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Longtion GIF Animator Serial number plus patch
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Video to GIF 5.2 not need Activation
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CSV To vCard VCF Converter Software 7.0 license number and patch
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APD-Soft A-Forum for MS IIS 3.21 with

Controls4J Library 1.1 Setup and Activation

# file: sfProjectList28-Jan-2005.txt # package: sfProjectList28-Jan-2005 # description of file/package: # # This package includes a raw listing of all the projects in our database of Sourceforge projects. This information was generated on 28-Jan-2005. This particular file lists all unique projects (unixnames) in the Sourceforge system. # # Raw data was inserted into database by running the script: # # # Scripts & raw data available at # Scripts written by Megan Conklin and contributed to the ossmole project # # This data is free and available for any use (after all we just spidered it ;) # # We do however request that those using the data in any published form provide # a citation to: ossmole Project (2004-2005) SourceForge Available # at: # # Project names (unixnames) in alphabetical order # a-4 a-a-p a-ads-xml a-chat a-client a-conman a-gt-storage a-helper a-hib a-i-p a-k-i-r-a a-league-t a-lms a-m-p a-note a-peer a-r-e-a a-renet a-s-k a-s-m a-wasp a1kbms a340gc a3dge a3dpi a3dsgl a5-public-lib a52source a760 a7xpg aa-project aa33board aa33code aa3d aaa4avalon aaaaaaaa aaaadmin aaaframework aabrowse aac aac-xforms aacls aacplayer aacplugin aacraid-22 aadataminer aadl2xml aadms aadventures aaec-2000 aaf aaforum aai aai-portal aaiibot aainc aaini aaio aajguestbook aakruthi aal aalan aalib-perl aalog aaloha aalyreth aam6000ug aamfetch aamirplayer aamon aams aanthill aanval aaoconfig aaolog aap aapje aapjez aaps aarchitect aardbuilder aardvark aardvarkfm aardvarkjava aardvarktool aareport aarmed aaron aaronl aart aartsprojetia aasecurity aashutosh aast aatopendcd aatrade aatu aatv aawa aapbem ac-archive ac2005 ac2memomaster ac3 ac3d ac3encode ac3filter ac3filtero ac4ngos ac97-modem acaciafirewall acad acade academic-games academicedge academiceditor academusnet academy acadnuke acai acai-nd acal acalproj acapd acase acash acat acb acbeacon acbic acbr acc acc-checkers accc accdb accedit acceditor accel-fb accela accelerator accelere accesctr access-mozilla access-point access2sql access3d access97thief accesschecker accessgrid accessirc accesslos accessmodifier accessmysql accessreferer accessroad accessrunner accessserver accesstools accessweb accessxml accgenx acchain accip accipiter accompanistbill accomplice accont accordeur accountancy accountant accounter accountex accountguard accounting101 accountis accountmanager accountsafe accre accrete accs accsoft acct-tool acctgsys acctmaster acctmgr acctsync accugps accushot accutron2000 accuvantage accwhizz acd acdbase acdcdev acdesigner acdk acdo acdrparser acds ace ace-asn1 ace-freebsd ace-radius aceacademy aceball acecad acegisecurity acehttp acelet-alog acell acemu acemulator acengine aceoperator aces aceserv aceswitch acetone acexperiment aceyget acf acfproj acfreeproxy acftp acg acgm acgs acgsuing ach achaeacure achd achelous acheron-l achieve achilles achimguestbook achirc achron achtung-kurve aci-online acid acid-mysql acid3lib acidblood acidbox acidcp acidic32 acidim acidircd acidlab acidphp acidrip acidsun acidvat acidview6-win32 acidx acimanager acip acirclegame acity ack ackertodo acklys ackord acl acl-net acl-tftp acl-trend aclassutil aclean aclibico aclip aclman aclocator aclog acloneboard acmacros acmage acman