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What's New?

  • IBExpert 2016.05.02
  • IBExpert 2016.04.15
  • IBExpert 2016.03.15
  • IBExpert 2015.12.21
  • IBExpert 2015.09.28 & 2015.11.11
  • IBExpert 2015.06.01
  • IBExpert 2015.03.14 & 2015.03.27
  • IBExpert 2014.12.17
  • IBExpert 2014.09.15 & 2014.09.30
  • IBExpert 2014.06.17
  • IBExpert 2014.04.07
  • older versions

IBExpert 2016.05.02

Bug-fix IBExpert.dll.

IBExpert 2016.04.15

This version 2016.04.15 introduces a new simplified and automated registration procedure for all IBExpert software products. You will however need to verify each active registration once. Please follow the procedure described in our online documentation:

Should you have any questions, please mail .

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IBExpert 2016.03.15

1. IBExpert Benchmark

  • IBExpert Benchmark has a new look! We're currently improving the IBExpert Benchmark feature; more improvements coming in the next IBExpert releases.

2. Package Editor

  • Package routines' explorer implemented.

3. SQL Editor

  • Fixed the problem with the empty plan for UPDATE OR INSERT and MERGE statements.

4. Table Data Comparer

  • Online synchronization feature implemented. This allows you to update the target database simultaneously with the comparison process.

Online synchronization is performed in a separate thread. If the result file name is specified, IBExpert also creates script file. If you only need online synchronization, leave the script file name editor empty.

  • Commit each block and Commit after specified number of records options added.

5. Test Data Generator

  • Added support of BOOLEAN and BLOB fields.
  • This now composes an IBEBlock which can be used to generate test data.

6. Script Executive

  • Advanced progress option implemented. If this option is enabled (default):
    • IBExpert roughly calculates and displays the remaining time using known script size and time already spent;
    • The progress bar is shown on the Script Executive toolbar;
    • Scrolls the script text editor accordingly to the part of the script currently being executed.

7. IBEScript

  • Advanced progress option added.

Syntax is "-A<seconds>" where <seconds> specifies the time interval in seconds to display progress messages. If <seconds> is not specified advanced progress information will be displayed every second.

The following information is available:

  • SC - statements count, number of executed statements;
  • POC - percentage of completion;
  • TS - time spent;
  • ETL - estimated time left.

For INPUT scripts the name of the input script file name will also be displayed.

Advanced progress information is displayed even if the -S option (silent mode) is specified.

8. Database Registration

  • Suppress database triggers checkbox added.

9. Import Data

  • Composed IBEBlock now contains fields mapping information.

10. Create Database dialog

  • You can now specify the SQL role name while creating the database.

11. IBEBlock

  • ibec_CompareTables now supports the following options:
    • CommitBlock or CommitBlocks - to perform COMMIT after each Firebird block;
    • CommitAfter=<number> - specifies the number of statements between COMMITs.
    • SyncOnline - perform online synchronization, see above.

12. Minor bug fixes and small improvements

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IBExpert 2015.12.21

1. Database Comparer

  • Fixed all known bugs introduced in 2015.09.28.

2. Procedure, Function, Trigger Editors

  • Support of external procedures/functions/triggers (Firebird 3) implemented.

3. Create View from Table

  • Edit view after compile option added.

4. Create Procedure from Table

  • Grant necessary privileges on used tables option added.

5. Database Inside

  • Fixed problem with incorrect calculation of some ODS-dependent data which can cause errors while extracting data/metadata.

6. Extract Metadata

  • Support of external procedures/functions/triggers implemented (Firebird 3).

7. Script Executive

  • Support of external procedures/functions/triggers implemented (Firebird 3).
  • INSERTEX: support of BOOLEAN datatype implemented.

8. Minor bug fixes and small improvements

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IBExpert 2015.09.28 & 2015.11.11

IBExpert Version 2015.11.11 is a small bugfix release, in which primarily the Database Comparer has been improved.

1. Database Comparer

  • Support of Firebird 3 databases implemented.
  • Visualization of differences implemented.

2. Trigger Editor

  • Added support for CREATE/ALTER/DROP MAPPING actions (Firebird 3).

