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Text Speaker 3.21 Full and Cracked

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Free text to speech with Naturally. - Free NaturalReader
Text Speaker Cracked - FileFixation - Download Full

Allow students to listen to textbooks, classnotes…

Help people with dyslexia, reading challenges or visual impairment

Allow multi-tasking: listen to your eBooks while walking, running or commuting

Make proofreading effective

Learn English or other languages

Convert text from Word, PDF, Webpages or eBooks into mp3 or wav files.

Turn any printed documents or ebooks into speech and audio files.

Sync your documents between desktop, iPhone, iPad and android devices, so you can listen anywhere, anytime.

Help people with dyslexia, reading challenges or visual impairments.

  • Highlights text when reading
  • Large fonts
  • High contrast color interface
  • Typing Echo
  • Spelling Check
  • Word prediction

Natural-Sounding Voices

Over 11 languages and over 50 voices, including children’s voices.

Text to speech and sound files

Convert any text or document into natural-sounding voices and even to mp3 or wav files.


Works with Microsoft Word, PDF, eBook (ePUb), text and rtf files.

OCR with printed documents

You can take photos of your printed document with your camera or your cellphone, and NaturalReader can convert the photos to text and then read the text to you.

OCR with eBooks

NaturalReader can help you listen to e-books or e-textbooks from any vendor.


Listen to webpages directly.

Change speaker and speed

You can change the reader and reading speed at any time.

Floating Bar

Using the handy tool, you can listen to text in other applications.

Batch converter

Convert multiple documents to MP3 at same time.

Conversation control

With XML tags, you can change the speaker, speed, or add strategic pauses, which is very useful when creating mp3 files with different readers.

Pronunciation Editor

You can manually modify the pronunciation of a certain word. For example, you can change “btw” to be read as “by the way”.

In-software Help

If you encounter any problems when using NaturalReader, just click “chat”, and you will get help from our support team.

New Arrivals Free text to speech with Naturally. - Free NaturalReader Text Speaker Cracked - FileFixation - Download Full