ya need [04:11] polpak: almost any liveCD lets you specify where to boot from. you could use ubuntu live [04:11] Guys, whats the best way to host a printer for a windows network [04:12] woohoo for xchat 2.6.0 === angrylogic [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:12] blanky: Samba [04:12] blanky: you probably already have a driver for that. try `mount //server/share /mnt/location -t cifs' === xxvii [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ClayG [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:12] blanky: that'd be samba+cups === gleesond [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:12] is there a better solution to split file and extract one file instead doing the whole that thing to extract one file [04:13] redondos, I'm not sure I understand. I want to install Ubunto into another partition, but not install grub. Then use a CD to boot into that installation. I don't want to use a live CD.. (not enough ram to make it work well) [04:13] psychocat: already there? yay === ecobuntu [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:13] paxmaster: I don't understand you, sorry.l [04:13] hey, what's the command to close down the gnome sound program that starts when gnome starts? [04:13] nachine , check pm [04:13] crimsun: my splashscreen is all f-ed up with the 2.6.15-686 kernel...has this bug been reported? [04:13] can anyone tell me where the automount configuration files are? [04:13] machine [04:13] ok [04:13] kirk no pm yet === angrylogic [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [04:14] redondos paxmaster is asking if there is a way to extract one file form a multi disk archive [04:14] My dvd burner blinks when i burn using certain applications [04:14] polpak: I'm not suggesting that you boot the liveCD. Only use it for booting your ubuntu installation. I can't quite remember the command to do so, but pressing F1 when Grub appears you'll see some tips. It's something like `boot /dev/hdb1', for instance. [04:14] to burner, has anyone else experienced this? [04:15] redondos, ok, thanks I'll take alook [04:15] gleesond: `sudo gedit /etc/fstab' === kirk is now known as iamkirk [04:15] redondos, err a look rather [04:15] intelikey: ohh... what type of archive is it, paxmaster? [04:15] redondos I came before the question was asked, was that a suggestion to get a computer that will not boot from the normal cd , to work? [04:15] ok thanks. [04:15] ClayG: no clue. [04:15] What did you mean by the words " Only use it for booting your ubuntu installation" [04:15] no, ClayG. [04:16] WHy wouldnt he use the reg cd to boot? [04:16] it was a suggestion to boot an ubuntu installation without having to install LILO or GRUB. [04:16] ah ok [04:16] what is a fast burner for burning dvd iso's? [04:16] but there's a tool that boots from floppy and lets you boot a cd from there. [04:16] ClayG: k3b rocks. === superchode|fu [n=] has joined #ubuntu === [-Vinis-] [i=] has joined #ubuntu === NCLife [i=] has joined #ubuntu [04:17] or... gnomebaker. [04:17] Using gnomebaker now, before i just right clicked and selected rigth to disk [04:17] the write do disk worked but took almost half an hour, in windows it's about 8 minutes [04:17] I'll have to try k3b nextr [04:17] heh === [-Vinis-] [i=] has left #ubuntu [] [04:18] k3b is more powerful, but don't install it unless you already have some kde apps installed. [04:18] I have kde installed [04:18] ok [04:18] good [04:18] Is there a way to increase boot time? It's not to quick on this old machine [04:18] trkorecky: yup === jimmy3719 [n=opera@] has left #ubuntu [] [04:18] trkorecky: it's called "New CPU" and "More RAM" [04:18] :) [04:19] redondos: Is that it? === divorcedpop [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:19] trkorecky, increase boot time ? :) === pramz [n=] has joined #ubuntu === intelikey thinks 'Is there a way to increase boot time?' hmmm adding a long pause would do it. [04:19] <_jason> increasing is easy I think [04:19] trkorecky: pretty much === salmenara [n=salmenar@] has joined #ubuntu [04:19] I think he means decrease or increase the speed === salmenara is now known as Varanger === jeff__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:19] hello [04:19] Yeah, decrease time, increase speed. [04:19] intelikey: haha [04:19] trkorecky, how often do you boot ? [04:19] Lack of sleep definately screws with a person [04:19] dont sniff OC [04:19] I have installed Breezy but I don't know how to install amule (sudo apt-get install amule) [04:19] trkorecky: don't reboot so often. waste resources, they came to the world to be used. (just kidding) [04:19] is it included??? [04:20] Varanger, it's in the multiverse repository airc [04:20] Varanger: have you already added some new repositories? [04:20] So, other than new hardware, there isn't a way? [04:20] MrFarts: How can I add it ? [04:20] redondos: I haven't installed any repository [04:20] sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list [04:20] trkorecky: well, you could stop some daemons from running... then configure your own minimalistic kernel. but that won't help much. [04:20] someone give him a source file [04:20] Varanger: read: [04:20] add in "multiverse' [04:20] !repositories [04:20] repositories is, like, totally, How to add repositories: See !sources for example sources.list [04:21] trkorecky there isn't really much you can do to expedite the boot process, but you should not need to boot more than one time per day at the very most. [04:21] Alright, guess it's alright then. Thanks! [04:21] this is not the micro-reboot os [04:22] Yeah I need a stripped down version of ubuntu, i love how i hear about people using it on old p-90's but everytime i put it or any other distro on anything shy of a 500 it barely moves [04:22] seems like XP runs faster , which is crazy [04:22] redondos you know the repos info node gives sources also ? [04:23] It's good that developers and packagers come help, too. I saw crimsun tossing answers like mad a little earlier. That makes more people stay using ubuntu. === harris [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:23] infralite: oh [04:23] didn't know that :| [04:23] :) [04:24] !repos [04:24] extra, extra, read all about it, repos is - Official sources.lists here (Hoary) or (Breezy) see also !easysource [04:24] ClayG: that can't be true. install xubuntu instead, see if it helps. in any case, any open source desktop environment / window manager will run faster than winblows xp. [04:24] can anyone tell me the name of the sound program that runs in the background of Gnome? i need to kill it [04:24] I installed php, where is it located [04:24] intelikey: thanks, will use it from now on :) === stainboy [n=stainboy@] has joined #ubuntu [04:25] xxvii: esd [04:25] ecobuntu: yes, it's a known issue === twidget [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:25] redondos: yup, thanks [04:25] ok === thellama [n=] has joined #ubuntu === twidget [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [04:25] redondos: couldnt remember [04:25] just don't want to file the same bug twicer [04:25] I have xubuntu but I can't get it to work [04:25] ClayG also not loading modules that there is no actual hardware helps on older boxes. this one is a p1 133 mmx :) [04:25] np, xx [04:25] I mean the old computer the one i want to put it one wont read the cd on boot [04:25] the other one, is my GF's and she has since went back to xp [04:26] I need to get the program you were talking about that allows it to boot from floppy === pztak [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:26] ClayG google loadlin [04:26] blanky: php is loacted at /etc/php4 (or php5, if that's what you installed) [04:26] thanks [04:26] or loadlin.exe === mtnbkr_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:27] ClayG: that's right === ^majik^ [n=] has joined #Ubuntu [04:27] is there a good notepad type program out there? [04:27] i'm having trouble with recompiling the vanilla kernel [04:28] harris: try gedit and kate. === Swedish_Chef [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:28] pztak: bummer === divorcedpop [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [04:28] thanks... redondos [04:28] redondos: hey, i'm having trouble with every media player i've used.. none of them will play internet radio >.< === Kibou [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:28] yw, harris === tammy_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:28] yeah my mplayer sucks balls [04:28] xxvii: hrm, you probably don't have the necessary codecs. [04:28] i get a fatal error when i try to use it about ext3 module.. even though i put it as 'Y' [04:28] so does totem, I want to slap totem === Kibou [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:29] ClayG: don't talk dirty about mplayer with me reading >:( === oikog [n=oioeiqif@] has joined #ubuntu [04:29] ClayG: what do you use? === oikog [n=oioeiqif@] has left #ubuntu [] [04:29] with loadlin you can boot a dos floppy and load any kernel + initrd that the dos system can access. thus by copying the cd kernel and initrd to the windows partition you could boot it even without cdrom drivers loaded. === oikog [n=oioeiqif@] has joined #ubuntu [04:29] For what? === oikog [n=oioeiqif@] has left #ubuntu [] === pppoe_dude [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:29] redondos: Do I need the breezy-backports ?? [04:29] no, Varanger. [04:29] redondos: which ones are needed for streaming audio? i've downloaded ones to play DVDs, avis, wmvs.. files like that.. nothing specifically for streaming audio though [04:29] I dont use anything, mplayer wont even work, wont work on webpages [04:30] and totem never works [04:30] hi, what is the best filesystem to use on a usb thumb drive? ext2 and ext3 seem to constantly write to the drive [04:30] ibb [04:30] xine doesn't work either come to think of it, it will play a dvd but the video with be choppy [04:30] xxvii: depends on the codec they used to encode the feed. try installing libogg === Arnia [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:30] redondos: thanks [04:31] xxvii, dont know if this will help but do you have gstreamer? [04:31] ClayG: yup [04:31] pppoe_dude: hrm... most people just use vfat for their usb drives [04:31] redondos: i don't like vfat tho... === locomorto [n=loco@unaffiliated/locomorto] has joined #ubuntu [04:32] pppoe_dude, what's wrong with vfat ? [04:32] isnt that too microsoftish? [04:32] hello... Can user settings be saved to USB drive etc when running ubuntu LIVE on PPC? [04:32] pppoe_dude, i'd just use whatever works, honestly :) [04:32] your usb thumb drive will like it though [04:32] pppoe_dude: then be happy and use ext2 :) [04:32] what about minix? [04:32] you don't need a sophisticated FS for a usb thumb drive [04:32] what are some other xwindows? like gnome and kde.. what's the others? can't remember the names [04:32] MrFarts, i know, but i also dont like fat [04:33] pppoe_dude, i think you should use QNX filesystem [04:33] pppoe_dude, or perhaps System 7 [04:33] system 7 is probably what you really want [04:33] xxvii: gnome and kde are desktop environments. another one is xfce. [04:33] redondos: I followed the instructions but I don't find the checkboxes for multiverse, just universe... should I add it manually ?? [04:34] redondos: yea.. that's the one.. thanks again man. this is a refresher course for me.. havent used linux for a while, just reinstalled yesterday [04:34] xxvii: those desktop environments make use of window managers: metacity, kwin and xfwm, respectively. some others are enlightenment, fluxbox, ratpoison, iceWM, there are many more... === Swedish_Chef [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:34] Varanger: yeah just add it. I haven't used synaptic for a while, but I guess you could just do that. [04:35] Varanger: oh, better yet. edit the one you see. [04:35] Varanger: When editing, you'll see a checkbox for Multiverse. Check it. [04:35] what about UFS? [04:35] no support on linux i guess... i just hate the probing every 10 seconds === Arnia [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [04:36] redondos: There is no checkbox for multiverse, just universe [04:36] redondos: I'd better add it manually [04:36] alright, i'm out.. i'm sure i'll be back with more questions.. thanks redondos [04:36] Varanger: all right. === jsubl2 [n=jsubl2@] has joined #ubuntu [04:36] xxvii: you're welcome. night. [04:36] mine my dvd burner doesn't want to burn higher than 2x [04:37] Varanger: sure there is in System> Administration> Synaptic> Settings> Repositories> Add> non-free [04:37] I'm out for a while. Later, guys. [04:37] bye [04:37] bye, helping developer/packager :) === mc|amb [n=jmcnutt@] has joined #ubuntu === intelikey [n=] has joined #ubuntu === comradevik [n=victor@] has joined #ubuntu === BenC [n=bcollins@] has joined #ubuntu [04:40] is there some kind of screen recorder for linux === sweeny [n=] has joined #ubuntu === WhyvasLT [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:41] screen shots ? [04:41] no in video format [04:41] oh. idk [04:41] there is istanbul [04:41] but it wont work with blender === comradevik [n=victor@] has left #ubuntu [] === comradevik [n=victor@] has joined #ubuntu [04:42] Varanger: hi. Please don't message me in private, thanks. [04:42] i'm trying to record a video of blender [04:42] crimsun: Ok, I was about to tell you that the problem with ALSA was automatically fixed with Breezy [04:43] crimsun: just that [04:43] Varanger: great, thanks. === Aegir [n=] has joined #ubuntu === BadMackTuck [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:45] has anyone else noticed that sometimes pages with embedded media crash firefox? [04:46] is there a workaround for this? [04:46] BadMackTuck: i noticed that too [04:46] BadMackTuck.. like myspace? [04:46] even with some plugins.... hopefully someone knows away around [04:46] oh god yes [04:46] yea myspace! :) [04:46] lol [04:46] there will be a fix in the final release of the new firefox [04:46] at the risk of sounding like a total n00b, yeah myspace === Hobbsee [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:47] thank you comrade, that was really quick [04:47] i had to install mozilla on my friend's ubuntu because he was complaining his myspace was crashing :-D [04:47] wll, its not that important... yet [04:47] sweet k.... yeah im glad its not only me :) [04:47] btw BadMackTuck try flock browser [04:48] warks flowlessly .. and is jsut as firefox [04:48] Siph0n too :) [04:48] oh yeah ive heard a lot about that, havent tried it yet [04:48] hello... Can user settings be saved to USB drive when running ubuntu LIVE on PPC? [04:48] lets see how k3b stacks up against gbaker [04:48] k3b is pretty slick. [04:48] flashing light again, damn [04:48] yeah both look decent but when i goto burn i the light flashes on and off, still burns but slowly [04:49] mtnbaker.. why not use knoppix for liveCd sessions [04:49] not to diss ubuntu but noppix liveCD works better [04:49] am installing unbunto on wife's PC and wanted to try it on my powerbook to get familiar with it. [04:49] so does anyone know the purpose of using a nitro / vanilla kernel is? === jonathan_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:50] yeah, I have used knoppix before very nice indeed [04:50] hey === lgc [n=lgc@] has joined #ubuntu === kjcole [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:50] knoppix is cool, i always was partial to dyne:bolic though. not sure why [04:51] comradevik: I have been hearing so many good things about ubuntu lately I needed to look into it. :) [04:51] Surely I can't install gentoo Linux or FreeBSD on her laptop hehe [04:51] Hello all from Mexico! Could anyone give me some help regarding my wireless connection? [04:51] or maybe..... [04:51] how can I make sure that vfat formats on my usb disk properly? mkfs.vfat /dev/sda1 only takes 2 seconds and doesnt seem to do much writing === rseoi [n=ocioae@] has joined #ubuntu === rseoi [n=ocioae@] has left #ubuntu [] === whitynz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:52] ppoe_dude: try mounting it. :) [04:52] mtnbkr_ ubuntu is great .. its jsut that if u want to use a liveCd knoppix was designed to be one [04:52] fsck.vfat /dev/sda1 maybe. [04:52] ubuntu livecd is good to check out and test hardware [04:53] hoary box: what do I do to fix "svnlook: error: environment variable LANG is en_GB.UTF-8" ? [04:53] pppoe_dude ^ [04:53] Hello Anyone! [04:53] comradevik: Well, when I went to get the ubuntu x86 for her, I noticed the ubuntu live CDs and thought WOW! Maybe this will be like Knoppix - with support for saving setting on USB thumb drive.. If not, that is cool, and I will go back to Knoppix [04:53] hello lgc [04:54] jsubl2, hello. finally! [04:54] so.. what is going on lgc [04:54] jsubl2, are you familiar with wireless links? [04:55] nope sorry lgc [04:55] intelikey k [04:55] mtnbkr_ imho knoppix loads faster and stuff.. what i do tho is use the ubuntu live cd at school to log on and SSH to my comp and work from there :) [04:55] works great [04:55] jsubl2, is there anyone you know here who happens to know the subject? [04:55] lgc all communication in this house ends up wireless.. but i do not manage it the isp does [04:56] lgc did you try the sometime you get lucky and there is some good info there === bc_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:56] jsubl2, but you have to use your own wireless client, [04:56] !wireless [04:56] extra, extra, read all about it, wireless is [04:56] thanks comradevik... Got to run for now [04:56] lgc [04:57] jsubl2: your ISP configures you ubuntu system? === darknature [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:57] redondos, no they just provide the means for me to connect to the internet.. hardwired to his antennae on my roof === RedGhost [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:57] lgc: what do you want to know? perhaps I can help you [04:58] jsubl2: ...just what an ISP needs to do. great === SOMNIVM [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:58] jsubl, I'm trying to open that page now. [04:58] redondos, yeah it works real well. [04:58] i contacted my ISP and they wre like "we don't support linux, bye" [04:58] redondos very secure wireless of course.... [04:59] can someone please look at my output in #flood to see whats wrong? [04:59] redondos, the problem is that after a while (sometimes a short, sometimes a long while) the wireless link from my laptop goes dead. [04:59] is there an anti virus program for linux or do you not have to worry about getting virues? [04:59] comradevik: they will soon === K_Dallas__ [i=] has joined #ubuntu [04:59] insert coin > ubuntu [04:59] ok.... then thing is that I have 2 almost identical usb thumb drives, same brand, but one is 512 MB and the other is 1GB. They seem to behave quite differently when plugged in. both had ext2 fs, 512 one lights up a little bit, but the 1gb one lights up for 2 seconds and keeps doing the same lighting pattern every 20 seconds or so [05:00] intelikey: I'm sure, heh [05:00] harris worry about virus' if you are serving mail to windows clients [05:00] harris: no virus here. [05:00] lgc: does this happen with other wireless devices connected to your access point? [05:00] meaning there not written for the linux kernal ? [05:00] harris unless you run a server of some kind. virii are a micro-reboot issue. [05:01] pppoe_dude: are you fixing pppoe? [05:01] is there a good vpn manager for ubuntu? [05:01] i'm not running a server [05:01] foampeac1 fixing what? [05:01] redondos, the laptop is the only wireless item around [05:01] foampeac1: he's the specialist here. [05:01] harris cool then you will probably not need virus checking or spyware checking [05:01] how come no one writes virueses that effect linux? [05:01] lgc: I'd -as a prevention method- blame the access point for now, until it is proven contrary. [05:02] cool jsubl2 [05:02] harris, small percent of the market.. [05:02] lgc: so go get a friend's laptop and see if it happens. [05:02] redondos, but how can I prove that? === pawan [n=pawan@] has joined #ubuntu [05:02] harris if you want to give it a shot feel free. [05:02] lol, [05:02] lgc: ^ that way ^ [05:02] pppoe_dude: maybe a gui config app? [05:02] redondos, thab [05:03] harris: the malware would have to know your pw to do real damage... [05:03] ya I guess that's a good point jsubl2 [05:03] pw? [05:03] i mean, are these bad signs? whenever I do anything on the 1gb stick, it does the same activity light patter... the 512 one is more like a harddisk [05:03] lgc: in fact, if it really is that you could feel lucky, since it's the less-headaching problem [05:03] and that wouldn't even be an issue if you apt-get remove sudo lol [05:03] redondos, oops! thanks. I do get an IPW2200 fatal error at boot time. And it usually takes forever at the "configuring network interfaces" step. [05:04] harris: password [05:04] foampeac1: I acquired this nickname 3 years ago, when I wanted to fix my pppoe, now i have cable [05:04] harris it would need root access [05:04] gottcha, i never thought about that [05:04] default breezy has modules like tpm ide_generic etc lying around. How do I remove them so that they don't start up? Also, how can I rtfm about what these modules actually do ? [05:04] [05:04] lgc: ah, well.. what error? === nmstryoda [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:04] same thing on windows [05:05] but thats for offtopic [05:05] pppoe_dude: it must have taken you a lot of time for you to fix your DSL line if that nickname prevailed because you got used to it [05:05] i just set up ubuntu a few days ago, and I must say... I'm impressed [05:05] redondos, it says something like "starting dump log" or whatever. Do you know where to look for these kind of logs? === mojo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:05] redondos, well I just thought i'd keep it... couldn't think of a better nick in 3 years [05:06] lgc: less /var/log/messages [05:06] pppoe_dude : there is a usbstick fs around. Used in puppy/qemu for example. [05:06] pppoe_dude: I understand. how much time did it take, though? [05:06] well anybody noticed a uniform light pattern on their usb stick? [05:06] pppoe_dude : queues up writes, extends life for the stick indefinitely. [05:06] redondos: only one xchat session [05:07] although I haven't graps the command line yet [05:07] pawan, i see [05:07] qeqe: Will Ubuntu work in 32mb okay? I have a laptop (old cpq armada 7370) that i'm setting up for internet browsing. my friend stays at home to take care of his invalid father and wants something to help occupy time and to take on-line coursework. [05:07] pppoe_dude: oh... then it is funny. === Hobbsee [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:07] redondos, thanks. With "dmesg" it says it found a duplicate address. However, the thing is still operational (while it is operational, that is), as you can see. [05:07] !cli [05:07] default breezy has modules like tpm ide_generic etc lying around. How do I remove them so that they don't start up? Also, how can I rtfm about what these modules actually do ? I can disable ide_generic and some others in /etc/modules, but what about the rest? floppy, for example. [05:07] cli is, like, totally, or, or [05:07] mojo: 32Mb of RAM probably won't be enough, no === RockyBurt [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:08] is reformatting usb flash drives onver and over bad? === Toran [n=jon@unaffiliated/toran] has joined #ubuntu [05:08] qeqe: sry, meant to say "Q:" like question [05:08] harris ^ [05:08] yes. [05:08] how can I allow remote X server connections to my ubuntu machine? [05:08] mojo: I would try to run xubuntu on it. I think xfce would run better than gnome, without losing eye-candy. [05:08] see ubotu post ^ [05:08] Madpilot: u know any distros that would? lightweight x is okay, just an internet browser [05:08] what post is that? [05:08] redondos: how do i get xubuntu? i didn't think that was a sep. distro release yet [05:09] My aim in removing the modules is to have more ram for other stuff. Am I being anally retentive? Does it make a difference? [05:09] mojo: try ubuntu with xfce, enlightenment, fluxbox. in that order... I think it may run pretty well. [05:09] the one with in front of it :) [05:09] to fix my svn problem I was told ""localegen - and generate the english utf8 locale" - anyone know how I do that? [05:09] mojo: it is not. just install ubuntu and then don't run gnome. [05:09] hahaha, are you talking about the at te top? === Cyphase [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:09] redondos: thanks man [05:09] hey [05:09] redondos: (or ma'am) [05:09] that one [05:10] does anyone else have a Netgear WG311v2 PCI wireless acrd? [05:10] card [05:10] anyone know how to install apps to a Palm in ubuntu [05:10] ? [05:10] heh... second one, and you're welcome. I hope you don't have to try too many to find a setup that works fine. === str8edge [i=] has joined #ubuntu === Toran [n=jon@unaffiliated/toran] has left #ubuntu ["the] [05:10] interlikey.... thanks man [05:10] i gottcha now [05:10] mojo: the good thing is that he won't need much technical knowledge nor internet access to be able to use the system and feel comfortable in it. [05:11] np [05:11] the site the bot sent me prompts an install === admrl [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:11] [05:11] redondos: yeah, it is strictly a means to an end for this kid. and he lives in the same apartment complex if he needs help, which he prob. won't if he leaves it as is. [05:11] mojo: icewm is ok with debian on 32MB. So I guess it should be ok with ubuntu. Gnome wm would be a horrible experience on 32MB. [05:11] nevermind it's a certiicate [05:11] does anyone know why a wireless card listed in the wiki as working wouldn't work? [05:12] forget I even typed that lol [05:12] pawan: yeah, i can't get the livecd to come up w/o complaining and failing. it wants 128 min. That's why i thought i better find out before even trying the install cd === sethmahoney [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [05:12] mojo: great then. any window manager will suit him so I hope it runs well. [05:12] i got some reading to do now [05:12] thanks everyone [05:12] 32m ram..... try distro dsl [05:12] am burning a install cd now [05:13] mojo: make sure the apps are small. Sylpheed instead of thunderbird. Dunno what for the browser - firefox is perhaps a bit hefty. [05:13] Cyphase: different chipsets on different revisions is one of the major problems [05:13] dillo === salmenara [n=salmenar@] has joined #ubuntu [05:13] I have installed mysql [05:13] last time I looked at dillo it wasn't gui enough. [05:13] but it may be ok now. [05:13] but I cant log into it: mysql -uroot -p [05:13] mojo: yw, tell us the results later :) [05:14] redondos, I only get "Detected Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection" === gm [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:14] appears this msg: ERROR 2002: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) [05:14] redondos, the device manager says it's using Texas Instruments ACX 111, which is what it says in the wiki [05:14] Hello I recently went to using breezy badger ive been using ubuntu since 5.04 but ive been trying to find out how to install the nvidia drivers and i couldnt find any good ways to do it because the last time i tried i had to uninstall them and go thru and switch a few things around just so i could get a gui so it would be awesome if someone would help me install the nvidia drivers [05:14] pawan: yeah, good note. I'll have to do some searching for alternates [05:14] i still say with 32m ram you should look at dsl [05:14] thanks for the tops lntelikey, i'm taken off.... peace [05:14] Cyphase: oh... it's the acx111 driver. sorry, I never played with it :( [05:14] redondos: will do, i am futzing w/it now [05:14] tips [05:15] I don't have any devices with that chipset. [05:15] Is there a way to see what packages I have installed? [05:15] shalom harris [05:15] cool, mojo [05:15] blanky: dpkg -l [05:15] im not sure if i can use the drivers from the nvidia website would work fine [05:15] Is there a way to see all the packages I've installed thorugh synaptic/apt-get/dpkg [05:15] thanks redondos ()again)) [05:15] mojo: I would suggest debian stable, minimal gui, lightweight apps. The maintenance on that would be trivial. === gp_aaron [n=] has joined #ubuntu === gp_aaron [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === RobNyc [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:16] mojo: I use that for my father in law - p 233, 64MB. [05:16] I've downloaded ubuntu dapper on both of my pcs, burned from both pcs and they both stay stuck at installing 6% [05:16] pawan: i am gonna give breezy a spin first, with xfce4. i think i saw a page out there i can prob. google back up on how to purge extra gnome stuff from breezy/xfce4 setup. === robotgeek_away is now known as robotgeek [05:16] alright is there anyone that can tell me where i can go to find out [05:16] pawan: I was about to say something like this. But I thought that maybe he was installing ubuntu because of ease of use, for the kid. But if he really just wants the browser, then heck with it, go with something smaller. [05:17] my box before my last box was a dual PII-233 with 512 megs of ram... heh.. [05:17] pawan: if the breezy xubuntu doesn't cut it, i' [05:17] who has a wireless card working on a desktop? [05:17] about the nvidia drivers on breezy === jeff__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:17] got that in... '98? [05:17] i know your out there :) [05:17] default breezy has modules like tpm ide_generic etc lying around. How do I remove them so that they don't start up? Also, how can I rtfm about what these modules actually do ? I can disable ide_generic and some others in /etc/modules, but what about the rest? floppy, for example. [05:17] i'll try deb stable or maybe MEPIS lite perhaps [05:17] redondos: when I do that command, it lists tons of stuff and I cant scroll back up to see what it said at the very top, how can I make it so it it shows screenfuls at a time [05:17] Cyphase: depends on what card you have [05:17] and, are there any benefits to remove modules like that? === drcode [n=user1@] has joined #ubuntu [05:18] blanky: less [05:18] blanky: using a pager. you can use more, less, most... there may be more. so prefix that command with one of those words. [05:18] hi all [05:18] whats up [05:19] redondos: so... less dpkg -i ? [05:19] less command, or command | less [05:19] robotgeek, i'm asking so i know which card to get [05:19] do you have one working? out of the box? === Cyphase is now known as cyphase === caonex [n=] has joined #ubuntu === agtnz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:19] hello drcode. === varsendagger [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Ron_o [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:19] blanky: ehm, I said prefix, didn't I? === Delvien [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:19] uh...thats why I put less in the front, didn't I? [05:19] cyphase: hmm, check the wireless wiki. there's a link to a website with a link to that stuff [05:19] whats up [05:19] blanky: heh, sorry mate. pipe it. dpkg -i | less [05:19] I Have strange problem [05:19] thanks [05:19] :) [05:19] how long, approximately, after reaching the shipping company does it take before the ship-it cds arrive at their destination? [05:19] robotgeek, i already tried [05:20] i got a card that the wiki says works [05:20] I Use in some of my computer VMWARE and ubuntu (in vmware) [05:20] pawan lsmod would show what is loaded atm, and /lib/modules/[tab] [tab] will find the location for you. you can mv modules you dont think you need to /root/backup or someplace and test for a few days if all is well rm /root/backup. [05:20] and it didn't [05:20] redondos: that is weird, it just says END at the bottom [05:20] cyphase: not the wiki,lemme bring up the link [05:20] it half works sometimes, but not enough to actually maintain a connection [05:20] I update xserver , and boom , the XORG dosnt load , it say somthing about the graphic card [05:20] cyphase: ah, ndiswrapper? [05:20] nevermind [05:20] I use again vmware tools but with out lack [05:20] blanky: that's because I just put dpkg -i instead of `dpkg -l | less' [05:20] blanky: i'm a little tired :) [05:21] blanky: I mean, today. [05:21] cyphase: [05:21] pawan i sujest moving them first cause if you rm something that you do need it may also affect your ability to reinstall it without a full reload. [05:21] any one mybe play with vmware and the new xserver? [05:21] intelikey : any idea where, during boot up, the system decides to load up all these modules? Besides /etc/modules? 'cos, it tries to load up everything under the sun. Maybe its in modutils. [05:22] redondos: I press space to show more right? thanks bud! [05:22] yep pawan in /etc/init.d/ === andres [n=] has joined #ubuntu === andres [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"] [05:22] pawan: there's some kind of a black list too, but i think that's for hotplug === comradevik [n=victor@] has left #ubuntu [] [05:23] I was thinking there was an update-modules type of thing for breezy, but it says it is obsolete. === Owner [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:23] alrighty im going to try one more time lol i think everyone missed me last time can anyone help me with installing the nvidia drivers for breezy..? === Xenguy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:23] !nvidia [05:23] [nvidia] at, or [05:23] can someone explain a display manager? why should I set gdm vs. kdm for default? I hear I can have them control different x servers? How would I go about using them both at once? Could this mean that I could have a KDE session and a Gnome session running at the same time? [05:23] blanky: or up/down pgup/pgdown k/j [05:23] blanky: and np :) [05:23] back [05:23] it's a Netgear WG311v2 === pawan wonders how breezy decides what modules to load, and where. === simonvallore [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:24] Hello [05:24] when i run glxgears my computer freezes [05:24] oops [05:24] Hello [05:24] how do i fix this [05:25] zoexii: You can already do that, with just one display manager. Applications, System Tools, and then the new login thing. Have one KDE and one GNOME, you don't necessarily need seperate display managers. One display manager can start almost any window manager/desktop environment. [05:25] I mean, tpm is a touchscreen thingy for compaqs. Fat lot of use that is going to be on my standard desktop. [05:25] zoexii: you can always have a kde and a gnome session at the same time while using gdm/kdm/xdm/qingy/whatever... or none at all. [05:25] Owner = cyphase === Owner is now known as cyphase === cyphase is now known as Cyphase [05:25] pawan i just told you. it runs the scripts in /etc/init.d/ look at /etc/rcS.d/ for the primary startup scripts list. [05:25] redondos, I see you're tired, but can you at least tell me how can I bring the wireless link up again (ifupdown eth1 restart doesn't seem to work)? [05:25] what's the hot key for take screenshot? [05:26] print screen blanky [05:26] zoexii: I suppose that you could have kdm running on one 'screen' and gdm on a seccond (f7/f8), but I can't imagine the use of it. And I know it would be a near nightmare setting it up [05:26] blanky: cli version, import -root screenie.png :) [05:26] Cyphase: have you tried them using ndiswrapper? perhaps it's more stable. even though, that would have no sense. [05:26] er...I mean, I pressed one once and it brought up the 'save screenshot' dialog, I want that one [05:26] I've downloaded ubuntu dapper on both of my pcs, burned from both pcs and they both stay stuck at installing 6% anyone can help me [05:26] blanky printscreen [05:26] redondos, it won't let me add it with ndiswrapper [05:26] okayt thanks! === xorbit [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:27] intelikey : no mention of tpm in those scripts. [05:27] RobNyc: did you burn DAO? [05:27] Aegir, redondos, does this involve the control+alt+functionkey thing? is that what you mean by screen? [05:27] Ron_o: yes i used k3b with both pcs too [05:27] Who has a wireless PCI card working out of the box on a desktop? [05:27] please people [05:27] did you do an MD5? [05:27] Ron_o: k3b does it right [05:28] so yes [05:28] I really don't know. [05:28] zoexii: Think so. I can rarely tell the difference between 'display', 'screen' and half the xorg terminology used. But yes, if you do a new login screen you should be able to swap back between the two with ctl+alt+f7/8 === bm_doughboy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:28] I, too, have many problems with burning CDs. [05:28] how old is your system? [05:28] well i burned it in 2 pcs, @ 4x [05:28] try 1x and see what happens. [05:28] thats slow enough === delphy [i=] has joined #ubuntu [05:29] Aegir: display, screen, monitor, window, geometry... [05:29] wow [05:29] lgc: how did you manage to get it down? try /etc/init.d/networking restart [05:29] that will nevre finish [05:29] RobNyc: were you asking about Nexenta earlier today? [05:29] it may take 1.5 hours to do but... [05:29] RobNyc: Same image? You might need to re-download it [05:29] ecobuntu: yes [05:29] when i run glxgears my computer freezes how do i fix this [05:29] Aegir: no not same image 2 diff [05:29] pawan: Heh. Yeah, I'll say. I know the last two though. [05:29] aegir, cool, this appears to be working... thanks [05:29] I can't help you beyond that. 4x is probably slow enough for your system so what I say may not help [05:29] ecobuntu: go on nexenta chan let me ask u something [05:29] Cyphase: weird... maybe you're not using the right driver. try the one for w2k and for xp. === gpd [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [05:29] ecobuntu! big hug === delphy is now known as delphy_ === radiodog [n=] has joined #ubuntu === blanky is now known as econobuntu [05:29] RobNyc: Try installing breezy and upgrading to Dapper from that. That is the method I use. === bm_doughboy is now known as everdred [05:29] :D [05:30] ok [05:30] Cyphase: I'm talking about ndiswrapper. [05:30] you [05:30] RobNyc: ask in ubuntu offtopic.. [05:30] yo [05:30] Aegir: that worked b4 yes but i wanted dapper from the release === Aegir shrugs [05:30] anyone know why after recompiling the kernel (using the directions given at: and making sure that ext2/3 are activated i get an error on boot about .dep file for modules not being found, ext3 module not being able to load -> fatal error? === everdred [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [05:30] Your on your own then RobNyc. The image might be broken, you might have a bad net connection, you might be burning the image incorectly. It could be many things. [05:31] Aegir: weird === ruiwen [n=] has joined #ubuntu === workbean [n=workbean@] has joined #ubuntu [05:31] I think my problem has to do with my cd-burner not liking the cloop compression. [05:31] redondos, thanks. I mean that when the link goes dead "ifupdown" doesn't help. [05:31] RobNyc: They could be bad CDR's that you're using. That wouldn't surprise me infact [05:31] pztak is it in the initrd ? [05:31] Aegir: good point. [05:32] what kind of CDs? [05:32] not CD-RWs? [05:32] CD-RW doesnt matter [05:32] simonvallore : that's the only package that freezes the system? [05:32] it did for me. [05:32] I've used CD-RW's often [05:32] redondos, thanks a lot for now. That'll do, but there's a lot more to ask the experts later. 'Later! [05:32] Aegir: nothing is a surprise in this world [05:32] intelikey, what do you mean, i did make-kpkg --initrd [05:32] I have too. [05:32] But very cheap dodgy CDR [05:32] Ron_o: sony cdrw 700mb [05:32] no [05:32] lgc: yw. later :) [05:32] screen savers [05:32] games [05:32] they all freeze [05:32] Alright, I added something to my crontab, but it's not executing. cron.allow and cron.deny didn't exist, so I created the former with my username in it. Still nothing... What next? [05:33] RobNyc: please try a CD-R and see if that happens. [05:33] RobNyc: Well, maybe Sony puts DRM in their blank discs now :D [05:33] works === MagicFab [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:33] pawan do you know how to fix it === jmworx [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:33] Aegir: gonna try another cdrw [05:33] make sure DAO is checked. [05:33] atrophic: did you want to execute it as root as user? [05:33] simonvallore : you using a p4? [05:33] hello from Montreal [05:33] what worked for me finally was using a music CD-R... [05:33] pawan, no athlon xp [05:33] MagicFab: hello [05:34] RobNyc: Personally, the CD burning app I use is the one where you right click on a image in GNOME, and burn it from there. Works every time. No fancy settings, just sane defaults === michaeltrainor [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:34] pawan, ati radeon 9000 64 mb card [05:34] cool [05:34] Aegir: im gonna redownload and use a diff. cd [05:34] that reminds me. is there a FAQ for Ubuntu for getting the CD SCSI emulation working? [05:35] simonvallore : I've been getting freezes, and searching the forums for a solution. A lot of people seem to have freezes that they blame on p4 hyperthreading. But that is obviously not the case here. === guignome [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:35] Anybody ever setup a DVR with DVD recording support? [05:35] pawan: are you using binary-only graphics drivers? [05:35] looking for projects that target media servers === CF_IronWarrior [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:35] I've been trying a weird thing that seems to have stopped the freeze problem for 48 hours now though. === Cyphase [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:35] pawan its a 3d excel issue i think [05:35] crimsun : no. standard open stuff. [05:36] robotgeek, as user. Though if that won't work I spose I can run it as root. [05:36] simonvallore : accel ;-) === econobuntu is now known as blanky [05:36] pawan: have you disabled XAA? === doonzawy [n=doonz@] has joined #ubuntu [05:36] pawan how can i make sure its installed [05:36] crimsun : not an x problem as far as I can figure out. === bimberi [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:37] atrophic: try 'crontab -u yourusername -e' [05:37] Media Servers Anyone? [05:37] pawan: what workarounds have you tried? === jrsims [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:37] simonvallore : if you zap your x, is your machine still frozen? [05:37] so tell me. Why should I choose Fluxbox over Gnome? [05:37] pawan how do i zap my x lol [05:37] michaeltrainor: have u tried MythTV ? [05:37] Its faster, less memory usage === MojOrow__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:37] No...never heard of it [05:37] BTW I got my printer and scanner working today without a hitch... [05:37] gawd I love when that happens. :) [05:37] Good stuff? === tvelocity [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:38] Ron_o: nice when stuff "just works", isn't it? [05:38] michaeltrainor: the current Linux Journal has some good articles on it [05:38] mad, yes. [05:38] it was like 15 minutes.. [05:38] michaeltrainor: there's even a LiveCD to try [05:38] atrophic: it's better to set the editor variable to your fave editor first [05:38] robotgeek, thanks. I found the problem though, I had the path to the script wrong. If I didn't do the -u username thing, is it running it as root? [05:38] MagicFab: Thanks alot... [05:38] michaeltrainor: and it's a package available on Ubuntu [05:38] robotgeek, yup, it's already using gedit. [05:38] pawan how do i zap my x lol [05:38] Ron_o: are your printer & scanner on the wiki's hardware pages yet? [05:38] The thing is the instructions given to me didn't work in sudo; I had to be in total root for it to work. [05:39] crimsun : I'm embarrassed to admit it, cos it seems like voodoo. I run this script: until [ 1 -eq 0 ] ; do ( hwclock 2>&1 ; date +%c 2>&1 ) >> timelogs ; sleep 2; done & and then tail -f timelogs. No freezes since then. But I may be on the tail end of a bell size curve of crashes vs time. [05:39] Madpilot: no... [05:39] I have a problem that old print jobs don't clear out of the queue, so the next job doesn't print. I have to clear them out manually. Anyone else seen this? [05:39] speaking of printers, How do I set up my printer to be shared on the network? [05:39] I was hoping someone else could put them there. [05:39] atrophic: that i am not sure [05:39] I've got an HP Officejet 6110 all in one. [05:39] Ron_o: and === Cyphase [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:39] thanks. === diana [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === jeff__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:40] simonvallore : ctrl - alt backspace should kill your x. Then see if you have a running console. Assuming your machine isn't completely frozen. [05:40] W: GPG error: sarge Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY BB5E459A529B8BDA [05:40] W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems [05:40] Ron_o: there's an OfficeJet 6210 on the Printers page, at least [05:40] Does anyone know of desktop session saving apps like Camtasia ? other than Istanbul or vnc2swf === oneseventeen [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:40] robotgeek, well thanks for your help anyway. Now my desktop background is changing automatically every minute so I'm happier than a pig in poo [05:40] what is the command for enabling a module in apache2? [05:40] atrophic: heh === war-totem [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:40] anyone can help on the GPG error? [05:41] !gpg [05:41] I heard gpg is or [05:41] oneseventeen, edit the httpd.conf file, uncomment/add the module to the list, restart the server [05:41] !gpgerror [05:41] NO SPEAKE ENLISH!, MagicFab [05:41] !gpgerr [05:41] methinks gpgerr is If you get GPG errors when accessing the Ubuntu archives, sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/Release [05:41] me: yeah, I want to know this too [05:41] yah, 6210 and 6110 are about the same. [05:41] crimsun : it may be the constant access is in someway stopping a freeze. Very strange. But it seems to have stopped the freeze so far. Crazy. [05:41] atrophic, there is a simple command, something like a2moden or something that basically reads as apache2 module enable that does everything for me, [05:42] me: check [05:42] atrophic: a2enmod === z3r0x [n=unix@] has joined #ubuntu === pramz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:42] hi guys [05:42] MagicFab: If you can answer me's question, you'll help me too! :) [05:42] and I'm just trying to remember what that is. (otherwise I can just make a symlink from the available modules to the enabled modules folder, and the default httpd.conf file will pick it up) === pramz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:42] robotgeek: thanks, you just made me even lazier! =) [05:43] I'm trying to get ettercap over the cvd repository...but after typing in the password (blank) I get a timeout...can someone else try to connect? I'm not sure if it is the server or if it is my computer [05:43] oneseventeen: well, all progress in this world is caused due to laziness! [05:43] jrsims: I just did === xorbit [n=] has joined #ubuntu === dev3n [n=tokyo@] has joined #ubuntu [05:43] sorry cvs [05:43] will do MagicFab === BadMackTuck [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:43] Hello [05:43] yo [05:44] me: scroll to end of page, there's a link to a bugzilla report [05:44] I have some problem with my sound card [05:44] Hi, I have a problem that old print jobs don't clear out of the print queue, so the next job doesn't print. I have to clear them out manually. Anyone else seen this? [05:44] (and i am new with linux) === salmenara_ [n=salmenar@] has joined #ubuntu [05:44] hello! === tman_ubuntu [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:44] how can I listen mp3 with gstreamer ?? (totem) === pramz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:45] oneseventeen, yay, I learn something new every day (or more like a hundred new things a day). I'll have to try that command out, thanks. [05:45] atrophic: now we just have to figure out the command to disable the module... [05:45] how do i unzip .zip files? [05:46] varsendagger: unzip [05:46] ok [05:46] what is the purpose of file-roller? [05:46] !mp3 [05:46] methinks mp3 is to enable mp3 capability, read === Corrupter [n=] has joined #ubuntu === simonvallore_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === bapb [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:46] salmenara: got that ? === rob1 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:46] atrophic: a2dismod [05:47] anyone want to check out my thread? I am having a problem with my sound card.. [05:47] pawan === twidget [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:47] what would be the command to create a file called options.pptp in /etc/ppp/ ? [05:47] how do i login as root in terminal? === giamshin [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:47] Corrupter: type sudo su [05:47] BadMackTuck, touch options.pptp [05:48] Wow. Had some pretty tuff luck upgrading to Breezy. [05:48] Corrupter: are you trying to run an application that requires you to log in as root? [05:48] How would I set up Bluefish to remotely edit PHP in my domain's directory? [05:48] BadMackTuck, or take your favorit editor :) [05:48] no, just trying to unmount hda1 [05:48] ah [05:48] Corrupter: then just sudo umount [05:48] thanks z3r0x that did it [05:48] sudo su should help. or you can run "sudo" before your unmount command. [05:48] touch... hm thats going to be hard to remember [05:48] BadMackTuck, you're welcom [05:48] says i have to be in root [05:49] +e === toblerp [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:49] is there anyway to configure AC97 to use more then 1 program ? === dark_line [i=] has joined #ubuntu [05:49] can anyone try to connect on the ettercap cvs repository for me? === simonvallore_ is now known as simonvallore [05:49] Corrupter: so, do "sudo su" and enter the password you logged in with. [05:49] now for example i can't listen to music while playing quake 3 [05:49] hello [05:50] hey what are the specs to play quake3? [05:50] Corrupter: you will then be root. type "exit" when you're done to go back to your regular user account. [05:51] it says hda1 does not exist [05:51] what's the in unicode again? [05:51] in ascii its [05:51] 164 [05:52] Corrupter: durr [05:52] MagicFab: will do scroll [05:52] Corrupter: do you see hda1 in /mnt? [05:52] how do i change directories? [05:52] what about /media/ ? [05:53] cd /mnt === CF_IronWarrior [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:53] cd [05:53] Corrupter: it's like windows, except the slash is forward instead of back [05:54] hda1 is in /mnt === Ep|phany [n=epiphany@] has joined #ubuntu === dev3n [n=tokyo@] has left #ubuntu ["fu"] === drcode [n=user1@] has joined #ubuntu [05:54] is there a way to delete my windows partition from ubuntu? [05:54] Corrupter: what command are you typing to unmount? [05:54] shouldnt it be umount === zoyd [n=vinay@] has joined #ubuntu [05:54] umount hda1 === highvoltage [n=Jono@] has joined #ubuntu === nemesis [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:55] Corrupter: ah crap. I think I misled you. I think you're supposed to unmount in /dev (devices) === jmworx [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:55] Corrupter: hold on a sec, I'm going to check [05:56] that worked [05:56] does anyone know how to setup a wireless card on a compaq v2000z? [05:56] thx [05:56] Corrupter: yeah. run umount in /dev [05:56] Corrupter: cool [05:56] nemesis: do you have any idea what wireless card it has? [05:56] broadcom [05:56] not sure modle [05:56] model === thewayofzen [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:57] well that's necessary [05:57] type lspci to find out [05:57] nemesis: uggh [05:57] at root console.. or look in the device manager [05:57] Does Bluefish use GNOME VFS? How could I find out? [05:57] any idea how to make xchat not display join - leave messages? [05:57] ubotu: tell nemesis about ndiswrapper [05:57] I looked under pref and advanced cant find anything to stop it [05:57] nemesis: read that link which ubotu pm'ed you === drnick_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:59] say, is anyone aware of any kernel comparisons between linux and SunOS? [05:59] any nifty programs i should know about? [05:59] Corrupter, ran automatix yet? [06:00] jrsims, that seems like a pointless excercise [06:00] since i don't know what that is, obviously not [06:00] holycow: how so? [06:00] jrsims, let me rephrase that, i have not seen such a thing, lol, you didn't ask for my opinion afterall :) [06:00] google for it and check out the thread on ubuntuforums (should be top result). It adds a bunch of usability stuff === twidget [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [06:01] Corrupter, One of my favorite programs to play with is Hydrogen, a drum kit machine. [06:01] is automatix like synaptic? [06:01] does it use apt-get? [06:01] ok dudes, I need to reinstall grub. I dont have a standard installation as far as I can tell. I am dual booting with winxp. Here is my partition table: can someone help me sift through this to make sure installing grub wont mess something up? [06:01] holycow: yeah, I'm just really curious about how the two stack up. Both have their unique benefits, but still. I'd like to know. :) [06:02] Corrupter: do you know how to install new software yet? [06:02] jrsims: slightly [06:02] ClayG, yes, it adds a bunch of sources and then apt-gets all the things you told it you wanted. It's a script to automate adding a bunch of commonly used things. [06:02] jrsims: not manually, just through stuff like add programs [06:02] Corrupter: I think synaptic counts as a nifty program. :) [06:02] lol and you can't apt-get it? === darkline [i=] has joined #ubuntu [06:03] how do i install a new gtk engine [06:03] ClayG, no, you have to download automatix, it's attached to the forum thread that talks about it. [06:03] Corrupter: you should be able to access synaptic from System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager [06:03] ClayG, it's not actually a program, just a script [06:03] reading the thread now [06:04] dude i hope that isn't your avatar [06:04] Corrupter: if you're just starting with linux, Synaptic will make you very happy. You can search the ubuntu repositories for new programs to install. [06:04] jrsims: i know how to do that, it's how i enabled universal === Hentai^NT [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:04] Corrupter: then you just select the apps you want (you can choose a bunch at a time), and it will install everything very neat and clean like. [06:04] jrsims: this is more like... reminiscing, i haven't used Linux since waaaaaaay back in the day when it was more text than gui, since i was like... 14 i think [06:04] Corrupter: ok [06:05] Corrupter: yeah, things have changed a lot since then. :) [06:05] i dont understand.. how is it that ext3 is a module with the default ubuntu kernel and not built-in if the filesystem for the boot (root partition) is ext3? and then if i build-in ext3 it complains on boot about not being able to find the ext3 module (and the modules.dep file not existing) ? [06:05] jrsims: quite a bit, last OS i used was Slackware 8 and Red Hat 9 === jose [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:05] pztak: maybe the initrd has something to do with it [06:06] robotgeek, any suggestions on how to figure that out? [06:06] Why did Ubuntu team take out xorgconfig configuration tool? Using the Xorg -configure doesn't work as well. [06:06] Corrupter: I used slack for a while, but Debain sucked me in with it's unmatched package management features. Then ubuntu took it to the next level. [06:06] is there any way to get xmms on ubuntu? [06:06] is 2.4 kernels supported in breezy? [06:06] Corrupter, that's one of the things automatix installs [06:07] sweeeeeeet [06:07] using automatix now [06:07] Corrupter, have you checked out synaptic ? .... [06:07] Corrupter, or you can install it yourself. Check for it in synaptic [06:07] pztak: no, i was just guessing. sorry [06:07] when printing from a program like GnuCash how can I select another printer besides the default? [06:07] I like this, this is somethig i was wanting to get [06:07] the good stuff you want as soon as you re-install [06:08] i can't find automatix [06:08] it aint in there [06:08] [06:08] Isn't the 2.6 kernel in breezy? === navarone [n=] has joined #ubuntu === gpd [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:08] go there and look at the bottom left hand corner, download it. [06:08] Corrupter, automatix is on the forums. xmms might be in synaptic (if it's in the repositories you have enabled) === whaq [n=whaq@] has joined #ubuntu === pickett_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:09] xmms is in the repos [06:09] I have an AMD 64 3200+ but /proc/cpuinfo says cpu MHz 1004.597??? any clue why? [06:10] jrsims, uname -r [06:10] wickedpuppy: ha. yes! thanks. [06:10] cheers :P [06:10] ummm... ok... where is it on this page, lol, i don't see a download link [06:10] it;s right above the thumb nail [06:11] bottom left of the first post [06:11] im sorry [06:11] underneith [06:11] it's small, jsut the file name [06:11] whoa [06:11] hydrogen is cool [06:11] actually [06:11] [06:11] there is the direct download link [06:11] yeah, hydrogen is awesome (: [06:11] i had no idea that existed, thx for the heads up :) [06:11] np [06:11] yeah thanks atro, it is a good tool [06:11] Is there a way to save the audio/video stream from Totem? === nick__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === morzel [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:12] if you're into music production, check out the software that agnula demudi puts on their distribution. They also have a live cd based on ubuntu's live cd that's fun to try out. === foampeace [n=] has joined #ubuntu === jrsims is now known as linustorvalds === xxvii [n=] has joined #ubuntu === linustorvalds is now known as LinusTorvalds [06:12] ok dudes, I need to reinstall grub because winxp wiped the mbr. I did not install this (my school has an image) so I dont know the details of how its installedl. I am dual booting with winxp. Here is my partition table: can someone help me sift through this to make sure installing grub wont mess something up? [06:12] MOOOOOOOOOOOOORNING [06:12] Hey guys. How do you like linux? === pramz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:13] whats the best media player in your opinion? [06:13] thats a nice troll ... [06:13] Corrupter: vlc for vids, amarok for mp3's === LinusTorvalds [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [06:13] heh [06:13] what about xmms? [06:13] Corrupter: audio or video? [06:13] <_jason> Corrupter, i like bmp but haven't tried amarok [06:13] hey, what program should i use to make a bootable CD from a .img file? === HoosierDaddy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:14] xmms is good, i think amarok is good also [06:14] Corrupter, i like wmp .... [06:14] Who's your daddy? [06:14] !ops [06:14] Help! seb128, bob2, fabbione, lamont, thom, Keybuk, fooishbar, jdub, mdz, Amaranth, tritium, ajmitch, crimsun, ogra, CarlK, Seveas, Burgundavia, apokryphos, thoreauputic, and nalioth [06:14] xmms uses like... 5000000mb of ram [06:14] I wish they made Amarok with a GTK+ interface for Gnome. [06:14] lol [06:14] video: mplayer === mode/#ubuntu [+o nalioth] by ChanServ [06:14] wickedpuppy: yes? [06:14] trolls [06:14] :P [06:14] Hmm, I wish I knew the difference [06:14] ok, well, i use gnome, so what sthe best? === pramz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:14] audio: Rhytmbox === lukins [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:15] Rhythmbox [06:15] :D [06:15] i need a bash command that will add one text file to the top of another text file [06:15] <_jason> Corrupter, you should just try the ones suggested and pick the one you like the best, it's easy with synaptic === MachineScrew is now known as EFF [06:15] it's fine under gnome [06:15] linlin: car file1.txt file2.txt > new_file [06:15] linlin: cat file1.txt file2.txt > new_file === CavalierBob [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:15] can someone tell me how to make ubuntu not turn off the computer at shutdown === EFF is now known as MachineScrew [06:15] which p2p progs people use? I was using gnutella-gtk but have found an old windows friend phex. Runs on java and has linux version basically a nice gui frontend to access gnutella network [06:15] Question - how are kernel upgrades handled by ubuntu? === _jason returns from typing man car [06:15] ok, that will work? [06:15] i have a 3.5 mb partition, but i have a 20 GB hard drive, i need to expand my Linux partition, is it possible without completely re-formatting? [06:15] lukins: ah [06:16] lukins: what do you want it to do then? [06:16] awesome [06:16] Corrupter: let's use windows media player with wine... [06:16] :D [06:16] A 3.5Mb partition? for the love of god why? [06:16] locomorto, stay powered on, not power off [06:16] will amarok work on gnome? === Aegir [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:16] lol, a test [06:16] lukins: then why turn it off? [06:16] yes atro [06:16] atrophic: yup [06:16] i didn't want to murder Windows till i knew if Ubuntu would work with my system [06:16] hmm upgraded to xchat 2.6.0 :P === mode/#ubuntu [-o nalioth] by ChanServ [06:17] atrophic...i couldnt get it to play ball...i use xmms and have gmusicbrowser as well [06:17] how do you get these damn join /leave messages out of xchat [06:17] i dont see an option to squelch them [06:17] locomorto i have a switch on a power outlet that I like to just switch on and the whole system turns on [06:17] pramz: what's new in this? === locomorto uses amarok [06:17] new version number [06:17] I have xchat 2.4.4 [06:17] lukins: you mean like standby? [06:17] Corrupter, I'm assuming you meant 3.5Gb then, not 3.5Mb? [06:17] ... yes [06:17] lol [06:17] lol [06:17] sry, just got home from work... veeeeeeeeery tired [06:17] Don't you have to install all the KDEbase packages for amarok? [06:18] Corrupter: what partiton type did you use? [06:18] apt-get's doing that for me now [06:18] ext3 [06:18] locomorto: i guess, like windows 95 said, now its safe to shutdown, and you had to turn the computer off yourself [06:18] use synaptic :D [06:18] it's the only one that looked familiar from back in the day when i used linux === SEJeff [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:19] Corrupter: yes, if you use gparted [06:19] morzel, I find apt-get better when you know the name of what you're looking for exactly [06:19] atrophic, does this change my sources.list file? or does it use it's own fiel? [06:19] file? [06:19] Corrupter: now finding a live cd with gparted on it [06:19] if so i'd like to jack some repo's [06:19] ClayG: are you using automatix? [06:19] little bit harder? [06:19] yes [06:19] ClayG, I believe it adds them to yours. [06:19] ClayG: it backs up yours === tman_ubuntu [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [06:19] nice [06:20] ClayG: then overights them with its [06:20] ClayG: i advise a home directory backup [06:20] Corrupter: what will your choice? [06:20] shit, I'm downloading stuff now from it [06:20] morzel: huh? [06:20] nalioth, what does it do to the home directory? [06:20] ClayG: those "easy scripts" have all caused problems with folks [06:20] ok dudes, I need to reinstall grub because winxp wiped the mbr. I did not install this (my school has an image) so I dont know the details of how its installedl. I am dual booting with winxp. Here is my partition table: can someone help me sift through this to make sure installing grub wont mess something up? [06:20] media plyer? [06:20] ClayG: nothing, it just can wreck your core system [06:21] locomorto > You can get system rescue cd iso from < -- cd has lots of tools and stuff to help system probs...both windows and linux [06:21] d03boy, try the forums, nobody's been responding here despite you pasting the same thing several times [06:21] it can "just wreck you core system"? [06:21] lol cool [06:21] third time's a charm [06:21] navarone: but that only has qtparted [06:21] ClayG: something about the --force-all option that is in them [06:22] :( [06:22] couldn't a person run the installer and go thru the resize partiion bit and back out after partion is writtenm and before actual install? [06:22] I had a bad feeling about that kids picture [06:22] !ati [06:22] ati is, like, at or [06:23] ClayG: if it's still d/l pkgs, stop it [06:23] i just did [06:23] Is it possible to enable 3d graphics acceleration without the proprietary ati drivers? I just put in a newer and much better card, and it performs much slower [06:23] it was like prolly half way through [06:24] ClayG: if it was still d/l it didnt --force-all anything [06:24] x is very new to me. I prefer the shell [06:24] then why did i stop it? [06:24] what's the --force-all do? [06:24] ClayG: at least if it was written responsibly it didnt [06:24] He's saying your man's script is a trojan [06:24] atrophic: Ignore dependencies === ficusplanet [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:24] atrophic: --force-all breaks things. it overwrites system files whether it's a good idea or not [06:24] does automatix use --force-all? === dewd [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:25] ClayG: no. i'm saying it's not the most sane thing to do, esp when we have proven methods available here [06:25] SEJeff...i look at it this way...some people are more visual so they like a gui and others are more into letters and such so they lean towards cli [06:25] atrophic: you can --force-all a powerpc binary into a x86 box and really screw things up (or vice versa) [06:25] I tried to compile ettercap (make) but it doesent work -> does anybody know this error? === krischan [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:26] ok - this is freaking weird... I seem to be able to tune my AMD64's clockspeed with cpufreq-selector... funky === Agrajag [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:26] i searched the script for -force--all and didnt find it [06:26] navarone: I am a 'nix systems admin. I just updated my video card from a Radeon 7500 to an ati 9250. Now x runs slower and 3ddesktop complains about 3d hardware accleeration [06:26] or even the word force [06:27] think it's still dangerous? [06:27] what program can I use to modify iso files? (add files to an ISO, etc.) [06:27] z3r0x: it's in the repos [06:27] nalioth, well that's all well and good, but does automatix actually do that? The system I used it one was admittedly new, but I had 0 problems with it. [06:27] ClayG: have fun. i've spoken from experience with all the folks in here that have run "easy scripts" === bluefoxicy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:27] I bought this card because it is supposed to support EXA well [06:27] z3r0x: enable universe [06:27] robotgeek, yes but I guess not with ssl support [06:27] ClayG: and had their boxes messed up [06:28] z3r0x: first do a 'sudo apt-get build-dep ettercap' to install the dependencies [06:28] z3r0x: you might also need libssl-dev, i guess [06:28] yes [06:28] robotgeek, I'll try it thx [06:28] hmm, I may just use the scripts sources.lsit [06:29] lsit [06:29] er whatever [06:29] hehe === epistax [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:29] atrophic: lots of folks have been in here with broken systems from using "easy scripts", and i dont understand it, cuz we have safe proven methods to get the stuff in place already === Jimb0b [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:29] I used alot of the stuff from the guide [06:29] mplayer doesn't work in mozilla [06:29] ClayG: using non ubuntu repos is not advised, either [06:29] robotgeek, I run the command. and now? [06:30] can anyone please tell me how I can add files to an ISO? === concept10 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:30] I'd like to start editing kernel configuration options from the ubuntu default, is there a kernel package that'll get me a source there? [06:30] ok, i have a bit problem [06:30] nalioth, But adding 30 things manually is so much less fun ;) I guess you just have to trust the scripter if you're lazy enough to use it. [06:30] z3r0x: sudo apt-get install libssl-dev , then ./configure && make && sudo checkinstall === siggen [n=sigg3n@] has joined #ubuntu [06:30] Hello, a question if I may. === DShepherd [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:30] blanky: [06:30] siggen, ask away [06:31] Corrupter: You don't know how to get the kernel package and you want to change it? Sounds like you're going to break things [06:31] To become an ubuntu developer would would it take? [06:31] Also, where would I have to go? [06:31] SEJeff> check this thread and see if anything pertains to you...or gives any ideas [06:31] atrophic: we usually have to help the folks who's box gets trounced, tho [06:31] hey [06:31] robotgeek, where can I find the source? [06:31] sejeff: wtf? [06:31] you are required to ask questions here :> [06:31] sejeff: i never said anything about that... [06:31] nalioth, understood. It hadn't occured to me that they caused problems. Perhaps I should stop recommending automatix in here. [06:31] z3r0x: apt-get source ettercap === dts [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:31] Corrupter: stupid autocomplete, sorry [06:32] has anyone used unison [06:32] atrophic: or perhaps write your own responsible script using safe methods? === munkay [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:32] siggen: just develop :) [06:32] epistax: You don't know how to get the kernel package and you want to change it? Sounds like you're going to break things [06:32] nalioth, so you know that automatix does not use "safe methods"? [06:32] SEJeff: New to apt-get and ubunu, not linux :P [06:32] ubuntu :P [06:32] any college kids here [06:32] nalioth, but a) that defeats the purpose of being lazy and b) why would anybody trust me more than they'd trust the maker of automatix? [06:32] i have a problem, when i try to do updates or download something using synaptic, about 8 sites say they were unable to connect due to 404 errors [06:32] concept10: me [06:32] nalioth: What I ment was, a program or something, a method, etc., that lets me add files to an ISO [06:33] robotgeek, so it's not like gentoo and what not? [06:33] ClayG: obviously it doesnt check for enough variables or folks wouldnt be in here with problems [06:33] Corrupter, you ever used gnu/scheme? [06:33] epistax: apt-cache search kernel will give you what you need. I'll let you find it :-) [06:33] blanky: read the wiki, it tells you how [06:33] concept10 [06:33] concept10: no [06:33] siggen: what do u mean? === drcode [n=user1@] has joined #ubuntu [06:33] oh you have heard others say that they had problems with automatix === loorni [i=] has joined #ubuntu [06:33] it does awww, I cant find where [06:33] I guess I will just install it from the dapper repository [06:33] hi guys. does anyone here know much about linux file systems? [06:34] munkay: just ask the question :) [06:34] anybody know what i should do? [06:34] munkay> don't get em started...;) [06:34] siggen: also join #ubuntu-devel [06:34] ahh [06:34] is it safe to resize the root partition in windows (partition magic) [06:34] :) [06:34] robotgeek, I still get this error while trying to run make. But I run configure with a few options [06:34] thanks [06:34] !tell Corrupter about repos [06:34] atrophic: ClayG: do as you will, i just speak from the "after" side of the scripts [06:34] siggen: #ubuntu-motu is where you need to go to get started [06:34] z3r0x: have no clue [06:34] ha. sorry. i have 4 drives. 