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DBConvert for FoxPro and MySQL 4.5.5 not

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DBConvert and DBSync products offer painless database migration and synchronization from MySQL to Foxpro or from Foxpro to MySQL database with a few simple steps.

The software can be used for a one-time conversion if you need to migrate data between MySQL and MS FoxPro or it can synchronize the last database changes for tracking updated, inserted, and deleted records. DBConvert and DBSync are equipped with Built-in Scheduler to arrange launching of all conversion and synchronization sessions at regular time intervals.

Command line interface is also supported to run the jobs manually and speed up the export of any previously stored session/ job.

The program is easy to configure and gives users the opportunity to move all database tables or only theirs individual elements in one go. For example, it can copy table structures, indexes and records to choose from or mirror all of the tables in a new fresh database, so you don’t need to do this manually.

The intuitive interface of this program helps you to maintain data export and import easily between different relational database systems.

The software saves you time and money providing a simple solution for multiple complex tasks.

 MySQL Server Configuration for DBConvert  Amazon RDS configuration manual for DBConvert.

Microsoft FoxPro to MySQL
Read information about reverse migration.

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