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We are excited to announce FL Studio Mobile 3 is finally available on all platforms Android, iOS (Apple) and Windows App. FL Studio Mobile 3 is a free update for all FL Studio Mobile 2 owners from Android and iOS.



Watch the Complete FL Studio Mobile 3 Video Tutorial Playlist Here


FL Studio Mobile 3 is a complete ground-up re-write of our mobile platform. Please watch the video above and make the decision whether they stay with the current design or migrate to the new. If you want to stay with the current design TURN OFF AUTOMATIC UPDATES for FL Studio Mobile 2. The key point is that FLM 3 is a radical departure from FLM 2. It will require learning a whole new application and workflow.




Where can I get support?


See the FL Studio Mobile 3 support landing page. 


You can view the Users Manual here.


What OS formats are supported?

Android - Live in Google Play Store

FL Plugin - Get it here here


iOS - Live in the Apple Store


Windows App - Live in Windows Store

FL Mobile 3 works as an FL Studio format plugin. Start projects on the desktop and move to your mobile device and back again.


Is there a trial version?


If you want to trial FL Studio Mobile, download the FL Studio demo and test the FL Studio Mobile Plugin there.

Mobile 2 vs 3 project compatibility

FLM 2 projects will load in FLM 3, however they are not 100% identical sound wise. Due to architecture changes we can't maintain perfect consistency.


Purchased instruments


Your in-app purchased instruments will be transferred to the new version and will continue to work. No need to buy anything twice. If you purchase instruments on one platform AND REGISTER to your Image-Line Account, the additional content will be unlocked on all platforms and installations.


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