300 + 250 + 250 + 200. I want to set them up as a file server. Holding mostly large files (100-1000 meg). which file system would you suggest [06:35] i cant decide between xfs or reiser3 [06:35] nalioth, I understand your position. I think we're just wanting to know if it's automatix specifically that you've heard people have trouble with [06:35] Ok nalioth, I'm using it now [06:35] robotgeek, it works now...without options in configure [06:36] z3r0x: hmm, cool [06:36] munkay: reiser is best for small files. ext3 is battlehardened and works like a champ regardless. xfs was designed for large files. A 1GB file isn't very large though [06:36] Nice, everything worked smoothly. Lets see if my mplayer plugin works now === RRubin [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:36] good test is goto and goto the movie gallery [06:36] is there a way to send a message/alert to all users on a network (or a specific IP) in X? [06:36] that didn't really help much... [06:36] okay so if i had say thousands of files between 5-10 megs each. you would suggest reiser for that drive? [06:37] sortof like net send in dos i guess [06:37] and xfs for the larger file drives? [06:37] pppoe_dude: theres a port of that for linux but it doesnt run by defaulet [06:37] how do i do any of this? === m0zone [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:37] Corrupter, do any of what? [06:37] pppoe_dude: linpopup === TiaoqWLFe [n=iorfmfvi@] has joined #ubuntu === TiaoqWLFe [n=iorfmfvi@] has left #ubuntu [] === TiaoqWLFe [n=iorfmfvi@] has joined #ubuntu [06:38] god,do .wmv clips not play off of websites in FF? [06:38] I could have sworn they did === TiaoqWLFe [n=iorfmfvi@] has left #ubuntu [] === IguanaNed [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:38] munkay: You won't notice a difference unless you are using something like fibrechannel drives. If you are using IDE or SATA, the differences are minimal with reiser vs xfs vs the world [06:38] robotgeek, do I have to do something after sudo checkinstall? [06:38] RRubin, does it send to linux users? [06:38] munkay: Thats my experience, ymmv [06:38] pppoe_dude: if they run the client [06:38] ClayG, they do for me [06:38] oh wait! [06:38] It's working now [06:38] RRubin ok [06:38] had to close FF and reload it, forgot about that [06:38] nalioth: sorry for the annoyance, but I'm kind of in a hurry, thanks for the help. But could you give me an example command for the following situation: I have an ISO, and I want to add a file to the ISO [06:38] NICE MAN [06:38] automatix is AWSOME! [06:38] z3r0x: did it say installation successful? if so, copy the deb somewhere safe and keep it away :) [06:38] when i try to do updates or install something, it tell me i have like 8 404 errors [06:39] ca any one here help me out to get Azureus running on my udbuntu box? [06:39] things actually work, think of it as an updated, current version of ubuntuguide, but automated [06:39] SEJeff: ah. so ext3 is just as good you say? im asking because i also want to beagle-index the whole thing [06:39] blanky: i dont remaster cds. i just point people to the link [06:39] Corrupter: change mirrors [06:39] robotgeek, yes it was successful. [06:39] how? and to what? [06:39] SEJeff: and beagle works fine with ext3 right now (im running it on my laptop) [06:39] ubotu: tell ClayG about ubuntuguide [06:39] z3r0x: that's it, you should be able to run it [06:39] Synaptic can't find azureus weh I search for it === thrice` [n=User@unaffiliated/Thr1cE] has joined #ubuntu [06:39] Automatix = UbuntuGuidexVersion 2 on steroids === ubuntuking [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:40] munkay: Just make sure to put user_xattr in your /etc/fstab so that beagles extra metadata searching/indexing works [06:40] Corrupter: synaptic, settings, repositories [06:40] oh well [06:40] munkay: Yes, that would work fine [06:40] ok, well, i checked all the repositories... and like 15 of them failed [06:40] i checked all the files and they said faield next to half of them [06:41] Iguananed, you need to enable a repository that has it. [06:41] Corrupter: which mirror are you using? [06:41] SEJeff: where do the adv/disadv of reiser/xfs come into play then, if they are same as ext3 for this use? [06:41] i don't know [06:41] corrupter, how about at least using the sources.list in automatix [06:41] atrophic: do youknow which one I need to enable? [06:41] you will have a much wider selection [06:41] wtf, give me a break, i'm an utter n00b === ulcaRSiA [n=iorfmfvi@] has joined #ubuntu === ulcaRSiA [n=iorfmfvi@] has left #ubuntu [] [06:41] Corrupter: using non ubuntu repos will have negative effects on your machine. i guarantee it. [06:42] Corrupter: theres a file called /etc/apt/sources.list. in it is a list of repositories. is the default for us people [06:42] munkay: reiser was designed to work well for smaller files and speed. It more efficiently compacts smaller files and saves space if you have thousands of small files [06:42] SEJeff: how small is small === dpirotte [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:42] SEJeff: a few k, or a few megs? [06:42] ClayG: does automatix use non-Ubuntu repos? (just curious...) [06:42] munkay: Less than a meg generally [06:42] how can I unmount something [06:42] munkay, think webservers with thousands of html pages [06:43] Madpilot: i'm sure it does, it installs all those codecs and all [06:43] IguanaNed, sorry, I don't know which repository I got it from. === RobNyc [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [06:43] what's the unmoutn command [06:43] SEJeff: gotcha. and xfs is opposite. large db files etc [06:43] SEJeff: rite? [06:43] blanky: umount [06:43] sudo umount media/cdrom0 ? [06:43] thanks, that it? [06:43] blanky: yup [06:43] Atrphic: is it ok to enable all fo them? [06:43] blanky: or eject /dev/cdrom also works [06:44] munkay, Silicon Graphics designed xfs to work with their giga/tera byte movie files on their custom Irix operating system. They open sourced xfs when they started building linux clusters [06:44] IguanaNed, all of the default ones, yes. You can even add additional ones manually if you choose, though nalioth swears it negatively effects your system. [06:44] munkay, it was designed for massive files === Astxist [n=] has joined #Ubuntu [06:44] scared it says it doesnt exist [06:44] Pilot give me one second and I'll post what It uses [06:44] media/cdrom0 or media/cdrom doesnt exist (it says) [06:44] Madpilot, yes, it uses non-ubuntu repos [06:45] blanky: just type 'mount' to see if it's mounted [06:45] ? what BitTorrent client are ppl using here? [06:45] oh nevermind, I was in my home dir that's why [06:45] all i'm using is the original repositories from ubuntu, i haven't changed anything [06:45] ClayG: pastebin or just post a URL - no need to flood the channel [06:45] it just keeps giving me the error that it can't connect [06:45] maybe just a show of hands? === munkay [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"] [06:45] atrophic: it will cause a conflict in the upgrade process. depending on the amount of non ubuntu pkgs and the level of the pkg, it may bring the box to a "frozen" position [06:45] IguanaNed: either rufus or btdownloadcurses [06:45] where is the ubuntu forum [06:45] munkay, ext3 was designed to add journalling capabilities to ext2. I would dare to say that ext3 is the most stable fs while reiser is one of the least. I've heard several horror stories about reiser eating filesystems === munkay [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:45] woulodnt iit be in the "community" tab? i dont see it [06:45] That's what I'm doing, that is what is taking longer - thanks for the tip [06:45] d03boy: [06:45] SEJeff: thanks === james__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:46] SEJeff: looks like i'll stick reiser for my smaller drive and ext3 for the rest === robotgeek is lucky that reiser hasn't eaten my drive yet :) [06:46] munkay: The bottleneck is your disk. Unless you are using very expensive and VERY fast disks like fibrechannel, you won't notice a huge difference with anything [06:46] SEJeff: ah. so the better alternative is just to ext3 the damn things, and go with what's reliable [06:46] this is my first IRC message 'hello world' [06:47] james__: we can see you [06:47] i disagree with SEJeff [06:47] james__, wrong syntax, try echo "hellow world"; [06:47] god, these pastebin servers are slow [06:47] munkay, do the research yourself. I'm merely telling you my experience [06:47] i did kind of mess with the /etc/apt/sources.list file a little while ago... === talios [n=] has joined #ubuntu === onkarshinde [n=onkarshi@] has joined #ubuntu [06:47] reiser is a terrific fs [06:47] holycow, by all means... enlighten us [06:47] #ubuntu-offtopic is waiting :) [06:47] does samba have a GUI [06:47] Corrupter: "kind of mess with"? [06:47] how can I use samba === wjb [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:48] atrophic: using non ubuntu pkgs causes dependency errors and will cause the box to not upgrade at some point [06:48] blanky: swat? === twigsby [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:48] holycow, let me see if I can find the quote from Hans Reiser about focusing on speed moreso than stability on LKML... [06:48] "kind of mess with" = "broke" [06:48] well, last night everybody on here was trying to help me enable universe, then everything just went fCking nuts with it [06:48] i changed like 1 # and then the whole thing was 100% different when i went back to it [06:48] SEJeff: true. but thanks for the info. first hand experience is just as valuable too. [06:48] lol indeed, munkay generally you will see two types of users out there, reiser haters, and then those of us who use it. it's not that their opinion/experience is invalid but it would help to reasearch it a bit more before condemming one on hearsay [06:48] SEJeff,holycow : please take that offtopic, though [06:48] blanky: For administration use swat. For mounting samba shares you can go Places->Connect to server [06:48] wow [06:48] [06:48] nalioth, what do you suggest if the packages you want aren't in the ubuntu repos? [06:48] thanks [06:48] atrophic: what pkgs are those? [06:49] so... ummm... any idea's of what to do? [06:49] holycow: You are making bad assumptions. I never said I hated reiser. I said it is less stable than ext3. That is a fact [06:49] atrophic: join me in #ubuntu-offtopic please [06:49] Corrupter: paste your sources.list into pastebin === Jimbob_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:49] SEJeff, cool, we can leave it at that, i just wanted to toss in a vote for the otehr side :) [06:49] my sources.list is read only how can I modify it? [06:50] IguanaNed: sudo [06:50] holycow: fair enough [06:50] Corrupter: check your sources.list against this one: - assuming you're running 5.10 (Breezy) [06:50] sudo gedit sources.lsit [06:50] IguanaNed: 'sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list' [06:50] Corrupter: the repository servers are having a bit of a hiccup atm [06:50] haha thanks. i think there's votes for both sides already. === twigsby [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:51] Corrupter: you are not the first user in the past few hours to not be able to connect [06:51] i wouldn't be considering reiser if i didnt already read up as much useful stuff and still seemed like all 3 fs do the job equally well :| [06:51] i had no real basis to pick either, so i figured i'd ask someone here === Danny| [n=Danny|] has joined #ubuntu [06:51] well, i couldn't last night either === ditesh|cassini [n=ditesh@] has joined #ubuntu [06:52] munkay, that is pretty much what my experience has been overall as well [06:53] munkay, like I also said. you won't notice a difference between filesystems speedwise. reiser compacts small files better and saves space. But you need thousands of small files for that to matter [06:53] well i have around 25 thousand [06:53] what SEJeff SAID [06:53] :) [06:54] ok, yeah, i'm missing several dozen of these sites [06:54] sorry for caps [06:54] heh [06:54] can someone give me a cop of their sources.list file so i can just copy and past into mine? [06:54] munkay: SEJeff: #ubuntu-offtopic please === NickG [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:54] ubotu: tell Corrupter about sources [06:55] ok, and how do i change it? [06:55] Corrupter: several dozen? there should only be about half a dozen entries in your sources.list === drcode [n=user1@] has joined #ubuntu === twigsby [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:55] anyone know a good security channel, but more like anon browsing , staying stealth type stuff? [06:56] Corrupter: in a terminal, type "sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list" w/o the "" [06:56] i'm saying half a dozen failed downloads [06:56] when you start synaptic?? === warren_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:56] thanks guys. see ya later. === eXcentra [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:56] this is the problem I had, from following a guide, later a guy in here gave me his sources.list and it worked great no errors... I wish I could remember the guys name [06:57] or maybe girl, I guess that was sexist of me === PabloEscobar_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === TurtleGirlMan [n=] has joined #ubuntu === The_Isle_of_Mark [n=] has joined #ubuntu === alva [n=] has joined #ubuntu === wjb [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:59] Heya, I'm messing around with Ubuntu, trying it out, trying to switch away from Windows a bit but I'm not sure if i will be able to get everythign I need/want from this, I know you can get all kinds of freeware for Linux Operateing systems but can you use programs compatable with Mac or Windows too? I can [06:59] hi [06:59] 't find anything on that anywhere === onkarshinde [n=onkarshi@] has left #ubuntu [] [07:00] how can I install printer drivers for a Canon Pixma iP 1500 please? [07:00] TurtleGirlMan, crossover office runs a bunch of windows software if thats what you mean [07:00] [07:00] so yes mostly [07:00] thats what my source.list file looks like === thewayofzen [n=thewayof@bb4win/style/ninja] has joined #ubuntu [07:00] i run windows in vmware for a few things as well === wezzer [i=] has joined #ubuntu === Arafangion_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:01] j #xubuntu [07:01] Ah, I remember that being mentioned somewhere, I'll have to go poke a t that a little bit, that might be what I need, thank you very much! [07:01] cedega supports a whole bunch of native windows games === sss_lr [n=sss_lr@] has joined #ubuntu [07:01] so you can really get access to most stuff if you want [07:01] does anybody see anything wrong with it? [07:02] can someone recommend how I get a printer working thats not in the listing? [07:02] TurtleGirlMan, those are the 3 biggies for running windows like stuff, there are other projects as well [07:02] W15 === WhyvasLT [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:02] anybody...? === wjb [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === WhyvasLT [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:03] TurtleGirlMan, what are you looking for specifically? [07:03] ... Sigh [07:04] Corrupter, checking [07:04] looks fine, whats the problem? [07:04] it won't download [07:04] Well, I want to still be able to play some of my Games for Windows and Mac like Diablo 2 as well as maybe keep MSPaint and other little things like that [07:04] keeps saying it failed at obtaining several repositories [07:04] try using uk.archive... or ca.archive instead ... there might be somethign wrong with the servers === nerdy2 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:05] and i do that... how? [07:05] Corrupter: remove the "us." from the archive URLs [07:05] oh [07:05] :) [07:05] Corrupter: so your first one becomes: deb breezy-updates main restricted [07:07] nope, still did it === thewayofzen [n=thewayof@bb4win/style/ninja] has joined #ubuntu [07:07] nalioth, are you around.. another question for you [07:07] Corrupter: try the ca archives, I just tried and they all work... [07:08] thewayofzen: ok [07:08] ok === WHoYPZWoa [n=ijxmeon@] has joined #ubuntu === WHoYPZWoa [n=ijxmeon@] has left #ubuntu [] === Sedge [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:08] !nvidia === sss_lr [n=sss_lr@] has joined #ubuntu [07:08] I heard nvidia is at, or === WHoYPZWoa [n=ijxmeon@] has joined #ubuntu [07:09] nalioth, i installed gtk-theme-switch and now i am no longer able to change gnome gtk themes using the gtk-theme-manager in system > preferences > themes without opening switch2 first by command prompt === WHoYPZWoa [n=ijxmeon@] has left #ubuntu [] === sss_lr__ [n=sss_lr@] has joined #ubuntu [07:09] Corrupter: or replace your entire sources.list with a cut-n-paste of this: [07:09] nalioth, is this normal behavior? === sss_lr [n=sss_lr@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === sss_lr [n=sss_lr@] has joined #ubuntu === Jimb0b [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Decadent [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:09] thewayofzen: i'm not much on look-pretties, i like functionality over appearance (i dont know the answer, sorry) === agtnz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:10] hmmmm, that seems to be working so far [07:10] worked [07:10] nalioth, thanks. it would appear that removing gtk-theme-switch fixes the issue. it would appear im better off without it. (was using it for flux) [07:10] Corrupter: the .ca or the complete replacement? [07:10] nalioth, which WM are u running? === UdontKnow [i=udontkno@freenode/staff/udontknow] has joined #ubuntu [07:11] uk === jrsims [n=] has joined #ubuntu === sirexas [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:11] thewayofzen: i run on average 10 terminals in the ootb gnome brown (iow, i'd be happy with any WM, since most all of my stuff is done in a terminal) [07:12] nalioth: you use fluxbox? [07:12] nalioth, rad. as usual.. youve been a fine help. always appreciated. :) === keikoz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:12] jrsims: i have used it, yes [07:12] nalioth: what's your preferred wm? === pQeooie [n=ijxmeon@] has joined #ubuntu === pQeooie is now known as oDVop === oDVop [n=ijxmeon@] has left #ubuntu [] === siggen [n=sigg3n@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [07:12] jrsims: as i said to thewayofzen i run 94% of my stuff in a terminal [07:13] i like that. ninety four :) [07:13] nalioth: right, I caught the tail end of that conversation. === Dann0 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:13] nalioth: was wondering - in light of the fact that you prefer terminals, which WM did you find best suited you? === RobNyc [n=] has joined #ubuntu === highvoltage [n=Jono@] has joined #ubuntu [07:14] jrsims: i use the standard brown gnome to hold my gnome-terminals === HiddenWolf [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:14] nalioth: ah ok [07:15] anyone know how to open all folders within other folders in tree view/ [07:15] what else is there besides terminal? [07:15] fluxbox is cool, but if you're going to run any Gnome apps, you might as well boot into gnome anyway since you'll end up having to load the gnome libraries. === takizawa [n=pirch@] has joined #ubuntu === vonPryz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:16] jrsims: you can try ratpoison or ion [07:16] robotgeek: I haven't heard of either. Like flux I assume? [07:17] jrsims: nope, radically different [07:17] robotgeek: what's the philosophy? [07:17] jrsims: nope, more austere [07:17] jrsims: ratpoison is a mouse-less wm and ion is a fork [07:17] what's the best way to have a userspace (!) program run periodically (every other day) [07:17] jrsims: ratpoison is 'screen'like [07:18] interesting [07:18] dts: open a terminal and type "man cron" [07:18] dts: add it to your cron job, crontab -u -e [07:18] can't you also just run xorg without a WM? [07:18] i mean, if you wanted to? === blanky [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [07:19] jrsims: not sure what you'd see, but yes i guess it's possible === kwtm2 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === pigmonkey [n=] has joined #ubuntu === pigmonkey [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === barosl [n=barosl@] has joined #ubuntu === BinaryDigit [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Dann0 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:20] hi all [07:20] anyone know how to get lame to convert wma to mp3? [07:20] hmm. These ion screens look appealing.... === Kinomees [n=kinomees@] has joined #ubuntu [07:21] anyone know how to copy a whole bunch of files from one dir to another? === nalioth is now known as noirequus [07:21] cp -rv /path/to/files/ /path/to/new/ [07:21] robotgeek: what if it's a X program [07:21] BinaryDigit, cp /path/to/folder/ /path [07:21] dell500, shit you were faster [07:21] :) [07:22] i did that alot with my mp3s :) [07:22] ^^ [07:22] i'm uber messed up too, wierd :) [07:22] oo thank you!!! [07:22] dell500: one sec. === uny [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:22] :D [07:22] Rather than installing Ubuntu 5.10 (which I have), I've installed Ubuntu 5.04 so that I can test upgrading. I'm to understand that Hoary, for example, can turn itself into Badger. Do I need to change any repositories for that to happen? [07:22] dts: hmm, i am not sure if cron can do that [07:23] Curious. For those of you who do like to run near 10 terminals at a time, what programs are you running? [07:23] I tried to upgrade Hoary to Breezy, and run into some problems. I edited sources.list and s/hoary/breezy/ Apt and Synaptics upgraded some packages, but some 50 packages are not upgraded. [07:23] jrsims: screen === mojo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:23] robotgeek: what is that? === robitaille [n=robitail@ubuntu/member/robitaille] has joined #ubuntu [07:23] apt-get install nmapfe just gives an error: nmapfe: Depends: libc6 (>= 2.3.4-1) but 2.3.2.ds1-20ubuntu14 is to be installed [07:23] kwtm2, yes, exactly [07:23] dell500: a script which converts all wma's in the directory to mp3 using lame [07:23] sweet! [07:23] vonPryz: okay, but I can just substitute "Breezy" for "Hoary" and it should work, right? [07:23] vonPryz: get rid of your non-Ubuntu archive references in /etc/apt/sources.list [07:23] ubotu: tell kwtm2 about breezy [07:23] robotgeek: what about flac -> mp3? === WildPenguin [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:24] dell500: just change the appropriate commands. i din't write tht stuff :) [07:24] robotgeek: where should i put that? [07:24] dell500: just run in in the directory where you have the wma's [07:24] dah, I forgot. What's the polite way to kill a process without using the 'kill' command? [07:24] oh ok [07:25] jrsims: i know killall is indecent [07:25] well crap, i don';t have mplayer [07:25] redondos: No joy getting Ubuntu on the armada laptop. just does not like the limited memory. Even tried server install... MEPISLite tried to start an X but never got to a GUI. === razor__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:26] robotgeek: yes, that's a little ruder to my processes than I prefer. [07:26] :) [07:26] what fonts do you guys use for firefox? [07:26] mojo: there's something called featherlinux/puppy linux/damn small linux [07:26] how can I install printer drivers for a Canon Pixma iP 1500 please? [07:26] can someone recommend how I get a printer working thats not in the listing? [07:27] crimsun, I don't think I have any non-Ubuntu archive references. All my sources.list entries are pointing to repositories. I used to have Marillat (sp?) earlier on, though. === oiwrRiF [n=pmlbxjuo@] has joined #ubuntu === oiwrRiF [n=pmlbxjuo@] has left #ubuntu [] [07:27] robotgeek: i'm trying to get a minimal gui for web browsing on an old compaq armada laptop with 32mb memory. Other fun stuff is pcmcia usb adaptor to usb cable modem (usbnet). === iSeXDeudo [n=ebaiixna@] has joined #ubuntu [07:28] mojo: hmm, no idea :( === iSeXDeudo is now known as eweZwlH === eweZwlH [n=ebaiixna@] has left #ubuntu [] [07:28] vonPryz: then you need to remove anything installed from debian-marillat [07:28] robotgeek: the poor sad thing has win98 on it but can find no drivers for usb card or eth. over usb to get cable modem [07:29] i am trying MEPISLite again with a different kernel option (2.4) === mcadory [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:29] crimsun, I see. Any easy way to find out which packages came from there? I don't remember anymore what did I install. === oaUIQeiWu [n=ebaiixna@] has joined #ubuntu [07:29] vonPryz: dpkg -i | less === jmworx [n=] has joined #ubuntu === twidget [i=] has joined #ubuntu [07:29] vonPryz: nm, my bad === oaUIQeiWu [n=ebaiixna@] has left #ubuntu [] === rob_p [n=rob@freenode/supporter/active/RobertPectol] has joined #ubuntu === twidget [i=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [07:29] vonPryz: start by looking at the error message you got. [07:30] I was hoping to find out what Debian version someone was suggesting earlier, said I should try it with xfce === Silencer [n=Silencer@] has joined #ubuntu === metzen [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Jimbob_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === oaUIQeiWu [n=ebaiixna@] has joined #ubuntu === oaUIQeiWu [n=ebaiixna@] has left #ubuntu [] === Corrupter [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:31] how do i install automatix === ubuntu [n=] has joined #ubuntu === NeverAgain [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:31] how do I use dapper ? === oaUIQeiWu [n=ebaiixna@] has joined #ubuntu === oaUIQeiWu [n=ebaiixna@] has left #ubuntu [] === redxninja [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:32] NeverAgain: don't unless you're prepared for breakage. === ueliaEiB [n=pmlbxjuo@] has joined #ubuntu === ueliaEiB [n=pmlbxjuo@] has left #ubuntu [] [07:33] how do i install automatix? [07:33] Corrupter, download the script from the forums, run it, then go to applications -> system tools -> automatix [07:33] ok === ZiX [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:33] how do i run it...? [07:33] doesn't know how to isntall [07:33] hi all, how to get planeshift? [07:33] crimsun: Dapper is quite stable at the moment. Has been from day 1. Probably have some major breakage like what happened with XOrg during the Breezy development cycle [07:33] But it's been good sofar === mcadory [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [07:34] Corrupter, the forum post you download it from should have instructions. If you read those and still can't get through it, pm me and I'll help you through it. [07:34] what will dapper do though ? [07:34] if I run it and it doesn't work out [07:34] NeverAgain: If you're asking that type of question, then Dapper seriously isn't for you. I'd stick with Breezy. [07:34] NeverAgain, look at the topic -> If you have to ask how to use dapper, don't. ^^ [07:34] z3r0x: Well said [07:35] is postgres 8.1 packaged for ubuntu anywhere at all? I only see 7.4 and 8.0 [07:35] ^^ [07:35] erm... how to get planeshift? [07:35] 'lo crimsun === ajmitch_ is finally upgrading to dapper now :) [07:35] ZiX: it is not in the repositories, I don't think... you may have to download it, compile, and install it from the planeshift website [07:35] hey ajmitch_ [07:35] what is dapper? [07:35] ... is dapper drake out? [07:35] hi talios [07:36] ZiX: certainly not [07:36] I've been riding the Duck since about a week into its development [07:36] it's in development [07:36] ZiX: unless they have a .deb for it you can download and try installing with dpkg [07:36] what features does dapper drake have? === [caminante] [n=] has joined #ubuntu === lhb [i=] has joined #ubuntu [07:36] how do i show the files owned by a package with apt again? [07:36] is dapper the next release after breezy? === Aegir hides before he says somthing that leads a whole heap of Linux noobs off a cliff into the realm of 'broken computr' [07:37] Aegir: good idea :) [07:37] ajmitch_: ;) [07:37] hehe === kalias [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:37] ah, dpkg -L [07:37] developers & those that know how to unbreak a system are the ones who should be working with dapper [07:37] Hi! How does one setup vnc on linux? [07:37] Aegir: yes, I know (as a MOTU). [07:38] crimsun: bows [07:38] Aegir: no need for that, but seriously, like ajmitch_ said, it's too early to be recommending it === jcape [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:38] kalias: install software, run vncserver on server and vncviewer on client [07:38] WHOA === ditesh|cassini [n=ditesh@] has joined #ubuntu === kostas [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:38] cool games around there in the topic. [07:38] limewire rocks [07:39] kalias, and drill some holes to firewall, if needed. [07:39] RobNyc yes it does :) === talios wouldn't mind running an easy to setup dapper-xen - then I could play/monitor and not break [07:39] BinaryDigit: :) === Annath [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:39] (hi mark, btw) [07:39] much get xen running sometime. === viviersf [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:39] I check my install and I have vnc installed, however there does not seem to be an icon around to run it. [07:39] :) === coz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:39] hello all [07:39] I have been looking for a 3d ping ping game that i can download...anybody can help me out [07:39] don't need to do the firewall thing, this is for a home network. [07:39] I have problem with gimp and the wacom tablet [07:39] kalias, try vncviewer on command line [07:39] I have pressure sensitivity going fine however [07:40] talios: I'd love Xen as well, really :) [07:40] when I choose the brush, forexample === kent [n=] has joined #ubuntu === mcadory [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:40] and then try to choose something else [07:40] It won't release the brush even if I move off of the drawing window === unique [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:41] Never was recomending it. I have to deal with enough new Linux users at my school to know that already :). I somhow managed to start some kind of revolution at my school, but some of the people are frighteningly new to the whole thing. I'm constantly fixing things that go boom. [07:41] ajmitch_, I'd love a nice "" script. last time I looked there was still too many hoops to jump through than I wanted ;p [07:41] okay, vnc viewer worked. I assume vnc server will get up something so I can log in from a windows box? [07:41] Hey all, I had a bit of a linux newbie question. I was wondering if it was possible to access my files on windows without rebooting into windows. Does anyone know if this is possible? === whitynz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:41] anyone run dual-head? how do you move an app open on one head to the other head??? [07:41] Annath: sure, just mount the Windows partition. [07:42] mojo: yes, by dragging it from 1 screen to the other (when xinerama is setup) === dmg|lnx [n=] has joined #ubuntu === pickett [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:42] Annath, It depends about your Windows filesystem. Linux can read quite well all the Windows partitions, but writing is more a problem [07:42] I don't need to write, just read [07:42] Then you shouldn't have any troubles [07:42] how would I go about doing this? [07:42] yea, i didn't set my windows filesystem as fat :( [07:42] how do you get a vnc server to startup on powerup? I want to log into the ubuntu machine remotely. [07:43] Annath, I think it is mount -t ntfs /dev/hdxy /mnt/windrive [07:43] ajmitch_: i can move the mouse between them but not drag windows. doesn't xinerama make a big desktop stretched between the two? i want each to be a separate 'workspace', you know. [07:43] Annath, man mount [07:43] thatnks [07:43] thanks === TaLi [n=] has joined #ubuntu === unique [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:43] mojo: yes, I've got 1 large desktop - I don't know if you can move windows from one to the other otherwise [07:43] put it in fstab Annath [07:43] so it's auto [07:44] ajmitch_: how is it with windows that center, or for mazimizing? do they span or can they maximize to the screen they're on? === jmworx [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Syntux [n=Jad@] has joined #ubuntu [07:45] ajmitch_: i found windos that centered on the split (like most 'modal' windows under MSWindows) sucked when i worked with a WinNT dual-head setup at an old job [07:45] mojo: with xinerama, they maximise on the screen they're on - assuming that the window manager is xinerama-aware (most are) [07:45] ajmitch_: hmm... goodness. i can live with that no problemo. this 'hard divide' won't cut it for me [07:46] ajmitch_: so how do i do xinerama? === soci0path [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:46] !glxgears [07:46] Sedge: I'm not sure, is it larger than a breadbox? === Toma- [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:46] anyone know how to check fps on glxgears? [07:46] ajmitch_: I only JUST figured out how to set up my ATI Radeon 9800XT for dual-head (w/ fglrx xorg drivers) [07:47] mojo: right, and I'm using the nvidia-specific config for xinerama :) [07:47] mojo: so you might want to look on the wiki [07:47] i run dual here [07:47] windows maximize to the moni they are on === fatehaze [n=andrew@] has joined #ubuntu [07:47] anyone know how to do an fps benchmark with glxgears? === coz [n=] has joined #ubuntu === benguin [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:47] Hello again [07:47] ajmitch_: well, what is the jist of it with nvidia? should be the same (generally) for ati [07:47] anyone here familiar with ubuntu/wacom/Gimp? [07:47] ajmitch_: or i can go rtfm ;-) [07:47] What exactly does "Add Applications" do? I ask because nothing happens when I run it [07:47] mojo: nvidia has twinview options, not the same as ati [07:47] i'm waiting for the new mobos with that new bus, so i can get a quad setup with proper acceleration === zcat[1] [n=zcat@] has joined #ubuntu === marco [n=marco@] has joined #ubuntu === darkline is away: Christophe971 ! [07:48] It asks me for my root password but nothing happens after that... is there a way to run it from terminal? === darkline is back (gone 00:00:05) [07:48] Hm... how do I foud out where the windows system is located? [07:48] sudo app [07:48] ajmitch_: okay, i see. yeah, the ati drivers had some options i should go study [07:48] I have been looking for a 3d ping pong game that i can download...anybody can help me out === benguin [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [07:49] fatehaze, it adds applications === aeeeiiFWHe [n=uxeeiiu@] has joined #ubuntu [07:49] Isn't that what Synaptic does? [07:49] fatehaze, chances are your user doesnt have administration priviledges [07:49] Annath, fdisk tells you === aeeeiiFWHe is now known as riUcceu === riUcceu [n=uxeeiiu@] has left #ubuntu [] [07:49] thanks [07:49] fatehaze, if your user doesn't have admin priviledges, apps will ask for pass but fails silently [07:49] I see [07:49] fatehaze, yes, this is a shortcut for uber noobs [07:49] i.e. windows users === Jimb0b [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:49] Oh, ok [07:50] I was mainly just curious what the heck it was [07:50] Thanks :) === aftertaf [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:50] no worries ;) [07:50] Annath, get root access, then fdisk /dev/hda Press p for print and then q for quit (m will print a menu fo commands) [07:50] DShepherd: try .. it was a simple google search === ChaKy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:50] DShepherd: google up "3d ping pong linux" for more [07:50] mojo: k [07:50] Annath, look for System column entry named HPFS/NTFS [07:50] vonPryz: /sbin/fdisk -l -- no root required, no chance of doing any damage.. [07:50] DShepherd: right on === elkbuntu [n=] has joined #ubuntu === R0bNyc [n=] has joined #ubuntu === fabbione [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:51] sorry, no.. root required.. [07:51] mojo: that looks complicated [07:51] but no interactivity, just dumps a list of partitions and exist [07:51] exits [07:52] DShepherd: what looks complicated? installing cannonsmash from source? it's not really so hard. [07:52] <-- I was thinking something more like this === No1Viking [i=] has joined #ubuntu [07:52] mojo: not installation.. the game [07:52] DShepherd: oh, i see! :) === Aegir [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:52] greetings, has anyone here successfully made a tomsrtbt floppy from within an ubuntu breezy install? [07:53] DShepherd: well my suggestion is to google around some then. there were lots of other hits to investigate. [07:53] mojo: I have been... oh well back to google again === darkline is away: I'm busy === luans [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:54] Here's another noob question: is there a way to log into root from gnome? [07:54] I know I can just su from terminal, but how do I manage things like user accounts in xwindows? [07:54] fatehaze: you need to enable it in gdm's config. === _rappy_ is now known as _Rappy_ [07:54] fatehaze: Yes but it's not too wise. There's probably very few good reasons to do so. [07:55] fatehaze: and you can run the command for users for example, with gksudo in front of it, which willrun the X app as root === strannik [n=strannik@] has joined #ubuntu === Dann0 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:55] rob_p: plenty of good reasons... just few of them acceptable [07:55] w00000000t [07:55] :-) [07:55] mojo: you playing arent you. :D [07:55] :) [07:55] Most of the admin stuff is off the system menu, and will already run in gksudo that way.. === malopai [n=] has joined #ubuntu === lbm [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:56] hello guys....just read about Xubuntu and wanted to take a look at it...followed the instructions on, but it said E: Couldn't find package xubuntu-desktop [07:56] DShepherd: playing what? no, I am trying to get some kind of basic linux on a 32mb laptop [07:56] How would I go about enabling it in GDM's config? Can you point me to the file? [07:56] DShepherd: but for me that counts as playing ;) [07:56] !info xubuntu-desktop [07:56] xubuntu-desktop: (Xubuntu desktop system), section universe/misc, is optional. Version: 1.4 (breezy), Packaged size: 5 kB, Installed size: 32 kB [07:56] mojo: kool === ioolxNo [n=wkpone@] has joined #ubuntu === ioolxNo [n=wkpone@] has left #ubuntu [] [07:57] strannik: its in universe reposiroty [07:57] er... that looks wrong :] [07:57] DShepherd: hopin' so... but so far no love from the ubuntu or mepis install cds... neither makes it too far before choking [07:57] !info tomsrtbt [07:57] :( [07:57] i know....i made sure that the universal repository is uncomented in /etc/apt/sources.list [07:57] mojo: 32meg :/ [07:57] why would i get : HDIO_SET_DMA failed: operation not permitted [07:57] when i gtry to set dma to 1 ? [07:57] but it still gave me an error...really strange [07:58] strannik: did you run apt-get update after? === OlpMyW [n=wkpone@] has joined #ubuntu === OlpMyW [n=wkpone@] has left #ubuntu [] [07:58] mojo: 32mb?!! wow... [07:58] Anyone know of a decent BitTorrent client for linux? [07:58] aftertaf: well it is a friend who is spending hours watching after his disabled father. he wants something more than the 4 walls to stare at, and can't get the usb pcmcia card working with his cable modem (also usb) in win98. he wants to browse and take telecourses [07:59] strannik, for latest repos for hoary and breezy [07:59] fatehaze: ubuntu comes with one, but it seems to be simplistic. I used Azureus with success. It is a Java client [07:59] One that allows selective downloading? I use BitComet on windoze and I love it, I'm looking for something similar for my uBook [07:59] hey guys, my internet seems to be working fine... i'm using aim and other programs without a problem, but mozilla won't work... any suggestions? [07:59] guys, I'm running 386, and I want to go with 686, i've just apt it, do I have to apt anything else before booting to it and getting things screwed up [07:59] ? [07:59] here is my sources.list [07:59] and yes..of course i did an update [08:00] Azureus was a memory hog in my experience, but then again that was on xp === thrice` [n=User@unaffiliated/Thr1cE] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [08:00] mojo try Damn Small Linux... it's a bit bare but it's made for as little as 16mb ram.. and you could apt extra packages in [08:00] Syntux: what packages did you istall, and did they drag any others with dependencies? [08:00] fatehaze: u r probly right... i am open to an alternate also [08:00] err.. did i say that to the right person? [08:00] I don't think we have too many options [08:00] mojo: you tried puppy linux? [08:00] marco: from terminal ps aux|grep firefox and nothing running? [08:01] elkbuntu: You think that DSL/XFCE4 is a good shot to try? will it do usbnet to the cablemodem? [08:01] what's ps aux? [08:01] elkbuntu: yeah, i am the 32mb laptop attempt [08:01] I've had a ton of questions building up, so I hope you guys don't mind me unloading a few of them [08:02] mcadory, let me try it hold on [08:02] hey all [08:02] mojo well there is a pcmcia install instructions... which im tyring to do but i cant get tomsrtbt to make [08:02] !info xubuntu-desktop hoary [08:02] marco type man ps at a prompt ps is a cmd and aux are the options === rob1 [n=rob@pdpc/supporter/student/rob-ubuntu] has joined #ubuntu [08:02] Is there any way to get the motd to display on startup? [08:02] ok [08:02] anyone know of a decent guide to convert over to those pesky fglrx drivers? [08:02] strannik: there you go... you are on hoary, it only exists for breezy, you'll need to upgrade first === malopai [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:02] mojo, man for manual === andres [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:02] right [08:02] Angelfish: ayeah, buy an NVidia === andres [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"] [08:02] aftertaf, linux-image-686 and linux-restricted-modules-686 just in case.. [08:02] marco: yep [08:02] Syntux: ok, then sudo apt-get install linux-686 too...... [08:03] mojo: [08:03] aftertaf, bingo....didn't say about that...damn...any way to upgrade to breeze without downloading the iso? i don't have a change to buy the distrib of in ukraine [08:03] aftertaf, finished, lets boot and see [08:03] aftertaf, thanks :-) === vassie [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:03] strannik: were in a free software paradise....... [08:03] marco: you got it. pipe redirects all that output through grep which will search for the line with the string "firefox" on it [08:04] mcadory, i got this marco 6678 4.6 4.1 122828 43316 ? Sl 22:34 1:19 /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/firefox-bin -a firefox [08:04] marco 7129 0.0 0.0 3080 848 pts/1 R+ 23:02 0:00 grep firefox [08:04] Syntux: no pb ;) === redxninja [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === Digis [n=digis@] has joined #ubuntu === malopai [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [08:04] strannik: you change all occurrences of hoary to breezy in your sources.list, then apt-get update === side [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:04] elkbuntu: thx so it looks like it may be comfy in 32mb. i'll have to investigate usbnet [08:04] mcadory, i see... i'm still a little new to ubuntu [08:04] strannik: then you sudo apt-get -f install just to be sure, then you sudo apt-get dist-upgrade [08:05] strannik: what is your gfx card? [08:05] aftertaf, laptop with a mobility 9500 sorry ;) === fabbione [n=] has joined #ubuntu === perry753 [n=] has joined #Ubuntu [08:05] =) my card is intel integrated.. [08:05] Angelfish: hehe was being 'comical' anyway.... i dont know, they are tough to sort out those ati cards [08:05] Ubuntu sucks you noobs. === perry753 [n=] has left #Ubuntu [] [08:05] well if it has usb, go get a cheap 128mb pendrive and install it on that [08:05] strannik: ok so not nvidia or ati then ? its fine ;) === sunrex [n=sunrex@] has joined #ubuntu [08:06] i think i might have got my ram to work [08:06] yay [08:06] anyone else here? [08:06] lol [08:06] mojo the first thing you might want to do when you get the dsl going, is to upgrade to a newer version of 'apt' [08:06] aftertaf, i got it done with gentoo a long time ago, but im trying out a new distro for fun ;) ubuntu is nice so far [08:07] marco: i remember a problem similar to this a few months ago, have you searched [08:07] 500 of us sunrex [08:07] lol [08:07] aftertaf thanx...doing as you instructed just now... [08:07] mojo, the one it comes with isnt very smart in terms of dependancies [08:07] Angelfish: read the ati factoids? [08:07] strannik: hehe good luck ;) [08:07] aftertaf, they on the website? [08:07] !ati [08:07] ati is, like, at or [08:07] want to see what xubuntu is slow on my computer at work [08:07] strannik: what is your pc? processor & ram? [08:08] mcadory, well... i haven't tried that... mozilla might not let me see that site [08:08] well it seems all i add to do was turn up my ram voltage..but im not sure.. [08:08] elkbuntu: okay thanks. i am investigating dsl stuff now... googling "usbnet damn small linux" looks promising [08:08] :) [08:09] would let me..give The following packages have unmet dependencies: [08:09] xubuntu-desktop: Depends: x-window-system-core but it is not going to be installed [08:09] E: Broken packages [08:09] now all i need is someone to educate me in this damn tomsrtbt thing... or at least why it's not recognising my FDD [08:09] marco: sorry. looking now. you could always install another browser through synaptic temporarily [08:09] aftertaf celeron 2.0, 256 ram, don't remember the intel chipset for it [08:09] strannik: after which command? [08:10] after sudo apt-get -f install xubuntu-desktop === InteliWasp [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:10] aftertaf, i guess i should rephrase that, on the ati website, or on the ubuntu site? [08:11] strannik: noOOO; just " sudo apt-get -f install " === Digis [n=digis@] has joined #ubuntu [08:11] Angelfish: ahh... no i meant the ubotu ones... [08:11] wow. ldap is a real mess under ubuntu [08:11] mcadory, it's all good, i'll try getting netscape [08:11] lol MrFarts [08:12] aftertaf, you've had the same experience ? [08:12] i'm sort of pissed === perry753 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === joevandyk [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:12] ubuntu is 4 noobs. === perry753 [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === Dann0 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:12] MrFarts: never tried it actually, would like to but dont know where to start. i have a severe handica with ldap on linux, i'm mcse :] === markus [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:12] So, how long would you guess it takes to transfer 40 gigabytes over a 10/100 network via samba? [08:13] mcadory, maybe if i reinstall, then it'll work, if not, i'll try another browser... [08:13] what's a good transfer rate? [08:13] join #ubuntu-de === markus [n=] has left #ubuntu ["...] [08:13] aftertaf, works fine on redhat and gentoo [08:13] god damn clusterfck on ubuntu [08:13] Seveas: can you ban that lor g33k?? perry753 n= [08:13] can you block people on Psi / jabber? [08:13] MrFarts: no idea sorry... [08:13] I transferred 100 MB in 12.0 seconds. That's a good clip, right? === ivan_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:14] marco: hold tight. have you run a system update recently? have you rebooted after? === onkarshinde [n=onkarshi@] has joined #ubuntu [08:14] aftertaf, ok i just run: sudo apt-get -f Reading package lists... Done [08:14] Building dependency tree... Done [08:14] 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1115 not upgraded. === Corrupter [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:14] omfg this is annoying === cain_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:15] n [08:15] i can't seem to be able to find privacy options in Psi [08:15] mcadory, i'll apt-get update === navarone [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:15] hold on [08:15] Corrupter, what's annoying you? === codis [n=codis@] has joined #ubuntu === xxvii [n=] has joined #ubuntu === fluvvell [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:16] you know that popup that shows up when you have updates that says "new updates available - Tell me about this later|Show Updates"? [08:16] strannik: ok, now sudo apt-get dist-upgrade [08:16] indeed [08:16] mcadory, is sudo init 6 the correct way to restart? [08:16] Corrupter: disable it; rip its eyes out ;) [08:16] marcels: is one way [08:16] yes marco [08:16] it won't go away!!! [08:16] it's sitting there like a dead dog [08:16] === Beleys [i=] has joined #ubuntu [08:16] Corrupter: cant you remove it from panel? [08:16] holy @#$...thats a whole lot of stuff to download...thank god i'm not paying for the internet [08:16] it'll go away if you unplug the power cord [08:16] i don't know [08:17] marco: one of several [08:17] strannik: hehe upgraaaaaaaade [08:17] ok.. i installed Azureus the torrent client.. i want to get rid of it, but it doesnt show up in synaptic.. should i just delete the folder? [08:17] Hi [08:17] xxvii: how did you install it? [08:17] Someon know how to set the console to display frames? [08:17] i can't restart cuz i've got automatix going right now and it'll keep going forever and a day [08:17] Corrupter: just clicking anywhere on the white part of the big huge update flag should make it go away.. [08:17] xxvii: if with apt, then sudo apt-get remove azureus will do [08:17] i've tried the obvious... it's just stuck there... [08:17] aftertaf: if i remember correctly, it was a tar file, i think.. so i didnt really install it [08:18] mcadory, i tried to apt-get update... and it's stuck at 98% [08:18] xxvii: you got the tarball and tar xvzf 'ed it? then make make install , [08:18] wow, I just performed a breezy update with the new pressed disks (yes they arrived today!!!) and it was incredibly smooth, I just have one hangup with nautilus loosing its nice icons - any ideas ppl? [08:18] mcadory, 98% [Connecting to [08:18] aftertaf thanks a bunch... [08:18] ivan_: What do you mean exactly? [08:18] fluvvell: logout, log back in [08:19] has any one of you already installed ubuntu 6.0? === devint [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:19] Ribs, logged out, rebooted, no change [08:19] marco: patience grasshopper. [08:19] strannik: if you did the make, make install thing to install it, then you to the tarball directory and try sudo make uninstall [08:19] strannik: 6.4 you mean? dapepr? yup :] [08:19] mcadory, lol [08:19] xxvii: azureus doesn't need to be 'installed'. It sounds like you just untar'd it, in which case, it's safe to just delete the folder it created. [08:19] For example links shows 000 or something like that instead of frames === oCFiilO [n=fjuahqul@] has joined #ubuntu === oCFiilO [n=fjuahqul@] has left #ubuntu [] [08:19] aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh [08:19] it's still there!!!!!!!!!!!! [08:19] Ribs: thanks [08:19] also the trash can icon disappeared and is replaced with a box with an X in it. [08:19] fluvvell: pass, check the forums [08:19] i've tried changing the locale but nothing [08:20] mcadory, Err breezy-updates Release.gpg [08:20] Could not connect to (, connection timed out [08:20] 98% [Connecting to (] [08:20] and damn, i am losing hard drive space faaaaaaaaas [08:20] fluvvell: Sounds like the theme has broken somehow... === rohan [n=rohan@unaffiliated/dabonbon/x-000000001] has joined #ubuntu [08:20] i'm at 927 MB [08:20] Corrupter: cant you interrupt what you are running to kill the gonme panel? [08:20] aftertaf working nice? [08:20] ivan_: try w3m [08:20] fluvvell: So check your theme settings too [08:20] hi all [08:20] Ribs, I could try a different theme... [08:20] i have some questions about net [08:20] Corrupter: kill the process... [08:20] if I could find it! [08:20] fluvvell: yeah, try that === topyli [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:20] strannik: working? hehe sort of :) === eric__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:20] fluvvell: System, preferences, I believe === ooueMo [n=ubkia@] has joined #ubuntu === ooueMo is now known as imyooiZiZJ [08:20] fluvvel > system/preferences [08:21] rohan: State your question === imyooiZiZJ [n=ubkia@] has left #ubuntu [] [08:21] ok, what do i need to expand my Linux partition? === PiuGel [n=fjuahqul@] has joined #ubuntu === PiuGel [n=fjuahqul@] has left #ubuntu [] [08:21] Corrupter: gparted. Also that partition should not be mounted [08:21] Corrupter: your root partiton? a live cd. [08:22] onkarshinde: but the problem isn't links, aptitude, the kernel menuconfig and all the apps that use ncurses shows bad characters instead of lines === imyooiZiZJ [n=ubkia@] has joined #ubuntu [08:22] mcadory, my friend said that ubuntu could be tripping out... do you think mac osx is any better? === imyooiZiZJ [n=ubkia@] has left #ubuntu [] [08:22] my net uses dhcp. i removed all hotplug mappings from /etc/network/interfaces. now, i dont want my net to be activated each reboot. for that i removed all "auto eth0" lines too. but whenever i try System -> Administration -> Networking to bring up my net, it automatically puts the "auto eth0" line. and, ifconfig eth0 up does not call dhclient. what do i do ? [08:22] i dont want net to be activated on startup [08:22] ok... well... would i be able to change 2 partitions at once, like make one bigger and make one smaller, or do i have to delete one partition? [08:22] onkarshinde: I think that is the locale, beacues it is set to UTF8 === Astxist [n=] has joined #Ubuntu [08:22] Ribs, it comes up after I select one looking for a location.. for what? is this where I'll find the theme or store it? [08:22] rohan: if you touch the gui, it will put in those lines there [08:22] marco: are you still waiting? === sunrex [n=sunrex@] has joined #ubuntu [08:23] yeah.... [08:23] hey were is the conky config located at? [08:23] rohan: Is your's a DSL connection? [08:23] it's stuck [08:23] Corrupter: if they arent mounted you can do most things with them..... === markgrif [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ieelDo [n=xitubooh@] has joined #ubuntu [08:23] ok, what live CD has gparted? [08:23] ivan_: Can't help you then. === Syntux [n=Jad@] has joined #ubuntu [08:23] Corrupter: ubuntu live cd === ieelDo [n=xitubooh@] has left #ubuntu [] [08:23] marco: personally, i find ubuntu to be the best fit distro I have tried. === BinaryDigit is away: I'm busy [08:23] Syntux: how did it go? [08:23] if i have enough memory to do it i will... [08:23] sunrex: /.conkyrc [08:23] ok, i'm going to download this program.. would .zip be easier to use or .rpm? [08:24] corrupter> <-- I th8ink thats the url [08:24] BinaryDigit: fix your irc client [08:24] now what do you mean by mounted? do you mean bootable? === russbuss_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === pingswept [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:24] xxvii: if you can use apt, that is always best, what are you d:l ing? [08:24] robotgeek: :( [08:24] onkarshinde: yes. mtnl. [08:24] Corrupter: nope, you can mount and unmount partitions [08:24] mcadory, ubuntu's pretty dope... [08:24] robotgeek: how do i do what i want to do ? [08:24] sweet, geuss i'll do that tonight if autofix hurries up [08:24] aftertaf, smooth :-) Thanks. [08:24] aftertaf: limewire.. the only options are .rpm and .zip unfortunately [08:24] any chance of something going wrong...? [08:25] what is limewire? [08:25] onkarshinde: you use mtnl triband ? thats what i am using === BuKse [n=xitubooh@] has joined #ubuntu [08:25] rohan: Then use 'sudo pppoeconf' It will ask about boot startup option. Say no. And then you can start your connection anytime with 'pon dsl-provider' [08:25] aftertaf: p2p networking [08:25] rohan: one thing to do would be to find out what lines the gui puts in there, then remove the auto eth0, and then sudo ifup eth0 to connect [08:25] xxvii: and better to use tarballs, rpms arent packaged for debian systems. [08:25] aftertaf it's a p2p client === BuKse is now known as beseaeaoki === beseaeaoki [n=xitubooh@] has left #ubuntu [] [08:25] rohan: I am using BSNL boradband (Dataone) [08:25] mcadory> I agree...i thought mandrake was tops for user friendliness and overall feel, but not any more [08:25] ubotu tell xxvii about limewire [08:25] onkarshinde: yes, the same thing. [08:25] rohan: dialup? aamchi mumbai? [08:25] lol [08:26] ubotu tell atrophic about limewire [08:26] mcadory, it's all good... thanks for your help [08:26] robotgeek: yep, mumbai. you too ? [08:26] so what are the chances of my partitions screwing up if i use gparted? [08:26] xxvii: you see the link ubotu sent you? [08:26] dducko: thanks [08:26] rohan: originally hyd. now TX [08:26] I just installed, on my old iMac, it's very nice. [08:26] aftertaf: yea === DShepherd [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:26] xxvii, You get the /msg from the bot? [08:26] Corrupter: considering your username, depends on latent bad luck i suppose ;) [08:26] Corrupter: what partition do you want to resize? [08:26] robotgeek: ifup eth0 does not call dhclient. [08:26] ick, cant seem to change themes after breezy update [08:26] and welcome [08:26] rohan, so write a script [08:26] in other words, i'm boned [08:26] rohan: i tht you were using ethernet. that will not work === Inzion [n=Inzion@] has joined #ubuntu [08:26] aftertaf: i used to have my ubuntu system set up with limewire a while back.. but that was a long time ago.. getting refreshed on all the stuff i forgot [08:26] dducko: yea, thanks man [08:26] robotgeek: i am on ethernet. eth0. === pawan [n=pawan@] has joined #ubuntu [08:27] rohan: Please refer to my reply. It works exactly as you want [08:27] z3r0x: i like using the gui :( [08:27] onkarshinde i have a 17 GB Windows XP partition, and a 3 GB Linux partition, my Linux partition just ran out of space and Windows needs to die anyways [08:27] how can I find alist of all the processes that start up? [08:27] where can I find a doc explaining the ubuntu version numbers and names ? [08:27] Corrupter: hehe nah... its not hard and the tools are stable enough for a lot of people to use them. always have a backup of things your life would be ruined by osing, you can have a power cut in mid resize and tyou're cooked ;) [08:27] anyone know how to fix the incorrect display frames in the console? [08:27] xxvii> if you are looking for nice p2p client try frontend for gnutella...has a windows flav as well [08:27] linuxboy: its a year/month thing, and the names are for fun :) [08:27] onkarshinde: problem is, i dont have to dial and all. === sunrex [n=sunrex@] has joined #ubuntu [08:27] onkarshinde: it is as good as a eth0 connection [08:27] navarone: can i apt it? [08:27] Corrupter: Instead of resizing you can make separate partitions for /usr /home etc. That is how I work. [08:27] ivan_: what is your default locales? [08:27] onkarshinde: as the modem is connected to lan card [08:27] atrophic: I want a link to it [08:28] does ati drivers run on ubuntu 64bit? [08:28] linuxboy, the version number is the Year (05) followed by the month october (10) so 5.10 [08:28] rohan: Yes I know. All dsl works same way. [08:28] aftertaf: UTF8 [08:28] well, i have 100% of my hard drive used by partitions === xuiFxhBaa [n=iolbol@] has joined #ubuntu === xuiFxhBaa [n=iolbol@] has left #ubuntu [] [08:28] marco: good luck. you can try to kill the process for the firefox. remember the process # that was given with the ps aux| grep firefox. [08:28] onkarshinde: some people told me bsnl has dialers. [08:28] i need to take away from 1 and give to another, ya know, like Robin hood, just with Linux [08:28] !ati [08:28] methinks ati is at or [08:28] dducko: I wans a link to a doc explaining it. for someone else [08:28] ivan_: any language on top of that? or pure utf8 [08:28] take away form the rich (Windows) and give to the poor (Linux) [08:28] I should hope so, Corrupter :-) [08:28] mcadory, thanks === osmandemirhan [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:29] onkarshinde: are you sure i need ppoeconf ? i have removed pp services from startup, using sysv-rc-conf === siYeiei [i=emouoB@] has joined #ubuntu [08:29] Corrupter: I mean delete windows partition them make more than one partitions for /usr /home etc. Transfer your current data to them and add lines to fstab so that they mount next time you boot. === siYeiei [i=emouoB@] has left #ubuntu [] [08:29] Corrupter: you'l have no problems doing that. but set it out on papaer what you want to do beforehand. [08:29] aftertaf: en_US.UTF-8 [08:29] mcadory, worse comes to worse, i can use the mac os === robotgeek [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === arun [n=arun@] has joined #ubuntu [08:29] marco: try kill -9 ######, what ever the process #'s are, then re run the app. I think an update and reboot are necessary though. [08:29] well i need Windows for certain things like writing Visual Basic and C++ apps [08:29] rohan: No harm in trying. I will be back after 1/2 hour. === Jimbob_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:29] can't do that on Linux too well [08:29] ivan_: and you dont have a ny error messages about locales, just messy ncurses stuff, right? [08:29] mcadory, ok === xukun [n=] has joined #ubuntu === aJegZri [n=iolbol@] has joined #ubuntu [08:29] Corrupter: one day ;) [08:30] aftertaf: yes === onkarshinde [n=onkarshi@] has left #ubuntu [] === darkmatter [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:30] aftertaf: in xterm it shows ok, but in real console mode it doesn't [08:30] i think Linux will always kind of be for servers === aJegZri [n=iolbol@] has left #ubuntu [] [08:30] once Windows dies (counting down the minutes) Apple will just swoop in and pick up the pieces [08:30] ivan_: argh. that does suck. tried dpkg-reconfigures locales, just to regenerate them? [08:30] Corrupter: boo.... :) [08:31] xxvii> i mean, it would be nice if Linux were a more mainstream OS for desktops, but when i think Server, i think Linux [08:31] aftertaf: let me try [08:31] Corrupter: cos severs need to be robust. but that doesnt make it unsuitable for desktops. [08:32] corrupter: ubuntu is the slickes install i have seen to date. with a little more work in this direction, linux on the desktop in major #'s is a reality. [08:32] navarone: thanks man [08:32] xxvii> you can dl blackdown java from Add Applications [08:32] mcadory: i 2nd that ;) === darkmatter [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [08:32] i feel the same, Ubuntu has more compatibility than anything i've seen yet [08:32] but then again, i haven't used Linux since it was 50% code and 50% GUI [08:32] btw, anyone with a decent 3d card try a preview of the Lament screensaver [08:33] i am not a ble to run my run in ubuntu [08:33] xxvii> np [08:33] now it's like "what!? it goes STRAIGHT to the sign on screen!?!? IN COLOR!?!?!?!?!?!?" === markgrif looks at Corrupter [08:33] I have a pic as my desktop background but behind that...theres the brown.. how can I change that brown? [08:33] aru: please elaborate... ;) === brownie17 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:33] how can I find alist of all the processes that start up? [08:33] DShepherd: in /etc:init.d or with bum (boot up manager) [08:33] I remember back in the day when you had to manually start X [08:33] default breezy: how do I get postfix working in ubuntu? telnet localhost 25 says: telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused [08:34] now it just goes straight to gnome or KDE [08:34] Corrupter: you can stop that though if you want ;) [08:34] lol, that ok [08:34] can anyone help? [08:34] see [08:34] people are stupid [08:34] as hell === fraser_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:34] navarone: what's blackdown java? [08:34] so if it's easy, they will flock to it [08:34] how do i change the default brown on my desktop to some other colour === marlun [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:35] ok.... how do i use etherconf to prevent my net from being activated at startup ? [08:35] Corrupter, have you tried mono? [08:35] i got called on a job once, the lady told me her coffee holder was broken, so i was like "Wtf?" so i go down there, and the lady had coffee covering her CD-rom drive [08:35] what is mono? [08:35] a .net development environment [08:35] you've got my attention... [08:35] xxvii> it's a version of Sun's Add Applications I think it is in the Internet/More Programs will ask if you want to enable multiverse that and apply install [08:36] Corrupter, that story is about 15 years old [08:36] what story? [08:36] oh [08:36] corrupter: not necessarily true. does it work, is it stable, can I use application XXX on it? if you can get 75% positive on those questions, then they will use it. [08:36] navarone: cool, got it, thanks again [08:36] xxvii> after that just run phex like I said and configure to your liking === Lehto [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:36] ok.... how do i use etherconf to prevent my net from being activated at startup ? its a eth0 connection [08:36] xxvii> np duide [08:37] aftertaf: so how can I temporarily disable a process? [08:37] see, Windows has pissed enoguh people off to where they have finally started using their brains and converting to Linux [08:37] linuxboy, did you get your answer, if not, scroll nearly to the bottom of this page (or search for "unky Fairy" on it: [08:37] i saw a banner a while back from microsoft saying how Windows Server was a cheaper solution than Linux... [08:37] rohan: Why don't you just remove the, "auto eth0" from /etc/network/interfaces? [08:37] mcadory, that's only three questions, to get 75% you have to say yes to all [08:37] there are a zillion postfix man pages. Aha. postfix start. [08:38] linuxboy, Funky Fairy === ifetendi [n=ojouuoim@] has joined #ubuntu [08:38] rob_p: if i use Sys -> admin. -> Networking to bring up or down the eth0 connection, it puts the line back in. === ifetendi [n=ojouuoim@] has left #ubuntu [] [08:38] how do i make grub load windows automatically instead of linux? [08:38] rohan: Then don't use the gui! You can do, "ifup eth0" when you want to bring it up. [08:38] rob_p: :S i like the gui :D === Nick1 [n=Nick@] has joined #ubuntu [08:39] rohan: er... "sudo ifup eth0" [08:39] All: I have an installation problem, trying to put Ubuntu 5.10 to PC, but installation hangs all the time at [11.76.255799] input:AT Translated Set 2 keyboard on isa0060/serio0 , then nothing.. tried up to 6 times now... [08:39] rohan, are you a windows user? ^^ [08:39] What do I need to play DVDs? I just want to be able to play DVDs for now so I don't want like every available codec, if its possible :) [08:39] rohan: Then just be sure to "deactivate" eth0 using the gui before shutting down and you'll be set! === kNmeyi [n=ojouuoim@] has joined #ubuntu [08:39] DShepherd: in the boot up? you either deactivate it or you leave it.... one will make it start on boot, and one will do nothing: you can run it manually... Is it sth you have running on boot you want to disable? === kNmeyi [n=ojouuoim@] has left #ubuntu [] [08:40] rohan: or "sudo ifconfig eth0 up" and then "sudo ifconfig eth0 down" to turn it off again. [08:40] aftertaf: same :( [08:40] marlun : ogle [08:40] how do i make grub load windows automatically instead of linux? [08:40] linuxboy, an even better link: [08:40] pawan, only ogle? no codecs and stuff? [08:40] aftertaf: whats' sth? [08:40] dducko: no Rampant Rhino in that list :-( [08:40] ivan_: ahh, then i'm all out of ideas. if possible get a scrennshot (though if it is console, not easy) and paste it to pastebin, that way you can ask a real expert later ... :/ === bball [i=] has joined #ubuntu [08:40] dducko: thanks [08:41] z3r0x: of course not. i am a slackware user :P [08:41] DShepherd: something in lazy keyboard-speak [08:41] thanks guys [08:41] aftertaf: ok ty [08:41] anyway guys .. gotta leave === Rasta [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:41] thank for the help, all :) === Rasta [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Sto] [08:41] eric__: you edit your /boot/grub/menu.lst <- it has instructions ion the file.... but make a backup first === merp [i=ladrao@] has joined #ubuntu [08:42] Does the current Ubuntu use the same installer as the current Debian? [08:42] aftertaf, where can i find instructions or could you point me in the right direction, im just trying to fix this and go to sleep [08:42] !grub [08:42] methinks grub is or, or troubleshooting grub: [08:42] aftertaf: I am moving from windows to linux, new to ubuntu. using it for a month now or so.. i just want to know to do the things I can do in windows... and one of them is tweaking my boottime === indypende [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:42] eric_: try [08:42] eric__: see the howto... i cant remember all the things you need to do and i dont dual boot at work [08:42] !grub [08:42] methinks grub is or, or troubleshooting grub: [08:43] merp: "current" referring to "previous stable," "current stable," or "current development?" [08:43] "Current Stable" and "Current Stable". [08:43] I'm gettint 404 not fouund errors for some of the backports package lists [08:43] later [08:43] merp: yes, "current" is based quite closely on d-i. [08:43] bball> I think those servers have been down most of the day [08:43] That's unfortunate. [08:44] ok [08:44] DShepherd: hehe i get ya ;). but beware of comparing all in linux to windows, a lot of things are just different..... someone gave me a link to apage that really explained things very well in that way. === tvo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:44] !lnw [08:44] aftertaf: No idea [08:44] !linuxnotwindows [08:44] from memory, linuxnotwindows is [08:44] aftertaf: yeah i know.... [08:44] D-I likes to time-out on all of the packages on the netinst, and fails on all servers atleast once, then doesn't try to redownload them. [08:44] merp: I don't see it that way, but I'm sure you have your reasons for thinking that. We have massive installer upgrade-fu in the works for Dapper. [08:44] is debian itself really alot harder to understand, considering ubuntu is just a branch? [08:45] is that where the win32 codecs are ? I'm trying to get the codec packages listed on the unofficial starter guide [08:45] I'm currently coming from Slackware and wanting a change. [08:45] fraser_: no, and no (Ubuntu is not so much a branch as it is a sister project) [08:45] Debian just wasn't working. [08:45] pawan, what could be wrong if I get no sound? The video is playing but theres no sound. === cryptom [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:45] Debian would install the system itself, but never be able to install X. [08:45] aftertaf: like for example, I like this windows app clipomatic. quite nice, It stores clipboard entries... where can I get one for ubuntu === drcode [n=user1@] has joined #ubuntu [08:46] crimsun, ok, but alot alike? [08:46] it's probably trying to use oss when you have esd running [08:46] fraser_: fairly similar in many respects [08:46] I had no problems installing Slackware, but it corrupted two of my hard drives after a SlackPack upgrade. [08:46] marlun: you have to sacrifice a chicken, I think. === ditesh|cassini [n=ditesh@] has joined #ubuntu [08:46] My only choices left to consider are Ubuntu and Gentoo. [08:47] If the Ubuntu installer works, that would be nice. [08:47] But, if it is based on the Debian installer, I'm afraid it won't work for me. [08:47] pawan, sacrifice a chicken? =) === uny [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:47] Shepherd > I find some people remain using windows because they would like to continue chatting and such with people using windows only [08:47] marlun: kill off any other sound application, restart the player. failing that, crank up the volume with alsamixer and try again. [08:47] pawan, seems drastic :P === mrflip [n=] has joined #ubuntu === EdLin [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:47] pawan, ok, i'll try [08:48] I miss Linux so much. [08:48] marlun : is mp3 stuff playing? [08:48] merp: why? The idea is that we provide 1 CD from which to install a fully usable desktop environment. You don't need an active Internet connection to install it at all. [08:48] I used "install DVDs" for Debian too. [08:48] It would by default try to connect to the security servers for updates. [08:48] heck if you wanted, you pretty much can take any Debian-based system and {dist,cross}-upgrade it to a Ubuntu one === maximaus [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:49] Once it downloaded a portion of a package it would without telling me it doesn't exist try to install the entire operating system and then just not work. [08:49] what command for extracting from .zip file? [08:49] merp: then simply install Ubuntu directly from the burned image without an active 'net connection. Again as I've mentioned, there's massive installer-fu in the works for Dapper. [08:49] has anyone tried kubuntu and if so what differences in them? === unclefrank [n=] has joined #ubuntu === fabbione [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:50] xxvii, unzip [08:50] navarone: KDE-based environment. [08:50] navarone: kubuntu just uses KDE instead of Gnome as its default DE [08:50] ... Installer-what? [08:50] EdLin: thanks [08:50] merp: hah. That's what you get if you mix stable with unstable. Give yourself a good spanking. [08:50] merp: installer work [08:50] has anybody here attempted to compile the ivtv 3.8 drivers with ubuntu? === jcape [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:50] crimsun> yes...but what differences as far as drain and resources and memory and such? [08:50] im out [08:50] navarone, you can have Kubuntu installed under regular Ubuntu and choose your session upon login [08:50] pawan: I only used stable. [08:50] nite!!! [08:50] navarone: that depends on what you choose to install === DShepherd [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === Hobbsee [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:51] pawan: I haven't used Ubuntu... only Debian. === jenda [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:51] merp: stable doesn't behave like taht in debian. [08:51] yo folks. [08:51] I kinda like gnome...has enough to do the job...but not enough distractions to get me in trouble [08:51] o_O === maximaus has regular, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu installed for exploration, all are great, but he prefers the standard Gnome. === jose [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:51] Unless there was a recent update in the last week, it sure does for me. [08:51] Anyone know the proper fstab entry for a reiserfs /home? (OH, and do join the marketing team :)) === pantokrator [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:52] [08:52] I got the image from here. [08:52] I doubt they would torrent unstables. [08:53] why did ubuntu have to fuck up ldap ? [08:53] there are snapshots of unstable available [08:53] merp, forgive me for asking, but what do your Debian-specific questions have to do with Ubuntu? [08:53] If so, I didn't use them. [08:53] merp: you don't have a default system then. Debian stable has changes in security, but those are minor changes, unless you have botched apt configuration stuff. [08:53] MrFarts: I don't know, why haven't you pointed me to a bugzilla entry that you've filed? === pantokrator [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [08:54] xxvii> Let me know how the phex thing goes. I had v2.0.0.6 for windows for quite some time...It's up to v2.8 [08:54] EdLin: I am wondering if the same install issues will happen when I try to install Ubuntu. I don't want to waste the time, blank discs, or hard drive space. [08:54] crimsun, because the bug is that the configuration