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Transcription Helper 1.1 Setup and Activation
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Audio Editor Pro 5.1 Setup and Activation
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Desktop Clock 3.2 lifetime license included

SwisSQL - Sybase to DB2 Edition 1.5 with serial key

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Talking Desktop Clock

A fun and very configurable desktop clock

Talking Desktop Clock is an extremely configurable clock for your desktop.

By default the program displays an analogue clock in the bottom right-hand corner of your desktop. Right-click its system tray icon and select Options, though, and you can tweak this in a host of different ways.

There are multiple clock styles available, for instance, from simple digital examples to the old style "classic wall clock" or "pocket watch". If you don't like the position of the clock, then enable dragging and you can move it wherever you like. And if you find a bulky desktop clock just a little intrusive, then you can make it largely transparent, or ditch the desktop clock entirely, and have the program replace the Windows taskbar clock, instead.

You can also have Talking Desktop Clock play your choice of chime every 15, 30 or 60 minutes, or at some custom interval. And it's possible to restrict this to a particular time of day, say 8:00am to 6:00pm. The program would then remind you of the time when you needed it, during the day, but otherwise stay quiet.

Of course, this is called the Talking Desktop Clock, so you can also have the program use Microsoft Speech and your chosen voice to say the time whenever you like.

Just in case this isn't enough, a separate Settings dialog provides even more options. There are configurable hotkeys you can use say the time or show and hide the clock, for example, as well as various mouse click settings (double-clicking the desktop clock can say the time, for instance, or show and hide the desktop clock).

And all this comes in a surprisingly compact package, which when running in the background typically required less than 2.5MB RAM on our test PC.

DS Clock (64-bit)

DS Clock 2.6.3 (64-bit)


A configurable clock for your desktop

Horloger V1.0 Final

Horloger 1.0 FINAL


A seriously sexy clock for your Windows desktop

HTC Home Apis 3.0

HTC Home Apis 3.0.621

Open Source

Monitor the time and the weather on your Windows desktop

HTC Home Apis Portable 3.0

HTC Home Apis Portable 3.0

Open Source

Monitor the time and the weather on your Windows desktop


Free HDD LED 2.03


Get an instant activity LED for each of your hard drives

Google Chrome Software Removal Tool 6.48.8

Google Chrome Cleanup Tool 7.56.1


Clean up and reset Google Chrome




Easily test file unlockers and other tools


AlwaysMouseWheel 3.61


Scroll any window, no need to select it first

Horloger 1.0 FINAL free download - Software reviews Sharp World Clock - Desktop Time Zone Clock, Time Zone