3. Table Data Comparer

  • Now uses a single transaction when comparing data of several tables at the same time.

4. IBEBlock, ibec_CompareMetadata function

  • New OmitFunctions and OmitPackages options are intended to skip stored functions and packages accordingly while extracting and comparing metadata.
  • New Server version option - FB30 - implemented to support Firebird 3 databases. Usage: ServerVersion=FB30;...

5. Minor bug fixes and small improvements

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IBExpert 2015.06.01

1. Database Inside

  • Support of Firebird 3 databases implemented.
  • Fixed the accidental invalid floating point operation error.

2. Database Comparer, Table Data Comparer

  • Fixed the problem that caused IBExpert to crash in some cases.

3. Support of online validation (Firebird 2.5.4) implemented

There are two ways to perform online validation:

  • In the Database Explorer select one or more tables and choose Validate selected table(s) online from the context menu.
  • In the Table Editor select Validate online from the Editor menu.

Online validation is available only in Firebird 2.5.4.

4. Data grids

  • Data tips for blob fields are shown in Unicode if it is necessary.

5. Code Editors

  • Support of statistical functions and linear regression functions (highlighting, parameter tips) implemented, Firebird 3.

6. PSQL parser

  • Support of REGR_xxx (linear regression) functions as window functions implemented (Firebird 3).

7. Blob Viewer

  • Added support of Firebird 3 format descriptors (As format page).

8. Minor bug fixes and small improvements

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IBExpert 2015.03.14 & 2015.03.27

IBExpertLive has now officially been discontinued, as it has been fully replaced by our YouTube channel.

1. Database connection

Fixed the problem with accidental access violation error while restoring the desktop after connection to a database.

2. Create SUID procedures

  • Support of refresh procedure implemented. Refresh procedure returns a single record specified by the primary key value.

3. Data frames

  • It is now possible to change the font size used to display data. This also affects the Form View (both classic and compact), the memo/string edit dialog and Print data report. IBExpert saves and restores the altered font size value individually for each table/view/procedure.

4. Table data comparer

  • The possibility to compare blobs using the Firebird HASH function has been implemented. This option will be ignored if one of the servers of the source or comparative database doesn't support the HASH function.
  • It is now possible to pack INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements into Firebird blocks (EXECUTE BLOCK). This will not affect statements which contain parameters to load data from a blob file.

5. Import data

  • Trim trailing spaces and control characters option implemented. If enabled, IBExpert will remove trailing spaces and control characters from string values.
  • Fixed the problem with importing data from DBISAM tables which contain graphic/image fields.

6. Metadata extract

  • Extraction of user-defined collations has been implemented. Currently there is no way to select the collations which will be extracted into a script, all user-defined collations will be processed if they exist.
  • Extraction of DDL privileges implemented (Firebird 3).
  • Extracting data as UPDATE OR INSERT statements (without the MATCHING clause) has been implemented.
  • The problem with package headers containing TYPE OF COLUMN definitions has been fixed. Now such headers, initially created with TYPE OF COLUMN, are replaced with a raw data type definition and then, following creation of the tables, altered with user-defined header text.

7. Script Executive

  • The IBExpert-specific DESCRIBE statement will be translated to the Firebird COMMENT ON statement instead of UPDATE RDB$xxx when executing scripts against Firebird 3 databases.

8. PSQL debugger

  • Support of the CONTINUE statement (Firebird 3).

9. Grant Manager

  • DDL privileges (Firebird 3) mode implemented.

10. Export data

  • Write BOM option added for CSV and text export types.

11. IBEBlock

  • ibec_ImportData function - TrimRight option implemented. If this option is specified, trailing spaces and control characters will be removed from string values whilst importing data.
  • ibec_ExtractMetadata function - ExtractDDLPrivileges and UseUpdateOrInsert options implemented.
    • The ExtractDDLPrivileges option allows extraction of privileges on data definition language statements such as CREATE/ALTER/DROP (Firebird 3).
    • The UseUpdateOrInsert option allows extraction of data as UPDATE OR INSERT statements instead of INSERT.
  • ibec_CompareTables function - UseHashFunc[tion] and UseBlocks options implemented.
    • The UseHashFunc[tion] option allows the comparison of blobs using the HASH function. This option will be ignored if one of the servers - source or comparative - doesn't support the HASH function.
    • The UseBlocks option forces the packing of INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements into Firebird blocks (EXECUTE BLOCK) if possible.
  • ibec_ds_Export function and SELECT ... AS EXPORT statement: the WriteBOM option now works for CSV and text exports.

