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Topic Accession # Description Summary


A Cappella Choir and Concert Band: Tours, 1981 - 1990 MC2007/52  

A Cappella Choir and Concert Band Tours - a partial list of tours for the years 1981 - 1991.

A Cappella Choir Tour List (April 8 - 18, 1949).

A Cappella Choir Tour: Schedule and Anticipated Expenses MU2013/42 

Concert schedule and list of anticipated expenses for the Spring Choir Tour, 1993.

A Cappella Choir: April 1985 Performance MU2015/150 wave sound 

On 14 April 1985 the Manchester College A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Floyd Slotterback, sang at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

A Cappella Choir: Attendance and Records MC2003/149 

c.1966 - Records of spring semester attendance as well as of fee/dues payments.

A Cappella Choir: Carnegie Hall 2001 MC2003/309 

Program and newspaper articles related to the A Cappella Choir's spring trip to New York City, "Start Spreadin' the News..." Carnegie Hall Tour 2001.

A Cappella Choir: General Material, 1975 - 1998 MC2003/148  

General A Cappella material: 1975-1998:

  • Clippings & news releases regarding performances, members; 1986 concert season schedule and information regarding Dr. Patricia J. Cahalan [director, Fall 1986-Spring 1991].

A Cappella Choir: History MC2003/135 

Written history of A Cappella Choir.

A Cappella Choir: News Releases and Newspaper Clippings MC2003/147   A Cappella pre-1975: Clippings & news releases regarding performances and members.  
A Cappella Choir: Posters MC2009/127  An assortment of older and newer posters related to choral and musical performances. . 
A Cappella Choir: Posters MC2004/379  A Cappella Choir posters. 
A Cappella Choir: Recordings, MC2009/142a-d 

A Cappella Choir - CD's with recordings from 1957, 1958, 1959 and 1961.

A Cappella Choir: The Creation,1953 MC2008/144a,b,c 

A Cappella Choir - The Creation, (poem) recording with music, 1953, narrated by Art Hunn.  Lord, Thou Has Been Our Refuge, recording 1953.

A Cappella Choir: Tours 1976 - 1998 MC2003/151  

A Cappella Choir programs, news releases and correspondence, including the1989 European tour "On Wings of Song."

A Cappella: Tours to 1975 MC2003/150   Choir tours to 1975.  
AAFRO Club, AAFRO House & Program MC2009/71-D 

Posters from events sponsored by the A.A.F.R.O. Club.

AAFRO House Information: AAFRO House  See College Hospital, Intercultural Center 
AAFRO House & Program MC2002/6  AAFRO House
  • Information on Black History Month and the AAFRO House and Program records for 1969-1982.
  • 1986-87 Budget for AAFRO Program.
AAFRO House & Program MC2003/23  AAFRO House recruitment information. 
AAFRO House & Program MC2003/16  Report of the AAFRO House Program, 1981. 
AAFRO House & Program MC2003/256  Report of the AAFRO Program Study Committee, 1981. 
AAFRO House and Program MC2009/71-E,c 

Poster: "Haunted House," spondored by AAFRO House, 31 October 1978. 

Abebi, Zenebe Faculty/Staff Boxes: Abebi, Zenebe   Zenebe Abebi materials.  
Abell, W. J. Large Boxes 119 

"Meeting the Needs and Desires of Returning Veterans and CPS Men."  30 January 1945.  A faculty study prepared for presentation.

Academic Advisors MC General File: Academic Advisors 
  • Students at Risk, Memorandum Summer 1993, etc. 

  • List of Primary Advistory 1997 - 1998 by Department.

Academic Affairs MC2004/503  Enrollment Guide Collection. 
Academic Affairs MC2010/45 a-i  Summer and spring terms, evening classes, introduction to computers, driver training, newspaper articles, news releases, academic standard requirements for academic progress, probation and disqualification (1990).
Cora Wise Helman's "Report of the Registrar," 1922-1947. 
Academic Affairs Special Project Proposals  Special Project proposals by Students. 
Academic Affairs MC2009/97a-d 

Materials from the Office of Academic Affairs transferred to the Archives July 2009.

Academic Affairs MC2010/2  Materials from the Office of Academic Affairs transferred to the Archives February 2010.  
Academic Affairs MC2004/518  Lilly Grant: Study of Balance between Undergraduate Teaching and Research 
Academic Affairs MC2004/730  AREA: Alliance for Raising Educational Achievement 
Academic Affairs MC2003/362  Student Fellowship and Awards resource guide 
Academic Affairs MC2003/242  Summer funding faculty research proposals 
Academic Affairs MC2011/145 
  • Committees

  • FYC and FYC Luncheons and Workshops for various years.

  • Honors Convocations 1996-2000 and 2003-2007.  Background material and programs.

  • RATS!  2002-2005

  • Student Fellowships Handbook

  • Faculty Business Meeting Minutes, Agendas and Attachments.

  • Official Faculty Meetings

  • Back Copies of Faculty Meeting Minutes, Faculty Development Committee and the Faculty Executive Committee.

Academic Affairs MC2011/147 

Files regarding adjunct faculty, conflict tranformation institutes 2001-2004, conflict resolution collaboration 1997- 998, Dean's Student Scholarship Symposium 2003-2005.

Academic Affairs Large Boxes 1 - 12 

Materials related to Academic Affairs. 

Academic Affairs: ACT Report 1989 MC2004/520  American College Testing (ACT) report, 1989 
Academic Affairs: Curriculum Review, General Education Curriculum MC2004/178  Curriculum Review: Correspondence regarding the changes to the general education curriculum in 1995, including information on the critical connections and first year colloquium courses. 
Academic Affairs: Curriculum Self Study MC2003/263  Report of Curriculum Self-Study 
Academic Affairs: Faculty Governance MC2004/522  Faculty governance 1990-1991 
Academic Affairs: Faculty/Adjunct Files MC2011/146 

Files regarding adjunct faculty.

Academic Affairs: General Education, Curriculum Review, 1993-1995 MC2003/11 

General education review and revision, 1993-1995:

Correspondence and summaries from meetings of Task Force for Curriculum Review, 1993-1995.

Academic Affairs: Grants MC2004/388  Summer grants collection 
Academic Affairs: GRE Records MC2002/4  Academic Affairs Records. GRE records - RESTRICTED ACCESS. 
Academic Affairs: Guide Book MC2004/504  Manchester College Guide Book Collection 
Academic Affairs: Holl, Resignation from Deanship, 1950 MC2004/275  Correspondence regarding Holl's resignation from  the Deanship, 1950. 
Academic Affairs: Koinonia MC2004/387  Koinonia correspondence 
Academic Affairs: Materials Transfer July 2009 MC2009/97a,b,c,d  

MC2009/97a: Science Center construction reports, minutes, design, finance, etc. Winger Hall Renovation. MSKTD

MC2009/97b: Social Work Accreditation, Institutional Research, APC Minutes, Library renovation 1999.

MC2009/97c: Files of former faculty and staff.