is non-standard and there is no documentation [08:54] what the the hell is @BACKEND@ [08:54] MrFarts: where's the bug that you filed? [08:54] merp, well, since I haven't had install issues with either one I can't help you on that. ;-) [08:54] the openldap site doesn't say anything about this directive/variable [08:54] or whatever the fuck it is [08:54] merp: ubuntu is a no brainer to install on desktops. It may have a problem with some laptops. That's why the live cds are great for testing. === noirequus is now known as nalioth [08:54] MrFarts: I presume you've pored over the documentation in /usr/share/doc/$package/ [...] === BeueXV [n=gugaqu@] has joined #ubuntu === BeueXV is now known as Fhuuranno === Fhuuranno [n=gugaqu@] has left #ubuntu [] [08:55] pawan: Does it allow full control of the installation? === Fhuuranno [n=gugaqu@] has joined #ubuntu === Fhuuranno is now known as iuoiaar === iuoiaar [n=gugaqu@] has left #ubuntu [] [08:55] pawan> most problems i had run into were solved with little googling and searching forums [08:55] navarone: i'm getting an error when i type in /java -jar phex.jar in the directory that phex.jar is located in [08:55] I like to pick my packages separately. === iuoiaar [n=gugaqu@] has joined #ubuntu === iuoiaar [n=gugaqu@] has left #ubuntu [] [08:55] xxvii> have you installed the java? [08:55] I prefer Slackware, but it did something unforgivable. [08:55] navarone: yup [08:56] Any reiserfs gurus around? [08:56] what error it give? === iuoiaar [n=gugaqu@] has joined #ubuntu [08:56] merp: you can always choose the 'expert' installation mode. Further, you can choose to install only the base, which omits the desktop. Then you can install whatever the heck you want. === highvolt1ge [n=Jono@] has joined #ubuntu [08:56] navarone: it says bash: /java: No such file or directory [08:56] merp: you get prompted on the install cd (not the live cd) for how to partition. So you can avoid wiping out MS windows at the right place. It is pretty obvious stuff. [08:56] xxvii, remove the / === lucaas [n=] has joined #ubuntu === iuoiaar [n=gugaqu@] has left #ubuntu [] [08:56] La_PaRCa: :) worked, thanks [08:56] crimsun, yes, there is fuck-all there [08:57] I have Windows and Linux on separate hard drives. [08:57] navarone : I only had hoary at the time with a laptop that barfed with Breezy would no doubt have worked fine. [08:57] navarone: thank you too [08:57] MrFarts: so file a bug, thanks [08:57] xxvii> in the directory you installed there is a documents folder. Go to the folder and open blahblahother.html explains the install and operation [08:57] crimsun, you are so helpful, jackass [08:57] I learned my lesson the other time from allowing write access to my Windows disc in Slackware. [08:58] It screwed up random sectors of both hard drives. [08:58] MrFarts: let's take a step back, shall we? I'm telling you what's likely to move things forward. [08:58] navarone: i got it.. just had to remove / from /java [08:58] okay [08:58] crimsun, you have no interesting in "moving things forward" [08:58] crimsun, you just get off on being a prick [08:58] crimun: That's much like most installers I'm familiar with. [08:58] MrFarts, what happened with openldap? [08:58] MrFarts: no, I'm actually quite serious about your filing a bug. [08:58] navarone : so anyway, I told the person to get a free ubuntu cd and do it themselves later when they got back home. I'd reckon they're using it now. [08:59] La_PaRCa, the configuration format used by ubuntu is not documented anywhere [08:59] La_PaRCa, they are using some strange directive format that i can't find either in the installed documentation or on the openldap site [08:59] file a bug and help get it fixed for Dapper. [08:59] MrFarts : yup, so file a bug [08:59] i have a strange problem with breezy. when i log into gnome normally, the keyboard doesn't work. logging in as gnome-failsafe works ok. where do i start looking in order to fix this problem. [08:59] pawan> good. [09:00] how do i manually eject a cdrom? [09:00] devint: eject [09:00] There are a little over a dozen core developers, and the rest of us involved with Ubuntu development can't track every bug that every user comes across if the user doesn't file a bug in the bugtracking system. === nomike [n=] has joined #ubuntu === DreamEater is now known as DreamEater|Away [09:01] pawan, no, I have not done anything for mp3 stuff to work yet, thought I would start with DVDs :) === DreamEater|Away is now known as DreamEater [09:01] hi === krak`nix [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:01] ditesh> i would boot in fail safe and go to system/ preferences/ keyboard and provide accurate info for the keyboard. that may help [09:01] the pentium 4 process is a 686 class proccessor correct? [09:01] crimsun: that's a glaring flaw then, no? are more core developers needed? [09:01] anyway to make this command into an application launcher? java -jar phex.jar in the /home/phex/phex_2.8.2.92 [09:01] crimsun, why did you screw with LDAP for no good reason ? [09:01] directory === _h [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:01] <_h> How do yo you tune your hard disk by hdparm? What options do you use? === Tomcat_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:02] I have breezy final installed. How do I recompile my current kernel and recreate initrd? [09:02] crimsun, the configuration i had worked fine for every other linux distribution i've tried it under [09:02] is there a tutorial? [09:02] marlun: try it just with xmms or whatever first then. See if your speakers are loud etc. Isolate the problem if you can. You know the score. [09:02] but ubuntu had to go their own way for smoething that worked before they fucked with it [09:02] xxvii> rename the phex... folder into simply phex...saves typing in the long [09:03] _h: man hdparm is your buddy [09:03] lol [09:03] what's worse is there is no documentation on this bizarre configuration [09:03] MrFarts: I'm sure there was a reason for it. Since you're displeased, file a bug and one of the responsible parties will be led in eventually. There's no sense in assaulting me personally as I had no hand in it. However, I want the distro to work as I am involved in other parts of its development. [09:03] (i know how to compile a kernel, I used gentoo before, but where do I get the complete source of the ubuntu kernel including all patches etc.) === DreamEater [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:03] crimsun, this seems broken by approach more than anything [09:03] crimsun, it's mroe of a braindead way of going about things than a bug [09:03] xxvii> as far as i know uaing term to open phex is best...and term window will reamin open without cursor untill program exits. then you get prompt === GTroy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:04] crimsun, you make changes in standard software, you document them [09:04] MrFarts: then raise the issue on the ubuntu-devel mailing list === XThmaifLi [n=oiooie@] has joined #ubuntu === XThmaifLi [n=oiooie@] has left #ubuntu [] [09:04] navarone: ok, so there isnt a way to make an application launcher for it? [09:04] navarone, mate, i did that, nothing wrong with the settings. [09:04] MrFarts : braindead way of doing things can also be filed as a bug [09:04] hey guys, does ubuntu do any SMS? [09:04] pawan, ok [09:04] crimsun, ok, sorry, i overreacted at you [09:04] Hey, I have a computer running Breezy that keeps freezing hard. Any suggestions about how I can debug this? [09:05] MrFarts: np. [09:05] pingswept: p4 hyperthreading? [09:05] I don't see anything weird in /var/log/messages [09:05] crimsun, people are often quite patronizing on IRC channels [09:05] xxvii> I haven't done it xxvii...but if you do try checking the run in tyerminal box...that may do the trick. But I have not bothered. That's why i renamed the phex folder ;) [09:05] pawan: I don't think so, [09:05] pawan: actually, no. It's an Athlon. [09:06] Whats the big hooplah about Hyper Threading? Today is the first I've heard about it. [09:06] navarone: lol, k [09:06] pingswept: I seem to have got past the freezing by constantly accessing the bios like this: until [ 1 -eq 0 ] ; do ( hwclock 2>&1 ; date +%c 2>&1 ) >> timelogs ; sleep 2; done & - voodoo. [09:06] people often use bad language on irc channel too...but what you gonna do === liable [n=liable@pdpc/supporter/active/liable] has joined #ubuntu === gamabunta [n=gamabunt@] has joined #ubuntu === Dann0 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:07] pawan: let me think about that a bit === render [n=] has joined #ubuntu === darkwize [n=] has joined #ubuntu === toblerp [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [09:08] pawan, okey, I've donwloaded streamtuner and xmms, and don't seem to be ble to get sound of of xmms either... maybe I'm missing some codecs? (gstreamer-xxx?) [09:08] xxvii> I would recommend you adjusting the number of connection to ultrapeers and such. I connect to 5 and keep bandwidth wide open as I tend to search...dl....log off network === Kinomees [n=kinomees@] has joined #ubuntu === alumno [n=alumno@] has joined #ubuntu [09:09] pingswept : I used to get a freeze a day/ twice a day or so. Haven't had it since I am doing that for the last two days. Beats me why it seems to work. It's the geek equivalent of waving a dead chicken in the air. [09:09] Aegir: some big company recently revealed some benchmarks that suggest that P4 hyperthreading actually slows down applications in many cases. I don't recall the details. [09:09] is there an easy way (from script) to get the length of an mp3 file? [09:09] length in time, not bytes.. === GNULinuxer [n=ghoseb@unaffiliated/gnulinuxer] has joined #ubuntu [09:09] marlun: check if alsamixer shows anything [09:09] crimsun, unfortunately, i don't have time for this to get fixed === Jimb0b [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:10] i guess i'll install CentOS [09:10] MrFarts: that's unfortunate, but a well-formatted bug report would go a long way. [09:10] pawan, how do you mean "if it shows anything"? I've gone through the controls to see that they are all up. :) === icarus [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:10] pawan, found gstream-lame, seems promising, going to install it. [09:10] marlun: xmms doesn't use gstreamer. perhaps you are just using the wrong output plugin (alsa/esd/whatever you're using) [09:10] hi all [09:10] topyli, oh ;P damn [09:10] marlun : ok, that means alsa modules are there. (that's what I was after) [09:10] I'm trying to install java runtime environment using steps from the unoffical ubuntu guide but I get package not fouund errors [09:10] does anyone here know how to uninstall programs? [09:11] pawan: does it just read the hwclock and date repeatedly into a logfile? [09:11] topyli, ah! thats proberbly it, I remember now :P (sorry pawan) [09:11] zcat[1] : have a look in the mpg123 options === darkmatter [n=] has joined #ubuntu === workbean [n=workbean@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [09:11] icarus: apt-get remove === workbean [n=workbean@] has joined #ubuntu [09:11] thanks dude!! [09:11] pingswept : yup. You can even dev/null it. I was tail -f ing the thing to see if I had a crazy clock drift, and to see what froze. [09:11] pingswept: Ahhh. That was in regards to server tasks though wasn't it? My personal experiances with Hyper Threading on the desktop have usually been quite pleasent, especially as far as multi-tasking/processing. A friend of mine often brags that his HP processor allows him to run two cpu intensive games side by side, although I have severe doubts as to the legitimacy of that type of benchmark. === WildPenguin [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:12] topyli, pawan, thanks for the help ;P works now, going to check the dvd sound now. [09:12] bball: from which site you were trying to follow the guide? [09:12] Aegir: yes, it was server stuff. [09:12] marlun : ermm.... what works, how was it fixed? [09:12] aftertaf: === tony_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:13] bball: ok, forget that guide, it sux. === [Jonne] [n=[Jonne]] has joined #ubuntu [09:13] marlun> i havea sb live 24 bit and in xmss preferences I have output plugin as OSS 1.2 [09:13] hehe [09:13] !tel bball about java [09:13] I haven't a clue, aftertaf [09:13] !tell bball about java [09:13] pingswept: But where does this instability that I have been hearing about come from then? Just people with no idea jumping to conclusions? [09:13] thanks [09:13] bball: see what ubotu sent you [09:13] !tell bball about javadebs [09:14] Aegir: no idea. Here is the slashdot link: [09:14] pawan, xmms sound works and it was fixed by changing output plugin to ALSA === pawan scratches his head. Oh. Cool. [09:14] marlun> pump up the [09:14] pawan: tail -f on hwclock? [09:15] however, why would that help the dvd sound? =P [09:15] tail -f timelogs [09:15] Ahh yes, I think I've already skim-read that, pingswept. Although I rarely trust Slashdot as a reliable source of information. [09:15] the DVD sound is still not working. [09:15] pingswept: Thanks anyway [09:15] Yup. [09:15] pawan: with that script running in the bg? === quote [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:16] yup. See if that keeps your system from freezing. I would love to know if it keeps your system from freezing. === jimmy3719 [n=opera@] has joined #ubuntu === zgiiipeDa [n=pauasyi@] has joined #ubuntu === zgiiipeDa [n=pauasyi@] has left #ubuntu [] === quote [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [09:17] by freezing, I mean, the system grinds to a halt, barely responding for minutes at a time. Your symptom? === orbx [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:17] pawan: are you having clock problems also? [09:18] pawan: by freezing, I mean hard freeze. Zero, done, hold down the power button freeze. === L|nu}{ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:18] pawan: Tue 22 Nov 2005 12:18:34 AM PST -0.969359 seconds [09:18] Tue 22 Nov 2005 12:18:33 AM PST === TeteU [n=pauasyi@] has joined #ubuntu === TeteU [n=pauasyi@] has left #ubuntu [] [09:19] That's what I'm getting, so it is running correctly. === TeteU [n=pauasyi@] has joined #ubuntu [09:19] pawan, does Ogle use gstreamer? === TeteU [n=pauasyi@] has left #ubuntu [] [09:19] I get variations of 1ms [09:20] borup : no clock problem. Just the clock froze, so I was wondering how the freeze progressed. So I thought matchnig the bios clock with the system clock would give me a clue. It didn't, 'cos the system has not frozen since. Bizarre. === DaqzSJKCK [n=uoauaoio@] has joined #ubuntu === DaqzSJKCK [n=uoauaoio@] has left #ubuntu [] === DaqzSJKCK [n=uoauaoio@] has joined #ubuntu === DaqzSJKCK [n=uoauaoio@] has left #ubuntu [] [09:20] pawan: ah the opposite problem to mine :-) [09:21] how do i direct output of a terminal command intoa file? [09:22] i.e whois command results in a text file === DaqzSJKCK [n=uoauaoio@] has joined #ubuntu [09:22] navarone: cmd > file === oTUeFeuo [i=ufeeuo@] has joined #ubuntu [09:22] cmd> ? And it is created in home directory? === oTUeFeuo [i=ufeeuo@] has left #ubuntu [] === DaqzSJKCK [n=uoauaoio@] has left #ubuntu [] [09:23] navarone: whois > test.txt [09:23] or working directory? [09:23] navarone: working directory [09:23] ok === Sonderblade [n=muh@] has joined #ubuntu [09:23] ty === xota [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:23] what package provides the php interpreter? === soci0path [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:24] i installed php4 for apache, but I can't get php from a terminal, it seems. === hase_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === xota saluda! === highvolt1ge is now known as highvoltage [09:24] highvoltage: it probably is installed but the path is not in your PATH === Jimb0b [n=] has joined #ubuntu === jcape [n=] has joined #ubuntu === johnny [n=] has joined #ubuntu === urbanfox|away [n=] has joined #ubuntu === quail_linux [n=quail@unaffiliated/quaillinux/x-000001] has joined #ubuntu === zenwhen [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Renski [n=darren@] has joined #ubuntu === runge [n=] has joined #ubuntu === idoeiuLSu [n=xedliv@] has joined #ubuntu === oorAi [n=ruuou@] has joined #ubuntu === oorAi [n=ruuou@] has left #ubuntu [] === idoeiuLSu [n=xedliv@] has left #ubuntu [] === punkforpez [n=] has joined #ubuntu === oorAi [n=ruuou@] has joined #ubuntu === oorAi [n=ruuou@] has left #ubuntu [] [09:26] Sonderblade: where would i find it? i guessed /usr/bin/php, but it isn't there === Hobbsee is now known as Hobbsee_away === vgooRQ [n=xedliv@] has joined #ubuntu [09:27] good night folks === robertbb [n=] has joined #ubuntu === vgooRQ [n=xedliv@] has left #ubuntu [] === uny [n=] has joined #ubuntu === rowanjl [n=] has joined #ubuntu === jcole [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:29] I was just trying to complile GPHPEdit: when the configure script game me this error: configure: error: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check === eaiEau [n=eeoibebe@] has joined #ubuntu [09:29] can anyone tell me what that means? === Jimbob_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:30] highvoltage: try installing the php4-cli package [09:30] Sonderblade: ok, thanks === FourPlus2 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === eaiEau [n=eeoibebe@] has left #ubuntu [] === eaiEau [n=eeoibebe@] has joined #ubuntu === eaiEau is now known as uoeiieqc [09:31] rowanjl: do you have c++ installed? === uoeiieqc is now known as oeQuQafj === oeQuQafj [n=eeoibebe@] has left #ubuntu [] === P3L|C4N0 [n=gcamposm@] has joined #ubuntu [09:31] I think so, or it should have been ... [09:31] how do i make a program run when gnome starts? === xota [n=] has joined #ubuntu === eva-02 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:31] i am currently in love with ubuntu [09:32] devint: system -> prefs -> sessions. add it to the startup programs there [09:32] Sonderblade, what would I need to install? === xota re! === krak`nix [n=] has joined #ubuntu === agilman [n=] has joined #ubuntu === FourPlus2 [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [09:33] hey, a friend of mine just installed linux but she doesn't know much [09:33] and I am not much better then her [09:33] whats the name of the application that shows all the help files for different applications? [09:33] but Im trying to do some stuff via SSH [09:33] marcels, man? === phrizer [n=] has joined #Ubuntu [09:33] and I can't do sudo -i === brainball [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:33] it tells me that my account is not in the sudoers file [09:33] marlun, man? [09:33] marlun: the gnome one is yelp [09:34] rowanjl: gcc, cpp and g++ [09:34] Yeah, yelp is proberbly the one i'm searching for, thanks =) [09:34] Sonderblade, thanks [09:34] in jabber, can you use nicknames on the roster list? === eva-02 [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === agilman [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [09:34] agilman: you need to add your account name to the line in /etc/group that starts admin [09:34] coz my contact list has the jabber id's instead [09:35] agilman: to edit that file, you will need to be logged in as the first account made on the machine. === Kinomees [n=kinomees@] has joined #ubuntu [09:35] Sonderblade, thanks g++ was missing === iw [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:36] agilman: change this: admin:x:106:yourfriend === iw is now known as IronWolve [09:36] to the same but add: ,youraccount to the end [09:36] in /etc/group [09:36] when i send msgs in jabber, my nickname appears, but the other person sees my jabber id instead === HeQodk [n=eeeiooem@] has joined #ubuntu === HeQodk [n=eeeiooem@] has left #ubuntu [] === HeQodk [n=eeeiooem@] has joined #ubuntu === HeQodk [n=eeeiooem@] has left #ubuntu [] [09:37] (im using Psi btw) [09:37] rowanjl: np === pingswept is now known as pingswept_zzz === aDioehk [n=eeeiooem@] has joined #ubuntu === aDioehk [n=eeeiooem@] has left #ubuntu [] === eoUyea [n=somuenxi@] has joined #ubuntu [09:38] plz and thanks === eoUyea is now known as eAjiDaoliv [09:38] pppoe_dude, you can "rename" the contacts on your contact list === eAjiDaoliv [n=somuenxi@] has left #ubuntu [] [09:38] pppoe_dude, however the renamed contacts are just for your own benefit. === agostino [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:38] talios: but they can't control their nicknames? === eAjiDaoliv [n=somuenxi@] has joined #ubuntu [09:39] talios: on how they appear on my list? === eAjiDaoliv [n=somuenxi@] has left #ubuntu [] [09:39] argh [09:39] pppoe_dude, technically their nick should come through if you view the contact details [09:39] could bzip2 errors during apt-get update be caused by a filtering proxy server? === mode/#ubuntu [+o crimsun] by ChanServ [09:39] weather the client uses it is another thing thou [09:39] talios: i can see it in their details, but the list is still the same === mode/#ubuntu [+r] by crimsun === agostino [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === mode/#ubuntu [-o crimsun] by crimsun [09:40] pppoe_dude, hmmm, not sure then, you could just go and rename them yourself... [09:40] ok [09:41] unison is really picky about versions. it sucks because no two distros would ever happen to have the same version [09:42] How do I start the ssh option during install? === bcroq [n=bertrand@] has joined #ubuntu === uny [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:44] ys76: what do you mean? ssh is not an install time option. install and run sshd after your system is working === Paradoxx [n=] has joined #ubuntu === HeavyD^ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:45] topyli: I know there is an option in the d-i. You may do an install remotely... === [20N40X] [n=zonrox@] has joined #ubuntu [09:45] <[20N40X] > Hi all! What's the repository I have to add when upgrading from Hoary to Breezy? [09:45] After the first two or three questions the d-i launches a ssh-server and you are able to log in with a special user === [Jonne] [n=[Jonne]] has joined #ubuntu [09:46] [20N40X] : Just replace hoary with breezy in /etc/apt/sources.list [09:46] <[20N40X] > ys76, thanks! [09:46] ys76: oh. i haven't seen that in the ubuntu version. it might be there but then again it may not. perhaps the expert install option gives you that choice === Fleck [n=NoThing@2001:618:400:e44c:211:11ff:febc:4fc1] has joined #ubuntu [09:47] ok ubuntu - allways new packages? :) [09:47] topyli: Thx, I'll give it a try [09:48] Fleck: no, releases every six months, is stable in between [09:48] <[Jonne] > is anyone else on dapper having problems with firefox? [09:48] i kno this might not be the place, but i needs a windows program that i can use to encode and burn videos to dvd so they can be pleayed in a dvd player [09:48] topyli ohh, how about unstable? [09:49] <[Jonne] > Paradoxx, Nero? [09:49] Fleck: well, it's unstable. it basically tries to mirror with debian sid [09:49] [Jonne] : no, I'm not. Why? [09:49] [Jonne] : which Nero? [09:49] i guess you can't really block people in jabber? [09:49] firefox | 1.4.99+1.5rc2.dfsg-1ubuntu2 | dapper/main Packages [09:50] <[Jonne] > it almost b0rked my system, but running synaptic again seems to have fixed it [09:50] topyli i see, but in deb sid for example kde is still old 3.4.2 i think [09:50] pppoe_dude, I believe you can... mmmm [09:50] talios: theres remove authorisation [09:50] <[Jonne] > it wouldn't start because it was configuring pcmcia, so i had to use another kernel [09:50] talios, but then they can tell you removed it === mode/#ubuntu [+o crimsun] by ChanServ === mode/#ubuntu [-r] by crimsun === mode/#ubuntu [-o crimsun] by crimsun [09:50] <[Jonne] > now i'm running FF 1.5 beta2, so it updated fine [09:51] Fleck: dunno, see what dapper (current unstable) has. [09:51] [Jonne] : which nero? [09:51] pppoe_dude, true, and? I think you can block the jid entirely, but that might not be exposed in Psi [09:51] <[Jonne] > Paradoxx, i xouldn't know [09:51] <[Jonne] > i've never done that === Angelfish [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:51] <[Jonne] > but i know nero can do it [09:51] Fleck: BTW, ubuntu does not follow the debian distribution scheme. it only has the stable version and a very unstable development version [09:51] <[Jonne] > get the latest one to be sure [09:51] pppoe_dude, you might get some more info on the jabber group chat - ( jabber development ) [09:51] <[Jonne] > or go to #nero [09:51] talios, but like msn blocking type thing === DreamEater [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Delgul_at_work [n=] has joined #ubuntu === DreamEater [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === maradong [n=bhentges@] has joined #ubuntu [09:52] thheres no one in #jabber btw, only 7 ppl [09:52] topyli ok, anyway says that 3.4.3 is in ubuntu ... :/ [09:52] lol no1 in that channel [09:52] pppoe_dude, - not many of us in there either thou [09:53] oh [09:53] ok [09:53] gotcha [09:53] <[Jonne] > Paradoxx, is a good resource, i've heard [09:53] Fleck: so it seems, confirms [09:53] :) [09:53] the JBother client I use has a "block user" command, psi should. [09:54] Fleck: just build from debian experimental sources if you are in such a hurry :) [09:54] talios, does it make you invisible to them or does it ignore them [09:54] topyli well, the problem is that i like deb, but i don't like old apps, i want to use new software, but don't like to compile, and one more thing - debian often has broken dependecies ... [09:55] pppoe_dude, not sure [09:56] Fleck: experimental is often broken, sid usually works. i wouldn't call sid (or ubuntu) "old software" though :) === dts [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [09:56] pppoe_dude, <- JEP on privacy/blocking [09:56] what a JEP? [09:56] Fleck: i don't know how you could get the very latest if you want to rely on distributions' packages === jsgotangco [n=jsg@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu [09:57] pppoe_dude, Jabber Enhancement Proposal, its like the specs === jmspeex [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:57] ok [09:58] topyli well i can wait week, maybe two, but 2 M ... don't === Bakgat [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:58] 'mornin boys & girls! === jay [n=jay@] has joined #ubuntu [09:59] can anyone please help me with smb.conf === highvolt1ge [n=Jono@] has joined #ubuntu [09:59] Fleck: if you find a distro that blindly includes whatever is latest from upstream, let me know. it might make a nice system for a playground box :) === sazwerx [n=chiman@] has joined #ubuntu [09:59] I've followed plenty the references & consulted some of my old linux books & stuff, but still can't get it to gell [10:00] topyli ok :) [10:00] @ a stage where I'm starting to re-script the conf file. most undesirable [10:00] Bakgat: what's the trubl ? [10:00] hi kemik. === Dethread [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:01] Bonjour [10:01] can get my w32 pc to see server, but having trouble authenicating [10:01] tried user, share & server; no joy === oTfeocV [n=mmdaeeoi@] has joined #ubuntu === oTfeocV [n=mmdaeeoi@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:02] commented out [home] for now [10:02] Bakgat: ran smbpasswd ? [10:02] Bakgat: have you created a samba user for the windows user? [10:02] sudo smbpasswd? === quail_linux [n=quail@unaffiliated/quaillinux/x-000001] has joined #ubuntu [10:02] via gui, yes. enabled 'guest' too [10:02] Bakgat: yes.. create a samba user and set his password [10:03] ok. gimme a moment to recheck... === Digis [n=digis@] has joined #ubuntu [10:03] Bakgat: and restart samba after making any changes === [20N40X] [n=zonrox@] has joined #ubuntu [10:03] ./etc/init.d/samba restart [10:03] ya i can see in gaim the privacy options are disabled... so it might be from the transport === dmg|lnx [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [10:05] what does the 'sudo'-shell do? === thoreauputic [n=prospero@ubuntu/member/thoreauputic] has joined #ubuntu [10:05] no luck... [10:06] keep entering username 'guest', no password [10:06] keeps popping up again repeatedly === [20N40X] is now known as rraajj [10:07] if i browse via network tree (as opposed to \host), i get errors when I get to the workgroup [10:15] Bakgat: i don't know about the guest user. i simply created users on the windows client with the same username and password i have on the linux box === kaxero [n=kaxero@] has joined #ubuntu === leagris [n=] has joined #ubuntu === kaxero [n=kaxero@] has left #ubuntu ["Irteten"] [10:15] om [10:15] _/\_ === highvolt1ge is now known as highvoltage === KiLlRoY [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:15] sorry, got disconnected... [10:15] back to my question. smb.conf buggy. connection issues from w32 pc [10:15] KiLlRoY: have you added another user ? [10:15] tryp "smbpasswd -a testuser" [10:15] and set a password and try to login === gana [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:15] new one, no. just ser pwd for 'guest' [10:15] ok. will do now === hmb [n=hande@] has joined #ubuntu === Syntux [n=Jad@] has joined #ubuntu [10:15] but it's much easier if you create a user with the same username as your iwndowsuser [10:15] and make sure both computers are in the same workgroup [10:15] join #canonical === hmb [n=hande@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [10:15] ok. give me a mo' [10:15] omfg [10:15] i'm so depressed [10:15] lo mem, lo mem, my puters got no mem. so i thrash all day and i slog all nite, lo mem, lo mem lo mem lo mem. === fonsk3n [n=] has joined #ubuntu === aeon17x [n=aeon17x@] has joined #ubuntu === h [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:15] how do I change the setting to not to play the DVD when I insert the DVD? === xukun [n=] has joined #ubuntu === communication [n=communic@] has joined #ubuntu === penguinzdr [n=] has joined #ubuntu === cryptom [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:16] h, systems -> preferences -> removable media [10:16] yea, baby! === diubidone [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:16] hi, guys! i love gnome! === Toma- [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:16] And in that, look at Multimedia and uncheck 'Video DVD discs' [10:16] hello all, HOW DO I GET RHYTHMBOX TO PLAY MP3? [10:16] diubidone: don't shout. [10:17] !tell diubidone -about mp3 [10:17] sorry === ptlo [n=] has joined #ubuntu === krak`nix [n=] has joined #ubuntu === grimse [n=] has joined #ubuntu === al1 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:18] !tell diubidone about mp3 === HeavyD^ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:19] wait a minute [10:19] i have to pay??? === TLioaM [n=osoaapo@] has joined #ubuntu === TLioaM [n=osoaapo@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:19] no === agtnz [n=] has joined #ubuntu === DrGamut [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:19] read that page [10:19] diubidone: of course not === TLioaM [n=osoaapo@] has joined #ubuntu === TLioaM [n=osoaapo@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:19] just install the packages === TLioaM [n=osoaapo@] has joined #ubuntu [10:19] Totally off topic, anyone here particularly good with diagnosing strange network connectivity issues? === TLioaM [n=osoaapo@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:20] blah XMMS is REALLY ugly [10:20] penguinzdr, try beep-media-player [10:20] penguinzdr: tried bmp? [10:20] that's xmms but better looking :) [10:20] i am using BMP, just trying XMMS [10:20] DrGamut, mii-diag, ethereal, netcat and ifconfig are your friends :) [10:20] ok kemik. seems to work (but not yet for user not on system/guest). seems I now have am fstab issue [10:20] do you know a lyrics plugin for BMP? === locomorto uses amarok [10:20] they both have skins though. [10:21] but amarok is the bomb :D [10:21] aftertaf: the menus still look crap in xmms [10:21] I'm trying to share a fat32 mount === fruud_ [n=fruud@] has joined #ubuntu [10:21] sup === olicat [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:21] Toma-: amarok is bomb, but is KDE [10:21] !tell KiLlRoY about samba [10:21] Can someone help me get flash working correctly with Firefox 1.5RC2? I get sound, but nothing displays. Just... black. [10:21] ok how do i make ogg from mp3? [10:21] kubuntu! === oibYZaami [n=nketzawn@] has joined #ubuntu [10:21] Seveas: I'm not knowledgeable enough to diagnose this, it's not a matter of tools it's a matter of knowing what to look for. [10:21] That's why I asked. === oibYZaami is now known as PQoiWaiziH [10:21] diubidone: I wouldn't [10:21] diubidone, transcode === PQoiWaiziH [n=nketzawn@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:21] is knubuntu just ubuntu with KDE or its own CDs ? (Install cd etc etc) [10:22] why not? === indypende [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:22] diubidone: Its just going to sound worse then the original mp3 [10:22] fruud_, both ;( [10:22] ;) [10:22] oh [10:22] :D [10:22] wkd [10:22] fruud_: yeh. kubuntu is ubuntu with a different DE [10:22] says who? [10:22] i tried kubuntu yesterday. One word: SLOW [10:22] diubidone: everyone === carlos [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:22] ;D aight [10:22] diubidone: says everyone who knows :) === workbean has had it with these apt-get bzip2 errors :-( === telemaco [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:22] you can install "kubuntu-desktop ontop of ubuntu aswell [10:22] DrGamut, if you're around in 2 hours I can help you but I have to go in a few minutes [10:22] I mean if mp3 has all this license problem lets switch to ogg and the hell with it [10:22] diubidone: It would be different if it was wav -> flac [10:22] workbean, remove all duplicate entries from sources.list === highvoltage uses only .ogg [10:23] so u can have kubuntubu!@#$ [10:23] diubidone: mp3 is compressed and lossy - so is ogg , so you lose more quality cconverting [10:23] Toma-, i did that before but my os crashed ina few days after... is that really good to use kde ? [10:23] locomorto: i know, i use bmp too :) === locomorto doesn't use bmp :) [10:23] and what if i convert from original cd to ogg? [10:23] fruud_: kde is the bomb === highvoltage uses .png [10:23] diubidone: that sounds good then [10:23] diubidone: that's fine [10:23] lots more eyecandy than gnome [10:23] ;D === ALaioo [n=osoaapo@] has joined #ubuntu === Hobbsee_away is now known as Hobbsee [10:24] gnome is like the ugly stepsister that does all the work. === ALaioo [n=osoaapo@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:24] Toma-, drop it [10:24] ok GOD BLESS UBUNTU PEOPLE [10:24] Seveas, is that in kcontrol? I can't findit [10:24] c'YA [10:24] fine :( [10:24] gnome is not ugly! [10:24] this is not the gnome vs kde channel [10:24] hey, that was a plug for gnome, not kde [10:24] what are the 'default' fstab options to mount an internal FAT32 partition (hda6) for RW @ boot? [10:24] Iv tryed for i donno how long, but i cant get mozilla to have java plugin work... my firefox java works perfectly but not for mozilla :S [10:24] h, no it's in the gnome panel [10:24] gnome does the work, kde has the beaty [10:24] I don't know how to do it with KDE === mode/#ubuntu [+b %Toma-!@] by Seveas [10:24] anyone know a lyrics plugin for BMP? [10:25] Roughly what bitrate is quality 5 for ogg audio? [10:25] penguinzdr, there appears not to be one yet [10:25] :( [10:25] penguinzdr, ur right about that ! [10:25] :) [10:25] locomorto: about 192kbps roughly, it's variable. [10:25] aeon17x: thx === penguinzdr playz Dark Moor - Dragon Into The Fire === h is now known as damnhil === quail_linux [n=quail@unaffiliated/quaillinux/x-000001] has joined #ubuntu [10:26] konqui into the fire === silasj [n=] has joined #ubuntu === vegiVamp [n=] has joined #ubuntu === jmspeex [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:27] penguinzdr, please don't do that in here [10:27] ok, ok [10:27] this is a support channel and busy enough without 'now playing' crud [10:27] oooh, thanks Seveas, I think that works :-? === afrei [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:29] in windows, my screen is ok. but in ubuntu, my screen is too on the right. what should i do? (i dont want to install nvidia drivers.) [10:29] anyone got the rss package to work? === Jimbob_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:30] penguinzdr: you'll have to either put up with it or install the drivers, mine did erxactly the same. why not install the ubuntu packaged drivers? makes more sense than no acceleration with nv driver [10:30] penguinzdr: adjust the settings on the monitor itself. [10:31] aeon17x: and you'll have windows too left after that [10:31] aftertaf: I did that here without afecting windows - don't ask me how that worked , but it did [10:32] aftertaf: my problem with the packaged drivers is that i correctly edit xorg.conf, restart X and my comp freezes at the nVidia splashscreen. === bimberi [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:32] it didn't work :-( i'm using that package list of psychocats. It's alright.. [10:32] ahhh... why not install the nvidia drivers? tainted kernelage? === viviersf [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:32] kemik, u da man! [10:33] aftertaf: i have installed the nvidia drivers [10:33] now, how do i resolve the anonymous/guest user issue? [10:33] penguinzdr: disable the splash then ;) === tali [n=tali@] has joined #ubuntu [10:33] aftertaf: i tried. than black screen and still freezes === shedi [n=] has joined #ubuntu === thoreauputic is puzzled as to why pingus is pink on his iBook screen but fine on his CRT monitor [10:35] guys, thanx alot. will bug ya again l8r [10:35] penguinzdr: ah that sux... :/ [10:35] aftertaf: yeah, aloty === Vioaa [n=ebxel@] has joined #ubuntu === Vioaa [n=ebxel@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:35] alot [10:35] with both the ubuntu package and the ones from their website? [10:35] btw... what's the point of sudo? === brownie17 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === eioaXesef [n=eejux@] has joined #ubuntu === eioaXesef [n=eejux@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:35] only with the ubu package [10:35] what does it actually do? === eioaXesef [n=eejux@] has joined #ubuntu === eioaXesef [n=eejux@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:35] can anyone give me a quick walkthrough on jigdo === workbean [n=workbean@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [10:35] KiLlRoY: oooh.... no root, so sudo makes you spiderman for a moment. [10:36] !tell KiLlRoY about rootsudo === Andre4s [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:37] what should I install to get documentation for C functions and stuff? [10:37] aftertaf, go spiderman, hes the REAL greatest hero of them all. damn action-man!!! [10:37] aftertaf: only with the ubu package i tried [10:37] 'man strstr' dont work [10:37] does anyone here know how to use jigdo? [10:38] brownie17: ago to the debian website, they have docs on jigdo [10:38] penguinzdr: maybe try the NVidia drivers themselves then?? === knubbe [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:39] Andre4s: apt-cache search manpages | grep dev [10:39] [10:39] penguinzdr: or live happily with the nv driver, which does work well too, i admit === BROKEN_LADDER [n=] has joined #UBUNTU [10:39] aftertaf, not much good im afraid. i don'rt understand the idea, do i have to give it 14 different jigdo files to make one .iso? that's stupid [10:39] aftertaf: hmm... do the developers of dapper know about the bug? [10:39] no idea. i'm quite n00b too :] === gerbman [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:40] one rply for both of you ... hehe [10:40] thoreauputic, then what?= [10:40] hope they know, and fix it in dapper [10:40] Andre4s: erm - install the relevant package? [10:40] aftertaf, does that mean yes? === edwin [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:40] who has ever downloaded debian via jigdo? [10:40] that was the question in the first page [10:40] penguinzdr: you on dapper right now? it could also be an nvidia bug for you particular card.... do a bugreport somewhere... [10:41] Andre4s: cough how about " manpages-dev " ? === iaeol [i=eCOeriiU@] has joined #ubuntu [10:41] <_Rappy_> I am going to upgrade from hoary to breezy. Do I have to do anything else than edit /etc/apt/sources.list and run apt upgrade? === Hobbsee [n=] has joined #ubuntu === BTLoai [n=euacna@] has joined #ubuntu [10:41] _Rappy_: check the link from ubotu === cerius [n=] has joined #ubuntu === iaeol [i=eCOeriiU@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:42] !tell _Rappy_ about breezy === carlos [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:42] <_Rappy_> thx :) === Koffa [i=] has joined #ubuntu === BTLoai [n=euacna@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:42] thoreauputic, thanls === eBusuHp [n=iaaziie@] has joined #ubuntu [10:42] thoreauputic, thanks === cerius [n=] has left #ubuntu ["...] === Koffa [i=] has left #ubuntu [] === uYfaui [n=iqaelo@] has joined #ubuntu [10:42] Andre4s: no worries :) === uYfaui [n=iqaelo@] has left #ubuntu [] === eBusuHp [n=iaaziie@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:42] _Rappy_: apt-get update, apt-get -f install, apt-get dist-upgrade (allwith sudo) [10:42] aftertaf: no, i'm on breezy. maybe just for my card, other FX 5200 cards work perfect. === egGQiAy [n=foeneaei@] has joined #ubuntu === egGQiAy [n=foeneaei@] has left #ubuntu [] === uYfaui [n=iqaelo@] has joined #ubuntu === uYfaui [n=iqaelo@] has left #ubuntu [] === oeJaiBiuj [n=iqaelo@] has joined #ubuntu === oeJaiBiuj [n=iqaelo@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:43] still with that bug, ubuntu rocks === aeQSiV [n=sqxaiieo@] has joined #ubuntu [10:43] yeah !!! === SeoioaaRJ [n=auidcubd@] has joined #ubuntu === SeoioaaRJ [n=auidcubd@] has left #ubuntu [] === aeQSiV is now known as JaopeeK === JaopeeK [n=sqxaiieo@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:44] bot attack Seveas ? === LuOoaMsNu [n=auidcubd@] has joined #ubuntu [10:44] who was promoting amarok in here earlier? === LuOoaMsNu [n=auidcubd@] has left #ubuntu [] === JaopeeK [n=sqxaiieo@] has joined #ubuntu === JaopeeK [n=sqxaiieo@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:44] Tom- promoted it [10:44] atrophic: he was muted... for trolling === LuOoaMsNu [n=auidcubd@] has joined #ubuntu === LuOoaMsNu [n=auidcubd@] has left #ubuntu [] === osxuoou [n=auidcubd@] has joined #ubuntu [10:45] is there a way of doing this for firefox?. In IE it is this option: initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe: enable === gerbman [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === osxuoou [n=auidcubd@] has left #ubuntu [] === wOHehaeqnd [n=auidcubd@] has joined #ubuntu [10:45] hrm... I don't think that's who I was thinking of. Somebody asked what the best media player was and a few people recommended Amarok. === wOHehaeqnd [n=auidcubd@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:45] Just curious because I'm trying it out and part of it wasn't working, was going to ask them questions === rowanjl [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [10:46] atrophic: i said that XMMS is ugly, and then Tom- started to promote amaroK' === Toma-- [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:46] xukun: ActiveX is Windows-only. IE-only, actually === Toma-- is now known as Toma- [10:47] Penguin_: the problem was it became a KDE vs Gnome thing [10:47] penguinzdr, I'm talking about hours ago, before all that. [10:47] it was from somebody helpful, not Toma ;) === ubuntu [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:48] Madpilot, We use a web based programm at my work, and to use it you have to enable this option in IE [10:48] Toma Neverni [10:48] atrophic: did you read the restricted formats wiki ? Might help you [10:48] Madpilot, any idea what else I can do? [10:48] xukun: use a web app that doesn't rely on ActiveX === soci0path [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:49] !restricted [10:49] extra, extra, read all about it, restricted is Most of the formats listed here have been replaced by !FreeFormats [10:49] Madpilot, yah [10:49] xukun: slightly more seriously, ActiveX is a Microsoft-only, IE-only pile of crp === TCTCH [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:50] xukun, there is activex plugin for Windows version of Firefox, but you're fortunately not going to get that wormhole open on Linux === ixUfziMNa [n=ebieiomo@] has joined #ubuntu === ixUfziMNa [n=ebieiomo@] has left #ubuntu [] === ixUfziMNa [n=ebieiomo@] has joined #ubuntu === ixUfziMNa [n=ebieiomo@] has left #ubuntu [] === mode/#ubuntu [+o thoreauputic] by ChanServ === ixUfziMNa [n=ebieiomo@] has joined #ubuntu [10:50] Madpilot, then I,m fck becouse I,m forced using IE === ixUfziMNa [n=ebieiomo@] has left #ubuntu [] === mode/#ubuntu [+r] by thoreauputic [10:50] damm I hate that [10:51] !repos [10:51] hmm... repos is - Official sources.lists here (Hoary) or (Breezy) see also !easysource [10:51] !easysource [10:51] easysource is, like, For an easy to use custom sources.list configurator, visit === pitti [n=pitti@ubuntu/member/pitti] has joined #ubuntu === pitti [n=pitti@ubuntu/member/pitti] has left #ubuntu [] [10:53] holy crap, one debian OS has like 7 ISO's to is!?!?! who would bother downloading it! [10:53] how can i make firefox forms look good without winterfox? [10:54] brownie17: smart people use the netinstaller [10:54] brownie17, you can install the base with a lot fewer than 7 isos [10:54] brownie17: but lots of people get the dvd's too.. [10:54] liable, net installer? i am talking anbout the jigdo files they give you [10:54] MrFarts, yeah, but how basic is the base? [10:54] brownie17: you only need the first Debian ISO really [10:54] brownie17: well, theres a jidgo file for the net install to iirc. [10:55] brownie17, well it used to fit on 4 floppies [10:55] debian use the netisntaller [10:55] brownie17, everything else you could get on the internet [10:55] brownie17: you can actually have gnome and kde with the first iso.. [10:55] xukun, there is a way to enable activex in firefox [10:55] brownie17, realy? [10:56] activex is the spawn of satan [10:56] xukun, it is called neptune. no support for it,very basic instructions, and i htink difficult to install. if you are desperate though, give it a shot [10:56] brownie17: and just for info, thers actually fourteen cd's for sarge :) === fonsk3n [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:57] xukun, [10:57] brownie17, [10:57] haha [10:57] PAN = Pimp Ass Newsreader? [10:57] omfg [10:57] brownie17, google query for "firefox + activex" === marlun [n=marlun@unaffiliated/marlun] has joined #ubuntu [10:57] brownie17, thanks a lot === retrix [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Ycros [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:58] inside my shell i wait and bleed.... [10:58] MrFarts, allready got url thanks [10:59] MrFarts, that link is only for firefox for windows [11:00] MrFarts, is that one you gave me compatible with linux? because im an so sure neptune is === RockyBurt [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:01] i get an error during mounting: === mode/#ubuntu [-r] by thoreauputic [11:01] mount: I could not determine the filesystem type, and none was specified [11:02] MrFarts, btw, i am not condoning activex, but for some things, you must choose the lesser or two evils, get fired, or get activex..... actually maybe firing is better :P === Nermal [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Archite [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === pickett [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ekeoeo [n=eiooysou@] has joined #ubuntu === ekeoeo [n=eiooysou@] has left #ubuntu [] === henk [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:03] Nermal: there are other quiet #ubuntu channels [11:03] xukun, what about neptune? was that compatible with nix? === jayakumar2 [n=jayakuma@] has joined #ubuntu === oYiaoi [n=eiooysou@] has joined #ubuntu === oYiaoi [n=eiooysou@] has left #ubuntu [] [11:05] how do i install ut2k4? === PokerFacePenguin [n=joe@] has joined #ubuntu === kofj [i=kofj@] has joined #ubuntu [11:07] does anyone have the steps to geting an onbord sil 3114 raid to work? [11:07] never mind === eth42 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === barosl [n=barosl@] has joined #ubuntu [11:08] hi! why is it that my Ubuntu update icon has "show updates" as the default action on one computer, and "install updates" on another? how can I change this? === elkbuntu [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Dr_Fie [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:10] please, help me with the mounting of floppy! === siooeouCie [n=izeeai@] has joined #ubuntu [11:10] you SHOULD be able to duel-boot a mac right? === siooeouCie is now known as oeieiiCiK [11:10] powerpc? === oeieiiCiK [n=izeeai@] has left #ubuntu [] [11:10] penguinzdr: mount /dev/fd0 /media/floppy ? [11:10] Nermal: i use only mount /media/floppy [11:11] oh.. that doesn't work ? [11:11] yes === Nermal sighs [11:11] good. [11:11] next questio === sss_lr [n=sss_lr@] has joined #ubuntu === TiffOn [i=] has joined #ubuntu === CuaexuUi [i=uieiedic@] has joined #ubuntu === CuaexuUi is now known as eoroiaIWo === eoroiaIWo [i=uieiedic@] has left #ubuntu [] === raghu [n=sss_lr@] has joined #ubuntu [11:12] Nermal: and what's the question? [11:12] huh!!! the update icon always performs the last action chosen in its context menu as the default action. that's odd...... === raghu [n=sss_lr@] has joined #ubuntu [11:13] penguinzdr, do you have an IDE floppy drive? [11:13] penguinzdr: you said it doesn't work. .you just said it does. quit wasting my time [11:14] elkbuntu: i think that i have only CD and HD on IDE === Corrupter [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:14] nermal maybe he meant yes to affirm your question. 'that doesnt work' === uny [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:14] maybe he should paste the sodding error [11:14] blood -> stone [11:14] penguinzdr i have to mount my floppy with 'sudo mount -t msdos /dev/fd0 /media/floppy' [11:14] is their any way to lighten my PCs load a bit, my processor is at 90-100% majority of the time === quail_linux [n=quail@unaffiliated/quaillinux/x-000001] has joined #ubuntu [11:14] penguinzdravko@ghostwheel:$ mount /media/floppy0 [11:14] mount: I could not determine the filesystem type, and none was specified [11:15] \o/ [11:15] Corrupter: in a terminal, type "top" - that'll show you what's hogging the CPU [11:15] penguinzdr: try -t msdos then as elkbuntu suggested [11:15] failing that, try -t vfat [11:15] gah [11:15] I hate it when both our Transit links die... === tali screams at customers on phone!!! :P [11:15] well i'm also running a 450 Mhz K6-2 [11:15] tali: hold button [11:15] so the mouse itself takes like 10% of the processor [11:15] penguinzdr: you might want to add that vfat part into your fstab entry. [11:15] came in handy at suse [11:15] Corrupter: still, 90% most of the time sounds a bit high - what does top say? === eth42 [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === RezDawg [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:16] Corrupter: shouldn't do. you using a software cursor ? [11:16] elkbuntu: will this will damage Windows? [11:16] penguinzdr: hopefully [11:16] yes === RezDawg is now known as [AH] RezDawg [11:16] i was exagerrating... slightly [11:16] penguinzdr ... you're using windows? === [AH] RezDawg is now known as RezDawg [11:16] elkbuntu: I guess he's dual booting [11:16] elkbuntu: i have dual boot, because my sister dont like linux === rowanjl [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:16] penguinzdr it shouldnt, it's a command for linux, in the linux os, that will talk to a linux file [11:17] ok, lets try [11:17] penguinzdr: what direction is the wind blowing by you ? [11:17] what are some other good environments besides gnome and KDE? [11:17] ? [11:17] Corrupter: XFCE4 ? [11:17] Yikes, I've slowly come to the realisation that all syntax highlighting components available for use in Gnome, suck. :/ === highvolt1ge [n=Jono@] has joined #ubuntu [11:17] rowanjl: gvim ? [11:17] Corrupter: enlightenment, but you have to configure it a bit. [11:17] corrupter icewm is a lite windowsesque de [11:17] Nermal, hehehe, i could [11:17] Nermal, no no no, wrong is so many ways :/ [11:17] e17 is nice [11:17] Corrupter: there's also fluxbox. [11:17] configure how? [11:17] rowanjl: what do you mean by syntax highlighting components? [11:18] YES! [11:18] Corrupter: manpage [11:18] it works! [11:18] penguinzdr: naturally [11:18] Madpilot, like the standard Gtk textarea, but with customizable syntax highlighting [11:18] how do i install them? [11:18] sudo apt-get install fluxbox ? [11:18] like everything else? [11:18] or synaptic [11:18] aye [11:18] which does tha apt for you [11:18] Nermal, as you can probably tell, I'm not a VIM fan [11:19] rowanjl: emacs ? [11:19] jedit ? [11:19] I just can't working with textbased editors [11:19] jedit then [11:19] nor nedit [11:19] JEdit barf [11:19] nor = or [11:19] NEdit? === sss_lr [n=sss_lr@] has joined #ubuntu [11:19] yeah... very stable editor [11:19] rowanjl: tried Screem or Bluefish? === kestas [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:19] not the prettiest of the bunch but still [11:19] Madpilot, unfortunately [11:19] rowanjl i've been using quanta... it's quite good === uThizTiI [n=ekifeu@] has joined #ubuntu === uThizTiI [n=ekifeu@] has left #ubuntu [] [11:19] anyone here know hwo to get video onto the ipod through linux? [11:19] Nermal: and now, how can i unmount it? === uThizTiI [n=ekifeu@] has joined #ubuntu === Kodami [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:20] [11:20] rowanjl: Gedit? [11:20] Madpilot, Bluefish has the best component of all, but its still lacking === uThizTiI [n=ekifeu@] has left #ubuntu [] [11:20] ;) [11:20] penguinzdr: sudo umount /media/floppy [11:20] umount /media/floppy === Rojis [n=Rojis@] has joined #ubuntu === uThizTiI [n=ekifeu@] has joined #ubuntu [11:20] thanks guys === uThizTiI [n=ekifeu@] has left #ubuntu [] === eSeuhMei [n=oxuealh@] has joined #ubuntu === eSeuhMei [n=oxuealh@] has left #ubuntu [] [11:20] Madpilot, one day GEdit will rock, but they have to finish writing the new GtkSourceView === misfit_toy [n=] has joined #ubuntu === xota [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:20] rowanjl: I like Screem slightly more - the autocomplete w/ HTML tags rocks in Screem [11:20] Hi , can anyone help me with a problem? [11:20] bluefish's syntax highlighting is touchy, it sometimes turns off on chunks [11:20] try [11:20] Kodami: just ask :| [11:21] Kodami: only if you actually tell us what it is ;) [11:21] Madpilot, for me, I really need PHP, CSS, JS and XML based features === uThizTiI [n=ekifeu@] has joined #ubuntu === mokujin [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Mienaux [n=ewinli@] has joined #ubuntu [11:21] yes Kodami, I may make your problem worse, what is it ? :) === Mienaux [n=ewinli@] has left #ubuntu [] [11:21] When i try the live CD , the x server wont start === uThizTiI [n=ekifeu@] has left #ubuntu [] [11:21] kodami machine specs? [11:21] have you tried to start it manually? [11:21] rowanjl: both Bluefish & Screem can be customized WRT highlighting and stuff... [11:21] 3.2ghz , 512mb ram , ATIx600 [11:21] Madpilot, yeah, but there is always a limit :/ [11:21] p4 === Mienaux [n=ewinli@] has joined #ubuntu === uoXeipqKR [n=ekifeu@] has joined #ubuntu === uoXeipqKR [n=ekifeu@] has left #ubuntu [] === Mienaux [n=ewinli@] has left #ubuntu [] [11:22] it could be to do with the ati [11:22] I need my highlighting setup perfectly, or I find myself tearing hair out === Mienaux [n=ewinli@] has joined #ubuntu === Mienaux [n=ewinli@] has left #ubuntu [] === mode/#ubuntu [+o nalioth] by ChanServ [11:22] what sort of monitor, spanking new, or old? === mode/#ubuntu [+r] by nalioth === mode/#ubuntu [-o nalioth] by ChanServ [11:22] laptop , new [11:22] any other good environments? [11:22] rowanjl: most editors let you customise highlighting [11:22] i hate those freaking spmabots [11:22] Its not a "what does any of this mean" thing, more of a "OMG! Its wrong!" panic attack [11:22] Corrupter: no [11:22] rowanjl: you could always talk to the devs of one app or another, and get some help... [11:22] nalioth: they won't give up, will they? [11:22] only gnome / kde really [11:22] windowmanagers are another matter [11:23] spanking new even [11:23] Madpilot, I don't think they could solve my problem ;) [11:23] Corrupter: XFCE is supposed to be pretty good [11:23] Kodami: that is the problem. modernity is the achilles heel of linux [11:23] is it XFCE or XFCE4? [11:23] if someone can remember the xserver reconfigure command it could help you [11:23] ubotu: tell Corrupter about xubuntu [11:23] I'll install Scream and Bluefish to see what I can do === mode/#ubuntu [+o nalioth] by ChanServ [11:24] any way to get arround it === mode/#ubuntu [-r] by nalioth === mode/#ubuntu [-o nalioth] by ChanServ [11:24] any command where ubotu will tell me ALL the other environments? lol [11:24] rowanjl: Screem's highlighting seems (to me, at least) slightly more intelligent than Bluefish's... your milage will vary, I guess === xota [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:24] !de [11:24] Bitte gehen sie nach #ubuntu-de fuer deutschsprachige hilfe [11:24] anyone here know how to get video onto the ipod through linux? [11:24] not that one [11:24] !desktop [11:24] elkbuntu: I don't know [11:24] Corrupter: === xota re [11:25] corrupter your various lite ones include: xfce4, icewm, fluxbox [11:25] Madpilot, too true, I used windows PHPEdit, and I have to say, that things addictive === Rojis [n=Rojis@] has joined #ubuntu [11:25] i don't know if they have an ipod service yet... the iPod video is so new... [11:25] rowanjl, don't forger ratpoison :) [11:25] forget [11:25] kinda sucks [11:25] leagris, another editor? [11:26] thats something the iPod needs, wifi [11:26] rowanjl on windows i use phpdesigner 2005, it's pretty good [11:26] very lightweight no mous X desktop manager [11:26] just walking along and say "hey, i want a song" click, buy, download, play [11:26] elkbuntu, PHPEdit is like PHP Designer, only it has better syntax highlighting [11:27] Corrupter: no way, my friend and i were talking about that tthe other day === aspro [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:27] rowanjl i'll make sure to check it out then [11:27] Corrupter: having bluetooth or wifi would be sooo handy [11:27] but it would also give apple the upperhand it needs to overprice their mp3 players even more [11:27] rowanjl the thing i like about quanta+ over phpdesigner, is the tag group minimising [11:27] the only wifi mp3 player... 1200 dollars [11:27] true [11:27] lol [11:27] Lightweight desktop with no mouse : [11:28] I'm having trouble installing breezy dual-boot. It can't resize the existing NTFS partition. Is anyone experienced in such a field? [11:28] elkbuntu, in PHPEdit, when you're working in a HTML/PHP document, the HTML part will become greyed out when your cursor is in the PHP area, and the other way around === dhonn [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:28] like the PSP... the PSP has wifi... but theres really not much to do with it [11:28] its great for document with PHP places all over them :P === kinomees_ [n=kinomees@] has joined #ubuntu [11:28] thats the big feature I miss in all of the editors for Linux [11:28] rowanjl with the minimising of the areas, it reduces the amount of code you have to sift through in a 3000 line script hehe === chaumurky [n=] has joined #ubuntu === brett [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:29] i still love my PSP though hugs PSP [11:29] are dapper servers dead. im having trouble dist-upgrading [11:29] elkbuntu, ahh! Code folding! [11:29] Corrupter: ugh.. sony.. you heathen you [11:29] hides his vaio [11:29] rowanjl yeah that's it... i couldnt think of the term [11:29] hey... Sony is my enemy... but PSP is my friend... [11:29] I tried resizing the NTFS partition using breezy's install disk but it told me "The resize operation did not create enough free space for the installation. Resizing may have failed. You will have to set up partitions manually." [11:29] when it comes to games, i'm Sony all the way [11:29] when it comes to... well... ANYTHING else [11:29] they should die [11:29] dooglus what size did you make the partition? [11:29] I guess if you're that particular about syntax highlighting you can't be a very proficiant coder === Katsumoto [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:29] the entire country of Italy is sueing Sony... [11:30] elkbuntu: I tried various: "18 Gb", "20 Gb", "22 Gb" and "50%" [11:30] dooglus: hmm.. I guess it's broken :| [11:30] elkbuntu: it's a 40Gb disk, with a 40Gb NTFS partition, of which 63% is free [11:30] nermal i like syntax coding because it's alot easier on the eyes than staring at just black and white [11:30] the world is suing sony! [11:30] elkbuntu: yeah.. but Corrupter wants things like html being greyed out when you select php [11:30] you do know about their root kit don't you? [11:30] and so they should! === ximafo [n=abkezia@] has joined #ubuntu [11:30] Corrupter: who doesn't === ximafo [n=abkezia@] has left #ubuntu [] [11:30] Corrupter, and Texas === Happu^ [i=] has joined #ubuntu [11:31] and California [11:31] I booted to the live CD and installed qtparter. That showed me this: [11:31] but still, Sony needs to pay for that, big time === clair_cc [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:31] I booted back to windows and scanned the disk. It found no errors. [11:31] nermal pfft.. i'll second your arguement then :P === sss_lr__ [n=sss_lr@] has joined #ubuntu [11:31] Thats why I use linux [11:31] Any suggestions what I should do, other than stick with Windows? [11:31] Sony isn't going to be making any rootkits for linux anytime soon === elkbuntu mentions something to corrupter being a n00b, then runs and hides [11:31] dooglus: looking [11:32] completely delete your Windows partition? [11:32] any that work at least :P [11:32] dooglus: theres spinrite [11:32] dooglus: you can, ahem, get it through various channels [11:32] lol, if your just realizing i'm a n00b, you are very very slow === iYdeaNrHui [n=abkezia@] has joined #ubuntu [11:32] dooglus are you making the partition the right type? === iYdeaNrHui is now known as ooilowumep [11:32] yes, linux rootkits are better and you don't have to buy crappy music from BMG. Just install an old outdated ssh daemon and open it to the net :) [11:32] Linux is pretty much new to me [11:32] elkbuntu: I'm not making a partition, I'm resizing an existing one. [11:32] elkbuntu: it's NTFS === ooilowumep [n=abkezia@] has left #ubuntu [] [11:33] dooglus did you try something like partition magic? [11:33] dooglus: you ran scandisk or chkdisk or whatever it is called in windows? [11:33] dooglus: cant you copy over and reformat as fat32? [11:33] elkbuntu: I don't have it, no [11:33] there are other windows ones [11:33] elkbuntu: I've seen enough disks fscked up by partition magic that I wouldn't, either. === QeXao [n=abkezia@] has joined #ubuntu === sabmann [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:33] dooglus, it might be best to free up space using something from windows [11:33] dooglus hence the 'like' === clair_cc [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === QeXao [n=abkezia@] has left #ubuntu [] [11:33] nalioth: I right-clicked on the C: drive in WinXP, selected 'properties', then'tools' and then 'check disk' or whatever it's called [11:34] dooglus: and it finished without errors? [11:34] elkbuntu: there's lots of free space on the disk. It's just inside the windows partition rather than outside it... === bubblenut [n=bubblenu@] has joined #ubuntu [11:34] corrupter you're no more or less a n00b than i. i cant even get a floppy to reformat for tomsrtbt [11:34] nalioth: yes. no errors at all. it did 3 passes. [11:34] dooglus, what prevent proper resizing of windows partition is fragmentation. Free some space and defrag on Windows. This let much more space for later resize. [11:34] Does anyone know the name of the program which speeds up booting by starting services concurrently? [11:35] dooglus: ok. the 8 meg free bit is the giveaway. its a dynamic disk isnt it? [11:35] leagris: did you see ? It doesn't seem to suggest that there's too much fragmentation [11:35] go to see [11:35] aftertaf: I don't know what that means. "dynamic disk"? [11:35] leagris: fragmentation does not affect ntfsprogs (the resizing program for ntfs in linux) === eeeaoXoi [n=souoyi@] has joined #ubuntu [11:36] aftertaf: I imagined that was just a bit which wasn't used in the NTFS partition === eeeaoXoi [n=souoyi@] has left #ubuntu [] === bmgz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:36] dooglus: nope. in win, you go to disk management and see your disk (like qtparted) i think it will be listed as a dynamic disk [11:36] does anyone know if grub has issues with cable select on hdd's ? [11:36] I'll try it. I'm in Windows now. [11:37] the 8 meg is the dynamic disk allocation table thing === pussfeller [n=todd@] has joined #ubuntu === aftertaf could be wrong though === eeeaoXoi [n=souoyi@] has joined #ubuntu === eeeaoXoi is now known as aKileaoo === aKileaoo is now known as iufiiMio === iufiiMio [n=souoyi@] has left #ubuntu [] === iufiiMio [n=souoyi@] has joined #ubuntu === iufiiMio [n=souoyi@] has left #ubuntu [] === anatole [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:39] has anyone a good recommandation for a firewall/router on ubuntu-server? [11:40] totem is saying it cant find the mount point for the DVD when I try to play one [11:40] this worked before I upgraded === diubidone [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:41] aftertaf: I don't think it's dynamic. [11:41] hi all [11:41] aftertaf: I took a snapshot but can't FTP it to a website for some reason. === Hobbsee [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:41] fonsk3n: i use arno's script but its not in the repos [11:41] in 12801024 resolution mode i've my gtk1.2 app's fonts so big. [11:42] fonsk3n, well if it has qt and x installed use guardog and guidedog === tom_ [i=] has joined #ubuntu [11:42] else you can use smoothewall [11:42] hey all, I created 2 users by mistake, How do i erase them? [11:42] i've reduced the size but it still remain bad... [11:42] how can i solve? [11:42] smoothwall [11:42] diubidone: deluser [11:43] diubidone: "man deluser" will tell you about deleting their home directories too === Rasta [n=] has joined #ubuntu === J_P [n=jp@] has joined #ubuntu [11:43] ok so it's man deluser "username"? [11:43] i'll check, viviersf [11:43] diubidone: man is the program which shows manual pages. [11:43] just "man deluser" will show you the manual [11:44] pussfeller: where can i find that script? [11:44] oh ok cool thx man [11:44] how can I make files open with a special app? now when I click movie files it tells me it can't be opened, but I can open them manually in mplayer, how can I make mplayer automaticly opening them when I run them? [11:44] !defaultapp [11:44] To change the default app for a filetype in Nautilus, right-click on a file, select Properties, then the "Open With" tab and change the setting [11:44] fonsk3n: [11:45] !DVD [11:45] DVD playing is possible in ubuntu, some DVDs may require libdvdcss2, which is available on [11:45] marlun: run "mplayer file.ext" for example? [11:45] fonsk3n, I don't want to be forced to write mplayer filename everytime, I want to be able to just double click on it in nautilius, [11:46] bimberi, thanks, I'll check that out :) [11:46] marlun: np :) [11:46] heh, sorry if this sounds major noobish, but I'm a total noob with hardware: [11:46] what does the "memory size" on a graphics card refer to? [11:46] such as on this graphics card I'm looking at it says "Supporting 256MB" === FabMatt [n=] has joined #ubuntu === aoupptoaK [i=eNoxyeZK@] has joined #ubuntu === aoupptoaK [i=eNoxyeZK@] has left #ubuntu [] [11:47] it's urgent and it's not a linux question :D [11:47] What source do I have to add to install initNG? [11:47] what does "To blow the roof off " means? [11:47] THANX A LOT [11:48] it means how much independant memory the car has, ram of its own to hold graphics processing opoerations [11:48] aftertaf: here's how that disk looks like in Windows: [11:48] I changed the skin of mplayer, and now I'm not able to move the control window (the one with the play/stop buttons), its fixed to the bottom of the page. (using OpenDoh skin), any tips? I've checked for an option which fixes the position, but have not found one. [11:48] pussfeller - ty :) [11:48] guys I cant unmount something I mounted with fuse [11:49] How did you mount something with a fuse? [11:49] kestas: "umount" instead of "unmount"? [11:49] kestas@kjklapubu:$ fusermount -u /home/kestas/Desktop/Server/ fusermount: failed to unmount /home/kestas/Desktop/Server: Device or resource busy [11:49] kestas@kjklapubu:$ === FabMatt [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Sto] [11:50] kestas: you need to not be using the directory === JerryCrazy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:50] dooglus, Im not, I closed everything down that was [11:50] kestas: "fuser -c /mount/point" will show you which process is using it [11:50] kestas@kjklapubu:$ sudo fuser -c /home/kestas/Desktop/Server [11:50] /home/kestas/Desktop/Server: Permission denied [11:50] /home/kestas/Desktop/Documents: Permission denied [11:50] /home/kestas/Desktop/Server: Permission denied [11:50] kestas@kjklapubu:$ [11:51] hmmm [11:51] kestas@kjklapubu:$ ls /home/kestas/Server [11:51] ls: /home/kestas/Server: No such file or directory [11:51] mount | grep Server === cheer [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:52] it may be fubar and need a reboot, but Id like to avoid rebooting [11:52] kestas@kjklapubu:$ mount | grep Serve [11:52] sshfs#kestas@ on /home/kestas/Desktop/Server type fuse (rw,nosuid,nodev,max_read=65536,user=kestas) === Corrupter [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:52] how do i uninstall something from terminal? [11:52] kestas: can you "umount -l" on it? [11:53] Corrupter: sudo apt-get remove " [11:53] dooglus, hmm that seems to have done it, what does -l do? [11:53] i can't install kubuntu on my computer, i can boot from cd/dvd and select my language, after this it tries to detect my hardware it says hey dude i can't bind your dvd-rom this is the end pls help me ;) [11:53] sata dvd-rom drive? === shinu [n=] has joined #ubuntu === robin_2 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:54] no ide drive [11:54] the knoppix live cd works [11:54] kestas: it's a'lazy' umount. "man umount" will tell you [11:54] the ubuntu live & install version don't ;< [11:54] had the same problem with ubuntu live cd on my computer with a sata cd drive. not that that would help you as I never figured out how to fix it :/ [11:54] in 12801024 resolution mode i've my gtk1.2 app's fonts so big. [11:55] I'm using kubuntu on my laptop, so I need to save as much power as possible :). I'm using hdparm -S 1 /dev/hdc to put my hardisk to zZz when there is no activity. But, every N secs, the hdd light flashes (1s < n < 5s). How can I see, what program or proces is accessing the hdd ? It seems that laptop-mode isn't started automatically for some reaon, how do I change that ? [11:55] question: if I get a Graphics card with a "PCI Express x16" interface, will it be compatible with a motherboard that has 5 PCI slots? [11:55] do I need to make a separate partition of grub? or will that fit in the bootsector? or what? === nalioth is now known as nalioth_zZz === TiAaEeKiAf [n=pyuozp@] has joined #ubuntu === TiAaEeKiAf [n=pyuozp@] has left #ubuntu [] [11:55] JayLv99 no [11:56] JayLv99: you just need a PCI express X16 slot. === TiAaEeKiAf [n=pyuozp@] has joined #ubuntu === TiAaEeKiAf [n=pyuozp@] has left #ubuntu [] [11:56] anyone an answer to my little prob ? [11:57] robin_2: ext3 flushes to disk every 5 seconds. reiserfs doesn't. === Shorty` [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:57] robin_2: I don't use ext3, so I don't know if you can stop it doing that [11:57] man, i can't find a list of any desktop environments === sabmann [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:57] it's not a very long list [11:57] GNOME, KDE, XFCE <-- there's one Corrupter [11:57] lol, well i only know of... 4 [11:57] XFCE, Gnome, KDE, uhhhh [11:57] dooglus: can't I change ext3 flushes to hdd every 5 sec with tunefs ? [11:58] robin_2: I don't know. Never used ext3. [11:58] Enlightenment 17 is pretty elaborate [11:58] but it doesn't call itself a desktop environment [11:58] dooglus: hmm, how can I check if you use ext3 or reiserfs [11:59] Corrupter: there's a website somewhere which lists most of the X Window Managers and reviews them. Maybe that's what you're looking for. [11:59] dooglus, neat thanks [11:59] robin_2: it's in /etc/fstab [11:59] oh yes of course. :) [11:59] fluxbox, blackbox, box.... [11:59] oh yes, ubuntu cd's came! [11:59] [11:59] robin_2: I think just running "mount" will tell you - not sure [11:59] dooglus: oh well I'm already using reiserfs [12:00] I think the problem is that laptop-mode isn't started. [12:00] robin_2: for everything? no ext3 root partition? [12:00] robin_2: nope no ext3 [12:00] eh dooglus [12:00] what is enlightenment 17? [12:00] robin_2: what is laptop mode? Is there a script in /etc/init.d/ to start it? [12:00] wezzer: they actually believed in Foobar Corp? XD [12:00] enlightenment is a great wm [12:00] Corrupter: Latest enlightenment. [12:00] yeah :D [12:00] but still in development [12:00] indeed [12:00] but [12:00] you can run it [12:00] :D [12:01] how do you reinstall a package [12:01] pussfeller: "sudo apt-get --reinstall install " [12:01] ahh, -- ty [12:01] it's in /usr/sbin/ not in /etc/init.d/ it should detect automatically if i'm using a laptop, and start it.,, maybe I should create a script and put in in rc.S === ieeeoaO [n=aufaji@] has joined #ubuntu === whaq|away [n=whaq@] has joined #ubuntu === pitti [n=pitti@ubuntu/member/pitti] has joined #ubuntu [12:02] the Ubuntu LiveCD includes a batch of Free software for Windows - Firefox, Thunderbird, and a few others - does anyone know where the full list is? [12:02] robin_2: you can add a line to /etc/init.d/ to run it at boot time. === ieeeoaO is now known as ruKauuIuo [12:02] Windows? === ruKauuIuo is now known as koiLUriee [12:02] Is there a good list of extra apt sources for breezy around? === koiLUriee [n=aufaji@] has left #ubuntu [] [12:02] Corrupter, you could try twm === sindre [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:03] bublenut, just google for breezy repositories === ubuntu [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:03] Madpilot: I'll take a look. [12:03] google "twm" and read the cached copy (as wikipedia appears to be experiencing technical difficulties) === BoD_SWAT [n=] has joined #ubuntu === marc [i=] has joined #ubuntu === aeon17x [n=aeon17x@] has joined #ubuntu [12:04] I'm a little nervous about just sticking any old repository in there, I was wondering if there is an accepted list of extras? === uRYGae [n=ioiesedi@] has joined #ubuntu === uRYGae [n=ioiesedi@] has left #ubuntu [] [12:04] fvwm is also a very customisable wm, I used it a few months it's great! === njan [n=james@unaffiliated/james] has joined #ubuntu === ivGaziY [n=ioiesedi@] has joined #ubuntu === mantra [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ivGaziY [n=ioiesedi@] has left #ubuntu [] === martink [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ivGaziY [n=ioiesedi@] has joined #ubuntu === ivGaziY is now known as PAduvef === PAduvef [n=ioiesedi@] has left #ubuntu [] === borabora [n=] has joined #ubuntu === garrulo [n=] has joined #ubuntu === oskarakso [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Rayito [n=] has joined #ubuntu === anselma [n=] has joined #ubuntu === MarditoRoedore [n=] has joined #ubuntu === andyya [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:06] Madpilot: the live CD does this in Windows: [12:06] !tell bubblenut about repos === Digis [n=digis@] has joined #ubuntu === PAduvef [n=ioiesedi@] has joined #ubuntu === PAduvef is now known as ApeGyAFtia [12:06] ola === ApeGyAFtia [n=ioiesedi@] has left #ubuntu [] === ToYeB [n=eyyauo@] has joined #ubuntu [12:07] ..