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Series 21 of British television drama The Bill was broadcast from 5 January until 29 December 2005. The series consisted of 106 episodes, making it the series with the highest number of episodes in the show's final decade. This series saw the programme change hands as executive producer of three and a half years, Paul Marquess, stepped down to make way for new producer Jonathan Young. Subsequently, this resulted in the removal of much of the 'soap' feel which was introduced by Marquess, and the main focus turning towards the actual policing aspect of the programme. The majority of this series however remained serialised, with the transition back to single-hander episodes being phased in slowly, following into Series 22.

This series saw the highest number of cast changes in the latter series of the show, with a significant number of key characters axed following the conclusion of several long-running storylines. This series also saw the departure of the show's longest serving cast member at that point, DC Jim Carver (Mark Wingett), who had been with the show since its pilot episode in 1983. As a dedication, a special half-hour 'two-hander' episode was recorded, featuring Carver and Sgt. June Ackland (Trudie Goodwin), who also appeared with Wingett in the show's pilot in '83. This series also featured the final episode of The Bill: Uncovered, a series of special documentaries following the lives and events of particular characters or groups of characters. This particular special, however, was never broadcast in the United Kingdom and was subsequently only shown on terrestrial television in Australia.

The events of the second Sun Hill disaster were also covered in this series, in which DC Ken Drummond was murdered after a petrol-laden van with him inside was driven into the front of the station by crazed PSCO Colin Fairfax. This series also introduced one of the show's longest running storylines, involving the investigation into gangster Pete Larson and Sgt. Smith's subsequent affair with his wife. This storyline was not concluded until Series 22.

On 5 February 2014, the complete series was released on DVD in Australia as a Region 0, playable anywhere in the world.

# Title Episode notes Directed by Written by Original air date Prod # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 15a 15b 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 32a 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103
"Cure the Sin[1]" First Appearance of DC Jo Masters Jo Johnson Joe Fraser 5 January 2005 275
Sheelagh becomes anxious when she is unable to contact Lance hours before his marriage ceremony. Steve tries to find out if anyone knows where Lance went when he left his stag do, but anxiety turns to fear when the CCTV which he pulls from the pub shows Lance being kidnapped and bundled into the back of a van. Unaware that his so-called 'friends' are behind the vicious attack, determined to 'cure' him of his homosexuality, Roger is blind to the fact Lance is in the next room when he is plugging his friend for information. Meanwhile, Terry discovers his brother Ben's new address, and tries to convince Ben's wife Lucy of his suspicions that Ben has been abusing his nephews.
"Double Jeopardy (Part One)[2]" TBA Sylvie Boden Andrew Taft 6 January 2005 276
Roger and Steve arrest a drink driver caught at the wheel of his car, only to discover that he is one of Jack's former prisoners who absconded from police custody two years previously. Whilst in custody, the suspect is taken ill with a possible virus and sent to St. Hugh's. Yvonne fails to take the advice of the relief and manages to cause a riot when a minor protest outside the hospital escalates. As Steve is drafted in to help calm the rioters, Roger is unexpectedly overcome by the suspect's son, who arrives armed in an attempt to break his father out of police custody. Honey arrives in the nick of time to prevent an escape, but finds herself being held at gunpoint by the boy's brother.
"Double Jeopardy (Part Two)[3]" TBA Sylvie Boden Damian Wayling 12 January 2005 277
Neil and Jack arrive at Sgt. Hugh's to speak to suspect Roland O'Brien, only to walk right into the middle of a hostage situation – finding themselves being tied up in the boiler room by O'Brien's deranged son. Adam arrives to take charge of the situation, and assigns Jo to be the negotiator in the absence of the hostage negotiation team. Jo attempts to use O'Brien's ex-girlfriend, who is now carrying his baby, in an attempt to secure Roger's safety. Meanwhile, Steve sees red and rescues Honey from the clutches of O'Brien's other son, wrestling him to the floor. When Roger attempts to obtain medical help for Roland, he gets into a tussle with his son, and the gun fires, injuring the boy.
"He Who Has No Will" First Appearance of PSCO Colin Fairfax, return of now-PCSO Laura Bryant Nigel Keen Harold Jordan 13 January 2005 278
Smithy is assigned to puppywalk two new PSCOs assigned to the station – Colin Fairfax and Gabriel's arch-nemesis, Laura Bryant. The trio investigate when a group of local youths vandalize lifts in a local tower block, and then attack the property of a local resident. However, an illegal search conducted by Laura proves to be an issue in securing a conviction. Meanwhile, Jim is assigned as SIO on the case of Karen Burnett, who has disappeared without trace on her way home from work. Honey is assigned as Family Liaison Officer, and speaks to the victim's husband, Scott, who is concerned for her welfare. Sam is outraged when Abi announces that she is marrying abductor Hugh.
"Motivated By Love" TBA Nigel Keen Graham Mitchell 19 January 2005 279
Sam and Abi hideaway in Peter Baxter's empty flat in an attempt to stay out of Hugh's clutches. However, back at the station, Jack's lack of support for Sam grows stronger when Hugh claims that Sam has abducted her own daughter. When Phil realizes that Sam's suspicions have been true all along, he confronts Hugh but finds himself the recipient of a formal complaint. Sam desperately tries to make Abi realise she has been brainwashed, but Hugh continues to try and win her over. Meanwhile, Terry and Jim interview one of Karen Burnett's friends, and in a search of wasteground near to his place of work, she is found dead having been the victim of a violent assault.
"A Difficult Subject" Shane Zaza guest stars. Laurence Moody Katherine Smith 20 January 2005 280
Jo and Suzie investigate when a young boy is attacked in an area known to be frequented by rent boys. Arresting their prime suspect proves to be the catalyst for a much bigger problem, when suspect Ravi Shah accuses DAC Roy Pearson of being part of a paedophile ring. However, when Suzie organises a raid on the home of known pimp Julian Hargreaves, she fails to uncover any proof of his involvement. Meanwhile, Ramani interviews Abi over her accusations against Hugh and a search of a previously undiscovered flat belonging to Hugh reveals vital evidence to prove his involvement, and suspect Greg Campbell is charged with the murder of Karen Burnett.
"Ignorance vs. Prejudice" Kelly Marcel guest stars. Laurence Moody Isabelle Grey 26 January 2005 281
Roger and Lance discover the decomposing body of a vagrant on some wasteground, but despite extensive investigation, fail to identify the victim, until fingerprint analysis reveals it to be none other than Jim's ex-wife, Marie. Sheelagh and Leela investigate a case of criminal damage, prompting to Colin voice his opinions on inter-racial relationships. However, the case soon escalates when the accused claims that her ex-boyfriend has deliberately infected her with HIV. Leela soon suspects that Sheelagh's aggressive attitudes towards the suspect may be a result of racial prejudice. Meanwhile, Neil confronts his father-in-law over allegations made by Ravi Shah.
"Talk is Cheap" Ian Ashpitel guest stars. Richard Standeven Henrietta Hardy 27 January 2005 282
Sheelagh and Leela are called to the scene of an unconscious baby, who subsequently dies in hospital. When a neighbour accuses the parents of abusing the baby, Sheelagh struggles to put her personal differences to one side and finds herself questioning who is responsible for the baby's death. Meanwhile, Yvonne and Amber investigate when a robber leaves a rather strange calling card at the scene of his latest burglary – a picture of his backside on the fax machine. Phil and Terry then discover an elaborate plan to set-up the husband of the robber's ex-girlfriend. Neil blows his top and assaults Phil when Phil makes a snide remark about his father-in-law's use of rent boys.
"Friday Night Shift" TBA Richard Standeven Harold Jordan 2 February 2005 283
Gary isn't best pleased when his prime suspect for the assault of a young boy is freed from custody after the boy refuses to give evidence. Meanwhile, Yvonne is tasked with overseeing her first Friday night shift as Acting Sgt. Amber and Steve attend a distress call to find an old friend of Amber's, who is accusing a man of groping her in a bar. Amber ignores her plea, but the situation turns from bad to worse when a second call comes in and the girl is found raped. Phil, Gary and Ken decide to paint the town red, only for Phil to find Gary's suspect in the assault case dealing drugs in a nightclub, while Yvonne's failure to deal with a drunk and disorderly following a robbery claim leads to an RTA.
"The Suttle Approach" Return of Sgt. June Ackland, Briony McRoberts guest stars. Sven Arnstein Roy Boulter 3 February 2005 284
Gary decides to call in sick after his night of passion with his date from the nightclub. Phil and Ken investigate when Yvonne stops and searches a driver who is found in possession of a large quantity of cash – and a bag of cocaine. When Phil and Ken discover a link between the driver and Gary's date, Gary realises he has been caught up in the middle of a money laundering scam. Meanwhile, Andrea attends when a young woman is found having been raped by a minicab driver the night before, and decides to set up a sting to catch the culprit in action. June returns to duty following her early retirement, but she makes it plain to the relief that she's not prepared to be a figure of fun or pity.
"Of No Fault[4]" TBA Sven Arnstein Steve Griffiths 9 February 2005 285
Gary is determined to bring his former lover to justice for her part in the money laundering scam, and when Phil and Ken's undercover operation goes awry, Gary realises the pressure is entirely on his shoulders to get a result. An unexpected surprise comes when Jo uses a neat trick to cover-up Gary's part in the scam. Meanwhile, June and Roger are called to a disturbance at a train station, where a group of rowdy schoolgirls have been accused of fare dodging. As a scuffle ensues, Amber jumps to Leela's defence when one of the girls tries to attack her with a broken bottle. Roger, however, comes off worse when one of the girls accuses him of sexually assaulting her during the skirmish.