MC2009/97d: Files of Former faculty and staff and VIA information. Master of Arts in Contemporary Leadership. Dean's List of Honor Students 1995-2006. Kauffman Awards 1997-2003. Dean's Student Scholarship Symposium.

Academic Affairs: Middle Managers MC2003/348  Middle managers: Agendas and minutes for meetings of middle managers, 2001-2002.  
Academic Affairs: Statistics 1947 MC2003/132   Academic statistics, 1947.  
Academic Affairs: Statistics 1987 - 1993 MC2007/77  Statistics:  Number of students applying for graduation, number graduating with honors, lowest GPA, for years 1987 through 1993. 
Academic Affairs: Statistics, Enrollment MC2007/97 

Statistics: Student enrollment and statistics. Observations for 1945 - 1946.  Report for 1922 - 1947.

Academic Affairs: Survey MC2003/10  Higher Education Data Survey 
Academic Affairs: Syllabi MC2004/116 

Interdivisional (IDIV) syllabi

Academic Affairs: Syllabi MC2008/206  Syllabi, 2004 - 2005. 
Academic Affairs: Syllabi, Critical Connections Syllabi Collection MC2002/82 

Academic Affairs: The file contains syllabi for Critical Connections as early as Spring 1998 and a call for course proposals.

Academic Excellence Banquet MC General File  This banquet honors those graduating Magna cum laude, summa cum laude, cum laude.  
Academic Policies MC2003/131 

An assortment of materials including but not limited to:

  • Faculty meeting minutes 23 November 1920 - 6 November 1923.
  • Edward Kintner's faculty meeting notes,15 December 1925
  • Special requests by students, 1968.
  • Assortment of materials [circa 1956 - 1978] that include:
    • Changes within the Mathematics Department, 1978.
    • Credit Hours produced by Faculty Fall 1984 through Fall 1986.
    • Manchester College Analysis of Key Data including Student-Faculty ratio 1969-70 through 1984-1985. 
    • Cost/Revenue study letter for the Department of Home Economics, 1987, Accounting and Secretarial studies (Office Administration).
    • New secondary education patterns related to state teacher certification requirements.
    • Journalism teaching minor and teaching major requirements
  • Pass/Fail Policy review 1973 and 1974. 
  • "The Manchester Plan, An Academic Program for the '70's."
  • "Educational Frontiers Committee."


Academic Policies Committee Large Boxes 34, 35, 36  Materials related to the Academic Policies Committee. 
Academic Policies Committee: Minutes 2002 - 2004 MC2006/30 
  • Academic Policies Committee Minutes, Fall 2002 - Spring 2004.
  • Teacher Education Committee Minutes, Fall 1999 - Spring 2001.
  • Department of Education Minutes, Fall 1999 - Spring 2002 and Fall 2002 - Spring 2004.
  • Institutional Report in preparation for NCATE/IPSB visit November 2004 and Exhibits for NCATE/IPSB Visit, November 2004.
  • Field Biology, Biol 110, Koinonia Environmental and Retreat Center and Programs.
  • Analysis of MC's Teacher Education Goals using Student Teaching Evaluations, 2003 - 2004.
  • Teacher Education Ad-Hoc NCATE Minutes.
  • Teacher Education Department of Education Minutes from 1993 forward.
  • Teacher Education Schools Available for Field Experiences.
  • Education Budget, Budget Planning and Budget Reports.
  • Board of Examiners Report, NCATE, Accreditation Visit to Manchester College, November 2004.
  • Teacher Education Program Policy Handbook.
  • Military Order of the Purple Heart Award, January, 1984.
  • Indiana Board of Examiners, September, 1989.
  • Teacher Education Handbook - 1971.


Academic Policies, Faculty Minutes, Kintner: Education and Professional Programs Division MC2003/131 file#3 

Academic Policies: 1920-1925.

Minutes of faculty meetings where policies regarding tardiness, absences, grading, credit hours, credit points, and incompletes were discussed. Dated 23 November 1920-6 November 1923.

Edward Kintner's handwritten notes from faculty meeting when he was faculty secretary, dated 15 December 1925. 

Many other materials

Academic Procession MC2003/223 

Lists of Manchester College Academic Procession, 24 May 1987  through  20 May 2001 and:

3 September 2003, 23 May 2004, 01 September 2004, 09 May 2005, 22 May 2005, 31 August 2005, 17 September 2005.  May 20, 2007.


Academic Program: The Manchester Plan MU2013/35  Booklet advertising The Manchester Plan - an academic program for the 1970's  - introducing new curriculm including a 4-1-4 academic calendar, interdisciplinary courses, and the January interim term. 
Academic Standards Committee Large Box 37  Materials related to the Academic Standards Committee. 
Academy: Preparatory School Records Large Box 125 

Student records for individuals attending the Manchester College Academy.

Accounting and Business MC2009/150a,b,c,d 

Script for "Accent on Education",  a radio spot introducing Professor Art Gilbert and students, who talk about the internship in Accounting.

Lola Sanger Accounting Award.

Accounting Alumni Directory, January 1992.

Photocopy of advertisement from Indiana Business Magazine, November 1995.


Robert M. Stauffer Award to Outstanding Business Students, "The News-Journal," 26 May 1987.


International perspectives in business curriculum.


Letter from The Council of Independent Colleges, regarding international aspects of business, 1988.

CIC International Business Grant Proposal memo.

Accounting and Business: Department Syllabi, Education and Professional Programs Division MC2004/92 

Accounting and Business Department Syllabi Collection.

Accounting Lab: Photographs from Oak Leaves or Aurora Offices MU2012/57  Oak Leaves or Aurora images of the Accounting Lab. 
Accounting: Alumni Directory MC2008/11  Directory from January 1992. 
Accreditation MC2004/168  Self-Study for Master's Degree accreditation, 1972 
Accreditation MC2008/24  1983 Self-Study Report submitted to North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools for The Decennial Comprehensive Evaluation of Accreditation. 
Accreditation MC2003/253   Self-Study, Department of Education, 1985 
Accreditation MC2008/194  Self-Study Report Submitted to North Central Association Commission On Institutions of Higher Education for Decenial Comprehensnive Evaluation of Accreditation, 1993  
Accreditation MC2003/275   Revisions to teacher education, 1969  
Accreditation MC2003/279   Report to Dept of Public Instruction, 1974  
Accreditation MC2003/280  Teacher Certification Programs, 1977  
Accreditation MC2003/281   Institutional Self-Study, Teacher Prep, 1980  
Accreditation MC2003/282   Institutional Self-Study, Teacher Prep, 1985  
Accreditation MC2003/277   Request for Master's in education, 1972  
Accreditation MC2003/290   Athletic Training, 1997 - Education/Professional Programs Division 5 
Accreditation MC2003/347 

Materials for accreditation 1992.