`> (h)(o)(l)(a)(a)(a)(a)(a)(a)(a)(a) === ToYeB is now known as ECooSP === ECooSP is now known as eVafuEi [12:07] Madpilot: looks like only Firefox, OpenOffice and Gaim. No T-bird [12:07] hola === eVafuEi [n=eyyauo@] has left #ubuntu [] [12:07] q tal estais === ApeGyAFtia [n=ioiesedi@] has joined #ubuntu === grimse_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === borabora [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [12:08] quicossss === ApeGyAFtia [n=ioiesedi@] has left #ubuntu [] [12:08] dooglus: thanks - a friend was asking, and I realized I had no idea which Windows apps shipped with it ;) === oskarakso is now known as keisy [12:08] Madpilot: that window appears when you insert the CD. it autoruns === fluvvell [n=] has joined #ubuntu === rev_Tek_0 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === MarditoRoedore [n=] has joined #ubuntu === stephank [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:09] dooglus: i lack a Windows-infected PC to test it on myself - and there's no list on the ShipIt FAQ, either === baggins [n=] has joined #ubuntu === MarditoRoedore [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === kestas_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:09] Madpilot: I'm trying to partially disinfect this one, but the Windows-virus refuses to resize to make room for the cure. === roshan [n=roshan@] has joined #ubuntu [12:10] dooglus: burn copies of your actual data, and nuke the whole thing! :P [12:11] Madpilot: it's an idea, but I don't know how well it would install again after. I don't have a Windows install disk, f'rinstance [12:11] what is the command to search for a file? [12:11] i have an old 5.04 ubuntu install. can i jsut change the install sources and have it upgrade to the latest stable? [12:11] not file... a download [12:11] Corrupter: quickest is 'locate' [12:11] locate file perhaps [12:11] Corrupter: but that relies on a cache that's only updated once a day (usually at 7:30 am) [12:11] else man find [12:11] baggins: yes [12:11] Go to System -> Preferences -> Removeable Drives and Media <-- How come I don't have that preference menu item? [12:11] anyone here really in to wine ? no one aswears in winehq channel [12:12] got some problems [12:12] In the ubuntu forum they say that you can make a dvd autostart with a app through there. [12:12] i meant search for downloads [12:12] Corrupter: "apt-cache search" ? [12:12] dooglus: ah, OK, if you actually need windows for some reason [12:12] also. is there a nice list that i can use to decrypt the names of the releases (warty/hoary) into sensible release numbers? [12:12] thats it [12:12] Madpilot: it's not my PC, it's my parents. [12:12] is someone here using f-spot with newest mono (1.1.10)? [12:12] Madpilot: they need Windows for games, at least. [12:13] heh [12:13] baggins: Hoary is 5.04, Breezy is 5.10 (five ten, not five one) [12:13] baggins: it's year.month - 5.10 is 2005/Oct [12:13] ok. but these names keep cropping up, and i always forget the order. is there somewhere where it is made clear? [12:13] ok that makes sense === jake [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:13] dooglus: OK, if it's technically someone else's box, that's a bit different - too bad [12:13] baggins: it's not obvious though, is it. 5.10 < 5.04 mathematically [12:14] ummm. no it isn't :) [12:14] whoops? :) === Rayito [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [12:14] 5.1 < 5.4 I guess is what I meant. [12:14] dooglus: it's five point ten, though, not five point one zero === LaschW [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:14] yeah, but it's standard across all version numbers of software. you treat the number.number as seperate numbers with the leftmost having the greatest precedence. === joe_alf [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Qoooeaa [n=ilvolvi@] has joined #ubuntu === Qoooeaa [n=ilvolvi@] has left #ubuntu [] === Hobbsee [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Qoooeaa [n=ilvolvi@] has joined #ubuntu === Qoooeaa [n=ilvolvi@] has left #ubuntu [] [12:15] dooglus: you are trying to run the live-cd? === beyond [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:16] Anyone here good with Regex? === Euler [n=Iam@] has joined #ubuntu === anselma [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === andyya [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === morphix [i=] has joined #ubuntu [12:16] hmm. === keisy [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === eiGuiDS [n=byesiiee@] has joined #ubuntu === Qoooeaa [n=ilvolvi@] has joined #ubuntu === eiGuiDS [n=byesiiee@] has left #ubuntu [] === Qoooeaa is now known as LueDziKeeN === LueDziKeeN [n=ilvolvi@] has left #ubuntu [] === njan [n=james@unaffiliated/james] has joined #ubuntu === kestas_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === bratwurstbratger [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:18] after installing the base (server), how can i install other packages i may need, that are on the ubuntu cdrom? === Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu === skapple [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:18] Seveas: +r time again, please... [12:18] how do i change to my cdrom in terminal? === O11010 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:18] hey I have this message in mu ubuntu server when run nmap: [12:18] root@viza:# nmap localhost [12:18] (09:16:20) J_P: Starting nmap 3.81 ( ) at 2005-11-22 07:15 AMT [12:18] (09:16:20) J_P: Failed to determine the netmask of ! : No such device [12:18] anyone know why ? === mode/#ubuntu [+o Seveas] by ChanServ [12:18] cd /mnt/cdrom? [12:18] J_P, do NOT paste in here === gregburd [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:18] thats what it is for me. === LaschW [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === jake is now known as FKJeS [12:19] bash: cd: /mnt/cdrom: No such file or directory [12:19] try /media/cdrom [12:19] how do you ghost kick someone? === _Rappy_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:19] /ns ghost nickname password [12:20] /msg nickserv ghost kestas doesnt do anything [12:20] rowanjl: What are you trying to do? === marc [i=] has joined #ubuntu [12:21] woah! 974 MB will have to be downloaded. 416 MB of extra space will be used. [12:21] :D === FKJeS [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === FKJeS [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:22] Seveas: sorry.. [12:22] but anyone know why taht problem with nmap ? [12:23] u login as root :/ === neotrophy [n=] has joined #ubuntu === baggins [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === littletank [n=] has joined #ubuntu === highvoltage [n=Jono@] has joined #ubuntu [12:25] rob_p, Ok, I'm trying to match a PHP string, they can have quotation marks in them if prefixed with a backslash: 'this \' is a string' === Macka_ubu [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:25] But I don't know how to skip over any single quotes prefixed by a backslash :/ === Xlylith [n=] has joined #ubuntu === robin_2 [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Kopete] === joe__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:28] Does ubuntu use a different name for grub.conf? [12:28] I'm using grub but I can't find my grub.conf === Astxist [n=] has joined #Ubuntu [12:28] gtub.conf is a stupid redhat-ism [12:28] rowanjl, you should beable to escape the escapes \\' looks nuts, but should parse right [12:28] ubuntu uses what everyone else uses: /boot/grub/menu.lst === Stormx2 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:29] this is the regex I'm using now: '(.[^'] )' === burepe [n=] has joined #ubuntu === onkarshinde [n=onkarshi@] has joined #ubuntu [12:30] anyone seen a problem where the HDD light always stays on in Brezzy ?? [12:30] smo, not sure how that would help. === grimse [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:31] Seveas: If you hand't been so helpful I think I'd have to say "well, OoooOOOOooooh!" ;) Thanks [12:31] rowanjl: '\' is the string consisting of a single backslash [12:32] neotrophy, I know that, but its not the problem :/ [12:32] <--new ubuntu linux user is a nice one, how do i set my root password im trying to install java. during installation i didn't see the option to set a root password sorry but im new to this === OaQoiiaTiN [n=mbeoaeno@] has joined #ubuntu [12:32] Yeah.. I just saw what you' [12:32] re trying to do === phrizer [n=] has joined #Ubuntu === OaQoiiaTiN [n=mbeoaeno@] has left #ubuntu [] [12:32] !root [12:32] from memory, root is disabled in Ubuntu, you can read all about it on [12:33] yeah... its got me stuck [12:33] !java [12:33] To install Java/Sun Java see Java on and also see !javadebs [12:33] ok thanx [12:33] rowanjl: what are you using? [12:33] ie... what are you parsing with? === Danny| [n=Danny|] has joined #ubuntu [12:34] joe__: stick "sudo" in front of whatever command you were trying === amokk [n=amokk@] has joined #ubuntu === OaQoiiaTiN [n=mbeoaeno@] has joined #ubuntu === OaQoiiaTiN is now known as ioeeeea === ioeeeea is now known as seaaL === seaaL [n=mbeoaeno@] has left #ubuntu [] [12:35] joe__: if you really need a root shell use "sudo su -" [12:35] neotrophy, Bluefish [12:35] joe__: but as Madpilot said u can just prefix any command with "sudo" === Pygi [n=chatzill@] has joined #ubuntu [12:36] on ubuntu [12:36] xD [12:36] neotrophy, thanks for trying... just figured out how Bluefish handles these things [12:36] sorry, wrong one :P [12:37] hmm i just wanna access the root to install java im new to this as in i just installed ubuntu an hr ago [12:37] joe__: use sudo [12:37] usage: sudo -K | -L | -V | -h | -k | -l | -v [12:37] usage: sudo [-HPSb] [-p prompt] [-u username|#uid] [12:37] { -e file [...] | -i | -s | } [12:37] to extract a .zip file I need unzip? I mean, I can't do it with tar or gunzip? [12:37] thats wat i get [12:37] well ... [12:37] sudo apt-get install package... [12:37] I don't know package for java tho :/ [12:38] marlun: right click on it in the file manager, choose "extract here" [12:38] in which repository is java, other people? :) [12:38] joe__, first ... no pasting ... second .. what did you typed ... [12:38] ubotu tell pygi about javadebs [12:38] Did anybody out there try to use preseeding via http with the installer? [12:38] sudo apt-get install sun-j2re1.5 [12:38] marlun: Normally you have zip unzip installed by default [12:38] i downloaded java but i cant extract it [12:38] just do that line [12:38] ok [12:38] Madpilot, I've not installed any such application, so I can't do that :P but thanks! [12:39] onkarshinde, I don't :) but I installed it. === xxMEL0Nxx [n=] has joined #ubuntu === beezly [n=beezly@2001:630:63:16:230:1bff:feb7:2528] has joined #ubuntu === tamer [n=tamer@] has joined #ubuntu === Nceeio [n=ioaioe@] has joined #ubuntu [12:40] rowanjl: What about: '(.[^'] )\' === Nceeio is now known as eZzSaOVGv [12:40] oops [12:40] Pygi: also j2sdk1.4 and j2re1.4 ara available in the multiverse repository === tamer [n=tamer@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [12:40] Anyone tried putting ubuntu on xbox? === eZzSaOVGv [n=ioaioe@] has left #ubuntu [] [12:40] joe@ubuntu:$ sudo apt-get install sun-j2re1.5 [12:40] Password: [12:40] Reading package lists... Done [12:40] Building dependency tree... Done [12:40] E: Couldn't find package sun-j2re1. [12:40] well, why can't he then just "sudo apt-get install j2sdk1.4" ?? [12:40] Joe, please don't paste [12:41] ok sorry [12:41] it was sun-j2rel1.5 [12:41] my mistake i apologize [12:41] !javadebs [12:41] somebody said javadebs was at Sun Java debs packaged for breezy are at Sun Java debs packaged for breezy are at [12:41] you probably dont have the added repositories [12:41] !pastebin [12:41] somebody said pastebin was a site where you can post large texts and screenshots so you don't flood the channel. You can find it at [12:41] rowanjl: how about '(.)[^\] ' === lisbet [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:41] read those two links joe__ [12:42] ok thanx i dont know the chatting ettiquete here, thanx for the help [12:42] your welcome :) === jaminkle [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:43] hello everyone [12:43] Hello jaminkle [12:43] is there a suppport chan for the ppc version [12:43] just when I was about to thank him, he leaves... [12:44] rowanjl, it's very hard to use regular expressions to do this, but i simple single-pass scanner is easy to implement === LeeJunFan [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:44] but that is way off-topic in here [12:44] so anyone seen a problem where the HDD light always stays on in Brezzy ?? === mbruemmer [n=mbruemme@] has joined #ubuntu === fonsk3n [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:45] can anyone help me with the ppc version and a msn client [12:45] Macka_ubu: maybe your cabel connected to light is...ergh..somethin' wrong or anythin' ? :/ === hilz_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === hilz_ is now known as hilz [12:45] jaminkle, gaim is installed by default - on ppc too [12:45] jaminkle: use gaim for msn [12:45] yeh i hate gaim [12:46] i wanna try amsn [12:46] Seveas, thankfully, Bluefish handles it for you, if you add a sub pattern [12:46] jaminkle, then use amsn or kopete or bitlbee or any jabber client and a server with an msn transport [12:46] ill try amsn [12:46] but carnt find what i need for it [12:47] in downloads it dosent have linux ppc [12:47] As a pattern can't end in the middle of a sub pattern, it skips over the \'. [12:47] jaminkle, apt-get install amsn === Pygi [n=chatzill@] has joined #ubuntu [12:47] no manual downloads... === hilz is now known as hilx_ [12:47] ohh lol [12:47] jaminkle: May I know why you hate gaim? === hilx_ is now known as hilz_ [12:48] maybe cause of that "main developer" thingy? [12:48] :P [12:48] Pygi: What are you talking about? === fie_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:48] didn't heard? :/ [12:48] anyone here use nmap in ubuntu withou problems ? I have this output when try run nmap : [12:49] lemme just find a link [12:49] onkarshinde i just dont like the feel === compaq [n=compaq@] has joined #ubuntu [12:49] hiii [12:49] Pygi: nah the hdd light worked ok under winxp and still works ok during boot-up but at somepoint during boot it comes on hard and stays === hilz_ is now known as hilz [12:49] Seveas, it says package not found [12:50] J_P, why ya running as root btw ? [12:50] jaminkle, enable universe [12:50] Pygi: so I think it is a software issue [12:50] >.> === hilz is now known as _hilz_ === Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has left #ubuntu [] === Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu [12:50] <.< === thinkle [n=] has joined #ubuntu === markuman [n=] has joined #ubuntu === fonsk3n [n=] has joined #ubuntu === kempo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:51] how do i enable it :\ [12:51] how is the standard root passwd? === Hobbsee [n=] has joined #ubuntu === shaka [n=ha1cy0n@] has joined #ubuntu [12:52] kempo: user pwd = sudo passwd [12:52] kempo, no root passwd, account login disabled [12:52] wickedpuppy: ahh nmap not need run as root ? ahahah why this ? [12:52] onkarshinde: look out here: [12:52] kempo: sudo passwd root - for set a root passwd [12:52] wickedpuppy: becouse I am migrate debian for ubuntu, and in debian need are root for execute nmap === _hilz_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:52] kempo, you haf to use sudo whatever-command === kestas [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:53] !tell jaminkle about repos [12:54] J_P, can you run in normal user mode ? [12:54] sweet === jrydberg [n=] has joined #ubuntu === mokujin is now known as mojo_ [12:54] anyone here familar with cvs + heimdal on ubuntu? [12:54] wickedpuppy: yes :-) === iooBie [n=erwmeoe@] has joined #ubuntu [12:55] anybody could help me how i can partition my hd dynamicly and keeping my linux os === sherz [n=] has joined #ubuntu === iooBie [n=erwmeoe@] has left #ubuntu [] === OAJeYI [n=erwmeoe@] has joined #ubuntu [12:56] J_P, heh ... the only reason to use nmap in root will be to do half-scans [12:56] dynamicly? meaning you want to resize partition while all applications run from it? :/ === OAJeYI [n=erwmeoe@] has left #ubuntu [] === Balster_neb [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:56] mbruemmer: What do you want to do exactly? Do you want to resize linus partition? === {dss} [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:56] yes === soci0path [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:57] gee, that's like...not possible :/ === marfis_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === OAJeYI [n=erwmeoe@] has joined #ubuntu [12:57] guys my wireless card seems to go down every now and then, is there any way to have it come back online when it goes down? [12:57] i want to resize my 28gb partition and will give linux 8gb and want to install os x === OAJeYI is now known as ipioerjlo [12:57] ? === ipioerjlo [n=erwmeoe@] has left #ubuntu [] [12:58] mbruemmer, you are running ppc ? [12:58] ah, well, you should have said that :/ [12:58] I could set up a cron script to do it whenever I cant ping google, but I would have thoguht theres a more elgant way [12:58] he I tried to install Automatix on kubuntu. I just run the install file in konq. and now I dont see anything but the hdd runs all the time und the hdd gets fuller then fuller [12:58] is this normal ?? === hruske [n=hruske@] has joined #ubuntu === r4ndy [n=r4ndy@unaffiliated/r4ndy] has joined #ubuntu === ipioerjlo [n=erwmeoe@] has joined #ubuntu [12:58] wickedpuppy: yes === robert__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:58] wickedpuppy: still running ppc === Alister [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:59] mbruemmer, then why use ubuntu ??? forgive me for it ... mac is unix underneath anyway ... === HiddenWolf [n=] has joined #ubuntu [12:59] i wanted to use some freeware without restriction [01:00] mbruemmer, some wares that you can run only in linux and not on unix ? [01:00] Whats the corresponding volume knob in linux for "wave" in Windows? Or is there none? I can't seem to get it as loud as I can on windows. === PsiClone [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:00] Hello! [01:00] 28835220 27518552 0 100% / [01:00] wickedpuppy, os x is horrible [01:01] what the fuck is his for a script it use 3-4GB !!! [01:01] I have a problem with X Window System, can anyone help? === onkarshinde [n=onkarshi@] has left #ubuntu [] === thinkle [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [01:01] eh ... hmms ... no comments about os x ... not here anyway [01:01] :0 [01:01] PsiClone, not unless you actually describe the problem... [01:01] wickedpuppy: os x uses payware, i have to compile my X window system , because theme frome apple is restricted === war-totem [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:02] how can I kill this script automatix ????? [01:02] mbruemmer, yeah you cant play a DVD or listen to an MP3 without getting out your credit card, the os is designed to get money out of you [01:02] sherz, you should not ahve used it at all and might have to reinstall now [01:02] automatix is ppure crap [01:03] Seveas: I am new to Ubuntu from WinXP, it is installing on 2nd drive in a comp with primary winxp. On restart after the Ubuntu install, it crashes and says "Cannot Start X Windows System (your gui)" [01:03] marlun, try alsamixer [01:03] turn pcm up [01:03] thats why i want to partiton my hd === novatosex20 [n=novato@] has joined #ubuntu [01:03] im student amd have to make a presentation === novatosex20 [n=novato@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"] === aeon17x [n=aeon17x@] has joined #ubuntu [01:03] ah damn [01:03] PsiClone, login in the terminal and send /var/log/Xorg.0.log to the pastebin === hruske [n=hruske@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === KulckKV [i=Aauis@] has joined #ubuntu [01:04] and then external videomode doesnt run under linux so i decidet to install os x === SWAT [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:04] :o can you use quotes please, seveas, i am really new === KulckKV is now known as qiouurj === qiouurj [i=Aauis@] has left #ubuntu [] [01:04] kestas, none of the PCM knobs has any effect :/ [01:05] wait a sec... [01:06] seveas: sorry i am n00b, so i type "send ...." after I login after the crash? [01:06] PsiClone, no [01:06] :o [01:06] wget [01:06] puthon pastebin < /var/log/Xorg.0.log [01:06] ehm, python, not puthon === quail_linux [n=quail@unaffiliated/quaillinux/x-000001] has joined #ubuntu [01:07] um, how to i get pastebin if i cannot start ubuntu? [01:07] in the terminal :) [01:07] aight, i will type what you say === neoxan [n=] has joined #ubuntu === xjonex_ [n=xjonex@] has joined #ubuntu === BigKahuna [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:09] seveas: says "Temporary failure in name resolution".... i don't think i am online over there === neural [n=neural@] has joined #ubuntu [01:09] PsiClone, looks like it [01:09] ok if i lost grub on the mbr and i wanted to reinstall it [01:09] what would be the correct way of doing this ? [01:09] Why does Ubuntu not come with a firewall installed by default, yet other distros do.... [01:10] Seveas: Can I download pastebin in winxp and drop it into the ubuntu drive somewhere? [01:10] BigKahuna, Ubuntu doesn't need a firewall by default, it doesn't listen to the network [01:10] my penis is longer than yours! === mbruemmer [n=mbruemme@] has joined #ubuntu [01:10] my penis is longer than yours! === nomed [n=] has joined #ubuntu === mode/#ubuntu [+o Seveas] by ChanServ === neoxan [n=] has left #ubuntu [requested] [01:11] Seveas: When I installed ubuntu my inet was disconnected, now it is back up but ubuntu doesn't know that [01:11] mjr, not sure I know what you mean... === yannux [n=yannux@] has joined #ubuntu [01:11] how can i fix the console display? === eoooiNii [n=heawriul@] has joined #ubuntu === eoooiNii [n=heawriul@] has left #ubuntu [] === neoxan [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:12] my penis > your penis [01:12] :D [01:12] ahahaa [01:12] the apps that use ncurses are displaying bad frames [01:12] mjr, what do you mean Ubuntu doesnt listen to the network? === Syruss [n=] has joined #ubuntu === barosl [n=barosl@] has joined #ubuntu [01:13] BigKahuna, there are no network services present by default, hence no need to block them [01:13] Seveas: Can I download pastebin in winxp and drop it into the ubuntu drive somewhere? === rajasun [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:13] Oh I see... === kinomees_ [n=kinomees@] has joined #ubuntu === PsiClone wants to become a happy ubuntu user... === eeiiijaq [n=heawriul@] has joined #ubuntu === eeiiijaq [n=heawriul@] has left #ubuntu [] === markuman [n=] has left #ubuntu ["] === mode/#ubuntu [+b %neoxan!@] by Seveas [01:16] Seveas: Can I download pastebin in winxp and drop it into the ubuntu drive somewhere? === barbarossa102 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === mbruemmer [n=mbruemme@] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"] === Harti [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:17] PsiClone, would be of no use if you have no net connection === hawking [n=] has joined #ubuntu === housetier [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:18] i do in winxp [01:18] :D [01:18] where can i drop it? === barbarossa102 [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === iivoP [n=fujoiu@] has joined #ubuntu === iivoP [n=fujoiu@] has left #ubuntu [] === dOYeaI [n=fujoiu@] has joined #ubuntu === CAiRO [i=] has left #ubuntu ["Client] === dOYeaI [n=fujoiu@] has left #ubuntu [] === derek[] [n=UserName@] has joined #ubuntu === youngcoder [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:19] Hi [01:20] PsiClone, the tool itself needs an internet connection... === eNloJ [n=aexok@] has joined #ubuntu [01:20] How does Ubuntu run on a WXGA TFT LCD ? === eNloJ [n=aexok@] has left #ubuntu [] [01:20] the resolution ratio would be like: 1280x800 [01:20] smooth :) === Happuf [i=] has joined #ubuntu === ebJrvobie [n=yoweaqdr@] has joined #ubuntu [01:20] will the desktop and the windows stretch themselves to fit the "wide screen"? === ebJrvobie [n=yoweaqdr@] has left #ubuntu [] === _TomB [n=] has joined #ubuntu === samigaru [n=jargua@] has joined #ubuntu [01:20] yup === Slant_Laptop [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:20] kool [01:20] if i restart with a good inet connect, would ubuntu recognize that before it crashes? [01:21] btw, this channel is quite a busy one.. people joining-in leaving-out all the time [01:21] hi Slant_Laptop [01:21] derek[] : it's the second busiest on freenode, right after #debian. [01:21] aeon17x, i see === linuxboy [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ian_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:21] Seveas: if i restart with a good inet connect, would ubuntu recognize that before it crashes? [01:21] Slant_Laptop, what's the resolution of your laptop's screen? [01:22] derek[] , 1024x768. [01:22] ok === K_Dallas [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Madpilot [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:23] aeon17x: #gentoo can be pretty busy as well... === K_Dallas [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [01:23] How can i change the colors in grub menu? === ueeae [n=towgeevt@] has joined #ubuntu === ueeae is now known as oPlHYOYi === TKukEeGiui [n=fioaoohg@] has joined #ubuntu [01:23] When I run svn, I get dropped in some strange editor, how do I get it to put me into vim? === TKukEeGiui [n=fioaoohg@] has left #ubuntu [] === oPlHYOYi [n=towgeevt@] has left #ubuntu [] [01:24] 'set' reports no EDITOR environment variable. [01:24] hawking: /boot/grub/menu.lst and uncomment the bit about pretty colours === TKukEeGiui [n=fioaoohg@] has joined #ubuntu [01:24] It appears that the editor is 'nano', which I can't stand. === mbruemmer [n=mbruemme@] has joined #ubuntu [01:24] When trying to start up "Volume Meter" I get the error message: "Cannot connect to sound daemon. Please run 'esd' at a command prompt." why is this? =) I tried entering esd in a terminal but nothing happend. === TKukEeGiui [n=fioaoohg@] has left #ubuntu [] === oPlHYOYi [n=towgeevt@] has joined #ubuntu === oPlHYOYi is now known as ckooioi === ckooioi [n=towgeevt@] has left #ubuntu [] === ckooioi [n=towgeevt@] has joined #ubuntu [01:25] Hobbsee: and do you know if there is a way to put pictures under the grub menu? This would look nice :) === neoxan [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === ckooioi [n=towgeevt@] has left #ubuntu [] === coz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:25] hello all [01:25] hawking: um...could be...check would be my guess [01:26] Hobbsee: thanks I'll have a look === GMzieeoo [n=nuuepnow@] has joined #ubuntu === mlueS [n=aakrdei@] has joined #ubuntu === GMzieeoo is now known as limeDl [01:26] I tried to unmount hda1 with "unmount /dev/hda1 === limeDl [n=nuuepnow@] has left #ubuntu [] === iyeoiAzb [n=piogreei@] has joined #ubuntu === mlueS [n=aakrdei@] has left #ubuntu [] === ptlo [n=senko@] has joined #ubuntu [01:26] hawking, there is [01:26] it said unmount is not recognized === iyeoiAzb [n=piogreei@] has left #ubuntu [] === limeDl [n=nuuepnow@] has joined #ubuntu [01:26] hawking, Ive done it [01:26] coz: try umount /dev/hda1 === fsmw [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:26] cos: THere is no 'n'. === uooeeziuo [n=fioaoohg@] has joined #ubuntu [01:27] splashimage=(hd0,0)/boot/grub/ubuntu.xpm.gz === limeDl [n=nuuepnow@] has left #ubuntu [] === mlueS [n=aakrdei@] has joined #ubuntu === enodev [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:27] OH ok got it === ookami [n=] has joined #ubuntu === uooeeziuo [n=fioaoohg@] has left #ubuntu [] [01:27] coz: The reason is lost in the obscurity of UNIX history. === mlueS [n=aakrdei@] has left #ubuntu [] === ookami [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === HaVieao [n=nuuepnow@] has joined #ubuntu === HaVieao [n=nuuepnow@] has left #ubuntu [] === MFooe [n=piogreei@] has joined #ubuntu === MFooe [n=piogreei@] has left #ubuntu [] [01:28] Seveas: +r again, thanks... damned bots === MFooe [n=piogreei@] has joined #ubuntu === MFooe [n=piogreei@] has left #ubuntu [] === HaVieao [n=nuuepnow@] has joined #ubuntu === HaVieao [n=nuuepnow@] has left #ubuntu [] === DQnRiF [n=piogreei@] has joined #ubuntu === mode/#ubuntu [+b !@85.18] by Seveas === DQnRiF [n=piogreei@] has left #ubuntu [requested] [01:29] kestas : How? === grimse [n=] has joined #ubuntu === coz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:30] hello again [01:30] thanks for that tip about umount === Madpilot [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Sionide [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:30] I have another issue === yosch [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:31] I have installed wacom drivers and everything is fine I even have pressure sensitivity in Gimp [01:31] however, when in Gimp if use, for example [01:31] the brush tool and do a little drawing with pressure, yeah.. === kofj [i=kofj@] has joined #ubuntu [01:31] and themn go for another tool, the brush will not release and I can't get into anything [01:31] any suggestions? === workbean [n=workbean@] has joined #ubuntu === drcode [n=user1@] has joined #ubuntu === _TomB [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:32] hi all [01:32] I need littel help [01:32] PILOT-LINK have builtin iconv [01:32] any one know about it ? === R0bNyc [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ctd is now known as Ctd [01:33] I don't drcode === aeon17x [i=Aeon17x@] has joined #ubuntu === aeon17x [i=Aeon17x@] has left #ubuntu [] === aeon17x [i=Aeon17x@] has joined #ubuntu === aeon17x [i=Aeon17x@] has left #ubuntu [] [01:34] anyone familiar with Ubuntu/wacom/Gimp? === mustard5 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:34] why are my back-ports sources not working ? === NCLife [i=] has joined #ubuntu === kofj_ [n=kofj@] has joined #ubuntu [01:34] coz, ? [01:34] all three combined derek [01:34] k === ooeIeeso [n=pzogoya@] has joined #ubuntu === ooeIeeso [n=pzogoya@] has left #ubuntu [] [01:35] are you familiar with wacom on ubuntu === ooeIeeso [n=pzogoya@] has joined #ubuntu === ooeIeeso [n=pzogoya@] has left #ubuntu [] [01:35] How would I go about configuring a joypad in ubuntu? === michael [n=] has joined #ubuntu === MP3yeur [n=] has joined #ubuntu === cosmin [n=cosmin@] has joined #ubuntu [01:36] what's a joypad? [01:36] !tell R0bNyc about backports [01:36] why are my back-ports sources not working ? [01:36] Hobbsee, :) === orian [n=orian@] has joined #ubuntu [01:36] coz, what's the problem? [01:36] Hobbsee, i enabled the backports just now and they ... ah i gotta change it [01:36] everything works even pressure sensitivity but [01:36] R0bNyc: if you're using the mirrormax backports, they're no longer with us... [01:36] when I use the brush tool in gimp, for example [01:36] hi, i just installed ubuntu, i wonder why i cannot su at command prompt, it doesnt let me with my password [01:36] and I go for another tool the brush will not release [01:37] can't get into anything === cosmin [n=cosmin@] has joined #ubuntu === KingDaddy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:37] orian: use sudo [01:37] orian: Try sudo su - instead [01:37] !tell orian about sudo === kestas [n=] has joined #ubuntu === highvolt1ge [n=Jono@] has joined #ubuntu === Tehegie [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Tehegie [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [01:38] How much memory space is required for Ubuntu? === fluvvell [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:38] i did apt-get update and upgrade and nothing happend, isnt ubuntu supposed to come with update servers ready to use? [01:38] can amsn minimise [01:39] KingDaddy I believe it's 128 but the more the better [01:39] so its not in my toolbar === Ophiocus [n=Ubuntusb@] has joined #ubuntu [01:39] KingDaddy: Depends on your need, but I would recommend >192 MB RAM [01:39] Madpilot, i just enabled the default dapper-backports sources that come with dapper install [01:39] hard drive space? [01:39] !tell orian about repos [01:39] KingDaddy: 128 MB ist just a bit small... (But works) [01:39] #deb dapper-backports main restricted universe multiverse [01:39] hard drive space sorry [01:40] I thought you said memeory [01:40] yea..I did [01:40] thx === obsvuugj [i=] has joined #ubuntu === Harti [n=] has left #ubuntu ["-carpe] [01:40] R0bNyc, dapper will be released in 5 monthd [01:40] HOW ON EARTH would there already be backports for it [01:40] anyone have experience with wacom on ubuntu? [01:40] will in support my scanner and printer? [01:40] Seveas, lol [01:40] don't be stupid [01:40] depends on the scanner printer KingDaddy [01:40] what does the breezy backports has ? [01:41] coz, need to tweak the settings === highvolt1ge [n=Jono@] has left #ubuntu [] [01:41] tried that derek where else can I tweak? [01:41] I use Canon === hawking [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:41] you can check if it is supported [01:41] one way just plug it in [01:41] HP seems to be the most supported [01:42] Can I download, and burn to CD, and then set the Bio's to boot from CD to run Ubuntu? [01:42] graphire? [01:42] I have visioneer scanner no go on ubuntu [01:42] KingDaddy, yes [01:42] sweet [01:42] I'll give it a go [01:42] KingDaddy, get live cd [01:42] How would I go about configuring a joypad in ubuntu? [01:42] How can I get a microphone working on ubuntu? [01:42] derek what settings are you referring to? [01:43] marlun, plug it in, enable microphone input in the mixer [01:43] coz, you're using graphire? [01:43] Thx guys...I know I'm a nOOb [01:43] yes graphire 2 [01:44] noob is good! [01:44] coz, join #gimp [01:44] ok thanks [01:44] Seveas, by enable microphone input you mean unmute it and pull up the volume? [01:44] and ask === coz [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === Harti [n=] has joined #ubuntu === eoAEdeeu [n=aeoageoi@] has joined #ubuntu === eoAEdeeu [n=aeoageoi@] has left #ubuntu [] === oooaei [n=gsyvunh@] has joined #ubuntu === oooaei [n=gsyvunh@] has left #ubuntu [] === eoAEdeeu [n=aeoageoi@] has joined #ubuntu === iibeiiowS [n=vfwicdts@] has joined #ubuntu === eoAEdeeu [n=aeoageoi@] has left #ubuntu [] === iibeiiowS [n=vfwicdts@] has left #ubuntu [] === eoiHem [n=ourohfpe@] has joined #ubuntu === oveiXxei [n=eeeoeb@] has joined #ubuntu === eoiHem [n=ourohfpe@] has left #ubuntu [] === oveiXxei [n=eeeoeb@] has left #ubuntu [] === GiiYefno [n=uijlaeoo@] has joined #ubuntu === GiiYefno [n=uijlaeoo@] has left #ubuntu [] === oizQoiiMeD [n=mjofebif@] has joined #ubuntu === oizQoiiMeD [n=mjofebif@] has left #ubuntu [] === oveiXxei [n=eeeoeb@] has joined #ubuntu === oveiXxei [n=eeeoeb@] has left #ubuntu [] === ooouoeA [n=uydtoio@] has joined #ubuntu === eeMHihyjo [n=] has joined #ubuntu === eeMHihyjo [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === iooiDO [n=voiogiw@] has joined #ubuntu === iibeiiowS [n=vfwicdts@] has joined #ubuntu === iooiDO [n=voiogiw@] has left #ubuntu [] [01:45] what is hoary and breezy?? === oaouU [n=ienoqsoo@] has joined #ubuntu === ooouoeA [n=uydtoio@] has left #ubuntu [] === iibeiiowS [n=vfwicdts@] has left #ubuntu [] === iooiDO [n=voiogiw@] has joined #ubuntu [01:45] i got ubuntu 5.10 === iooiDO [n=voiogiw@] has left #ubuntu [] === coz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:45] for amd64 === oaouU [n=ienoqsoo@] has left #ubuntu [] [01:45] OK back again === oieeoZo [n=aeoageoi@] has joined #ubuntu === SNAooooS [n=eeeoeb@] has joined #ubuntu [01:45] coz, === iYBDFuo [n=] has joined #ubuntu === aSoeiVi [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:46] orian: Ubuntu 5.10 is "Breezy Badger" === iYBDFuo [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [01:46] yes === eeMHihyjo [n=] has joined #ubuntu === aSoeiVi [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === aSoeiVi [n=] has joined #ubuntu === oieeoZo [n=aeoageoi@] has left #ubuntu [] === aSoeiVi [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [01:46] !ops [01:46] Help! seb128, bob2, fabbione, lamont, thom, Keybuk, fooishbar, jdub, mdz, Amaranth, tritium, ajmitch, crimsun, ogra, CarlK, Seveas, Burgundavia, apokryphos, thoreauputic, and nalioth [01:46] coz, can you join only one channel at a time? === eeMHihyjo [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === SNAooooS [n=eeeoeb@] has left #ubuntu [] === rPglWoo [n=senfueq@] has joined #ubuntu === ooaYumge [n=pdisomtq@] has joined #ubuntu === rPglWoo [n=senfueq@] has left #ubuntu [] [01:46] no why === njan [n=james@unaffiliated/james] has joined #ubuntu === hauJVyuoZ [n=aeoageoi@] has joined #ubuntu === ooaYumge [n=pdisomtq@] has left #ubuntu [] === hauJVyuoZ [n=aeoageoi@] has left #ubuntu [] === edireehuVe [n=voiogiw@] has joined #ubuntu === UdontKnow [i=udontkno@freenode/staff/udontknow] has joined #ubuntu === TgBoKoeuz [n=ioeuhtic@] has joined #ubuntu === eeojaN [n=uijlaeoo@] has joined #ubuntu === edireehuVe [n=voiogiw@] has left #ubuntu [] [01:46] oh you want me to join both? === hauJVyuoZ [n=aeoageoi@] has joined #ubuntu === BtokihmZi [n=mjofebif@] has joined #ubuntu [01:46] what is hoary and breezy?? === BtokihmZi is now known as CeWuuNeeoF === TgBoKoeuz is now known as eioou === eeojaN [n=uijlaeoo@] has left #ubuntu [] === eeiTasiR [n=uhuuueu@] has joined #ubuntu === xauziiexuO [n=ieipim@] has joined #ubuntu === eeiTasiR [n=uhuuueu@] has left #ubuntu [] === xauziiexuO [n=ieipim@] has left #ubuntu [] === hauJVyuoZ [n=aeoageoi@] has left #ubuntu [] [01:47] man wtf is happening in #ubuntu and #debian??????? === QclweEzS [n=] has joined #ubuntu === CeWuuNeeoF [n=mjofebif@] has left #ubuntu [] === eioou [n=ioeuhtic@] has left #ubuntu [] === CeWuuNeeoF [n=mjofebif@] has joined #ubuntu === eeojaN [n=uijlaeoo@] has joined #ubuntu === CeWuuNeeoF [n=mjofebif@] has left #ubuntu [] === avHCI [n=vweuoitn@] has joined #ubuntu === eeojaN [n=uijlaeoo@] has left #ubuntu [] === CeWuuNeeoF [n=mjofebif@] has joined #ubuntu [01:47] pybe: spam bot attacks === oRgiiBueu [n=edjzeum@] has joined #ubuntu === QclweEzS [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [01:47] orian: Hoary and breezy are nicknames for the different ubuntu releases [01:47] fuckers === avHCI [n=vweuoitn@] has left #ubuntu [] === rPglWoo [n=senfueq@] has joined #ubuntu === oRgiiBueu [n=edjzeum@] has left #ubuntu [] === ooYaeMvoAH [n=] has joined #ubuntu === rPglWoo [n=senfueq@] has left #ubuntu [] === oBooaHun [n=eiiiuf@] has joined #ubuntu [01:47] When I go into Sound Recorder and click Record I get "There is no default GStreamer audio input element set - please install the GStreamer-Gconf shemeas or set one manually" how do I do that? === oBooaHun [n=eiiiuf@] has left #ubuntu [] === ooYaeMvoAH [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [01:47] so which nickname do i have if i download 5.10 amd64 ? [01:47] orian: "Breezy" is Ubuntu 5.10 === eaYeogy [n=eeeoeb@] has joined #ubuntu === ieeeaYMu [n=meqdioff@] has joined #ubuntu === atioobu [n=] has joined #ubuntu === yCeuouy [n=piskzbx@] has joined #ubuntu === eaYeogy [n=eeeoeb@] has left #ubuntu [] === atioobu [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [01:48] thanks === eeUeioe [n=oxkiiico@] has joined #ubuntu === yCeuouy [n=piskzbx@] has left #ubuntu [] === eeUeioe [n=oxkiiico@] has left #ubuntu [] === mode/#ubuntu [+r] by UdontKnow === crakrjak [n=Michel@] has joined #ubuntu [01:50] 15+ hours of downtime, and my hosting provider still hasn't answered my support ticked... [01:50] been there done that.. sucks [01:51] what host is it? [01:51] === Pegasos989 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:51] My account got suspended overnight, no idea why [01:51] !faq [01:51] I heard faq is The Ubuntu FAQ Guide is: select System -> Help (in Breezy), or or [01:52] how do I find out what my sound card driver is? === RobNyc [n=] has joined #ubuntu === hypn0 [n=hypn0__@] has joined #ubuntu [01:52] dmesg [01:52] snd-something [01:52] ok [01:52] stormx2 open the box [01:52] look at the card [01:52] :D [01:52] do i search for linux or for kernel in synaptic for a newer kernel? [01:53] kernel [01:53] elkbuntu: And I suppose it will have an LED display saying "Your sound card is using this driver:" [01:53] i forgot.. but whats the package i can get that contains the packages, etc i need for compiling, etc [01:53] not led, LCD [01:53] stormx2 you can hope :) === EnsignRedshirt [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:53] morphix: build-essential [01:53] yeh thats it [01:53] thanks Hobbsee === bruder [n=bruder@] has joined #ubuntu [01:53] no problems [01:53] elkbuntu if you can find the model number, the driver is easier to distinguish [01:54] err... why did i just address myself :| === elkbuntu needs sleep [01:55] must be getting late === hawking [n=hawking@] has joined #ubuntu [01:55] elkbuntu: hehe [01:55] this is great :) I can connect to irc using tor :) [01:56] rofl elkbuntu [01:56] my university blocks irc normally [01:56] that sucks [01:56] hawking, #ubuntu blocks tor [01:56] dmesg doesn't really help... [01:56] Seveas: there must be somethin wrong.. I am in [01:56] you're not cloaked [01:56] tor? [01:56] --> hawking (n=hawking@ has joined #ubuntu [01:56] they've obviously not been keeping on top of new tor end points [01:56] but that's not my ip [01:57] usually tor users have tor/session/bla cloaks === Pegasos989 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:58] eek. How do I find out my sound card driver? :( (like snd-whatever) === EnsignRedshirt [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [01:59] Stormx2: Maybe "lsmod | grep snd" [01:59] Does dalnet block tor? === soundray [n=] has joined #ubuntu [01:59] QuakeNet does [01:59] hawking, only freenode accepts tor [01:59] Seveas: oh didn't know that === aio [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:00] ...I hate flu [02:00] Seveas: so tor users must have caused some mess around === _Rappy_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:00] indeed [02:01] I've got the sound to work but now I get the error "Failed to create GStreamer encoder elements - check your encoding set" =/ === rob_p [n=rob@freenode/supporter/active/RobertPectol] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === doleyb [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:02] ok, how do I restart alsa? [02:05] Stormx2 /etc/init.d/alsa restart === android_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:06] Do anyone in here use Opera? [02:06] sigh ok I give up with my joypad >.> [02:06] I am having a small problem. I was installing all these media supports, so I also installed sun Java to the firefox browser. Anyways, I think I did some mistake in the order in which the commands should have been typed and now I can't open firefox. It says "INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End: Could not get the plugin manager" === Discipulus [n=disc@unaffiliated/discipulus] has joined #ubuntu [02:07] I have a problem with flash in Opera.. Any solutions? [02:07] uh oh [02:07] now synaptic is saying I have every package installed.... [02:08] Eu-freaking-reka! got the tomsrtbt madeeee! === Slant_Laptop [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [02:10] what does this error during apt-get update mean? >> [02:10] Openoffice.org2 freezes when I try to paste marked text somewhere else - please help. === dpupp [n=] has joined #ubuntu === RobNyc [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === lucaas [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:11] could someone tell me what a segmentation fault is? im trying to get conky runnign but its saying Xft not enabled, segmentation fault. [02:11] soundray, isnt openoffice2 a beta version :-/ === drcode [n=user1@] has joined #ubuntu [02:11] any one know why I get this [02:11] build-essential: Depends: gcc (>= 4:4.0) but it is not going to be installed [02:11] Depends: g++ (>= 4:4.0) but it is not going to be installed === snpz [n=buuu@] has joined #ubuntu [02:12] hi everybody [02:12] i have a question about samba+ldap as PDC === R0bNyc [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:12] hypn0, it's in breezy, and breezy is released, so I wouldn't expect there to be such a glaring bug -- if it is a bug, that is. [02:12] how to add user without rouming profile function? === chx [n=chx@unaffiliated/chx] has joined #ubuntu [02:13] where can I find an Ubuntu netinst image? [02:13] sudo adduser username [02:13] i have 10 users that have roaming profile function [02:13] morphix, i my case i use smbldap-tools [02:13] oh wait.. u rnt asking for that. [02:13] i don't need roaming profile only for one user === adnans [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:14] morphix: tried re-running sudo apt-get update? if that recurs again, try switching to another mirror [02:14] any ideas? [02:14] rajasum i have tried like 20 times [02:14] apt-get wants me to update all the kernel-related stuff, is this a good idea? [02:14] well.. is there a listing on mirrors anywhere? [02:15] has anyone made checkgmail work on ubuntu? [02:15] morphix: switched another mirror could be a prob with mirror pulse [02:15] mirror pulse? [02:15] hawking: Never heard of it. I use a gdesklet to see latest gmail stuff ;-) [02:16] hawking, do you mean gmailnotifier? [02:16] android : well not exactly === MagicFab [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:16] android: that's another program but gmailnotifier would do me good too [02:16] morphix: see if this one works > deb breezy main restricted universe multiverse === asdx [n=diego@] has joined #ubuntu [02:17] is there some XP theme for ubuntu? [02:17] hawking, I think sudo apt-get install gmail-notify will do it [02:17] i need it for some users that are unfamiliar with default gnome [02:18] android : last time I tried gmailnotifier it didn't work but I'll try it again === Harti [n=] has left #ubuntu ["-carpe] === zakame [n=user@ubuntu/member/zakame] has joined #ubuntu [02:19] hawking, it works great for me.. === onfire_nux [i=] has joined #ubuntu [02:20] hmm [02:20] asdx: Isn't Gnome an option for them? === shaa-gi [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:21] android_ : well it says login appears to be invalid [02:21] ys76: yeah but they don't want to laern something new [02:21] asdx: Why changing back to a system you want to leave? [02:21] ys76: they are scared of it [02:21] android_ : shall i do or just username [02:21] !resolution [02:21] I heard resolution is at [02:22] android_ : I guess I am doin a mistake in configuration [02:22] asdx: Then they shouldn't try to work with any other things than XP, 'cause Ubuntu != XP === staaka [n=] has left #Ubuntu [] [02:22] asdx: I'm not sure if there's anything around that's like XP but isn't XP in look, feel and behavior [02:22] yes but i'm asking if there is a theme for gnome [02:22] asdx, stand up to them :-) [02:22] or something [02:22] Unexpected error: urllib2.HTTPError [02:22] of course i know ubuntu != xp === BuzW [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:23] ubuntu >> xp [02:23] I have a question on another U channel === zever [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:23] What are the original permissions of /usr/local/bin and how to restore them with chmod ? [02:23] I am not on a U. box right now [02:23] hawking, it's just your username [02:24] I am having a small problem. I was installing all these media supports, so I also installed sun Java to the firefox browser. Anyways, I think I did some mistake in the order in which the commands should have been typed and now I can't open firefox. It says "INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End: Could not get the plugin manager". Should i delete and reinstall whole firefox or can I fix this somehow easier? :/ [02:25] asdx: a theme will not shield the would be new user from having to learn the things are done differently in Linux and sooner or later the complexities underneath [02:25] <_jason> MagicFab, mine are drwxr-xr-x so chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/ [02:25] MagicFab: chown 0:0 /usr/local/bin + chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/ [02:25] Pegasos989, u tried #firefox in on [02:25] Pegasos989: well, you wouldn't remove firefox, you might mv /.mozilla /mozillabackup , and see if it works without your config files. === Elektrochelovek [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:26] !php-pear [02:26] Elektrochelovek: Syntax error in line 1 [02:26] !phppear [02:26] Elektrochelovek: I give up, what is it? [02:26] !php pear [02:26] Elektrochelovek: NO SPEAKE ENLISH! [02:26] hypn0, not yet, doleyb, thanks, i'll try that [02:26] <_jason> Elektrochelovek, message the bot [02:26] where i can get php-pear package? [02:27] _jason, ys76: tx! [02:27] doleyb, it worked. <3 [02:27] <_jason> !info php-pear [02:27] what repositories do i have enlist in my apt sources.list file? === al1 [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [02:27] php-pear: (PEAR - PHP Extension and Application Repository), section web, is optional. Version: 5.0.5-2ubuntu1 (breezy), Packaged size: 169 kB, Installed size: 1164 kB [02:27] _jason thnx [02:27] any ideas on an Ubuntu netinst image? [02:28] Elektrochelovek, you need universe [02:28] ok, thnx [02:28] !tell Elektrochelovek about universe [02:28] !sources [02:28] A list of official repositories can be found at (Hoary) or (Breezy) - Create your own sources.list at === procrastinator [n=procrast@] has joined #ubuntu [02:29] OpenOffice.org2 freezes when I try to paste text into emacs21. Should I report this as a bug? [02:29] ok for proftpd i had to 'make' a false bash entry.. but i cant remember where i had to go to edit that [02:29] Hmm. Do I need firewall and antivirus software, or can I just trust that "this is linux, I won't get viruses" ? [02:30] soundray, no you should simply not use emacs ;) [02:30] !firewall [02:30] hmm... firewall is Ubuntu has, like every other linux distribution, firewalling built into the kernel. A simple frontend to this firewall is firestarter. see !firestarter [02:30] Seveas, thanks for your help :( [02:30] okay, thanks Seveas [02:30] Pegasos989: well, you might want to move some stuff from mozillabackup into /,mozilla, like your bookmarks and cookies and things [02:30] and for antivirus: clamav is popular but it's only needed if you run a mailserver with clients on windows machines ;) [02:31] doleyb, nah. Haven't done anything special with firefox yet. Installed the whole os just yesterday [02:31] doleyb, thanks anyways [02:31] Can you point me to a description how the clipboard is supposed to work under Gnome? [02:31] !firestarter [02:31] from memory, firestarter is Ubuntu has, like every other Linux distribution, firewalling built into the kernel. A simple frontend to this firewall is Firestarter, which can be installed via Breezy's "Add Applications" or Synaptic === dutch [n=] has joined #ubuntu === rob_p [n=rob@freenode/supporter/active/RobertPectol] has joined #ubuntu === RadSurfer [i=] has joined #ubuntu [02:33] I use a turkish keyboard... I have already changed the keyboard to turkish from system---> preferences--->keyboard but still everytime I open ubuntu I have to type this command "setxkbmap tr" what should i do to fix that? === leonel [n=leonel@] has joined #ubuntu [02:34] Pegasos989: there's also a decent GTK frontend to clamav > apt-cache search clamtk === ArdieM [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:34] Hi ArdieM [02:34] rajasun, that is a tk frontend, not gtk [02:34] Seveas: nope [02:34] derek[] , hi [02:34] Seveas: GTK now [02:34] Is there something in Gnome that does what klipper does in KDE? [02:34] then it's misnamed :) [02:35] thanx, solved my problem === Lordprotector [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:35] Seveas: yeah upstream author already knows ;-) === amorph [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:35] does anyone know how I can make openoffice actually print with the paper size I want instead of forgetting what I told it to do after hitting ok? [02:36] okay, thanks rajasun [02:36] Pegasos989: np [02:36] rajasun, .sg == singapore? [02:36] Lordprotector, your Format-Page setup has to agree with your printer setup. [02:37] Seveas: yup === occy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:37] soundray: then why do you get options to be able to print to the various sizes? sheesh... [02:37] Seveas: 2140 hrs atm ;-) [02:38] :) [02:38] 1440 here [02:38] soundray: what's the name of the gnome printer admin tool? I'm not running gnome, so I can't just go to admin->printer setup === kain_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === EasilyOdd [n=EO@] has joined #ubuntu === Digis [n=digis@] has joined #ubuntu [02:38] Lordprotector, gnome-cups-manager [02:39] Seveas: ahh nice to see so many frm diffparts of world all at the same time in #ubuntu :) [02:39] soundray: thanks [02:39] does anyone use Opera? === zodium [i=] has joined #ubuntu [02:39] hi there, I've a pdc20270 fasttrack hardware raid 1 (mirror), ubuntu installers sees hde & hdf, how can I configure raid? not software raid, I must install ubuntu on the first disk then rebuil the array from bios? any hint for boot loaders? === Mitja [n=] has joined #ubuntu === chx [n=chx@unaffiliated/chx] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation] [02:41] argh, why does it have to be so hard to print an envelope? [02:41] bah/ [02:41] whats the prefered apt-get 'method' [02:41] http? [02:41] cause atm mine says 'deb cdrom' [02:41] :/ [02:42] right [02:42] so openoffice STILL [02:42] won't print print to envelope #10 size [02:42] it keeps using f'ing "envelope dl" no matter what I do [02:42] morphix, apt-setup or pico /etc/apt/sources.list [02:43] morphix: comment that cdrom line out, personally me preference are http repos === Pegasos989 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:43] has anyone in here ever tried printing an envelope with open office? [02:44] and if so have any idea how the hell I can make it print to the appropriate envelope size? === aeho [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:45] W: Couldn't stat source package list breezy/restricted Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/au.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_breezy_restricted_binary-i386_Packages) - stat (2 No such file or directory) === odie5533 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:45] :( [02:45] !ntfs [02:45] morphix, sudo apt-get update [02:45] extra, extra, read all about it, ntfs is the (N)(T) (F)ile(S)ystem, the filesystem normally used under Windows XP. To automatically mount your NTFS partition/s - [02:46] i still get the error.. ARGH [02:46] ailed to fetch Sub-process gzip returned an error code (1) [02:46] something must be wrong with the list then [02:46] or gzip [02:46] morphix: switch mirrors, mirror could have had probs syncing with primary at last mirror pulse === Lordprotector kicks openoffice hoping that will make it actually print to the paper size he specifies [02:49] <[Jonne] > threaten to kill -9 it [02:49] hm [02:49] heh [02:50] .com list is slow as hell. [02:50] seriously, does anyone know why it refuses to print to the correct size? [02:50] I just want to print to a damn envelope #10! [02:50] it shouldn't be this f'ing hard! === wickedpuppy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:50] I should just have to select the right size and then it should print to that [02:50] hmm it works tho [02:50] that's how software is supposed to work [02:51] it's not supposed to take my options and flush them down the toilet === kestas [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:51] argh [02:52] I'll have to try another program [02:52] this is really frusterating [02:52] Lordprotector: have you tried setting up the size in the driver itself ? === Douwd [i=daniel@unaffiliated/douwd] has joined #ubuntu [02:54] Albert Eins === Badcel [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:54] who's that :p [02:55] MagicFab: yes [02:56] hi, can someone tell me, how to give a modul a specific parameter at bootup, if the modul is loaded by hotplug? === sdakota [n=] has joined #ubuntu [02:56] hey guys === james^ [n=james@unaffiliated/james] has joined #ubuntu [02:57] I'm going to reinstall Ubuntu on my server because there are loads of DNS and IP problems [02:58] (the DNS and IP are all set to network, but to use my own DNS-server, I need to set the internet ip === Euler [n=Iam@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === quail_linux [n=quail@unaffiliated/quaillinux/x-000001] has joined #ubuntu [02:59] what version of Ubuntu do you recommend to install now? I saw that Breezy was released publically [02:59] so... i'm not sure what one is better [02:59] um what other option is there? [02:59] sdakota: the most recent :) [02:59] an old one that's not updated? === james^ is now known as njan [03:01] hey guys... my laptop fan never turns off .. but works fine when I boot that other OS === StrikeForce [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:02] yahya: which brand ? [03:02] how do I change default progs? I would liek to change rhytmbox as default program for .mp3 s === din [n=din@] has joined #ubuntu === Mitja [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:03] GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR === Lordprotector kicks openoffice repeatedly [03:03] :D [03:03] this is (expletive deleted) ridicluous [03:04] I just want to print a (explitive deleted) envelope! === Mitja [i=] has joined #ubuntu === dooglus [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ralf [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:05] hi all [03:05] hello, ralf === pinkisntwell [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:05] there is any effort to replace sysv init in ubuntu? === kempo [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [03:06] hmmm init-ng ? ;-) === Lordprotector crosses his fingers [03:06] ubuntu recognises my adsl usb modem but it doesn't list it in the networking window, it only has my nic and my 56k modem. any help would be appreciated [03:07] Lordprotector, are you cross that free software developes do not seem to cater to your every need? [03:07] soundray: printing to the correct paper size is not a trivial matter, it is a vital thing for an office application to do correctly [03:08] I had problems with it before just to get it to print to letter size instead of A4 [03:08] rajasun: yes [03:08] Lordprotector, acquaint yourself with the procedure instead of deleting expletives? [03:08] rajasun: there are experimental packages to try it? [03:09] there are for debian [03:09] I use a turkish keyboard... I have already changed the keyboard to turkish from system---> preferences--->keyboard but still everytime I open ubuntu I have to type this command "setxkbmap tr" what should i do to fix that? [03:09] soundray: the procedure of doing more than selecting the paper size I want? I wasn't aware that I should have to edit 500 config files to get printing to the correct paper size to work. My mistake, I guess. [03:09] ralf: think it is in the works, not sure how long more we'll have to wait but me guess is both Ubuntu and debian will switch simultaneously [03:10] that's it [03:10] I've had it [03:10] rajasun: i'm working with other initng devs [03:10] I'm restarting into windows for the first time in like 6 months [03:10] Lordprotector, so you thought you'd come here and went some steam? [03:10] we're tryng to figure out what is missing in inintg [03:10] maybe openoffice works in there [03:10] ralf: it's in Debian Experimental [03:10] can someone please help? i've been asking for days [03:10] because no major distro has adopted it already [03:10] rajasun: that package is obsolete [03:10] our are on alioth [03:11] vent [03:11] soundray: no, I thought someone would be able to help me, since usually other people have experienced similar problems [03:11] anywho [03:11] what is the nonfree bit of rar-nonfree? === pinkisntwell [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === EnsignRedshirt [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:11] ralf: not tried it meself yet but saw it sitting there [03:11] Hello, world === pinkisntwell [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:11] rajasun: [03:11] Lordprotector, okay, your request for help got buried in your angry lines, then. [03:12] Lordprotector, printing is a PITA in linux for sometimes now ... write to your printer company to bitch about releasing drivers for their printer ...i did it [03:12] ralf: ahh thanksy :) [03:12] Is there an official, supported "fix" for the BADSIG error that occurs when reloading in Synaptic? === Mitja [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:12] pinkisntwell: What's the problem? [03:12] ralf: alioth hehe should have known it'll be hosted there [03:13] :P [03:13] ralf: hmm I may be mistaken but are u the same ralf from #debian-mentors? [03:14] MagicFab: it's a dell inspiron 6000 [03:14] Ophiocus: RAR comes in two flavours. One version has a liscence issue which means it is classed as non-free (so you can't edit or redistribute it) [03:14] rajasun: yes [03:14] rajasun: i made the psyBNC package [03:14] roger [03:14] Ophiocus: Install both RAR packages and you're good to go [03:14] ralf: ah heh...I'm a lurker there...heard u just made it as a DD...congrats! :) [03:15] nono, i'm not a DD [03:15] my package can't enter in Debian [03:15] it has an Apache Licensed file [03:15] which is claimed to be non-free by debian-legal [03:15] ralf: ahh then it's the wrong ralf but all the same, more packages for both distros' users :) [03:16] mm [03:16] my nick is registered [03:16] i'm the only ralf here [03:16] here == FreeNode [03:17] and i have a package on, yes [03:17] thanks a million for all the help people === Mitja [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:17] ralf: hmmm [03:17] pinkisntwell, if you don't describe your problem, how can anyone help? === Nermal slaps pinkisntwell with a big n00b badge [03:18] i have described it [03:18] where ? [03:18] rajasun: [03:18] ubuntu recognises my adsl usb router and the kernel says that the adsl connection is up but i get no internet and it isn't listed in the networking proggie [03:18] pinkisntwell, not since rob_p asked you to. [03:19] ahh [03:19] ralf: thought I saw chrish congratulating 1 ralf a couple of weeks ago on #debian-mentors hmmm === Nermal scrolls up lots [03:19] pinkisntwell: I would tell us what usb router it is [03:19] ralf: thanks :) [03:19] dmesg output [03:19] 2 week ago i was in vacation [03:19] ifconfig out [03:19] all that stuff [03:19] thomson speedtouch 530, ex alcatel, i can connect through the ethernet port but i need to use the usb one so that i can give the ethernet to another computer [03:19] someone stale my nick :| [03:20] ralf: hmmm [03:20] pinkisntwell: not sure about the 550 [03:20] googled ? [03:20] I would use the ethernet [03:20] far easier [03:20] or just buy a hub === EnsignRedshirt [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [03:21] Does ubuntu have any decen ps2 emulators btw? :/ [03:21] can't i use the usb? is there a solution to the problem? /var/log/messages says xDSL connection up and the like when i connect the usb but no connection [03:21] pinkisntwell: How about setting up network address translation on your Ubuntu box and let the other PC get it's Internet connection via the Ubuntu box? [03:22] can we stay on the problem at hand? === ScatterBrain [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:23] the problem at hand is how to share internet,.. rob_p gave you a sensible option [03:23] pinkisntwell: It's just a suggestion! If you can get ethernet connectivity to the adsl router, then NAT might be a solution. That's all. [03:23] pinkisntwell, your attitude makes it hard to help. [03:23] buy a mac ? [03:24] Nermal, :) [03:24] okay, i know the alternatives. for a number of reasons i need to use the usb on this computer [03:24] then you ll have to go the modem maker for linux drivers === soci0path [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:24] pinkisntwell: You're probably a nice enough person but you're not conveying it in here. I wish you luck regardless. [03:25] the modem maker doesnt give any linux drivers [03:25] soundray: :D [03:25] pinkisntwell: hence you should use ethernet [03:25] or use the speedtouch howtos at [03:25] usb is not really meant for networking :| [03:26] ho well,.. lets see, need to use a usb device that dosent have drivers.-- hmmm i guess i bought the WRONG modem then [03:26] or maybe i should try to reach the modem via ethernet? [03:26] though I think all that is only for the 330 [03:26] this is really great help! do any of you guys have any idea how to make ubuntu use the usb connection since the kernel can see it fine? [03:27] no === mikul [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:27] else we would have told you === mode/#ubuntu [+b !@85.10] by Seveas [03:27] or !wow! better still,. use mu ubuntu box a NAT and allow a dhcp server to run a class c adress range to have up to 256 machines plugged to my ubuntu machine automatically sharing the internet === mode/#ubuntu [+b !@85.9] by Seveas === mode/#ubuntu [-r] by Seveas [03:27] spambots back? === pickett [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:28] can I use the network boot disk to install breezy instead of the older version? And is breezy recommended for servers at this moment? === [Jonne] [n=[Jonne]] has joined #ubuntu [03:28] they give #ubuntu-unregged hell :) [03:28] breezy is stable [03:28] so should be ok for servers [03:28] Seveas: Oh dear === Roberti [n=roberto@] has joined #ubuntu [03:29] sdakota: might be easier just to grab a new network boot disk.. shouldn't be very large [03:29] <[Jonne] > what does it mean if my kernel gives segmentation faults when starting up? It fails to boot afterwards. === daan [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:29] pinkisntwell, i ll say this only once,.. theres limitations,. and solutions,. you told people here about your limitations,. people here told you about their posible solution,. now its your turn to take the best of both world and try to solve it [03:29] <[Jonne] > I'm using the 686-smp one === imrik [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:29] <[Jonne] > the 386 works ok (i'm using that one now) [03:29] Nermal, Breezy is really stable now? And recommended ? Okay, I'll install that then =) [03:29] Thanks! [03:30] sdakota: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade [03:30] ok, i'm just trying to see if it works this way because the kernel sees it for god's sake! [03:30] faraway so close,.. [03:30] Stormx2: You didn't follow why I want to reinstall, ..? >.< === snowblink [n=] has joined #ubuntu === gigcs [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:30] Can't I use a network location containing Breezy Ubuntu with this Hoary net boot-CD? === njan [n=james@unaffiliated/james] has joined #ubuntu === atidem [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:31] pinkisntwell, so instead of telling us what you've done to locate the error, you swear at us? [03:31] hello [03:31] i have question add package. === ale_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Dhivael [n=] has joined #ubuntu === misfit_toy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:32] I have a problem with linux console's font === Dhivael [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === ale_ [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Sto] [03:32] soundray, be understanding,. youd be frustrated too if you tried to make things work the way they dont work [03:32] :) [03:32] pinkisntwell: I guess ifconfig and dmesg output would be helpful [03:32] as I told you before [03:32] this is message that I receive when launch application: Font `-misc-console-medium-r-normal--16-160-72-72-c-80-iso10646-1' not found. [03:32] what to do to locate the error? when i plug in the usb the kernel log says that usb connection is established and xDSL line is up, also detects the up/down speeds but i get no internet [03:32] anyone can help me? === polpak [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:33] Can't I use a network location containing Breezy Ubuntu with this Hoary net boot-CD? [03:33] I tried to read Check /usr/share/doc/konsole/README.Linux-font for [03:33] pinkisntwell: I imagine it isn't running the PPP stuff === inaddy [n=inaddy@] has joined #ubuntu [03:33] but i doesnt work [03:33] you should look into setting that up === Franky [n=Necrony@] has joined #ubuntu [03:33] Ophiocus, :) -- I understand him completely. === btownlegs [n=aaron@] has joined #ubuntu [03:33] how can i run the ppp stuff? [03:33] Ok, I'll download the Breezy boot cd then. [03:33] look at the speedtouch docs [03:33] just ignore the firmware bit [03:34] how to speak to the bot again? [03:34] !test [03:34] Passed. === jhaa [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:34] ah, like that [03:34] !bootcd [03:34] Not a clue, sdakota [03:34] !boot-cd [03:34] sdakota: parse error: dunno what the heck you're talking about [03:34] or read the ppp docs === misfit_toy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:34] anyone run vmware on ubuntu? [03:34] pppoa is setup and running on the router, i'm writing this from ubuntu now using the ethernet connection [03:34] btownlegs: yah [03:34] !networkinstall [03:34] sdakota: I give up, what is it? [03:34] !network_install [03:34] sdakota: Bugger all, i dunno [03:34] any gotchas? [03:34] !network-install [03:34] sdakota: Bugger all, i dunno [03:34] no one can help me? [03:34] >.