"In the Driving Seat" First Appearance of PC Dan Casper, Janine Wood guest stars. Michael Cocker David Lane 16 February 2005 286
Jim investigates a malicious communication sent to the MD of a law firm, but discovers that someone close to home may be responsible. Meanwhile, Smithy, Gabriel, Andrea and Laura begin the search for an Alzheimer’s patient who has disappeared from his family home. When Gabriel catches three youths attacking the man, a scuffle ensues and the boy receives a facial injury, but Andrea can't be sure if Gabriel dealt the blow. At Hendon, Amber and Leela are paired with probationer Dan Casper to undertake the response level driving course, but Amber's attempts to chat up the lesbian instructor prove to be her downfall. Andrea is finally exposed when Neil catches her with her editor.
"Exposé" TBA Michael Cocker Rod Lewis 17 February 2005 287
Colin's racist attitude rears its ugly head when he is first on the scene of a racially motivated argument between a garage owner and an Asian customer who is refusing to pay. Smithy suspects that he and the suspect, who are old workmates, have concocted a false report in an attempt to throw the light onto the Asian victim. Meanwhile, Sam receives a grilling when she takes to the stand at the trial of serial rapist Alan Kennedy, when the QC attempts to use her decision to use Hugh Wallis on the case against her. Leela ends up chasing a suspect during her final drive on the training course, but a less than sensible Amber fails to even reach her final drive after nursing a hangover.
"Confessions of a Killer" Final Appearance of DC Ken Drummond Nic Phillips Simon Moss 23 February 2005 288
Andrea is called as a witness to give evidence in the Kennedy rape trial, but having been exposed as an undercover journalist leaves her credibility in tatters. An angry Sam slaps Andrea when Kennedy manages to walk free from court. Having been suspended, Andrea attempts one final mission by trying to prove that Gabriel was the Sun Hill sniper – only to end up being held hostage in a storeroom by the crazed copper. Meanwhile, Jim and Ken raid a warehouse where a group of Asian men are suspected of selling counterfeit goods. The raid sparks a row between Colin and Leela, and Ken is sent to arrest the wayward copper – but the events which follow prove to be fatal.
"Inferno" Final appearances of PC Andrea Dunbar and SRO Marilyn Chambers Nic Phillips Mark Johnson 24 February 2005 289
Adam takes control of the team in the wake of the fire, but trouble ensues for June when whilst clearing the prisoners from custody, two make good their escape in an unlocked area car. Meanwhile, a smug Gabriel saves Smithy from the wreckage of the building, leaving Andrea to perish. As Jim is hot on the tail of the two escaped prisoners, Roger suggests that their escape might be connected to the attack – leaving a furious Jim to attack one of the suspects when he tracks them down. Reg arrives back at the station to find Marilyn, but his worst fears are confirmed when he arrives at St. Hugh's. The day turns from bad to worse for Jim when he catches June and Roger in a passionate clinch.
"Moving On" Final appearance of DC Jim Carver, special half-hour episode, Jane Hazlegrove guest stars. Sylvie Boden Katherine Smith 24 February 2005 289a
Tony tries to prevent Jim from drowning his sorrows following his discovery that June has been having an affair with Roger. June tries to talk Jim round, but the appearance of Roger sparks hatred in Jim's eyes and Jim harshly attacks Roger in the street. Knowing that time is running out on their relationship, Jim tries to convince June to give him one more chance, and forgive his mistakes, until the pair are forced to teal with a tom and her punter who are caught fighting over a hot wired car. As the man tries to convince Jim of his innocence, Jim soon realises that his time at Sun Hill has come to an end, and decides to leave a lovelorn June to start a new life, far away from London.
"Jim's Story" Third of four "Uncovered" documentaries Henry Klejdys Julie Hill 24 February 2005 TBA
Jim arrives home at his new flat, but soon comes to realise exactly what he has left behind. With nothing but a bottle of scotch and a run-down sofa, he starts to reminisce about his twenty-two-year career at Sun Hill. He discusses the events of his first day, where he arrived late at work due to a dodgy alarm clock; his two different stints working in CID, with the first being ended due to the controversial 'Tenure' process which was in effect at the time; his return to uniform and struggle with alcohol addiction; his transfer to CSU which he saw as the ladder back into CID; and his gambling debts of over £60,000, which nearly cost him his life at the hands of an evil loan shark, Zacadelli.
"Slipping Away" Ken Lawrence guest stars David Edwards Christopher Reason 2 March 2005 290
Leela and Tony deal with a group of Asian youths who are taunting the residents of the local estates, and the police. Leela performs a stop and search, but fails to find any incriminating evidence. Later, they are called to the scene when one of the local residents has imprisoned one of the youths in a phonebox for scrawling graffiti over a police poster. However, the incident takes an unexpected turn when the resident turns out to be the leader of a local extremist group, and Tony spots Colin fraternizing with him. Meanwhile, Roger and Amber deal with the case of a young mother who is refusing to give social services access to her child, until the child's father makes a shocking move.
"Life's Too Short" Final Appearance of PCSO Colin Fairfax David Edwards Harold Jordan 3 March 2005 291
Roger and Lance investigate a series of attacks aimed at the Asian community from a group of local schoolboys, including racist graffiti and a pig's head been nailed to the door of their Islamic centre, until the situation spirals out of control and one victim is stabbed during a street robbery. Meanwhile, Steve and Honey arrest a shoplifter who has stolen CDs from her local supermarket, only to discover that the jacket she is wearing links her to a series of jewellery thefts where more than £15,000 of jewellery was stolen. Jack and Jo are on the tail of an out of control Colin, before tracking him down at his friend's garage, where he threatens to burn the place to the ground, with everyone inside.
"The Calm Before the Storm" DI Neil Manson takes leave Robert Bierman Nicholas McInerny 9 March 2005 292
Phil and Terry continue the investigation into the stabbing of Asian victim Hannah Begum, but suspect that her evidence isn't true to the events of the incident. Meanwhile, racial unrest continues to loom over the borough. Sheelagh, Gabriel and Laura are forced to break up a gang of youths smashing up cars on a local estate, while Leela and Roger are called to the scene of a violent assault in a video shop. Leela persuades her father to make a statement after she discovers that he witnessed an Asian man carry out the attack. Meanwhile, the funerals of Ken, Andrea and Marilyn take place, but Neil is torn over whether to attend the funeral of his former lover, or his friend and former colleague.
"Taking a Stand" DI Rowanne Morell transfers to Sun Hill Robert Bierman Stephen Plaice 10 March 2005 293
Phil and Terry are put through their paces when Rowanne arrives from MIT arrives for her first day at Sun Hill, covering for an absent Neil. As they continue on the trail of suspect Salim Haq, Leela urges her hospitalised father to make a statement against his attackers. Jo and Gary end up on the trail of a violent pimp responsible for an attack on the girlfriend of one of his toms, but Jo offers the tom a way out of the situation by suggesting that she becomes a police informant. Meanwhile, Sheelagh and Gabriel find a young girl hurt in the middle of the street, and Gabriel shows his compassionate side by attempting to protect the girl when he suspects that she is being abused by her mother.
"A Different Ball Game" Susan Gilmore guest stars. Alan McMillan Graham Mitchell 16 March 2005 294
Leela finally manages to persuade her father to give evidence against Salim Haq, but an intimating message accompanied by a bouquet of flowers become the catalyst for him to change his mind. Jo warns Gary against approaching tom Eve Miller for information, but Gary ignores her orders and Jo is forced to pick up the pieces. As Jack and Rowanne get closer to nailing Haq, Jo and Phil find that a handgun is missing from rival Yusef Miah's flat. Meanwhile, Gabriel sets out to prove schoolgirl Gemma Bentley is being abused by her stepmother, and finds an ally in Sheelagh. However, his methods are soon questioned when the stepmother comes into the station to make a complaint.
"An Ominous Warning" TBA Alan McMillan Harold Jordan 17 March 2005 295
Gabriel sets out to rescue schoolgirl Gemma Bentley when the girl disappears without trace. Gabriel manages to locate her grandmother, who provides some vital information as to the child's whereabouts. Suspecting that the girl is being held prisoner, Gabriel conducts an illegal search and finds the young girl locked away in a cold, damp unlit cellar. As the evidence against her wicked stepmother racks up, Gabriel is rewarded for his efforts with a passionate kiss from Sheelagh. Meanwhile, Gina takes on the case of an elderly woman who has been robbed and assaulted by a local youth, only to discover that during the attack, the boy also took off all of his clothes and raped the woman.
"Operation Mercury (Part One)" First Appearance of SRO Julian Tavell, Ram John Holder guest stars Dermot Boyd Neil Jones 23 March 2005 296
Laura and Lance head up a new operation on the Cole Lane Estate, known as Operation Mercury. Their attempt to get two young boys to give up information on a known dealer results in them crossing paths with an elderly man known as 'Asbo Boy', who has been harassing local youths for playing cricket in the street. While they deal with the latest incident involving 'Asbo Boy', Yvonne and Steve attend the scene when a drug dealer is thrown from a walkway on the estate. They soon discover an elderly resident has been flyposting pictures of the dealer in an attempt to name and shame him. Steve is forced to arrest Scott Burnett after he is caught brawling with Greg Campbell.