Accreditation: NASM 1972 MC2003/291   Manchester College Self-Study Report to National Association of Schools of Music, 1972.  
Accreditation: NASM 1982 MC2003/292   Manchester College Self-Study Report to the National Association of Schools of Music, 1982  
Accreditation: NCATE 1963 MC2003/271   Report to NCATE, 1963  
Accreditation: NCATE 1964 MC2003/272  NCATE Report, 1964  
Accreditation: NCATE 1967 MC2003/273  Report to NCATE, 1967 
Accreditation: NCATE 1967 MC2003/274  NCATE Report, 1967  
Accreditation: NCATE 1972 MC2003/276  Report to NCATE, 1972  
Accreditation: NCATE 1972 MC2003/278   NCATE Report, 1972  
Accreditation: NCATE 1972 MC2003/289   NCATE Report, Master's in Ed, 1972  
Accreditation: NCATE 1982 MC2003/264   Institutional Report, NCATE, 1982 
Accreditation: NCATE 1991 MC2003/255  Precondition documents, NCATE, 1991 
Accreditation: NCATE 1992 MC2003/283   Report to NCATE, 1992  
Accreditation: NCATE 2000 MC2003/361  Karen Doudt's submission to NCATE, 2000 
Accreditation: Social Work 1978 MC2003/270   Social Work accreditation, 1978  
Accreditation: Social Work 1982 MC2003/269   Social Work accreditation, 1982 supplemental material  
Accreditation: Social Work 1983 MC2003/268   Social Work accreditation, 1983  
Accreditation: Social Work 1991 MC2003/267   Social Work accreditation, 1991  
Accreditation: Social Work 1998 MC2003/266   Social Work accreditation, 1998  
Accreditation: Student Assessment 1992 MC2003/347 

Accreditation Materials, 1992 including:

  • Educational Facilities Revenue BondsManchester College Project
  • Proposed Campus Plan
  • Student Housing Evaluation
  • Energy Use Statistics
ACT Class Profile Reports: Freshmen 1974 - 1979 MC2007/198 a,b,c,d,e  ACT (American College Testing Program): The Class Profile Service Reports for Nonenrolled and Enrolled Freshmen. 
Adams, Alison MC2005/7 

"Carnival of Animals" drawings by Alison Adams created for the Manchester Symphony Orchestra performance on Nov 6th 1983 of "Carnival of the Animals" by Camille Saint-Saens to commemorate the Orchestra's 45th Season.

Adams, Alison Faculty/Staff Boxes: Adams, Alison  Alison Adams, alumna (Class of 1960), and art instructor at Manchester College, newspaper articles.  
Adams, George Faculty/Staff Boxes: George  Materials related to George Adams. 
Adams, James R.C. Faculty/Staff Boxes: Adams  Materials related to James R. C. Adams, former Art Department Head. 
Adams, Professor James R. C. MC2011/102  Professor James R. C. Adams gives a presentation on the topic of "19th Century Art." 
Adams, Professor James R. C.: Ways of Looking At Art MC2011/103  Professor James R. C. Adams talks about Ways of looking at art."  He makes the presentation in response to a faculty request. 
Adams, Shirley Faculty/Staff Boxes: Adams, Shirley  Material related to Shirley Adams, school nurse. Photograph. 
Adelphian Literary Society MC2007/154,  

Photographs: Early Photographs of Lincoln and Adelphian Literary Societies, undated.

Adelphian Literary Society MC2007/154b  Photographs: Early Photographs of Lincoln and Adelphian Literary Societies, undated. 
Adelphian Society: Book, Wild Life in Oregon... MC2011/58 

One book property of the Adelphian Society, a literary society at Manchester College.

"Wild Life In Oregon:  Being a Stirring Recital of Actual Scens of Daring and Peril Among the Gigantic Forests and Terrific Rapids of the Columbia River (The Mississippi of the Pacific Slope) ....... "

Administration Building MC2004/310   Administration Building: Renovation correspondence  
Administration Building: Chapel MC2003/326  Administration Building: Photograph of Chapel Building. Back is stamped "J. B. Bixler Photo View Artist. North Manchester, Ind." 
Administration Building: History MC General File: Administration Building 

History of the Administration Building.

Administration Building: Photographs MC2004/436  Administration Building Photograph Collection. 
Administration Building: Photographs and CD MC2002/292 

Administration Building photographs, including several captured digitally and placed on CD-ROM. These images span several decades and show the spoonholder, a 1938 automobile, and pictures with snow.

Administration Building: Photographs, 1928 MC2009/196  Administration Building: Photos from 1928.  
Administration Building: Postcard MC2003/97 

Administration Building Postcard: Color photograph of front lawn and Administration Building. Labeled on back, "Administration Building, Manchester College, North Manchester, Indiana, Founded 1889." Unused card.

Administration Building: Postcard Collection MC2004/445 

Manchester College Administration Building Postcard Collection.

Administration Building: Postcard, Pre-1921 View MC2003/56 

Administration Building:  Pre-1921 Campus Views Postcard Collection

Administration Building: Postcards MC2003/59  Administration Building Postcard Collection.  
Administration Building: Postcards MC2003/59 

Administration Building: Administration Building Postcard Collection

Administration Building: Postcards MC2004/7 

Administration Building: Oversized College Avenue Postcard Collection

Administrative Committee: Helman, A. Blair Papers MC2004/321  Administrative Committee--Minutes of Meetings 
Administrative Updates: Audio Recording MU2014/100 wave sound  An undated audio recording with Administrative Updates for an unknown year. 
Admissions MC2007/202 

Admissions 1977 - 1980: Everything You Wanted to Know About Manchester College.

Admissions MC2007/214  Admissions Notebook of the 1980's Including the 1984 and 1985 Master Plan 
Admissions MC2007/207  Admissions:  Master Plan 1984 - 1985. 
Admissions MC2007/189  New and Re-Admitted Student Rosters 
Admissions MC2007/75  Admissions Materials, assorted. 
Admissions MC2004/359  Church of the Brethren: Admissions Information 
Admissions MC General File   1976 Open House at the Honeywell Center. 
Admissions MC General File   Student Admission or Denial form.  
Admissions MC2004/133 

Photographs:  Special Events photograph collection

Admissions MC2004/19  Testing 
Admissions MC2008/153  Admissions Officer: Paul Bowman interview on WOWO Radio Station, Ft. Wayne, 1960. One newspaper clipping describing event. 
Admissions MC2007/167  College Prep Analysis form. 
Admissions Mc2008/156  Manchester Exploration Days 1993, 1994 programs and miscellaneous materials. 
Admissions MC2002/7  Records 
Admissions MC2008/160  Campus Preview Day, 1996.  A schedule. 
Admissions MC2008/149  Admissions interview form.  An assortment of stickers and rsvp cards. 
Admissions MC2008/37  Admissions Packet: "Dare To Be Bold." 
Admissions MC2008/155  Admissions Packet: " A Touchstone for a Better World," circa 1995. 
Admissions MC2008/159  "The Manchester Plan: A Total Program" 
Admissions MC2008/39  Admissions:  Business Reply Cards, "Service, Commitment, Excellence, Community, Global Perspective, Success." 
Admissions MC2004/448 

Admissions piece, 1977.