< [03:34] pinkisntwell: dunno then [03:34] like I said.. usb isn't meant for networking [03:34] btownlegs, vmware workstation 5. No probs === oNowaaiN [n=ieipoazw@] has joined #ubuntu [03:34] you modprobe pppoa ? [03:34] 100 times? [03:34] ok thanks [03:35] !network-boot [03:35] pinkisntwell: ignored :) [03:35] sdakota: I give up, what is it? [03:35] !boot-cd [03:35] sdakota: Did you get hit by a windmill? === watnu [n=] has joined #ubuntu === oNowaaiN is now known as ekHoiaiao [03:35] pinkisntwell: Here's something that might provide some help --> [03:35] !install-cd [03:35] sdakota: Did you get hit by a windmill? === ekHoiaiao is now known as AeKoBeOi [03:35] ubotu: i hope not [03:35] sdakota: Not a clue === AeKoBeOi [n=ieipoazw@] has left #ubuntu [] [03:35] checking it rob_p, thanks === misfit_toy [n=] has joined #ubuntu === atidem [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation] === Sass [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ppd [n=] has joined #ubuntu === misfit_toy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:38] Hello, I just installed Ubuntu 5.10 on one of my HDD's, and I've encountered a problem while trying to boot it up.. === MarcN [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:38] What's that other GUI called... "xcfv"? === misfit_toy [n=] has joined #ubuntu === m4 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:39] sdakota, I gather you're trying to do a network install. === m4ss4 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:39] sdakota, why is the full install CD not an option? [03:40] how can i list the devices? === m4ss4 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:40] pinkisntwell, ifconfig -a ? === doleyb [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Mayday [i=] has joined #ubuntu [03:41] how can i see the router's device name, usb what? === raingrove [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:41] soundray: Because the fcked CD-rom drive of this fcked up server (it's a P2) has a lot of problems with reading =) The network install CD is faster, and works way better =) === zygis [n=] has joined #ubuntu === picole [n=picole@] has joined #ubuntu === cfuerst [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:41] soundray: Next to that, I have all patches and everything ready when I use the network install cd [03:42] soundray: But I searched a bit - I can't find a network install cd :S === cfuerst [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"] [03:42] I am trying to make checkgmail work and for that I need XML::Simple I do "sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install XML::Simple'" but it says make test had returned bad status, won't install without force ... How can i install it? [03:42] sdakota, as far as I know, it exists only for Debian. [03:42] to whom should I screem to for screwing my Ephy with that shitty new firefox in dapper? [03:42] soundray: I've got one for Ubuntu, I'm sure === aet [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:42] sdakota, but if you install with the server option, it won't have to read that much off the CD. [03:43] does any1 know a nice channel to discuss 64 bit hardware? :) === NiukJiaik [i=jioaoo@] has joined #ubuntu === NiukJiaik [i=jioaoo@] has left #ubuntu [] [03:43] is there something i need to do to get xorg cvs version running on ubuntu? i always get "could not open default font 'fixed'" === tZuiauo [i=jioaoo@] has joined #ubuntu === kleinlappies [n=] has joined #ubuntu === tZuiauo [i=jioaoo@] has left #ubuntu [] === kleinlappies [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [03:43] hawking, you may have to install the make module first,. [03:43] soundray: Errors happen at the kernel, always, and sometimes even earlier. [03:44] Ophiocus: How can i install that? [03:44] sinaptic [03:44] soundray: I once installed Ubuntu completely, after trying millions of times... but the system itself ran like shit after that, error this, error that.... [03:44] make sure universe repository is installed [03:44] you mean the package make? === eoqoofiQaM [i=jioaoo@] has joined #ubuntu [03:44] I already have that === eoqoofiQaM is now known as Iaaoocnu === GNULinuxer [n=ghoseb@unaffiliated/gnulinuxer] has joined #ubuntu === Iaaoocnu [i=jioaoo@] has left #ubuntu [] [03:44] Error while starting hotplug subsystem @ boot , anyone knows what's wrong? :S === soundray wonders why everyone seems to be in such a swearing mood today. === wonderer [n=wonderer@] has joined #ubuntu [03:45] sdakota, do you still have that flaky installation on it? === kain__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:45] pinkisntwell: I'm trying to troubleshoot your issue without any hardware to work with so bear with me on this... It looks like Breezy already has the usbnet module and probably loads it automatically upon the usb hotplug event generated by pluging the modem in. If that's the case, it should result in (hopefully) another networking interface available on the system. [03:46] ok [03:46] every since I dist-upgraded this morning [03:46] I've had things crap out and die on me. [03:46] E%Q$#%Q#@%#$ === opo [n=] has joined #ubuntu === opo [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === occy [n=] has left #ubuntu [requested] [03:46] occy: would you be using dapper drake perchance ? [03:46] !network-install [03:46] NO SPEAKE ENLISH!, sdakota === occy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:46] wtf? [03:46] ??!... [03:46] !install-network [03:46] sdakota: NO SPEAKE ENLISH! [03:46] !network-install [03:47] sdakota, don't play with the bot [03:47] rob_p, all tips for sucessful configuration are in that very well documented url you gave em [03:47] Seveas, what was that for? [03:47] occy, may I please remind you of the code of conduct [03:47] occy: you didn't use to work for did you ? [03:47] @Seveas: I'm not playing >.< I'm trying to find out where to find the Breezy network install disc... [03:47] does anyone know how to turn make test off? [03:47] sdakota, there is none [03:47] Seveas, I didn't curse. heh [03:47] code of conduct ? [03:47] sdakota, do you still have that flaky installation on the server? [03:47] Seveas, you big goober [03:47] Seveas, :P [03:47] Can someone here tell me what is wrong here? [03:47] WAVE WAVE CONTRACT I WORK FOR SONY WAVE WAVE === mode/#ubuntu [+b %Nermal!@] by Seveas [03:47] @Seveas: ... I've got a network boot disc for sure - but it's hoary. I'll do a dist-upgrade then. [03:48] Ophiocus: Seems to be! Hopefully he'll figure it out instead of getting pissy with us in here. :-) [03:48] Nermal, heh, yeah, I started === tetsueo [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Nermal [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === Nermie [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:48] too. [03:48] learn to ban properly darling [03:48] thought so [03:48] guys i need some help please [03:48] that and 50 cents won't get me any coffee [03:48] you want a hostmask ban, not a nick ban [03:48] rob_p, i cant stand ppl that cant see the diference between a right and a priviledge === fonkypij [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:48] heh === mode/#ubuntu [+b %!] by Seveas [03:48] soundray: I reinstalled Ubuntu using the network boot disc. That kinda worked. === Nermie [n=] has left #ubuntu [requested] [03:48] how to boot i boot into run level 3 from lilo ? [03:49] how do i [03:49] Seveas: Why are you banning..?!? === MagicFab [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === mari1 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:49] Seveas, you need to be more careful with that @ [03:49] Ophiocus: Me too! Oh well. It takes all types... [03:49] occy, please read back and see why nermal deserved it [03:50] Seveas, a 1 line joke (with no cursing) is a bad idea? [03:50] come on... lighten up. === walde [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:50] mute avoiding is [03:50] sigh [03:51] anyway, I have other things to do. [03:51] like figuring out why my apps keep dying after my upgrade. :( === Sass [n=] has joined #Ubuntu [03:51] how do i boot into run level 3 from lilo ? [03:51] sdakota, so what stops you from dist-upgrading? [03:51] Ophiciocus: many tests were failed with this reason :"Unable to recognise encoding of this document at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.7/XML/SAX/PurePerl/ line 96." do you know how I can solve this prob? [03:51] Hello. One year before I used an crypted imagefile via losetup -e aes-256 using gentoo. How can I tell Ubuntu the encryption-blocksize. -e aes doesnt seems to work correctly. Any ideas? === Nermal [i=] has joined #ubuntu === Nermal [i=] has left #ubuntu [] [03:52] soundray: Problems on the PC! That's why I'm reinstalling - but there is Breezy now so I wanted to check that!... [03:52] walde, losetup is obsolete, LUKS is the better way === meuserj|work [n=meuserj|] has joined #ubuntu [03:52] sdakota, you can upgrade to breezy with dist-upgrade. That's what it's for. [03:52] Seveas: can i install ubuntu on an iPaq? [03:52] hawking, you installed make? [03:52] aftertaf, why not? [03:53] Seveas, because it is not a supported platform. [03:53] Seveas: does LUKS works in the same way? I need the data from my old image [03:53] lol thatd be funny :] === doub [n=bed@] has joined #ubuntu [03:54] soundray: I know about dist-upgrade... but I wanted to know if there's a way to install Breezy directly, instead of first Hoary and then Breezy... [03:54] Ophiocus: it was already installed [03:54] hi there === tetsueo [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === mari1 [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [03:55] so make and make install runs ? [03:55] sdakota, you can, with the breezy install cd [03:55] walde: sudo modprobe aes-i586 [03:55] who develp ubuntu distribution. [03:56] sdakota, if you get all this trouble just booting the breezy install, go with dist-upgrade. It shouldn't make a difference in the end. [03:56] doub: Ohmygod >.< === sexcopter8000m [n=] has joined #ubuntu === lurah [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:56] gigcs, and a lot of others [03:56] well I am installing it reading a manual from a site and it says to type the command "sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install XML::Simple'" and that does all [03:56] soundray: Ok. Thanks =) [03:56] trappist: the modules are already loaded. losetup works without errors, but the resulted device is not mountable [03:57] Who can tell me what to do with this GLIB issue? [03:57] Seveas: you know redistribution ubuntu install cd . [03:57] sdakota, what does he tell you? === rohan [n=rohan@unaffiliated/dabonbon/x-000000001] has joined #ubuntu === xavier_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:57] hi all === Tartaros [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:57] how do i start nautilus from other wm ? like fluxbox ? [03:57] what arguements do i pass? [03:57] --no-desktop ? [03:58] gigcs, please repeat that in english... [03:58] rohan, correct === petrush [n=pehy@] has joined #ubuntu === doub loves IRC, as it offers a way to meet real different people, and allows one to reconsider its dumbest possible views, in front of others' [03:58] ke, use a package instead of compiling [03:58] test fails in your case seem to be related to dependencies issues,.. i have to say i wouldnt know how to go around your particular issue hawking [03:59] clearly you don't know how to compile things === sebest_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [03:59] Seveas:i want add package on install cd . [03:59] Ophiocus: I see thanks [03:59] hawking: sudo apt-get install libxml-parser-perl is even easier than the cpan shell [03:59] gigcs, which package and why> [03:59] ? === mmina [n=mmina@] has joined #ubuntu [04:00] borup : hmm I'll try that [04:00] Seveas: but that shows really bad icons .. not the gnome default icons === bigbootay [n=bigboota@] has joined #ubuntu === elwood [n=elwood@] has joined #ubuntu === jim [n=] has joined #ubuntu === xavier__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === xavier_ [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Quitte"] [04:00] borup: and how can i install XML::Simple with it? [04:00] or is it just all configured === scree [n=] has joined #ubuntu === scree [n=] has left #ubuntu ["...] [04:01] Hello all, I am trying to install an RPM and I am not sure about the procedure, the rpm is a novell client written for Linux [04:01] hawking: sudo apt-get install libxml-simple-perl === beyond is now known as beyond-rango [04:01] mmina, alien -i filename.rpm [04:01] and pray that it works [04:01] hawking: that will install XML::Parser also === sascha_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:02] can anyone help me? [04:02] Seveas:you is develop kubuntu [04:02] i told not to trust alien because is not 100% sure of complete translation Sevas [04:02] i am having problems fetching packages from the repository [04:02] i get messages like this [04:02] W: Failed to fetch [04:02] Bad header line [IP: 80] === vkroll [n=] has joined #ubuntu === mode/#ubuntu [+b %raingrove!@] by Seveas [04:02] hawking, perl CPAN modules which have a debian or ubuntu package are named with this scheme : lib-perl [04:02] Seveas: erm... i'm opting for the 'familiar' distro with opie WM :] [04:02] do NOT paste in here === immoT- [n=] has joined #ubuntu === immoT- [n=] has left #ubuntu ["] [04:03] gigcs, either type proper english or find someone that can translate for you - I can't understand you === ompaul [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:03] doub: can you give an example ? sorry I didn't understand it well [04:03] Seveas: nautilus --no-desktop in fluxbox shows really bad icons .. not the gnome default icons === LasseL [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:03] hawking, XML::Parser becomes libxml-parser-perl (all lower case, and "::" has become "-") === testme [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:04] maybe some of the server are down, like the german repository is [04:04] doub: oh ok [04:04] pardon me - was there an update released today with linux.386 patches? I got the "updates are ready" message, but before installing it said they were not authenticated! === KeepRight [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:05] Seveas: Thanks, I will try both, has anyone tried to install the novell client. === mode/#ubuntu [-bbbb ! ! ! %raingrove!@] by Seveas === mode/#ubuntu [-bbbb %neoxan!@ %Toma-!@ %stvn!@ %jyk!@] by Seveas === mode/#ubuntu [-b %zxsykco!@] by Seveas [04:05] so does anyone have ideas why i am havign that [04:06] I manually built the ati module and installed the driver ati driver from the web. Now I want to get rid of it, but when I try to apt-get remove xorg-driver-fglrx I get an error saying something about a diversion from one lib file to another [04:06] raingrove, have you tried more than once? [04:07] soundray/ yup [04:07] hawking, besides, if you lack some CPAN modules, you can use the dh-make-perl package which will take any CPAN module, and make it a package [04:07] i guess it's my stupid connection [04:07] raingrove, it works from here. [04:07] How do i make sure 3d acccel is running when i run screensavers or games or glxgears my system freezes if i zap x it still remains froze [04:07] must be my stupid connection [04:07] LasseL, if you installed manually, you must remove manually, too. [04:08] doub: when I try to install the perl modules I need using apt-get it says Package libxml-sax-perl is not configured yet. [04:08] hawking, dpkg --configure --pending === ouejooe [n=ijeimeou@] has joined #ubuntu === wx9j [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ouejooe [n=ijeimeou@] has left #ubuntu [] [04:08] doub: CPANPLUS::Dist works better these days [04:08] LasseL, regarding file diversion errors, have a look at man dpkg-divert [04:09] Seveas: that gives this error "Can't locate object method "save_parsers_debian" via package "XML::SAX" at /usr/bin/update-perl-sax-parsers line 90. [04:09] " === UefoiiIerq [n=ijeimeou@] has joined #ubuntu [04:09] doub: than dh-make-perl that - I case I didn't make any sense [04:09] soundray: I think the trouble is that what I manually intalled overwrote the xorg-driver-fglrx package === UefoiiIerq [n=ijeimeou@] has left #ubuntu [] === misfit_toybuntu [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:09] hawking, yay for broken packages :| [04:10] Sevaas : :/ === ruiwen [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:10] hawking: I just did the install myself - but without problems [04:10] borup : hmm maybe you have something in ur comp that I don't [04:11] hawking: are you on breazy === Gullfisk [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:11] borup : yes [04:11] LasseL, have you tried 'apt-get --reinstall install xorg-driver-fglrx' ? [04:11] pardon me - was there an update released today with linux.386 patches? I got the "updates are ready" message, but before installing it said they were not authenticated! [04:12] hawking: odd - I don't remember dooing anything special [04:12] anyone using dapper? An upgrade a hour or so ago failed with a firefox problem. === Katsumoto [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:12] soundray: I want to get rid of everything fglrx, I upgraded to a nvidia card [04:12] borup, yeah, got it. but will it create a package? the advantage of dh-make-perl being that it tries to (not really successfully, but that's a start) create a cpan module <-> package identity [04:13] borup, with the added benefit of being able to add/remove with a unique apt-get command === nicholas [n=nicholas@] has joined #ubuntu === kain_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:13] LasseL, reinstalling may fix it so you can cleanly uninstall afterwards. [04:13] soundray: I can see that dpkg-divert has a number of diverted files listed on the fglrx package, could you hint me how to remove the diversions? [04:13] doub: yes it can create a .dab [04:13] I did it!!! === nicholas is now known as nich0las [04:13] doub: s/dab/deb/ === alexandre [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Pablo [n=Pablo@] has joined #ubuntu === Zinnmann [n=] has joined #ubuntu === marfis|mobile [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:13] borup, sounds great, i'll take a look. thanks for the tip === calav3ra [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:13] hoi === carlos [n=] has joined #ubuntu === uiuiVoi [n=oicotuii@] has joined #ubuntu === uiuiVoi [n=oicotuii@] has left #ubuntu [] === NoOrdinary|tK [i=] has joined #ubuntu === uiuiVoi [n=oicotuii@] has joined #ubuntu [04:14] can someone help me with mounting my external firewire hdd ??? thx in advance === uiuiVoi [n=oicotuii@] has left #ubuntu [] [04:14] know how ! [04:14] LasseL, dpkg-divert [options] --remove ? [04:15] soundray: aye, I am just lazy, there is 20 files === Zinnmann [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [04:15] what is the easiest why to install debian package in ubuntu? [04:15] doub: kane (cpan+ author) has even set up a apt source autogenerated from cpan (but only for sid) === alexandre is now known as theCore === ioIDoiohj [n=oicotuii@] has joined #ubuntu [04:16] I have weird problem with ubuntu liveCD, I'm using USB mouse that aint working and it also crash when I'm suppose to choose language === ioIDoiohj [n=oicotuii@] has left #ubuntu [] [04:16] any solution to that? [04:16] Excuse me - does anybody know, was there an update released today with linux.386 patches? I got the "updates are ready" message, but before installing it said they were not authenticated! (Surely someone else on here uses the generic 386 kernel?!?!?) === MagicFab [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:16] LasseL, do it with a bash script: for i in $( ) ; do dpkg-divert --remove $i ; done === grimse [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:16] can someone help me with mounting my external firewire hdd ??? thx in advance === aTkoLo [n=oicotuii@] has joined #ubuntu === aTkoLo [n=oicotuii@] has left #ubuntu [] [04:16] LasseL, is whatever you did to list the 20 files. [04:16] borup, yeah, making it ubuntu friendly should not be that hard then === golanx [n=golan@] has joined #ubuntu [04:17] LasseL, disclaimer: if that screws up your system, you cannot sue me :) [04:17] anyone interested in a game of battle ship ? === ruiwen [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:17] doub: nah it just needs an autobuilder [04:17] <[Jonne] > ok, E6 === ruiwen [n=] has joined #ubuntu === golanx [n=golan@] has joined #ubuntu === WhyvasLT [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Harti [n=] has joined #ubuntu === calav3ra_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === calav3ra_ [n=] has left #ubuntu ["...] === calav3ra [n=] has left #ubuntu ["...] === siegfried [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Sodki [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:20] [Tap, Tap, Tap... "Is this thing on?"] Excuse me - does anybody know, was there an update released today with linux.386 patches? I got the "updates are ready" message, but before installing it said they were not authenticated! (Surely someone else on here uses the generic 386 kernel?!?!?) === lucasvo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:20] hi [04:20] 'lo [04:21] any information about miubunut? are there any developers working on it? or is it still just a draft? [04:21] hello, the Ubuntu CD doesn't recognize my CDROM. is there a way to install Ubuntu on it's own partition via Qemu? [04:22] testme, there was a relase of info about kernel updates [04:22] ompaul - where do you find that info? the wiki? [04:22] on the ubuntu-sec wiki [04:22] on the ubuntu-sec mailing list [04:22] soundray: I manually removed all but one diversion, which it refuses to remove [04:22] forget wiki that that was a bad idea to suggest that I auto typed:) === otep is now known as otep[zzz] === databe [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:23] ompaul - great thanks... I didn't want to install kernel updates that were unauthenticated without some correlation that they were for real :) === uny [n=] has joined #ubuntu === pSqioC [n=elhiuot@] has joined #ubuntu [04:24] testme, === drcode [n=user1@] has joined #ubuntu [04:24] hi all [04:24] I have ubuntu installed on my laptop and I want to dual boot with xp. all of the tutorials i have read assume you have xp installed and want to install linux. anyone have a pointers? [04:24] I try to install gcc === pSqioC [n=elhiuot@] has left #ubuntu [] [04:24] and I get this [04:24] The following packages have unmet dependencies: [04:24] gcc: Depends: cpp (>= 4:4.0.1-3) but 4:3.3.5-1 is to be installed === fuscaldo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:24] Depends: gcc-4.0 (>= 4.0.1-2) but it is not going to be installed [04:24] any idea? [04:24] testme, everybody should be on that one it is such low volume it is mad not to be :-) === MenZa` [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Pupeno [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:24] LasseL, can you reinstall or remove the package now? [04:24] how i can say ubuntu-devel . [04:24] ompaul -= great thanks again! [04:25] Sodki, you can also give sbm a try. it's a floppy image of a boot device selector, replacing you falty bios's CD boot loader [04:25] Sodki, it's on the /install directory, on the ubuntu install cd === Bjoern-Erik [n=] has joined #Ubuntu [04:25] soundray: no, it still complains that it can't remove the xorg-driver-fglrx driver b/c of the diversion it can't remove [04:25] can i resize a partition in ubuntu and then install xp onto that partition? [04:25] or must it be the other way around?!? [04:26] LasseL, does it say why it cannot remove the diversion? === kitsch [n=] has joined #ubuntu === kain_ [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [04:27] soundray: because it would require it to overwrite a file [04:27] doub, Ubuntu boots fine and i can select language, location and keyboard. the problem is that afterwords it complains about missing drivers for the cd-rom [04:27] LasseL, and can you rm that file? [04:27] why my wifi cards doesn't work with WEP but work well without encryption? I try many things but nothing seem to work, any ideas how to fix this would be appreciated. [04:28] Depends: gcc-4.0 (>= 4.0.1-2) but it is not going to be installed [04:28] any idea? === catalinux [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [04:28] any [04:28] Sodki, if the installer drivers can't find your cdrom drive, chances are the regular installed ubuntu won't either, as it has the same drivers === patrik__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:29] Sodki, so installing via qemu won't solve the problem [04:29] how i can say ubuntu develop [04:29] doub, unless he bypasses the CD-ROM that way. [04:29] I use breezy [04:29] any help === patrik__ [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Lmnar"] [04:30] soundray: renaming the file, removing the diversion, copied it back, installed the package, thanks a bunch for the help [04:30] soundray, of course === patrik__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:30] <= That's a good one tbh [04:30] where would I put a command that I want to run at boot time? [04:30] LasseL, glad it worked. === rick__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === rick__ [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Ik] [04:31] BlueEagle, we do have a #ubuntu-offtopic for just such ot subjects :-) === ujQuu [n=oiwib@] has joined #ubuntu === ujQuu is now known as ksfsBea === HiddenWolf [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:31] Sodki, you can try qemu with -hda , it'll work, but beware not to touch your running system's partitions then. and be also shure that qemu's hda is also your real hda === ksfsBea [n=oiwib@] has left #ubuntu [] [04:31] drcode: It since I upgraded to breezy that dosen't work [04:32] Sodki, or you'll have to change all references to hda in the installed system afterwards, which can be tricky === OculusAquilae [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:32] ompaul: As you may or may not have noticed I am too lazy to join a channel just for such puropuses. :) [04:32] can i resize a partition in ubuntu and then install xp onto that partition? === rockin_stan [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:32] or must it be the other way around?!? [04:33] trappist, perhaps add a stanza to /etc/init.d/ ? === teroedni [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:33] /etc/init.d/ [04:33] soundray: just discovered that file, thanks === Sonderblade [n=muh@] has joined #ubuntu [04:33] databe, I'd suggest the first way round. [04:33] now. where to put stuff to run when X starts? [04:34] databe, you can do it either way but if you insist on running that other thing then you should install it first [04:34] I'm used to using my .xinitrc but I don't think dm respects that === teroedni [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [04:34] so waht I can do ? === sabmann [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:34] trappist, on X start or on login? === Fcoect [n=oiwib@] has joined #ubuntu === philosophia [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:34] hi [04:34] I can;t compile any more in breezye [04:35] soundray: X start. I want to turn numlock on, do some keymapping, etc. === Fcoect [n=oiwib@] has left #ubuntu [] [04:35] drcode, have you tried apt-get -f install ? === sascha_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:36] currently I have scripts in /etc/X11/Xsession.d but they don't seem to get run === fec [n=fec@] has joined #ubuntu === bur[n] er [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:36] BlueEagle, last point this is a support channel and that thing has two new votes :) === __filip_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === LasseL [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:37] soundray: I assume they would also work if I did it on login, if that makes the question easier to answer :) === rompi [n=] has joined #ubuntu === f0nsk3n [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:37] ompaul: But now that I've got your attention. How do I set up logcheck to drop an ip into hosts.deny when it detects an attempt to log into ssh as root? === wermut [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:38] BlueEagle: check out authfail on freshmeat [04:38] <__filip_> does somebody know when/or if shockwave will be supportet in linux? [04:38] thanks trappist. Will have a look-see. === orian [n=orian@] has joined #ubuntu [04:38] __filip_: there have been rumors. I wouldn't hold my breath. [04:38] BlueEagle, there ya go [04:38] trappist, have you looked at gdm documentation? [04:39] soundray: I'm using kdm... that does sound like a good place to start. [04:39] trappist, also, I turn numlock on in the BIOS... [04:39] <__filip_> what is rumors? not so good at english:( [04:39] soundray: so do I, but kde turns it off. I suppose I could fix that one kde-style. [04:39] I have troubles with setting a lower screen resolution, although my xorg.conf allows that. Can somebody help me? [04:39] where is sources.list file for apt ? [04:39] __filip_: rumors are stories you hear that you shouldn't believe === orbx [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:39] Anyone have any experience booting a live cd from a PATA drive? It seems to be locking when it tries to load the ISO filesystem module === kikokana [n=] has joined #ubuntu === uny [n=] has joined #ubuntu === jmnavarro [i=] has joined #ubuntu [04:39] orian: /etc/apt === kresten [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:40] <__filip_> trappist: okey, and thanx for your answers. [04:41] polpak: I don't know the solution, but I've heard that complaint here often enough to suspect it's a bug. either that or a bad burn. [04:41] I am trying to install xboard and when I do ./configure it says "xboard requires the X Window System header files and libraries! [04:41] " what packages do i need? [04:41] Hi! How do I install a .deb package? [04:41] kresten: sudo dpkg -i package [04:41] wermut, tnx. === PjNoweseef [n=hzyovhvi@] has joined #ubuntu === blizzkid [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:43] hawking: why don't you use the packages? === imieIjued [n=ovaooeie@] has joined #ubuntu === imieIjued [n=ovaooeie@] has left #ubuntu [] === obsvuugj [i=] has joined #ubuntu [04:43] lo all. Yesterday I did a mknod rfcomm, followed by an rfcomm bind. After rebooting, the device is gone. How can I make this permanent? === imieIjued [n=ovaooeie@] has joined #ubuntu === imieIjued [n=ovaooeie@] has left #ubuntu [] === orbx [n=] has joined #ubuntu === wermut [n=] has left #ubuntu ["...] === orbx [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:46] any1 ??? === KYQKeW [n=douefgse@] has joined #ubuntu === KYQKeW [n=douefgse@] has left #ubuntu [] === walkingice [n=] has joined #ubuntu === jorn [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Dasnipa` [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:48] thx trappist === jorn is now known as ClayG === wermut [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:49] Hey Atrophic you awake? === elwood [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Filbert [n=] has joined #ubuntu === tesoro [n=saer@] has joined #ubuntu [04:51] anyone here use the automatix script on ub forums? === rmn30 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === enodev [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Wizz [i=] has joined #ubuntu === raphink [n=] has joined #ubuntu === aPpYe [n=] has joined #ubuntu === marlun [n=marlun@unaffiliated/marlun] has joined #ubuntu [04:54] hello, I am wondering if there is a text file on my ubuntu system that shows all installed packages? === orospakr [n=] has joined #ubuntu === selinium [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Gerriall [n=NonYa@] has joined #ubuntu [04:55] next_window [04:55] <_jason> aPpYe, dpkg -l === nifl [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:56] All speak in english? === lechu [i=] has joined #ubuntu === JzE [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:56] we do speak English in this channel === beyond-rango is now known as beyond === nerdy2 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:57] !ru [04:57] Pozhalujsta vojdite v #ubuntu-ru dlq pomoshchi na russkom qzyke. # russian users please try #ubuntu-ru, there you may get more help [04:57] !se [04:57] lucaas: I don't know, could you explain it? [04:57] :> [04:58] Kak ne podskajew??? === ompaul pours trappist a large whatever trappist fancies drinking this hour [04:58] hi ompaul :) === enodev [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [04:58] selinium, hiya === kennethlove [n=] has joined #ubuntu === fluvvell [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:58] Wizz, /join #ubuntu-ru <<-?? [04:58] !swe [04:58] tesoro: No idea [04:58] doh :p === Niomi [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:59] Ti russkii? === xuzo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [04:59] Wizz: /join #ubuntu-ru [05:00] _jason, that seemed to produce a pretty huge list. That is a list only of what is installed? [05:00] Someone who knows whats wrong when streamripper outputs [ripping.....] [ripping....] and just keep doing it? [05:00] You russian? [05:00] <_jason> aPpYe, I believe so === tiefox [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:01] im having an problem with ubuntu [05:01] Wizz, neit nada [05:01] sometimes it does not boot in my laptop [05:01] and other times it boots fine [05:01] <_jason> aPpYe, you can redirect the outoput to a text file so you can look it over: dpkg -l > mypackages.txt [05:01] How can i get the X Window System header files and libraries? [05:01] aPbYe, every line that starts with ii refers to an installed package. [05:01] when it does not boot, its locking up right at the "Loading Modules..." message [05:02] tiefox, do you have any USB devices connected? [05:02] only an usb mouse === ubuntu [n=] has joined #ubuntu === seb__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === w00t [n=] has joined #ubuntu === unique311 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === unique311 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:04] tiefox, change VERBOSE to yes /etc/default/rcS, this way you may get more output when it fails. === mdke [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has joined #ubuntu === incusiek [n=incus@] has joined #ubuntu === incusiek [n=incus@] has left #ubuntu [] [05:04] morning all [05:05] i upgraded my hoary system to breezy, and now i suffer my wlan denying service [05:05] does anyone know a way to upgrade their system automatically, for example via a cronjob? [05:05] ok thx..i will try that [05:05] i broke my ubuntu when i uninstalled kubuntu-desktop. [05:05] but it locks up right with the first message [05:05] sometimes, even the splash screens does not get loaded.. === theCore [i=] has joined #ubuntu [05:05] it locks up righte after uncompressing the kernel [05:05] now when i boot up it hangs at Starting system message bus... [05:05] the package ubuntu-keyring .what does it mean. === ew3 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:05] hello [05:05] how do I add a static IP to my server? [05:06] gigcs, it contains the gpg keys for the ubuntu servers === nubbe [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:06] tiefox, do you have a graphical boot screen? [05:06] ew3, you have to ask your internet service provider if you want a static ip address [05:06] i think kubuntu took some valuables with it when i uninstalled it. can anybody help me with this. [05:06] unique311, install ubuntu-desktop i guess [05:06] yes.. [05:06] tried it. [05:06] Can someone provide me with a list of files that need to be installed, to run mysql with phpmyadmin on ubuntu? [05:06] nothing [05:06] soundray: yes === mikul [n=] has joined #ubuntu === _simon__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === jordi_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:07] orbx: try lampp [05:07] unique311, i suppose your problem is something else then [05:07] why can i boot 2 kernels with grub after ubuntu upgrade [05:07] im pretty experienced linux user...i have ubuntu in other 3 pcs... === rockin_stan [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:07] seb__, it leaves the previous kernel in place [05:07] why this? [05:07] but installed in this brand new laptop..and is the first time i saw something like it [05:07] <_simon__> hi all [05:08] blizzkid > i have apache 2 and php working, but for mysql i don't think i have all the files installed [05:08] seb__, so that if the new one doesn't work, you can boot your system === pavelich [n=michael@] has joined #ubuntu [05:08] tiefox, it may be worth switching to text-based booting, because you get more feedback still. === vkroll [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [05:08] mdke, lol seems to be a very good idea [05:08] how do I know if my nic card has been detected? === rockin_stan is now known as stan|afk [05:08] how can i do that ? [05:08] hey anyone know of a good linux book, one that is more command based rather than showing how to work a distro === holycow [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:08] <_simon__> i trief to get my laptop connected via wlan and WPA, i did everything like it is in the how to but it isn't working, can someone help me? [05:08] does anyone know a way to upgrade their system automatically, for example via a cronjob? [05:08] pavelich: the linux administration guide === gfish [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:09] man. i just spent forever getting ubuntu installed and how i like it. now i have to format and install windows first. bah [05:09] hello [05:09] databe, why? [05:09] if only my wireless card worked [05:09] tiefox, remove all vga=0xXXX occurrences from /boot/grub/menu.lst, run update-grub and reboot. [05:09] someone said it is the better way to do it [05:09] i have ubuntu installed [05:09] how do I know if my nic card has been detected? [05:09] databe, you can install windows afterwards. there is a good guide in fact [05:09] and my wireless card dont work. so i was going to dual boot with xp [05:10] GREAT [05:10] ok soundray...thx [05:10] i cant get my printer to work [05:10] blizzkid: is this like a standard book, or what is the author/publisher [05:10] please show me where === alnr_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:10] databe, certainly === fulanito [n=fulanito@] has joined #ubuntu [05:10] pavelich: give me 10 minutes, I'll /msg you [05:10] databe, [05:10] dunka [05:10] databe, you need a live cd [05:11] hrm. isnt ubuntu a live cd also? [05:11] _jason, got that ... any way to filter out packages that are not simply there to satisfy a dependency? It lists stuff like "xserver-xorg-driver-i810" and "python2.4-adns" along with "" and "python2.4" respectively. [05:11] i have knoppix tho [05:11] so either way [05:11] databe, ubuntu has a separate live cd [05:11] i c [05:11] i can dl it np [05:11] thanks. you saved me alot of grief. === databe slaps soundray and ompaul [05:12] oops, I did not mean to direct that solely at _jason [05:12] databe, in theory, installing windows first is a better way. but if you are happy to use that guide, then it is fine to install Windows afterwards [05:12] I would like to serve time to some other local machines, i did /etc/init.d/ntp-server, but I got 'no suitable server' when I point another machine to it. what else do i have to do [05:12] yeah.. i would much rather do it like this [05:13] !guide [05:13] guide is probably at === xshu [n=xshu@] has joined #ubuntu [05:13] mdke, remember he wants to resize the partition for windows as well. [05:13] !ubuntuguide [05:13] extra, extra, read all about it, ubuntuguide is out of date, breaks PCs and doesn't explain anything. The official FAQ Guide, which is based on ubuntuguide is the help menu in Breezy. For more information see !faq. [05:13] mdke:i can remove package ubuntu-keyring . [05:13] gigcs, is that a question === djib [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:14] databe, if you need to resize the partition, as soundray says, you should do that before starting the windows installation === shutdownrunner [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:14] I try to fix my wifi by recompling the madwifi module from source, but the only thing get now is my text console. :'( When I get the GNOME login, I hear a bep from the sys speaker, then I try to login with my username and pwd but after that a just get a brown background. GNOME just stale. (but, I can move my mouse) Anyidea where that bug come from ?? [05:14] how do i play dvds [05:14] yeah. [05:14] ompaul, that is an unnecessarily negative message about ubuntuguide. who writes those things? [05:14] i am going to resize first then install === glenn [n=glenn@] has joined #ubuntu [05:14] whats the package called which lets you move applications to any of the other "desktops"? [05:14] mdke, are you sure thats the right guide? [05:15] ah, nm [05:15] mdke:what ubuntu-keyring have importance. if i remove it. === Dann1 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:15] ic. it is to reinstall windows. but it still applies [05:15] ok thanks.; [05:15] databe, it is a guide to what to do _after_ you install windows [05:15] oh. [05:15] ok. [05:15] gigcs, yes it is important. [05:15] so then before i get to that. [05:15] i just resize my partition [05:15] gigcs, you need it to download updates and such [05:15] then install windows to that partition [05:15] then follow those steps === lbm [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:16] databe, yes. you'll need a live cd to resize your partition too. [05:16] k. [05:16] got it [05:16] thanks [05:16] mdke, no idea who wrote that one - I know mine are a tad more positive - however we rather that people use docs/ === orbx [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:16] ompaul, messages like that just lead to more agro between communities [05:16] databe, good luck. Backup everything you need first === soci0path [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:17] ompaul, any way to change it? === oeQaiM [i=aDuiio@] has joined #ubuntu [05:17] no ideas, why GNOME bug at startup ? So, I will need to fix myself or reinstall everything .... [05:17] how do i install dvds === _simon__ [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation] [05:17] mdke, goto #ubuntu-offtopic for that conversation === oeQaiM [i=aDuiio@] has left #ubuntu [] [05:17] i mean play [05:17] aPbYe, most packages in Ubuntu satisfy a dependency. It doesn't make much sense to create a list of those that don't. [05:17] does anyone know a way to upgrade their system automatically, for example via a cronjob? [05:18] aPpYe, what do you need that list for? [05:18] gfish, === kalle_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:19] !forget ubuntuguide [05:19] mdke: i forgot ubuntuguide [05:19] apt-get dist-upgrade gives me that there are no changes.... how do I check if Breezy is already installed? === funkyHat [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:19] soundray, heh ... the idea is to duplicate or at least have a system that closely resembles ubuntu that is built from source using either gentoo or sourcemage. === basti [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:20] Hi [05:20] i think i definitely broke ubuntu, it just do a restart when i try to boot after it gets to starting system message bus... === kalle_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:20] how to add folders on harddisk as paket source? === kalle_ [n=] has left #ubuntu ["...] === xshu_ [n=xshu@] has joined #ubuntu [05:20] aPpYe, that makes sense now. [05:20] !dist-upgrade [05:20] sdakota: Are you smoking crack? [05:21] in recovery mode i get 2 double fualt messages after the starting system message bus and a couple of other messages [05:21] darn, he doesn't know [05:21] ? [05:21] !ubuntuguide ubuntuguide is an unofficial guide written by community members. It is not guaranteed to be up to date, or to work. There is an official guide, at which is preferred. [05:21] mdke: okay === xshu_ [n=xshu@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === wiVooh [i=aDuiio@] has joined #ubuntu [05:21] mdke, well done! === wiVooh [i=aDuiio@] has left #ubuntu [] === redtech [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:21] mdke: Write a little script that runs the appropriate apt-get command(s) and stick it in /etc/cron.daily for daily update checks. Is that what you're asking? === raingrove [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:21] soundray, i'm proud [05:21] rob_p, that's the sort of thing. When I run a cronjob with just the command, it doesn't like it === pizux [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:22] salux [05:22] can anyone help with my printer === alnr_ [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === inaddy [n=inaddy@] has joined #ubuntu [05:22] its a printer/scanner [05:22] and its on the network [05:22] pavelich, did you get my message? [05:23] !ubuntuguide [05:23] Wish i knew, mdke [05:23] soundray, not so good after all === gnesis [n=gnesis@] has joined #ubuntu === Decadent [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:23] mdke, I meant the content, not the syntax you used... [05:23] mdke: Did you make sure the script has the executable bit set? [05:23] heh === FlimFlamMan [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:24] rob_p, i didn't try with a script, i just added the command. that is probably why it didn't work [05:24] :( [05:24] hi. how do i install the "run application" menu option? [05:24] or how to install .deb files (on my harddisk) [05:24] soundray, i have to say that ubuntu is just about the nicest looking distro i have run across. It is just about exactly the system I have been trying to build from source, but my linux experience is kind of limited. Maybe I'll call it "gentubuntu" or something. === user_ [n=user@] has joined #ubuntu [05:24] would an apt-get dist-upgrade help fix my ubuntu? [05:25] hello [05:25] how do I uninstall a custom .deb file ? [05:25] aPpYe, check out "apt-cache showpkg ubuntu-desktop". The dependencies should get you close, if you "emerge" all the items. [05:25] <_jason> theCore, dpkg -r [05:25] how do i connect gmail with evolution??? === hawking [n=] has joined #ubuntu === m-afk is now known as mauro === mauro is now known as mauropm [05:26] why is it so slow when updating ubuntu hoary? [05:26] mdke: Try putting the command you want to run in a little shell script and make sure it's executable. Then, place it in the /etc/cron.whatever dir and it should run just fine. [05:26] whoa. that was a pretty garbled looking list. [05:26] rob_p, yes. i think so [05:27] maybe there is a way of cleaning that up ... "man apt-cache" it is! === Loevborg [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:27] how do i add the menu option "run application" that lets me run any command without opening a terminal? [05:27] aPpYe, apt-cache depends ubuntu-desktop for a tidy list === iiping [n=iiping@] has joined #ubuntu [05:27] aPpYe, apt-cache showpkg ubuntu-desktop | grep null | tr " " "\n" | grep -v \(null\) | grep -v \(0 [05:27] aPpYe, but you may prefer selinium's suggestion... === whyameye [n=whyameye@] has joined #ubuntu [05:28] i only get about 2090 B/s when downloading package files using synaptic, why is it so slow? I'm on a 1MB/s broadband connection === kalle_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:28] gnesis, there is a guide on the gmail website I believe === ditesh|cassini [n=ditesh@] has joined #ubuntu === pingswept_zzz is now known as pingswept [05:28] gnesis, just follow the one for a similar program if there isn't one for evolution [05:28] lo [05:28] selinium, soundray, I will save both lists... why not. [05:28] Synaptic is asking me to upgrade the complete linux kernel. I don't want to update from Hoary to Breezy. Should I say "install?" [05:29] whyameye it won't install breezy unless you follow the upgrade steps [05:29] whyameye, just the kernel is probably a security update. [05:29] user_, maybe your router is using QoS settings that favor interactive use over downloading. [05:29] soundray, nice piping [05:29] :) === kitsch [n=jin@] has joined #ubuntu [05:30] hmm === BeTa [n=] has joined #ubuntu === DonPachi [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:30] selinium, 7335, innit? === tmjb [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:31] soundray, lol :) === thesilentkiller [n=Vasanth@] has joined #ubuntu [05:31] !tell mdke about ubuntuguide [05:31] selinium, mixing up the bohemes a bit :) === barosl^win [n=barosl@] has joined #ubuntu [05:31] how to build package in ubunutu deb === SOMNIVM [i=] has joined #ubuntu [05:31] soundray, nice and tidy! === GNULinuxer [n=ghoseb@unaffiliated/gnulinuxer] has joined #ubuntu [05:32] hello - q: how will Ubuntu react if a hard disk is removed from a machine and put into another (different hardware) ? How automatic/ manual is the hardware detection and config ? [05:32] <_jason> ubotu, tell tmjb about checkinstall [05:32] <_jason> tmjb, is that what you are asking about? [05:33] MagicFab, i reckon it will be ok in most cases. Give it a try and see [05:33] MagicFab, it definitely won't barf all over itself, like a certain other OS. [05:33] hello ppl, how to prevent segfaults? or clean it up after it happens? === theCore [n=] has joined #ubuntu === jon4s [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:34] Other than configuring xorg.conf for vesa generic, what kind of precautions can I take ? === regeya [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:34] _jason: yes check install tnx [05:35] hey . i cant use SU command, couse i dont know my password.. someone help? [05:35] <_jason> tmjb, yw === jredburn [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ZiIpeejuk [i=aohLoad@] has joined #ubuntu === ZiIpeejuk [i=aohLoad@] has left #ubuntu [] [05:35] MagicFab, look at /boot/grub/menu.lst for kernel boot parameters that look machine-specific. === no_gatez_fan [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:35] jon4s: passwd === stan|afk is now known as rockin_stan [05:35] oh wait, you'd still need your password :) === ZiIpeejuk [i=aohLoad@] has joined #ubuntu [05:35] yes :p === ZiIpeejuk [i=aohLoad@] has left #ubuntu [] === user_ is now known as LinuxN00bie === suresh00_ [n=tsureshk@] has joined #ubuntu [05:35] !tell jon4s about root [05:35] jon4s, you have your user password? just use sudo [05:36] oh I misread su as sudo [05:36] maybe because it was so big [05:36] MagicFab, probably a good idea to add acpi=off and noapic to the # kopt line and rerun update-grub. === efbie [n=fred@] has joined #ubuntu [05:36] what i need to do for reinstalling GNOME ? [05:36] hell i moved a gentoo harddisk into another computer and it was fine, more or less [05:36] if a segfault occur, what should I do?? [05:37] theCore did you uninstall it? === ziueeG [i=aohLoad@] has joined #ubuntu [05:37] LinuxN00bie, file a bug [05:37] theCore, why? [05:37] hmm === epistax [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:37] NoUse : no, not yet, but I can't login with GNOME it just freeze [05:38] LinuxN00bie, if possible submit the results of following with your bug [05:38] ok thx... [05:38] but if i wanna run the program again [05:38] and it keeps segfaulting [05:38] then... [05:38] I have a rather slow system here, but still this is the first time that a GUI lagged on thiscomputer. 'top' shows no problems. It wasn't this way when I first logged on-- any suggestions? [05:38] other than restart [05:38] theCore did it ever run properly? [05:38] what should i do? [05:38] The mouse cursor is unbearably choppy [05:39] theCore, can you log in with failsafe? [05:39] it ran perfectly 30 min ago [05:39] now can only the text console === bipolar [n=bipolar@] has joined #ubuntu === germancito [n=german@] has joined #ubuntu === LeeJunFan [n=] has joined #ubuntu === daaku [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:39] LinuxN00bie, even more important to file a bug [05:39] soundray: no === orian [n=orian@] has joined #ubuntu === basti [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:40] i filed lots of bugs.. [05:40] where to get Motif? [05:40] hello [05:40] ...sigh [05:40] theCore have you tried failsafe mode? [05:40] i use ubuntu and i cannot install the macromedia flash plugin, it says since i have amd64 than its not compatible [05:40] theCore, is gdm running? [05:40] orian macromedia doesn't support AMD64 on Linux [05:41] so i wont see flash anymore? [05:41] hello? [05:41] soundray: no, i'm right now in the text console === BeTa [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:41] so segfaults r caused by bugs? [05:41] orian [05:41] Problem: mouse is laggy, but no programs of any CPU consequence is running. What gives? [05:41] LinuxN00bie they have many causes, many of which are bugs [05:41] orian: with closed-source software like flash you have to wait for the vendor to build for 64 bit. ubuntu can't do it. [05:42] :( [05:42] :( === mina [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:42] oh.. === apokryphos [n=apokryph@] has joined #ubuntu === sambagirl [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation] === sambagirl [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:43] theCore, so you don't even get a graphical login screen? [05:43] orian : they're 64 bit open source projects around === ethan_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === misfit_toybuntu is now known as misfit_toy === mikul [n=] has joined #ubuntu === enodev [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:43] so, what do i do now? wait? [05:43] anyone know if its possible to keep firefox running even after i do a gui quit? sort of like keeping it preloaded? [05:43] soundray: I can get the graphical login, and login but after I just get the brown background === _eins is now known as _null === lgc [n=lgc@] has joined #ubuntu === mdke [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has left #ubuntu [] === Adyeths [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:44] orian, I use swf-player. It works for me in most cases. [05:44] soundray: GNOME just don't load === jon4s [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:45] when I was using windows, many of my files kept corrupting, and chkdsk kept running on startup, now I use ubuntu hoary, sometimes my programs won't run, some of them caused by segfaults, sometimes, i dun even know why a program won't start [05:45] theCore, do you get a clue from /.xsession-errors ? [05:45] when i tab in command "su" to use root in command it asks for psw ofc, but its not the same psw as i typed in install ? what do i type to reset the SU psw ? === Harti [n=] has left #ubuntu ["-carpe] [05:45] theCore, paste it via pastebin, if you want us to have a look at it. === rave_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:45] I just installed the kernel and nvidia-glx-legacy updates that were available. and now I can't start x. [05:45] LinuxN00bie, it sounds like you should run a memtest86 [05:46] soundray: a sec I will try start GNOME in failsafe === xshu [n=xshu@] has joined #ubuntu === estetkaninen_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:47] soundray, how to run it? i typed memtest86 in the terminal and command not found [05:47] LinuxN00bie, the problems you describe could come from a memory fault or overheating. === vegiVamp [n=] has joined #ubuntu === walrus|cassini [n=ditesh@] has joined #ubuntu [05:47] LinuxN00bie its provided at the boot menu [05:47] LinuxN00bie, it's a special kernel. [05:47] LinuxN00bie: memtest86 is an os that boots from grub === bighil [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:47] oh.... [05:47] now i get it [05:48] Hey, we all know, don't we :) === kkathman [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:48] ... [05:48] jon4s: Did you establish a root password? If not, there isn't one. Root login is effectively disabled by default in Ubuntu. [05:48] LinuxN00bie, you aren't overclocking by any chance? [05:48] nope === rockin_stan is now known as stan|afk [05:49] has anyone here been successful in setting up a hardware RAID system in Linux, preferably on an ABIT PB6 ? === TQymcb [n=ixoapc@] has joined #ubuntu === estetkaninen_ [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Lmnar"] === efPuVxuoyo [n=dieoiloo@] has joined #ubuntu === efPuVxuoyo [n=dieoiloo@] has left #ubuntu [] === TQymcb [n=ixoapc@] has left #ubuntu [] [05:49] does anyone know how i can change the ugly red 'close tab' icon that comes with ubuntu? [05:50] thx guys for the help :D === lamp_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:50] hi, I have a little problem with the eclipse package under ubuntu 5.10: If I try to open the help menu I get the message "/usr/share/eclipse/debian/help.htm cannot be found". Probably I forgot to install the eclipse doku package, does anyone know its name? I havent found it... === johnny [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === TQymcb [n=ixoapc@] has joined #ubuntu === TQymcb [n=ixoapc@] has left #ubuntu [] [05:50] i installed ubuntu from 5.04 CD, how do i upgrade to the newset version of ubuntu ? [05:50] why is it so tricky to get firefox to play videos? now i can see the first couple seconds of some videos, but most still don't show up [05:50] where can I find good themes for gnome? [05:51] included the fancy boot and so on [05:51] I just installed the kernel and nvidia-glx-legacy updates that were available. and now I can't start x. can anyone help me get it working again? [05:51] kkathman, go with software raid. Much more flexible, you can even upgrade your mainboard and still boot the old installation :) [05:51] jon4s: === theCore [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:52] nope, I can't log in GNOME failsafe === p00ner [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:52] soundray: thank you for your reponse...apparently he has this board that does all this hardware stuff, but he wants to go to linux rather than using windows. He gets Win support for the hardware RAID I guess. === TCTCH [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:53] however, I can log in the GNOME failsafe term [05:53] sigh === misfit_toybuntu [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:53] thanks [05:54] soundray: how I can send the .xsession-errors file? === scifi_uk [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:54] what are the fields displayed when u use "ls -l"? specifically, what are the third and fourth column entries? [05:54] theCore, are you chatting on the machine you're fixing? [05:55] soundray: yep! [05:55] Adyeths: which error do you get if you try to start X? [05:55] theCore, on the console? [05:55] soundray: yep! again === scifi_uk [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === oneseventeen [n=] has joined #ubuntu === nalioth_zZz is now known as nalioth [05:55] Guys, what's the command line utility that sends stuff to pastebin, please? === JRlinux [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:56] it says it was unable to start. and that gdm was disabled until I could fix whatever the problem was. [05:56] Adyeths can you put /var/log/Xorg.0.log in pastebin? === darkheart [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:56] if I can figure out how to get to the log file I can. === Madeye [n=Jad@] has joined #Ubuntu [05:56] guys, how to get beagle index my system? [05:57] [1] -:- SignOff raingrove: #ubuntu ("Leaving") [05:57] Can I connect to Netware servers (ncpmount) with Breezy Badger? (I keep getting server not found messages) [05:57] Adyeths do this, log in to the console and run 'wget' [05:57] Where to get xlib6g ? I wanna install openmotif for opera, but I cant find xlib6g [05:57] Trying to install Ubuntu 5.10. Lots of problems. Base system did not install all the way; now copying packages failed after a time. I guess that computer will not support ubuntu...??? [05:57] Adyeths then run 'chmod u+x pastebin' [05:58] Adyeths then run 'cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | /pastebin' [05:58] will that work from the live cd? cuz thats how I had to come in here to ask about this? === germancito [n=german@] has joined #ubuntu [05:58] The live CD worked fine. Darnit! === sleeper [n=] has joined #ubuntu [05:59] Adyeths oh if you have a GUI... did the Live CD mount your disks? [05:59] soundray: I could put on my http server, so you could download it? [05:59] no, it didn't mount the hard drive. [05:59] theCore, pls follow the pastebin instructions that NoUse wrote for Adyeths (thanks NoUse) [05:59] I did manage to do that manually === rob_p [n=rob@freenode/supporter/active/RobertPectol] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === elwood [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:00] Adyeths ok, well open up the log file and paste it at this address: [06:00] Your data has been posted to === blondie is now known as blondie|gone === duende [n=] has joined #ubuntu === bhsx [i=] has joined #ubuntu [06:01] everything was working perfectly until I installed the updates that were made available today. === Harti [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:01] I have not had trouble with the CDRom before. I wonder what the deal it? [06:02] Adyeths did you run that from the liveCD command prompt? [06:02] yes... === Orandic is now known as orandic [06:02] I guess no help here... darn. [06:02] but I made sure to specify the log file from my hd where I mounted it. [06:02] Adyeths ok === g3ko13 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Silencer [n=Silencer@] has joined #ubuntu === spola [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:03] hi all [06:03] Adyeths can you do the same for your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file? [06:03] hi === slew [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:03] can u help me ? [06:03] Nobody can [06:03] no [06:03] g3ko13: sorry, I don't know the answer to your question [06:03] You are beyond all help [06:04] where i can put the codecs for totem gstreamer ? [06:04] !tell g3ko13 about w32codecs [06:04] all codecs === JRlinux [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [06:04] g3ko13 and in order to use w32codecs you need to install the totem-xine package [06:05] Your data has been posted to === chang-xi [n=] has joined #ubuntu === kkathman [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === me [n=] has joined #ubuntu === FlimFlamMan [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:06] Adyeths try commenting out the line in that file that says UseFBDev "true" === no0tic [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:06] i dual-boot debian-stable and ubuntu breezy. is it possible to set up postgresql on these installations to use the same data files, so that the same database is available regardless of which OS i'm in? === shai_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:07] FlimFlamMan: if you use the same postgresql version, sure [06:07] but synaptic want remove ubuntu-desktop.. [06:07] ok... I'll have to leave in order to try that... be back in a bit. === germancito [n=german@] has joined #ubuntu [06:07] pitti, thanks === pussfeller [n=todd@] has joined #ubuntu [06:07] FlimFlamMan: however, breezy and sarge have different postgresql architectures === fasteddy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:07] thank you, NoUse. [06:07] pitti, in what way? [06:07] ave [06:07] FlimFlamMan: so either you need to fiddle a bit with the breezy system, or you use the sarge backports of the new infrastructure === fasteddy is now known as bozmann [06:08] FlimFlamMan: deb ./ [06:08] pitti, what are sarge backports? [06:08] FlimFlamMan: Debian sid and Breezy have a new storage layout === Mr_Lurrrrr [i=] has joined #ubuntu [06:08] hello [06:08] FlimFlamMan: sid packages built for sarge === Mr_Lurrrrr is now known as fr500 [06:08] NoUse: I can't get the pastebin file from === nubbe [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:09] theCore what error are you getting? [06:09] hi there === lsuactiafner [n=] has joined #ubuntu === pmjdebruijn [n=] has joined #ubuntu === pmjdebruijn [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [06:09] i got serious trouble with my root axx [06:09] NoUse : i just can't contact the server === xjonex__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:09] i cannot do a simple su [06:09] theCore is your internet working? === fkqdsjlfqdhsfmqf [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:09] pitti, if i manage to get postgresql running this way on ubuntu and sarge (eg by moving the postgresql directory to a different location), any idea if anything else will break that expects postgresql files to be in a certain place? [06:09] !tell bozmann about root === roken [n=] has joined #ubuntu === izmaelis [n=izmaelis@] has joined #ubuntu [06:10] bozmann: use 'sudo -i' for a 'root' window [06:10] NoUse: How I could talk to you if my internet wasn't working ? ;) [06:10] hm [06:10] apropos su, is there any design reason in ubuntu besides the usual security stuff why root is disabled? [06:10] theCore well some people use another PC to IRC for support [06:10] hey [06:10] FlimFlamMan: if you don't use the backports, you must register the sarge cluster in breezy's architecture [06:10] gigcs: just ask your question [06:10] bye all...thx [06:11] when Im install ubuntu, always get some error with the bootstrap something (return 2) [06:11] wtf? :o [06:11] FlimFlamMan: man pg_createcluster [06:11] theCore something is worng on your end, I can download the file just fine === mifritscher [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:11] hi [06:11] elo [06:11] a question to Palm users out there: how do you manage to view in Ubuntu the photographs on your Palm? [06:11] do anybody compiled dazuko? [06:11] NoUse : i get this Resolving === jenda [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:11] Connecting to||:80... [06:11] i want my ubuntu box to act as an access point, i have set the wifi card as master and the hosts are associated, but i can't ping the wired hosts from the wireless hosts [06:11] thx [06:12] Can anyone help me mount a partition on startup? [06:12] theCore, I've copied pastebin to, perhaps you can get it from there. === render [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:12] is there a command I can run which will give my cpu specs? === pf [n=pf@] has joined #ubuntu [06:12] Stormx2, cat /proc/cpuinfo [06:12] Does anyone have experience with samsung d-500 and linux? [06:12] nalioth:you can add package on cd . === DonPachi [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [06:13] pitti, ok, so i can register another cluster and it will be served up by the default postgresql instance? do i have to distinguish which cluster to use in connection settings or anything like that? [06:13] gigcs: please tell the channel what you are doing and the errors you get [06:13] Anyone knows whats the problem when I try to install ubuntu and in the "main install" it stops and leave a message (return 2) or something [06:13] soundray: nope it dosen't work === misfit_toybuntu is now known as misfit_toy [06:14] soundray: that wierd === Fanfoua [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:14] hi [06:14] nalioth: Do you wnow anything about fstabbing a reiserfs /home pratition? [06:14] whats the problem jenda? [06:14] FlimFlamMan: pg_lscluster will show you the registered clusters and on which ports they are [06:14] Sorry, theCore, I have to go. Hope you get it fixed. [06:14] soundray: What about gfx card? [06:14] FlimFlamMan: please read pg_wrapper(1) and pg_createcluster(1) [06:14] jenda: should be the same format as any other fstab entry [06:14] soundray: thx, [06:14] jenda, it is best to stay away from reiserfs [06:14] can i install Ubuntu first and then Windows XP ? [06:15] FlimFlamMan: but I don't really support accessing sarge clusters with the new architecture [06:15] Fanfoua: Yes, but it can cause compications [06:15] FATAL: Error inserting dazuko (/lib/modules/2.6.12-9-386/kernel/dazuko/dazuko.ko): Invalid argument [06:15] Fanfoua, allways install windows first === Mitja [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:15] but this time i can't [06:15] jenda: and yes , i agree. reiser is not recommended unless you know what it is and what it does [06:15] nalioth:i get error apt-step fail .when i add new package ubuntu-keyring replace ubuntu-keyring in cd . [06:15] FlimFlamMan: it will work after some fiddling, but upgrading to the backports on sarge is easier and better [06:15] Fanfoua, it works, but is a bit complicated [06:15] Stormx2, less /etc/X11/xorg.conf :) === bozmann [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [06:15] the other way round, windows will erase the mbr [06:15] germancito: OK: I have two partitions with identical content, AFAIK. THe trouble is that when I tell fstab to mount it, it gives me errors. [06:15] gigcs is trying to remaster a install cd, and gets the above error. can anyone help him? [06:16] Fanfoua, if windows is the first partition, you can get away with not installing it first [06:16] o [06:16] Fanfoua, you can but if you are going to do both in the next 24 hours do Windows first it is just easier, and remember not to give it the whole hard drive leave a few gigs for Ubuntu [06:16] germancito: I suspect it hos to do with different metadata (permissions) management. [06:16] Fanfoua, the mbr problem is easy to solve. Just backup the mbr before the windows install [06:16] when I first tried to install ubuntu hoary, i had to try like 10 times or more, coz the installation kept failing === PabloEscobar_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:16] Fanfoua, or, restore the mbr later with the grub utility [06:16] nalioth: thank you . === kikokana2 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:16] Please [06:17] files kept corrupting and the installation won't detect my interface cards === __Ace__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === sabmann [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Delvien [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:17] glxinfo |grep direct [06:17] germancito, nalioth: I think the problem is that you have to do something to properly copy permissions from an ext3, from which I did, to a reiser, which I would like to use. === Niomi [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:17] Hmm,, after i update Xorg is using 45 % of my CPU, anyone else experience this ? === pjssilva [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:18] help me please. [06:18] if i kept reformatting my comp, will I ruin my hard drive? [06:18] anyone here install diablo2 correctly? [06:18] jenda: a fstab it simple in form. what errors is it giving you in trying to mount it? [06:18] I'm still having difficulties resizing the NTFS partition on this laptop. Are there any experts in the house? [06:18] LinuxN00bie, it will explode and burn down your house === clarissa [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:18] with the ubuntu install cd after having installed windows ? [06:18] gigcs: please dont prod folks. wait a few minutes and ask your question again [06:19] really.. [06:19] dooglus: have you tried knoppix? [06:19] Anyone swee? [06:19] swe [06:19] Just need to ask something in swedish [06:19] dooglus, what are you resizing it with? [06:19] nalioth: I tried it several years ago. Found it a bit too slow. [06:19] i mean, if i reformat it once, like 2 - 3 times in a week [06:19] sethk: I tried using the breezy install CD and qtparted from the live CD [06:20] dooglus, and what happens? === lanjelot [n=lanjelot@] has joined #ubuntu [06:20] LinuxN00bie, it has no physical impact on your hard drive, if that's what you mean. It isn't a real format [06:20] can i reinstall/reconfigure grub easily with the ubuntu cd after installing windows ? === warreng [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:20] nalioth: It's not the mounting. I con mount no problem using "mount", but I think the trouble is that it didn't transfer properly. So I will rephrase my Q: How can I transfer an entire /home (just one user) from ext3 to reiserfs including permissions and other metadata [06:21] sethk: qtparted does this: === blondie|gone is now known as blondie [06:21] has anyone here install diablo2 correctly under ubuntu? [06:21] jenda: it should just copy over, both fs recognize permissions and such. you are copying as user right? [06:21] so i have an interesting situtation... i am running ubuntu locally and i have a server that runs debian.... there's never been a problem, but for some reason now, scp takes FOREVER to copy between the two... all other communication between then is lightning fast.... it's just ssh stuff.... i tried restarting sshd on the server but no luck... thoughts? [06:22] what package do i to install to get string.h fonctions to work (strcpy, strcmp, ...) ? [06:22] dooglus, boot windows and do scandisk on the ntfs partition === g3ko13 [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Sto] [06:22] nalioth: As user with sudo. Should I do it again without sudo? === Hoxzer [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:22] sethk, what if "format" here means changing OSes? u need to reformat ur hard drive to a different file system when u switch from windows to linux, what if i do that? [06:22] warreng, probably a name resolution problem. === PsyberOne [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:22] LinuxN00bie, as I said, it isn't a real format and it has no physical impact on your disk [06:22] jenda: try it without any 'superuser' intervention, and see [06:22] sethk: the install disk says that there's not enough space and that the resize operation may have failed === obsvuugj [i=] has joined #ubuntu [06:23] sethk: scandisk finds no problems [06:23] hmm...thnx [06:23] sethk: but the scp is going.... it just goes like 10kb and waits 20 secs... and does another 20kb and so on [06:23] sethk: I've also usedWinXP's defrag to defrag several times. [06:23] nalioth: OK [06:23] but i can wget stuff off the apache server at 100k/s + === haiko [n=] has joined #ubuntu === wmli [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:23] so it won't ruin my hard disk? [06:23] dooglus, defrag can't possibly help, and can certainly hurt [06:23] LinuxN00bie, I think that's what I said several times. :) [06:23] and by the way, what is a real format? [06:23] sethk: I wouldn't have done it, but it was all the advise available here at the time. [06:23] Does anyone have experience with bluetooth-phones and ubuntu?? [06:23] lol [06:23] LinuxN00bie: setting all bits to 0 [06:23] dooglus: have you tried the console program "ntfsresize" ? [06:24] what do you guys think of this laptop? I'm thinking of buying it :D (HP Compaq Business Notebook nx6110, Celeron M360 1.4GHz, 768MB RAM, 15"TFT (1024768), 40GB HD, Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN) [06:24] dooglus, is it possible that parted is correct and you don't have enough space? === BdOEoz [n=ooeaoeee@] has joined #ubuntu [06:24] I want Ubuntu to run on it :D [06:24] oh.. [06:24] (sethk, other than running something that messes with the partition table, which sounded even more dangerous) [06:24] nalioth: I've not, no. [06:24] what package do i to install to get string.h fonctions to work (strcpy, strcmp, ...) ? === BdOEoz [n=ooeaoeee@] has left #ubuntu [] [06:24] anyone know if any manufacturers make motherboards with all pci express slots? === XPiims [n=ooeaoeee@] has joined #ubuntu === XPiims is now known as oyaouoj === oyaouoj [n=ooeaoeee@] has left #ubuntu [] === pjssilva [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:24] sethk: I'm trying to resize a 40Gb NTFS partition