"Operation Mercury (Part Two)" Ram John Holder guest stars. Dermot Boyd Stuart Morris 24 March 2005 297
Lance and Laura attempt to build relations on the Cole Lane estate by attempting to find common ground with both the young and the old's love of Cricket. Meanwhile, Jo and Terry's investigation into the assaulted drug dealer throws up an interesting name in the form of Wesley James, who according to source is responsible for supplying a number of dealers on the estate. Rowanne asks Gary to organise a bust in an attempt to catch James in the act, leaving Gary starstruck – until his failure to inform uniform soon results in a major cock-up of the operation. Meanwhile, Yvonne and Honey investigate when a bin-raiding gang begin targeting a very lucrative block of flats in the rich part of town.
"Abuse in Kind" PC Dan Casper transfers to Sun Hill Chris King Maxwell Young 30 March 2005 298
Dan Casper arrives for his first day at Sun Hill, and immediately risks life and limb to rescue a girl attempting to kill herself on a dual carriageway. He discovers that the young girl, Rosa Salcedo, who is Brazilian, is deaf and is unable to lip-read, but when an interpreter finally turns up, Dan discovers that Rosa has been raped and beaten by her employers. When Rosa absconds from a safe house, Dan and Gary discover that she has been having a relationship with her employer's son, and that he is responsible for her pregnancy. As they discover Rosa has been taken to have an unwanted abortion, Dan and Gary race to save her, but despite their best efforts, the case has a tragic ending.
"To Protect and Serve" PC Roger Valentine transfers to VPU, John Cater guest stars Chris King Nicholas McInerny 31 March 2005 299
Sam and Terry continue covert surveillance of Alan Kennedy, but their day goes from bad to worse when an unwitting JT puts an innocent woman's life at risk by giving her Kennedy's address to pick up her lost handbag. With the operation blown, Terry soon realises that the woman's accusations against Kennedy are unfounded. Meanwhile, Tony and Reg deal with an interesting case where two burglars appear to have broken into the same flat at the same time, while Roger's first day in VPU finds him and Ramani dealing with the case of an elderly man who has been robbed and assaulted whilst withdrawing money. Roger soon discovers that the robber is someone close to home.
"Moving Target" First Appearance of DC Zain Nadir Nigel Keen Julian Unthank 6 April 2005 300
Lance, Laura and Sheelagh continue their efforts on the Cole Lane Estate when an elderly man is attacked, and suspicion falls on two local dealers – one of whom is under surveillance by CID, and Lance's failure to report the attack results in uniform blundering right through a CID operation again. However, the case takes an ugly turn when one of the dealers is shot dead at the wheel of his car. Meanwhile, Roger investigates the hoax call made to Ramani's ex-boyfriend with a less than tactical approach, and Tony and Reg attend the scene when Alan Kennedy is found badly beaten in his home, and Sam and Terry discover the man responsible is a friend of Kennedy's first victim.
"Dangerous Territory" Nigel Lindsay guest star. Nigel Keen Harold Jordan 7 April 2005 301
DS Pete Lancaster from Trident arrives to take over the case involving the shooting of drug dealer Andy Marshall. Lance's suspicions that rival Adi Mateen is responsible for the shooting finds him entering a murky world of rival dealing. Laura manages to identify a young girl spotted running away from the scene, and the prime suspect is soon identified as dealer Carlton Gayle. Meanwhile, Sam and Terry are on the trail of Alan Kennedy when he claims to have kidnapped one of his former victims. However, Sam soon realises that Kennedy has set a trap for her. Ramani deals with a woman who has been savagely beaten by her husband, but is upset when the woman's witness statement disappears.
"The Decoy (Part One)" Guest appearance by DS Mickey Webb, Desmond McNamara guest stars Rob Knights Tom Needham 13 April 2005 302
Mickey Webb, now working with the National Crime Squad, returns to Sun Hill and informs Jack that the NCS suspect that Neil has ensured the silence of a key witness in a major money laundering trial. Neil's world begins to collapse around his ears when a meeting with the girl is followed by her attempted kidnapping. Already paranoid after discovering a bug in his house and an intruder rummaging through his rubbish, Neil begins to wonder if someone is trying to frame him, and enlists the help of an old friend who has information on a mole working within NCS. His suspicions are confirmed when he is beaten up, drugged and awakes to find himself next to a murder victim.
"The Decoy (Part Two)" Guest appearance by DS Mickey Webb, Brian Croucher guest stars Rob Knights Maxwell Young 14 April 2005 303
As Neil is hauled into custody on a murder charge, mutual mistrust begins to brew when Suzie and Phil undercover evidence which suggests that Mickey could be the NCS mole. When witness Julia Hemmings dies of her injuries, Jack attempts to lean on Peter MacGowan in an attempt to drive a wedge between him and his son. Neil pretends to have hard evidence that a corrupt copper is responsible for his predicament – deliberately provoking an attempt on his own life as a way of proving his innocence. As Jack uncovers evidence which identifies the NCS mole as Mickey's fiancée Liz, Neil is released on bail without charge, but Mickey's world begins to collapse around him.
"This Will Bother You" DI Rowanne Morell is promoted to DCI Sven Arstein Emma Goodwin 20 April 2005 304
Smithy and Yvonne attend the scene of a fight in a café, but the victim fails to give a reason behind the attack. Tony and Reg find the car used by the attacker and uncover a number of stolen credit cards, which leads Sam and Terry to uncover an illegal snake-smuggling operation, and Terry to come face to face with an Indian Cobra. Meanwhile, Dan deals with a suicidal man who tries to drive his car into the river. An unsteady Ramani makes a complete mockery of the case, including crashing her car on the way to a call out. Convinced that Margaret Barnes has been stalking her, Ramani confronts her, only for a tussle to lead to Margaret taking a tumble down a flight of stairs.
"No Good Advice" Jessica Ashworth guest stars. Sven Arstein Steve Trafford 21 April 2005 305
Roger and Ramani investigate when a shop owner is attacked, but discover that the attacker may be their most unexpected suspect. Meanwhile, Gary and Sam investigate the alleged rape of a 13-year-old girl, and discover that she lied about her age. When the girl finally admits that she wasn't raped, and Gary advises the accused to confess to sex with a minor. However, his actions have an entirely unexpected outcome when it discovers that due to the fact the girl was only 12 when they first had sex, the accused will be charged with statutory rape and faces a life sentence. Meanwhile, Margaret Barnes continues to play mind games with Ramani following the events of her hospitalization.
"Show of Force" TBA Diana Patrick Andrew Taft 27 April 2005 306
Dan and Amber investigate a squabble at a local auction house over a dodgy video games console, however their day turns from bad to worse when Gina decides to join them on the beat in an attempt to quell suspicion. The trio soon discover that the auction house has received shipment of a batch of stolen camcorders, but as they try to arrest their three prime suspects, Gina is caught on the receiving end of a beating. Meanwhile, witness Serena Richards is beaten and robbed in the street, and Lance and Sheelagh are entirely convinced that her best friend Charleyne had nothing to do with it. Meanwhile, Lance attempts to secure some incriminating evidence against gangster Adi Mateen.
"On the Front Line" Fourth of four "Uncovered" documentaries Henry Klejdys Julie Hill 27 April 2005 TBA
Adam reminisces about events of the past ten years of life at Sun Hill. Over a bottle of scotch, he recalls events including the two Sun Hill fires, which together claimed the lives of nine officers; the subsequent capture and death of Des Taviner at the hands of a mental prisoner; the death of Kerry Young after being shot by the Sun Hill sniper, who was none other than her stalker and arch-nemesis, Gabriel; a fire at June's flat in 1995, which was the result of a stalker who had been following her over the outcome of a case; and his own first day at Sun Hill, where he saved a young girl from the clutches of a drug dealer's rival and became embroiled in a war between rival dealers.
"Like Father, Like Son" Zienia Merton guest stars. Diana Patrick Dawn Harrison 28 April 2005 307
Gabriel and Sheelagh investigate a dispute between a football manager and the father of one of his players. The dispute soon turns into burglary and assault, but Gabriel soon realises that the person most in danger is the manager's son, whose craving for his father's attention could be about to turn fatal. Meanwhile, Steve's meddling in Honey's affairs leads to Greg Campbell finding out the location of Honey's wedding, and him bursting into the registry office during the ceremony and ending up in a brawl with Scott Burnett. Smithy and Lance attend the scene of an RTA, where one child has died and a woman and child are injured, only to discover that the victims are Adam's family.
"A Lack of Control (Part One)" TBA Sylvie Boden Harold Jordan 4 May 2005 308
Suzie takes on a complex case of a recently released child abuser, but makes an innocent mistake when contacting his daughter, opening a can of worms which has a more than unexpected outcome. Suspecting that the man's youngest daughter may also have been abused, Suzie fights to get the young girl taken into foster care. Meanwhile, Adam is distraught when evidence suggests that his wife may have been using her mobile phone at the time of the crash. As his grief turns to anger, he attempts to track down the driver of the other vehicle involved. Ramani asks Terry to do a little private investigating of his own to see whether he can gather any incriminating information on Margaret.
"A Lack of Control (Part Two)" TBA Sylvie Boden Matthew Leys 5 May 2005 309
Suzie begins to have doubts about continuing her investigation into the child abuse case following the death of one of the suspected victims. However, as social services begin to play ball, Neil convinces her to trust her instincts and continue in her fight to get the other possible victim to safety. Meanwhile, Adam confronts the driver of the other vehicle involved in his wife's crash, but distraught at the thought he will never see his family again, ends up being dragged away by Gina, Roger and Tony. Ramani tries to convince Terry that Margaret Barnes has been stalking her, but the day ends in an unexpected fashion when Ramani is arrested by officers from Barton Street on a harassment charge.