acmco-kb acmcontest acmd acmdoc acme-stocks acmemail acmengine acmeschool acmlibrary acmm acmnes acmosisfr acms acmsn acmwebsite acocc acollage acolytemtg acom acommando aconcorde acopost acorn acorncd acornhunt acornicq acos acousticspace acp acp-gsu acpck acpi acpi-dialog acpi-docklet acpi-largesys acpi4asus acpid acpimon acpitool acpiw acqlite acqua acquarius acquire acquis acraft acroformtool acron acropadd acrophobia acrophobians acrossofiron acrovote acryl acryptohashnet acs-misc acsci acscriptworks acsdams acserver acsf acsjava acsmartbots acsmtp acsp acstats2inv acsym acta actc actemit actexport acticount actinium action actionbuggy actioncache actioncrypt actiondirectory actionfactory actionframework actiongame actionlibmx actionpoll actionpong actions actionscript actionsplash actis activ active active-cms active-jms active9 activebb activeboard activebpel activeclan activedropqueue activeframe activegem activegraph activejob activelock activemagick activemap activemon activemsn activeodma activepassword activereport activeslimp3 activespam activesundried activeui activeweb activex activex-barcode activexml activexocx activexp activismo activities actl acto actool actor actr-sos acts actualversion actwire acumen acvs acweb acx100 acxp acxt acydmods accpal acdcontrol acefe acpmodem acerhk acidmon accessbuild activedirftp activebliss acnik aeater aecam aecc aeclients aecms aed aededs aedgui aedii2001 aedlogin aee aeengine aegis aegisvm aegiswm aegiz aegraph aei aeia aeinformatics ael aem aeon aeon-linux aeon-star aeongdk aeonlegend aeonproject aeonserv aeoserv aepengine aepgb aepps aepro aeputil aerialchat aerials-vs-xcom aero aero-blast aeroastro aeromation aeromys aerorpg aerosim aerth-mud aeruirc aes4kusbdriver aescript aescrypt aeslib aesop aesopproj aeternis aether aethera aetherion aetos aevum aewan aewm aexdev aexmud aezs aex ag-cling ag-mlf ag101 ag1tlinlog ag2map ag32 ag4ever agal agame2003 agar agartha agata agate agateif agatha agatha-pbr agathaproject agb agbe agbeditor agbrowser agc-emu agcd agcontrol agcsp agcult agd agda agdb agder agdiary agdotis age agear agel ageless agelwarg agemail agencard agenda agenda-distro agenda-ja agenda-perl-gpl agenda-snow agendac agendaclientes agendahelp agendaonline agendaphp agendatimemngr agendaware agent agent-mai agent-see agent-sg agent450 agentacademy agentbeats agentcities agentemail agentfactory agentkit agentlight agentools agentopia agentorange agentos agentphpcms agents4u agentspace agentworld agenziaviaggi ageofclans ageofreedom ageoftux agere ages agfact agfe agfix agg aggie aggilus aggregate aggregator aggro agh-opd agi agile2d agiledbtools agiledox agileflow agilemanager agilescm agileservent agilia agilifier agilis agility agilitybook agio agisim agistudio agito agkit agl-lib agl3darcanoid aglaia aglat aglets agletsnet aglezdb aglf agmanager agmlproject agnax agnes agnet agni agnidf agnix agnustic agon agora agora-framework agorapucp agorasunrise agori agos agothia agp agqt agragator agranger agregalien agricola agriope agrovoct agschema agse agsession agsm agt agtk agtoys agui aguit aguita agup agurk agwin agwind agworld agxml-tools agzxeqserver agenedb aggrevator agentx4j ai-categorizer ai-horus ai-linux ai-python ai-standards ai-trip ai-vdi ai-war ai-world ai2rts ai4ce ai4dotnet aiai aiakos aiapps aiarena aias aib aibash aibaspps aibastutor aibot aibots aiboware aibuddy aica aicddj aid aidas aidatabase aide aideen aids aie aien aiengine aientity aiesec aiex aiexp aiexperiments aifight aiga aigaion aigfxlab aigle aigs aiirc aiis aikernel aikido aiksaurus ailab ailang ailib ailife ailnan ailoom aim aim-sh aim-stenograph aim2linux