12. Minor bug fixes and small improvements

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IBExpert 2014.12.17

1. Copy database objects

  • Support of autoincrement fields in Copy Table block (Firebird 3).
  • All blocks now execute COMMENT ON statement instead of direct update of appropriate system table when working with the Firebird 3 server.
  • Added blocks for copying packages and stored functions.

2. User Manager

  • The User Manager now uses SQL instead of the Services API when working with Firebird 3 databases.

3. Database Explorer

  • Users from the SEC$USERS table are now listed in the Database Explorer tree when working with Firebird 3 databases. Adding, editing and dropping users are now all available directly from the Database Explorer.

Adding and editing tags is not available yet, except UID and GID tags.

4. PSQL parser

  • Support of OFFSET and FETCH clauses (Firebird 3) implemented.

5. Code Formatter

  • Added support of OFFSET and FETCH clauses (Firebird 3).

6. Extract Metadata

  • Extracting definition of autoincrement fields (Firebird 3) implemented.
  • Extracting descriptions of package procedures/functions and their parameters (Firebird 3) implemented.

7. HTML documentation

  • Now includes information about packages and stored functions (Firebird 3).

8. Code Editor, Code Insight

  • Package procedures and functions are now listed in the code completion list.
  • Parameters/arguments of package procedures and functions are now displayed in the parameters tip (Firebird 3).

9. Database inside

  • Use short INSERT if possible option implemented. This will generate a short version of INSERT - without the list of columns - as opposed to the long INSERT. This allows you to put more statements in a block and improve performance.
  • Additional statistics data is available.

10. IBEBlock

  • ibec_CompareTables function. If the WHERE clause is specified it will be applied to all tables listed in the list of tables to compare.
  • Support of assignment statements like <variable> = <boolean_expression> implemented.


bNotNull = MyVar is not null;

11. Minor bug fixes and small improvements

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IBExpert 2014.09.15 & 2014.09.30

New IBExpert Demo Database

This IBExpert version includes an all-new demo database for Firebird 3.0. In the subdirectory, \IBExpertDemoDB, you will find a new script, db1_30.sql, which you an use to create a Firebird 3.0 database.

Among other things this includes a Soundex function as a stored procedure, as a stored function and as a package. By these means you can create your own functions in Firebird 3.0 or using your own UDF, and use them in SQL as if they were an internal function.

Furthermore there is a basic implementation for a materialized view alternative in this script, which can also be used with older Firebird versions.

By combining a view with a static table it is now possible to avoid calculating complex result sets each and every time, and only recalculate them following expiry of specified time intervals. In the next few days we'll be uploading a video in the IBExpert Learning Center, explaining the fundamentals.

Other new features include:

1. Data View

  • Implemented the possibility to display CHAR(16) CHARACTER SET OCTETS fields as UUID (i.e. '248BC700-F384-4AC3-BB39-C0A588B45110'). In this mode these fields are read-only and cannot be modified.

2. SQL Editor

  • Last executed column added to the list of Find query results. This makes sense only for queries from the query history which have a corresponding timestamp value.

3. Generator/Sequence Editor

  • Support of generator increment value (INCREMENT BY clause, Firebird 3).

4. Exception Editor

  • DDL script now includes privileges on exceptions (Firebird 3).

5. Environment Options

  • SQL Editor: Request new query name immediately before creating option implemented. If this option in enabled IBExpert will request a new query name just before creating it.

6. Dependencies

  • Dependencies list for tables/views/procedures/functions/packages now contains user-defined domains used in the object definition.

7. Search in Metadata

  • Searching in functions and packages implemented (Firebird 3).

8. Table Data Comparer

  • Added IBEBlock page which contains an automatically-composed IBEBlock for comparing table data.

9. Import Data

  • Decimal separator option added for import from text files.