with 62% free to 20Gb [06:24] dooglus, actually, if you carefully write down and back up the partition table, it is quite safe to mess with it. You can always restore it using fdisk === theCore [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:24] anyone here running nvidia's twinview to expand his X display over two monitors? when i have this active, everytime i launch a new app (firefox, whatever) the window launches maximized and its very annoying === cantona [i=] has joined #ubuntu [06:25] dooglus, I think it is talking about free space on the disk, not necessarily free space on the partition === mumbles-out [i=] has joined #ubuntu === aeon17x [n=aeon17x@] has joined #ubuntu === oyaouoj [n=ooeaoeee@] has joined #ubuntu === pvanhoof [n=] has joined #ubuntu === marsu [n=] has joined #ubuntu === oyaouoj is now known as cdmeooaG === neophiter [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:25] dooglus: open a terminal and type "man ntfsprogs" === shai_ is now known as Talisker === cdmeooaG is now known as IIxIXqj === IIxIXqj [n=ooeaoeee@] has left #ubuntu [] [06:25] sethk: there is only 8Mb unallocated space on the disk. That's why I'm trying to shrink the NTFS partition, so I can make a new Linux partitionor two === mode/#ubuntu [+o nalioth] by ChanServ [06:25] RockyBurt, I have that config and nothing is lauched maximized === mode/#ubuntu [+r] by nalioth === mode/#ubuntu [-o nalioth] by ChanServ [06:26] dooglus, you may need a smarter tool. [06:26] what package do i to install to get string.h fonctions to work (strcpy, strcmp, ...) ? === frickle [i=] has joined #ubuntu [06:26] sethk: yeah, i've been scouring google to no avail :( === mumbles-out is now known as mumbles-laptop [06:26] to do a real format? take off the hard drive from the CPU and tweak it? [06:26] dooglus, if you can get hold of partition magic, it will do it, but of course partition magic isn't free === apokryphos [n=apokryph@] has joined #ubuntu [06:27] LinuxN00bie, with an IDE drive you don't, and you certainly don't want to. [06:27] hmm what will happen if I do it? [06:27] LinuxN00bie, there are commands at the device driver level, but they are hidden from you for good reasons [06:27] so doing that can ruin the hard drive... [06:28] LinuxN00bie, if you do it wrong it could take lot's of time to get it back to the state where you can use it. [06:28] Has anyone had difficulty installing 5.10 off of a burned version of the ISO off the site? [06:28] LinuxN00bie, why in the world would you want to do that? [06:28] oh.. [06:28] Are there any major memory leaks in Breezy? Sometimes my machine uses more than 200Mb of memory with nohting but a gnome-terminal open. Things tend to be worse if I leave the machine on for long time. === glyn [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:28] sethk: I've used partition magic before and it's destroyed NTFS partitions. I'd rather use something a bit safer. [06:28] neophiter, no. Have you checked the sum of the downloaded image and such? [06:28] neophiter: if you've checked the md5 of your iso and burnt it slowly, you shouldn't have any problems [06:28] i dun wanna do that...i'm asking coz i'm curious bout it lol [06:28] dooglus: check out the nftsprogs [06:28] dooglus, everything else is less safe [06:29] dooglus, nothing is safe. [06:29] I am a newbie to linux ...can somoen tell me if there is an equivelent to "Yast" in ubuntu? [06:29] dooglus, certainly the public domain stuff isn't safe [06:29] can someone help me with cvscedega please? I installed it using user install and it finished yet when I type cvscedega nothing happens to create the directory [06:29] any ideas? === ericmoritz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:29] It had installed perfectly on another system.. [06:29] pjssilva, there is a leak in xorg server i think [06:29] i notice it when i leave firefox open' [06:29] But now it won't install on a better machine. [06:29] sethk: the ntfstools stuff claims to be safe according to their web page,doesn't it? === theCore [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:29] i've had xorg use up 800 megs of virtual ram easily [06:29] ?!! [06:29] dooglus, of course. would you put up a web page claiming your stuff is unsafe? === mode/#ubuntu [+o nalioth] by ChanServ === Homer [n=noplay@wikipedia/Masterhomer] has joined #ubuntu === mode/#ubuntu [-r] by nalioth === mode/#ubuntu [-o nalioth] by ChanServ [06:30] dooglus, I haven't tested them personally [06:30] holycow: Anything to do but kill it from time to time? === tuxxxblade [n=] has joined #ubuntu === XReal [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:30] with what version of gcc is the original kernel compiled? [06:30] 3.4 or 4.0? [06:30] how i can reinstall GNOME? [06:30] sethk: look, from the man page: "ntfsresize(8) : Resize an NTFS partition without losing data" [06:30] pjssilva, i haven't found an answer, i should look it up and see if a bug has been posted === ezrejioiB [n=] has joined #ubuntu === keikoz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:30] I have an minor annoyance that maybe someone has figured out, when I'm using headphones on my laptop, my keyboard volume control buttons become pointless because the headphone volume is independant of the master volume. Anyone know how to fix that? === lillpelle [i=] has joined #ubuntu === Koji [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ezrejioiB [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [06:31] hello, who can i find root terminal on ubuntu 5.10 === laffer [i=laffer@] has joined #ubuntu === keikoz re === Koji [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Quitte"] [06:31] XReal: you shouldn't. but if you must, "sudo -i" === whyameye [n=whyameye@] has joined #ubuntu === christian_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:31] XReal, by going to terminal and using sudo before commands :) === Adyeths [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:31] NoUse, [06:32] thx === aeon17x [n=aeon17x@] has joined #ubuntu [06:32] holycow: I believe there are more problems. I have just killed X in my work machine (I'm in it through ssh) and it is still using 298M with only 2 days of uptime... [06:32] NoUse, dude it still dosent play them videos in totem xine [06:32] NoUse: thanks for your help. X is working just fine now... without the nvidia-glx drivers though. they seem to be broken now. (they weren't until I installed the update today) === bigmoe [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:32] pjssilva, really? interesting [06:33] I'v downloaded ncurses-5.5.tar.tar from . how do I install ncurses? === Yifeio [n=] has joined #ubuntu === DZauii [n=pljejaed@] has joined #ubuntu [06:33] can someone tell me in what package i can find === Yifeio is now known as IhMieekS === IhMieekS [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === DZauii is now known as pBoguauYdQ === pBoguauYdQ [n=pljejaed@] has left #ubuntu [] === eoteVOu [n=] has joined #ubuntu === eoteVOu [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [06:34] holycow: Using top I find that the bigger process in terms of resident memory is a python process in the name of the hplip user using only 5Mb of resident memory. My memory is disappering in some drain that top can not find! [06:34] ! [06:34] I don't know, dooglus === aiaeeoov [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:34] guys i'm having a really slow download, like few kb per second when updating my ubuntu hoary using the update manager, is the server slow or what? I'm on a broadband connection, i can download files from other sites as I would normally. === aiaeeoov is now known as aPouoD [06:34] ! [06:34] dooglus: Are you on ritalin? === lookthere [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:34] heh. === aPouoD [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === aoNmUoei [n=] has joined #ubuntu === aoNmUoei [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [06:34] pjssilva, weird indeed === aUvaeiue [n=] has joined #ubuntu === markmtc [n=] has joined #ubuntu === aUvaeiue [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [06:35] bigmoe: Package liqt3-mt [06:35] Sorry... libqt3-mt === emuzesto [n=] has joined #ubuntu === aoNmUoei [n=] has joined #ubuntu === aoNmUoei [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [06:35] pjssilva, my biggest ram hogs are epiphany and xorg ... killing either gets me down to a nice normal ram usage level === ajcie [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ajcie [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [06:35] i will try to run a box like your, standalone for testing === pBoguauYdQ [n=pljejaed@] has joined #ubuntu === Cryptid [n=melchey@] has joined #ubuntu [06:36] sigh today is a bad day for me: my wifi card dosen't work with WEP, I broke GNOME while trying fixing the wifi, and now I can't get anything from the net exept irc ... sigh === hawking [n=] has joined #ubuntu === bastian_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:36] holycow: I have already experienced this on two machines: home and work. How can I find out how much memory the kernel is using? [06:37] HOw do i Upgrade my FireFoc to the latest Version === IeeYXilge [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:37] pjssilva, that question is beyond my knowledge unfortunately [06:37] I just noticed thatt qtparted tells me "No Implementation: Support for opening ntfs file systems is not implemented yet" in the console I ran it from. Is that true? [06:37] Is there a way to divide an mp3 file into parts? I want to take the last minute of a song and make an mp3 file is that possible? === IeeYXilge [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [06:37] can some one help me install an rpm what is the easiest way to install an rpm package that is not part of the database? [06:37] guys i'm having a really slow download, like few kb per second when updating my ubuntu hoary using the update manager, is the server slow or what? I'm on a broadband connection, i can download files from other sites as I would normally. === JyiobCiJ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:37] mmina: you can use a package called "alien" to install .rpm files === JyiobCiJ [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === DYHnoy [n=aiciciza@] has joined #ubuntu === DYHnoy [n=aiciciza@] has left #ubuntu [] === pBoguauYdQ is now known as uaoui [06:38] pjssilva: open a terminal and type "free" === mode/#ubuntu [+o nalioth] by ChanServ [06:38] hawking, you can do it with audacity. [06:38] mmina: you know ubuntu is a debian-based distro,. right? we use .deb files, not .rpm if we have a choice === mode/#ubuntu [+r] by nalioth === mode/#ubuntu [-o nalioth] by ChanServ === uaoui [n=pljejaed@] has left #ubuntu [] [06:38] nalioth: That's how I found out about the 298M. [06:38] nalioth: Here is the output. [06:38] total used free shared buffers cached [06:38] Mem: 906388 825216 81172 0 216416 309892 [06:38] -/+ buffers/cache: 298908 607480 [06:38] Swap: 265064 12536 252528 [06:38] tuxxxblade you installed w32codeca and totem-xine? [06:38] dooglus: I tried typing this syntax and it said command not found I used "alien -i filename.rpm" [06:39] pjssilva: please read the /topic [06:39] pjssilva please read the /topc, pasting is rude [06:39] mmina: you'll need to install 'alien' first [06:39] mmina: what are you wanting to install? === aeon17x [n=aeon17x@] has joined #ubuntu [06:39] Sorry, I though that the output was short enough not to disrupt other conversations. [06:39] guys [06:39] why is the update so slow? [06:40] why I can use irc and can't browse the web ? === rraajj [n=Schildkr@] has joined #ubuntu [06:40] LinuxN00bie we don't run the server, it's probably bogged down today since they released an update to the kernel [06:40] can anyone tell me what are the fields displayed when u use "ls -l"? specifically, what are the third and fourth column entries? [06:40] sigh... [06:41] nalioth: Just to let you know, same machine after reboot: only 64Mb used. [06:41] yeah [06:41] thesilentkiller: they're owner & group .. part of the unix permissions [06:41] tuxxxblade and what error are you getting? [06:41] it can play the videos but no sound wha [06:41] none [06:41] nalioth: I am trying to install novel client for Linux [06:41] smo: i used chown to change the do i change the group? [06:41] NoUse, it just dosent play the sound [06:41] tuxxxblade does sound work in other apps? [06:42] mmina, whats novel? [06:42] NoUse, well yeah [06:42] tuxxxblade check what output method totem is using, try setting it to esd [06:42] smo: never mind..i guess its chgrp ...thanks for the info [06:42] tuxxxblade: novell === Paradoxx [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:42] does anyone know how i can install my usb adsl modem ?? [06:42] thesilentkiller: chown will do it too .. usually or user:group where you'd usually just have owner [06:42] tuxxxblade Novell 5.1 The client was iniitially written for SUSE linux and not it is supposed to work on all dist. [06:43] smo: oh i c....thanks [06:43] oki ty [06:43] markmtc : that seems complicated [06:43] what s/w utility i can use to copy the image of a cd? [06:43] mmina, n what is it supposed to do [06:43] mmina: install alien from the repos, and use it as dooglus suggested [06:43] I'v downloaded ncurses-5.5.tar.tar from . how do I install ncurses? [06:44] Paradoxx: k3b or gnomebacker === Sir_Homer [n=noplay@wikipedia/Masterhomer] has joined #ubuntu [06:44] hawking, what song is it? [06:44] nalioth: I am working on it and it installed I am trying to see if it worked.... no errors so far. [06:45] markmtc: Lethe of Dark Tranquility [06:45] mmina: as a rule, foreign pkgs dont play well with ubuntulog [06:46] or ubuntu either === nmsa [n=seba@] has joined #ubuntu === procrastinator [n=procrast@] has joined #ubuntu [06:46] hawking, open the song with audacity, select what you want copy, edit->copy, new song, paste, save as [06:46] nalioth ... it is not looking good, I see .deb file created.... [06:46] hello [06:47] mmina: no. thats good. open a terminal to where the .deb is, and run "sudo dpkg -i file.deb" [06:47] I have the process Xorg running in my system, I can see it from top but not from ps === TokenBad [i=tokenbad@] has joined #ubuntu [06:47] markmtc: how can i select? [06:47] is running for a long time can I kiil -15 ? [06:47] with the mouse [06:47] a friend who just installed ubuntu for the first time is asking how to get his dialup modem to work with ubuntu since it don't detect the modem [06:48] I'v downloaded ncurses-5.5.tar.tar from . how do I install ncurses? [06:49] TokenBad it's hard to diagnoze a problem without detalis but it could be a winmodem [06:49] TokenBad, which version of ubuntu is it? what kind of modem is it? [06:49] markmtc: sorry but where exactly? on my window there is a blue graph at the bottom near it there is a small window on it there is a grenn stuff and on it there are buttons [06:49] !tell TokenBad about winmodem === rockin_stan [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:49] ompaul, he said it came in a hp computer [06:49] nmsa: if you kill xorg, your gui will go away [06:49] nalioth: I have and it executed without any errors.... next test is attempting to start the client [06:49] so it could be === rockin_stan is now known as stan|afk [06:49] nalioth: Thanks. It was all there as root, so copying it again as a normal user should help. cp-ing now... === Mabus06 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:49] okay ... could someone explain me why I can't browser or wget , but I still can use irc and ssh, and with ssh log to a free shell server and then browse the web ? [06:50] jenda: dont use sudo unless you are manipulating things for the system === primeirocrime [n=goncalo@] has joined #ubuntu === Quest-Master [i=] has joined #ubuntu [06:50] theCore do you use a proxy to get out to the web? [06:50] NoUse: no [06:50] NoUse, apt-get install libncurses5 .. you shouldn't be installing packages from source without a very good reason, it'll just confuse the package manager and cause problems later [06:50] ubuntu 5.10 I think is the version he installed === turix [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:51] nalioth: Yeah... the thing was that the temporary folder I mounted the partition to was owned by root. Nothing a chown can't fix. [06:51] oops [06:51] laffer, that was for you ^^ [06:51] doesn't breezy have a graphical start up? [06:51] where is gnomebaker is the image burning utility [06:51] theCore are you connected directly or through a router? === izmaelis [n=izmaelis@] has joined #ubuntu [06:51] ericmoritz if you install the default package set yes [06:52] nalioth: 'thnx, I was thinking, but never tried ... is n a remote system where I use no gui for quie some time nor plan to do it soon [06:52] NoUse: through a router [06:52] allright this is what happened [06:52] i ran fullscreen with a wineprogram [06:52] Paradoxx: where? Sound & Video... [06:52] [06:52] hawking, in the private [06:52] theCore I would check the router and make sure everything is setup ok [06:52] that happened, === nadia007 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:52] i adjusted Applications.. etc.. back to normal [06:52] jenda: the option in gnomebaker to do it === thrice` [n=User@unaffiliated/Thr1cE] has joined #ubuntu [06:53] nadia007: I tried using ntfstools. Here's the new error: [06:53] but when i try to minimize programs as gAIM and azereus they don't show up at the top panel [06:53] just wondering what people here have used for setting up a streaming media server? [06:53] anyone please help me [06:53] hawking, send me the file === Archite [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:54] how do I set up X so that it focuses windows onmouseover, but only brings them to front when the titlebar is clicked? [06:54] jenda: be careful with chown [06:54] turix you need to set gaim to show up in the panel, it doesn't do it by default === selutha [n=selutha@] has joined #ubuntu === Cred [i=] has joined #ubuntu [06:54] Stormx2: that would be a window manager setting, not an X setting. [06:55] Stormx2: what window manager do you use? [06:55] Paradoxx: It's there on the toolbar on the right. Or in the Actions menu [06:55] nmsa: if it is a system you dont use xorg on, you can use bum to disable from starting up [06:55] nalioth: I know, but thanks. [06:55] how can i change the sound at startup? === Homer [n=noplay@wikipedia/Masterhomer] has joined #ubuntu [06:55] ubotu: tell nmsa about bum === HappyFool [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:55] I mean that ubuntu music... I want to put somethin else [06:55] nalioth: bum ? === z3r0x [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:56] hi guys [06:56] hawking: System->Preferences->Sound [06:56] nmsa: check your private messages [06:56] dooglus: metacity, gnome, whatever ;-)_ [06:56] I'm trying to find the gateway in ettercap but it won't find it....what can I do? [06:56] NoUse, it is set to show up in tray [06:56] what is wrong? [06:56] is there a way for me to play a video clip with a slightly increased framerate than when it was compiled? [06:56] but without altering the sound [06:57] Stormx2: metacity's settings for that are in System->Preferences->Windows [06:57] turix right click on the panel, click add to panel and select "notication area" [06:57] Stormx2: tick the first box, and not the 2nd [06:57] without altering the sound? what do you mean sexcopter8000m? [06:57] nalioth: I sqw it, 'thnx [06:57] dooglus: Thanks :) === absenth [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:57] NoUse, thanks dude [06:57] Mabus06, well, the visual aspect seems to lag behind a bit, gradually more lag as the video plays on [06:58] hawking: System->Preferences->Sound->Sound Events->System Events->Log in [06:58] Mabus06, just wondered if i could up the fps from 15 to say 15.5 and see if it's better === JRlinux [n=] has joined #ubuntu [06:58] nalioth: what does the 'pass' column in fstab mean? [06:58] sexcopter8000m, no idea [06:58] NoUse: What package does that? [06:58] Hmmh. I can't start totem. It says that video output is in use of another application, tho it isn't. Any ideas to solving this? [06:58] Mabus06, no worries, i could probably use mencoder but it's a bitch to use imho === bubblenut [n=bubblenu@] has left #ubuntu [] === PsyberOne is now known as PsyberOne_away_ [06:59] jenda: see 'man fstab': The [06:59] root filesystem should be specified with a fs_passno of 1, and other [06:59] filesystems should have a fs_passno of 2. [06:59] Paradoxx: Found it? [06:59] Pegasos989, it is probably being used by something you wouldn't think [06:59] jenda: fsck uses that field to decide when/how to check the partition [06:59] OK [07:00] 5.10 disks? Why? My friend sent me a folder with both a live ubuntu 5.10 and an install 5.10. Neither one will install in my other machine. Says the CD ROM cannot read parts of it... I have NO trouble with other disks-- am right now copying over a full disk on it. What is going on? [07:00] dooglus, no pasting in here please [07:00] bis spter === Harti [n=] has left #ubuntu ["-carpe] [07:00] Mabus06, hmmh. Any idea of how to find out what is using it? === watnu [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [07:00] Just close everything, if you're watching a movie anyway. [07:00] fyi: if anyone stops here asking for help with configuring the Cisco VPN Client on Ubuntu, I can confirm that vpnc works at least as well, if not better, with far fewer headaches. === tazman [n=ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu === londonboi2k3 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:01] Hi guys, I am playing around with dapper, but there seems to be a lot of broken packeges, anyone else getting this? === soundray [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:01] nalioth: I got the picture, but I have no gui to the system now and will take a while until I can see the system and install/use bum, any other option? === tvo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:02] Mabus06, I only have evolution mail, xChat, firestarter and firefox on, and I can't close firefox as I am trying to watch the thing with it (it's on aw ebsite and no, can't dl it) [07:02] must be a init something , but which option from 2-5? [07:03] nmsa: ssh into the box and run " sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop " [07:03] londonboi2k3: I suspect the whole "Unstable" part of Dapper has something to do with it. [07:03] Mabus06, none of those should be a prob, right? [07:03] xchat plays sound, Pegasos989 === uenyioha [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:03] nalioth: this is it, 'thnx [07:03] is it possible to play wm10 files in ubuntu? === thewayofzen [n=delaney@bb4win/style/ninja] has joined #ubuntu [07:03] londonboi2k3: it's not due out until sometime around January/Feburary [07:03] Mabus06, oh, okay... This is just stupid if it is about it. :D Well... I'll try, thanks [07:03] absenth, thats interesting, since yesturday I had no problems, I upgraded from breezy, but today I wanted to try the Flight 1 CD, and because of that there are a lot of broken packeges [07:03] I have a laptop that the builtin nic causes problems and i want to stop it from loading. It is loading a 3com 3c59x. How can i stop this from loading on boot up? [07:04] hmm I need to be root for this install to work [07:04] uenyioha: theoretically, yes, [07:04] how do I make a root pw? [07:04] ubotu: tell uenyioha about w32codecs [07:04] absenth, I know its not due out, im playing with it and when I find bugs ill send them in [07:04] ubotu: tell glyn about root [07:04] tell londonboi2k3 about w32codecs === londonboi2k3 [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [07:04] Hello. I have USB mic that is mounted at /dev/dsp1. How can I tell Sound Recorder or Audacity to use it? Apparently they both use /dev/dsp or something. [07:04] tell Marcn about w32codecs [07:05] hmm, can't tell myself? [07:05] nalioth: if i just install this thats all? [07:05] MarcN: try /msg ubotu tell Marcn about w32codecs === Pegasos989 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:05] or another quesition is if i have a buitin 3c59x on-board nic and lets say i put in a 3c59x pci card how can i have it not load anything for the onboard and load the drivers for the pci card? [07:05] nailoth:nice, thanks [07:05] why do ubuntu have kernel 2.6.12, but headers for 2.6.11?! [07:05] HappyFool: thanks. [07:06] mifritscher: install linux-headers-386 (or -686, -k7, etc.) === jenda [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:06] nalioth: everything works. thanx again. [07:06] Wasn't about xChat. Still no idea that what causes totem to think that something is using the video output [07:06] uenyioha: if you are lucky, it ''should'' work [07:06] Hi, how can I make a slave dns server that serves two master servers independently? (Iknow this is offtopic, but cant find a better channel ) === jenda [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Success"] [07:06] nalioth: vlc will use it? [07:06] if someone can give me a keyword or point me in the right dircetion i think i google can solve the rest [07:07] nalioth: i have an amd64 it just barfed about that but i did a forced install [07:07] uenyioha: vlc comes with it's own codecs, but all other media players should use them === Adyeths [i=] has joined #ubuntu [07:07] vim --version says vim64 but an strace reveals it's looking in /usr/share/vim63 for plugins and whatnot. strikes me as a bug. [07:07] tsw: read about Bind, and DNS Master. [07:07] uenyioha: ah! well then, w32codecs wont work for you without some work on your part [07:07] ah, thanks :-) [07:08] nalioth: care to illuminate...i think i can work around it if I'm told how [07:08] selutha, usually you would set this kind of thing via a kernel boot option in /boot/grub/menu.lst . [07:08] selutha: ideally disable the on-board NIC in your BIOS setup (on boot-up) === basti__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:08] absenth: I have, but cant find any sample for two different masters, could you point me to a good rtfm? === theCore [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:08] uenyioha: you can run w32codecs, flash, and other things that dont run in amd64 in a 32-bit chroot [07:08] selutha, it is possible that with the right option you might even get the card to work properly. [07:08] Maybe the best solution would be jsut to change the firefox plugin from totem to mPlayer. How can I do this? [07:09] if I install linux-686 and the pc reboots fine, is it safe to remove linuk-386 ? [07:09] soundray, HappyFool uhoo thanks both of you totally forgot about bios :/ and thanks for the menu.lists i can googe the correct stuff from there i think [07:09] soundray: yabadabadoo! I made GNOME work! [07:09] tsw, so you want to have 2 master DNS servers, and one slave from those masters? [07:09] theCore, well done! What was the problem? === hetzz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:09] /epenis [07:10] tsw: tell you what... meet me in ubuntu-offtopic :) === JairunCaloth [n=] has joined #ubuntu === absenth [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [07:10] nalioth: ok...drat [07:10] soundray, acually the internal card is really boked that is why the lap was free. everything works until i activate it. I think it has something to do with the ibm implementation of it. So far it can work in windows only when you use a special driver from ibm. === simonvallore [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:10] !plugins [07:10] NO SPEAKE ENLISH!, Pegasos989 [07:10] Based on the uptime of my Linux 2.6.12-9-386 box, my e-Penis is 4.93 inches (12.52 cm) erect! Biggest erection ever was 6.48 inches (16.46 cm)! [07:10] :/ === absenth [n=] has joined #ubuntu === mode/#ubuntu [+o nalioth] by ChanServ [07:11] selutha, I see. Well, maybe the BIOS option will fix it for you. === xophEr [n=] has joined #ubuntu === mode/#ubuntu [+b %simonvallore!@] by nalioth [07:11] soundray: when I was trying to make my wifi card work, I try to rewrite the /etc/network/interfaces , I did forget the most important device: the loopback ! [07:12] could someone give me a link to mp3 support for ubuntu please? [07:12] I just reinstalled === ClayG [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:12] and have a bad memory [07:12] ubotu: tell glyn about mp3 === Fanfoua [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === donza [n=donza@] has joined #ubuntu [07:12] soundray, ya i hope it will but didnt know i could pass stuff like that in menu.lst have to look that up too :) all good knowledge thanks [07:12] thanks nalioth [07:12] hi all === pramz [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Sir_Homer [n=noplay@wikipedia/Masterhomer] has joined #ubuntu [07:13] If I am going to set up a small irc-server is it better to use ircd-irc2 or ircd-hybrid ? === simonvallore [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [07:14] I use unreald g [07:14] +anope [07:14] ngircd for a small server is eaiser to configure === sorush20 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:15] ok thx pussfeller === Pygi [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Stormx2 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu [07:16] why does firefox take up 100mb of ram... === sazwerx [n=chiman@] has joined #ubuntu [07:17] because "you" allowed it or it is blocked [07:17] what? [07:17] ah :/ [07:17] okayyyy....yeaaaah! [07:17] soundray: yet another yabadabadoo , I fixed my internet too! [07:17] ..... Pygi - what? [07:18] I have to go now, but if you are here when I come back I'll explain it to you [07:18] or maybe write me ur mail on pm [07:18] sigh where's the cheapest place I can get 750mb of ram? [07:18] you can't really get 750 megs of ram === mode/#ubuntu [-r] by nalioth [07:18] I can live with 1.4ghz.. but this is getting ridiculous === mode/#ubuntu [-o nalioth] by ChanServ [07:19] theCore, excellent. === LinuxN00bie [n=LinuxN00@] has joined #ubuntu === donza [n=donza@] has joined #ubuntu === depp [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:19] soundray: everythings is going back on track [07:19] Stormx2, have you thought about reducing the cache size for firefox? === Zedman [n=] has joined #ubuntu === mp3guy [n=] has joined #ubuntu === akhil [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:20] guis, is it ok if memtest86 freezes there? [07:20] hello [07:20] i'm trying to install gvpndialer, it asks for 'glib' - what pkg to install? === PabloEscobar_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:20] what is the avantage of a 686 kernel over 386 one ? [07:20] Stormx2, the cheapest RAM is in your swap partition btw. :-) [07:20] will ubuntu have any problems if i replace my 2.4GHz P4 with a 3.0GHz? [07:20] anyone using toshiba laptop? === jcoxon [n=] has joined #ubuntu === navarone [n=] has joined #ubuntu === mbass [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:21] LinuxN00bie, no, you probably have faulty memory. === jcole [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:21] mp3guy, no it won't. [07:21] hmm [07:21] LinuxN00bie: memtest freezing is never good === ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu [07:21] so what should i do?? [07:22] LinuxN00bie: buy ram === pickett [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:22] omg [07:22] how much ram do you have? [07:22] so my RAM cards r ruined... [07:22] 512 MB [07:22] oooo... thats not good [07:22] why? [07:22] i mean that your cards are ruined [07:22] sorry [07:22] .... [07:22] hehe === ttcsvin [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:23] lol [07:23] ^_^ [07:23] LinuxN00bie, if you've got more than one module, test them one by one. === mark_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:23] hmm [07:23] anyone? === lgc [n=lgc@] has joined #ubuntu === gandalf [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:23] LinuxN00bie, odds are it is only one card [07:23] could someone try to explain me the difference between | and && ? [07:23] anyone has toshiba, and cant reboot? === mode/#ubuntu [+o nalioth] by ChanServ [07:23] but my rams r 2 256 MB cards [07:23] soundray: Eek, but swap is slow... [07:24] LinuxN00bie: come on, try and spell... [07:24] hello. ubuntu people :-) what kernel do you mean I should use on my amd athlon 64 processor on the ubuntu amd64 arch? is the k8 better then the generic one or what do you think? === mode/#ubuntu [-b %simonvallore!@] by nalioth === mode/#ubuntu [-o nalioth] by ChanServ [07:24] hmm, still have FATAL: Error inserting dazuko (/lib/modules/2.6.12-10-386/kernel/dazuko/dazuko.ko): Invalid argument [07:24] what do u mean spell? [07:24] using [07:24] akhil: have you tried 'apt-cache search --names-only glib' ? === tck [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:25] theCore, the 686 proc. series supports an extended command set. gcc knows about this and compiles more efficient code specific for 686 and higher cpus. === slicslak [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:25] HappyFool: yes [07:25] LinuxN00bie: as in "you" instead of 'u' ;) === greenpenguin13 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:25] LinuxN00bie: and "are" instead of "r" === fred__ [n=fred@] has joined #ubuntu [07:25] LinuxN00bie: I did got a corrupted ram card 2 weeks ago too. So, my ram size droped to 192MB from 256 [07:25] oh... === n0dl [n=] has left #ubuntu ["$B26$dJ"$Z$@(B"] [07:25] exit [07:25] akhil: my guess would be libglib2.0-dev === neovalis [n=neovalis@] has joined #ubuntu [07:25] soundray: okay ... so it faster [07:26] isn't a chip at that point not card? === frickle [i=] has left #ubuntu [] [07:26] RAM... === donza [n=donza@] has joined #ubuntu [07:26] HappyFool: you are a saint, thank you sir [07:26] i can't hear any sound [07:26] Zedman, run the k8 kernel if you need speed. Run k7 if you need compatibility with Acrobat Reader, Macromedia Flash and the like. [07:27] Hi all! Where can I find the packages copied by the installer to my HDD? === Kueae [i=EoJBee@] has joined #ubuntu [07:27] I just upgraded my Hoary to Breezy and I wanted to delete those hoary packages. [07:27] RAM comes in sticks not cards and banks or chips can fail, just being obsessive [07:27] soundray: I tried to install the 686 kernel but when I boot it , it doesn't detect my wifi card ... === acadavid [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Kueae [i=EoJBee@] has left #ubuntu [] === Kueae [i=EoJBee@] has joined #ubuntu === mad-kow_nb [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:28] rraajj: i think the usual place is /var/cache/apt/archives -- otherwise do a 'locate .deb' to try to find them === Kueae [i=EoJBee@] has left #ubuntu [] [07:28] rraajj, just do a apt-get autoclean ? [07:28] soundray, k the bios didnt do it, so if i want to pass this through the menu.lst how to do that is dictated by the version of kernel right? [07:28] Hi, i got a problem, i can't download programs with apt-get or aptitude, it always says that there is not candidate for instalation, my sources.list file is Ok === Trackilizer [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:28] I tried with amsn and xmms === lookthere [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:29] acadavid: have you run 'sudo aptitude update' ? [07:29] acadavid: if so, please put your sources.list on the pastebin ( [07:29] i have an installer complaining it cant find a header file that i can see in /usr/include -- do i add this to my $PATH var manually? === n0odl3 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:29] How can I access /home/myusername/.xchat/downloads/ ? in myusername folder i don't see those starting with . [07:29] soundray: I'm guessing that will delete all packages that have existing higher versions also residing in the drive? [07:29] theCore, maybe you need linux-restricted-modules-686 === ntonio [n=] has joined #ubuntu === n0odl3 [n=] has left #ubuntu [""] [07:29] rraajj, yes. [07:29] soundray if memtest86 freezes there, is it still in progress or the whole thing got hanged? [07:30] akhil: normally you need a '-I /path/to/include/directory' argument to gcc (or g++) [07:30] soundray: thanks... that helped me... [07:30] Hey guys, have a quick question.. i got an old monitor from a freind but my video card only supports one card, so is there anyway i can connect the monitor to the onboard graphics? === nicholaspaul [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:30] Pegasos989: They are hidden files [07:30] akhil: however, 'configure' and the various Makefiles should have all that setup already === josianito [n=josianit@] has joined #ubuntu [07:30] Pegasos989: Try hitting Alt + H or Ctrl + H [07:30] selutha, no, there is a line that says # kopt=... Everything there gets appended to every kernel you boot. [07:31] Pegasos989: Otherwise, try preferences === wizatcomp [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:31] soundray: ahh that right, I completely forgotten about this pkg. thx a lot :) [07:31] soundray: Will try. Thanks a lot! === wouldhide [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:31] Stormx2, ctrl+h worked, thanks [07:31] LinuxN00bie, if nothing happens on the screen, you might as well switch it off. === ayheH [n=xyaio@] has joined #ubuntu === mbass [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ayheH [n=xyaio@] has left #ubuntu [] [07:31] ye that was it [07:31] HappyFool: its the ./configure thats giving me the hassle, when i have the library intalled [07:32] Trackilizer I haven't seen any way to get onboard video and a card to co-exist, but I don't know everything [07:32] soundray, sorry i didnt word my question very well, I am trying to find out what i need to pass to the kernel. Where can i find what i can pass listed? is there a man file or is there somewhere on the web? === ayheH [n=xyaio@] has joined #ubuntu [07:32] i need to get new ram cards [07:32] how xan i log in to gui in root mode === ayheH [n=xyaio@] has left #ubuntu [] [07:32] Q: i can't copy my home folder to an ext. firewire drive even with a 'master' user. What should i change?? === odie5533 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Sionide [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ayheH [n=xyaio@] has joined #ubuntu [07:32] Zedman, so what are you going to run? === acadavid [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"] === ayheH is now known as ioeahZL === izmaelis [n=izmaelis@] has joined #ubuntu === ioeahZL [n=xyaio@] has left #ubuntu [] [07:33] akhil: i think config.log (or config.status?) contains the actually commands configure uses to do its tests; you can look there for clues as to what is wrong [07:33] nicholaspaul: nothing. you are swimming across the desert === Mabus06 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:33] selutha, is probably a good start. I believe there's docs in the kernel sourcetree also, if you need to go digging further === darkmatter [n=] has joined #ubuntu === PinTo [i=] has joined #ubuntu [07:33] selutha, I'll have a quick look. === ioeahZL [n=xyaio@] has joined #ubuntu [07:33] nalioth, oh of course. hehehe [07:33] hi nalioth !!! === ioeahZL is now known as PaiworX === marfis [n=] has joined #ubuntu === PaiworX [n=xyaio@] has left #ubuntu [] [07:34] soundray: I will install both kernels on my machine, maybe its the best way... [07:34] nalioth, shouldnt i just be able to make a God-like user and drag files to the ext f/w ? === Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu === PaiworX [n=xyaio@] has joined #ubuntu === ajmitch_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === PaiworX [n=xyaio@] has left #ubuntu [] [07:34] nicholaspaul: it's not about user perms, it's about hardware [07:34] Psyberone, so i would have to buy a new card? would you have any suggestions? I'm not a gamer so it doesn't have to be the best card around. [07:34] soundray: on sarge amd64 I used the k8 one... === n0dl_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Dhivael [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Heijmen [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Dhivael [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === crighton [n=] has joined #ubuntu === eIePDooaL [n=epasoe@] has joined #ubuntu === eIePDooaL [n=epasoe@] has left #ubuntu [] === n0dl_ [n=] has left #ubuntu ["$B26$dJ"$Z$@(B"] === josianito [n=josianit@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"] === Gameplayer [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:36] is it possible to use regular expressions in the nautilus search for files dialog? if so what syntax, do i need to delimit the pattern or anything else === oaFvbFiool [n=epasoe@] has joined #ubuntu [07:36] nalioth, oh. Hardware. Damnit! But I can drag other files over quite happily. === n0dl [n=] has joined #ubuntu === eiaCarxo [n=axcliihh@] has joined #ubuntu === n0dl [n=] has left #ubuntu [""] === oaFvbFiool [n=epasoe@] has left #ubuntu [] [07:36] hello === mfinch [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:37] nalioth, the error i get is '/home/user/X.authority' cannot be copied because you do not have permission to read it.' === eiaCarxo [n=axcliihh@] has left #ubuntu [] === gandalf [n=] has joined #ubuntu === aoixieMW [n=epasoe@] has joined #ubuntu === aoixieMW [n=epasoe@] has left #ubuntu [] === XcR|linux [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:38] l o [07:38] I know this isn't a "ubuntu" question but I want to download a DVD install (+2 GB). What client do I use for this? Firefox and all FTP clients I use stop the file 2.1 GB. === luckyaba [n=] has joined #ubuntu === mode/#ubuntu [+o Seveas] by ChanServ === mode/#ubuntu [+o nalioth] by ChanServ === mode/#ubuntu [+b !@81.21] by Seveas === robert__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === mode/#ubuntu [+r] by nalioth [07:38] MF azureus [07:38] test [07:39] i found a website that sell ubuntu cds by doing a random search... that seem very odd.... [07:39] Can I rename my machine? === MAPD [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:39] somehow? [07:39] Gameplayer: 'ray free enterprise! [07:39] hi [07:39] Gameplayer, there are multiple cd's === n0dl [n=] has joined #ubuntu === kennethlove [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [07:39] sellers === _native_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === mode/#ubuntu [-o nalioth] by ChanServ [07:39] anyone knows a lot about dns servers, reverse, domains etc? [07:39] selutha, I can't find the answer quickly. [07:39] tesoro, yes, you have to update /etc/hostname, and perhaps some other places. [07:39] nalioth, if its hardware, why can i copy some files but not others? [07:40] soundray, np that web page you sent me is very helpful, i think i can google it from here thanks alot [07:40] Can anyone point me in the direction of a howto, guide, or other source of documentation I can RTFM in relation to how I might fix the following" I installed the nvidia-glx package, before upgrading my kernel to the k7 kernel package. now X fails complaining about a missing nvidia module. Un-installing the nvidia-glx and nvidia-settings packages, and then re-installing them didn't work. [07:40] mmmhhh... yep [07:40] mfinch: i'd try wget with the -c switch, and check what the error is [07:40] mfinch, 2.1Gb sounds more like a filesystem limitation [07:40] selutha, to see if disabling the card would work, you could move the driver modules to a location where the kernal doesn't find it. [07:40] HiddenWolf: Actually dunno :) [07:40] soundray, even with it disabled in the bios it still comes up :/ but i have thought about moving the module === maximaus [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:41] "i have heard linux is easy when u know how" i dont know where to start? [07:41] soundray, at this point i am trying to expand my understanding some === Loevborg [n=] has joined #ubuntu === navarone [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:41] YAY ubuntu servers speed up now [07:41] HiddenWolf: Any commando I can try in the terminal? [07:41] selutha, it may be in your initrd, though, in which case it will be harder to move. === darkmatter [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [07:41] PinTo, start with something easy [07:41] what is the easiest way to upgrade from hoary to breezy? I couldn't find anything with a search [07:41] I just upgraded to 686 arch kernel and boot up is about 5+ seconds faster [07:41] aww i love ubuntu [07:41] soundray, the simplest thing i can think of is have it run a script to unload the moudule after it finishies booting [07:42] Does anyone know if there a companies selling ubuntu-ready (or even ubuntu-certified) laptops? (ie. all functions work) [07:42] !tell lookthere about breezy === jjd [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:42] PinTo: a really good way to start with linux is build your own distro from strach [07:42] Preferably in Europe ;) === sabmann [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:42] sethk i installed ubuntu yesterday ...on a slave ...i need some easy walkthroughs ? [07:42] tesoro, open /etc/hostname in an editor -> sudo nano /etc/hostname. [07:42] I want all my programs to use the KDE open and save dialouges how can I do that for now the OOo is using the gnome? [07:42] PinTo: s/strach/sratch/ [07:42] theCore, like gentoo? [07:42] hard.. [07:42] thanks [07:42] absenth, you need the linux-restricted-modules package that goes with your installed kernel. [07:42] Loevborg: outside of the winmodem which I have no use for, my "centrino" based notebook with the Intel WiFi, and Intel Graphics works out of the box on breezy. [07:42] but they all just blagged my head [07:43] LinuxN00bie: no, like LinuxFromSratch [07:43] Loevborg, HP will, but no idea if they do already. [07:43] PinTo, try irc, email, web browsing. they shoudl be much as you are used to in windows [07:43] Loevborg, there are companies 'talking' about it, but no one yet. === XcR|linux [n=] has left #ubuntu ["poof] [07:43] theCore, how hard is it to build LinuxFromScratch? [07:43] i aint dum i just cant grasp....every guide i look at is thrown in at the deep end? [07:43] selutha, if it's not too late at that point, great. [07:43] absenth, so does mine, but acpi-related functkions, suspend-to-disk and to-ram in particular, don't work out of the box [07:43] PinTo, that's why you should start with something easy. === bob123 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:43] absenth, keep linux-k7 installed, that'll depend on the newest kernel and restricted modules for k7 [07:43] PinTo, it is the only way to approach a new, complex system [07:43] cant Sethk i havent got an ethernet adapter [07:44] Loevborg: maybe look here: (though not full support) === Loevborg can live without winmodem, too. [07:44] i'm on ADSL === mode/#ubuntu [-r] by Seveas [07:44] PinTo, what does that have to do with anything? [07:44] Loevborg: I'm using Ubuntu on an HP laptop. nc6000 infact [07:44] LinuxN00bie: it's not hard, but it a little bit long [07:44] PinTo, are you talking to us on the ubuntu system? [07:44] guys why art manager doesn't cache thumbnails instead of redownloading everytime? [07:44] hi there i have breezy and ATI 9000 vid card, but whevever i run glxgears if i move the gears window my comp freezes, also some screensavers freez my computer [07:44] pinto portuguese? [07:44] PinTo, if your windows box needs an ethernet card, then your ubuntu box will, also, obviously [07:44] the only way to connect to the NET--isto re_kernel and patch in driver<-----i'm a noob [07:44] theCore, hehe :D sounds like fun [07:44] HiddenWolf: so I'll need to install the restricted-kernel-modules...... any idea what that package name is for the K7 kernel on Breezy? === antisocial_boris [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ciga [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:45] hi [07:45] PinTo es portugues? [07:45] sethk> he may be on usb modem in windows === paco [n=nesta@] has joined #ubuntu === DShepherd [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:45] PinTo, I haven't had to patch a driver for an ethernet card in at least 10 years === mbass [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:45] navarone, he may, yes, but he hasn't said yet. [07:45] HappyFool, doesn't look too promising, doesit? [07:45] navarone, it's hard to know :) [07:45] HiddenWolf: Dont really understand [07:45] :) [07:45] sethk i'm on ADSL [07:45] sethk> give him time...;) [07:45] PinTo, adsl means assymetrical digital subscriber line [07:45] i'm gonna get an ETHERNET card asap [07:45] Im in a editor [07:45] LinuxN00bie: it is and you will learn a lot [07:45] hi, is it normal that i can't read my ntfs partitions ? [07:45] nicholaspaul, the point is, they've been talking for quite some time now [07:45] PinTo, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the question [07:45] I'm looking for a content management engine. Can you recommend a good and secure one for me? [07:46] absenth: dpkg -l linux-restricted-modules- will list all available ones. [07:46] PinTo, you probably have a DSL modem, which you connect to in some manner or other [07:46] absenth, sudo apt-get install linux-k7 [07:46] MarcN, does suspending work without hassle? [07:46] ciga, I heard good things about drupal [07:46] PinTo, that's what we need to know. [07:46] Loevborg, i know. the point is that they dont offer it yet. === mode/#ubuntu [+o nalioth] by ChanServ === Cartesian1984 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === mode/#ubuntu [-r] by nalioth === mode/#ubuntu [-o nalioth] by ChanServ [07:46] theCore, thx for the info I'm gonna try it out soon :D [07:46] soundray, advise people to keep the meta-package installed, that'll do the work for them, and ensure it won't break again. [07:46] Loevborg: It works for me under Breezy and Dapper. Needed to do some editing of grub.conf [07:46] i need to learn linux man soon === rTm-mOzO [n=] has joined #ubuntu === alnr_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:47] besides speed what benefits to upgrading from 386 to 686 kernal? [07:47] MarcN, what did you have too change, if I may ask? [07:47] LinuxFromScratch are books! [07:47] PinTo, no better way to learn than to use it [07:47] wow === rTm-mOzO is now known as Mozo [07:47] navarone, none, and speed is not measurable. :) [07:47] LinuxN00bie: i put all the docs I did read to become good with linux on my server [07:47] for myself, suspending works a few times, but eventually crashes on suspend or resume [07:47] HiddenWolf> I just upgraded...the boot up was fast...but I will see how things progress [07:47] Can anyone give me help installing dual boot on my PC? [07:47] this is gonna cost me big time : ) [07:47] HiddenWolf, okay. I tend to advise according to my personal preferences. Not always best, I know. [07:47] theCore, wow [07:47] With windows? [07:48] PinTo, take a glance at,39024650,39219801,00.htm [07:48] Pinto> an ethernet card is like [07:48] Loevborg: just checking to see if I blogged it. hold on. [07:48] Mabus06:what do you ned to know? [07:48] soundray, sure, but without the meta-package, things can get ugly. :) [07:48] need [07:48] i found this problem while running /configure [07:48] thx pramz [07:48] checking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables [07:48] =/ === KWizzard [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:48] can any help me ? [07:48] LinuxN00bie: read all this and you will become quite good in no time === allorder [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:48] Mozo, apt-get install build-essential [07:48] Mozo: install the build-essential package (look in Synaptic) [07:48] Mozo, either use a .deb package for what you want or read the documentation... [07:49] theCore, THX !!!! [07:49] help pls === ubuntu [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Loevborg ponders founding a acpi suppot group - anonymous suspenders or something. === elimelech [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:49] theCore, this is great! [07:49] Cartesian1984, everything... I have the cds to install both but after that I don't know === ubuntu [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"] [07:49] Loevborg, :) [07:49] LinuxN00bie: no prob, [07:49] pramz: yes, I think some kind of Debian server is using it. how come zone is in main and drupal does not? [07:49] :D [07:49] i am using ntpd (/etc/init.d/ntp-server start) but when i run ntpdate from another machine to ths one, it says 'no server suitable for synchronization found'. Ive turned of all restriction in ntp.conf. any idea? [07:49] ^_^ V [07:49] i was looking at guide pramz but wasnt sure which one would be best.....thnx man [07:49] pramz, HappyFool, Seveas: thanks :) [07:49] Cartesian1984, #helpme? === lopolopo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:50] theCore: nice link [07:50] Mabus06: WIndows and Ubuntu, yes? [07:50] not juz nice [07:50] Yes, Cartesian1984 [07:50] it's ..GREAT [07:50] alnr_, you haven't set up an ntp server, you've set up an ntp client [07:50] DShepherd: it's my site [07:50] alnr_, setting up an ntp server is complex [07:50] PinTo, thats just an outline of the differences between Windows and Linux for the new user [07:50] Loevborg: in boot/grub/menu.lst, I have this line (not the resume points to my swap partition) kernel /vmlinuz root=/dev/hda6 ro nodma resume=/dev/hda5 [07:50] theCore: nice site :) [07:50] theCore: some stuff there that 99% of people will never need :) [07:50] PinTo, enought to give you a start :) [07:50] MarcN, the nodma item is critical? [07:51] sethk: ah. so its only a client and not a server as well. i thought ntpd would exchange time with others as well [07:51] Mabus06: you should probably install ubuntu first, it will help you set up separate partitions for the two [07:51] Loevborg: I don't recall why it is there. The resume=/dev/hda? is the important bit === bruder [n=bruder@] has joined #ubuntu [07:51] ajmitch_: like ? [07:51] theCore: kernel module programming guide? [07:51] marcn, I thought the resume paramter automatically got integrated into the initrd since hoary [07:51] Loevborg: worked for me under breezy and dapper. [07:51] alnr_, no, ntp as I said is a complex beast [07:52] ajmitch_ : lol , you are right, I never read it either [07:52] ajmitch_, although i dun need those, i'm interested in it [07:52] Loevborg: this laptop started with a warty install. Been dist-upgrade'd since then. === creon_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:52] Mabus06: are you on the machine that you want to install them on, or is it another? [07:53] MarcN, ah that might be it === lopolopo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:53] MarcN, dpkg-reconfigure kernel-`uname -r` might have cured that too [07:53] Loevborg: and I'm not using the ubuntu grub. This is a 3x or 4x bootable machine. Using a grub provided by a debian on other partitions. [07:53] ah okay [07:54] MarcN, it doesn't crash after a number of resume cycles? [07:54] Loevborg: my grub is not in /boot/ but /debian/rootfs/boot/... [07:54] Mabus06: because usually default windows installations partition the whole drive as NTFS, which only windows can write to, and its almost impossible to shrink === devint [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Madeye [n=Jad@] has joined #Ubuntu === christos [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:55] Loevborg: I don't use suspend a whole lot. At work I have a docking station with an external monitor. But use the laptop at home too. I'd have to restart X to pick up/remove the dual head [07:55] Can anybody tell me exactly how I could get xchat to run a script at login? === Derreck [n=] has joined #ubuntu === tba|outlawz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:55] Loevborg: so I usually shutdown when moving between locations. [07:55] why apt-get upgrade require upgrading 386 when I have 686 ? === Endlesszero [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:55] MarcN, ah I see. thanks! [07:55] Mabus06: you'll probably have to backup everything and wipe the HD, then install them [07:56] Does anyone know what the package name is of the ubuntuized kernel sources for breezy? === Moco [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:56] Does Ubuntu support airport cards? === _hilz_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:56] Derreck, linux-source-2.6.12 === [paZx] [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:56] Endlesszero, airport yes, airport extreme no (no specs) === amparo_pzzi [n=tyler@] has joined #ubuntu [07:56] hi where i found german ubuntu irc chat?? [07:56] Endlesszero, only older ones, not Airport Extreme [07:56] !de [07:56] Bitte gehen sie nach #ubuntu-de fuer deutschsprachige hilfe [07:57] soundray, Thank you very much. [07:57] that sux === robotgeek [n=] has joined #ubuntu === _null is now known as _eins === Fanfoua [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:57] im a german ubunt user and i ghave a problem ^^ [07:57] so I used oldschool airport for imac G3's, it'd work [07:57] tba|outlawz, you might be better off dropping the silly clan prefix [07:57] what's a good gnome based ftp client? [07:57] what is the best printing server software out there? === gravis [n=gravis@] has joined #ubuntu [07:57] How do you burn .isos from the bash shell in Ubuntu? [07:58] sorush20, cups [07:58] .iso [07:58] maco, cdrecord [07:58] thanks [07:58] Can anybody tell me what a good ftp client is? [07:58] I like putty [07:58] I wonder if Ubuntu is going to support Airport Extreme any time soon? [07:58] <_native_> devint; wget [07:58] devint, what you want to do? [07:58] hi ppl [07:58] devint, on the console, ncftp [07:58] There is also a Firefox extension called FireFTP [07:58] there's no non-console based ones? [07:58] devint, some people like gftp [07:59] i just want to upload and such [07:59] gftp? [07:59] ok === slayer [n=] has joined #ubuntu [07:59] that's GTK based then? [07:59] how should the drives be partitioned, Cartesian1984? I am already on the computer I want to install on. It has ubuntu installed on a separate partition than /home [07:59] Yes [07:59] Endlesszero: work is on the way, long way to go still [07:59] hoi [07:59] It is gtk based [07:59] devint> gftp-ftk [07:59] gtk rather [07:59] Bitte gehen sie nach #ubuntu-de fuer deutschsprachige hilfe [08:00] ok [08:00] thanks all === Adyeths [i=] has joined #ubuntu [08:00] so we're talking like a year or so? [08:00] Airport extreme? [08:00] yah [08:00] <`saiko> can anyone help? [08:00] Endlesszero: hmm, maybe, maybe not [08:00] <`saiko> i recently upgraded to breezy and have the following problem in screen session: "failed to write /ar/run/utemp: no such process" === creon_ [n=] has left #ubuntu ["...] [08:00] is that like a sim? [08:01] Mabus06: How large is the drive? === temporarysircnic [n=] has joined #ubuntu === EvilDin [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:01] heya [08:01] sdakota here... [08:01] does anyone know if Rock Linux supports Airport extreme? === lud [n=lud@] has joined #ubuntu [08:01] i can't take my nick as it says it's in use >.< === zerokarmaleft [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:01] when i reboot my system, it says its "Hoary Hedgehog" [08:01] Endlesszero: no linux supports Arport Extreme yet [08:01] hay need one simple answer, how can i search in all subdirs for file which have some specific words in it? [08:01] but when I do apt-get dist-upgrade it says there are no upgrades, the same with just upgrade [08:01] #mexico [08:02] connection...I hate it [08:02] EvilDin: ls -alR | grep === unfito [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:02] I'll have to buy a 50' cat5 cable [08:02] EvilDin, find | grep -i word_your_looking_for [08:02] EvilDin, that's the easiest [08:02] tnx [08:02] EvilDin, find / -print0 | xargs -0 grep searchstring === strippy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:02] Endlesszero, or a supported wlan adapter [08:02] ok [08:02] EvilDin, takes a long time, though. [08:02] EvilDin, you want something like "find . -type f | xargs grep 'someword'" to find 'someword' in all the files below directory '.' [08:02] evildin: that must be enough answers ;-D [08:03] EvilDin, mine looks for the word in filenames, worry [08:03] EvilDin: or find ./ -name === trinidad [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:03] please what do i have to write that i will get all files which contains name din, and i have to look in one big directory with subdirs [08:03] just write one command [08:03] :D [08:03] guys, my ubuntu says it's still hoary, but dist-upgrade says it has nothing to upgrade. how to upgrade to breezy? [08:03] EvilDin, you can use the Search for files on the Places menu .... === Janeway [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:03] EvilDin, you'll need to think a bit for youself, too I'm afraid [08:04] :) [08:04] would a airport express base station work? === Janeway [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [08:04] Isn't this what rgrep is designed to do? [08:04] anyone know of a gui frontend for pppoe (adsl)? === nickrud hates find [08:04] i have an external usb drive which automounts on connection, however, when i run konqueror i do not have the option to delete the files on the drive, nor can i make directories on the drive unless i run sudo konqueror [08:04] Endlesszero: the base station shud work, it has a orinoco card [08:04] Loevborg, thanks, I wasn't gonna say it... [08:04] guys, my ubuntu says it's still hoary, but dist-upgrade says it has nothing to upgrade. how to upgrade to breezy? [08:04] Is there a gtk version of a PuTTY like program? [08:04] is there an easy way to fix this [08:04] ubotu: tell temporarysircnic about breezy [08:04] without having to run sudo konqueror every time? [08:04] strange things happening in X...every once in a while my monitor will flash as if it's changing resolutions, and keep doing it several times. sometimes it gets stuck on a weird setting and then i have to actually change resolutions and switch back to get things normal again. on breezy with a geforce 4 ti 4200 / nvidia 1.7667 drivers [08:04] devint: putty is available for ubuntu [08:04] thanx [08:04] robotgeek: Thanks a lot! === workbean [n=workbean@] has joined #ubuntu [08:05] EvilDin, my previous entry will work, but also as suggested you can use "search for files..." in the places menu, but you need to use "Select more options" to add text content filters... === yannux [n=yannux@] has joined #ubuntu [08:05] devint: you want a gui console :) [08:05] haha [08:05] i suppose so [08:05] I want a GUI EVERYTHING [08:05] i have an external usb drive which automounts on connection, however, when i run konqueror i do not have the option to delete the files on the drive, nor can i make directories on the drive unless i run sudo konqueror?!?! [08:05] <`saiko> lol === EvilDin [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:05] is that so hard to ask? === omega__ [i=] has joined #ubuntu === mikul [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Adyeths [i=] has left #ubuntu ["up-to-date] === Seven [n=joao@] has joined #ubuntu === retteketet [n=] has joined #ubuntu === spacey [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:07] hi there [08:07] devint: thats not so hard to ask, why are you using linux again? [08:07] devint: what exactly did u mean by a gtk putty? [08:07] anyone has any idea how can i change the background color on my desktop? [08:07] robotgeek: not so ugly is what i mean [08:07] Seven are you using Gnome? [08:07] Seven, have you tried right-click and the last menu option? [08:07] DShepherd: Because I got tired of Windows [08:07] Seven: System -> Preferences -> Desktop Background [08:08] nicholaspaul, yes [08:08] what website system does sourceforge use? [08:08] DShepherd: And, believe it or not, programming for GNOME using Ajuta and Glade is a breeze, and I like it. === me_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:08] soundray it's not the image its the color itself === ChaKy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:08] Seven I have thta same problem too === sunka [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Trackilizer [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === mp3guy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:08] Seven: then look at System -> Prefs -> Theme === RockyBurt [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:09] robotgeek, you see i have a silvered desktop image and splash screen but the background is brown thats it :P === bina [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:09] Seven: yup... my too === eedge [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:09] I've been debugging the wrong thing with the breezy repositories :-) I've just installed breezy at home and "apt-get update" works perfectly. So I guess it's the filtering proxy server that's been causing the problem all this while. Now to get my system administrators to remove the filters from my account on the proxy server. [08:09] Seven: yup... mine too [08:09] Seven, look down the bottom of the Change... dialog. === stupid_computer [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:09] soundray, its silvered... [08:10] soundray, its exactly the color i want but neither the splash screen nor the background on my desktop get it === graabein [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:11] Seven: the splash screen background color is set in the GDM login manager, under standard greeter. [08:11] hi, i just installed a new sata-harddrive... how do i mount and format it? it does not appear in gparted [08:11] seven: assuming that's what you mean by splash screen. let me fire up ubuntu in vmware and confirm it's where I remember it. [08:11] sorush20, I think it's proprietary software that you can buy from VA Software. === kitsch [n=] has joined #ubuntu === _native_ [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Yo!] [08:12] absenth, i think i get it, didn't check the GTK+ greeter option [08:12] seven: and you're using Gnome? as your Desktop manager? [08:13] absenth, yes [08:13] and VMWare player (which I used to install Breezy) works without any problems what so ever on Hoary === blondie is now known as blondie|bath === FEAnoR`` [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Moco [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:13] the background color is set by right clicking the desktop, and choosing "change background" [08:13] graabein, your SATA chipset needs to be supported. === Ryan_Singer [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:14] absenth, i know and it's the color i want it to be [08:14] soundray, how do i go about that? === petitohaime| [n=] has joined #ubuntu === aeon17x [n=aeon17x@] has joined #ubuntu [08:14] seven: ok :) anything else out of bounds color wise? (I hate the ubuntu brown :) [08:14] Me too. === dducko [n=] has joined #ubuntu === zerokarmaleft [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:14] absenth, and by the way i actually meant the splashsceen i get when i log in, not the login manager [08:14] graabein, is it an onboard SATA interface or a PCI card? === jorgg [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Douwd [i=daniel@unaffiliated/douwd] has joined #ubuntu [08:15] absenth, nope, that's it :) i also hate brown :P [08:15] absenth, thanks :) [08:15] soundray, there are sata plugs on the motherboard === thewayofzen [n=delaney@bb4win/style/ninja] has joined #ubuntu [08:15] hmm i seem to be having the same problem regardless of whether or not i'm in X [08:15] seven: did you change the splash image as well as the background? or just the background === pvanhoof [n=] has joined #ubuntu === seth_k|lappy [n=] has joined #ubuntu === nubs0r [n=chris@] has joined #ubuntu [08:16] soundray, i have two ide disks and now i am installing my first sata disk [08:16] graabein, if you Google for your motherboard name, you should be able to find out the chipset name. [08:16] pvanhoof: codegen rocks, that is all [08:16] absenth, i changed the splash image, dunno if i can change the background easily [08:16] Hey does anyone know where i can get the best sources.list file for Ubuntu [08:16] graabein, it may also show when you boot. [08:16] the default one si giving me errors upon update === cocox [n=cocox@] has joined #ubuntu [08:17] zerokarmaleft, no problem :) [08:17] hello, I was wondering if someone could pm me and explain the structure of ubuntu as a project. [08:17] soundray, it says intel 865pe + ich5 chipset based on the box [08:17] nubs0r, i believe the default sources are having some problems today [08:17] hi guys im trying to format mi floppy disk, i already umount my /media/floppy0, after that i use de command mkfs.ext3 /dev/fd0 and that gives my this error... can anybody plz help me? i already search in the forums but i cant find nothing similar :( [08:17] root@techi:/mnt # mkfs.ext3 /dev/fd0 [08:17] mke2fs 1.35 (28-Feb-2004) [08:17] /dev/fd0: Not enough space to build proposed filesystem mientras se ajustaba el sper bloque [08:17] Seven: yeah the background is "in theory" set in the gdm greeter as well, but I've never tried. I have changed the graphical greeter, the splash image and background, and all of the desktop stuff. [08:17] zerokarmaleft, and feel free to help if you want to make it even beteter ;) [08:18] pvanhoof: sure thing === RockyBurt [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:18] sigh... i hate hardware [08:18] absenth, gonna log out and give a try to my changes, i'll be right back ;) === diubidone [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:18] seven, you'll have to reboot. === navarone [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:18] seven to get GDM to reconfigure itself. [08:18] hey all how do i get totem to play wmv files? [08:18] absenth, yes i meant that lol === spiff [n=] has joined #ubuntu === omega__ [i=] has left #ubuntu [] [08:18] hi guys im trying to format mi floppy disk, i already umount my /media/floppy0, after that i use de command mkfs.ext3 /dev/fd0 and that gives my this error... can anybody plz help me? i already search in the forums but i cant find nothing similar :( [08:19] root@techi:/mnt # mkfs.ext3 /dev/fd0 [08:19] mke2fs 1.35 (28-Feb-2004) [08:19] /dev/fd0: Not enough space to build proposed filesystem mientras se ajustaba el sper bloque [08:19] seven see ya in a bit. === Ryan_Singer [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [08:19] absenth see ya === troglodyt [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:19] how come totem doen't play wmv files? [08:19] How do you change splash screens? I thought there was supposed to be something for that in preferences or administration but there isn't.. === r4ndy [n=r4ndy@unaffiliated/r4ndy] has joined #ubuntu [08:20] ubotu: tell diubidone about w32codecs === nick_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:20] Don't WMVs have proprietary DRM? [08:20] Moco some do [08:20] hi guys im trying to format mi floppy disk, i already umount my /media/floppy0, after that i use de command mkfs.ext3 /dev/fd0 and that gives my this error... can anybody plz help me? i already search in the forums but i cant find nothing similar :( [08:20] root@techi:/mnt # mkfs.ext3 /dev/fd0 [08:20] mke2fs 1.35 (28-Feb-2004) [08:20] /dev/fd0: Not enough space to build proposed filesystem mientras se ajustaba el sper bloque [08:20] Moco> i have splash screen entry in System/ Preferences === cyrez [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:21] hmm, not there on mine.. Are you using Breezy Bager? === Moondog [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:22] help pls! [08:22] With what? [08:22] rofl [08:22] since its possible === Seven [n=joao@] has joined #ubuntu === GodFather [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:22] to get the password of the root user or other [08:22] absenth, got it :) [08:22] is there a way to change the spellcheck language in gaim? or is it only possible to use engligh spellcheck? [08:22] !tell MAPD about root [08:22] how can we protect to be hacked? [08:22] how do i look at my disks? fstab? i just installed a sata drive and it does not appear in gparted [08:22] graabein, have you got the libata module loaded? [08:22] Seven, what do you recommend i do? [08:22] NoUse yes i know [08:23] but sudo password [08:23] Seven, i really need to update my system, i just did a fresh install [08:23] graabein use fdisk -l [08:23] can get recovered with a live cd [08:23] soundray, how do i check modules again [08:23] graabein: use fdisk -l === lilo [i=levin@freenode/staff/pdpc.levin] has joined #ubuntu [08:23] graabein, lsmod | grep libata [08:23] nubs0r, if you try a bit with the default sources you'll get them to update [08:23] MAPD: anyone who has physical access to the computer potentially can hack it === oWrveaiEI [n=] has joined #ubuntu === oWrveaiEI [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [08:23] MAPD if you get physical access to any box, its as good as hacked, no matter what OS === comae [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:23] by the way [08:23] nubsor, you can always try going to the ubuntu site i dunno if there are more sources there [08:24] is there a prog to get windows passwords [08:24] .P [08:24] ? [08:24] fast [08:24] Knoppix STD and Auditor have some interesting tools for that.. [08:24] djohn? === tuxxxblade [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:24] john the ripper [08:24] but i wanted [08:24] <_jason> NoUse, even with an encrypted file system? [08:24] ya [08:24] _jason: yes [08:24] to be on my machine and get it from other pcs [08:24] NoUse, sry for that [08:24] samdump will get you the hash from the registryy [08:24] in the same network [08:24] the sata disk does not appear with fdisk -l and lsmod | grep libata gives me nothing [08:24] NoUse, how do i set my totem to use edf? [08:24] Moco may i msg you? [08:24] absenth, all i did was change the GTK+ background color and the desktop background color with no wallpaper to the color i wanted and wham! it works! :) [08:25] <_jason> let's go to #ubuntu-offtopic, I'm interested in how [08:25] <_jason> jesseman_, ^ [08:25] Seven, nice. === XuLkQcIox [n=] has joined #ubuntu === XuLkQcIox [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [08:25] absenth, thanks a bunch [08:25] Uh, there is some problem with my pawword, and it says I can't PM people === jygge [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:25] hmmmm maybe ill have my friend take a look at it tomorrow. he knows electronics and hardware....... === ^rob^ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:25] Moco pls? === chico [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:25] Seven, I found by doing a "server" install, followed by apt-get install xubuntu-desktop I avoid all the brown as well. although I don't get gnome, I get xfce4 [08:25] You can talk here [08:26] ok [08:26] tuxxxblade what is edf? [08:26] graabein, indicates that your board is supported. [08:26] My password doesn't work === daxxar [i=] has joined #ubuntu [08:26] i needed a software to get the passwords thru the network [08:26] :p [08:26] windows [08:26] and linux [08:26] :P === zerokarmaleft [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:26] absenth, by the way, how much better (and why) is xfce4 from gnome? [08:26] pls Moco :P [08:26] I don't know how to do that.. Check out the Knoppix-STD forums. They are pretty knowledgeable about that [08:26] Hydra can crack network passwords thoug [08:27] though === occy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:27] Hey gang... [08:27] soundray, thanks! thats good to know... i think checked hardware compability before i purchased the mobo but i was not sure === ouinouin_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:27] Seven: I don't know that I'd say it's better, it's just different. on my laptop xfce is faster. I'm pretty sure xfce has a smaller memory and disk footprint. [08:27] I have a friend I installled Ubuntu on. She forgot her password. How can I recover it? === dducko [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:27] she only has the one user on the system. [08:27] i wish [08:27] their forum [08:27] got probs [08:27] absenth, yeah probably... i guess i wouldn't notice it on my desktop though [08:28] seven, with ubuntu, you could add xfce to your system, just apt-get install xubuntu-desktop, and then from the gdm login, click sessions, XFCE. === manolo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:28] i dunno [08:28] got to [08:28] NoUse, sry got it wrong === mp3guy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:28] NoUse, i mean the sound sys/output method [08:28] Moco whats hydra? [08:28] NoUse, i also got a really terrible sound quality :( [08:28] absenth, i would apt-get it if the sources weren't so damn troubled today :P === AlexMBas [n=Alexandr@beigetower/alexandre] has joined #ubuntu === absenth guesses a Multi Headed Dragon. and that Google would likely know the answer. === absenth ducks. [08:29] [08:29] Seven, sources are slow today eh.... one of my systems is using something other then the default mirror. I can't remember which one though. [08:29] A network logon cracker === Seven guesses absenth is a bit out of his mind... pff... Hydras are NOT Dragons... Lizards at best... Google would still know the answer anyway :D === raphael [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:30] ok === SnakeBite_ [n=SnakeBit@] has joined #ubuntu [08:30] what is good practice for mounting points for a storage disk (movies, music for linux only)? i am a newbie to the filesystem... === daxxar [i=] has joined #ubuntu [08:31] robotgeek: Sdakota here again (temporarysircnic) [08:31] robotgeek: The system is updating. 