Admissions MC2004/510 

Manchester College Pictorial Bulletin, 1943.

Admissions MC2007/203  Comparative Survey of College Publications, April, 1981 
Admissions MC2011/4 

Admissions: Miscellaneous material from various years, circa 1968 -  1986.

Admissions MC2004/200  Admissions piece, card advertising Manchester College, produced sometime during Schwalm presidency (1941-1956).  
Admissions Large Boxes 13 - 16 

Materials related to Admissions.

Admissions and Financial Aid MU2013/110 

Admissions and Financial Aid brochure describing Manchester College, financial aid benefits, and application form.

Admissions: Annual Report of Institutional Data, 1998 - 2006 MC2007/191a-j  Manchester College Factbook, Annual Report of Institutional Data.  Reports for 1998 - 2006. 
Admissions: Banners MC2004/407 

Manchester College Banner Collection.

Admissions: Brochure 1894 - 1895 MC2004/155  Admissions brochure advertising the 1894-1895 school year at Manchester College.  
Admissions: Brochure 1925 MC2004/343 

Admissions brochure 1925.  Large brochure showing photographs of athletics, chapel, the college hospital, and a photo of the trustees, faculty, and students of 1925.

Admissions: Brochure 1939 MC2004/210  Advertising brochure from 1939.  
Admissions: Brochure 1955 MC2003/243  This Is Manchester College" brochure.  
Admissions: Brochures MC2008/158  Admissions promotional brochures circa 1991-1992. 
Admissions: Class Lists 1901 - 1931 MC2009/7  Class Lists from 1901 through 1931, handwritten.  
Admissions: Directions For You MC2007/163  "Directions for You, Your Career, Your Future." circa 1997-1978. 
Admissions: Enrollment MC General File   Manchester College Liberal Arts program 1935-1936 to 1958, Enrollment by Course, Number and percent.  
Admissions: Enrollment MC Bulletin  Enrollment, additional information.  
Admissions: Enrollment Oak Leaves  Enrollment, additional information.  
Admissions: Enrollment Photo Box 178  Enrollment, additional information. 
Admissions: Enrollment 1987 MC2008/150  Newspaper article 1987 regarding enrollment hike, first hike in half-decade. 
Admissions: Evaluation Report MC2003/262  Evaluation report. 
Admissions: Find Your Place MC2007/158 

"Find Your Place," 2007 January.


Admissions: Flyers MC2004/281 File #2 

Flyers from the Admissions Office that were produced by the Office of Printing Services.

Admissions: Freshman Profile 1976 MC2007/188  Profile of Freshman Class matriculating in 1976. 
Admissions: Freshman Profiles 1966 - 1984 MC2007/204  Freshman Class Profiles and Characteristics of Freshmen: Varying Years 1966 - 1984. 
Admissions: Genuine Opportunities MC2007/160  "Genuine Opportunities,"  undated, but after 1998. 
Admissions: High School Recruitment MC2008/154  High School Recruitment. 
Admissions: High School Recruitment MC2008/152  Admissions:  High School Counselor student visit reply card. 
Admissions: High School Recruitment. MC2007/205  High School Exploration Days and Advertising for New Students.  SPLASH Committee. 
Admissions: High School Recruitment. MC2004/31  High School Day 
Admissions: Incoming Student Tests MC2007/215  Admissions:  Statistical Study of Freshmen Entering the College in 1977,  SAT Scores, High School Rank and Grade Point Average 
Admissions: Incoming Student Tests MC2007/212  Office of Institutional Research:  SAT Scores of Incoming Freshmen, Admissions Committee Rules, Reports and Comparisons for the 1970's and 1980's. 
Admissions: Incoming Student Tests, A Comparison MC2007/197  ATP (Admissions Testing Program of the College Board) Summary Reports, Highlights of the 1977 Manchester College Freshman Class 
Admissions: Materials 1980's through 2009/2010 MC2012/85 - Contents Part One  A wide assortment of Admissions materials circa the 1980's through 2009/2010. 
Admissions: Materials 1989 - 2009 MC2012/85 - Contents Part Two 

A wide assortment of Admissions materials circa the 1980's through 2009/2010.

Admissions: Newsletter MC2008/148  Admissions Newsletter: "January at Home and Abroad" 
Admissions: Newsletters, Financial Aid MC2008/157  Admissions and "The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid" Newsletters. 
Admissions: Postcard MC2003/82  Admissions postcard.  
Admissions: Postcards MC2003/93  Admissions postcards.  
Admissions: Postcards MC2003/81  Postcards: "Step Up To Your Future" postcard collection  
Admissions: Poster MC2003/321   "Celebrate the Future!" Admissions Poster. 
Admissions: Poster MC2004/55  Admissions Poster 1933 outlining various benefits to a Manchester education . 
Admissions: Posters MC2009/71  MC2009/71-V,ta: Posters. 1981, "Junior Visitation Day," and (no year) "Juniors in High School, Your Invitation to Manchester College, April 28."  
Admissions: Posters, Student Recruitment, January Term MC2010/53 

1.  Folder labeled "miscellaneous assortment."

  • CASE at Manchester College, newspaper article and special merit award, 1982 Mindpower Campaign.  CASE stands for Coucil for Advancement and Support of Education.
  • Fine Arts Week calendar, undated, including Peking Acrobats, Alpha Psi Omega One-Act Play Festival, Faculty Art Show with paintings by James R. C. Adams.
  • January Term Opportunities at the Indiana Medical History Museum, Old Pathology Building. This was formerly given the accession number of MC 2003/113 #85 but paperwork was not completed.
  • Manchester Activities Council banquet for MAC Officers and new members, 1991, including yearly calendar of events.
  • The Charles and Cleda Zunkel Peacemaker Fund Presents, Rev. Dr. C. Wayne Zunkel, Manchester College alumnus, 1992. This poster was formerly given the accession number of MC2003/113 #114 but paperwork was not completed.
  • Party with the O.O.P.S. Groundhogs, 1994.This poster was formerly given the accession number of 2003/114 #22 but paperwork was not completed.

2.  Folder labeled, "Senior Sendoff," 1993 containing poster. Formerly MC2003/113 #42 but paperwork was not completed.

3.  Folder labeled, "Centennial Auction," 1990 containing poster.   Formerly MC2003/113 #32 but paperwork was not completed.

4.  Folder labeled, "Manchester College Publicity," with posters.

  • "Let each become all that he was created capable of being," by Thomas Carlyle.
  • Folder with Manchester College map.
  • Poster, "A Journey at Manchester College, Where we believe in preparation for a lifetime."
Admissions: Publicity MC2011/12 wave sound 

Audio section of a filmstrip entitled, "What is Manchester College?"  This could be another copy of MC2011/10.