"Silence of the Guilty" TBA Jim Leach Malcolm Campbell 12 May 2005 310
Jo and Gary continue the investigation into dealer Bernie Cryan, and find that a young lad from the local estate, who may be one of Cryan's dealers, may finally be their way in to nail him. However, Laura, having known the boy and his mother in the past, finds a totally different angle on the investigation. Meanwhile, Terry's pursuit of Margaret Barnes leaves him in grave danger when Margaret's attempt to commit suicide leads to him receiving a critical stab wound. When Margaret turns up at the station, Ramani tries to find out exactly what has happened. Tony and Dan try to track down an inventive graffiti artist who uses cleaning products to produce negative images on dirty walls.
"Through the Facade" TBA Jim Leach Isabelle Grey 18 May 2005 311
As Jo and Gary's op begins to snowball, Lance and Laura's fears for the safety of Jordan Tomlin escalate when they find his mother beaten, only to discover he was the one responsible. However, when they manage to track him down, they eyeball what could possibly be a drug deal taking place between Adam and gangster Adi Mateen. Meanwhile, Yvonne's former flame Nick identifies that the blood on Margaret Barnes' clothes is not consistent with her wounds, and Ramani soon realises that Terry could be in grave danger. Phil and Sam investigate a case of lewd photos involving a very frightened young woman, and discover that the culprit may be linked to a local estate agent.
"Sacrifices of the Job" TBA Martin Hutchings Kathrine Smith 19 May 2005 312
Jo and Gary covertly attempt to gain more information on dealer Lewis Mackenzie, however a blundering Jo manages to get caught out, and Gary is forced to abort surveillance and run to her rescue. Meanwhile, Lance and Laura continue to try to keep Jordan Tomlin out of harm's way, but are forced to accept that the wayward teenager may be out of all control. Lance continues to suspect a grieving Adam after discovering that he hasn't logged the package he received from dealer Adi Mateen. Phil and Sam investigate the theft of a laptop containing sexually explicit material, but discover video footage which suspects them to believe that their prime suspect may also be a rapist.
"Rise and Fall" Karen Ascoe guest stars. Martin Hutchings Tony McHale 26 May 2005 313
Jack's investigation into dealer Lewis McKenzie seems to be turning up more fancy women and children than evidence, but manages to gain sufficient ground when one of his girlfriends exposes his sinister dealings. However, Jack soon realises that McKenzie isn't top dog, and offers him a deal to name names. Meanwhile, Lance continues to pursue Jordan Tomlin after his mother reports that he has stolen from the family home to fund his drug-dealing habit. However, when Tomlin produces a gun, drug dealer Adi Mateen is forced to reveal his true identity in a desperate bid to save Lance from being shot. Gabriel and Sheelagh work on a harassment case involving his fancy woman.
"Maintain Cover" First Appearance of DRO Rochelle Barratt David Innes Edwards Graham Mitchell 1 June 2005 314
Undercover DC Zain Nadir manages to wrestle the gun from the hands of Jordan Tomlin, but suspects that his cover may have been blown. However, when Tony and Amber pick Tomlin up a short while later, Tomlin assures them that he hasn't told anyone about Zain's true identity. Adam authorises him to continue in his undercover role and meet with major dealer Joshua Armstrong, however shortly before the deal is about to go down, Lance discovers that Tomlin was lying and has informed Armstrong of Zain's identity. Meanwhile, Honey and Yvonne investigate a storage unit leased by Scott, only for Yvonne to uncover vital evidence linking Scott to the murder of his former wife, Karen.
"Regrets" Sheridan Smith guest stars. David Innes Edwards Roy Boulter 2 June 2005 315
Amber and Dan are called to the scene of a catfight between two students after one accuses the other of sleeping with her boyfriend. However, the case soon escalates when the girl accuses the boy of rape. Dan's day goes from bad to worse when he confronts a group of yobs in an unroadworthy van, and they make off with his cap. Amber, in an attempt to save face, makes out that Dan was confronted with a knife. Meanwhile, tests on the glove found by Yvonne conclusively prove that Scott was responsible for his wife's murder. Unable to console herself, Honey confronts him with the evidence, but Scott makes an unexpected move by suggesting that the pair go on the run together.
"The Price of Love" TBA Julie Edwards Christopher Reason 8 June 2005 316
Gary, convinced that Honey would not have absconded with Scott of her own accord, convinces Rowanne to investigate her disappearance as an abduction. However, Gary little suspects that Honey has fled of her own volition and is preparing to set sail for France. As Scott mistakenly blurts out that he pre-planned his former wife Karen's murder, Honey comes to the uncomfortable realisation that she is trapped with a murderer. Yvonne and Tony investigate when they catch a youth stealing flowers from a local graveyard. However, after they convince him to grass on his own cousin, he turns the tables on Yvonne, putting her in a headlock – with devastating consequences.
"Attack of Conscience" TBA Julie Edwards Simon Moss 9 June 2005 317
Phil and Suzie investigate a blackmail scam involving a hotel porter, but discover that one of his victims may have more than something fishy to hide. Dan and Leela attend the scene of two women scrapping in a restaurant. Meanwhile, Yvonne and Tony are interviewed by the IPCC following the incident involving Lee Thomas, however Yvonne fails to mention the key events leading up to the incident. Dan finally comes clean over the bogus knife incident, leaving both him and Amber in deep water. However, Amber has more trouble on the horizon when Smithy discovers that she told JT about Gina's cancer treatment. Honey tries to convince Adam that she only fled with Scott for her own safety.
"Use of Protocol (Part One)" Debbie Chazen guest stars. Nic Phillips Steve Griffiths 15 June 2005 318
Zain agrees to a stint with Sun Hill CID, with his first job being to wrap up the investigation into Joshua Armstrong. He and Terry begin an operation to nab local dealers to work their way up the food chain. Zain manipulates one of his old friends into revealing the location of Armstrong's drug-making factory. Meanwhile, Tony and Leela deal with a market trader selling counterfeit goods, but he responds to his arrest by making a false allegation of assault against Leela. Yvonne is suspended from duty following the death of Lee Thomas, which has a knock-on effect when Tony confronts a group of crackheads, seizing their rocks – and finds himself on the receiving end of a savage beating.
"Use of Protocol (Part Two)" TBA Nic Phillips Ming Ho 16 June 2005 319
Roger and Dan attempt to track down Tony's attackers, but suspicion is rife amongst the relief that Tony may have been frightened to defend himself following Yvonne's suspension. When Roger and Gabriel corner one of the attackers, Roger is forced to use his CS Spray, but is reprimanded by Adam for doing so. June decides that enough is enough, and leads strike action for the relief, demanding that Adam clarifies where they stand on the use of equipment. Meanwhile, having arrested sidekick Damon Kerr, Zain is determined to nail the top dog, and takes an unsuspecting Lance on an undercover mission. However, their meddling soon finds them being held at gunpoint by Armstrong.
"Use of Protocol (Part Three)" Vilma Hollingbery and Norman Lovett guest star. Alan Macmillan David Robertson 22 June 2005 320
Ackland leads a short-lived rebellion over the suspension of Hemmingway, but in an attempt to defuse the situation, Okaro agrees to let her return to the station on non-operational duties while the investigation into Lee Thomas' death continues. Meanwhile, Best and Sim investigate a number of robberies, but despite being asked to take the lead, Best feels he is being patronized and begins to develop a strong opinion about his crime-fighting mentor. Casper panics when he receives another letter alluding to his affair with Rochelle Barratt, but is upset when she suggests that they put their affair on hold. The Hunter brothers clash over Phil's treatment of Kate Maltby.
"One Step Too Far (Part One)" TBA Alan Macmillan Mark Johnson 23 June 2005 321
Bryant is surprised when Kent takes a surprisingly compassionate approach when he discovers that her wayward son Liam is being bullied at school, unaware that Kent is determined to track down those responsible and dish out his own brand of justice. Meanwhile, Okaro decides to try and mend relations with the uniform relief by going back out on the beat with Ackland, but when they attend the scene of a road traffic accident, Okaro realises that he may have returned to work too soon. Masters investigates a series of betting shop robberies, but is angered when Nixon goes above her head and tries to approach her very anxious informant. Best lashes out after he is belittled by Sim.
"One Step Too Far (Part Two)" Temporary departure of PSCO Laura Bryant Robert Del Maestro Neil Jones 29 June 2005 322
Bryant decides to take matters into her own hands when she discovers that her son, Liam, is caught up in the middle of a gang involved in dealing drugs on school premises. When Liam later disappears, Kent once again springs to Bryant's aid, and manages to find the boy and convince him to let his mother help. Bryant subsequently decides to take some time out, before attending training college to become a fully-fledged PC. Meanwhile, Masters continues to try and rebuild relations with her informant, and convinces Nixon to deliver a less-than-subtle apology. Manson pressures Best into dropping his allegations against Sim. Fox is appointed prosecuting council in the trial of Perkins' brother.
"A Shoulder to Cry On" TBA Robert Del Maestro Cyril Hughes 30 June 2005 323
Harman and Johannsen investigate a criminal damage incident involving the residence of an escort. CCTV images clearly show one of her regular customers in the area at the time of a previous incident, but he claims not to be involved with the latest campaign of intimidation. However, the pair are not convinced of his innocence and decide to dig a little deeper to see if they can catch him out. Meanwhile, Nadir investigates when a fourteen-year-old girl disappears after claiming to have met a new boyfriend on the internet. However, concern arises when background checks reveal that the 'boy' is in fact a thirty-five-year-old man posing as a youngster in an attempt to trap young girls.
