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Comfort Software: Comfort Keys - Hotkey Manager with On
Download comfort on screen keyboard lite serial number

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Stop typing the same text over and over again! Now you don't need to go through numerous menus to find the necessary program or web page.
With this multifunctional tool you can automate tedious and repetitive tasks. But no programming skills are needed.

Comfort Keys will help you to:

  • Launch the necessary programs and open web pages by pressing a single hotkey.
  • Insert predefined texts (email templates, signatures, passwords, greetings, phone numbers, addresses, etc.) using hotkeys or the built-in template manager.
  • Change the language and case of the typed text.
  • Control the sound volume in a quick and convenient manner.
  • Record key press sequences (macros) and play them back as many times as you need.
  • Block some keys or simulate the press of a specific key when another one is pressed.
  • And much more...

We also wanted to make your work simpler and more efficient by integrating several useful tools into Comfort Keys:

  • Virtual on-screen keyboard.
  • Clipboard manager.
  • An enhanced task switcher.
  • A current language flag which is always located next to the text cursor and helps determine the currently used language.
  • A history window for the previously launched applications with an ability to quick-launch them again.

Shortcut keys configured in the program work in all Microsoft Windows applications.
While specifying shortcut keys, you can use any keys including NumLock and CapsLock.

The built-in on-screen keyboard will help you to select a comfortable keyboard combination and afterwards this on-screen keyboard will show you what shortcut keys are available for you.

It is easy to use Comfort Keys in workgroups. To do it, just save the shortcut file to a network resource and configure it to be used on every workstation.

The software is completely compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Compare Editions

Features Lite Pro
Themes: an ability to configure interface themes
Sounds: an ability to assign sounds to program events
Colors: an ability to configure theme colors
Support: priority technical support
Upgrade: wherever Comfort Keys gets upgraded, you will be able to use the latest version of it free of charge
Initial setup wizard
Dependencies: an ability to change the settings depending on the currently active application
Quick start from the Windows context menu
Standard hotkey sets
Advanced task switching window
Process history window
The program toolbar in the Windows taskbar
On-Screen Keyboard
Multi-touch support for Windows 7 and hardware that supports it (touch input is available with 255 touch points)
Gestures function support (fast entering of capital letters, spaces, etc.)
Customizing: an ability to customize the keyboard layout and create your own keyboard types
The number of available types of the on-screen keyboards 20 60+
Zooming: an ability to change the size of the keyboard
Word auto-complete function
A floating window for starting the on-screen keyboard
An icon for starting the keyboard next to the text cursor
Advanced language bar 2 languages
Application shortcut icons that are shown on the on-screen keyboard
Development: support of programmatic control of the on-screen keyboard
Special characters: an ability to display symbols accessible via Ctrl and Ctrl+Shift
Logon: An ability to show the on-screen keyboard before logging into the system
Additional options for comfortable typing: auto-repeat function, automatic keypresses (hover mode), etc.
Clipboard Manager
The maximum number of fragments stored in the clipboard history 100 No Limit
Storing: An ability to configure the clipboard data directory
Data encryption
A preview area for clipboard history fragments
Formats: an ability to paste the contents of the clipboard in a predefined format
Filtering: an ability to filter fragments of the clipboard manager
Favorites: an ability to configure the favorites fragments of the clipboard manager
Editing: an ability to edit text fragments
Hotkeys: an ability to assign a hotkey for any fragment
Hiding: an ability to name fragments (for example, giving a name to a password)
Typing assistant
The number of simultaneously supported switchable languages 2 No Limit
Text templates: an ability to work with text templates
Standard template sets
Word auto-complete (auto-text) function
An icon with the Caps Lock status and the selected language next to the text cursor
Advanced language bar
Text template encryption
Price $ 19.95 $ 29.95
Volume Discounts Available
Free Download</</td> Free Download</</td>

Keyboard Shortcuts Settings
Keyboard Shortcuts Settings

On-Screen Keyboard
On-Screen Keyboard

Clipboard Manager
Clipboard Manager

Templates Manager
Templates Manager


Initial Settings Wizard
Initial Settings Wizard

Caret Flag
Caret Flag

Advanced Language bar
Advanced Language bar

Windows Context Menu
Windows Context Menu

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