Admissions: Reports 1977 - 1983 MC2007/209  Admissions: Spring and December Reports 1977 - Spring 1983. 
Admissions: Reports 1982 - 1984 MC2007/210  Admissions: Reports by Week with Comparison of 1982 -1983  vs 1983 -1984 Statistics. 
Admissions: Reports 1984 - 1986 MC2007/211  Admissions: Reports by Week with Comparison of 1985 - 1986  vs. 1984 - 1985 Statistics. 
Admissions: Reports 1986 - 1987 MC2007/213  Admissions: Reports by Week 1986 - 1987 
Admissions: Simple Measures MC2007/159 

"Simple Measures," undated, but after 1994.

Quotations are taken from students graduating in 1962, 1972, 1978, 1983, 1989, and 1994.

Admissions: Surveys MC2007/196  The Lost Prospect Survey and The Cancelled Applicant Survey, Summer 1981.  
Admissions: Surveys MC2007/206  Cancelled and Lost Prospect Surveys: 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982 
Admissions: Varsity Athletics MC2008/151  Admissions: Varsity Athletics Program circa 1996, featuring highlights in each area.. 
Advanced Chorus Class: Photograph, 1908 MC2011/137  One photograph of the Advanced Chorus Class, 1908. 
Advancement MC2007/12  Homecoming preparation for years 1975 through 1994, "M" Association records, alumni nominating committee correspondence, alumni service award information, etc. 
Advancement MC2008/201a-i 

Advancement promotional materials, CD of the Groundbreaking and Dedication of the the Norman and Grace Wine Recital Hall, along with one old "key" that was found on campus.

Three "Stagebills, May 2001" from Carnegie Hall featuring the Manchester College A Cappella Choir.

Manchester College A Cappella Choir and Chamber Singers Concert Tour May 2001 CD .

Manchester College Concert Tour May 2001, CD and CD Master Copy.

"Celebrating the Vision, Manchester College," DVD.

 "Celebrating the Vision, Manchester College," Commercial 1 - Adds Up, Commercial 2, - Not Stuffy DVD.

Advancement MU2015/131 

2014 Holiday Open House at Tall Oaks - invitation.

2014 Holiday card sent by the McFaddens.

2014 Advancement Thanksgiving "Gratitude" cards -

2014  birthday cards - "From the students you put first ... and all of us at Manchester University."

2014 "Students First!" Campaign Celebration program and invitation.


David McCormick directing band at Morton West concert.

1954 or 1955 "workday" stage presentation.

1955 Convocation Planning Committee.

Advancement Centennial Event - Step Up To The Future Campaign: Slides and Scans MU2014/49  Slides and digital copies documenting the Centennial Celebration's October 1987 kick-off event for the "Step Up to the Future Campaign." 
Advancement, Office of Institutional: Assortment of Materials MC2008/203a-m 

Advancement Christmas card, promotional materials, mission and vision statement, posters, Church of the Brethren connection, events, societies, self-study, float plan for a parade, and more.  Read the accession page for a complete listing.

Advancement: Manchester Fund Appeal, Fall 2012 MU2012/113  Copies of Students First! Just like it was for you, that's still how learning happens here. Brochures and flyers for the 2012 Fall Manchester Fund appeal. 
Advancement: President's Circle MC2008/83 

President's Circle, 2006:

  • One page history of Manchester College.
  • Two invitations to hear the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, The Honorable J. Dennis Hastert.
  • Two invitations to "An Evening on Stage," 13 November 2006 given to "The President's Circle."
Advancement: President's Recognition Dinner MC2008/93  Program from the President's Recognition Dinner 1976. 
Advancement: 1947 "Rotogravure, The News-Sentinel," MC2009/99a,b 

1947 photo spread from "The News-Sentinel" that features the Chime Tower, Oakwood Hall, student housing, tennis courts, trailers for married students, the radio station, Manchester College professors, the May Day queen, football players, and the Education/Professional Programs Division.

Advancement: Appeals MU2012/98  Advancement materials for Fall appeal of 2010.  "Touch a student's life "today" [circa 2008]. Other cards [2009, 2010, 2011] and items related to "Connections" for Life [2009], and "Reach" [circa 2002]. 
Advancement: Appeals, Organizations Promotional Pieces MU2013/133 

Office of University Advancement appeals, organizations, and promotional materials 2010-2011 and earlier.

Advancement: Assortment MU2014/40  An assortment of materials sent to the Archives from the Office of Advancement during the Spring of 2014. Materials focus on facilities planning needs (1989), proposed campus plan (1990), philanthropic market study recommendations, the building of the Science Center as part of "The Next Step! A Campaign to Strengthen Manchester College," as well as the renovation of Funderburg Library 2013. 
Advancement: Assortment MU2012/96  A variety of materials from the Department of Advancement that was moved to the Archives during office relocations in the Summer of 2012. Alumni Days 2003. 
Advancement: Celebrating the Vision MC2008/96  Celebrating the Vision program, Honeywell Center 2006. 
Advancement: Centennial Campaign MC2008/115 

Centennial Campaign Dinner, 16 October 1987 invitation in envelope with reply cards.

Advancement: Centennial Campaign Lithograph MU2013/105 

One framed historic offset lithograph, Spring 1990, given to supporters of the Manchester College Centennial Campaign.

Advancement: Centennial Campaign, Step Up To The Future MC2007/166  "Step Up To The Future" program in celebration of the PERC [1987].  Booklets for "Step Up to the Future, The Centennial Campaign for Manchester College,"  circa 1988 - 1989. 
Advancement: Estate Planning MU2013/73  Office of University Advancement, Creating a Legacy newsletter, Spring 2013. 
Advancement: Faculty Guide Large Box 181  

"A Faculty Guide to the Office of Institutional Advancement at Manchester College."

Advancement: Fundraising MC2009/141a-j 

A variety of funds and societies and fundraising events, including The Annual Fund 2008 as well as plans for the Science Center and Union renovation material as part of "the Next Step" campaign.  Information for the President's Circle 2008. Stanley J. Gilbert, '66 piano dedication.

Advancement: Fundraising by Decade/Campaign MC2002/115a  

Fundraising by decade/campaign - individual campaigns and records.

1    Winger Fund, March of Progress, Focus on the Seventies, Funderburg Fund

2    General Education Fund, Centennial Campaign, The Next Step.

Advancement: Fundraising by Decade/Campaign - The Manchester Fund MC2007/135 

Fundraising Campaign: Manchester Fund, circa 2005, solicitation materials.

Advancement: Fundraising by Decade/Campaign - The Manchester Fund MC2008/05 

Continued Annual Support of the Manchester Fund, circa 2007.

Advancement: Fundraising by Decade/Campaign: - The Manchester Fund MC2008/81  Copies of Manchester Fund brochure and letter, December 2006. 
Advancement: Fundraising Survey Report 1960 MU2013/13  A fundraising survey report made for Manchester College by Marts and Lundy, Inc., 1960 between phases of the March of Progress campaign. 
Advancement: Gift Planning Brochure - 2012 Spring Edition MU2012/40  Office of College Advancement Gift Planning Brochure - 2012 Spring Edition, entitled, "Creating a Legacy."  The spotlight is on alumni, Art and Phyllis Hunn and their family members. 
Advancement: Gym-a-thon MC2008/112 

Gym-a-thon 1981.