450 packages... =) === sphivo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:31] absenth, yeah i gotta get my university's sources as well === jcole is now known as jcole_awy [08:31] also should i partition it? it is 200gb. i already have seperate partitions for / and /home [08:31] tuxxxblade what kind of sound card do you have? [08:31] Moco supposed to be fast [08:31] or [08:31] ? [08:31] I gtg... I need to repair a computer and have only one monitor >.< [08:31] Bye === GBPETE [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:32] is there others too experiencing problemts with totem firefox plugin? === blastradius [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:32] What's supposed to be fast? === chicobico [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:32] Good evening [08:32] hi gbpete [08:32] where in gb === jmazaredo [n=jmazared@] has joined #ubuntu [08:33] Man i wish i could hlp [08:33] graabein, only partition if it makes backing up easier. [08:33] Would someone have any idea why a usb mass storage device has suddenly become read only since upgrading to Breezy? [08:33] MAOD? [08:33] MAPD? [08:33] soundray, i do not intend to use it as backup... so i guess one primary partition ext3 then? === tk401 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === zuz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:34] hello [08:34] see ya [08:34] Hello [08:34] oh an in london === agtnz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:34] does anyone know how to properly install firefox from === ketaset [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:34] brrr [08:34] graabein, I mean if you want to back up the content of the media disk. [08:35] graabein, ext3 is more than capable of managing 200GB. [08:35] tk401 no 'proper' way, its best to wait for the deb packages when 1.5 comes out === zuz is now known as hramrach === spiff [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:35] How the hell do I cancel a print job in Ubuntu? [08:35] graabein, on spec, you could do a modprobe sata_sil [08:35] soundray, ok... but how about access path? is that a dir i create in /media pointing to the /dev/x dir? [08:35] WooT! the "fbi [08:36] ' just sent me a copy of Sober.Y :) [08:36] hramrach open the print dialog, right click on the job and click cancel [08:36] sorry, I know that was off topic...... === mjk64 [i=] has joined #ubuntu [08:36] soundray, should i type in modprobe sata_sil in a terminal window? [08:36] graabein, I think /media is intended for changeable media. [08:36] NoUse: well, i'm trying to install 1.0.7 because the ubuntu is running 100% cpu usage [08:36] nothing happens [08:36] graabein, yes. [08:36] lprm wants a password [08:36] tk401 1.0.7 is the version installed by ubuntu [08:36] soundray, I store my media files under /var/lib/video.00, but only because vdr suggests it. [08:36] can't seem to find anything in ubotu about reseting password [08:37] only for root === Dhivael [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Dhivael [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === yannux is now known as YannuxMIAM [08:37] graabein, sorry, talking to myself there. === rafaelbri [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:37] occy: sudo passwd root new password: new password: [08:37] NoUse, the version is faster and also doesn't have the cpu usage bug, that's why i wanted it... [08:37] occy resetting your user password? did you lose it? [08:37] tk401: I use 1.5 RC3 - details on how to install here > [08:37] NoUse, not me, but a friend did on her laptop. === bimberi [n=] has joined #ubuntu === leader [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:37] heh === lamro [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:37] agtnz, did you remove the old version? [08:37] lprm running as root removes the job, but lprm running in suid root script wants a password as well [08:37] NoUse, so I need to reset the initial users password somehow [08:37] nope just follow those instructions [08:37] graabein, /opt is a location intended for local setup purposes [08:38] tk401 ^^ [08:38] oh really, ok cool! [08:38] occy, or boot into single user mode, which shouldn't request a password, and passwd root. [08:38] occy [08:38] occy: as root you can change passwords of other users === spudse [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:38] soundray, okay great... modprobe gave me errors... === fluvvell [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:38] agtnz, what if you want to install the 1.0.7 version? and also, is 1.5 stable? === alex___ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === nxv__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:38] NoUse, k [08:38] soundray, error inserting scsi_mod/libata/sata_sil (.ko): operation not permitted [08:39] hello I have a normal ubuntu install and I have a ubuntu server install. But now I would like to have a directory on my server install that I can use on my normal install, what do I need ? [08:39] NoUse: that's a much better reference. [08:39] graabein, you need to prepend sudo === Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/amaranth] has joined #ubuntu [08:39] is there a graphical display of hard disk usage? how much system (installed programms consume) and how much user uses? [08:39] ok, I know how to remove a print job. Just su to root, and run lprm. But how does one remove a print job with pointing and clicking? === bobbyd [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:39] NoUse, w00p [08:39] soundray, ok, no output from the command... [08:39] NoUse, thanks bunches [08:39] ;) === jasonjdp [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:39] tk401: I've found 1.5 very stable. Only problem is not all extensions are updated, but the good ones are :P I suppose you could install any version in the same way as the link tells you - haven't tried though. [08:40] NoUse, who says you are of nouse??? ;) [08:40] soundray, does that mean something is not running? [08:40] agtnz, thank you! 1.0.7 comes with an installer, that's why i was asking === darkmatter [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:40] tk401: good luck === jandusion [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:41] how do i install java pluggin? [08:41] During the installation of ubuntu, I am not able to choose any root password? But if I wanna login as root, type su in termianl. what is the password? :o [08:41] !tell jandusion about java [08:41] graabein, check dmesg | tail for errors or success stories... [08:41] terso sudo su [08:41] !tell tesoro about root [08:41] tesoro, sudo su should do what u want === LinuxN00bie [n=LinuxN00@] has joined #ubuntu [08:42] sweet [08:42] or sudo bash :) [08:42] hey I wanna know how can I configure the CUPS, because when I am configuring I cant do nothing because in the top of the configuration there is a message wich says I dont have permision of administrator, How can I have administrator acces [08:42] hello [08:42] !tell mozo about root [08:42] soundray, cool! it says libata version 1.11 loaded [08:42] uhhhh [08:42] can somebody else with evolution test this for me: [08:42] alex___ the gnome print config app is a frontend for CUPS, you can use that [08:42] open evolution and click "calendars" at the bottom [08:42] when i tried to run synaptic or the add/remove programs, i got segfault [08:42] does it die? [08:42] jandusion: to install java, download this program and follow instructions: [08:42] even after i restarted [08:42] graabein, don't get your hopes up yet. Anything new on fdisk -l? [08:42] ANYOEN ELSE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH APT? [08:42] i still couldn't run synaptic [08:43] LinuxN00bie have you run memtest86? === [chico] [n=] has joined #ubuntu === iimaKpoe [n=houoyio@] has joined #ubuntu === iimaKpoe is now known as aoVoiiie [08:43] yeap and it freezes there [08:43] alex___: if you are lucky you will get something useful out of that gnome fromtend :S === aoVoiiie [n=houoyio@] has left #ubuntu [] [08:43] soundray, nope, just my two ide disks === xvlun [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:43] NoUse: oh then is the same than cups? [08:43] LinuxN00bie memtest freezes? === aoVoiiie [n=houoyio@] has joined #ubuntu [08:43] W: Couldn't stat source package list breezy-updates/main Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/ca.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_breezy-updates_main_binary-i386_Packages) - stat (2 No such file or directory) [08:43] wtf? [08:43] memtest86 freezes [08:43] yeap [08:43] alex___ yes === doug_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === aoVoiiie [n=houoyio@] has left #ubuntu [] [08:43] LinuxN00bie you have a hardware problem === mjk64 [i=] has left #ubuntu [] [08:43] LinuxN00bie probably bad memory [08:43] thanks [08:43] bye everyone! [08:44] so i need to change my ram cards? === DShepherd [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [08:44] NoUse: except I can never get anthing to work using the gnome cups frontend :/ [08:44] LinuxN00bie sounds like it [08:44] OMG [08:44] Hi, can someone please help me >.< im trying to figure out how to unlock the universe repository and how to give my user permissions to access harddrives :( [08:44] Any idea why it says that the dpkg is locked even though i know there isnt any other apt process going on? [08:44] how do you burn an .mdf file as a cd image? [08:44] LinuxN00bie: it might be the mainboard or the rams [08:44] LinuxN00bie check your BIOS settings and make sure you aren't clocking the RAM too fast === jhaa [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:44] im root also. [08:45] !tell doug_ about repos [08:45] ok thx i'll do it now and see if it works [08:45] brb [08:45] thanks nouse ^_^ [08:45] how do I convert a grayscale pdf into a b&w pdf? [08:46] doug_ and to allow users access to your windows drivers, add umask=0000 to your options for that drive in /etc/fstab === wout [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:46] jkl- === wout [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === jon4s [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Carstenp [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:46] hi! [08:47] hello guys, im gonna use cvs to download amsn, in the end of the cvs code on the sourceforge website there it says "Modulename" what i type in there ? [08:47] are here any SATA - HD experts? [08:47] graabein, I think I found it. You want to modprobe the ata_piix driver. === Hoxzer [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:47] how do I find out if I need to compile kernel from source, and if I don will synaptic be able to update the compiled from source version? I ask this because I have been having some problems with my hotplug system and etc .. [08:47] jon4s: try amsn [08:48] Carstenp: ask the question. maybe somebody will know [08:48] wont work :( [08:48] sorush20 very rarely will you need to compile from source, what problem are you having? [08:48] in the end of the code it looks like this: /cvsroot/amsn co -P modulename === angel2 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:48] thunderbird 1.0.7 under ubuntu is leaking a lot of ram for me, is this a known issue? [08:49] Hi, i am having some trouble opening my harddrive >.< when i click it it says "you dont have premissions to view the contents of sda1" [08:49] will a ubuntu guide for 5.04 still be relevent for 5.10 i'm guessin "yes"<---noob [08:49] i do this "sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/fd0 /media/floppy0" and i get this error "mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/fd0,missing codepage or other error In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail or so" can anybody plz help me ? [08:49] I am trying to install Kubuntu 5.10 from the Live DVD. I have an SATA HD with an PATA DVD-ROM. To put it short, Kubunut installer cannot mount the DVD ROM [08:50] soundray, okay i now have ata_piix and libata # ata_piix,sata,sil when i do lsmod [08:50] jon4s: grab the cvs snapshot: [08:50] NoUse, hey... [08:50] NoUse, that shold be listed when I do: listkeys pass (on ubotu) [08:50] graabein, now fdisk -l should show your disk. [08:50] kk [08:50] bobbyd: Unfortunately, yes, but it's not specific to Ubuntu (or the Linux builds) [08:50] < rebooting into ubuntu bye [08:50] I get this error while try to compile XMMS [08:50] soundray, no, still only ide disks... [08:50] [08:50] ops [08:50] configure: error: GLIB >= 1.2.2 not installed - please install first [08:50] :) === foobar [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:50] any can help me? :P === [chico] [n=] has joined #ubuntu === aarkerio [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:51] graabein, anything new in dmesg ? === Mars^ [i=] has joined #ubuntu === thesilentkiller [n=Vasanth@] has left #ubuntu [] === Madeye [n=Jad@] has joined #ubuntu [08:51] Hi how can i open new window in irssi? === beginxattraction [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Sandervanvliet [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:51] trappist, i get this error: You cant log TkCxImage etc etc [08:51] soundray, nothing since libata version 1.11 loaded [08:51] How do I mount a floppy from Nautilus? [08:51] i do this "sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/fd0 /media/floppy0" and i get this error "mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/fd0,missing codepage or other error In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail or so" can anybody plz help me ? [08:51] Hi! I compiled a new kernel but now I lost the splash boot [08:51] guys, I don't use dialup, I have ADSL do I need to have "dns-clean" run at boot time? [08:51] cocox, do not repeat yourself. === Mars^ [i=] has left #ubuntu [] [08:52] jon4s: sorry, I don't know anything about amsn. I use bitlbee. [08:52] is there an ubuntu package for nbsmtp? [08:52] but nobody answer me :( [08:52] ok [08:52] I get this error while try to compile XMMS [08:52] configure: error: GLIB >= 1.2.2 not installed - please install first [08:52] cocox: is it an ext3 disk? try msdos or vfat [08:52] cocox, be patient. [08:52] yes i already format === chicobico [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:52] by I have downloaded and installed an glib [08:52] :P [08:52] hramrach should just be able to open the Computer window and click on the floppy icon [08:52] cocox: ah [08:52] but [08:52] I can mount it in terminal, but Nautilus complains something about UDI [08:52] Anyone, i cant use my "su" login in terminal !! it asks for password but it says wrong password !? what do i do ? [08:52] When I use mplayer or xmms it always freezes, does anyone know of any other GOOD media players? It would be great if I could use apt-get to get them, too... [08:53] That does not work === paul__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:53] ok i ll try [08:53] I would like to make self-learning doc. website, where I would put nice guides or howtos for linux newbies. If you know documents that were interesting when you started at linux, could you send me their links? [08:53] jon4s: can you use it otherwise? [08:53] hramrach === GhostFreeman [i=ghostfre@] has joined #ubuntu [08:53] graabein, sorry, I don't know which driver you need to install. [08:53] what kernel options should I activate and not lost the splash? [08:53] jon4s: like in the GUI or when you log in? [08:53] graabein, maybe you can find out from your boot messages. === foxgamer [n=] has joined #ubuntu === antoine__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:54] Hi all. Has anyone had any problems with the settings in xfce on ubuntu? [08:54] hi there ! [08:54] cant logon it... but my account now is has like root possibilitys, u know installing programs etc etc === [chico] [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:54] how do you burn an .mdf file as a cd image? [08:54] soundray, allright, where do i look for the boot messages again... [08:54] I've never done anything in IRC so I guess I will just wait until someone answers it [08:55] graabein, on your screen :) Sorry, I mean the ones that don't get logged - before grub starts. === topyli [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:55] soundray, oh so i cant browse a file? [08:55] Anybody been able to get VmWare 5.0 to work in 5.10 brezzy without having to rebuild the kernel with GCC 4.2.2 === stride [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:55] theCore: and are good [08:55] jon4s: i am not sure, but if you went in recovery mode, from grub, you probably would be able to change it [08:55] soundray, can i pause the boot sequence with pause/break or is that not good? [08:56] BTW, I use Hoary, not Breezy (I don't want to take the time to upgrade, lol) [08:56] graabein, no, BIOS messages won't be in your logs. [08:56] okay [08:56] paul__: yes, i have [08:56] nick_, I believe that's a propietary format tied to a specific app. so unfortunately, you probably can't [08:56] has anyone here succesfully installed diablo2 under ubuntu? === carlo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:56] OK! === Mrk [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:56] graabein, I don't know if you can. [08:56] ciao a tutti [08:56] paul__: you need to change the export CC variable [08:56] so. here i am with a brand new bluetooth dongle. how will i make it work with my phone? [08:56] skapple, I had it working with the non-free version of cedega/winex, but couldn't get networking to work === zucker [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:57] dude i try to format my flopppy disk in vfat and when i try to mount it now i get this "mount: /dev/fd0: no se puede leer el superbloque" === christian_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:57] smo: you mean [08:57] graabein, do you get a message about the SATA disk at all during boot? [08:57] soundray, hmmm, ill try restarting then. thanks for your help though!! [08:57] skapple, bingo [08:57] beginxattraction, well a lot of people use beep-media-player and you can use apt for it - however if it is a case that your trying to do something that you ain't got codecs for you need to >>/msg ubotu tell me about codecs<< and that can help a lot if you read that message [08:57] bummer. i tried installing it using wine and i did not even get that far === LinuxN00bie [n=LinuxN00@] has joined #ubuntu === maciek [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:57] Does anyone know why the screen resolution is just a little too big for my monitor? i set the resolution in X to be my native resolution... [08:57] is evolution in ubuntu 5.1 known to be buggy? it constantly crashes on me (with imap) [08:57] soundray, uhm cant remember, i was busy doing something else when i booted. i just figured ubuntu would take care of it! ;-) [08:57] hi [08:57] it's still the same [08:57] !tell doug_ about fixres [08:57] but this time i can run the add/remove programs window [08:58] can't run synaptic [08:58] been in here a few times trying to get this prob solved,my mplayer plugin wont play ahlf the vids i try to stream, i have to open mplayer adn load the vid from my tmp dir to get it to play.any clue on how to fix it? [08:58] LinuxN00bie sounds like hardware problems [08:58] ketaset: Change the settings on your monitor. [08:58] is there any way to install debian from an ubuntu livecd? (like grab an image, and run the installer that way or something?) i would get a deb install disc, but i dont have access to a cd burner only this stupid ubuntu disc. [08:58] smo: where can i get cedega? [08:58] arghh T_T [08:58] <_jason> beginxattraction, did you setup mplayer to use esd sound? that caused some problems for me at first === [chico] [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:58] NoUse, yeah, LinuxN00bie has bad memory and is trying to fix it in software :) [08:58] skapple, it's a commercial release of wine .., but there's $$ involved [08:59] nm it then [08:59] No, I just added Marillats things to my source list then ran apt-get update and installed it regular [08:59] Cartesian1984: Will you please explain a little bit deeper. I've never done that [08:59] arghh! [08:59] smo: wine keeps asking me to put in the install disc even though it is in, i cannot figure it out [08:59] paul__: you need to type export CC=/usr/bin/gcc-3.4, and then run the installation script [08:59] LinuxN00bie hey it could be worse, memory is pretty cheap === zucker is now known as glucose === sebastian_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [08:59] paul__: you need to have gcc 3.4 installed === moebius_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === glucose is now known as zucker2 [08:59] Anyone running xfce able to help me with a problem with not being able to change settings? [08:59] ok forget the ram [08:59] you can get it from synaptic === icon256 [i=] has joined #ubuntu === gnagy [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Jebediah [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:00] how to install a new hardware in ubuntu? i juz fixed my cd-rom drive === soci0path [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:00] Cartesian1984: Thank You, I'll try [09:00] what would the usernamme / pass be for my cups server when accessing it through http://localhsot:631 [09:00] mhjf,h. [09:00] LinuxN00bie put the hardware in, Linux takes care of the rest [09:00] Sorry === zucker_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:00] but it doesn't seem to detect the drive [09:01] Cartesian1984: I'll try that later [09:01] Linuxn00bie, linux can do anyyttthinngg! [09:01] lol [09:01] LinuxN00bie are you sure the drive is fixed? === gnagy [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [09:01] paul__: no problem, just remember to run the export variable command and the install script in the same term window [09:01] yeap [09:01] LinuxN00bie then you aren't installing it properly [09:01] my bios can detect it [09:01] Cartesian1984: OK [09:01] hmm... [09:02] NoUse: thanks, at least the floppy works now [09:02] I installed a DVD drive on my dads Ubuntu system and it worked fine... [09:02] why am i being forwarded to #ubuntu when i attempt to connect with #debian === _eins is now known as _null [09:02] LinuxN00bie check the 'disks' dialog in gnome [09:02] zucker2, it's all part of a conspiracy. === FliesLikeABrick [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:03] soundray, ack..i have an actual debian question, and not ubuntu.. [09:03] how do I configure the power button on my laptop (e.g. set it to hibernate)? [09:03] zucker2 its probably because your username is ubuntu and debian people are pretty anal [09:03] what kernel should be used on an AMD Duron? [09:03] NoUse, err what do u mean 'disks' dialog? [09:03] nobody uses bluetooth dongle? [09:03] ketaset what laptop? [09:03] LinuxN00bie System -> Admistration -> Disks === DrBair [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:03] it's a dell l atitude d800 [09:03] ompaul, I apt-got BeepMediaPlayer and it won't start, should I reboot and see if it does anything? [09:03] zucker2, tried changing it already. === pjssilva [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Cimmerian [n=crom@] has joined #ubuntu [09:04] FliesLikeABrick: Duron should be K7 [09:04] Is there a way to have a network post-up action run? [09:04] thats what i thought [09:04] NoUse, i dun see it [09:04] gah [09:04] LinuxN00bie you running breezy? === zucker- [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:04] NoUse, it's not there... === mlalkaka [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:04] network solutions hosting is useless [09:04] ftp times out [09:04] NoUse, hoary === caplink811-log [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:04] mysql times out [09:04] how do i find out what kernel is currently booted? [09:04] LinuxN00bie thats why [09:04] How do I make a script think it is _really_ running as root? [09:04] while on hold for tech support, that times out too [09:04] beginxattraction, why reboot this is linux - did you do something funny? [09:04] FliesLikeABrick, uname -a [09:04] NoUse, why? [09:04] LinuxN00bie that config app wasn't added until breezy [09:05] when I run lprm suid root it wants a password [09:05] thanks a bunch, simple questions [09:05] beginxattraction, if you did not what are you trying to play? what sound card have you got === iedFiiXo [n=aalleoal@] has joined #ubuntu [09:05] NoUse, so how 2 do it in hoary? === iedFiiXo [n=aalleoal@] has left #ubuntu [] [09:05] LinuxN00bie just upgrade to breezy [09:05] let me check... [09:05] bimberi: thanks for the links [09:05] hramrach: sudo ./ shud work fine. [09:05] NoUse, sudo apt-get ?? [09:05] after changing the directory permissions of /usr/local/src to rwxrwxr-x, and changing the group owner to src, how come members of the src group are not able to write to that directory? [09:05] does anyone know how i can write a script to addusers based on a file that i have full of users. [09:05] robotgeek: it want s a password === iedFiiXo [n=aalleoal@] has joined #ubuntu [09:05] !tell LinuxN00bie about breezy [09:05] NoUse, i mean how to upgrade it? [09:05] like each username is on a newline === kh4nh [n=] has joined #ubuntu === [chico] [n=] has joined #ubuntu === iedFiiXo [n=aalleoal@] has left #ubuntu [] [09:05] iv'e still got the windoze customs :p [09:05] can i write a sed script that searches for the new line and automatically runs the command for that [09:06] hi guys [09:06] LinuxN00bie you realize your computer is going to continue acting strangely until you fix your RAM right? [09:06] ubotu: tell hramrach about sudo [09:06] robotgeek: I want to put it on a gui button, so password prompt is not acceptable [09:06] got a question about find command === oVavoiueB [n=aalleoal@] has joined #ubuntu [09:06] NoUse, yea... [09:06] ompaul, i'm not sure... === _willcooke_ [i=] has joined #ubuntu === oVavoiueB [n=aalleoal@] has left #ubuntu [] === YannuxMIAM is now known as Yannux [09:06] nubs0r, for i in $(cat file) ; do echo $i ; done [09:06] how could you find files and then copy those files to a directory [09:07] find / -name filename -exec cp {} . [09:07] LinuxN00bie, [09:07] Is there a way to have a network post-up action run? [09:07] this does not work for me, anyone could help [09:07] LinuxN00bie, and as nouse said === blondie|bath is now known as blondie [09:07] And the damn gnome cups frontend does not even want a password, it does not remove jobs at all [09:07] hramrach: you can get a root shell by sudo -i, or to run a whole script as root, 'sudo sh -c "commands"' will ensure root execution === DjaFollah [n=djansa@] has joined #ubuntu [09:07] ok thx === mcadory [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:07] kh4nh, escape the braces with ' [09:07] think i need to fix my rams first [09:08] robotgeek: but sudo wants a password, it won't run anything if nobody enters it [09:08] soundray, like thisfind / -name filename -exec cp '{}' . [09:08] ompaul, I don't think its the soundcard... when I click on it in the Applications menu it won't start [09:08] kh4nh, looks correct. [09:08] hramrach: isn't that the idea? anyways, for a gui sudo thin, use gksudo [09:08] missing argument to '-exec' [09:08] kh4nh, it'll overwrite duplicates, though. [09:09] beginxattraction, well just log out of the session and log in again === barracuda [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:09] robotgeek: the idea is that anybody should be allowed to remove print jobs, especially those started by him [09:09] ompaul, thanks! I'll try it === seife [n=arturo_m@] has joined #ubuntu [09:09] ok guys, what brand/model of the ram is the best? [09:10] soundray, find:missing argument to '-exec' [09:10] hramrach: you can solve that by adding the user to the print group, i think. i am not sure on the specifics [09:10] LinuxN00bie: any brands are good === synackuator [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:10] LinuxN00bie, the one that is for your machine you have to know what that is, if you have a branded machine you should be able to find out what version is suitable [09:10] LinuxN00bie: get the cheapest one [09:10] kh4nh, yep, there was a ';' missing at the end. Escape that too. [09:10] robotgeek: there is no print group.. [09:10] LinuxN00bie, easy, if not you need to identify it yourself [09:10] LOL [09:11] kh4nh, there is excellent documentation in info find. [09:11] after changing the directory permissions of /usr/local/src to rwxrwxr-x, and changing the group owner to src, how come members of the src group are not able to write to that directory? [09:11] my mplayer plugin wont play half the vids i try to stream, i have to open mplayer and load the vid from my tmp dir to get it to play,any clue on how to fix it? [09:11] hramrach: or cups [09:11] hramrach: Just add the users to the lpadmin group. [09:11] ok, I will try [09:11] Thanks === enzer [i=] has joined #ubuntu === crass [n=crass@] has joined #ubuntu [09:12] what is the root pass for the live cd? [09:12] LinuxN00bie: what is the name of your motherboard ? [09:12] !tell crass about root [09:12] hramrach: The user will have to login again to the change take effect. Finally if you create a user using the graphical interface under the menu system it should be added to this group automatically. Did you use adduser? [09:12] thanks, i look at it [09:13] LinuxN00bie: so I can find you ram type you need for it [09:13] theCore, Intel Desktop Board D845GVAD2 === enzer [i=] has left #ubuntu [] [09:13] <_jason> does anyone know of a program to emulate mouse buttons? (an analog of xvkbd but for mouse buttons instead of keyboard buttons) === bigmoe [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:14] pjssilva: I do not remember. yes, the users have to log in again after editing /etc/group :) [09:14] anyone had experience with a lamp configuration and setting up email? === Zag0R [n=] has joined #ubuntu === nerdy2 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:14] linuxn00bie: did you try or google? [09:14] anyone setup thawte account for evolution .. ? [09:14] !tell Stormx2 about php [09:14] mcadory, i'm trying now :D [09:14] help [09:14] sorry where can i find with apt-get [09:14] hramrach: I once created a user with adduser and had to manually ad him to some groups (you can use the graphical interface under the system menu). That's how I know the fix (hopefulle). [09:15] oops [09:15] it says either netscape, outlook...but no evolution ... === MagicFab [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [09:15] pjssilva: I just edit /etc/group with vim :) [09:15] NoUse: yes yes, but PHP can't create mail accounts. === icon256 is now known as icon256-away [09:15] NoUse: I have lamp on this eserver anyway. === whitynz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:15] hramrach: There might be other intresting groups, like cdrom, sound, etc. [09:15] right clikcking on evolution makes it crash what the hell should I do? [09:16] LinuxN00bie: [09:16] Stormx2 so thats more of a PHP programming question [09:16] pjssilva: yes, I included both my users in all groups that sounded interesting ;) [09:16] Is there a way to have the sources on the install cd and do a compiling automatically when you install Ubuntu? [09:16] LinuxN00bie: you just need to find the cheapest one [09:16] theCore, thx! === popey [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [09:16] theCore, thx! [09:16] LinuxN00bie: no prob. === ioboss [n=] has joined #ubuntu === lio19 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Aegir [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Blue-Omega [i=Blue@about/cooking/nakedchef/omelette/Blue-Omega] has joined #ubuntu [09:17] someone can help me? === Syruss [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:17] NoUse: No its not, because as I just said, PHP can't do it. [09:17] i need to install my AMR integrate modem [09:17] Hi i have an HP Deskjet 5440 which prints (yay) but the job isnt deleted from the queue afterwards. Is there some way I can fix this? [09:17] Stormx2 says who? [09:17] 'n i dont know how to do it [09:17] Stormx2 PHP is a programming language, it does whatever you tell it to [09:17] how do I print a scanned document? It is ppor quality scan, and the pages are gray. It comes out unreadabe on the printer. [09:17] NoUse: As far as I can tell, as I have been looking into it for a couple of months [09:18] NoUse: I'll just make it run make_stormx_a_coffee() === C-O-L-T [i=yrtyrt@] has joined #ubuntu [09:18] NoUse: Of course it can't do anything I tell it to, otherwise I could take over the world. [09:19] Please Help me GUys. I would like to install KUBUNTU, I have the cd everything but I have Xandros on a partition. [09:19] How can I delete it [09:19] hramrach, open it in gimp, do Layer-Color-Levels-Auto and try printing again. [09:19] ?? [09:19] And Install KUBUNTU [09:19] Please help me [09:19] C-O-L-T [09:19] soundray: opening a pdf in gimp makes me shiver.. [09:19] C-O-L-T, Ubuntu will do the deleting for you. === duende [n=] has joined #ubuntu === numa53 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:19] sudo apt-get install kubuntu [09:19] partman should enable you to desstroy that partition === vbgunz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:19] But how? [09:19] Can somebody give me [09:19] a guide [09:20] C-O-L-T: there is a partition utility that comes with the install [09:20] follow the instalation procedure [09:20] hramrach, with anticipation? [09:20] I am new in the Linux World [09:20] C-O-L-T boot from the CD [09:20] yes [09:20] at some point it will list all of your partitions === bigmoe [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:20] yes [09:20] just choose your xandros one [09:20] !tell C-O-L-T about install === caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log === feross [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Obsidians [n=] has joined #ubuntu === priich [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:21] What's the best Linux equivilent for MS Money? [09:22] gnucash === iGama [n=] has joined #ubuntu === beezly [n=] has joined #ubuntu === iGama [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [09:22] soundray: it shows only one page :/ [09:22] ompaul: i see you know your money-laundering === doug__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:22] C-O-L-T: [09:22] hehe [09:22] hramrach, how many are there supposed to be? [09:22] soundray: 7 [09:22] How do you activate transparency in gnome? [09:23] nalioth, o/t for a story about that if you want [09:23] !tell doug__ about transparency [09:23] Obsidians I've never used it but there is also kmymoney2 [09:23] !tell doug__ about opacity === numa53 [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === raphael [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:23] !tell doug__ about transparency === medomnick [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:23] does anyone know how to set transparency / [09:23] /msg ubotu [09:23] please [09:24] doug__: Its a gnome/kde thing [09:24] check the channels [09:24] Obsidians, search for personal finance managers for a review of alternatives. [09:24] Obsidians: Read and [09:24] hramrach, what kind of printer are you using? [09:24] what channels? [09:25] soundray: 24pin :) [09:25] When I have a network, and with nautilus I can browse in the network folder, How can I get to that folder from console? [09:25] Awesome guys, thanx. === n3C [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:25] CAN I DELETE XANDROS OS UNDER WINDOWS [09:25] soundray: the rasterizer does not handle the lightgray background well, makes lots of noise [09:25] SO DELETE THE PARTITION [09:26] !shout [09:26] somebody said shout was WE CAN READ LOWER CASE! [09:26] Anyone know a command to check all other computers on the same network as this one [09:26] i dont think netstat does it [09:26] C-O-L-T using all caps is not the way to get help === OlGent [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:26] for instance, the ip of this computer is locally, i want to see the other ones. [09:26] < [09:26] nubs0r: nmap ? [09:26] priich, that only shows ports doesnt it. [09:26] C-O-L-T you can delete xandros from the ubuntu installer, that is the best way to do it [09:26] nubs0r, man ping, look for -b === brankinhu [n=Antonio@] has joined #ubuntu [09:27] nubs0r: nmap -sP for a ping sweep [09:27] what are the ubuntu irc channels? [09:27] nubs0r: yes but if they respond , they should be there, right . [09:27] hramrach, I'm sure there is a way to solve your problem with ghostscript. [09:27] hramrach, I just don't know how. [09:27] me too, but I do not know how :) [09:28] hramrach, at least we're sharing the desperation :) [09:28] It is rpobably rasterized by gs anyway [09:28] hramrach, exactly. [09:28] theCore /list #ubuntu there are a lot [09:28] how can i recover my ext3 file plz? [09:28] NoUse , thx [09:28] lol nobody ever answer questions in here [09:29] can i use firefox plugins in linux === coz [n=] has joined #ubuntu === SpaceCake [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:29] hello all [09:29] emile, i cant netcat local computers..why [09:29] DOes ubuntu use xorg-x11? [09:29] has anyone here ever used any of the defrag utilities for linux? [09:29] gfish: yes. === jason^ [i=jason@unaffiliated/jason/x-0000002] has joined #ubuntu [09:29] spudse you have to mount the network share to view it from a console === hypn0 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:29] nubs0r: can you ping them? === noglobal [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:30] NoUse, how do I mount it ? is it in /dev ? [09:30] emile, im trying to use netcat to port scan computers on my network, heres what i did: nc -vv -w 2 -z 10.0.x.x === Grout [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:30] spudse is this a windows share? [09:30] is there an imagemagick manual? the help is quite cryptic.. [09:30] emile, yes, im only entering hostnames that appeared in the ping sweep i did with nmap [09:30] NoUse, it is a samba share, from a computer with ubuntu server [09:30] coz why do you need it ? by default defragmentaTION level on an linux filesistem is below 3% [09:30] ok i still cant get my printer to work can i have some help [09:30] hramrach: /usr/share/doc/imagemagick/ [09:30] i apt-get update; apt-get upgrade and now i can't start x... it says could not open default font 'fixed' [09:30] spudse read the links ubotu sent you === Kibou [n=] has joined #ubuntu === beginxattraction [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:30] is xorg-x11 the same as xserver? [09:30] SpaceCake true for normal use but if there are many things accessing the file system at the same time fragmentation happens === jeff__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:31] nubs0r: why not use nmap to port scan? [09:31] emile, it always gives me Caught SIGNIT errors. [09:31] emile, to be honest, i hate nmap, but i love Netcat, it hasnt failed me for anything, [09:31] NoUse, beautifull, thanks === PR3dLAND [n=toky@] has joined #ubuntu [09:32] does anyone have experience with any of the defrag utilities for linux? [09:32] coz, there are defrag utils but you can only use them on unmounted filesystem [09:32] hramrach, you could try and ocr your pdf. [09:32] right theCore [09:32] coz you don't need to defrag linux disks [09:32] nubs0r: sorry i'm not that familiair with netcat [09:32] coz, in general we don't need them === bina [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:32] hello [09:32] emile, well, i take it you're familiar with nmap..why is it giving me those errors? [09:32] still has anyone experimented iwth them? [09:32] gfish, what's your printer problem? [09:32] coz, in general the operating system does what it should, and minds the file system [09:32] coz, and most you them are designed for ext2.fs [09:33] is there a command to use a termial as a web-browser? [09:33] emile, i use the sudo nmap -sS -O hostname command, and it always gives me that type of error [09:33] soundray: that maual elaborates a bit more :) [09:33] soundray: thanks, converting [09:33] coz all defraging would do is add risk [09:33] correct again but has anyone here ever tried any of the defrag utilities === bushk [n=] has joined #ubuntu === coz [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [09:34] PR3dLAND: w3m [09:34] can anyone tell me if xorg-x11 is the same as xserver? [09:34] thxs [09:34] coz, I have not, and I would never suggest them, I use fsck when I have to but hey why do something you don't have to === medomnick [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [09:35] nubs0r: if it's your own network why not use nmap -sT, anyway good luck with your scanning activities === andy [n=] has joined #ubuntu === sori [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:35] coz, why you want to defrag ? [09:35] coz, I have never defragged a unix/linux box in 10 years === DonVincenzo [n=] has joined #ubuntu === kitsch [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:37] is there a way I can make ubuntu detect my camera? === jcole_awy is now known as jcole === mcp_dk [n=] has joined #ubuntu === aspro [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:37] soundray, i have found the printer it just wont print [09:37] good evening. [09:38] hawking, just plug your camera in the usb port [09:38] How do i get a program like GAIM to launch and connect at startup ? [09:38] gfish, what do you mean when you say "found the printer" [09:38] ? [09:38] mcp_dk, write a script for it [09:38] mcp_dk: add it to your session. System -? prsfs -? Session [09:38] theCore: it is already plugged ... to be more exact it is fixed on the top of the screen of my laptop === Chambers_ [n=Thom@] has joined #ubuntu [09:39] <_jason> mcp_dk, what robotgeek said and also edit the preferences in gaim to connect on startup of the program [09:39] ok i will try that === dawnfading [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ubuntu [n=] has joined #ubuntu === thrice` [n=User@unaffiliated/Thr1cE] has joined #ubuntu [09:40] soundray, i can see the printer its on the network, and i can find it and its set up and i have no errors i dont think but it just doesnt print === Dhivael [n=] has joined #ubuntu === vch [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Dhivael [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [09:40] hawking, oh ... okay, first check if your camera is detected in the system --> admin --> device manager [09:40] can anyone hear me ? [09:41] hello [09:41] ? [09:41] sorush20, hello [09:41] gfish: what's the status message in Properties? [09:41] dunno il look [09:41] hello sorush20 === darkmatter [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:41] soundray, how do i get to properties im a noob === Gabriel [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:42] gfish, System - Administration - Printing, right click printer symbol, menu properties. [09:42] right i thought I was banned but it seemes like my question is just too hard.. it about compiling the kernel and whether I need to do it or not because I have been having problems with hotplug system restart and device detection? === jfletcher [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:42] Hello, I would like to get spam filtering in evolution, how can I achieve this? [09:42] soundray, status is ready === GNULinuxer [n=ghoseb@unaffiliated/gnulinuxer] has joined #ubuntu [09:43] anyone other than me having trouble with "video for linux" in breezy ? Only seem to get the "test" source working, all other like v4l , v4l2 and zoran mjpeg fails to construct pipeline. [09:43] sorush20, it is a hard question. Nobody knows how difficult you will find it, and nobody knows whether it will solve your problem. === ogra is now known as ogra_dinnert === ogra_dinnert is now known as ogra_dinner [09:43] gfish, what kind of server is the printer on? [09:43] Gabriel: I know you can get spam filtering in Kmail not sure about evolution? === hramrach wonders why cups continues printing after job is deleted [09:44] theCore: no the camera is not detected [09:44] shit fuck shit === sorush20 [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [09:44] hramrach, because the job is in the buffer [09:44] no, it is in gs, and cups does not kill it [09:44] hramrach, where cups can't get to it anymore. [09:44] soundray, its plugged into windows pc which is next door [09:45] gfish, and you've set up the PC to share the printer? [09:45] soundray: it can, it runs under cups user :) [09:45] soundray, yeah its set up [09:45] theCore : any ideaS? [09:45] hawking, try to start gThumb === D1 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === nerdy2 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Red-Sox [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:46] hramrach, lpq and lprm #jobno as root (sudo -i) [09:46] hramrach, ? [09:46] GAbriel: you can either use the built in filtering capabilities or use spamassasin. [09:46] theCore: it started ... what now? [09:47] soundray: even then the gs keeps running [09:47] soundray === tb77 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === slide [n=] has joined #ubuntu === som1 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:47] Gabriel : you might like this article [09:47] is there some way to play .asm files? [09:47] soundray, if i use samba i can find the printer directly [09:47] varsendagger, i have a good amount of time now [09:47] ;) [09:48] gfish, do you get any indication of the job arriving on windows? [09:48] gfish, perhaps check the Jobs list first (again right click on printer symbol) [09:48] sorry, how do i play .asp files? === metzen [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:48] priich, the built in filtering doesn't seem to work... [09:48] hawking, wait a little bit, ubuntu should start a hotplug dialogue, that what i do with my camera === darkmatter [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [09:48] gfish, is there a backlog of jobs? === nosilver4u [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:49] hawking, s/dialogue/dialog/ [09:49] hramrach, perhaps you need to sudo killall gs [09:49] priich, I'll just read the article first :) [09:50] soundray, i checked all the jobs [09:50] soundray: yes, but that is annoying === paul__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:50] thecore: /s/dialogue/dialog? [09:50] hramrach, yep. [09:50] soundray: now gs even locks up on end of jobs :/ === jipi [n=] has joined #ubuntu === sssr [n=sssr@] has joined #ubuntu === sssr [n=sssr@] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"] [09:51] thecore: it has just opened my wallpaper firefox_wallpaper.png... nothing else happens [09:51] hawking lol, that the way I correct errors === moohhh [n=] has joined #ubuntu === dsas [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:51] quick question, does ubuntu have any newer kernels then the 2.6.12 or do you have to compile one === XamDM [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:52] gfish, is there a backlog? [09:52] thecore: and what should i do in this case? [09:52] varsendagger ? [09:52] not, it is cups what locks up. it's buggy as hell. Good old lpr === kinetic [n=] has joined #ubuntu === MagicFab [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:53] hawking, so you will probably need some custom drivers for the usb ports or the camera [09:53] hello === olafura [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:53] theCore: do you know any place where I can find drivers? [09:53] soundray, no [09:54] im having problems updating my ubuntu install, i have an icon that says i have 26 updates, but nothing happens when i click it [09:54] my system update thingy says it is unable to get an exclusive look, but nothing else but xchat and xmms are open [09:54] when i change to samba it asks for passwords i didnt set any whilst setting up the network [09:54] hawking, did you try from Import Photos from the gThumb File menu ? === droppie [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Harti [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:55] gfish, any errors in /var/log/cups/error_log ? === xTina [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:55] hawking, what is your camera model === hramrach [n=] has left #ubuntu ["bye"] [09:55] hawking, if your laptop isn't too unusual, you'll find a Linux installation report for it on Tuxmobil, that'll mention the camera, too. [09:55] kinetic im having problems updating my ubuntu install, i have an icon that says i have 26 updates, but nothing happens when i click it [09:55] Red-Sox my system update === ubuntu [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ubuntu is now known as drmw [09:56] kinetic im having problems updating my ubuntu install, i have an icon that says i have 26 updates, but nothing happens when i click it [09:56] can somebody help me? [09:57] kinetic open synaptic, you can update from there === LeeJunFan [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:57] !tell kinetic about synaptic [09:57] soundray, i didnt use cups i was using samba [09:57] kinetic, did you try to right clicked ? [09:57] Does any of you know a nice car racing game that I can find in repositories? [09:58] soundray, i had the same problem on cups as samba === mirak [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:58] Ok, so I want to run X :1 -ac & ( DISPLAY=:1 quake3 ) each time i run quake3 (so it gets put in its own X server and i can switch between gnome and quake), but i can only do that with sudo, but the way its running sudo needs a pass but i cant enter it. What im doing now is just doing sudo ls and then enter the pass and the next line will go through without a pass. Is there anyway to make it say ask for a pass in a dialogue box or something? [09:58] Hello. The latest security upgrade bring a new version of the kernel (2.6.12-10), but leave the kernel-headers unchanged (still 2.6.12-9). I need to recompile a custom module. Any idea how to do this or when the updated packages will be released? [09:58] hawking, racer (not in repositories) [09:58] gifsh, you are using cups, not samba. [09:58] Red-Sox see if dpkg or apt-get is running the backgroud, ps aux | grep dpkg === fabbione [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:58] Red-Sox or ps aux | grep apt [09:58] gfish, samba is for sharing local printers across the network [09:58] GDM theme, how to run a xscreensaver in the background ? [09:58] Red-Sox if so, kill those processes [09:58] gfish, not for remote printing. [09:59] XamDm: where can i find it? === lcn [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:59] it is on the network [09:59] moohhh you can probably use the same headers === fevoldj2 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:59] soundray, its on the network [09:59] hi === ujuergensen [n=] has joined #ubuntu [09:59] moohhh I doubt there was an API change for the security upgrade [09:59] Nouse: when i try to run synaptic nothing happens [09:59] Can a Linux distro be installed on a logical drive? [09:59] gfish, I know! It is on a remote Windows box. Samba has nothing to do with it. === jason^ [i=jason@unaffiliated/jason/x-0000002] has left #ubuntu [] [09:59] fevoldj2, why not :) [09:59] kinetic follow the instructions I just sent to Red-sox === albigol [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:00] hawking, [10:00] hawking, project-page [10:00] For some reason, I've always thought you needed a pirmary drive [10:00] NoUse, according to the security announcement, the ABI has been changed. Apart from that the kernel-headers have the wrong version, so the new modules would be compiled for the wrong version. [10:00] soundray, it still wouldnt print on cups === som1 [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [10:00] fevoldj2, not with a modern boot manager. === jsmidt [n=jsmidt@] has joined #ubuntu [10:00] gfish, so check the errors in the file I mentioned. [10:01] moohhh the headers don't need to match the running version exactly [10:01] So with grub you can't? [10:01] what the name of the ubuntu unrelated channel ? [10:01] No USe im a complete noob to linux i don';t know how to check processes and kill them and sucj :/ [10:01] fevoldj2, grub is a modern boot manager (compared to DOS MBR, which required Linux to sit in a primary partition to be bootable) [10:02] Alright, thanks [10:02] fevoldj2, neither lilo nor grub cares about the bootable flag [10:02] NoUse, hmm ... don't they? Ok, I'll give it a try :) ... [10:02] kinetic then the easiest thing to do is reboot the machine [10:02] 'okay ^_^ [10:02] fevoldj2, this has nothing to do with primary [10:02] soundray, E [22/Nov/2005:20:49:11 +0000] [Job 10] Connection failed with error NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED [10:02] fevoldj2, you _do_ need at least one primary partition === pder [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:03] Okay [10:03] fevoldj2, but, don't worry, there is no way to create any other kind of partition without creating a primary [10:03] gfish, edit the sharing settings on the Windows box to allow others to print on it. [10:03] Yeah [10:03] Well thanks, that helps === smajo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:03] NoUse: i just have, i've tried it several times [10:03] i did [10:03] NoUse, i didnt get any [10:03] but i dunno the pass words [10:03] kinetic open a terminal and run 'gksudo synaptic' [10:03] Anybody good at Xorg on this channel? I've got a semi-problem with a new install. [10:04] oh, NoUse i c, nevermind [10:04] fevoldj2, the nomenclature can be a bit confusing and some of the windows docs are _very_ sloppy in their usage of terminology [10:04] NoUse, the compilation script complains about the "directory of kernel headers (version 2.6.12-9-686)" not matching my running kernel "version 2.6.12-10-686" -- and says it wouldn't work. Any idea there? === Nestrun [n=Nestrun@] has joined #ubuntu [10:04] kinetic, 'top' is a nice way to check process,( 'ps aux' too ) then use 'kill %PID === user1 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:04] NoUse: it asks for a this just my root password? [10:04] I really like the man pages, they're much more complete than any Windows help file I've ever seen. === Nestrun [n=Nestrun@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"] [10:04] moohhh, well, it's quite trye that 2.6.12-9-686 is not the same as 2.6.12-10-686 [10:05] s/trye/true/ === surfdue [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:05] gfish, I give up. I don't know your password, either. [10:05] sethk yeah the problem is the kernel upgrade today didn't come with updated headers [10:05] On a Dell SC420, when Ubuntu boots up it starts at 640x480 resolution and won't let me change it. I seemed to remember that Ctrl-Alt-Backspace killed the X server so I did that to see if I could restart it and see error messages. [10:05] kinetic your password === steffo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:05] NoUse, ugly [10:05] soundray, would it be the routers password [10:05] ok i did it and nothing is happening.... === topyli [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:05] NoUse, one more reason to not grab every update _immediately_ [10:05] Much to my surprize, Ctrl-Alt-Backspace changed the resolution to 1600-1200. [10:05] kinetic you might be able to manually point the script to the proper directory [10:06] let somebody else be the lab rat :) === racookier [n=racookie@] has joined #ubuntu [10:06] soundray, do i use the pc's ip or the routers [10:06] paul__, why to your surprise? [10:06] hi [10:06] sethk, NoUse, is there any "manual" fix for this? Or should I just post it on ubuntu-users and wait for the upgrade to be uploaded? === [caminante] [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Ravarin [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:06] Because I though that keystroke was supposed to kill the X server [10:06] moohhh just the forums too [10:06] moohhh check === TokenBad [n=tokenbad@] has joined #ubuntu === jmspeex [n=] has joined #ubuntu === admin_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === admin_ is now known as fevoldj_ [10:07] moohhh, I would wait. I'm sure you aren't the only one making noise about this. [10:07] moohhh, it's just a package issue, not a code issue, so they'll fix it fast === NCLife [i=] has joined #ubuntu === longfei [n=] has joined #ubuntu === DJ_Mirage [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:07] excuse my words but... How the hell to share printers with Windows Machines? [10:07] gfish, are you on a home network? [10:07] NoUse, sethk, hmpf ... ok ... thanks anway! === Vincent [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:08] It's been a while since I used Linux on a home machine (I'm a user, not admin, on some Redhat boxes at work) but I seem to remember some X Windows stuff [10:08] racookier, depends. Is the printer connected to a windows box? === lucaas [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:08] NoUse it seems like these programs don't run when i click them [10:08] whats the link for the new 5.10 wiki for all the codecs and installing the drivers for like nvidia and stuff === mauropm [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:08] kinetic is this a fresh install? [10:08] WHY DO UBUNTU NOT SUPPORT COMPUTER? [10:08] paul__, control-alt-backspace kills the server [10:08] gfish, ie. is anyone on the network likely to abuse your printer? [10:08] like the old unofficialubuntu page [10:08] paul__, control-alt-+ (-) cycle through resolutions [10:08] <_jason> !faq [10:08] [faq] The Ubuntu FAQ Guide is: select System -> Help (in Breezy), or or [10:09] pder, ?? [10:09] pder, what support? etch-a-sketch? [10:09] who can you tell me,how i can use MSN with webcam in Ubuntu?? [10:09] sethk, that's not what happened on this box, Ctrl-Alt-Backspace changed the resolution [10:09] what the name of the ubuntu unrelated channel ? [10:09] soundray, probs not [10:09] -offtopic [10:09] XamDM sethk ignore him, he does this every now and then [10:09] which is what I wanted to do, but the change doesn't stick through a reboot [10:09] paul__, that is odd. keyboard mapping issue? [10:09] NoUse, ah he i a spammer === zmale [n=zmale@] has joined #ubuntu [10:09] Signs You're Having Thanksgiving Dinner with a Geek [10:09] sethk, this is a brand new install I downloaded Ubuntu yesterday and installed today. [10:09] XamDM cant tell, its between a spammer and a moron [10:10] damn my s themes to be broken [10:10] does lighttpd have a package? === Hentai^XP2 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:10] gfish, then set your Windows box to allow access to the printer for anyone with no password. [10:10] sethk, only thing I've done so far is let it run the automated update === boabsta [n=pistol@unaffiliated/boabsta] has joined #ubuntu [10:10] NoUse, my english i a bit bad..., what is a moron ?? [10:10] paul__, I just checked on two of my boxes and I'm seeing the normal behavior === dast [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:10] XamDM person of less than average intellect :-) === frand [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:10] XamDM, a guy who throws clocks out of windows [10:10] excuse my words but... How the hell to share printers with Windows Machines? [10:11] sethk, if I log in at 640x480 then when I try the System/Preferences/Screen Resolution tool all it shows is 640x480 === eedge [n=] has joined #ubuntu === rajif [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:11] racookier ubotu sent you links about samba, have you read them? [10:11] NoUse, sethk, thx === jsmidt [n=jsmidt@] has joined #ubuntu [10:11] soundray, how would i go about doing that? [10:11] paul__, that usually means it didn't identify the video chipset, and reverted to a generic vga driver [10:11] sethk, if I hit Ctrl-Alt-Backspace at the login screen it changes resoltion to 1600x1200 and everything is fine [10:11] gfish, you will need to ask in a Windows group for that. [10:11] Anyone running xfce able to help me with a problem with not being able to change settings? [10:11] sethk, except that when I reboot it goes back to 640x480 === AlexMBas [n=Alexandr@beigetower/alexandre] has joined #ubuntu [10:12] yes... i follow the steps, add the printer, but someone can did it ? [10:12] hello. can somebody help me install beatrix linux? i don't understand the error message [10:12] sethk, I can't find any relevant errors in /var/logs/Xorg.0.log [10:12] paul__, or that it didn't identify the monitor. None of that is consistent, though, with switching to 166x12 [10:12] soundray, ok thanks. [10:12] paul__, you don't tell it anything about your monitor? [10:12] under windows the samba show the printer, but message it's the result [10:13] paul__, I'm thinking perhaps you tell it that the monitor can do 16x12, but don't save it, so when it reboots, it reverts [10:13] sethk, I don't think so. I don't think anything in the install prompted for Monitor info === Knowerrors [n=stormsur@] has joined #ubuntu === xxvii [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:13] NoUse, anyone: i cant start synaptic or run the ubunto update, synaptic asked me for a password so i typed in my password for the machine and nothing happened after i hit enter === LeeJunFan [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:13] paul__, it usually doesn't prompt, no. [10:13] paul__, I was thinking of when you went into the config screen === tvelocity [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:13] kinetic what happens if you run 'sudo apt-get upgrade' and type your password [10:13] paul__, because you said it showed only 640x480 [10:13] paul__, try this. after switching to 16x12 with the key combination, go into the configuration dialog and see if more resolutions are listed === ogra_dinner is now known as ogra [10:14] NoUse: nothing [10:14] Hi all, when you're at a tty console and do ps -aux or ls, and the list is too long to view on one page, how do you make the output one page at a time? [10:14] paul__, something is forcing it to do a probe, I'm thinking === Koji [n=] has joined #ubuntu === bolrod [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:14] kinetic is this a fresh install? [10:14] Knowerrors, ls whatever | more [10:14] NoUSe yes it is === Chambers` [n=Thom@] has joined #ubuntu [10:14] kinetic something is messed up [10:14] I'm trying to be able to print from a windows computer to a printer that is connected to this computer with ubuntu installed on it, what do I need to do to get this going? [10:14] ls |more or ls |less [10:14] NoUse grarg ;( [10:15] kinetic I think the easiest thing to do would be to put a fresh install on it === spudse [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:15] anyone help me quick.. i've never set up a printer on a linux system before. i have a really old printer (Xante AccelaWriter 8200). anyone help me get it set up? [10:15] i'm asking same GregAsche [10:15] gah [10:15] NoUse what could be wrong, i installed all the packages on the cd [10:15] xxvii, use the linuxprinting or cups web site [10:16] kinetic the sudo package seems corrupted and that is a problem [10:16] kinetic, that's normal, actually === oesufAXy [n=ouduiif@] has joined #ubuntu [10:16] kinetic, except the sudo part, that may be [10:16] sethk: k, i'll see what i can find [10:16] thx sethk === oesufAXy [n=ouduiif@] has left #ubuntu [] === WildPenguin [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:16] kinetic, what if you do sudo gnome-app-install ? === ovodujB [n=eepyayps@] has joined #ubuntu [10:16] NoUse can i reinstall sudo? [10:16] NoUse, sethk, hello again, it seems that the packages are actually available, but the security upgrade doesn't install them automatically. While the upgrade system knows about the new kernel which has to be installed (which as I just saw is a new package on its own as well, not just a new version of the same package name), the same mechanism doesn't work for the kernel-headers. I have no idea why (if you might know, please [10:16] enlighten me), otherwise it should be fine ... sorry 'bout the fuzz. [10:16] xxvii, there is an online program to generate a driver === mioQg [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ovodujB [n=eepyayps@] has left #ubuntu [] === mioQg [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [10:17] kinetic you'd need sudo to reinstall it :-/ [10:17] sethk: k, thanks [10:17] what is the command to untar a file name? === pbtraveller [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:17] file [10:17] moohhh, sounds like the dependencies may not be set correctly in the package. Or perhaps that's intentional, as many people install the kernel, but not the headers [10:17] tar -xf filename.tar === EMuVeAoJfo [n=tiiui@] has joined #ubuntu [10:17] Red-Sox, tar xvf === euaZum [n=cuazvoo@] has joined #ubuntu === mp3guy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:17] o === ClayG [n=] has joined #ubuntu === euaZum [n=cuazvoo@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:17] Red-Sox, the - with tar is an error, although linux tolerates it [10:18] hey how do I get my gigafast card working on ubuntu? === euaZum [n=cuazvoo@] has joined #ubuntu [10:18] Red-Sox, the v is optional (verbose) === euaZum [n=cuazvoo@] has left #ubuntu [] === vePReowog [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:18] NoUse ic, well can i check anything to see if sudo is installed at all because if i reinstall my distro won't it do the same thing? === aiubiifi [n=moinief@] has joined #ubuntu === BuzW [n=] has joined #ubuntu === aiubiifi is now known as oedgaieog === vePReowog [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [10:18] nouse i didn't get any errors on install === tck [n=] has joined #ubuntu === oedgaieog is now known as wieVairech [10:18] kinetic sudo is installed, if it wasn't you'd get a command not found === vePReowog [n=] has joined #ubuntu === vePReowog is now known as FoioziYpeX === sabmann [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:19] kinetic, odds are, yes, it will === wieVairech [n=moinief@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:19] sethk, yup, but there seems to be a mechanism which knows about the fact that it should install a new package (the kernel-image). The same mechanism could be used for the kernel-headers as well, I guess. Anyway, the module seems to compile and load fine now. Thanks again! === FoioziYpeX is now known as iotuoo === iotuoo [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [10:19] kinetic did you verify the CD image when you downloaded it? [10:19] I'm trying to be able to print from a windows computer to a printer that is connected to this computer with ubuntu installed on it, what do I need to do to get this going? [10:19] i got my phone talking to my ubuntu machine ok, and i'm pretty happy. i'd like to know if there's a nicer gui for file transfer than gnome-bluetooth supplies though? is there any? [10:19] kinetic, nouse has a good point [10:20] Nouse is there a way to install without the cd, maybe the cd is messed up, can i do an internet install? [10:20] kinetic, you can also download the live cd and see if it behaves correctly === lexhider [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:20] kinetic did you see my previous question? [10:20] kinetic, you can download and burn a new cd === [A] ndy80 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Hoiwiie [n=iobeos@] has joined #ubuntu [10:20] <[A] ndy80> hi [10:20] sethk i have the live cd also, nouse i used shipit and got about ten copies of the cd === xKiTaiu [n=iuaaoehx@] has joined #ubuntu === Hoiwiie [n=iobeos@] has left #ubuntu [] === uyLiezo [n=oxriie@] has joined #ubuntu [10:21] kinetic then the CD should be fine === xKiTaiu [n=iuaaoehx@] has left #ubuntu [] === uyLiezo [n=oxriie@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:21] <[A] ndy80> I'm trying to compile a QT application, but I get this error: checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.0.3) (headers and libraries) not found. which pachage do I have to install? === ktogias [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:21] sethk, The config screen I'm talking about is the Screen Resolution Preferences. It doesn't have any info about monitors. And yes, more resolutions are listed after I do a Ctrl-Alt-Backspace [10:21] kinetic I would try installing it again [10:21] [A] ndy80, usually that means that the QTDIR environment variable is not set. Check LD_LIBRARY_PATH also [10:21] [A] ndy80, and also PATH for qtdesigner [10:22] sethk, you're probably right about something probing, but I don't know what or how to get it to do it automatically === Snellgrove [n=Snellgro@] has joined #ubuntu [10:22] Lo [10:22] paul__, well, let's see if I'm right, then we can try to figure out why it happens. [10:22] paul__, if I'm right I'd expect the drop down list to show more than just 640x480 after the change [10:22] under windows the samba show the printer, but message it's the result [10:23] <[A] ndy80> sethk: LD_..... is empty. But.... isn't there a way to set them automatically when you install -dev libraries? [10:23] racookier, you got your it's and is mixed up there. [10:23] [A] ndy80, I've not found one, no. === iain [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:23] sethk, you're right about that. After Ctrl-Alt-Backspace I see 1600x1200, 1280x1040, 1040x768, 800x600, and 640x480 === uaotazem [n=iaualre@] has joined #ubuntu [10:23] sethk, all of which are in the Xorg.conf file [10:24] paul__, after the control-alt-backspace, does the X log file change? === uaotazem [n=iaualre@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:24] paul__, anything added to it at the end, or does the whole thing change? [10:24] paul__, I think I know what's happening === frand [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === lilo [i=levin@freenode/staff/pdpc.levin] has joined #ubuntu [10:24] paul__, control-alt-backspace _does_ kill the X server. The next thing that happens is that the X server auto-restarts [10:24] well, I think I'll copy the log file, c-a-b, and then diff them === MpaouoqK [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:24] paul__, which is the normal behavior for control-alt-backspace (restarting, that is) === MpaouoqK [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === EMuVeAoJfo [n=tiiui@] has left #ubuntu [] === emg [i=] has joined #ubuntu [10:25] uhg [10:25] I need activex [10:25] <[A] ndy80> sethk: anyway.... can you