"Word to the Wise" TBA David Holroyd Jonathan Rich 6 July 2005 324
Smith is called to the scene of a car-jacking, where he finds the reluctant victim, Louise Larson, who initially refuses to pursue the incident. After some gentle persuasion, the pair decide to drive around to see if they can spot the men responsible – but as Smith confronts the two knife-wielding thieves, the situation spirals out of control. When Smith gets close, Nadir warns him off, stating that she is married to major villain Pete Larson. Meanwhile, Hunter and Nadir investigate a cash machine scam involving a number of 'skimmers' – and decide to mount an undercover operation to catch the thieves in the act. As Harman and Johannsen are roped in as backup, the operation looks to go off without a hitch – until Hunter re-deploys Harman to collect a birthday cake on his behalf.
"Playing With Fire" Elizabeth Bennett guest stars. David Holroyd Cris Cole 7 July 2005 325
Valentine and Casper have an eventful first day on patrol as beat officers at Hambilton Green Comprehensive School when they find that a young pupil has been stabbed. Despite their initial misgivings, they discover the two boys involved used to be best friends, but soon realise that the attacker's father may have had a part to play in his son's response to the situation. Meanwhile, Nadir invites Louise Larson to look at a number of mug shots in an attempt to identify her attackers, but Louise refuses to play ball, leading Nadir to realise that something is going on between her and Smith. Perkins plucks up the courage to face his brother as he is called to give evidence against him.
"Dangerous Relationships" Elizabeth Bennett and Anita Dobson guest star. Dermot Boyd Stuart Morris 13 July 2005 326
Perkins is in court for the outcome of his brother Ben's trial, but the situation takes an unexpected turn, when following days of pleading his innocence, Ben decides to change his plea to guilty – an outcome which promises to have a devastating long-term effect on the entire family. Meanwhile, Hunter finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place – his mum Lynne turns up at the station, determined to make him see sense and support Kate and their new baby. However, it's not long before disaster strikes when Kate is attacked and mugged by a vicious thug. Hunter vows to catch the man responsible, but is he really ready to face up to his responsibilities as a father?
"A Small Price to Pay (Part One)" TBA Dermot Boyd Nicholas McInerny 14 July 2005 327
Best investigates when a pallet of stolen lamps are found for sale on a stall at the local market. As he and Masters interview the trader, Russell Horwood, they discover a number of fake delivery dockets which indicate that the lamps were never intended for retail. Later, a delivery van and a number of the lamps are found torched on some nearby wasteground, and Best and Masters struggle to find a reason why – until an eagle-eyed Stamp discovers traces of white powder inside one of the lamps confiscated during Horwood's arrest. However, unable to relay the information to the impending raid team, Best, Masters and Sim find themselves staring down the barrel of a gun. Meanwhile, Gold opens up to ex-boyfriend Jonathan Fox, who knocks her back, stating he is with someone else.
"A Small Price to Pay (Part Two)" Final appearances of DC Gary Best & Johnathan Fox Michael Cocker Harold Jordan 20 July 2005 328
Best is taken to hospital after being shot by gunman Martie Kenton, and after reuniting with his estranged mother, decides to transfer back to Manchester. Meadows and Manson interview area manager Ray Masden, who claims to have had no idea that Kenton had been using his business as a front for importing drugs. However, when he is later stopped trying to leave the country, customs find him in possession of £30,000 and 3kg of cocaine. When Masden fails to provide the name of his supplier, Meadows is convinced that Isaac Collins has been running the operation, and comes head to head with Okaro when he refuses to provide a budget for a surveillance operation. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Smithy investigate Gold's absence, and find her unconscious on her bathroom floor, but despite Jonathan's concerns, Gina tells him to leave, and that being friends will just complicate his relationship with his new girlfriend.
"A Small Price to Pay (Part Three)" First appearance of Ch Supt. Ian Barratt Michael Cocker Jake Riddell 21 July 2005 329
Okaro tenders his resignation as photographs of him smoking a joint with Isaac Collins are passed on to the MET. However, unbeknown to the relief, his resignation is part of an elaborate cover story to disguise the fact that he has secretly gone undercover to gather evidence against Collins. When Collins offers him the job of security manager, Okaro uses the opportunity to fool a less than alert security guard into handing over a swipe card for Collins' private office. However, just as he is on the verge of nailing Collins and locating gunman Martie Kenton, Collins susses that he has been played and decides to exact a frightening campaign of revenge on his former com-padre.
"Closing Ranks" Leonard Fenton guest stars. Sylvie Boden Simon Sharkey 27 July 2005 330
Valentine and Casper investigate when a teacher is assaulted by one of her pupils. In interview, the boy claims that the assault was in self-defence and that the teacher attacked him first. Valentine is convinced that the story is false, but it's Casper who manages to win the boy's trust to coax him into telling the truth. Meanwhile, Kent and Murphy attend the scene of a racially motivated arson attack on an elderly Jewish man. Initially suspecting that the case may be related to the Asian unrest in the area, Perkins later discovers that a dispute with a property developer may have been the catalyst in an attempt to get the man, who is the last sitting tenant, to move out of the property.
"To Catch A Killer (Part One)" Hywel Bennett guest stars. Sylvie Boden David Fox 28 July 2005 331
Uniform investigate two relatively routine incidents – Powell and Casper attend when a fight between a prostitute and a punter boils over, and Murphy and Kent attend when a shop display is trashed in the midst of an argument. However, they soon discover that the two incidents could be connected when a woman reports her daughter, Manisha, a nurse at St. Hughs, missing when she fails to return home from work. Convinced that the man involved in the initial incident, Brian Spencer, may have abducted Manisha as revenge for breaking up the fight between himself and a prostitute, Nixon reviews nearby CCTV footage, only to find Peter Baxter in the vicinity of the disappearance.
"To Catch A Killer (Part Two)" Hywel Bennett and Paul Antony-Barber guest star. Lawrence Moody Graham Mitchell 3 August 2005 332
Smith is called to the scene of an arson attack inside the remains of a derelict cinema, but soon discovers the body of a badly burnt victim inside, which is soon is identified as that of Manisha. Morrell takes over the investigation and immediately places Peter Baxter in the frame. However, with very little evidence to prove any form of guilt, Morrell and Nixon realises that his knowledge of the local area may prove usual in finding the killer. Meanwhile, new CCTV footage discovers that Manisha did not board the bus that the previous CCTV indicated, and that she hailed down a nearby cab. However, before Nixon can warn De Costa, she already finds herself in the back of the suspect's cab.
"To Catch A Killer (Part Three)" Hywel Bennett guest stars. Lawrence Moody Graham Mitchell 4 August 2005 333
Nixon and Nadir manage to track down De Costa before she can come to harm at the hands of suspect taxi driver David Russo. However, Morrell has no choice but to release Russo on bail when DNA tests fail to prove that he was responsible for the murder. Meanwhile, a second employee at St. Hugh's is reported missing by her husband. A subsequent search of Russo's garden uncovers a pile of equipment used for building incendiary devices – but not all of the devices have been located. Nixon does a deal with Peter Baxter, agreeing to speak to one of his former victims in return for information on local consecrated buildings where the second missing victim could be being held.
"Mad Dogs" Jack O'Connell guest stars. Robert Bierman Emma Goodwin 10 August 2005 334
Ackland is forced to relive the events of her rape at the hands of schoolboy tearaway Ross Trescot. As the team go all out to track Trescot down, Kent is forced to restrain himself when he finally catches with up the boy on a nearby industrial estate. When he and Sim interview the boy, he claims to have been abused as a child by his uncle and also claims that Ackland consented to have sex with him. Kent knows he is lying, but is he able to win the boy's trust to prove it? Meanwhile, Hunter finds himself investigating a dead-end-case when his brother and Powell attend the report of a burglary at the home of a pair of recently married city slickers which turns out to be a practical joke.
"At the End of a Long Day" Hannah Tointon and William Ilkley guest star. Robert Bierman Ben Cooper 11 August 2005 335
Casper and Valentine investigate when a schoolgirl is reported missing by her best friend. Although the girl's mother initially fails to see any concern, a voicemail message left on her friend's phone soon indicates that something may be seriously wrong. As the search continues, the pair later find the girl deep inside a wooded common, only to discover that she has just given birth – but there is no sign of the baby. Meanwhile, Hunter and Masters keep track of a stolen van they suspect has been involved in a robbery. When Hunter spots one of his former informants, he trails him and finds himself walking straight into the middle of a drugs bust being co-ordinated by customs.
"Beggars and Bent Coppers" First appearance of A/Supt. Amanda Prosser, William Ilkley and Peter Hamilton Dyer guest star David Innes Edwards Jonte Henderson 17 August 2005 336
New Acting Superintendent Amanda Prosser arrives to take charge at Sun Hill. Hunter and Masters believe they have enough evidence to prove that corrupt customs officer Clive Darlow is involved in a high-level drugs scam, and set up an operation in an attempt to catch him red-handed. Meanwhile, Ackland and Kapoor investigate when a young woman is found unconscious in the street with injuries which suggest she has been the victim of date rape, and a suspect for the attack is soon identified – but Ackland isn't convinced that the suspect's story is entirely feasible. Nadir tries to catch a thief running loose in a hotel, but stumbles upon Smithy in the arms of Louise Larson.