1. One program of this event.

Advancement: IRS Tax Letters MU2015/132  Past 501 (c) (3) Internal Revenue Service tax letters. 
Advancement: License Plates MC2007/63  Publicity card for Manchester College license plate fundraising project. 
Advancement: Manchester Fund, Endowed Scholarships, Commemorative Tree Program MC2011/97 - Advancement  Promotional materials from the Office of College Advancement: Commemorative Tree Program, Endowed Scholarships, The Manchester Fund.  Undated. 
Advancement: March of Progress MC2003/248 

Photocopies of publications from The March of Progress capital campaign, which started in 1955.

Advancement: March of Progress MC2002/2o 

March of Progress materials including

First phase information, with final reports, correspondence.

Second phase information, including final reports by Rufus King and J. Wiley Christie .   

Convocation materials.

Advancement: March of Progress MC2004/314  A. Blair Helman Papers: March of Progress fundraising campaign of the 1950's. 
Advancement: March of Progress MU2013/14  Materials pertaining to the March of Progress fundraising campaign. 
Advancement: March of Progress MU2013/12  Manchester College March of Progress fundraising campaign - Final Report First Phase [1955-1959] - Final Report Second Phase [1960-1964].   
Advancement: March of Progress March of Progress: Information  Find material related to the "March of Progress" in: Guide Lines, v.1:4 (October 1960) p.4; Oak Leaves, 22 September 1960 p.1; 29 September 1960 p.1; 13 October 1960 p.1; 3 November 1960 p.3; 10 November 1960 p.3; 17 November 1960 p.3; 10 October 1963 p.1; 14 November 1963 p.1; 16 January 1964 p.1. 
Advancement: March of Progress - Last Mile MU2013/15 

Materials related to the March of Progress - The Last Mile.

Advancement: Miscellaneous ROSeptemer2012/8 
  • Copies of appeals - Fiscal Year 2010-2011.
  • Manchester Ladies Connect.
  • History of College - first buildings on campus.
  • Schwalm, autographed copy of "My Educational Pilgrimage."
  • One of a Kind items.
Advancement: Otho Winger Society and President's Club MU2013/106 


Manchester College President's Club and Otho Winger Society Annual Dinnner, Inauguration Weekend, 21 October 1994 - with a brief description of each president along with humorous quips.

The Otho Winger Society, Annual Breakfast, 31 May 2012.

Otho Winger Society - descriptive brochure.

The President's Club - descriptive brochure.

Advancement: Promotional Material MU2012/102 

Materials from Office of College Advancement:

  • Annual Fund Fiscal Year 2011 - acorn piece.
  • "Students First!"-  letter December 2011 - insert and envelope.
  • Valentine - AFV12 - gift to The Manchester Fund (2012).
  • Thank You cards from Office of College Advancement.  These were with 2011 and 2012 items listed above...but undated.
  • "Students First! - campaign newsletter, Issue V.
Advancement: Restricted Endowment Funds MC2011/107  Description of Restricted Endowment Funds through the Office of College Advancement. 
Advancement: Special Occasion Cards MU2013/108 

Birthday, Thanksgiving, and Holiday cards sent by the Office of College Advancement.

Advancement: Stauffer Gift 1967 MC2010/179  Newspaper article telling about the 0,000 gift given to Manchester College from Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Stauffer. 
Advancement: Thanksgiving Card MC2012/43  Thanksgiving card distributed by the Office of College Advancement (undated). 
Advancement: The Manchester Fund MC2007/62 

The Manchester Fund and The President's Circle - circa 2005.


Advancement: The Manchester Fund MC2007/165  The Manchester Fund:  Promotional Material circa September 2007. 
Advancement: The Next Step MC2004/438  Union renovation part of "The Next Step" Campaign. 
Advancement: The Next Step MC2008/101  Fundraising Booklet: "Celebrating the Vision, Manchester College Wraps Up The Next Step! Campaign" [1996 - 2006].  
Advancement: The Next Step MC2009/95   The Next Step! A Campaign to Strengthen Manchester College, Community-wide Celebration, Monday, April 20, 1998.   Focus on the PERC.  
Advancement: The Next Step MC2007/61  "The Next Step" strategy, goals, publicity material and timeline. 
Advancement: The Next Step MC2006/16  Brochures for fundraising of Science Center as part of "The Next Step!" "A Campaign to Strengthen Manchester College." 
Advancement: The Next Step MU2014/130 

Publication, "Celebrating the Vision, Manchester College wraps up The Next Step! Campaign."

Advancement: VHS Tape and Other Assortment MU2013/152, 1-34 - Formerly ROOctober2012/31 

VHS tapes and cassette tapes documenting significant events on the Manchester College campus. Focus on the college's Centennial year.  Brochures on the Ministry Training Institute and Training in Ministry.  Church of the Brethren pamphlets, some authored by faculty or alumni of Manchester College.

Advancement: Weaver, Welcome MC2008/10 

Welcome Weaver, Manchester College alumnus, Class of 193.

Welcome Weaver: President's Club program celebrating Welcome Weaver, his family, and Weaver Popcorn.

Advancemrnt: Fundraising - March of Progress, circa 1955 MC2002/2y 

Correspondence with Marts and Lundy, financial consultants for the March of Progress.

Affirmative Action MC2004/42  Affirmative action program document, 1975.  
Africa: Audio Presentation by Unknown Speaker MC2011/11 wave sound and CD 

A presentation on the political history of Africa given by an unidentified speaker.

African American Presenters on Campus MCGeneral File: African American  List of African American leaders and individuals who have spoken or performed on campus.  
African Art Collection: Photographic Record MC2010/81  A partial photographic inventory of the Manchester College African Art Collection.  that is currently stored in Holl-Kintner.  Other images are found in the file, African Art and Museum Photo Record by J. Wine, located on the Archives, Scanned Images Drive.  Even these photo records do not document the entire collection.  There are frightening wooden masks with moveable jaws that have not been photographed. Time ran out before a complete documentation could be made. 
African-American MC2007/88  Department of Higher Education at Indiana University "Study  of the Impact of Increased Black Enrollments," 1968.  A questionnaire to Manchester College. 
Airgood, Rebecca Haynes Faculty/Staff Boxes: Airgood, Rebecca  Material related to Rebecca Haynes Airgood. 
Albaugh, H. P. MC2002/104c  Photo and description of presidency.  Copy of newspaper article describing career following service at Manchester College. 
Aleph MC General File: Aleph  A humorous pamphlet but out by a MC student organization with a scientific orientiation. 
Alexander Mack: Genealogical Information BC2004/21 

Alexander Mack Genealogical information.

Alexander, Myrl Alumni Box 187: Alexander, Myrl  Manchester College alumnus, Myrl Alexander ( MC Class of 1930) was the former Director of U.S. Prisons. Photograph from the Washington Post and biography from the New York Times.  
Alford, Steve MC2002/104b 

Steve Alford: Biographical information, family photos, promotional cards, material from the "Community Awards Banquet, 2005," articles, 2014 VIA program and related materials.