tell me the package I've to install to get them? It's possible I installed the wrong package... === kung [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:25] :| === iomeiil [n=iaualre@] has joined #ubuntu === iomeiil [n=iaualre@] has left #ubuntu [] === euaeSIei [n=izshyt@] has joined #ubuntu === paul__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === foxgamer [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === Popcorn [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:26] hey all === euaeSIei [n=izshyt@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:26] [A] ndy80, on my box it installed as a dependency, so I didn't note the package name. But synaptic should find it for you with the search function. [10:27] [A] ndy80, I believe there are only two for qt, run and dev [10:27] can someone help me set up samba so I can share my printer? [10:27] anyone know how to install the kernel sources? can't find them on the cd... [10:27] sethk, I think you're right. I just hit c-a-b and it was more or less equivalent to logging out, everything disappeared, there was a pause and then I got a login screen === Marlun [n=Marlun@unaffiliated/marlun] has joined #ubuntu === kinetic [n=] has joined #ubuntu === FuiidEEuo [n=ulxoicui@] has joined #ubuntu === diubidone [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:27] paul__, I wonder if there is a DRI module that your software needs, which hasn't been loaded yet when the first X start occurs === FuiidEEuo [n=ulxoicui@] has left #ubuntu [] === FuiidEEuo [n=ulxoicui@] has joined #ubuntu [10:27] Dangerous keystroke. no warning, it just killed everything [10:28] hello again, i went to my usr/sbin/synaptic and i click it "you need to be root to run this program" [10:28] how do i install the w32codecs .deb? [10:28] paul__, yes, that is quite true. === EMuVeAoJfo [n=tiiui@] has joined #ubuntu [10:28] kinetic, be root [10:28] how do i become root to run it [10:28] sudo -s === eiriie [n=iseearon@] has joined #ubuntu === mcgyver [n=] has joined #ubuntu === eiriie [n=iseearon@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:28] How can I change what partition grub has as a default choise for booting? I've got 3 partitions with windows/ubuntu1/ubuntu2. If I start the computer and just wait it boots from ubuntu2 (hda3), but I want it to boot from ubuntu1 (hda2). === Snellgrove is now known as Snellgrove2 [10:29] kinetic, sudo /usr/sbin/synaptic === Snellgrove2 is now known as Snellgrove [10:29] sethk, well there's a line in Xorg.0.log about disabling DRI === Snellgrove [n=Snellgro@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [10:29] paul__, even after the 16x12 restart? [10:29] sethk, (II) I810(0): 16100 kBytes additional video memory is required to enable DRI. [10:29] (II) I810(0): Disabling DRI. === n0dl [n=] has left #ubuntu ["$B26$dJ"$Z$@(B"] === MimieRox [n=oeoeotx@] has joined #ubuntu === MimieRox [n=oeoeotx@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:29] Hey when i insert my pen drive it won't mount how come? [10:30] it says only root can do it === _null is now known as _eins [10:30] i tried to log in as root in my login screen but it says that the admin can't log in from there [10:30] paul__, that isn't necessarily wrong, for some configurations X does disable DRI intentionally [10:30] sethk nothing happens when i do that === SirKillalot [n=] has joined #ubuntu === j^ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === strav [n=] has joined #ubuntu === moo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:30] how do I send/receive files over irda with my nokia cell? [10:31] how can I see what packages are installed with apt? [10:31] hola, does anyone know if there is some powersave mode for external harddisk in ubuntu? === GreenCult [n=ccruz@] has joined #ubuntu [10:31] hoi, ben voor het eerst op een xchat [10:31] kinetic, not possible. you don't get a program, you don't get a message, you don't even get another prompt? [10:31] hi, can someone explain to me why apt-get install mozilla fails on a BB ubuntu system? i have a 3 line paste of the error from apt-get if that's allowed === simon__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === spudse [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:31] sethk, diffing the Xorg.0.log against the one I'd backed up (already at 1600x1200) is identical except for date [10:31] anyone know how to install the kernel sources? can't seem to find them on the cd... [10:31] irda link works fine cat /proc/net/irda/discover shows my phone [10:31] sethk well i get another prompt [10:31] sethk, I haven't done a reboot to compare logfiles [10:31] paul__, and the disabling dri is in both? [10:31] tsw, synaptics === kyncani2 [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Snellgrove [n=Snellgro@] has joined #ubuntu === Grock [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:31] moo, put the paste in [10:31] SirKillalot: no x on this machine [10:32] tsw, dpkg -l [10:32] sethk, yes, but the backed up log is from after the first time I did a c-a-b [10:32] paul__, I'm not sure that the reboot would tell us much, but it might. rebooting to get it isn't a bad idea [10:32] is there a way to load a program entirely in memory and then run it in ubuntu? [10:32] got a stuck terminal window on my panel. despite closing terminal when i re-boot low and behold its there agin [10:32] SirKillalot: thanks [10:32] paul__, right. my theory about dri is wrong, then. [10:32] [10:32] there is the error [10:32] how to print from windows machines ? --- under windows the samba show the printer, but message it's the result [10:32] i dont understand it [10:32] is this the place for help with ubuntu live? [10:32] can someone help me set up samba so I can share my printer? [10:32] Lo === maxkelley_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:32] sethk well i get another prompt === ubuntu [n=ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu === xxvii [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:33] hi [10:33] kinetic, do you know your root password? [10:33] hi === ntoll [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:33] sethk, I think I will reboot and diff. I think you're on the right track when you say that c-a-b causes some sort of probe that doesn't happen on normal bootup === crimson [n=bowie@] has joined #ubuntu [10:33] sethk yes i do === epimeteo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:33] paul__, I think so to, but I don't know why yet [10:33] kinetic, do su [10:33] hi, can someone explain to me why apt-get install mozilla fails on a BB ubuntu system? is the error message === gpd [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [10:33] kinetic, that will prompt you for the password [10:33] sethk, be back in a bit, rebooting now [10:34] kinetic, then when you get another prompt, do /usr/sbin/synaptic === crimson [n=bowie@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"] [10:34] kinetic, that should hopefully get a message about why it is quitting [10:34] GregAsche to add printer it's easy to really print it's hard [10:34] linux noob over here... I'm testing out pure data, a music software, and apparently it has some problems loading the ALSA lib seq_hw.c in my dev/snd/ directory... I tried diabling the Alsa audio source in the multimedia system selector with no sucess, pure data still won't load... More over, when I test the alsa pipeline, I don't get any sound. [10:34] <[A] ndy80> another question: how do I search for a package that provides a certain file? [10:34] hry, anyone installed apache2 on ubuntu? [10:34] sethk: doesnt even have the company Xante as an option.. what other suggestions did you have? [10:34] [A] === J_P [n=jp@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:35] does anyone know how to read a ntfs partition from ubuntu? === mdke [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has joined #ubuntu [10:35] xxvii, is the printer compatible with any other, more common ones? [10:35] ubuntu: you can just mount it. [10:35] ubuntu, mount -t ntfs /dev/whatever /mnt/whatever === foxgamer [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:35] what's a good partition tool for ubuntu? [10:35] sethk i did it u typed su then my root pwd the /uusr/sbin/synaptic and it worked....why does it work on my other machines but i have to do it this way on here? [10:35] ubuntu, in fstab include "/dev/hdxxx /cwin ntfs defaults 0 0 0" [10:35] does the ubuntu net config dialog allow for ipv6 configuration? [10:36] Hi all. Where/who would I speak to about a possible error in the repositories? [10:36] no-one knows how to load a program permanently (for a session) in memory? [10:36] sethk: i have no clue. i know i can find a driver for windows. never looked for one for linux [10:36] foxgamer: here, for now [10:36] hi, can someone explain to me why apt-get install mozilla fails on a BB ubuntu system? is the error message [10:36] kinetic, you need to add permission to run synaptic to the sudo file for your user [10:36] moo, that is strange, can you paste the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list in the pastebin please [10:36] btw, as I've seen in some forums, this issue with alsa seems to be pretty common and extended to other softwares as well in ubuntu... [10:36] xxvii, maybe the name of the windows driver might be a clue. (Like maybe it is something like hp1000 :) ) [10:36] sethk how would i do this (n00bie here) [10:36] ya its REALLY strange, specially since apt works otherwise....gimme a sec ill paste it [10:36] kinetic, there is a file, /etc/sudoers [10:36] dawnfading, just run the program, it'll go into memory === mdke [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has left #ubuntu [] [10:37] moo: You have a weird sources.list [10:37] hey, anyone installed apache2 on ubuntu? [10:37] sethk: alright, thanks again.. i'll see what i can find [10:37] can someone help me set up samba so I can share my printer? === lightbright [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:37] doub, so if you run it repeatedly it should be faster the second time? [10:37] kinetic, you edit it with visudo [10:37] Ah. Thank you Amaranth. Well, it has been suggested (through a problem I'm having) from xfce chatroom that there could be a problem with 'xfce'. I downloaded it today, and I am having problems running most of the programs. [10:37] ompaul: [10:37] there is my sources.list [10:37] gregaasche is printer on xp machine or ubuntu box? === SoulPropagation [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:38] foxgamer: That would be a problem withe the programs themselves (or an installation error), not an archive error. [10:38] Xlib: extension "XFree86-DRI" missing on display ":0.0". [10:38] what's the package for that [10:38] dawnfading, it should, but that's not mandatory. that's because all libraries are already relocated and linked. you can also install prelink, which can take care of doing this in advance [10:38] hello [10:38] moo, let us start at the beginning, if this does not fix it then I will alter that file and it will work [10:38] SoulPropagation: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg [10:38] mmkay [10:38] SoulPropagation: make sure dri is selected in the list [10:38] moo, sudo apt-get update [10:38] Amaranth: gotcha === Knowerrors [n=stormsur@] has joined #ubuntu [10:39] moo, sudo apt-get upgrade [10:39] how can I empty my trash can when it keeps saying I dont have permission to empy it? [10:39] already did === moo tries upgrade [10:39] lightbright: Chances are you have something in there that might belong to root [10:39] <[A] ndy80> sethk: my LD.... contains: /usr/include/qt3/ but when I run ./configure it still cannot find them :( [10:39] i get mnessage that says I dont have permission to delete files from trash can! any help? [10:39] GregAsche, go to you will find how to show the printer, but obtain a print, i waiting for [10:39] lightbright: you put some files in there you don't have permission to delete, run sudo rm -rf /.Trash/ [10:39] doub . okay, i guess [10:39] Ah, okaly. Thanks anyway Amaranth :) [10:39] vbgunz: so whats the solution please? [10:39] Amaranth: ah ok [10:40] Amaranth: I type: run sudo rm -rf /.Trash/ ? [10:40] looks like dri's on, Amaranth [10:40] nice one racookier for gregashe [10:40] lightbright: permissions are weird, you can move things but not delete them :P [10:40] [A] ndy80, I believe that you need LD_LIBRARY_PATH with qt even though you've set up the dynamic loader config. [10:40] Amaranth: yeah :) so all I ever need to type in that case is "run sudo rm -rf /.Trash/" ? === sumpis [n=] has joined #ubuntu === GreenCult [n=ccruz@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"] [10:40] The only thing I know how to do is to hit ALT+F2 and login with "gksudo nautilus"... Then browse to your home directory with nautilus and find your .Trash directory and delete everything inside... [10:40] lightbright: no, you open a terminal (Applications->Accessories->Terminal) and type `sudo rm -rf /.Trash/` (no quotes) === Phazeman [n=Phazeman@mandriva/channel-support/Phazeman] has joined #ubuntu [10:41] <[A] ndy80> sethk: I set LD_LIBRARY_PATH, what do I have to set now? [10:41] Amaranth: yeah... you see why command line is better ;) [10:41] its grabbin kernel source it'll be a sec === paul__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:41] sethk how do i open etc/sudoers with visudo? [10:41] Amaranth: cool :) so I type sudo rm -rf /.Trash/ in terminal, thanks :) [10:41] I only had the problem once a long time ago and that solved it for me... [10:41] GregAsche or try this: [10:41] hi all. can someone please tell me how do i see what apps are currently installed ? something like urpmq or qpkg [10:41] kinetic, if you are root, you just run visudo [10:41] sethk: cli [10:42] kinetic, if you are you, you run su visudo [10:42] I just smacked in a win2k disk as secondary on this ubuntu box, how do I configure grub to pick it up? is there a grub config util? [10:42] does anyone know what good is totem media player for? [10:42] i can't play any media files with it === C-O-L-T [i=yrtyrt@] has joined #ubuntu [10:42] Amaranth: when I typed sudo rm -rf /.Trash/ it didnt ask for a password, how come> [10:42] eedge, has nothing to do with grub === COLT [i=yrtyrt@] has joined #ubuntu [10:42] i didn't know "SMACKING" was allowed around here [10:42] who let the liberals in? [10:42] :) [10:42] trappist: here ? === shyko [n=shyko@] has joined #ubuntu [10:42] lightbright: If you've run something from the Administration menu or used sudo recently it's cached [10:43] Hello guys I have just installed KUBUNTU [10:43] dawnfading, install the prelink package and look at the fine manual, everything is explained there [10:43] thanks simon__ [10:43] sethk oh i have it open now what ;/? [10:43] thanks doub [10:43] i want to install kubunte [10:43] lightbright: cuz it's your stuff (i.e. in /home/[you] ) so you don't need to sudo to mess with it [10:43] Phazeman: hey === Coweater [i=] has joined #ubuntu [10:43] how do i get rid of 'stuck' apps in my panel. they stil ther on re-boot even though i delete them [10:43] How can I configure lan in kubuntu === diubidone [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:43] ... I'm still looking for that seq_hw.c library... Does anyone know a prog from witch synaptic could download it as a dependency? [10:43] dawnfading, np [10:43] hey all how do i mount a pen drive? [10:43] sethk, Some definite differences here. This one looks promising. < (II) I810(0): VESA VBE DDC Level none on the 640 and > (II) I810(0): VESA VBE DDC Level 2 on the 1600 [10:43] strav: install apt-file, run apt-file update, and say apt-file search seq_hw.c [10:44] ompaul, I did apt-get update; apt-get upgrade, and i still get the same error attempting to apt-get install mozilla [10:44] Anybody know what that means? [10:44] does Gparted work with ubuntu? [10:44] diubidone: plug it in and it should work [10:44] Phazeman, All applications or a selected few? [10:44] moo, k gime a min [10:44] paul__, it's definiely a probe difference. Why, though, I can't say off hand [10:44] please how do i get kde if i have gnome set up [10:44] no it doesn't [10:44] SoulPropagation: so why then did I get message about not having permission to empty trash can? [10:44] is there a way to make it work again like that? === EMuVeAoJfo is now known as BphQEG === BphQEG [n=tiiui@] has left #ubuntu [] [10:44] paul__, my bet is still on a kernel module. do lsmod, see if any video related kernel modules are loaded. [10:44] sethk, oh and this too, right below it < (II) I810(0): VESA VBE DDC read failed [10:45] paul__, on the initial (640) one? [10:45] selinium: i want to search through the installed packages list and grep for something [10:45] hey there trappist [10:45] Phazeman: dpkg -l | grep ^ii [10:45] lightbright: i don't know, that's strange [10:45] sethk, yes. I'm going to google for VESA VBE DDC unless you know what it means [10:45] Phazeman, what trappist said! [10:45] trappist: nice shot bro. [10:45] trappist: no dpkg here for some reason [10:45] diubidone: not that i know of, it always just works for me [10:45] Amaranth: is this a Ubuntu bug when it kept saying not having permisssion to empty trash can seeing its located on my /home folder anyway? === redguy [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:45] paul__, good idea. I have a vague idea but google will have a better one. :) [10:45] trappist: don'tcha mean /e/grep? [10:45] paul__: if you're on ubuntu, I promise you have dpkg [10:45] SoulPropagation: must be a bug === foxgamer [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [10:45] SoulPropagation: not necessary [10:45] lightbright: Just because it's in your home folder doesn't mean you own it. [10:46] how do i find dpkg? [10:46] wheres dpkg? [10:46] trappist. Why ^ii and not ii? [10:46] selinium: ^ means match the beginning of the line [10:46] Amaranth: I copied some stuff from my other system and then deleted it! so I guess thats why It saud no permission [10:46] sethk ok i edited my file thx for all your help!!!!! [10:46] lol it's odd :) i can't run dpkg with sudo :) [10:46] trappist, Cheers! [10:46] sethk i got it tto open [10:46] selinium: so it won't match if you have an uninstalled package called virii or something [10:46] kinetic, good. :) [10:46] trappist: it will ask for password and won't accept mine === jfletcher [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:46] Trappist, indeed, damn you type fast! [10:47] Phazeman: dpkg -l should not ask for a password === jsz_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:47] got it working [10:47] thanks anyway [10:47] Amaranth: whats the command I can type in /home that will change all permissions of every file in /home and all the subdirectories please>? [10:47] why does it say DRI is not enabled, when it is? === n0dl [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:47] trappist, dpkg is sudoers only [10:47] lightbright: you don't want to do that === GMachine_24 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:47] lightbright: You don't want to mess with permissions like that. [10:47] lightbright: some files in your home directory HAVE to have the permissions they have === mp3guy [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Blissex [i=] has joined #Ubuntu [10:48] moo <<-- I just removed the us.archive and left you with archive it should work [10:48] trappist: like what? [10:48] chmod -r 0755 $(ls ) [10:48] SoulPropagation: it's -R [10:48] Can somebody help me [10:48] lightbright: like the stuff in /.ssh [10:48] i always mess that up [10:48] trappist, well, some have to have those permissions if you want things to work correctly. :) === axisys [n=iqbala@] has joined #ubuntu [10:48] right [10:48] hi all [10:48] trappist: what happens if that gets changed to username? [10:48] what's a good graphical program to partition hard drives? [10:49] Grock: qtparted [10:49] probably not a good plan to let everyone access your private keys and things though :) [10:49] lightbright: you want to change ownership, or permissions? they're different. feel free to chown -R lightbright /home/lightbright [10:49] I have just installed KUBUNTU. But I can not configure LAN and access windows file system. Help me Please [10:49] anyone knows of a app to use to serial connect to a linux box [10:49] SoulPropogation: is that easy to setup? [10:49] minicom seems not working for me [10:49] trappist: yes sorry thats what I meant! owership only [10:49] sethk, nothing terribly informative from google. VBE is VESA BIOS Extension, but nothing really useful on the error specifically. === mtupper [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:49] sudo apt-get install qtparted === dodok [n=dwi@] has joined #ubuntu === jeld [n=] has joined #ubuntu === lexhider [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:50] simple [10:50] sethk, something's definitely not getting probed successfully on intial startup, though === slide [n=] has joined #ubuntu === benkong2 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:50] thanks [10:50] trappist: I copied stuff from my CD and need to change many folders ownership! can I type this from /home: sudo chown -R username:username ./ ? [10:50] ompaul: I swapped out my sources.list, did apt-get update and tried again and im still getting the same error [10:50] lightbright: yes [10:50] paul__, did we do lsmod, and look for video related modules? [10:50] trappist: so its safe to change all owenership in /home? [10:50] trappist: ok thanks :) [10:51] lightbright: yes. [10:51] brb [10:51] lightbright: but just make it sudo chown -R username:username directoryname [10:51] turned on nautilus spatial, windows are opening on top of each other (and obscuring prev window) instead of next to each other, how do I fix??? [10:51] moo, what is annoying me is that I have the that version installed here [10:51] paul__, I said dri isn't doing it, but kernel modules is one thing that can be different at different points during the install. [10:51] lightbright: else you'll miss hidden files and folders === eKiicou [n=kweuex@] has joined #ubuntu [10:51] heh [10:51] paul__, that may not be a good direction to look, though; I would expect all kernel modules to be in place at that point [10:51] trappist: but there are many directories to be done! is there an easier way than have to do 1 at a time? [10:51] paul__, unless a relevant one get's loaded as a dependency. But that's far fetched. [10:51] moo, is that a vanilla version? [10:52] what? [10:52] moo, is that a vanilla install? [10:52] i guess [10:52] ya === dirkvdbroek [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:52] i installed it from a BB install cd [10:52] hey doodz, i am having a brutal day... my story: 1 month of exp with ubuntu 5.1 on my laptop partitioned from its original C: and D: partitions with XP Pro... today, from one day to the next, I cant boot in KDE nor Gnome, nor Failsafe Gnome... only Failsafe Terminal. [10:52] lightbright: do it to the parent directory then. -R is recursive. === onfire_nux [i=] has joined #ubuntu [10:52] Hello where can I find information on how to contribute a package to the multiverse rep? === epronk [n=] has joined #ubuntu === hmb [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:52] SoulPropagation: what exactly will this command do? sudo chown -R username:username ./ ? === lanjelot [n=lanjelot@] has joined #ubuntu [10:53] trappist: so whats the full command I type from parent direvtory? sudo chown -R username:username ./ ? [10:53] chowns recursively all ur dot files [10:53] thanks to whomever pointed out 'qtparted' === stevio [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Marlun [n=Marlun@unaffiliated/marlun] has joined #ubuntu [10:53] lightbright: wrong command. "sudo chown -R username /home/you" will make everything in your folder /yours/ [10:53] lightbright: sudo chown -R username:username parentdirectoryname [10:53] /. would make more sense i think [10:53] sethk, lsmod shows lots of modules but I don't know what I'm looking for. I could reboot again and compare an lsmod before and after c-a-b [10:53] moo: you'll miss hidden files and folders if you do that === vbgunz [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [10:53] What apps do I need to rip from CDs to .ogg files? [10:53] anyone can help with minicom === BradZ_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:54] sound-juicer [10:54] Marlun: Juicer [10:54] hm [10:54] reallY? === hypn0 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:54] moo have you got an issue with mozilla-firefox? [10:54] Marlun: abcde or grip or sound-juicer [10:54] Quick question. Can anybody tell me how I copy all the files from one directory in the terminal === hmb [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [10:54] im running firefox just fine [10:54] Hello, does anyone here know where I can contribute a package to ubuntu? [10:54] SoulPropagation: ah ok! So all I need to type is: sudo chown -R username /home/light and this will change all directories and contens to my username light? [10:54] but i wanted to switch to mozilla [10:54] my error reads: "The following installation problem was detected while trying to start KDE: No write access to: '/home/user/.ICEauthority'. KDE is unable to start." then it just kicks me back to the Ubuntu login splash screen... [10:54] moo: the shell expands to non-hidden files and directories [10:54] also i have the mozilla mail installed [10:54] cp -rv [10:54] trappist, ur right, I forgot all about that [10:54] is tehre any pacakges i can install to reconize my network card? [10:54] sethk, rebooting again. be back in a bit [10:54] dirkvdbroek, join #ubuntu-motu start your conversation there [10:54] moo, okay fair enough [10:54] GMachine_24: Juicer, ok will check it out. [10:55] lightbright: light, not username :P [10:55] trappist: will check those out too :) [10:55] cp -rv, thanks === Dhivael [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:55] how do i stop programs making .bak files? [10:55] Marlun: it's part of the basic installation package === Dhivael [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [10:55] Marlun: abcde is a hella sweet console app [10:55] mp3guy: depends on the program [10:55] SoulPropagation: is this right? sudo chown -R light:light /home/light ? [10:55] i have a gigafast card, it uses realtech chips [10:56] lightbright: yes [10:56] trappist: yippe ;) [10:56] got it thanks [10:56] maybe having FF installed is tripping apt up when i try to install moz? [10:56] can someone help me set up samba so I can share my printer? [10:56] trappist: hehe okey :P [10:56] moo: prob'ly not [10:56] GMachine_24: I don't install the basic installation package. [10:56] Marlun: ahh, ok === mdiep [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:57] hm i actually have a 'mozilla' executable but when i run it firefox comes up [10:57] trappist: and I type that command from /home/light ? === turokub [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:57] lightbright: from wherever [10:57] trappist: or can I be anywhere? === lexhider [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [10:57] trappist: ok :) [10:57] brb === kzin [n=Adi@] has joined #ubuntu === MagicFab [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === Simimi [n=] has joined #ubuntu === kzin [n=Adi@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [10:58] excuse the stupid question, but how does you become superuser under ubuntu? [10:58] su === kjcole [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:58] ubuntu: su or sudo [10:58] in the terminal [10:58] and then what? [10:59] type the root password [10:59] whats the root password? [10:59] sudo passwd root [10:59] it'll perform the root operation, and then log out back out === fluvvell [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:59] the root password is what you set as your user password :) [10:59] whats the root password? [10:59] sudo is the same as su? So that is why all the help comands are prefixed with 'sido'...I get it! [10:59] no its not [10:59] Snellgrove: no it's not [10:59] oh :( [10:59] sudo uses ur user password [10:59] the first user created = super user powers usually in Ubuntu? [10:59] when using sudo.. I thought [10:59] Simimi: su logs in as superuser. sudo does somethiong as the superuser === hardeep_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [10:59] oooh [11:00] thank you [11:00] Simimi, sudo is execute one command as root, if you have the rights to do so [11:00] your user is not a superuser but is a sudo user..the way i understand ti [11:00] when i type su it asks for password [11:00] i dont know the password [11:00] Ubuntu is my first linux...I am enjoying it very much [11:00] Simimi, su says "set user to be root" [11:00] you need to run sudo passwd root first [11:00] ok! I had that problem ubuntu [11:00] I thought the root account was disabled in ubuntu [11:00] ubuntu, you probably have to set it, with sudo passwd [11:00] you had to use sudo ? [11:00] to upgrade to a newer version of ubuntu, do I just change /etc/apt/sources.list to say "breezy" instead of "hoary" and then run `apt-get dist-upgrade`? [11:00] Snellgrove, not disabled === bobbyd [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [11:00] ok go under I think it is system, and find the users and groups,..tick show all, and find the one labeled 'root' then manually set a new passsword [11:00] mdiep, run apt-get update before running apt-get dist-upgrade [11:00] use sudo -i for 'root shell' [11:00] ubuntu: you have to set up the password after your initial install [11:01] can't apt-get update to upgrade the os? === pingus [n=] has joined #ubuntu === eKiicou [n=kweuex@] has left #ubuntu [] === asques [n=asques@] has joined #ubuntu === paul__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:01] err.. I mean apt-get upgrade? [11:01] apt-get update just updates apt [11:01] upgrade doesnt get everything === Rotund [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:01] anyone? [11:01] surfdude: Hmm? === thewayofzen [n=delaney@bb4win/style/ninja] has joined #ubuntu [11:02] wow.. no wonder I seem to get no upgrades...Linux is very confusing [11:02] surf: anyone what. i missed something. [11:02] tollinux? === vincent [n=] has joined #ubuntu === vincent [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Quitte"] [11:02] sethk, well, no luck with the reboot. lsmod output is identical before and after the c-a-b, there might be a difference before the intial X startup at 640, but I don't know how to capture that [11:02] odd question.. I have my system setting to 'Thai', can I config my terminal to understand my thai commands? === kennygow [n=] has joined #ubuntu === HiddenWolf [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Ofe [i=] has joined #Ubuntu [11:03] paul__, you would have to find the appropriate place in the startup scripts, and do something like lsmod > filename, so you can look at the file later === blue-frog [n=james@] has joined #ubuntu [11:03] Seveas: ping [11:03] paul__, but if there aren't any video related modules loaded, then it would be a waste of time [11:03] bluefoxicy, ICMP HOST UNREACHABLE - CC meeting in progress [11:04] Seveas: oh, ok. Heh. [11:04] can someone help me set up samba so I can share my printer? === bluefoxicy guesses he'll have to wait. [11:04] sethk, I see vesafb, vga16fb, and vgastate [11:05] my card is noticed in lspci, but how do I configure it? is there an application in gnome? [11:05] paul__, you might check /var/log/messages, see if one or more of those write a message to the log on startup [11:05] its a pcmcia card === mdiep [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [11:05] paul__, you might be able to see it being inserted after the probe. Or you might not, but it never hurts to look. [11:05] I did not think so...hmm [11:05] hey, i just installed ubuntu, and i have it dual booted with xphome, and now once i go into xp, all my drivers are missing, and i can't get on the internet. can anybody help me? [11:05] paul__, have you tried the apt-get command that reconfigures X? === xet7 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:06] paul__, it's a shot in the dark but it's a shot in the dark that might just work === zenrox [n=zenrox@] has joined #ubuntu === lilo [i=levin@freenode/staff/pdpc.levin] has joined #ubuntu === diubidone [n=diubidon@] has joined #ubuntu [11:06] paul__, back up your /etc/xorg.conf file first, both as a precaution and so we can see if anything changed === emuzesto [n=] has left #ubuntu ["[IRSSI] ] [11:06] How do I create PDF printer in Ubuntu? [11:07] does "sudo apt-get install linux-source-2.6.12" include the right ubuntu kernel source?? [11:07] sethk, grep for the module name you mean? I don't see anything informative [11:07] help! My usb pen drive won't mount === iCe [n=] has joined #ubuntu === bighil [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [11:07] tar jxvf /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.12.tar.bz2; cd linux-source-2.6.12/ [11:07] cp /boot/config-2.6.12-9-386 .config [11:07] eh screw it, I'll e-mail canonical [11:07] sudo make-kpkg kernel_image [11:07] dpkg -i ../kernel-image-2.6.12_10.00.Custom_i386.deb [11:07] ^^^ i can't boot that kernel because it doesn't include raid support... [11:07] is it possible to force mount of pendrive? === pingus [n=] has joined #ubuntu === emuzesto [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:07] sethk, I haven't tried reconfiguring, but I'll give it a shot. What's the command? [11:07] I feel like such a novice in here...I've been using linux for...3 [11:07] paul__, the probe getting different results is the only real clue we have, and that does point at a kernel thing === bur[n] er [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:08] Xlib: extension "XFree86-DRI" missing on display ":0.0". < i have DRI enabled; why is this still happening? [11:08] paul__, I can never remember that one, but it was just here recently [11:08] what am i doing wrong? [11:08] Is it normal for the upgrades to be so BIG? 63Mb? [11:08] ok [11:08] SoulPropagation, that's the X windows dri module, not the kernel dri module === moo gives up his mozilla problems [11:08] how about flash [11:08] ok, again... i print from ubuntu to windows printers ok (no problem) but.. printing from windows "how the hell?" [11:08] has anyone ever gotten flash working? [11:08] specifically sound [11:08] somebody give us the apt-get that reconfigures x-ort? [11:08] xorg? === gnomefreak [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:08] tes === Welshwonder [n=] has joined #ubuntu === bur[n] er [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:08] sethk: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg [11:08] moo:" with mozilla? Yes [11:09] sigh [11:09] SoulPropagation, thanks much. paul__ you see it? [11:09] any way to fix it in firefox? [11:09] SoulPropagation: I have a Canon printer and it is 1 year old but doesnt appear in the printer list! how can I get it to work [11:09] since mozilla cant install [11:09] maybe i can get a .deb from [11:09] fix what in firefox? [11:09] moo: Ooh..doesn't mozilla come with ubuntu? [11:09] hey, i just installed ubuntu, and i have it dual booted with xphome, and now once i go into xp, all my drivers are missing, and i can't get on the internet. can anybody help me? [11:09] trappist: show off your screeny ;-) [11:09] flash sound [11:09] mozilla does come with ubuntu [11:09] lightbright, was it plugged and running at boot time? [11:09] Simimi, not with mine, and it wont apt-get [11:09] moo: read the wiki about ln -s to get flash working [11:09] !tell moo about flash [11:10] where do I put a cron job to ensure it gets run? Got the ddclient sample and I want it to run twice a month. [11:10] can you be more specific? or do i need to search 'ln -s' in the wiki [11:10] surely there is more than one mention of symbolic links [11:10] blue-frog: no it was off. but it doesnt even appear in the printing list for me to chose [11:10] lightbright: System menu --> Admin --> Printers [11:10] sethk, yes, trying it now [11:10] bur[n] er, i HAVE flash im trying to get sound to work [11:10] SoulPropagation: yes but my printer doesnt appear in the list [11:10] moo: did you read that page? [11:10] lightbright, try to reboot with printer on and plugged [11:10] blue-frog: you mean if printer is on during bootime, Ubuntu will pick it up? [11:10] moo: look for "flash issues" :P [11:10] Heres a question for you, why can't i access my harddrive in ubuntu? [11:10] is the ubuntu source kernel named something else? [11:11] sethk, oh, should I get out of X to do this? it's a console app that says it's going to probe the video hardware [11:11] ok [11:11] lightbright: shrugs i don't know much about printers === crafteh [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:11] oh [11:11] lightbright, nuch better than hotplug certainly [11:11] paul__, it's definitely better, yes. :) [11:11] bur[n] er, : i tried that yesterday [11:11] blue-frog: ok will try! and if it doesnt pick it up and it doesnt appear in list, what can I do? [11:11] I do not think my Ubuntu has any sound, it will not play any form of music or media file, and my flash on mozilla has no sound either, now that you mention it Moo....hmm [11:11] didnt work [11:11] paul__, you know how to get into console mode? [11:11] how do I check how fast my cpu is currently running? [11:11] sethk, no [11:11] Welshwonder: is it mounted? === technomanc1 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:11] here's what i want, sound in flash or a working mozilla [11:11] sethk, unless you mean runlevel 1 [11:11] How do you mean by mounted? [11:11] paul__, do control-alt-f1 to get to a console, log in as root, and go to runlevel 3 (init 3) [11:11] jcole, linux-header [11:11] moo: both tips? [11:11] Welshwonder: man mount [11:11] It just says I don't have access [11:11] deb http://{serv}/Ubuntu breezy main restricted universe multiverse [11:11] deb-src http://{serv}/Ubuntu breezy main restricted universe multiverse [11:11] paul__, 3, not 1 [11:12] yup [11:12] sethk, ok, 3. Told you I was a bit rusty [11:12] paul__, normally it wouldn't matter but in this case I believe 3 is better [11:12] Welshwonder: you have to mount it first [11:12] blue-frog: ? [11:12] paul__, because 3 is basically "all the way up but not running graphics" === kennygow [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [11:12] Welshwonder: is it hdb? [11:12] how do I check how fast my cpu is currently running? [11:12] crafteh: cat /proc/cpuinfo [11:12] thanks [11:12] HDA [11:12] Does anyone know why that is? MY ubuntu will not play any form of media or music file, and I also do not seem to have sound in firefox, though I have flash? [11:13] sethk, damn, how do I abort out of this dpkg-reconfigure? [11:13] there's no exit or quit options [11:13] anybody want to suggest a simple desktop RSS reader? [11:13] Welshwonder: mount /dev/hda1 /mnt [11:13] paul__, probably control-c [11:13] argh. [11:13] paul__: close the terminal window [11:13] so yeah [11:13] lightbright, reboot and then it will be time for questions if the printer's still not there [11:13] if I have a centrino (pentium m) how do I control how it speedsteps? It seems to be stuck on the slowest mhz? [11:13] i take it flash just doesnt work with sound under ubuntu? [11:13] SoulPropagation, thanks [11:13] blue-frog: you mean "sudo make-kpkg kernel_image kernel_headers" ? [11:13] blue-frog: ok will reboot later and let you know, thanks [11:13] hi. Is there someone who can help me find out what package to install to get write(3) man-pages? please [11:13] i mean, im sitting here listening to an mp3 i dont think my soundcard is broke [11:13] <_jason> moo, it does [11:14] sethk: the xorg reconfigurator doesn't do ^C [11:14] sethk, ok, going to lose IRC again when I go to console [11:14] jcole, synaptic search for linux-header [11:14] Welshwonder: work ok? [11:14] back in a bit [11:14] I have same problem as Moo, but my ubuntu will not play any form of music or media [11:14] SoulPropagation, depends on whether you start it from a terminal. If you do, then you can control-c it [11:14] sethk: i don't think so [11:14] about my question for pure data, I found the solution... that is to initialize snd_seq with modprobe. [11:14] mount: according to mtab, /dev/hda1 is mounted on /media/hda1 [11:14] Interesting, apt just attempted to remove ubuntu-desktop from my dapper box. Anyone can share some wisdom on this? [11:14] blue-frog: why? [11:14] SoulPropagation, try it. I just did [11:14] bah: media is overrated [11:14] SoulPropagation, you are probably confused about what I mean. Not the _window_, the terminal it is run from [11:15] lightbright: mount: according to mtab, /dev/hda1 is mounted on /media/hda1 [11:15] blue-frog: i've got them installed already === edgar [n=edgar@] has joined #ubuntu [11:15] jcole, u wanr the kernel source to be installed so u can compile some stuff, no? [11:15] sethk: oooh, you mean bash -c dpkg-rec..... [11:15] strange that the answer is so simple while soo many people have problems with it... [11:15] jcole, ah ok [11:15] is linux-wlan-ng included with the core disc installation? [11:15] <_jason> moo, in hoary I had to ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ to get it to work, but there was no need in breezy. You can give it a try [11:15] blue-frog: some suff? [11:15] but I want to play .dat files... [11:15] SoulPropagation, yes, or just doing it at the command line after doing an su in a terminal === LjL [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:15] blue-frog: the kernel [11:15] hm actually its not ubuntus fault [11:16] it was coming out of my other sound card === moo sheepish [11:16] jcole, want to compile kernel, sry then can't help [11:16] question is, why? since i have everything set NOT to use that card [11:16] i thought sound preferences in gnome determined that.. [11:16] I have been using Linux for 3 days now, and I have found EVERYTHING is my fault, not the Ubuntu's fualt... [11:16] hah :p [11:16] if I have a centrino (pentium m) how do I control how it speedsteps? It seems to be stuck on the slowest mhz? === dmoyne [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:16] ah, i figured it out! [11:17] moo: it is true! Everything is all me, being stupid, not the OS [11:17] is there a way to install files using the web instead of apt-get install but end up with the same file? === LeeJunFan [n=] has joined #ubuntu === zapada [i=] has joined #ubuntu [11:17] is linux-wlan-ng installed with the core disc? [11:17] hello ! ; has anybody installed DOS with QEmu ? [11:17] hello, what's a 'grub geom error'? === MarcN [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [11:17] Grock: what do you mean "using the web"? [11:17] i get it when i try to boot off my usb stick that i got ubuntu to install grub on [11:17] thats the difference between windows and linux, windows protects you from your stupidity, linux just silently sits there and lets you fuck it all up [11:17] can you run linux or unix games on say windows? [11:17] <_jason> Grock, there is a way, but apt-get is a lot easier and better [11:17] firefox for example [11:17] Grock: put a .sh file on a website that opens a terminal and runs the apt-get install commands :) [11:18] gnomefreak: via qemu... yes [11:18] sethk, hmm, init 3 (and also telinit 3) seem to have left X running [11:18] moo: is so true...Linux is a very mean and hard OS..but I want to lrean, really.. it is the only OS that has actual thai system support on it... [11:18] moo: nope, you are wrong about linux letting you mess up. enable rm -i, mv -i, cp -i in your .bashrc [11:18] ty bur[n] er [11:18] well for the case where i don't want to apt-get update but I just want one program? [11:18] paul__, really? I've never seen that. Then do init 1 [11:18] robotgeek: lol, those three commands are not the only ways to make a mistake [11:18] moo: ubuntu protects you from your own stupity ex. typos or not thinking and typing something [11:18] paul__, there is nothing magic about the init levels, but it would be very strange for ubuntu to not do the same thing as all the others [11:18] moo: Linux==== SCARY [11:18] gnomefreak: I have dowloaded a DOS image : how do I proceed ? [11:18] moo: most of it, tho [11:18] <_jason> Grock, i'm not sure I understand what you mean [11:19] i've seen it for debian [11:19] moo: conversely... windows doesn't let you do anything and restricts you while linux leaves you in control [11:19] heh well ive botched several linux installs over the years and cp and rm never had anything to do with it [11:19] moo: you could always make an alias for rm to mv files to your /.Trash [11:19] dmoyne, i hate DOS hence the reason i use linux [11:19] Grock: if you want one program, you "apt-get install " (or "aptitude install ", which i would say is better) -- i don't understand you either [11:19] online access for the tarballs that I could manually compile the same sources that apt-get would grab. === Lightcycler [n=Legirons@] has joined #ubuntu === gdub [n=] has joined #ubuntu === diubidone [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:20] Grock: you can get any source and compile it all day if you want... ubuntu doesn't stop you from doing that === hardeep_ is now known as rawr [11:20] for a live session [11:20] ok I was trying to install something and it says...I need a GLIB.. so I did a google for GLIB but I do not understand wjhat it -is-, can eannyone explain it to me? === rawr is now known as rawrr === wolfram [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:20] please help i need to mount a pen drive it's urgent [11:20] Grock: if you actually want to compile the stuff, just "apt-get source " and you'll have the sources in your current directory [11:20] apt-get source will give you sources i think [11:20] gnomefreak : I need DOS to run a DOS application === Lightcycler [n=Legirons@] has left #ubuntu ["seeya!"] [11:20] my pen wont' mount [11:20] Grock, you get more programs (things) sometimes when you compile the source code [11:20] diubidone: using gnome? === lanjelot [n=lanjelot@] has joined #ubuntu [11:21] nobody knows ? [11:21] sorry newbie what u mean? [11:21] burner but there is a source specific to ubuntu somewhere that apt-get grabs, all i'm asking is if I can use firefox to download the source instead of apt-get. === ceYaauZiu [n=] has joined #ubuntu === ceYaauZiu is now known as peiFRuuQT [11:21] Grock: yes === peiFRuuQT [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [11:21] yeah its in sources.list [11:21] bur[n] er : have installed DOS with QEmu ? [11:21] pretty shure you can browse to those sources [11:21] <_jason> ubotu, tell grock about checkinstall [11:21] dmoyne: hell no ;) === Aegir [n=richard@] has joined #ubuntu [11:21] dmoyne, i would ask the room not me i dont use a DOS and dont care to the reason i asked about linux games on windows is cause a freind wants some games [11:22] help i need to mount a pen drive [11:22] well thank you for everything all! Bye bye! [11:22] Eek! Ok one more question === copernico__ [n=gerencia@] has joined #ubuntu [11:22] hey, i just installed ubuntu, and i have it dual booted with xphome, and now once i go into xp, all my drivers are missing, and i can't get on the internet. can anybody help me? [11:22] hi. Do you a way to list the history who the last installed packages ? [11:22] dmoyne: why would i make a cadillac work like an old model a [11:22] Grock: yes, you can. but what does this have to do with compiling from source? anyway, of course you can use firefox, just look at the repository's URL, and give it to Firefox [11:22] gnomefreak, your friend installs linux and he will have plenty of games [11:22] Other than Gaim, are there any other messengers for Ubuntu that let me use all the messenger apps? OR, is there a way to have gaim support microphone? [11:22] kopete [11:22] but it sucks [11:22] gnomefreak: seen the open cd? [11:23] guys, thanks === dmoyne [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Kopete] [11:23] help i need to mount a pen drive [11:23] help i need to mount a pen drive [11:23] so there is no mic for Gaim? [11:23] diubidone: quit spamming [11:23] blue-frog, if she had any idea of computers i wouold say for her to go for it but she barley knows how to turn it on and i dont mean that in exagration === iUitsoodo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:23] rawrr, u should try #windows for windows problem, if your drivers are missing it's not a linux fault [11:23] Simimi: Gaim 2.0 is supposed to have support for SIP [11:23] i think [11:23] bur[n] er, open cd? [11:23] diubidone, im pretty sure everyone heard u the first time, [11:23] gnomefreak, so windows or linux won't be a difference to her.. === iUitsoodo [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === Phemon [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:24] technomanc1: What is SiP? and... how do I know if I have Gaim 2.0? I do apt-get update and upgrade 2 times a I would assume it is there [11:24] diubidone: sudo mkdir /media/pendrive && sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/pendrive -t vfat [11:24] SiP is voip i believe [11:24] lol blue-frog good point but i dont want to be there teaching her or fixing it for her everyday [11:24] Simimi: gaim 2 is not in the repos [11:24] gnomefreak, I bet she spells better than you do. [11:24] moo: Ohh.. ok I know what that is..ok thanks! [11:24] robotgeek: I thought everything was in the repository... [11:24] gaim 2 is still cvs.... probably a good ways off. === paul__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:25] Simimi: no, gaim 2.0 is very unstable [11:25] is gnome-bluetooth really the best set of bluetooth utilities for gnome? i'd like a drag & drool interface better. i guess gnome has spoiled me :) [11:25] Oooooooooooooooooohhh ok [11:25] sethk, good call, it worked === copernico__ [n=gerencia@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"] [11:25] gnomefreak, fixing? linux? I guess you are already fixing her windows everyday so give you abreak and install her ubuntu [11:25] sethk, i dont know prolly [11:25] sethk, I did it in runlevel 1, though === iamkirk [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:25] ok thats all, thank you all so much, bye bye... unless there really -is- a wauy to make the terminal understand thai commands? [11:25] LjL excactly what i'm after the web address of the repository [11:25] blue-frog, no her husband fixes windows [11:25] paul__, well, at least it worked. :) [11:25] anyone mind giving me a hand ? === kzin [n=Adi@] has joined #ubuntu [11:25] sethk, X was still running when I switched to runlevel 3 [11:25] Simimi: course there is! [11:26] ty bur[n] er im looking at it now [11:26] sethk, I just rebooted and it came up 1600x1200. Thanks [11:26] LjL I cant find it anywhere [11:26] CoulPropagation REALLY????? [11:26] iamkirk, sometimes it's noisy, you have to ask twice. I know, you get yelled at sometimes for asking twice also ... :) [11:26] Amaranth:what's &&? [11:26] paul__, np === Fanfoua [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:26] Grock: look in /etc/apt/sources.list - and then, for the exact subdirectory of a single package, "apt-cache show " will show you [11:26] which linux kernel do i install [11:26] diubidone: it means "run this other command after the first one finishes" [11:26] could you paste it for me === Phemon [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === Crasp [i=] has joined #ubuntu [11:26] SoulPropagation: I have the thai keyboard and system settings ernabled, but the terminal des not understand the Thai commands.... [11:26] i have no idea what the difference is between them i am a linux newb [11:26] my /etc/apt/sources.list is hosed === auxtony78 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:26] iamkirk, almost always, the default kernel is fine [11:27] do thai characters show up in the terminal [11:27] lut!! [11:27] !tell Grock about sources [11:27] iamkirk, try it. if not, you can always try another. unless you have unusual hardware, though, you won't have to worry about it [11:27] iamkirk, are u installing the expert way? [11:27] iamkirk I hate being a linux newb....I feel your pain [11:27] linux 386 .... linux image 386..... linux image 2.6.12-9-386 ? === Lars_G [n=lars@unaffiliated/lars-g/x-000001] has joined #ubuntu [11:27] !java [11:27] SoulPropagation: yes and no [11:27] To install Java/Sun Java see Java on and also see !javadebs [11:27] java [11:27] it says mount point doesn't exist [11:27] ?java === ^Norris^ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:28] <^Norris^> wenas [11:28] Lars_G: what are you trying to do? [11:28] robotgeek: I already did. === Yarou [i=] has joined #ubuntu === Yarou [i=] has left #ubuntu [] [11:28] diubidone, create the mount point then [11:28] Lars_G: hmm, kk [11:28] anyone familiar with post-feb-2005 ibooks? bluetooth not working for me. also resume from sleep panics the kernel in usbcore [11:28] Simimi: do the characters show up when you type em [11:28] how? [11:28] diubidone: sudo mkdir /media/pendrive && sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/pendrive -t vfat [11:28] SoulPropagation: sometimes they will, but they are often not clearly legible, or are mistaken on the keyboard bindings...and a comand such as 'ls' does not transfer to 'lor sor' [11:28] diubidone: Run that _exact_ command. [11:28] <^Norris^> i hav a problem === u-sun [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:29] SoulPropagation: on tty1 no, but on the terminal in the Gui yes [11:29] linux 386 .... linux image 386..... linux image 2.6.12-9-386 ? very confused [11:29] same [11:29] <^Norris^> mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/hda5, [11:29] <^Norris^> missing codepage or other error [11:29] iamkirk: so, do you know what kind of machine you have? an intel processor? an amd processor? [11:29] anyone have an educated preference [11:29] intel [11:29] ^Norris^: your /home died? === horizon5 [n=] has left #ubuntu ["adios] [11:29] centrino laptop [11:29] someone know how to use epiphany sidebar ? [11:29] iamkirk: use linux-686 [11:29] 1.6 ghz ati video [11:29] <^Norris^> um [11:29] <^Norris^> ???? [11:29] well ok, we can enable it for the xterms [11:29] 686!?!?! [11:29] again I have to ask how to access the ubuntu repository search it and download with firefox new applications [11:29] <^Norris^> Amaranth,because [11:29] iamkirk: if it's a modern machine, use the 686 kernel [11:29] how do you make ksmoothdock always on top? [11:29] ^Norris^: what is /dev/hda5? [11:30] its not in the list [11:30] iamkirk: yes, a centrino is an i686 family chip [11:30] hey, what is the offlist chat again? [11:30] Simimi: do gedit /.bashrc [11:30] SoulPropagation maybe I just do not know the Thai commands...I mean the Thai works fine, just the commands is the problem [11:30] <^Norris^> the partition linux / [11:30] and go down to the bottom [11:30] iamkirk: linux-686 and linux-image-686 are both metapackages [11:30] crimsun: centrino is a platform, the cpu is pentium m [11:30] if i go to my computer directory i see the usb pen drive but its like i have no permissions [11:30] wow === shedi [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:30] Amaranth: yes, I know [11:30] type in alias [lor character] [sor character] ='ls' [11:30] im never leaving this room [11:30] there are no thai commands === Angelfish [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:30] i think i know things and then get wtfpwnt [11:30] iamkirk: sure it is. in a terminal window, do this: "apt-cache search linux-image | grep 686" [11:31] it says impossible to do pmount when i click on the icon [11:31] <^Norris^> please, which [11:31] <^Norris^> ?? [11:31] <^Norris^> Amaranth [11:31] wow , im in love with linux [11:31] so when apt-get install doesn't work can i use firefox to get stuff from the repositories? [11:31] and you guys [11:31] then save it and pop open a terminal and try typing [lor character] [sor character] [11:31] ^Norris^: what is /dev/hda5? [11:31] much <3 [11:31] I also love linux, but it is very hard to learn, it is very daunting at times [11:31] diubidone: it seems you are not in the 'plugdev' group [11:31] iamkirk, if ubuntu is already installed on your laptop, leave it as it is it will be fine.. === TCTCH [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:31] hey all, im having some toruble installing a new window decoration, its the first thing ive had to compile, and im getting this error when doing ./configure. configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH [11:31] See `config.log' for more details any ideas on how to fix this? [11:31] how do i fix that? [11:31] so much special language, as if English wasn't hard enough grumble [11:31] diubidone: add yourself to it (in the 'users and groups' tool), then restart your session === WildZeck [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:32] Grock: yes, and then you can install it using "dpkg -i ". i don't quite see why you should do this, but anyway [11:32] Angelfish: sudo apt-get install build-essential [11:32] diubidone: the command line way: sudo adduser yourloginname plugdev [11:32] well, thank you all SO MUCH! === maestro [n=maestro@] has joined #ubuntu === _jason [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:32] <^Norris^> /dev/hda5 is linux ext3, the dirctory / [11:32] Bye Bye! [11:32] Simimi: does it work? [11:32] Grock: keep in mind, though, that many packages have dependencies, i.e. they need other packages to work -- so, often, downloading just the package you want is not enough! === Simimi [n=] has left #ubuntu [] === Red-Sox is now known as red-sox_away === leif_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === fsmw [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:32] ^Norris^: ok, so you're going to need a live cd [11:32] diubidone: or tick 'Use removable devices' option in the users admin tool [11:32] where i can find a sources.list to 5.04? [11:32] ^Norris^: you're going to have to boot from the live cd and run fsck /dev/hda5 [11:32] <^Norris^> ok [11:33] ok ill try that thank god for u guys!!! [11:33] <^Norris^> yes [11:33] robotgeek, thanks [11:33] <^Norris^> but not tun [11:33] <^Norris^> not run [11:33] ubotu: tell maestro about sources [11:33] <^Norris^> look === MikeStyle [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:33] ^Norris^: You mean you tried that and it didn't work? === zkincaid [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:33] thanks for the responce but I'm looking for the URL for the ubuntu web repository. [11:33] <^Norris^> root@ubuntu:/var/log# fsck /dev/hda5 [11:33] <^Norris^> fsck 1.38 (30-Jun-2005) [11:33] <^Norris^> e2fsck 1.38 (30-Jun-2005) [11:33] <^Norris^> No se puede encontrar el sper bloque del ext2, est intentando respaldar los bloques... [11:33] <^Norris^> fsck.ext2: Bad magic number in super-block mientras se intentaba abrir /dev/hda5 [11:33] <^Norris^> El sper bloque podra no ser leido o no describe un sistema de ficheros ext2 correcto. [11:33] <^Norris^> Si el dispositivo es vlido y en verdad contiene un sistema de ficheros ext2 (y no uno === gnomefreak is now known as gnomefreak_away [11:33] <^Norris^> de intercambio, ufs o algo ms), entonces el sper bloque est corrompido [11:33] <^Norris^> y podra intentarse correr el e2fsck con un sper bloque alternativo: [11:33] ack [11:33] <^Norris^> e2fsck -b 8193 === zkincaid [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] === kejot [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:34] ^Norris^: read the topic please [11:34] ^Norris^: Please use pastebin to paste large ammounts of text. [11:34] <^Norris^> ?? === orbx [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Computer] === kejot [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [11:34] <^Norris^> ok [11:34] how to make debian? [11:34] ^Norris^: And I can't read spanish. [11:34] norris: type /topic [11:34] i tried compiling a program and when i got to make i got this error : [11:34] dirkvdbroek: ? [11:34] brb === Ron_o [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:35] ^Norris^: try #ubuntu-es === emile [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:35] MikeStyle: The real error is higher up. [11:35] dirkvdbroek: get 1000 of your best friends to work for your cause, and get the rest of the world to believe in it. easy [11:35] <^Norris^> ok [11:35] Amaranth, what do you mean? === Ophiocus [n=Ubuntusb@] has joined #ubuntu [11:35] MikeStyle: You didn't paste enough, the actual error is a couple lines above what you pasted. === foxiness [n=nayif@] has joined #ubuntu [11:35] <^Norris^> SoulPropagation, no tiene niidea [11:35] topyli: hahaha! nice [11:35] MikeStyle: that the part you pasted doesn't mean a thing, without the lines that preceed it [11:35] :) [11:36] robotgeek, got another one for ya =D checking for X... configure: error: Can't find X includes. Please check your installation and add the correct paths! [11:36] Angelfish: install the x-window-system-dev package [11:36] Angelfish: what are you trying to compile? [11:36] <^Norris^> ok [11:36] <^Norris^> but, said [11:36] <^Norris^> you said that i have to do [11:36] <^Norris^> please [11:36] Angelfish: aptitude install xlibs-dev === [A] ndy80 [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [11:36] robotgeek, just a window decoration [11:36] guys how do i get my card to work? [11:36] ^Norris^: quieres hablar "idea" o "niidea"? porque no s "niidea" [11:36] thanks guys [11:36] here you go guys: [11:36] and where can i find a sdk1.5 .deb? [11:36] pcmcia ? [11:37] <^Norris^> SoulPropagation, private please === orbx [n=] has joined #ubuntu === u-sun is now known as sunsun [11:37] hello [11:37] does anyone know how to split a screen ? [11:37] i have the card it lspci shows hte card [11:37] but i dont kno how to activate this? [11:37] MikeStyle: ick, i don't debug C++, sorry [11:37] split a screen on the hoary version of ubuntu [11:37] .. === Decadent [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:37] Does anyone know how to print a list of mysql users added via the ubuntu terminal? [11:37] Amaranth, LjL robotgeek thanks for your help. [11:37] sunsun: ^a then S (case-sensitive) === soci0path [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:38] MikeStyle: install kdelibs4-dev === MarcN [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:38] smc, what do you mean [11:38] gnome-bluetooth seriously is not very friendly. is there no better GUI for file transfer over BT? [11:39] smo, I'm assuming you mean 'gnu screen' ? [11:39] smc, is this in terminal?? === annaandlev [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:39] sunsun, I think I may be confused as to what screen you're splitting [11:39] <^Norris^> SoulPropagation, said me that i can do [11:39] haha now it says i need to get QT support, anyone know what package that would be? [11:39] /findtext $me === pramz [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:39] GUI screen? === tvelocity [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [11:39] hi [11:39] LjL, it is installed already? [11:39] oops [11:39] i have a lexmark x83 printer [11:39] smc, yes on gnome === gnomefreak_away is now known as gnomefreak [11:39] how do i set it up? [11:40] smc, i am on hoary ubuntu platform [11:40] Angelfish: qt3-dev-tools, or (probably better) kdelibs4-dev [11:40] and where can i find a .deb pack for javasdk? [11:40] i have a lexmark x83 printer; how do i set it up? === mikul [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:40] MikeStyle: try installing kdebase-dev, though that should be already installed too if kdelibs4-dev is === flora [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:40] <_jason> annaandlev, your best resource is probably [11:40] LjL, thanks =D, and any idea where libjpeg would be? [11:40] sunsun, disregard my answer entirely then .. I thought you meant a program called 'screen' (which splits quite nicely, but is unrelated to what you're trying to do) [11:40] !ubotu java [11:40] To install Java/Sun Java see Java on and also see !javadebs [11:40] what version of postgresql comes with ubuntu? [11:40] MikeStyle: also, try re-running ./configure [11:41] !javadebs [11:41] I guess javadebs is at Sun Java debs packaged for breezy are at Sun Java debs packaged for breezy are at [11:41] Angelfish: libjpeg62-dev [11:41] LjL, base wasnt installed 0_o [11:41] !tell angelfish about auto-apt [11:41] !tell angelfish about autodeb [11:41] how do you use composite to give windows shadows? [11:41] !composite [11:41] well, composite is at -- make sure you read the whole thread. === red-sox_away is now known as Red-Sox === pramz [n=] has joined #ubuntu === Ofe [i=] has left #Ubuntu [] [11:42] MikeStyle: weird, it's supposed to be a dependency [11:42] SoulPropagation: in the foreseeable future, you don't if you want to remain sane :) [11:42] flora: hoary: 7.4, breezy: 7.4 and 8.0, dapper: 8.1 [11:42] thanks alot LjL [11:42] it worked [11:42] LjL, thanks =D [11:42] np [11:42] topyli: uh oh [11:42] <^Norris^> root@ubuntu:/var/log# fsck /dev/hda5 [11:42] <^Norris^> fsck 1.38 (30-Jun-2005) [11:42] <^Norris^> e2fsck 1.38 (30-Jun-2005) [11:42] <^Norris^> No se puede encontrar el sper bloque del ext2, est intentando respaldar los bloques... [11:42] <^Norris^> fsck.ext2: Bad magic number in super-block mientras se intentaba abrir /dev/hda5 [11:42] LjL, ./config is a compile command right? [11:42] <^Norris^> El sper bloque podra no ser leido o no describe un sistema de ficheros ext2 correcto. [11:42] <^Norris^> Si el dispositivo es vlido y en verdad contiene un sistema de ficheros ext2 (y no uno [11:42] <^Norris^> de intercambio, ufs o algo ms), entonces el sper bloque est corrompido [11:42] <^Norris^> y podra intentarse correr el e2fsck con un sper bloque alternativo: [11:42] <^Norris^> e2fsck -b 8193 === Harti [n=] has left #ubuntu ["-carpe] [11:42] SoulPropagation: i'm (only partly) kidding of course :) [11:42] ^Norris^, dont paste in here [11:42] <^Norris^> gnomefreak, please help [11:43] where can i find a .deb pack for javasdk? === kzin [n=Adi@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [11:43] ^Norris^, dont paste in here use pastebin [11:43] SoulPropagation: it is just very heavy and takes half of your machine's resources or so [11:43] gnomefreak: "./configure" is a script used by programs that use GNU Autoconf, and you must run it before trying to compile -- it creates a Makefile with (hopefully) the right options and defines === n0dl [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:43] !tell ^Norris^ about #ubuntu-es [11:43] ^Norris^, paste = [11:43] ^Norris^: no hablas outputo de terminalo en #ubuntu. use === spiff [n=] has left #ubuntu [] [11:44] ^Norris^, go to #ubuntu-es if you cant use englis === HiddenWolf [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:44] h [11:44] !es [11:44] Hispanohablantes: Por favor usen #ubuntu-es, alli obtendran mas ayuda. [11:44] !es [11:44] what should i use to d/l torrents? [11:44] I have recently installed mysql on ubuntu, and on mysqladmin in the terminal i can't do anything because i always get accessed denid, does anyone know what is wrong? [11:44] n0dl: gnome-btdownload [11:44] so what is pastebin [11:44] n0dl: ubuntu comes with something, just click on a torrent [11:44] orbx: i believe it defaults to root user, no password [11:44] i know but i did a base install so i can run XFCE on a clean install [11:44] have anyone package who install JAVA SDK? [11:44] orbx, running myspladmin under sudo? [11:45] GMachine_24, type /topic and click the pastebin link its where we paste info so it doesnt flood room === Pupeno [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:45] Angelfish > no should i? [11:45] ok gnome ty === vincent_ [n=vincent@] has joined #ubuntu [11:45] ubotu tell maestro about javadebs [11:46] maestro, go to the link ubotu sent you for java debs [11:46] if i do /topic and nothing happens i assume that means there is no pastebin for that topic? [11:46] orbx, id assume so if your getting access denied errors, give it a whirl [11:46] mysql doesn't work like that [11:46] Angelfish > i just did, but its a mysql error [11:46] there is its [11:46] orbx: the mysql user is root, the mysql password is nothing [11:46] oh [11:46] ty [11:46] yw [11:46] orbx: be sure to change the password to something good and make a new non-root user [11:47] Amaranth > thats what i have been using, what packages do i need to install to get it working properly? I think i have all of them. [11:47] that should be it === Ju [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:48] make sure the server is started and all that [11:48] Hi all ! [11:48] is there a package with the xmms headers ? [11:48] Zukero: xmms-dev? [11:48] nope [11:48] apt-get source xmms === rysiu [i=] has joined #ubuntu [11:48] now for the acid test - ununtu on the fujutsu laptop with atheros drivers [11:48] !info xmms-dev [11:48] Amaranth > how do i check if the mysql-server is started, or how do i start it ? [11:48] xmms-dev: (XMMS development static library and header files), section devel, is optional. Version: 1.2.10+cvs20050209-2ubuntu2 (breezy), Packaged size: 32 kB, Installed size: 176 kB [11:48] can anyone help me please! [11:48] ok [11:49] gotta update my source.list === Knowerrors [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:49] surfdue, have you asked or stated the problem? [11:49] lspci shows my card, the kernal cant read it [11:49] i am trying to get it to work with ndiswrapper [11:49] orbx: /etc/init.d/start mysql or something [11:49] err [11:49] anything i can do to get this card to work? [11:49] LjL, crystalclient.moc:130: error: 'KDecoration' has not been declared [11:49] /etc/init.d/mysql start [11:49] yea thats, same as apache [11:49] thankyou [11:49] LjL any idea on that one? that was a make error =/ [11:50] surfdue, ummmm how about what kind of card? im assuming networking but still dont know what kind it is [11:50] Angelfish: you should probably try make clean and re-configure... [11:50] I have ubuntu and windows ... should i install grub to the MBR ? [11:50] iamkirk, yes [11:50] Angelfish: can you give me a link to the sources? === navarone [n=] has joined #ubuntu === brittany [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:51] whoops, gotta go [11:51] hb Amaranth [11:51] iamkirk: works for me [11:51] hey guys, i need some help w/ my screen not working w/ ubuntu [11:51] iamkirk: yes, do it that way. grub will boot windows too if you want to [11:51] how do you restart X without zapping it? === robotgeek is now known as robotgeek_deli [11:52] SoulPropagation: what do you mean zapping it? [11:52] ctrl+alt+backspace [11:52] LjL: what gnomefreak said [11:52] ok [11:52] thanks [11:52] amfg ubuntu is back bitches [11:52] its a celebration :D [11:52] when i tried the live cd my screen went blank w/ a message that it was out of signal [11:52] range [11:52] anyone know how to get gxmame to config properly for x-mame...cannot get it to recognize my roms [11:52] Amaranth > i restarted the mysql server and i still get the same error, any other ideas? [11:53] gnomefreak, its gigafast WF721-AEX [11:53] :) [11:53] evening [11:53] SoulPropagation, either that way or log out theres also a command for it but i cant remember it off hand [11:53] anyone know? [11:53] SoulPropagation: "/etc/init.d/gdm restart" (subsitute gdm with your display manager) is a cleaner way, with the cleanest way clearly being logging out from your desktop [11:53] is it possible to make a wget on a directory ? === ciga [n=] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [11:53] surfdue, :( sorry never heard of it [11:53] eliphas_: yes, wget can mirror, read its man [11:54] uses realtek chips === emuzesto [n=] has left #ubuntu ["[IRSSI] ] [11:54] thanks === Cartesian1984 [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:54] Chipset: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8180L 802.11b MAC (rev 20) [11:54] got my fujutsu laptop install restarted with a vga= kernel parameter [11:54] surfdue, your on a mac im guessing? [11:55] surfdue, there is support for realtek gigabit in the kernel. might need a kernel rebuild, though === jundai [n=jundai@] has joined #ubuntu [11:55] no [11:55] im on pc === jundai [n=jundai@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"] [11:55] anyone seen that problem before? [11:55] Chipset: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8180L 802.11b MAC (rev 20) << mac address capable? === minimec [n=] has joined #ubuntu === marcin [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:56] alrighty... thanks guys. === copernico__ [n=gerencia@] has joined #ubuntu [11:56] brittany, im still waiting for a problem :( === jose__ [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:57] i need some help, i think i accidentally deleted some vital folders at /etc/rc5.d === john_ [n=] has joined #ubuntu === jigme [n=] has joined #ubuntu === copernico__ [n=gerencia@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"] [11:57] sambagirl could you please go to #ubuntu or #kubuntu and ask that i have the ban remooved please? [11:57] jigme why did they ban you? [11:57] sambagirl i have no idea? [11:57] sambagirl i was asked to use the /cycle command in #konversation and then next thing i know i am banned. === jigme [n=] has left #ubuntu ["A] === lorenzo [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:58] that was weird, since he's gone === gneale [n=] has joined #ubuntu [11:58] but he couldn't have been banned here, because he was here. :) [11:58] more than likely it was for pasting? [11:58] sorry, rc1.d [11:58] lol [11:58] hi, need help with the mail() function , can anyone help ? [11:59] Cartesian1984: can you boot into your system? === Arthemys [i=] has joined #ubuntu [11:59] LjL yea, sorry [11:59] anyone have any issue with new kernel? i wanna know what to look for when i reboot [11:59] LjL, [11:59] running breezy, with apache, php5 and mysql. I installed a portal and on some of the pages (registration, feedback) there is a form with which users should be able to contact me.