"Loss of Inhabition" TBA David Innes Edwards Maxwell Young 18 August 2005 337
Harman and Johannsen go undercover when a further two date-rape victims are linked to the same nightclub. Murphy and Casper manage to prevent a third attack, but the victim fails to pick out her attacker. When Harman manages to identify a possible suspect, Johannsen decides to go for glory and tries to catch the attacker red-handed. Meanwhile, Smithy arrests a young boy for theft. He claims that he is trying to repay a debt owed to money lender Dennis Frost, and claims to have evidence to prove that Frost has been involved in dealing in counterfeit jewellery. However, the boy soon regrets being co-operative when he has two of his fingers chopped off for his trouble.
"Trial Basis (Part One)" PSCO Laura Bryant returns as PC, Karen Westwood, Paul Brooke and Tim Preece guest star. Christopher King Malcolm Campbell 24 August 2005 338
Murphy investigates when a charity collection is stolen from a mother trying to raise funds to send her sick daughter on holiday, but soon has suspicions of her own when she notices the mother giving the girl self-prescribed heavy sedatives. Murphy suspects that the young girl does not have cancer as mother claims, but struggles to find any evidence to prove her theory. Perkins deals with a man who claims his daughter has been stealing from him, but a search of her vehicle uncovers something unexpected – a stash of drugs, which she claims belongs to Benjamin Meadows. Meanwhile, the trial into the death of Lee Thomas gets underway, but Yvonne isn't hopeful of her chances.
"Without Force (Part Two)" Paul Brooke and Karen Westwood guest star. Christopher King Steve Griffiths 25 August 2005 339
Murphy's suspicions prove to be correct when the team discover that the girl's supposed port for chemotherapy does not exist. Under interrogation, her mother breaks and reveals that she has been faking the girl's illness. Nixon and Perkins set up a surveillance operation on the supposed 'Grab-A-Gram' outfit, and trail one of the runners back to Benjamin Meadows' flat, but he denies any involvement in the operation. Meanwhile, at the trial of Lee Thomas, Yvonne's fate looks all but sealed, until Stamp discovers that a tramp who tries to burst into the court is a vital witness to the case, who can corroborate Yvonne's version of events leading up to the fatal blow.
"Credit Where Credit's Due" Ayesha Antoine guest stars. Mike Adams Isabelle Grey 30 August 2005 340
Meadows discovers that his son Benjamin is the mastermind behind the 'grab-a-gram' outfit, but a search of his flat fails to uncover any conclusive evidence. However, a lack of personal documents leads Meadows to suspect that his son may be occupying a second property – and raid uncovers a substantial amount of cocaine. In interview, he decides to take a lenient approach in return for information on Benjamin's main suppliers. Meanwhile, Johannsen is tasked with telling a mother that her son has died – but unknowingly breaks the news to the wrong woman, after a fake passport is found in possession of the victim. However, this gives Manson a major lead on a fake passport ring.
"The Boys are Back in Town" TBA Mike Adams Richard Ommanney 31 August 2005 341
Kent and Hollis investigate an armed robbery on a jewellers, with assistance from Murphy's daughter, who is spending a day's work experience with the team. When they discover that the weapon used was in fact a water pistol, and the jewellery that was stolen is fake, they uncover that the jeweller's brother was responsible for the death of the robber's family. Meanwhile, Nadir and Hunter investigate the production of fake passports, and discover a link between Pete Larson and the owner of the print works where the passports are being produced. However, despite facing a lengthy jail sentence, the man refuses to co-operate with them or implicate Larson in any way, shape or form.
"Insufficient Excuses" Zelda Tinska and Ivana Bašić guest stars. Julie Edwards Unknown 1 September 2005 342
Masters and Sim investigate when the flat of a man suspecting of pimping is trashed the day after he appears in court. After initially barking up the wrong tree, the pair are handed information on a massage parlour supposedly trading in young boys – but an organised raid fails to yield any vital evidence. Later, as the pair trail the defendant, they are surprised to find him meeting up with Manson's father-in-law, Roy Pearson. Meanwhile, Kapoor and Johannsen are dismissive when tracking down a drunken man wielding a plastic sword, but soon discover that he is the prime suspect in an assault on a former prostitute and her flatmate which is being investigated by Valentine and Bryant.
"Finger of Blame" Ben Price guest stars Julie Edwards Simon Moss 6 September 2005 343
Manson discovers that his wife, Philippa, was aware that her father was staying in London, and accuses her of throwing the court case to get suspected pimp Gavin Sullivan set free as a favour for him. Masters and Sim discover that Sullivan has an incriminating tape of Pearson having sex with an underage boy, and that Pearson is frantically trying to retrieve it – but a confrontation between Pearson and Sullivan ends in tragedy. Meanwhile, Hunter and Nixon deal with the disappearance of a young estate agent, who failed to turn up to work the night after splitting up from his girlfriend. They soon discover the man's body in one of the company apartments, having supposedly committed suicide.
"Distraction" Temporary departure of DI Neil Manson Menhaj Huda Andrew Taft 7 September 2005 344
Masters and Sim interview Gavin Sullivan in relation to Roy Pearson's stabbing, but the charge soon escalates to murder when Pearson dies in hospital. De Costa and Perkins investigate a campaign of harassment involving two neighbours, but soon come to agree that a mutual apology is the best way forward. Meanwhile, the relief have a wager on who can make the best arrest of the day. Hemmingway and Bryant pursue a gang of robbers who burgle their victim's homes after attacking them in the street, while Valentine and Casper investigate the theft of DJ equipment and CDs from a pub entertainer. With both teams making successful arrests, Gold treats them to a quiet round in the pub.
"The Scapegoat" John Nettleton and William Lucas guest stars Menhaj Huda Tom Higgins 8 September 2005 345
Gold, Casper and Hollis attend the scene when an elderly man with dementia tries to break into the home where he previously lived for many years. They manage to calm the situation until the man later absconds once more, this time in possession of a loaded gun. With Gold uncontactable, Prosser leads an armed raid, only to find that she has stormed the wrong house. Meanwhile, Nixon and Nadir investigate a former associate of Pete Larson who has decided to go solo, and continue in the fake passport business. When Nadir goes undercover to buy a fake passport, he arrives at the planned meet to find the man dead in the back of his car with a bullet through the front of the head.
"Mixing Business With Pleasure" Last episode produced by Paul Marquess, Ivana Bašić and Pauline Quirke guest star. Nic Phillips Julian Unthank 14 September 2005 346
Masters is assigned as contact officer for a notorious child killer, Lesley Palmer, who has been released after spending twenty years in prison. However, her situation is immediately compromised after she allows a former cell mate to stay at her safe house, and is then arrested after shoplifting from a local newsagents. Meanwhile, Perkins and De Costa deal with a Polish national who has been assaulted outside a clip joint. The only witness to the incident refuses to talk, until Valentine recognises her and persuades her to make a statement. Murphy's suspicions about Kent begin to grow when she and Bryant deal with an assault victim, only to discover that she is one of Kent's old flames.
"Seeking Retribution" First episode produced by Johnathan Young, Ivana Bašić and Michael Praed guest star. Nic Phillips Adrian Pagan 15 September 2005 347
Valentine investigates an assault on the boyfriend and business partner of his estranged wife Sandra, but is puzzled when CCTV pulled from a street camera fails to back-up his version of events. When he reveals that he is being pressured by a loanshark into paying money for protection, Nadir and Hunter set up an operation to catch the offender in the act. Meanwhile, Hollis and Kent deal with a spate of criminal damage on family cars, and suspect a recently-widowed elderly man who is being targeted by local youths. Whilst on suspension, Gold makes a citizen's arrest on a woman she suspects of dealing drugs, but Powell and Murphy fail to find any incriminating evidence.
"The Anniversary (Part One)" Temporary departure of Insp. Gina Gold, George Sewell guest stars Sylvie Boden Jonathan Rich 21 September 2005 348
Valentine investigates a road traffic accident involving an eight-year-old boy, and is devastated to have to inform the father when the boy subsequently dies of his injuries. Although having been at the wheel of a stolen car, forensics confirms that the driver was not above the speed limit and was driving safely – news which the young boy's father doesn't take too well. Meanwhile, with 50 years of Sun Hill looming on the horizon, Hollis is putting into place last minute preparations for a celebratory due, including inviting a guest speaker, former DCS Charles Barnet, to compere the night. However, whilst out on patrol with Stamp and Powell, Barnet suffers an injury whilst making an arrest.
"The Anniversary (Part Two)" Final Appearance of A/Supt Amanda Prosser Sylvie Boden Graham Mitchell 22 September 2005 349
Kent is forced to deal with the fallout from the real Gabriel's arrival, which threatens his future at Sun Hill. Meanwhile, Prosser is held at gunpoint by angered father Jeff Clarke. Kent tries to disarm him, but in the ensuing tussle, Clarke manages to get several members of staff, and guests from Hollis' celebratory due, into CID, before shooting the real Gabriel, who subsequently falls over the CID balcony into the front office. As the hostages try to mount an escape, Casper is shot, leaving Perkins as the sole remaining hostage. As he tries to calm the situation down, he realises Clarke has kidnapped the man responsible for killing his son, and has locked him inside a wired car.