Alford, Steve MC2009/71-SP:Sports  Steve Alford posters. 
Alford, Steve: Poster, Friendly Spoof MC2009/71-SP:Sports  Posters:  Spoofs on Steve Alford. See MC2009/71 File Folder MC2009/71-SP:Sports, then MC2009/71-SP,alfordspoof and MC2009/71-SP,alfordspoof2. 
Alishio, Charles Kip Faculty/Staff Boxes: Alishio, Charles Kip  Material related to Charles Kip Alishio.  
All-American Scholars MC2003/9  Lists of Manchester's All-American Scholars 1993-1998.  
Allen, Max MC2007/71  Max Allen: Program for "A Recital Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Max & Sara Mertz Allen." 
Allen, Max Faculty/Staff Boxes: Allen, Max  "Art and the Church" article written by Professor  Max Allen. 
Allen, Max: Photos MC2008/118  Photographs of Professor Max Allen, incorporating photos from MC2003/225 
Allen, William Faculty/Staff Boxes: Allen, William  Material related to William Allen.  
Allison, Patti Faculty/Staff Boxes: Allison, Patti  Material related to Patti Allison.  
Alspach, Catherine: Diploma MC2004/347 

Catherine Alspach Bachelor of Arts Diploma.

Alumna: Weller, Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Weller Alumni Box 187: Weller, Mr. and Mrs. D. P. 

Material about the college experience of Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Weller when they were students at Manchester College. 

Alumni and Faculty/Staff: Indiana Lawrence Bank MC General File: Indiana Lawrence Bank  Individuals associated with Manchester College who were also associated with this bank.  
Alumni Association MC2008/26  Alumni Register October 26, 1929 - October 28, 1961. 
Alumni Association MC2004/217  Class of 1950 Prophecies. 
Alumni Association MC2004/58  Class of 1935 Meeting Minutes 
Alumni Association MC2004/24  Alumni College Evaluations 1976. 
Alumni Association MC2010/51  Office of Alumni Administration:  AAFRO House / Intercultural Center Reunion, during Manchester College Homecoming, October, 2009, invitation card.  
Alumni Association MC2010/31  Secretary of Alumni Records, Mrs. J. Raymond Schutz, correspondence.  
Alumni Association Large Box 18  

Alumni Association Gifts and Fundraising:

Class of 1932 fundraising letters from Kenneth Kintner, see folder "Alumni Class of 1932 Fundraising."


See also: MC General File, Class Gifts
Alumni Association MC2009/07  Class Lists from 1901 through 1931, handwritten.  
Alumni Association MC2003/88   Alumni Days Postcards 
Alumni Association MC2004/11  Alumni Days Postcard Collection  
Alumni Association MC2004/231  Alumni list (1896-1938) 
Alumni Association Large Boxes 17,18,19  Materials related to the Alumni Association. 
Alumni Association: Cincinnati Area Chapter Large Box 18: Cincinnati Area Chapter  Cincinnati Area Chapter, assorted materials.  
Alumni Association: Events MC2009/152 

This collection includes but is not limited to:

  • Program for "Manchester College Spartan Soccer, Alive in '95."
  • Reunion: Class of 1941, activities and "Test Your Memory," quiz (with answers).
  • "Golden Anniversary, 1927-1977, 'The Mini-Aurora."
  • 1990 Centennial Celebration.
  • Cluster Reunion, May 17-19, 1991.  Theme: "It Happened On Our Watch..."

  • 1991, Set-up Needs for May 1991 Alumni Day "Weekend."

  • Invitation for Homecoming and Family Weekend 2008.

  • Brochure, "Alumni Connections for Life, Alumni Days, June 3-4, 2009."

Alumni Association: Events Large Box 18: Alumni Week, May - June 1996  Otho Winger Day, part of Alumni Week, 30 May - 2 June 1996.  File Folder in Large Box 18. This includes more than the Otho Winger Day, but the scheduling for the 1944 - 51 Cluster Reunion.  This includes "Faith Learning, and Service Programs" with seminars on medical ethics, politics, social concerns, etc.


Alumni Association: Events Large Box 18: Alumni Board   Alumni calendar and board 1998, welcome to the first East Hall Reunion.  
Alumni Association: Events Large Box 18: Alumni Events  Alumni events and activities; trips, socials, meetings (unorganized). 
Alumni Association: Events Alumni Box 18: Alumni Days June 2010  Alumni Days June 2010, invitation and program of festivities from the Office of Alumni Relations.  
Alumni Association: Events Large Box 18: Men's Soccer Alumni Game August 2007  Manchester College Men's Soccer Alumni Game, 25 August 2007 program.  
Alumni Association: Events, Otho Winger Day, 1996 MC2007/1  Otho Winger Day, 1996.  
Alumni Association: Gifts and Fundraising Large Box 18, Folder, Alumni Fundraising:The Next Eighty Years 

Alumni Association Gifts and Fundraising:

1968 promotional, "The Next Eighty Years,"  from James K. Garber. 

Alumni Association: Gifts and Fundraising Manchester College General File: Properties Owned by the College  

Alumni Association Gifts and Fundraising:

Gifts to College: For the chime titled, "Christian Education."

See also: MC General File, Class Gifts
Alumni Association: Photographs MC2004/133 

Special Events Photograph Collection

Alumni Association: Photographs MC2007/155a 

Copies of photographs of class reunions over a span of years.

Alumni Association: Photographs MC2007/142  Class of 1957.  Photos for an alumni directory. 
Alumni Association: Photographs Large Box 18: White Folder  Possible Alumni photographs, unidentified group of individuals.   
Alumni Association: Photographs Large Box 18: White File Folders   Photographs, Class of 1928 at 45th reunion and Class of 1930 at 25th reunion.   
Alumni Association: Photographs Large Box 18: 1949, Photo Montages  Class of 1949, photo montages from Aurora, etc., "People and Places," "Groups," "Faculty, New Arrivals in 1946," "Faculty Aides General Staff."  
Alumni Authors: Publications MU2012/58a, a1, b  News releases, newspaper articles, resumes, announcing publications written by  Manchester University alumni - as well as actual publications or businesses/careers associated with alumni of the University. 
Alumni Awards MC2002/10  Alumni Honor Awards Records.  
Alumni Awards MC2004/203  Lloyd Hoff award 
Alumni Awards: Alumni Service Awards Large Box 18: Alumni Service Awards  Citations for Alumni Service Awards, including names and dates. 
Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions MC2003/237  Reunion: Class of 1943 20 Yr. Reunion Materials 
Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions MC2007/76 

This collection includes but is not limited to:

  • Reunion: Class of 1950
  • Reunion: Alumni Days Schedule for Classes of 1934, 1939, 1944, 1949, 1959 and 50 Year Reunion: Class of 1954.
  • Staffing Schedule
  • Alumni Days 2004, May 27 - 28, 2004.
  • Banquets
  • List of award recipients from 1960 - 2004.  See Alumni Days Banquet promotional June 2005.
Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions Large Box 18: Homecoming 1994.  Letterhead including Board of Directors for Homecoming October 8, 1994.  
Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions Large Box 18: Alumni Days   Reunion, Alumni Days May 29 - 30, 2003 for the classes of 1933, 1938, 1943, 1948, 1958 and the golden anniversary class of 1953 - publicity postcard with photographs. 
Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions Large Box 18: Church of the Brethren, Folder  Church of the Brethren Annual Conference Alumni Luncheon, 1996. 
Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions MC2007/28  College Alumni Day, joint college event, Take Me Out to the Ballpark, July 30, 2000. 
Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions MC2002/2k  Alumni Association constitution and by-laws. 
Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions MC2002/2L  Alumni Association meeting minutes. 
Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions MC2008/40  "March of the Years," production. 
Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions MC2007/149 

Gladys Dickey's "Manchester College" was first sung at the joint program of the Lincoln and Adelphian literary societies, May 18, 1912. 