aimbench aimcrypt aime aime2 aimee aimetip aimex aimfserve aimirc aimjab aimlog aimmath aimon aimpimped aimprintscreen aimpro aimprofiler aims aimsleuth aimsniff aimtracker aimud aimutation ain aind ainet ainn aino ainow ainpc ainstaller ainya aio-xmms aip aip-enforcer aipcs aiplanet aipos aiprogrammer aiproject aiproject2001 aips aiptektablet air-destroyer air-hockey air-imager air2email air2inet air2net air2web airbomber airbox airc airc2002 aircam aircard400 aircb aircbot aircd aircert airconnect aircpipe aircpp aircraft aircrafts aircservices airelemental airfart airftp airhockey airids airisk airjack airldm airlog airnews airo-linux airobot airobotsim airplanewar airpong airport-manager airportmon airportswbsx airpwn airquake airrob airrox airs airsnort airsort airspring airt airtraf airtraffic airwave airy ais aisay aisearch aisec aisf aisha aislib aismallutils aisoccer aispeaking aisql aistockbot aisw aisyah aisystem aitestbed aitext aitolikon aitris aitrus aiu aiur aivis aiwars-1 aiworld aix-get aix-mirror-chec aix-pm aixmonitor aixns aixport aixwlmproccat aiboagent airdave aixtoolbox ai-php-class airplay ak-istanbulx akacia akadav akademos akalabethdc akamak akamba akari akarmi akasha akatrenz akdabas akdaemon ake akiba akibook akii akiles akiller akimasquest akinimod akipo akire akiva akl akm ako akoria akoya akregator akrip akripcom akriti akro akrti aktivate aktivatetodo aktivtekblog akul akula akumacms akurat akuryou akvoid akelos aka akkar am-webmin am1-synthesizer am2 am8commander ama amacdys amadeus amadvent amafis amail amaild amailer amake amaker amakihi amalfim amalgom amaltasy amalthea amamp amanda amanda-gui amanda-win32 amandaadm amandaportal amani amantra amanuensis amaradioweblog amarok amarokky amarracoferoz amateur-scrolls amaths amav amavis amavis-mysql amavis-n-parser amavis-stat amaze amazed amazeing amazighfonts amazing amazon amazon5 amazonbox amazonfinder amazonlib amazonphpapi amazonproject amazonshop amazoom amazoop amb ambassador ambconv amber amberarcher ambercms amberfish amberfisharts amberle ambernet amberrpg amberworld ambience ambient ambientjava ambientplanet ambitcomponents amble ambra ambros ambt ambulant amc amcim amcl amco amcod amconnections amcpostpack amdgui amdtp ame ameba ameridial amesit ametrine amf amfdata amfphp amfphpchat amfpp amhapplet amharicos ami-ornot amida amide amidimixer amidimon amidity amiflinker amiga amiga-oo amigaide amigaone-linux amigeek2 amigeekornot amigift amignut amigos amigtk amine-platform amino amiprotocol amir amirc-wallchop amire amis amisbbs amish amishare amitinygl amiwall amix amizilla amlcartography amm ammath ammog ammp amnews amoc amodules2 amoeba amoeba-ai amoebagame amoebarpg amonprog amonra amore amorfic amorphis amort amoxi amp amp-w32 ampache ampaim ampanizor ampbar ampcentral ampcgifeeder ampcontrol ampedreports ampersand amph amphetadesk amphetarate amphetaserver amphibian amphion amphoralight amphtdig amphtp ampick ampike ampjpcache ample amplefile amplicon amplify amplitude amplitune ampoliros amportal amppserv-xp amptimes ampware ampwebalizer ampwhois amr amrc amrecgui amroc amroo ams amsarf amsel amsn amsp amsproject amster amsterdam amsynthe amt amtools amtu amud amule amulet amun amupper amuse amvcodec amvpn amwclanserver amwlp amxbot amxconfig amxml amxmod amxmodx amy amyedit amygdala amylase amypkg amzilla amina ampit amadeus-ce amiopenoffice aml amfsharp amaart ao-bot aoapm aobs aochat aocp aod aodude aodvimpl aoede aoemu aoemudataloggin aoemulator aogtk aoi aoicms aoiis aois aojava aolcd-howto aolserver aolx aomds aonisoproject aoo aookat aoot03 aop-attr-cache aopalliance aopclsuite aopi aopia aoplus aopnet