"Keep it Out" Pauline Quirke and Dhaffer L'Abidine guest star. Alan Macmillan David Robertson 28 September 2005 350
Okaro asks Masters to investigate when the local press manage to capture a photo of notorious child killer Lesley Palmer. Masters suspects that Palmer's former cellmate, Fi Dodds, may be responsible for the leak, and when confronted, she reveals that she has also leaked information as to Palmer's whereabouts. When a group of journalists and angry protesters arrive on her doorstep, Palmer manages to make a disappearing act. Meanwhile, Nixon investigates when a stash of recalled antibiotics almost causes a man's death after making their way onto the streets of Sun Hill, and uncovers a dangerous rivalry between two neighbours who are both fighting to be king of their patch.
"A Not-So-Simple Mistake" Pauline Quirke and Julie Legrand guest star. Alan Macmillan Steve Trafford 29 September 2005 351
Masters approaches Fi Dodds for information on Lesley Palmer's whereabouts, in the hope that she can track her down before she makes a big mistake. Nixon discovers that Palmer has set a trap for her former lover and co-conspirator, Stuart Jensen, by sending a number of false e-mails in an attempt to lure him to Oxfordshire. When they arrive, Masters finds Palmer holding Jensen at knifepoint, hoping he will reveal the location of the body of the second child that he murdered. Hunter and Perkins investigate when businessman Richard Neaman is found dead in his own bed, but their initial suspicions of sudden death are proven wrong when a post mortem reveals that he was strangled.
"Let it Slip" TBA Robert Bierman Neil Jones 5 October 2005 352
Perkins investigates when sister-in-law Lucy is badly beaten after being the victim of a stalker. When questioned, the suspect reveals a surprising link between himself and Perkins' brother Ben, who he suspects is trying to uncover information on Lucy's new lover. However, the situation turns out to be much more serious when Ben stabs one of his fellow inmates, and Perkins uncovers a protection racket. Meanwhile, Hunter and Nadir investigate a robbery involving the theft of sunglasses, which leads them to Cindy Hunter's beauty salon. Kent and Murphy investigate a series of burglaries on the homes of the recently deceased, but Kent decides to dish out his own brand of justice.
"Cat Out of the Bag" Final appearance of PC Gabriel Kent Robert Bierman Jake Riddell 6 October 2005 353
Murphy finally uncovers the truth about Kent, but before she can raise the alarm, he attacks her and leaves her tied up. Meanwhile, Powell and Hunter investigate the theft of a car and the disappearance of a family puppy. They arrest a local youth who has form for committing similar offences with the same motive. Meanwhile, Kent and Ackland attend the scene of an RTC, and Kent convinces the victim to make a false claim of whiplash in an attempt to provide a reason for him to attend St. Hugh's, where he tries, but fails, to murder his own brother by turning off his life support. Later called to the scene of a disturbance in a tower block, Kent goes berserk and takes Ackland hostage on the roof.
"Won't Take it Lying Down" Frances Lima guest stars. Robert Knights Maxwell Young 12 October 2005 354
Perkins and Sim arrange a raid on a warehouse suspected of being involved in the trade of stolen car parts, but Hunter junior's lack of urgency with obtaining a warrant leads the team to lose their prime suspect. However, further investigation leads the team to uncover a second location where parts are being traded. Meanwhile, De Costa and Nadir investigate a domestic violence case with a twist, when an interview with the supposed abuser reveals some very interesting information about the victim. Kapoor and Powell deal with an incident of 'happy slapping', involving a number of schoolchildren from the nearby Harvey Wallace school, who push a businessman from his bike into a canal.
"Missing in Action" TBA Robert Knights Mark Johnson 13 October 2005 355
Powell and Kapoor attend a routine call out to a block of flats, only to find a severely decomposed body of one of the residents, James Trent, who had not been seen for over six weeks. Masters and Nixon suspect that the dead man's brother, who has been using his credit card since his death, may have been responsible for the attack that killed him. They also investigate a former lover, who left a message on the man's answerphone many weeks after his death – indicating a possible cover up. Nadir and De Costa investigate the disappearance of a young Egyptian girl, who appears to have been taken by her father to see an illegal doctor who performs female circumcision operations.
"The Screw (Part One)" Pauline Quirke and Neil Daglish guest star. Sallie Apharamian Julia Wall 19 October 2005 356
Masters goes undercover in Stonewall private prison in an attempt to eradicate the ongoing problem of drugs getting onto the wing. However, she soon faces opposition from a less than co-operative colleague, Pete Mason, who she believes is harbouring one of the main dealers, Cherry Watkins. Masters uses Lesley Palmer to gather information on one of the more vulnerable inmates, in the hope that she can provide a vital lead. Meanwhile, Nixon investigates the shooting of a young girl on the Ellis estate. The gun used in the shooting is linked to another attack just two months ago, but the situation becomes complicated when the victim is found in possession of live ammunition.
"The Screw (Part Two)" Pauline Quirke and Neil Daglish guest star. Sallie Aphramian Matthew Leys 20 October 2005 357
Masters manages to work out which of the inmates have contacts on the outside, and soon works out how the next delivery of drugs is going to make it's way into the prison, so with the help of Meadows and Sim, arranges a sting to catch the dealers in the act. However, she soon realises that she has been double crossed by Lesley Palmer, who is simply working the situation to her own advantage. Meanwhile, as the investigation into Shanti Das' shooting continues, Nixon tries and gather evidence against prime suspect Dee Winston, and offers Hemmingway's former lover Nick Austin a deal – she will drop all charges of withholding evidence against him if he can get Shanti to talk.
"A Mean Game (Part One)" TBA Michael Cocker Tom Higgins 25 October 2005 358
Hollis and Stamp arrest a man, Eddie Evans, for tendering counterfeit money, but Nixon decides to release him, in the hope that he leads them to bigger fish. During a surveillance obbo, Evans attends a planned meet with none other than Pete Larson. When questioned, Evans breaks down and reveals Larson was the assailant involved in the shooting of Vince Garrison several months ago. Nadir leads a raid on Larson's house, but despite being ordered to call off the search, Smithy refuses to give up in the hope of finding the gun involved. Meanwhile, Casper and Johannsen are tasked by the BPI to investigate a major piracy operation involving the illegal distribution of fake CDs.
"A Mean Game (Part Two)" Ray Callaghan guest stars Michael Cocker Scott Cherry 27 October 2005 359
Smithy is held hostage at gunpoint by Pete Larson, who attacks his wife after discovering their illicit affair. After forcing him into the boot of his car, Larson takes Smithy to a disused warehouse, where he confronts him about the affair. Meanwhile, Larson decides to put a contract out on his wife's life, forcing Valentine and Hollis to go in search of a dangerous hitman who has disguised himself as a hospital doctor. When a cleaner disturbs Larson in the act, Smithy manages to make good his escape and raise the alarm. However, once in custody, Larson turns the tables and claims that his wife was responsible for the death of Vince Garrison, and that Smithy planted the gun to frame him.
"Back to Basics (Part One)" Return of DC Mickey Webb David Holroyd Andrew Alty 2 November 2005 360
Meadows enlists the help of former colleague Webb when rapist Martin Delaney escapes from prison. Webb begins by questioning a prostitute whom Delaney attacked shortly after absconding, but begins to suspect that Delaney's motives for escaping are much less clear cut than he expected, when the pair come face to face – but Delaney ignores the chance to exact his revenge. Meanwhile, Barratt decides to spend a day out on the beat with Casper, and the pair investigate an armed robbery at a money transfer shop. However, seizing his chance, Barratt confronts Casper about his affair with his wife – but the situation comes to an ugly head during a sting to catch the robbers red handed.
"Back to Basics (Part Two)" Final Appearances of Ian and Rochelle Barratt, Brian Miller guest stars David Holroyd Simon Moss 3 November 2005 361
Casper is held at gunpoint by one of the armed robbers, while Barratt makes good his escape. Casper manages to escape from harm, but soon finds himself on the receiving end of the borough commander's left hook, before being informed that Barratt and his wife will be transferring to another borough. Meanwhile, Webb's investigation into Martin Delaney takes an interesting twist when he discovers that his motive for breaking out of prison may have been to move the body of one of his former associates, McGowan, who disappeared some two years previously. Meadows uses an interesting interview technique in an attempt to coach Delaney into revealing the location of the body.
"In the Wrong Hands" Return of Insp. Gina Gold David Innes Edwards Cyril Hughes 9 November 2005 362
Hunter and Masters investigate an armed robbery at an off-licence, but find they have little to no evidence to go on – until Murphy and Bryant arrest a man on a warrant for failure to attend court, only to find that he has a severe gunshot wound from where the gun backfired during the robbery. The pair then manage to identify his accomplice, and are led to an illegal firearms manufacturing operation which soon threatens the life of a young boy. Meanwhile, as the relief go after offenders who have failed to attend court, Casper and Valentine catch up with a particularly violent thug who they have encountered before, but not before he manages to assault and intimidate his own mother.
"Decision Time" Final appearance of PC Sheelagh Murphy, Garfield Morgan guest stars David Innes Edwards Ben Cooper 10 November 2005 363
Valentine and Kapoor investigate when a car belonging to a factory owner is set on fire, and discover that the culprit was one of his former employees, who reveals that he has been employing illegal immigrants as cheap labour. Valentine informs one of his old pals at Barton Street, Sgt. Harry Haines, and the pair conduct a raid, only to leave empty handed. Valentine suspects something fishy is going on – and his suspicions are confirmed when Haynes offers him a bribe to keep quiet. Meanwhile, Harman and Johannsen are tasked with accompanying a vulnerable witness to court, but in the process stumble upon a protection racket, and Murphy accepts a transfer to the Child Protection Team.