10. IBEBlock

  • ibec_ibe_SetLngShortcut function implemented.


function ibec_ibe_SetLngShortcut(StrID : integer; Value : variant) : variant;

ibec_ibe_SetLngShortcut changes the shortcut of a specified IBExpert action. StrID is the identifier of the language resource string associated with the action. String identifiers are listed in Tools | Localize IBExpert.

Value is an integer or string representation of the shortcut, for example 'Ctrl+Alt+F7'.

If successful, ibec_ibe_SetLngShortcut returns an integer value which represents the new shortcut, otherwise it returns NULL.

Example 1:

Changing the shortcut of the Disconnect from database action:

Res = ibec_ibe_SetLngShortcut(1019, 'Shift+Alt+D');

Example 2:

Clear the shortcut of the Connect to database action:

Res = ibec_ibe_SetLngShortcut(1018, 0);

11. Minor bug fixes and small improvements

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IBExpert 2014.06.17

Important Personal Edition changes

  • The activations for the Personal Edition are now valid only until the end of each calendar month.
  • When you first start the Personal Edition at the start of the new month you need to enter a new activation code.
  • In order to generate an activation code you need a valid IBExpert Download Center account.
  • The activation codes are still free.
  • The new version is also compatible with Linux/Wine.

If you own a valid IBExpert Developer Studio full version, you can activate an unlimited number Personal Edition registrations on your IBExpert Download Center account. Otherwise you can activate up to 4 Personal Edition registrations per month per account.

1. Script Executive

SET LOGIN PROMPT ON/OFF command implemented.

This command enables or disables the login prompt dialog when the user name and/or password within CONNECT or CREATE DATABASE is not specified. The SET LOGIN PROMPT command is useful when you use trusted authentication and don't need a login prompt dialog. The default value is ON.



Fixed the problem with incorrect parsing of PSQL code containing subroutines (Firebird 3).

2. Trace and audit

  • Added support of the explain_plan option (Firebird 3).

3. Autogrant privileges

  • Support of stored functions implemented (Firebird 3).
  • Support of subroutines implemented (Firebird 3).

4. Grant Manager

  • Support of stored functions implemented (Firebird 3).
  • Support of privileges on UDFs (Firebird 3).

5. Stored Functions Editor (Firebird 3)

  • Lazy Mode implemented.
  • Grants page implemented.
  • Executing of stored functions implemented.

6. Extract Metadata

  • Support of stored functions implemented (Firebird 3).

7. UDF Editor

  • Support of privileges on UDFs implemented (Firebird 3).

8. Exception Editor

  • Support of privileges on exceptions implemented (Firebird 3).

9. Database Statistics

  • Support of additional table data implemented (Firebird 3).

10. Package Editor (Firebird 3)

  • Script page implemented.

11. Code Editor

  • Packages now appear in the Code Insight list (Firebird 3).

12. IBEBlock

  • ibec_PasswordQuery function implemented.


function ibec_PasswordQuery(const ACaption, APrompt: string; var Value: string): Boolean;

The ibec_PasswordQuery function is similar to ibec_InputQuery, the only difference is an asterisk ('') in place of any input text.

  • ibec_ExtractMetadata

DateTimeFormat options added to allow user-defined formatting of datetime (timestamp) values. Usage is similar to the DateFormat option:

DateTimeFormat=" hh:mm:ss.zzz"

  • ibec_ExtractMetadata

Added support of stored functions (Firebird 3). A list of stored functions to be extracted should be specified in the Options string:






13. Service Control Center

The Service Control Center is now started automatically with the required admin rights.

14. Minor bug fixes and small improvements.

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IBExpert 2014.04.07

1. IBExpert Day Edition

With IBExpert version 2014.04.07, IBExpert KG released the new IBExpert Day Edition: Use the IBExpert IDE whenever and wherever you need it. Ideal if you offer remote support to your customers, need to repair a database or just want to take a quick look at a Firebird/InterBase® database when you're out and about! This softsare model only includes the IBExpert IDE and each registration is only valid for one computer for one day (00:00 until 23:59 local time). IBExpert can be repeatedly started on the activated computer for the whole day (0:00 - 23:59) with just a single activation!

Prices and information.

2. Minor bug fixes and small improvements.

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