"The Alumni Song" was written by Miss Lucile Klinger of Wabash, Indiana in the spring of 1917. 

Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions MC2002/2w   Alumni Association Officers Correspondence 1956-1964. 
Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions MC2003/302 

Newspaper clippings about alumni events.

Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions Large Boxes 17-19: General Alumni Materials  General Alumni Association Materials: Alumni Days and Reunions 
Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions MC2002/9  Alumni Association Records. 
Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions Large Box 18: Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions  Alumni Homecoming Published Brochures and Programs including "Big Top, M.C. Homecoming October 7-10, 1999 featuring Spartan football tackles 75th season,  Alumni Award Winners, Cloyd Dye, Melanie May, Wayne Miller, Beverly Ott, photos classes of 1929, 1934, 1939, 1944, 1949, 1954 and tribute to Frances Smith Thomas.  
Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions: Potographs MC2004/90 

Photographs are from Homecoming and Alumni Days 1993. Many alumni are identified.

Alumni Days October 2011 and Homecoming October 2011 MC2011/220  Promotional materials announcing Alumni Days, June 2011 and Homecoming, October 2011. 
Alumni Days: 2003 Photographs MU2012/97  Photographs from Alumni Days, May 2003 with identification of many classes and alumni. 
Alumni Days: May 2003, Contact Sheets MU2012/92  Contact sheets of Alumni Days 29 and 30 May 2003, including alumni award recipients. 
Alumni Event: Images Neg15304  Images probably taken during the 1963-1864 academic year.  They include a campus alumni gathering, T. Wayne Rieman, Vernon Stinebaugh, and automobiles on the corner of Ruse and College Avenue. 
Alumni Events Large Box 20  Materials related to Alumni Events. 
Alumni Events MU2012/60 

This collection contains materials related to Alumni Events.

Alumni Events Manchester College Bulletin  See also:  Manchester College Bulletin, June 1950 p.3; The News-Journal, 19 June 2001 p.12; Oak Leaves, 30 April 1964 p.2; Photo Boxes 35, 36, 37, 38, 139, & 173. 
Alumni Events: circa 1964 Neg12719  Photographs of what appear to be alumni events. One Exchange Club photograph. 
Alumni from 1896 - 1993 MC2008/13  Alumni from 1896 - 1993 not in alumni directory, 1994. 
Alumni Memorial Chapel Service, 2009: Video MU2013/127  Video - Campus pastor, Steve Crain, leads the Memorial Chapel Service 2009, for Manchester alumni who died within the past year. 
Alumni Publications MC2002/11  Journal articles, reports, and booklets published by Manchester College alumni.  
Alumni Recognition: Admissions MU2013/114  A promotional piece featuring the careers of 20 alumni spanning the MC Class years 1917 through 1985. 
Alumni Relations: Class Reunion Files MU2016/11  Class reunion files from the Classes of 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, and 1953.  Dormitory  housing records for Schwalm Hall (Fall 1977 - Spring 1989) and Garver Hall (Fall 1977- Spring 1989) and Schwalm renovation and restructuring plan 18 April 2000. Schwalm reunion list of 1977 alumni? 
Alumni Reunion and Expression Class: Photographs MC2009/63a,b,c,d 

Reunion 1907 and 1908 with picnic tables laid out on campus.  

Group photo taken in the Summer of 1907.

Expression Class photo circa 1907. MC 2003/35 #58 showing the Elocution Class expressing, "Supplication, 1907," with Professor Andrew Daniel Ward.

Alumni Reunion: Photographs Unit #7, LG BOX 35-38  Photographs of alumni reunions from the Class of 1907 through the Class 1984, with other pictures of various Alumni Boards, Chapter Groups, individual portraits, events, and miscellaneous images reaching into the 1990's.  
Alumni Reunion: Tribute to Ikenberry Hall MU2013/65  The video is titled, "Alumni Reunion - Tape 1," however, it appears as if it is a tribute to ikenberry Hall prior to demolition.  It features the last Ikenberry Serenade
Alumni Reunions and Graduations: Photographs MU2013/149  Photographs from commencement exercises and alumni reunions from 1908 forward. 
Alumni Tour, Europe 1990: Video MU2013/63 

VHS and digitized footage of the Manchester Colelge Alumni Tour to Europe in July 1990.

Alumni Tours MU2015/27  Photographs of alumni tours. 
Alumni Trip: cruise to Alaska, 2006. MC2007/74  Alumni trip, cruise to Alaska, 2006. 
Alumni Trips MC2006/26  Alumni trip to New England and Canada, 1988, Brembeck memory album.  
Alumni, Academy MC General File: Academy Alumni 

Willkie, Edward, 1914 graduate of the Academy and 1920 U.S. Olympic Wrestler. 


See also: Pictures of Edward are in the 1912 (Academy Sophomore), 1913 (Academy Junior), 1914 (Academy Senior) Manchester College yearbooks
Alumni: 1916 Reunion Invitation MC2004/54  1916 Alumni Reunion Invitation 
Alumni: BigJohny, Alina MC2011/197  Material related to Alina BigJohnny. MC graduated, Alina BigJohny was killed 13 August 2011, days after her 23rd birthday, when the concert stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair.   
Alumni: Hensler, Irma MC2004/543 

Irma Hensler Memorabilia Collection:

1 Election of Major Subject card, signed by C.W. Holl and Julia Vandevort on 13 October 1929.
2 Extension course card, signed by C.W. Holl and Cora Wise Helman on 19 May 1930.
3 Students Card from Winter Term 1924-25.
4 Students Card from Fall Term 1924.
5 Completion of Course Report, signed by Mrs. A. W. Cordier on 7 February 1930.
Alumni: Hunt, Marie (The Manchester Mirror) MC2004/401 

One issue of Refuge: Home for Wandering Manuscripts (May 1940).

Several issues of The Manchester Mirror (January 1938, April 1939, July 1939, January 1940, July 1940, January 1941, April 1941).

Alumni: Memorial Service 31 May 2012 MU2012/30 

A memorial is held on an annual basis to remember alumni of Manchester University who have died during the year.  This is a video of the service held on 31 May 2012.