"The Reject" TBA Ken Grieve John Milne 16 November 2005 364
Nadir is paired with Webb to investigate an attempted robbery on a bookmaker, but Nadir is determined to go it alone and freeze Webb out of the investigation. The pair finally find some common ground when they decide to mount an operation to catch the robbers in the act behind Meadows' back, which leads to Webb staring down the barrel of a gun. Meanwhile, Gold and Ackland begin the annual performance reviews on the relief, beginning with Johannsen and Harman respectively. Harman investigates a number of purse thefts where the victims are tagged before they are attacked, while Johannsen clumsily goes about trying to recover some stolen dresses from a market stall.
"Crystal Meth Madness" TBA Ken Grieve Clive Dawson 17 November 2005 365
Nadir and Webb investigate when a burning man is thrown from a moving car involved in a high-speed chase. They discover that the victim may be linked to a crystal meth cook-house that burnt down earlier that day, and discover that the meth is being sold in a nearby club, Radar. Powell goes undercover to trap the co-conspirators involved in the operation. Meanwhile, Perkins and De Costa investigate a street robbery involving a fourteen-year-old boy. They discover that the victim is the new boyfriend of the boy's mother, but soon realise that their initial suspicions are completely off target – and that the boy is exacting revenge for the man turning his mum into a drug dealer.
"A Small Piece of the Pie" Return of DI Neil Manson Brett Fallis David Fox 23 November 2005 366
Hunter is hauled back into the Richard Neaman murder case when fresh evidence reveals that his death may be related to the fact that he was being blackmailed. They discover that a spurned former lover, Josh Hill, is responsible for Neaman making regular outgoing payments to disguise his infidelity from his wife, but Hunter begins to realise that the case has very similar hallmarks to the murder of James Trent. Meanwhile, uniform try to track down two different sets of thieves. Powell and Bryant tail a man posing as the local vicar, conning his way into the homes of the elderly congregation, while Kapoor and Hollis investigate the theft of four laptops from a school IT department.
"When Justice Isn't Enough (Part 1)" Final appearance of PC Lance Powell, Gareth David-Lloyd guest stars Brett Fallis Richard Ommanney 29 November 2005 367
Hunter receives an anonymous phone call which claims that the three murders which he recently investigated are linked. Having already made the connection between Neaman and Trent, he soon realises that the death of a young estate agent which he and Nixon investigated several weeks ago may not have been suicide as they first thought – and that the victim could be the third body related to the killer. Morrell is called in to lead up the investigation. Meanwhile, Powell decides to drown his sorrows after temporarily splitting from his civil partner Mark, unaware that he is in sight of the killer. When Hunter receives Powell's warrant card in the post, he realises that he could be the next victim.
"When Justice Isn't Enough (Part 2)" TBA Gill Wilkinson Steve Griffiths 30 November 2005 368
Powell's death sends shockwaves through the team. Morrell initially suspects Josh Hill of being involved when CCTV shows him speaking to Powell shortly before the murder, but DNA evidence soon rules him out. Suspicion then falls on barman Michael Keanan, who gave Powell a lift home, but again DNA evidence rules him out. The focus soon switches onto John Lord, whom Manson identifies as the man who tried to interrupt Keanan's initial interview. Hunter manages to connect a further incident previously investigated by Valentine and Kapoor to the killer, where a young man was tied up and bound to his bed, but survived after the attacker was spooked by a phone call.
"When Justice Isn't Enough (Part 3)" Final appearance of DCI Rowanne Morell Gill Wilkinson Stuart Morris 7 December 2005 369
Nixon and Valentine stage an obbo on Keanan's flat, while Manson and Webb track down Lord at a home belonging to his former foster mother. With both suspects now in custody, it soon becomes a game of which will break first – and Morrell decides to use an interesting interview technique in an attempt to get Keanan to cough. However, when Lord confesses to Powell's murder, she realises that Lord is harbouring a secret crush on Keanan, and that he is prepared to go to any lengths to prevent Keanan from taking the rap. Deciding to play him at his own game, Morrell invites Keanan into a trap by informing him Lord has confessed to all of the murders, hoping he will take the bait.
"Hook, Line and Sinker" Final appearance of Sgt. Marc Rollins Nigel Douglas Andrew Taft 8 December 2005 370
Valentine and Kapoor find a young boy badly beaten after being the victim of a vicious assault. Later, Okaro, out on patrol with Bryant, catches the boy trying to break into his grandad's house, having been unable to get any answer. Okaro forces entry and finds the man dead, but Bryant realises that the boy is more concerned about a secret stash of drugs hidden under the kitchen sink. Meanwhile, Nadir and Sim investigate an allegation of assault involving a high-flying footballer, but discover that the only witness to the case appears to have a long-standing grudge against the defendant, having protected him from being caught by a rape allegation some two years previously.
"Reunited" First appearance of PC Will Fletcher, Micah Balfour guest stars Nigel Douglas Emma Goodwin 14 December 2005 371
Sun Hill's latest recruit, Will Fletcher, is late for his first shift, which leaves an angry Stamp attending the scene of an armed robbery at a jewellers on his own. When door-to-door inquiries throws up Jordan Tomlin as one of the suspects, he denies being involved in the robbery and claims to have been holding the stolen loot for a friend. When Hunter and Masters set up an operation to catch the robbers in the act, they discover Jordan's girlfriend is one of them. Meanwhile, De Costa and Perkins investigate a case of identity fraud when a homeowner is attacked after discovering that his empty flat, which he has been trying to rent, has been receiving mail in the name of a previous tenant.
"Cop the Lot" Burt Kwouk and Pik-Sen Lim guest star. Christopher King Tom Higgins 15 December 2005 372
Masters and Nixon investigate a car-jacking, and discover that the prime suspect is a well-known offender, Franny Davidson, who is already wanted on warrant for failure to attend court. Lucky for them, he is one of twenty suspects being targeted by Gold's latest undercover operation – a mock game show aimed to trap offenders into thinking they are auditioning for the chance to appear on TV. Meanwhile, Sim is asked by her parents to investigate the theft of items from their house. Sim decides to ask for Webb's assistance to avoid a conflict of interest, but after initially suspecting their long-term cleaner of the crime, Webb discovers a homeless man has been living in their attic.
"Torn" Terry Alderton, John Woodvine and Daniel Hill guest star. Christopher King Jonathan Rich 20 December 2005 373
Nadir's day of reckoning finally arrives when the trial relating to his major undercover operation finally reaches court. After managing to keep nervous witness Chez Williams on side, defendant Damon Kerr looks all but set to go to down – until the trial judge is caught drink driving, which results in him being involved in a hit and run – forcing Okaro to have to arrest him. As the decision is made for a re-trial, things take a drastic turn when Williams is shot whilst leaving court. Meanwhile, Fletcher and Harman deal with a dozy security guard who believes he has found a car bomb, unaware that they will soon require his help after uncovering a stolen car scam operating from a nearby valet car park.
"Honour" Christmas Special Nic Phillips Malcolm Campbell 21 December 2005 374
Christmas Eve. De Costa and Perkins investigate an assault after tempers flare following an office Christmas party, but when the defendant claims he was sexually assaulted by his female boss the night before, the pair investigate a subjected campaign of bullying which appears to have taken place prior to the attack. With the defendant denying all knowledge of the attack, Perkins is forced to tow a hard line in an attempt to get her to talk. Meanwhile, Harman and Fletcher encounter a homeless young man who is trying to find a shelter to sleep at over the Christmas holidays, but Fletcher suspects there is more to the case than meets the eye – and discovers the man has a wife and child.
"A Time for Giving" Christmas Special Nic Phillips Maxwell Young 22 December 2005 375
Christmas Day. Hunter's peaceful Christmas Day shift is interrupted by an informant who claims he has details of the whereabouts of a large haul of ecstasy. Dragging Masters away from her Christmas dinner, the pair mount an obbo to catch the dealers in the act – but Hunter isn't best pleased when armed robbers arrive and steal the drugs first. Meanwhile, Hollis finds himself investigating the disappearance of the Three Wise Men after they are stolen by youths from a local church. Perkins' nephew Bradley disappears, and CCTV footage reveals him talking to a known pimp of rent boys at a local bus station, leading Perkins to mount his own personal crusade to find his missing relative.
"Without Dignity, Without Respect" TBA Diana Patrick Damian Wayling 28 December 2005 376
New Year's Eve. Masters and Sim investigate an assault on a city lawyer, and suspect that he may have been involved with the racial bating of an Asian group trying to give out leaflets to students. Stamp manages to persuade a taxi driver who was witness to the attack to come forward, but then nearly ruins it by questioning his immigration status. As Masters and Sim investigate a former partner in the law firm, she is identified by the taxi driver as the person he saw attacking the victim. Meanwhile, Smith and Kapoor deal with a frustrated man who breaks into his former home, trying to deliver late Christmas presents to his children after his ex-wife refuses him access to see them.
"A Social Decision" Final appearance of PC Amber Johannsen, Harry Lloyd guest stars. Diana Patrick Carolyn Sally Jones 29 December 2005 377
Smith and Sim investigate when a young woman is brutally attacked in her own home by an intruder, but suspect that the attack may have been a case of mistaken identity, and that the intended victim was property developer Joanne Marsden, who has run up a substantial debt with a number of contractors that she has failed to pay for her work. Meanwhile, Hemmingway and Johannsen investigate a dispute involving a shopkeeper to appears to have sold some faulty goods. When the angry customer returns to the shop and steals goods to the value of his faulty purchase, Johannsen misjudges the situation, which ends up with two innocent children being taken and held hostage.

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