aorpg aorta aortas aos aosoftware aostatomatic aosurvey aosv aotools aow aowar aowcge aoh aopython aq2-tng aqbanking aqdas aqdhome aqe aqgen aqhbci aqmicrokernel aqmoney aqs aqsis aqt aqtec aqtools aqua0301bld1 aquablog aquac aquachat aquachatav aquacrystal aquaedit aquafix aquafox aquagestio aqualess aqualung aquamdb aquameta aquapalm aquarin aquarium aquariumapplet aquarius aquashell aquaterm aqueousgal aquilla aquishop aquisition aquos aquos-engine aquynza aqverify aqwiki aquaero-osc aquariummanager aquicho as-ai-library as-cms as2documentor as2eclipse as2jb as2lib as2ui as2unit as3dmd as400apicommand as400order as400rpgeditor as4j as4p as4was as511 as6edriver asa72xx asap asaph asaphelpdesk asaplate asas asas4maya asb asbench asbestos asbss asc asc-hq asc2silo asc4webmin asca ascalaphus ascandi ascendentempire ascent ascg ascii-art-vb ascii-mercury ascii2unicode asciidm asciidoc asciigaming asciimathml asciirpg asciizer ascjnuke ascl ascm ascms ascphysics ascribe asctools asd asd1lk asdcplib asde asdfinator asdl asdmusic asdoc asdocbuilder asdocgen asdp asdt asdv ase asec aseclipseplugin asecurity ased aselib aserv asetot3d aseview asextractor asf asfarasyouknow asfc asfcomp asforza4 asfpga asfrecorder asfster asg asgard asgen asgh ash ashellzero asheroth-morpg ashiana ashkay ashkelon ashmud ashop ashp ashpool ashr ashwood asi asichk asigno asimov-browser asingh asio asip asis asis-dicom asis-rpg asisx asitedesigner asitunel asiv ask ask-fig ask-musictheory askemos asketch askme askpappy askreg askstemplate askt asleap aslib aslib2 aslla asm asm-invaders asm2class asm386 asm48 asm56800 asm8051 asmaan asmai asmail asmbuilder asmc asmcrew asmd asmdaemon asmedit asmexec8086 asmfoo asmilter asmj asml asmlg asmms asmo asmoday asmrobots asms asmssm asmstudio asmvm asn asn1-compiler asn1c asnafur asnews asnfs asnparser asntrackerx asocket asod asomshkpk asopia asos asoutlook asp asp-cms asp-dba asp-ent-man asp-fileupload asp-nuke asp2abc aspadmin aspalumni aspam aspbbforum aspbbnet aspbookmng aspcb aspcgi aspchat aspclassroom aspclib aspcms aspcomtable aspdb aspdbadmin aspdevsoop aspdirectmysql aspdns aspdoc aspdotnetportal aspdynamite aspec aspecies aspect aspect-net aspect-perl aspectd aspectdng aspectj4emacs aspectj4jbuildr aspectj4netbean aspectjinemacs aspectn aspectpattern aspectphp aspectr aspectrum aspectschema aspectsharp aspectweb aspectwerkz aspell aspell-nds aspell-net aspellfor4d aspen aspenos asper asperge aspex aspfilelist aspformmail aspfreaksts aspfunctionlib aspfusebox aspfusion1 aspgw asphodel asphorum asphoto asphyxia aspi aspider aspinfinity aspintranet aspirin aspisp aspitprj aspiv aspl-fact asplaunch asplibtemplate asplinkmanager asplorer aspmyadmin aspmyoracle aspn aspnet aspnet-cms aspnetbugtrack aspnetcms aspnetdev aspnetmyadmin aspnettemplates aspnetwatchdog aspnews aspnewspro aspng aspnuke aspnuke1 aspnukecms aspnukem aspnwnx aspo asportal asppagebuilder aspphotosgaller aspportal aspprofiler aspschedule aspsearch aspseek aspserver aspshop aspslash aspsqladmin aspsysinfo asptemplate asptimecards asptree aspu aspunit aspvcs aspwatcher aspwebattendant aspwebmail aspwebportal aspwiki aspwizard aspworx aspx aspxedonkey2000 aspxmlrpc aspxsearch aspxtplcontrols asqredir asrooka asrpcms ass ass-player assameselinux assanka assar assassin assassin-3d-wb assassingame assconvert asse assemblage assemblebots assembly assemblyline assert assertj asset asset-tracker assetbutler assetmanager assetwrangler assi assignmentts assim assimilate assimilate3d assis assist assistant assistant-coach asskick assl assmonkey assniffer assobot assoc-dll 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